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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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captioning provided by: caption associates, llc www.captionassociates.com33 afternoon and thanks for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> and i'm rochelle dean. we're live from main and gervais. the stage is set for tonight's republican presidential debate in north charleston. >> fox business network has confirmed now seven of the top polling candidates will take the main stage tonight. donald trump, ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, governors chris christie and john kasich and former governor jeb bush. the debate kicks off at 9:00 tonight at theeorth charleston coliseum and performing arts center.
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fiorina, former senator rick santorum and rand paul. paul says he will not participate in the debate and saying he will only participate in what he calls first tier debates. two republican presidential hopefuls will stop right here, though in the capital city. >> that's right. rick santorum and mike huckabee attended the palmetto seniors show down at the state fairgrounds this morning. santorum is going to be headed soon to the citadel in charleston to sit down with attorney general alan wilson as a part of his presidential forum series. and democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders campaign is kicking off its historically black colleges and universities tour tonight at south carolina state university. it starts at 7:00 at the barbara a. vaughn fine arts center. seniors and fellow democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and martin o'malley will all be columbia monday taking part in the king day at the dome. >> religious and civic leader jesse jackson is making sure people here in the palmetto state head to the polls next month.
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rally to the polls event. it's at u.s.c. today. jackson says he spoke on the u.s. health care system during a stop last night at columbia. >> must attack the problem and not attack each other. too much of name calling and one-liners and entertaining. we need an agenda. citizens black and white need and deserve medical care. >> and jackson will continue traveling the state this week talking about medicare, poverty and helping people register to vote. donald trump responding to governor nikki haley's official response to president barack obama's state of the union address. >> that's right. in it, haley cautioned against following the siren call of the angriest voices. and trump wasting in time addressing the apparent jab. >> one of the commentators said to me nikki haley, very nice woman said i'm an angry person. and they said you were an angry
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i thought i am. i'm very angry because i hate what's happening to our country. i'm very angry! >> governor haley says she stands by what she believes and she says that she's strongly opposed to trump's proposed ban on muslim immigrants but she also says that he's not the only presidential candidate she doesn't agree with. >> i have disagreements with other presidential candidates, jeb bush and marco rubio believes in amnesty which i don't. there's lots of things. so i would say to mr. trump don't take it personally. >> haley is considered to be on the short list of potential republican vice presidential nominees. the governor said the nod isn't her main priority but hasn't ruled it out either. it isn't the only thing heating up these days. we feel it on our back again today. >> temperatures warming up just a little bit. let's turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy. good afternoon, jonathan.
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finally some warmer temperatures coming our way. we have more sunshine b b temperatures filing into the 60's for us for the first time this week. nice to see the 60 degree temperatures again this afternoon. other areas warming up not as cold as us here in camden. lexington in the 60's here very shortly. mid to up 50's but it does lackook like with sunshine and current temperatures, we'll climb into the low to mid 60's before it's all said and done with the heating today. shaping up to be a beautiful afternoon. we'll see relatively light winds and breezy outside in a few spots. mostly clear skies as of right now. the wind out of the south-southwest will pull that cloud cover into our neck of the woods here. 14 miles per hour for the winds right now downtown. elsewhere, kind of 8 to 12 miles per hour. it's going to be even better later today but we have big changes coming our way over the weekend. details coming up. >> beautiful start of the day
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powerball finally bounced its way into the homes of three lucky winner. those three unidentified champs will split that record-breaking $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. last night's winning numbers were 4, 8, 19, 277 and 34 with the powerball number 10. >> and celebrations took over the scene outside the california 7-eleven in chino hills where one of those winning tickets was sold. lottery officials say two more winning tickets were sold in tennessee and another in florida. but your money hasn't been spent for due to those soaring powerball numbers, the education system is benefitting tremendously. to put in perspective, a dollar lottery ticket that is bought translates into about 43 cents. it goes straight into the classroom. this is a sure sign that will benefit the legislature and allocate many of those funds to help improve your child's education.
