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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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let's get right to it. many of you enjoying a day off from work or school but beware, old man winter is not taking a break. >> sun behind us can be a little deceiving. it's definitely shining. we feel it on our backs but pretty much downright cold out there. let's turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy and first check of that forecast. jonathan? >> good afternoon, guys. yeah, looking outside from the inside, it looks like a beautiful day, lots of sunshine. want want a cloud in the sky and lots of blue skies. it's much colder than it has been over the weekend. temperatures right now only in the low to mid 40's as we kick off this monday afternoon. 44 downtown. 43 in wagner. st. matthews at 44 as well. warmer spot orangeburg to our south. they're at 45. winds will maintain out of the west and northwest. that will kind of shift to more of a northerly component as we move throughout the next couple of days or so. that will bring a lot more of the cooler air our way. right now, winds are pretty breezy out there.
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and that will allow us to see a cool forecast the next couple of days but also add a little extra bite to the already cool temperatures. wind chills right now in the low to mid 30's so even though it says we're in the 40's, it feels much colder and it looks look more of the same on the way. details coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, jonathan. cold temperatures not keeping everyone inside if you take a look behind us, many of you taking time to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. this afternoon. >> that's right. civil rights icon would have been 87 years old this year and although he's gone, his dream lives on. abc columbia's jennifer ready is live at the statehouse behind us where the king at the dome is just wrapping up. jennifer? >> eric and rochelle, things are just wrapping up here at the statehouse right now. u.s. attorney bill nettles is addressing the crowd. in two hours, hundreds of people made their way down main street for today's event. many of the speakers in honor of
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focusing on education and voting. encouraging those in the crowd to use their voting rights to vote for somebody who will vote to fight to strengthen education here in the united states and south carolina. several democratic presidential candidates made their way from charleston to attend today's event and many of them echoing the same sentiments of how to strengthen education here in the united states and especially here in south carolina. they laid out their plans to strengthen the system and also being here on the statehouse grounds, they also praised the removal of the confederate flag. this is the first year that the confederate flag has not been on the statehouse grounds. much more tonight coming up from the democratic candidates on their plans of why proud south carolinaians should vote for them in this year's presidential race. >> all right. thank you, jennifer. hear more from you coming up tonight at 6:00.
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events this morning, you still have time. the newberry college is celebrating the legacy all week. here is what going on. >> college, faculty, staff and students are hold a vigil and worship performance at the campus building holland hall. everything kicks off at 7:00 tonight and it's open to the public. city of columbia is holding its 28th annual dr. martin luther king jr. celebration as well. this year, university of south carolina's president dr. harris pastides will be the keynote speaker, this event taking place at the martin luther king jr. park and community center this afternoon at 4:00. >> just to make things a little easier for you, if you do look forward to attending today's events, the city's parking garages will be open to the public for free. you can head to any of those locations including lady street, washington street, sumter street, taylor street and cannon street garages. lincoln garage and arsenal street garage will be open at no charge for today's events.
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not be enforced as well. switching gears to vote 2016, the democratic presidential hopefuls, many of them we just heard from here at the statehouse, coming off of last night's debate. just before beginning in iowa in two weeks. >> yeah, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley went head to head in last night's debate in charleston. hot button issues including gun control, the economy and health care dominated that debate. candidates reflected on voter support. >> secretary clinton well knows when this campaign began, she was 50 points ahead of me. we were all of three percentage points. guess what? in iowa, new hampshire, the race is very, very close. >> while sanders hinted at an upset in iowa and new hampshire, a new poll shows nationally, clinton still holds a crushing lead over her competition. >> clinton has 59% support from democratic primary voters. that's nationwide. the nbc/"wall street journal"
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34% for sanders. but sanders would do better than clinton in a hypothetical matchup against donald trump. so based on a separate poll by the same organization, sanders would beat trump by 15 points. that's compared to clinton's 10 point advantage. and while the democratic hopefuls make their way to the capital city, some republican presidential candidates are also taking time to reach out to voters in south carolina. >> indeed they are. donald trump and senator ted cruz were in myrtle beach this weekend attending the south carolina tea party coalition convention. ben carson, mike huckabee, carly fiorina and rick santorum also took part in the event. >> you heard it right there. presidential kanld date mike huckabee left the campaign trail a little early. instead to stand behind the pulpit at trinity baptist church in k.c. the republican is a former
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heard right there, huckabee is also an accomplished bass player. the former governor of arkansas says while church should not be mixed up in politics, people of faith should not be afraid to get involved in government. >> meanwhile, i can tell you that dr. ben carson will be in west columbia today reaching out to the voters. he'll be sitting down with attorney general alan wilson as a part of his presidential forum series. that will be held at the brookland banquet and conference center today at 5:30. we now know the identity of a man killed along garner's ferry road last week. the richland county coroner says the 52-year-old hamilton ferrell was living in shelters in the columbia area. richland county sheriff's department investigating an armed robbery this afternoon. it happened at the video express in the 2700 block of two notch road. investigators say the suspect entered the store, demanded money at gun point. the suspect allegedly shot the victim in the lower body causing nonlife threatening injuries. officials say the victim managed
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the suspect possibly striking him before he fled the scene. >> meanwhile, the south carolina law enforcement division is investigating the first officer involved shooting of the year. a sled spokesperson said it happened early saturday morning in santee. orangeburg county sheriff's deputies responded to an incident at a nightclub when authorities say someone shot at a deputy. the deputy who was not injured did return fire in that incident. berry says it's not known, however, if that deputy did hit someone because the car that the pepper was allegedly in drove away. last year, there were 48 officer-involved shootings that happened throughout the state of south carolina. >> it may be cold outside. a new item on one restaurant's menu is hoping to heat things up a little bit.
