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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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is it! the tigers vs. crimson tide. tonight, we're going to be well on our way to crowning clemson or alabama as the college football playoff national champs. >> no doubt about it. game day is here. tim hill is in arizona, and joins us live with more on tonight's matchup. we can already feel the excitement here in the capital city. >> greetings from glendale. great day for a championship game. eight hours from now, clemson will kick it off against alabama for the national championship. a lot of questions, can deshaun watson move the football and be successful against the best defense he's played all season. can clemson's defense stop the best player in college football in derek henry? we'll get some answers to those questions coming up tonight in the big title game. university of phoenix stadium is where we are. u.o.p. for short is what they call it out here. looks a little bit like u.f.o. maybe. not a whole lot of activity as we're eight hours before kickoff, as you might imagine.
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making their presence known out here in this area in the last few days. >> it's wonderful, man. it's great. it's the national championship! it's awesome! >> tonight, clemson football hopes to turn the dream of 2015 into a new year national championship. >> this has been, you know, great for our program. great for our team. you know, this was our goal was to have the opportunity to compete at the highest level. >> tiger fans taking things to a new level, too. >> we drove from columbia. actually, took about 30 hours. >> some trips took even longer. mary page kowalski lives in maine. >> missed the first one in 1981. said if we get back, i'm coming. here we are! >> go tigers! >> brian kaplan was at that 1981 orange bowl with his father.
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tradition. >> sat on the 50-yard line next to the astronauts right behind the clemson bench, and i'm just grateful to god that i can experience this with my son at about the same age that i got to experience it with my dad. my dad is deceased and i got to experience that with him and him being an alumni at clemson. and it's just awesome. really is. and it's stayed with me for 35 years. and just really looking forward to monday night. >> so clearly, a very special experience for clemson fans. clemson players and coaches hoping they can add to that with another wiwitonight. the tigers looking for championship numbebe two. alabama looking to make it four national championships in the last seven years. a lot of people out here just hoping for a good ballgame. we haven't seen a whole lot of those in the bowl season for college football. this year should be very interesting to see what goes on here tonight. we will have much more coverage
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we're back live at the 6:00 show and then plenty to recap after tonight's big ballgame. that will do o for now from the university of phoenix stadium in glendale, arizona, tim hill, abc columbia news. >> all right. thanks, tim. game day ready, aren't we? if you weren't able to make the trek to arizona, there are plenty of places that you can watch the game and the crowning of a college from five points to vista bars, restaurants are showing the game. >> all over downtown, the columbia clemson club will be cheering on their alma mater tonight at hickory tavern in the vista. the viewing party starts at 8:00. you can always watch the big game from home. all the fun kicks off at 8:30 on espn. and while things heat up out there in arizona, it is quite a different story right here at home. >> that's right. don't let the sunshine fool you. major cooldown has many of us bundling up for some more seasonal temperatures. here's meteorologist jonathan kennedy. hey, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, guys. yeah, lots of sunshine for us. but not a lot of warmth especially so far today.
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temperatures starting out in the 20's. but with the sunshine and clear skies that we're seeing now, we are seeing several spots at least into the 40's right now. satellite and radar have been relatively quiet throughout the day. we are seeing a little bit of cloud cover. not really seeing it all that well on the satellite picture here. but here at corner of main and gervais, we have our window to the capital city seeing a few clouds roll in. just a few clouds for us as of right now. temperatures, as i mentioned, climbing up to 46 here at downtown. warmest spot as of now. low 40's elsewhere. and we'll stick with the relatively cool conditions across the board today. there will probably be several spots that don't get to the 50-degree mark today. so we are going to be looking at a cooler setup of what we saw over the weekend. temperatures maintain that cooler trend for us today and we're going to be warming up eventually but winds out of the north kind of keep us with some cooler air in place and look for temperatures to top out near 50 for us today. lots of sunshine but we likely are going to see maybe a cooler pattern as we head through the rest of the week. details coming up. >> all right, jonathan.