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greater assistance for k through 12 that will be greater assistance for public libraries. there will be more college and university scholarships for the students in south carolina. >> and they say more school buses will most likely be brought to help with an aging fleet. all positive attributes to the education of south carolina. >> and important to note as we told you yesterday a couple of free apps out there. lotto, lotto and lotto hub you can go on and see if you do win. a lot of times people are losing prizes they didn't realize they won. many of us are not able to wake up millions of dollars richer. some foodies managed to find luck for their bellies. >> they did. this is the line that started forming wednesday afternoon outside of the new killian road chick-fil-a restaurant. the chain opened their doors this morning at 6:00 where officials say more than 70 people came out in that parking lot camping out overnight. you can see them there with their tents and with good reason. the chain offered the first 100
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of free meals. not a bad deal. >> we're following developing news this afternoon of deadly attacks out of jakarta, indonesia. >> that's right. officials there say at least three suicide bombers exploded themselves outside of a starbucks and fired shots outside of a nearby police station during a terror attack. officials say at least two people have been killed in addition to the bombers. and diamonds may be a girl's best friend but the bling is one of the reasons why a woman is behind bars this afternoon. 24-year-old abigail lee kemp is accused of robbing multiple jewelry outlet stores, one including here in south carolina. investigators say kemp would use the same m.o. at each location where she allegedly tied employees up at gun point, racked up on watches and diamonds. officials estimate kemp nabbed nearly $400,000 in jewelry. new details are coming to light about the lafayette theater shooter. >> john russell houser is accused of killing two people and injuring nine others last
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investigators found his journal at the motel where he was staying before that shooting. in it, houser praised the charleston shooter dylan roof saying "thank you for the wake-up call, dylan." roof stands accused of killing nine parishioners at emanuel a.m.e. in charleston back in june. back here at home, columbia police have made an arrest in a weekend shooting in the vista. police have charged 23-year-old michael robinson with murder in the death of rodney francis ii. officials say francis' body was found early saturday morning in the 1,000 block of lady street. authorities say that shooting was a result of a fight between francis and robinson. another busy day for lawmakers at the statehouse. top concerns on this year's agenda, education and a safe infrastructure. >> that's right. damage from october's floods have heightened the awareness of the need for infrastructure repair. but officials say rebuilding the state's roads and bridges will require reforming the department of transportation.
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christie hall will face a confirmation hearing next week. a number of lawmakers have praised hall and say they have confidence she can turn the agency around. meanwhile, governor nikki haley is revealing her plans for improving education. she wants to offer students the chance to graduate from college debt free while providing up to $200 million a year to maintain and build schools. under the proposal, college students will be able to receive $7500 in tuition scholarships for four years. that's if they commit to working eight years in a district with a high teacher turnover rate. animals can often be a sense of support when you're going through a stressful or tragic situation but one killian woman is getting through difficult days with a different kind of furry friend by her side. a deer. >> she took him in after he was roughed up by some dogs. she took in her father to nurse
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she calls roscoe a god send that this time. >> he's amazing. he'll come in and lay down beside daddy's bed and go and sniff and make sure he's ok. >> ahhh! and donna's license to do wildlife rescue for lexington county through the department of natural resources. she did all the necessary paperwork through d.n.r. to keep roscoe legally. he's so cute. >> looks like bambi. >> heads are bobbing as we get word of oscar nods. >> that's right. envelope please. who could find their names
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we'll tell you next. >> welcome back. well, drum roll, please. the nominations for the 88th academy awards are in. "the revenant" leading the way with 12 nominations including a best actor nod for leonardo dicaprio. dicaprio in the running with brian cranston and eddie redmayne. charlotte ramplin go and serice ronig have nominations for best leading actress. >> best sikt includes "big short" "bridge of spies" "brooklyn" "mad max" "the martian" "the revenant" and "the room." and a few surprises worth mentioning as well as "star wars" continues to do in the theater, it only has five nominations and a best
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sylvester stallone for his returning role of rocky in "creed." that wasn't expected by some people. you can catch all of the action here on abc sunday night february 28th. comedian and actor chris rock will host the oscars. it starts at 8:00 again right here on abc. we have sad news to pass along this afternoon. actor alan rickman has died. you may remember the british actor from his roles in harry potter, "die hard". rickman died after a battle with cancer. he was just 69 years old. >> for this year's festival, we'll help send out a positive message. we are south carolina strong. that's following october's historic flooding. >> today, at the bicentennial park, organizers are presenting granting funds for the festival as part of their connected communities initiative. the event kicks off at 3:00 this afternoon and this year's theme is water lines. organizers for indy grits is encouraging filmmakers and
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represent the south carolina flood from their perspective. well, we are also getting ready for the 40th round of this year's festival u.s.a., charleston. the focus of the internationally known arts festival. they've already unveiled a schedule with the number of productions including a multimedia production commemorating the victims of the shootings at emanuel a.m.e. church back in june. tickets for that festival go on sale today. >> all right. well, the weather is nice enough for it. if you hope on taking a bike ride this afternoon, you may want to hear this recall first. the product website qbp is recalling their stolen series bmx bicycles. manufacturers say the bicycle's front wheel can detach due to improperly fitting retention washers posing a fall hazard to the rider. consumers should immediately stop using the bicycle and return them to the store for a free inspection and free replacement of the wheel retention washers. well, you can get ready to eat up a little sunshine today as we're telling you earlier, the sun is shining brightly.
