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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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including huckabee andsantorum. stopping in the midlands to lay out their campaign agendas. >> social security is not welfare. it is not an entitlement. it is your money. >> the american public, if you want to stop them from spreading terror and terrorizing not just paris and not just san bernadino but a lot of other places that are to come, i would appreciate your vote. >> with the first in the south primary just a few weeks away, south carolina voters are looking for the republican candidates to distinguish themselves on stage. >> i'd just like to see more substantive papers come out witit each candidate on what they're going to do, not generalities. >> we're really looking for just caring and loving candidates that embrace people from all walks of life. >> again, thehe primetime debate starts tonight at 9:00. tonight is the first of three debates before the primary. the democratic debate will be held on sunday in charleston and in february, a second republican
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greenville. jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> on the other side of the political aisle, he's in barely. martin o'malley will be allowed into the democratic presidential debate on sunday in charleston that jen just mentioned. this despite averaging just 4.6% in iowa. the debate's host, nbc, had said in order to participate, candidates would have to average at least 5% nationally or in one of the states with an upcoming contest. o'malley barely made it thanks to the network's willingness to round up his percentage. and both clinton and sanders called on nbc to include o'malley in the debate. inside the south carolina statehouse tonight, details are now known on a pair of bipartisan efforts to benefit state employees. >> this morning, some south carolina senators announced their plan. eric weisfeld has the details. >> it is indeed a great day here in south carolina. more people are the calling the palmetto state home, more
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state has a budget surplus of $1,200 million so why have the number of state employees on the payroll gone down? some south carolina senators hope to reverse that trend. >> state employees are the backbone of state services and state government to the people of south carolina. they cannot be forgotten as we go forward. >> south carolina state employees have only received pay increases two of the last seven years. senator john courson will tell you that due to that budget surplus, a proposed 5% cost of living raise won't come at the hands of taxpayers. so he says there's no better time to give back to these workers for a job well done. >> i think it's time to thank those public employees and state employees to help the massive flood we had last fall and tell you thank you. >> next step, well, senator courson says the house will hopefully put the proposed pay raise into their appropriations
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if not, he says, he'll make every effort to get it in there. in the studio tonight, i'm eric weisfeld, abc columbia news. >> all right. let's talk weather. i don't know about you. cold is cold to me. so it's a little bit warmer out there today than it has been. but i really can't tell the difference. >> i hope you enjoyed it and i hope everybody else enjoyed it because i think john farley is talking about some big changes for tomorrow, john? >> that's right. yeah, alicia, really, it's less warm -- less cold, i iuess what you'd say, right? here you go. by the way, it's not 46 in manning right now. something is -- something is not right with that thermometer. everybody else 50's and low 60's. tonight is more comfortable than it has been certainly and as we go over the next several hours, what will happen here is the clouds will continue to fill in. the result will be the temperatures not dropping so far. 44 by the time we're out at 11:00 and tomorrow morning, what's going to happen is we'll see temperatures dip down really upper 30's, even a couple off low 40's.
