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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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state of emergency for the state as a water crisis continues, and carolina students are rolling up their sleeves for a good cause, all the in the name of martin luther king junior as abc 11 starts right now. >> abc columbia news at 11:00. >> good evening. thanks for being here for the news at 11:00, i'm grace joyal. thom berry says it happened early this morning in santee, they responded to an incident at a nightclub and someone shot at a deputy. the deputy who was not hurt returned fire. it's not known if the deputy hit anyone because the car the person was in drove away. there's no dash cam video of the incident. he took over the investigation and last year there were 48 officer involved shootings here
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is a man trying to cross garners ferry road died when he was hit by two cars. they are withholding his name until his family is contacted. it happened around 5:45 last night. both drivers are cooperating colmbia police department has spoken to several witnesses. police in sumter need your help in finding missing mother of two. the kids were unharmed, and officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call, neighbors tell them it's unlikely 27-year-old davis would have left the two-year-old and five week old alone. they are questioning a man in connection to her disappearance, and if you know anything about davis's whereabouts call crime stoppers at 1-88888-crime sc. the on going water crisis
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declare a state of emergency for the mission. it gives fema and the department of homeland security. earlier this week michigan governor rick schneider asked the governor for help. he told president obama they have contaminated drinking water. the feds will bring in useable water and work to make the water safe again. 14 months of secret negotiations between the u.s. and iran tapped with the exchange of several prisoners, and one of those captains held on spy charges for more than a year, and john morning reports. >> following secret associations for reportedly more than a year, they have confirmed iran has freed five u.s. prisoners, and four of the prisoners were part of an exchange involving certainly i rannians held in the states on sanction charges.
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been held on spy charges for almost 18 months. amir was adetained. christian pastor syed ab abdini was arrested. a fifth american not part of the negotiated swap wasn't freed. the news of the prisoner's release are a major topic on the campaign trail. >> they are not happy coming back, but it's a disgrace they have been there so long. >> we don't know the details of the deal, and it may well be there are problematic aspects to this deal. at this point we are simply giving prayers of thanksgiving that they are coming home. >> some candidates took the opportunity to denounce the i rannian regime. >> happy for them and their families, but they should have
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us all we need to know about the regime to take people hostage in order to gain concessions. trump and cruz are in myrtle beach tonight attending the south carolina tea party coalition convention, and others are ben carson, mike huckabee, carly fiorina. it puts candidates face-to-face for conservative leaders and voters and are vying for the tea party's endorsement. mart continue o'malley stopped in maryland today. he took part in a town hall meeting at benedict college and focused on equal opportunity and justice issues, and he also took the opportunity to remind people of his candidacy. >> there are three in the race, not just two as the national media, but there are three candidates, and i'm the only
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bringing people together to get things done, and that's what i can do social security president of theunited states. tomorrow they are to participate in the debate. democratic candidates have little fun charleston style. it was held at the charleston marriott hotel. it's the party's primary fund raiser for the year, and democrats across the state and the nation gathered to discuss the business of selecting the party's nominee. what a gorgeous saturday out there, just the right amount of wind balance out that sunshine, and meteorologist rochelle is there. did we break any records? >> about 9 degrees for the average. 6 5z is where we topped out, not a bad january day, plenty of way.
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coming up here, and i want to show you, though, temperatures currently away the area there, and 43 in columbia, and orangeburg sitting in the mid-40s as well as sumter, and 43 in manning, and already starting to feel the cool down, and expecting temperatures to drop more so by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. also talking about rain showers starting to work their way closer to the area. watching the system in the gulf, and seeing some of the new cloud cover. keep the umbrella handy by the noon hour, and starting to see a little bit of clearing, and clearing and sunshine, but much cooler temperatures, and we will talk more about the cool-down coming up in just a few minutes. carolina students are rolling their sleeves up on their way off from classes to support a good cause. usc hosted one of two days of
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luther king day. and the proof has been leaking since october's flooding, and today students cleaned up and got everything organized. >> so really come to play when they open back up on tuesday, and when families or people are in need when they come in, everything will be sorted and worked out for them for the work we are putting in today. >> carolina will have another day of service next saturday, martin luther king day is this monday. >> if you are doing any flood cleanup you will want to hear about an event happening in columbia tomorrow, and plus, @have you seen the photo? it's causing quite the response online, and next you will hear
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a snapshot. with a thousand words......this picture is worth a lot more. the photo shows the special bond between a south dakota bride -- and her service dog a photo shows a special bond between a south dakota bride and service duck, and courtney collins reports on the toilt moment. >> in this story it couldn't be more true. this is valerie and her medical alert service dog bella. >> she's been trained to be with
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a team for over two years now. >> and she suffers from panic disorders and bella helps by alerting something before it happens. >> bella actually was performing a job, and and bella is there to make sure that her heart remains where it is to be, and bella was working. >> a workday for bella displayed in this image has captured the hearts of millions. maddie was hermad. . >> on thursday i said this photo was no. 4 at the time. i thought that was a big deal. we got really excited and within
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getting media inquiries all over the united states. >> something that still leaves her in disbelief. >> i never thought it would be the best thing. when i posted the photo i thought it is a sweet photo of a girl and her dog. i thought it was cool my grandma &-@liked it so much. >> the bigger story here is that it's really getting billion a a platform to talk about service dogs that that they are valuable life companions for not necessarily things you can see or hear but a slew of in invisible diseases, took. >> and she even got her own first look. >> my life would not be the same without her because of bella and my partnership with bella, i
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my life to the fullest. here is a chance to get your home improvement questions answered by the experts before you do something you regret. it has taken over the convention center, and local to national companies are on hand to talk siding, sheetrock and back splashes, and this year it's a little different. >> if you have had any damage from the floods at all, you will be able to talk to those doing repairs to your home. we have almost 100 vendors that are happy to talk to you and want to be able to communicate or connect. >> and if this scene is right up your alley, you are in luck. the expo continues tomorrow at the convention center from 11:00 to 5:00. >> the workweek is getting chillier, and michelle we will tell
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this. to another their games keep taking basketball and clemson and carolina message.halftime fans a gamecocks gives muschamp coach will football new basketball.just for good saturday evening, everyone, absolutely gorgeous january day, plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours, and temperatures way above average for this time of year, topping out around 65.