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right here at main and gervais. not a cloud in the sky.
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we're live. >> good afternoon. a beautiful day shaping up for us here. we're looking at sunshine.
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temperatures finally warming up into the 60's for us here in the capital city. other areas maintaining kind of mid to upper 50's but they'll be following suit soon. i think we'll see most everybody make it at least to 60 today. probably a little bit warmer here in the capital city but elsewhere, still expect some temperatures to be quite warm. skies are clear for us at the moment. we are looking at some cloud cover sliding in from the south. that's going to be the case throughout the day today and evening. expecting mostly cloudy skies by tonight. but i think we hang on to a good deal of sunshine by this afternoon. winds are pick up a little bit. southwest wind at around 10 to 15 miles per hour. not near as breezy as it was earlier in the week. enough to move the air around and pull that moisture into place that is going to help us warm up. we've seen just as much sunshine every other day this week. because the winds are out of the southwest, that's going to help pull that warmer air in as opposed to that cooler air with those winds out of the north for the predominant part of the week
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now, we're looking at relatively breezy conditions and the wind direction mainly due to this high pressure system to our south. clockwise flow will pull that wind here from the western side of that high pressure system. that's going to pull it in. that air from. the gulf of mexico with the from. and add into that that low pressure system to the south, that has counter clockwise flow so that is funneling that warm, moist air up through the deep south. that's going to come our way today and that's going to be our rain maker as we head through the next 48 hours or so. so we're staying dry today. clouds move in tonight. notice the rain kind of stalling out a little bit. and then it starts to take its trek north tomorrow morning. maybe a little snow. seeing a little blue mixed here and there. not nearly cold enough of us to use any type of frozen precipitation. if anybody sees it at all, it will be the extreme higher elevations of north carolina maybe in the appalachian
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for us, we're looking at the rain scenario. not particularly heavy rain and we're able to stick with the rain through dinnertime and maybe shortly thereafter and bring back the dry weather for late saturday night into the morning. and then sunday, bring back the rain chances with another system heading our way. so kind of the rainn heading into the weekend. at least it will be warm. next week, it will be dry but much cooler. >> all right. at least it will be the weekend. >> yeah, can't ruin that, right? >> exactly. >> still ahead for you, both carolina and clemson hit the hardwood last night.
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highlights next. >> well, carolina and clemson both in action last night on the basketball court. >> and clemson coach dabo swinney wins another award. >> frank martin and company going on the road to alabama with a perfect season on the line. 15-0. 2-0 in the sec but this guy, his name is riley norris. he averages six points a game and dececes to hit his first five three point attempts. 18 points for norris in the first half. bama feeling it early. up 10. inbounds play, alley-oop. dante hall. not a great night for carolina. 73-50 alabama wins, the gamecocks now 15-1. 2-1 in the sec. not a great night for carolina basketball but a fantastic night
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brad burnell taking down the duke blue devils 68-63. clemson has now won back-to-back games over top 25 opponents for the first time since 1989. that was the year i was born. and finally, clemson coach dabo swinney winin the paul bear bryant coach of the year award. that will do it for your sports minute to win it. i'm mike gillespie. >> young mike gillespie. one last look at the seven day
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coming up next. >> sunny and warm afternoon. temperatures in the 60's for us for the rest of the day. cool off and cloud up tonight, rain moves in tomorrow for the friday forecast and we dry out again for saturday. more rain on sunday. >> don't have a problem with that. a little bit of rain. >> places like kalamazoo, michigan. >> at least it's not snow. thanks for watching. you've been checking in with us
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