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is back behind bars this afternoon. >> that's right, mexican officials say sean penn's secret "rolling stone" interview with the drug lord could have helped authorities track down the cartel chief. mexico has begun the process of extraditing el chapo to the united states. guzman's lawyers, however, are fighting that move filing legal appeals to keep their client in mexico. >> and officers are investigating a deadly weekend shooting in downtown columbia. >> that's right. columbia police says it happened early saturday morning in the 1,000 block of lady street. the richland county coroner says 23-year-old rodney francis iii was killed when someone drove by opening fire as francis left a nearby club. officials say it does not appear to be a random act of violence. and take a look. several witnesses tell c.p.d. the shots were fired from a black and gray chevy avalanche. this is a photo taken of that truck from surveillance video. if you've seen this truck or know anything about this incident, call crimestoppers. >> out of anderson this arch, a
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with murder in the death of her newborn. the anderson county sheriff's office says they were given a tip saturday about an infant located in a wooded area. investigators say joanie faith holcombe confessed to the child's death and burial. holcombe is charged now with murder and unauthorized removal of a dead body. a bond hearing is set for tuesday. investigators are still searching for answers following what they're calling a suspicious fire. >> indeed they are. it happened in the 1100 block of quiet lane friday. the richland county coroner says 76-year-old johnnie newton died from carbon monoxide poisoning. we'll bring you the latest on that as it develops. to the low country where police say someone tried to burn down the old home of former north charleston police officer michael slager. police say a neighbor put out a small fire in slager's former home friday night. slager charged in the shooting death of walter scott has been out on bond since last monday. his trial is set for october 31st. we're over a little more than a month away from the state's first in the south primary and
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spotlight. >> absolutely. seven of the republicans gunning for the party's presidential nomination spebt the weekend right here in the capital city. the kemp forum on expxpding opportunity poverty summit was moderated by house speaker paul ryan and south carolina senator tim scott. jeb bush, ben carson, chris christie, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, john kasich and marco rubio all took part. speaker ryan says the fight against poverty should start in our own backyards. >> it should be a life saving exercise and that means the government can provide resources. it can be the supply lines but it should not be the front lines in the war on poverty. people, communities, churches, civic groups, you name it, that's the front lines. that's the kind of attitude i think we have to have. >> during the event, protesters upset over senator marco rubio's immigration views were thrown out. the next republican debate is set for thursday.
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south carolina also taking center stage when it comes to tomorrow's state of the union address. >> that's right. white house officials say greenwood councilwoman edith childs will be the first lady michelle obama's guest for the final state of the union address. childs is known for leading up the fire up ready to go chant during the 2007 campaign stop by president obama that became a rallying cry for both of his white house bids. governor nikki haley is set to deliver the g.o.p. response to the state of the union address. well, planned parenthood is now picking sides in the race to the white house. >> the women's health group says it's endorsing hillary clinton for president. this, by the way, is the first time the group has endorsed someone in a presidential primary and it's a call to action for some of our nation's mayors. columbia mayor steve benjamin in iowa today for the urban agenda. forum calling on the presidential candidates in congress to invest in and protect america's citits and metro areas when it comes to health care and job creation.
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our red shoes and dance. to pop music for more than four decades. >> that's right.
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from main and gervais. >> sad news to pass along out of hollywood this afternoon. >> singer david bowie has died following an 18-month battle with cancer. according to a short statement from his publicist, bowie died peacefully yesterday surrounded by his family and friends. bowie's career spanned more than
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he rose to fame in the 60's and inspired the glam rock movement of the 1970s. his 25th album was released on his birthday friday. david bowie was 69. things are looking up for the airways as more travelers take to the friendly skies than ever according to officials at columbia metropolitan airport. >> that's right. 30,000 more passengers actually reportedly traveled by plane last year than in 2014. this marks the airport's fourth consecutive year of growth. good news for them. and hitting the roads hasn't been too bad either. triple a says today's national average sits at $1.96. tumbling oil prices and a strong refinery capacity could drop gas prices a little less to maybe $1 a gallon at some nearby gas pumps. we haven't seen those prices since 1999. >> if you're lucky, may be able to buy a gas station yourself or maybe a few gas stations? >> why not? >> no one had the winning
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so the jackpot now continuing to grow. that jackpot, in fact, is now up to an estimated $1.3 billion, with a b, in wednesday night's drawing. that sets a new world record. >> yeah. some of those marquess out there can't hold the billion. >> never had to do it before. >> can only go up to $99900,000. >> that sin the only thing that can put a little pep in your step. >> not at all. your full forecast is coming up
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gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. it's been a chilly day for us but a sunny one. we saw clear skies this morning that really allowed us to cool down. temperatures in the 40's here this afternoon. with clear skies and we'll stick with the clear skies through a good portion of the week this week. looking for high pressure to kind of take hold and allow us to see a lot of sunshine but, unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of warmth in the seven day forecast as of right now. temperatures climbing into the mid 40's as we speak. but i think a lot of spots are going to kind of plateau and we'll probably put up a few more degrees. anything higher than 50 is going to be a little far fetched for most areas today. looking at the 24-hour temperature change. most of us around 10 degrees colder compared to what we were seeing at this time yesterday.
