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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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luther king is felt across the midlands as abc news at 11 starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. >> grace: hello. thanks for being here for abc columbia news at 11. i'm grace joyal. the democratic presidential candidates just finished facing off in their fourth debate in historic charleston. things quickly turning personal as the two exchanged attacks on gun control. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, clinton slamming sanders for voting with the nra, listing occasions when the vermont senator sided with gun manufacturers in congress. sanders hitting back hard, arguing that he had a d minus voting rating from the nra and claiming her charges were simply not true. martin o'malley said that both candidates had been inconsistent on the issue of gun control. the debate was hosted by the congressional black caucus and the south carolina democratic party. >> grace: a new poll shows
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over sanders. clinton has a 59% support from democratic primary voters naish wide. the -- nationwide. the nbc wall street journal finds that's compared to 34% for sanders, but sanders would do better than clinton in a hypothetical match-up with donald trump. based on a separate poll, sanders would beat trump by 15 points compared to clinton's 10 point advantage. >> grace: presidential candidate mike huckabee left the campaign trail this sunday taking up post behind the pulpit at trinity baptist church in cayce. the republican is a former southern baptist pastor. he's also an accomplished bass player. huckabee played with the tbc cayce choir and praise band this morning. >> those of us who are in politics, that's not all we do. we have to have a life outside of that. the most important part of my
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it's the foundation of who i am. >> the former governor of arkansas says while church should not be mixed up in politics, people of faith should not be afraid to get involved in government. >> grace: we now know the name of the man killed friday night when he was hit by two cars on garners ferry road at i 77. the richland county corner said 52-year-old samuel ferrell had been living in shelters in the columbia area. columbia pd is investigating. >> grace: an historic weekend as some key economic sanctions on iran were lifted, this as several americans detained in iran finally made their way back home. karin caifa reports. >> the nuclear deal was never intended to resolve all of our differences with iran, but still, engaging directly with the iranian government on a sustained basis for the first time in decades has created a
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try to resolve important issues. >> president obama on sunday hailed the powers of diplomacy in dealing with iran and its nummular ambition. years of isolation may now be a thing of the past as some crippling sanctions against iran were lifted. iran's president said the deal in exchange for checks on its nuclear program was the tool for the progress, growth and development of the country. >> today is a historic day, an exceptional day, as well, in the political an economic history of a nation of iran. >> saturday, secretary of state john kerry met with iranian foreign minister in vienna after a u.n. agency verified iran had completed the necessary steps to restrict its nuclear program. and just after that meeting, u.s. officials confirmed that iran has freed five american prisoners detained in separate
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four were part of an exchange,including washington post journalese jason ruhzaian charged with espionage, following five months in detention. the plane carrying the americans is one step close closer to reaching u.s. soil. >> to my fellow americans, today we're united in welcoming homesons, and husbands and brothers who in lonely prison cells endured an absolute night mare. >> in just a few minutes, you'll hear from family and friends awngs -- anxiously awaiting the homecoming of washington journalist jason ruhzaian. >> south carolinians in rockhill and north of darlington in florence saw some snow mixed in with the cold rain this morning. here in the midlands, it was just cold rain. michelle is joining us now. how low did we get today? >> we're talking about temperatures. it got to around 41 degrees when you woke up, above the freezing
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it was cold out there, very chilly, but in the afternoon, notice that the skies started to clear. the sun came up. temperatures got to around 50, still below average for this i am too of year, and that is a trend that will be staying with us. that's the big story as we kick offer this next workweek. take a look at temperatures right now across the area. 36 winslow, 39 columbia. camden just around 49 degrees and sumter around 38. st. matthews at 38. warrensburg still in the lower 40s right now. i think temperatures are expected to drop, of course by a few more degrees, could be looking at maybe around the freezing mark by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. so 32 degrees, yes, that's a little cold start to your monday there. but expecting the clear skies to continue, we have canadian high pressure. that's the big story that's going to be working its way across the area. so lots of sunshine, but a very cold start and below average, only getting to around 45 degrees. we'll talk more about the cooling trend coming up in just a few minutes. >> grace: well, they did it.