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in overnight. now, what's going to happen tomorrow, the rain arrives a little earlier than we expected over the past couple of days here. let's give you a look at that. morning commute, just the latter half of it, we could see a couple of showers but things will really pick up in earnest from about mid morning right through the afternoon. good little soaking out o o this as we go through the day tomorrow. now, we'll talk about whether it's out in time for your date tomorrow night and your weekend plans. that's coming up. >> all right, john. thanks. one person has been arrested in a weeken shooting. investigators say michael robinson shot and killed rodney francis last saturday. according to police, that shooting took place outside of the restaurant rue 77 on the corner of assembly and lady streets. investigators say the shooting stemmed from a previous argument between robinson and francis. >> a sumter man is accused of using his computer to share child pornography. a spokesperson for the attorney
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william phillips is charged with 15 counts related to sexual exploitation of minors. investigators say that phillips was involved in exchanging files containing child pornography via peer to peer file sharing. >> there's now a permanent reminder of a 5-month-old baby who drowned in a socastee creek. this grave stone for grace santa cruz was placed in a conway cemetery this week. it was paid for by neighbors who took up a collection for the marker. the child's mother is charged with homicide by child abuse. >> staying on the crime beat tonight, notorious suspected jewel thief will not be getting out of jail any time soon. this afternoon, an atlanta judge denied bond for abigail kemp. kemp is accused of robbing half a dozen jewelry storere across the southeast including one right here in south carolina. investigators say in most cases that she tied up store employees at gun point before stealing the jewelry and taking as much as $400,000 worth at one store. the army's largest training base
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sergeant major this afternoon. sergeant major lamont christian takes responsibility as fort jackson's most senior enlisted officer. previously, christian served as the commandment of the drill sergeant academy. all right. kind of good news/bad news. if you don't live in california, tennessee or florida, here's the bad news. you didn't win last night's record breaking $1.6 billion jackpot. >> might not be a billion dollars but some south carolinaians still walked away with some prize money. and with more on that, here's abc columbia's -- abc columbia's beth rousseau. >> i hope you have the tickets. good luck. >> a $1.6 billion powerball drawing that dashed the dreams of all but three winners. >> probably would have traveled a lot. >> bought a better car. paid off some bills. >> paid off student loans. >> i would have given most of it away. >> while no south carolinaians hit the jackpot, a record number of more than 366,000 winning tickets were sold in the state,
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and another 11 for $50,000. as contestants are collecting their cash, the department of consumer affairs is warning against scams. >> like i said, this has been in the news, it's one of those common scams that never goes away. >> following the record-breaking jackpot, the department is encouraging powerball players to be wary. >> definitely don't want to engage with anyone who is contacting me via e-mail or over the phone or if they're asking for your personal information as well, that would be a red flag. >> winning and losing set aside, players take comfort in knowing that 43% of the money spent on tickets -->> i bought three tickets. >> 30. >> bought two. >> four. >> is going towards education. >> i can definitely use some money to help me through college and i know other people could use it, too, so i'm glad it's able to help people out. >> that's where it needs to go. >> in columbia, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> all right.
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weather story is inspiring this year's indie grits festival. >> find out if your favorite movie is up for an oscar.
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abc columbia news at 6:00. british actor alan rickman has
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>> british actor alan rickman has died. sources familiar with his career say that rickman had been battling cancer. rickman was known for his roles as hans gruber in "die hard" and the professor in harry potter. he was 69 years old. >> plans are under way for columbia's annual film festival indie grits. this year's theme is water lines which organizers say will allow the festival sxitsand its artists to document the historic flooding through the festival. the organizer of indie grits says this year's event promises to be the most successful yet. >> we made a point to broaden the scope of the festival to include a wide range of different elements of new southern culture including crafts, theater, all kinds of different things. >> like they get a big donation from the central carolina community foundation as well. the indie grits festival, by the
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17th. >> the nominations for the 2016 academy awards were announced this morning. very exciting. looks like this year's big winner could be leonardo dicaprio's "the revevent" with 12 nominations and "mad max: fury road" with 10. you can find out who takes home the big honors february 28th right here on abc columbia. big news if leonardo actually wins. such a great actor. up next, john with a look at the seven day forecast. >> stay with us for more abc
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gervais. >> welcome back. thought i'd start you tonight with a little time lapsef the sunset and what you see out there isis a leading edge of clouds. those clouds just embark tonight but tomorrow, there will be some bite to them. we'll get rain out of thiss before we get to that, i want to talk about something really, really unusual. a hurricane in the atlantic in january. no kidding. check this out. we're way, way out here in the atlantic. here's the center of the storm right here. this is hurricane alex. it has sustained winds of 85 miles an hour. so it's category one hurricane. and it's heading due north. now, by the way, what you can't see is the azores are right about in there. they'll get a direct hit from a hurricane in january. this doesn't happen very often