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even though we saw some sunshine, it wasn't necessarily feeling as warm as it actually was. today feeling colder. not as breezy but still enough to make that extra bite with the wind chill. nice and quiet for the time being. looking at cloud cover moving in. that's about it. no sign of any type of rain or any other types of precipitation. through a good portion of the united states, they're not really seeing much rain. we are seeing anybody that's seeing any type of precip is in the form of snow this afternoon. so even with the warmer temperatures, warming up this afternoon, we're still looking at a very cool setup for much of the u.s. and as we take a look at the models here, we have a little bit of cloud cover for us. notice this big snow system going through parts of the midwest. gary, indiana, one of the hardest hit areas on the averages up towards south bend, those areas there and as you get towards cleveland and lake erie, those areas are going to be hard hit with heavy lake effect. could see some snow as far south
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so. i don't see anything in the way of rainfall especially not snow for us here in the midlands. we'll stick with the dryer forecast today. sunny and cool. highs near 50 across the board. couple of spots staying in the 40's for us today and likely stay with that same kind of forecast over the next five or six, seven days. temperatures warm up a little bit in the afternoon towards the latter half of the week. we'll stay around freezing at night as well. a cool start, sunny start. next chance of rain coming our way for the weekend. >> sounds good, jonathan. if you're looking for something to do to get away from the chill, check out the movie. unchartered territory on the way of revenge. >> a movie that takes page straight out of true life won some awards last night on the
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gervais. >> a new flick hitting theaters takes us through one man's real life quest to survive in inconceivable odds. >> that's right. while the film is getting some oscar buzz, our movie reviewer tells us if this one can drag itself to the top of the box office or if it should be left for dead. >> welcome to another monday. now, everyone knows how well "star wars" has done but week after week, we continue to get new releases. and yes, i have seen "the force awakens" three times already. i need to continue to take in the new offerings as well. this week, we add a new release with a little bit of oscar buzz circulating about it.
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give you my take on the newest leonardo dicaprio film "the revenant." our movie begins in the american wilderness circa the 1820s. the explorer played by dicaprio leads a hunting party gathering pelts along with his indian son hawk. as the fur trappers are preparing their bounty, they are attacked by a native american tribe. 33 men of the party are killed and the rest barely escape. glass leads the men back towards their outpost and upon going out hunting alone, he is attacked and mauled by a bear protecting her cubs. the men attempt to tend to his injuries but he appears to be mortally wounded. carrying glass on a stretcher becomes too tedious so his son and two other men stay behind to see to him. getting a moment alone with glass, one of the men fitzgerald played by tom hardy attempts to smother him so they can attempt to move on but interrupted by hawk. to keep from being discovered, fitzgerald dispatches of hawk. through a group of lies, he convinces the other trapper that they have to move on and glass
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as the movie progresses, we see glass will himself back from death in a quest for vengeance but it is not an easy road at all. besides fighting a broken body along with infection, he has to deal with rogue native american tribes willing to kill him on sight. along with other people in unsettled america that don't have his best interests in mind. we see both oppression and aid come from the strangest of sources. all the while, we see what man is capable of in the most desperate of situations. we watch in suspense to see whether injury, the elements or his fellow man will be what puts an end to glass or if he can overcome all odds to fulfill his own brand of justice. with nonstop peril and action at every turn, we wonder if this can end well for anyone involved. so this is one of those movies that when i saw the first trailer, i was like i'm not sure if i want to see that. then a couple more trailers came out showing a little more of the story and the award buzz started and i started getting excited about it. now that i've seen it, i think well, that was interesting. it's one of those movies where
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fairly drawn out and this part is fairly drawn out. are we ever going to get anywhere? but then, of course, it does and i left not sure what to make of it. it was one of those movies where everyone walked out of the theater completely silent. no one was discussing the movie at all. a rarely observed phenomena indeed. we'll have to wait and see if leo gets put up for the best actor award for this. if he does, it's certainly not for his mastery of the dialogue. if anything, i'm sure it's a consolation prize because that role looked absolutely miserable to play. and speaking of absolutely miserable, his character in the movie has the worst luck ever. i mean, i don't think i can ever complain about anything with a clear conscience again! seeing the stuff that this guy went through. i mean, i was sitting in the theater thinking man, it's hot in here. and then halfway through the film, i felt horrible for even thinking that. anyway, it's a very interesting film with some very good cinematography and i can see where the award buzz is coming from.
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back to you. >> now i'm really confused. >> goes to show you somebody is always worse off, right? >> absolutely. >> good one, matt.
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day forecast coming up. >> a little chilly to start the week. by january standards, not too far off from normal. certainly want to bundle up the next couple of mornings. >> right where we should be. thanks, jonathan. thanks for making usour choice for news.
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have a great monday. >> announcer: need to get food on the table but don't have time to go to the supermarket? don't worry. we're bringing you perfect pantry meals so you can get cooking without ever leaving the house. daphne's hittin' up the shelves and baking a perfect snack in a flash! then the fabulous eva longoria is here! and she's whipping up a dish with michael that'll leave you desperate for seconds! plus, we're playing a rousing
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