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held off the seattle see -- seahawks in charlotte today and sealed their seat in the championship game next sunday. the panthers will take on the arizona cardinals. our sister station in charlotte, wccb, reporting that tickets to that game sold out in less than 3 plnts. coming up -- 3 minutes. coming up in sports, highlights from today's match-up. >> grace: carolina hosted its annual martin luther king junior gospel festival at the cominger cominger -- koger center this evening. it featured the brooklyn gospel baptist shierd and an all male quarter territory from alabama. >> it's a great program and a program we've done for many years, so we're very proud that this gospel fest, we reach out to people in the community and
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community and civility for all. >> the program also featured remarks by the reverend chris levee johnson, a university graduate and director of leafy's leafy's -- levee's funeral home a wreath laying ceremony will be held at 3:06 tomorrow. at 4 o'clock. the dr. martin luther king junior celebration will take place at martin luther king junior park at 2300 green street. >> grace: hundreds of game lovers have descended on columbia. we'll tell you how to get involved in the action, and as those five americans freed in the iran prisoner swamp make their way home, their families
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to hold them again. friends are counting the minutes until they're reunited with >> grace: family and friends are counting the minutes until they're reunited with jason rezaian. the washington postreporter is one of five americans who was freed this morning. adrina beegus reports. >> free jason. >> a cry heard around the world, a plea to free washington postreporter jason rezaian, his mother sending a message before christmas. >> i want to thank everyone around the world who has been working on his behalf to bring
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hashtag, free jason. >> a hashtag that started trending with big help from his childhood friend. >> it's been more than 500 days since rezaian and his wife were arrested in 2014. she was releasedut he was eventually charged with espionage and other crimes what's it like knows he's sitting in a prison cell? >> it was harrowing. >> they were high school friends. the two attended what was wheaten central high school. >> with you, it was i just can't sit still. >> right. >> before rezaiai was detained he spoke with cnn about living in iran. >> i'll miss certain things about home. i miss my buddies. i miss burritos. >> with word of rezaian's release, there's no telling if the online petitions and social
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helped, but there's one thing he does know. >> i just can't wait to see him again. i mean, as soon as i can, i will. >> grace: from board games to larping, a game expo is bringing hundreds to columbia this weekend. the south carolina area role players and board gamersss hosting its annual four-day convention. organizers say as many as 500 people come out to play each day. that includes some people from other countries. >> it's one-on-one interaction. we have people that meet each other here every year. they become friends. they interact with each other. a lot of times people say, well, you know, what video game is so important. >> without board games, there would be no video games. board gaming is great. >> the convention continues tomorrow. there will be gaming from 8 to 6. it's at the medallion convention center on garners ferry road. >> once you bundle up for your
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chill moving into the area next. >> grace: happy sunday, everyone. not a bad second half. we started off with a little
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the i here elevations saw a little wintery mix. down here, just cold rain in columbia. temperatures below average. at least we ended up with sunshine and clear skies. still expecting temperatures to fall quite a bit. highs today 45 in winnsboro. 48 in camden. newberry 43. st. matthews 48, and manning came in 46 degrees. now already in the 30s across much of the area there. wagner sitting there around 39 and newberry at 34. columbia, we're sitting there just below 40 degrees, at 39 in sum -- and sumter 38. a very chilly evening. expecting the numbers to drop by at least five more degrees. so temperatures will be right there on the freezing mark. free pair for a very chilly day. the big story that we're looking at here is cold canadian high pressure that's going to be building in. high and dry, as we like to say here. there's high pressure out to the west. that's going to be marching its way here. of course, we associate high
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expecting plenty of sunshine, plenty of dry weather here. but don't let it fool you, because we are talking about another blast of cold air that's going to be moving in. so as you look at the hour by hour forecast, notice, not much for for any cloud coverage at all. as you look towards early morning there on monday, you'll see all the sunshine out there, but bundle up when you head outdoors, and once again, temperatures are going to be well below average for this time of year. this is only the beginning, because you'll start to see the numbers following a little bit more as we go throughout the next couple of days here. so prepare for it. it's a two-day stretch that we're going to be feeling it. tonight around the freezing mark, 32 degrees, mainly cloud, some cold and light winds coming out of the west around 5 to 7 miles per hour. tomorrow, nothing but sunshine on. cold start, around 33. only getting up to around the mid 40s for tomorrow, so prepare for that. it's going to be pretty cold and about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. usually we level out around 56
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7-day forecast, i mentioned the cold weather. it stays with us tomorrow night. dropping down to around 22 degrees. highs on tuesday only 41, once again. tuesday night, temperatures fall to the lower 20s. we finally get back to the lower 50s there on thursday, and
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sports is next. i know you guys didn't pick us, so it's all right. we don't play for you guys. >> the carolin panthers keep on pounding. hi, i'm tim hill. plenty of football on the way. let's tip things off with basketball. more than 15,000 fans at the colonial live reasoso a for the the -- colonial life arena. this ball game is back and forth all afternoon long. leaving way for the gamecocks, sophomore sensation aja wilson. second straight game with 8 blocks on defense. second straight game with 26 points on offense. wilson and usc end up up two points with 3.4 seconds to go, and then this one gets
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texas a&m has to go the length of the court to tie it, and the game cox somehow give up the layup and ties the ball game. then the aggies lose their mind. a player off the bench. usc inbounds the ball and texas a&m fouls. one of the dumst basketball plays possible. sessions goes to the line for two shots to win it. talk about drama in the arena. carolina misses 8 free throws in the fourth quarter alone, but sessions gluch on the -- clutch on the most important one. tiffany mitchell steals the ensuing inbounds and usc survives a texas size scare 59-58. >> in that situation, you don't want to foul, but things were moving so fast. you know, i don't know if the texas a&m player looked up and the score wasn't, you know, put in, and we were still up.
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that situation, but certainly it worked out in our favor, and the chaos that the crowd and the energy that the crowd brought to you table probably impacted her decision to foul us. >> the usc women, like the gamecock men, two games on the road this week. staley takes her team to auburn and mississippi state. another day of close nfl playoff games. cam newton and the carolina panthers hosting the seattle seahawks. the panthers getting some serious revenge in the first half today. pick six early on. jon stewart ends up pounding in for his second score of the game to give carolina a veryy comfortable lead. newton shows why he's the mvp this year. the td strike to greg olson makes it 31-nothing panthers in the second quarter. the seahawks played in the last two super bowls for a reason,
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we got plenty of drama late in this one. seattle looking for an onside kick in the fourth for a chance to tie it up. panthers linebacker thomas davis comes up with the good hop. carolina survives the comeback scare from seattle. 31-24 the final score. >> playing with their best hype, coaches with their best hype. at one point, the fans and myself butt tight, too. but you just have to find ways to get your groove going. we needed a little bit more on that on next sunday. >> the arizona cardinals coming to charlotte next week off their dramatic overtime win against green bay last night. game time set for 6:40. and new england will play at denver in the ssc championship. that will do it for sports right now. you're watching abc columbia news at 11. abc columbia is on the radio.
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sick." sunny, but cold start to the workweek, and colder on tuesday. >> thanks, michelle. that's where we'll leave you tonight. have a wonderful martin luther
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