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newberry chillier there. 65 in orangeburg. sumter came in around 64 degrees. now you look at temperatures, and we still have little bit of clear skies and jumped 20 dreetion or more. 42 the temperature in st. matthews, and winnsboro sitting in the 40s. expecting it to be a chilly evening, although with the clouds moving in, it should kind of put a stop just temporarily there for the temperatures to drop. we are going to start to see some changes in the forecast, so hopefully you did enjoy the first half really of this weekend because sunday we have rain in the forecast here, and all eyes on the low pressure system down there off the coast there that has been tracking in the gulf. quick moving system here, and really expecting things to push through, and early tomorrow morning, and rain showers
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heavy rain, but definitely going to bring in clouds and stay with us before the noon hour, and if you are going to be heading out, take a look at the hour by hour forecast here. the cloud cover that you will be seeing here, and around the 7:00 a.m. hour you notice showers coming in just to the west of columbia, newberry, we will start to see snow showers, and way up there towards the high country, though, and in the higher elevations, and not reaching us anywhere in south carolina. rain is a quick mover, and by the time you look towards the afternoon hours, we are going to be seeing plenty of sunshine, but much cooler temperatures, and the winds will also be picking up as well. a chilly and breezy day, and that's what's to be expected in the afternoon hours after the rain showers in the morning. 42 for tonight,nd increasing clouds across the area. start to the day, but starting to briefly see the clearing
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to around 49 degrees, and then another cool spell. highs on monday, 47, down to the lower 20s monday evening. highs on tuesday 42 degrees, and next chance of rain comes friday with temperatures back in the low 50s. >> and coming up a big day but not just for basketball. muschamp gives them a halftime message. they keep taking their games to
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see it next in sports. former carolina interim coach shawn elliott gets a big hand. will muschamp introduces former carolina interim gets introduced. muschamp said so far so good heading into international signing day in two and a half weeks. >> everybody is on board for us to be successful, and i have been more than pleased with how we have been progressing forward, and we will know about the signing class in two years. >> a big recruiting weekend, and a big weekend of basketball as well. looking for a bounce back win
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the first time, and alabama rolls out on wednesday. out to a fast start against missouri, and dozier zero points, 11 today. the freshman bouncing barks, and two points against alabama, and gamecocks up big 23-10 after this bucket. a foul, clark a game high 26 points for mizzou, and they eventually got some just before half. big fell a, and usc up 7 after the break. good crowd for this game by the way. he plays with lots of energy, and 9 points for the freshman, and thorn we will ends up with
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mizzou gets close to gamecocks, answer, and mizzou loses the 19th straight road game. >> for the most part our enthusiasm, and playing to our identity was back in place, and that's what mattered today. i thought we were not great, but i thought we played more. >> road game next week at ole miss tuesday tennessee saturday. >> and clemson looking to make history over a ranked opponent, no. 8 miami.
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and a little extra on this, and one point shy. giving the tigers the first lead of the second half. extra time on the left side of the court that shows off the range 18.6, and five steals, and tigers close out miami on a 25-8 run, and clemson wins 76-65, and five straight acc wins for the tigers, and three straight against ranked opponents. >> and giving us confidence that we can play against top teams in the country. we can win. usc women hoping to get a win tomorrow. top 15 opponents for the no. 2 ranked team.
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pulling out a huge dramatic win
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that will do it for sports. rain showers for the early portion of sunday, and we will start to see gradual clearing from the noon hour and changing to partly sunny by the afternoon, and temperatures only
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and a big cool down, and only 47, and down to 24 in the evening. michelle, thanks, that's all the time we have, thanks for being with us. i will see you tomorrow night same place same time. have a wonderful sunday. captioning provided by caption associates, llc ( whistling sprightly tune ) starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.
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