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so very, very unusual. once it goes beyond, it will kind of fizzle out as it goes north into the atlantic but a hurricane in mid january, not something that we see very often. here you go for us back at home, here's the moisture. down here in the gulf. now, what will happen is it's going to get tapped up in this low that will get going and the low will track basically off to our south and east. it will have a fair amount of moisture with it as well. and if you've been tracking this or i've been tracking it for the la couple of days, it looked like it was going to be an afternoon/evening event and now it looks like it will be an all day event but we'll be out of here in time for your evening plans. if you're going out tomorrow, that will be a little bit of a bonus. here you go. 8:00 tomorrow morning, notice the rain is just starting to get here. so maybe a couple of showers on the latter end of the commute but again, the main event. that works right on through as we go through the day. there you are 10:00 in the morning. we're all getting a good soaking. noon, 1 is:00, 2:00, 3:00, roughly the same and then it breaks up into the late afternoon such that the evening commute probably a couple of
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but that will do it. overnight tomorrow night, things clear out and the weekend looks fabulous. warm saturday. a littleooler for you on sunday. here you go tonight, clouding up. temperatures dropping not that far. 38 for a low. tomorrow, it's just plain going to be rainy. start to finish as i showed you, basically. temperatures mid to upper 50's. maybe eking out a low 60 and that would do it. beyond that, i will show you. weekend looks just fine. saturday, how about mid 60's and a lot of sunshine? that's going to be beautiful. sunday, a few clouds. what's going to happen on sunday coast. it will be far enough away that it will miss us. some cooler air. that will do it. the real cold air gets in here next week. we have 40's for highs on monday and tuesday and way down to the mid 20's on monday night. that's your weather. >> thank you so much, john farley. carolina panthers getting set for a rematch of last year's playoff game with the seahawks. >> and dawn staley and carolina on the road tonight in an arena
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i'm mike gillespie. in three days, the panthers >> turning our attention to the panthers. hi, i'm mike gillespie. in three days, carolina hosts the seahawks in a rematch of last year's divisional playoff game. excuse my phone there. last year didn't go too well in seattle. in fact, out of teams, cam newton has faced at least three times in his career, the seahawks have held newton to his lowest completion percentage and yards per game in those contests against seattle. cam newton, though, wants another shot at the seahawks. >> wouldn't have wanted it any other way, you know what i'm saying? and that's kind of the -- the muststee tv, you know, you got good players on both sides of the ball with the special teams offensively, defensively onn both teams, you know, that's why you pretty much come to the league or you look and you eye matchups like this. >> being in the playoffs like we have now the third year in a row, being in this situation, it should be a huge plus for us. we understand what playoff
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you know, we understand the tempo. we understand, you know, what's -- what's at stake. >> let's talk basketball. tonight, carolina trying to stay undefeated this season. but the gamecocks going to a place they haven't had much success in. that's lexington, kentucky. carolina has only won once in lexington against the kentucky wildcats since 2009. 1-6 record. staley warning earlier in the week kentucky on the road. a very difficult challenge for her team. >> create what we create. they show up and they support their program. it's a rival game so, you know, it's always high energy. you got to come to play. if you don't, you know, they takekedvantage of it. >> carolina men's undefeated season coming to an end last night on the road in alabama. the gamecocks didn't score until
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held to a season low of 22 first half points. defense couldn't stop the tide either. now one undefeated s.m.u. it was the second best start in program history, best since 1933. carolina hasn't started 3-0 in conference play since 1996. but 15-1, frank martin's best start ever in his coaching career. sticking with sketball, huge statement win wednesday night at home for clemson basketball with a 68-63 win over sixth ranked duke. that was clemson's fourth win in a row and fourth win in a row over an acc opponent, no less. clemson has back-to-back wins over top 25 opponents. that game can go a long way in gaining momentum for the rest of the year. >> very powerful in this sport. it's very powerful with young people. and, you know, we had some negative momentum in the beginning of the season.
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it just, you know, we needed a win in a close game like that to kind of keep us going in the right direction. >> and guys, one final note, the 49ers hire former eagles head coach chip kelly and apparently, one of the reasons why chip kelly was fired in philadelphia was because he didn't attend the holiday party back in december. >> wow. >> uh-huh. >> ho ho ho! >> i guess so. >> wow. >> john farley with another look
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stay with us. >> no way around it. rainy tomorrow. it starts by late commute. but it does end by the time the afternoon commute comes around. and tomorrow evening should be fine. a little breezy. but drying out. saturday, lovely. look at that. 65 and sunny next week it gets cold. >> all right. thanks so much for watching abc. columbia news at 6:00 and for making us your choice for local news, weather and sports>> stay tuned for "world news tonight" with david muir.
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