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main and gervais. >> welcome back. plenty of weekend drama on the football field for the carolina panthers. >> that's right. and much of the same on the hardwood for the gamecocks. tim hill has the sports minute to win it. >> asia wilson and the usc women's basketball team a perfect 17-0 now after a big win over texas a&m sunday. wilson with her second straight game of 26 points and eight blocked shots. the gamecocks give up a layup in the final seconds. it ties the game and then the aggies lose their minds. u.s.c. would miss eight free throws in the fourth quarter but sessions hits the most important
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u.s.c. survives a texas sized scare to a&m. 59-58 the final score. 17-0 now carolina and go on the road this week. cam newton's carolina panthers will stay right at home sunday. they'll host their first ever nfc championship game in charlotte. they're in the championship game for the fourth time ever and the first time since 2005 after jumping out to a big 31-0 lead. and then holding on to hold off seattle, 31-24. i'm tim hill. that's your abc columbia sports minute to win it. hope it gets your week off to a good start. >> who's hungry? another popular fast food chain adding a food item to the menu that looks finger lickin good. we're talking about k.f.c. whipping up some chicken with a little more kick. it's nashville hot chicken. this item actually comes out today and pays homage to a popular local specialty in nashville.
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at all of its more than 4,000 u.s. stores. that's good. chick-fil-a releasing its super food menu item today for something tasty and healthy. >> ok. check this out. it is in salad, the combination of kale and broccoli. all tossed with maple vinaigrette and dried cherries with an assortment of nuts sprinkled on top. that sounds good, too. this will replace their cole slaw side item. there's not much that will replace the cold that we're feeling outside. >> you may want to get used to it. unfortunately, it's not going
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next. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. lots of sunshine for you today. it's going to be a chilly start to a new work week. temperatures right now in the low to mid 40's. right now, we're at 44 degrees downtown. seeing sunshine in our little sensors reporting there and saying there's some cloud cover. we're not actually seeing any cloud cover at all at least not here locally. winds out of the west at 12 miles per hour and the dew points are down to 17 degrees. relative humidity kind of getting zapped out with that wind coming in from the west and northwest. that's going to bring in much drier air. that's really going to allow us to cool down especially as we move into the forecast later on tonight. forecast will be chilly for us.
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that this morning. that allowed us to cool below freezing for us downtown. but it is going to be significantly colder the next couple of mornings. so this morning was cold. right around 30 to 32 depending on your location. did see a couple of spots get into the 20's including camden but right now, warming up into the lower 40's. 45 are our warmer spots. cooler to down to 39. further north you go, you'll be in the 30's especially north carolina, those areas seeing much cooler air than what we're seeing at the moment. right now, we're on the edge of the mid 40's for us here in downtown and lexington reporting 43 degrees. warm up throughout the day today. but i don't think we get to 50 degrees. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and the winds are kind of negating anything we get from the sunshine. so we're looking at a pretty chilly forecast throughout the rest of the day. still seeing that cold pocket of air to our north and with those winds coming from the west and northwest especially upper levels where it really matters, that's going to provide more of
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atmosphere for us this afternoon. winds maintain around 10 to 15 miles per hour in some cases. and it feels like it's below freezing. 38 is what it feels like downtown. camden at 35. sumter at 36. it's going to be a chilly afternoon for us even with the sunshine we're seeing across the area today. satellite and radar have been nice and quiet throughout the day. we have the snow from the smokey mountains as you get east of knoxville this morning. that's mixed out at the moment. still seeing some snow towards tuscaloosa and birmingham as you move further due west. a lot of cold air. that cold air matriculating itself for much of the deep south as it continues to move southward. that's what you need for the lake effect snow coming across all the lakes therexpecting some pretty significant snowfalls there. few showers towards kind of the pittsburgh area, erie, pennsylvania and then into west virginia and as i mentioned each
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south of memphis seeing some snowfall. for us, sitting pretty. high and dry. it is cold but at least we're not seeing snow like some of our counterparts were yesterday and some were seeing today. we'll see dry conditions throughout the afternoon and next couple of days. notice this big pocket of dry air across the southeastern states. still disturbances for other parts of the country. we're going to stick with the start the week. it will be a little chilly. 20 for the low tonight. high of 42 tomorrow and probably won't break into the 50's until at least wednesday afternoon. >> lot of you had the day off today. great day to see a movie. >> great day to see a movie. >> new flick in theaters revealing the secret struggle of one group of soldiers. >> how six men fought in the
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live from main and gervais. >> welcome back. a true story unfolds on the big screen. movie reviewer matt perron with more on a tale of terror, reliving some struggles. >> i had a nice vacation last week. in preparation of returning to work, i knew i had to make it to the theater and see a new offering. i didn't see the first "ride along" so i didn't feel qualified in reviewing the second one that came in number one in the box office. the movie i did see took me three attempts to see. the first two were sold out. that confused me considering it
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here's my take on "13 hours." michael bay's new film about what really happened in the benghazi attacks. our film begins with the arrival of the ex-special forces soldier jack silva played by john krasinski. in 2012, it had a threat level of critical after muammar qaddafi was forced out and executed. the u.s. was doing its best to alleviate the situation. silva arrived to work with a crew of five other forces contracted by the c.i.a. for weeks, their detail is relatively laid back and on the approach of the september 11th anniversary, u.s. ambassador chris stevens comes to the nearby diplomatic compound to improve u.s.-arab relations. on the night of september 11th, libyan rebels attacked the compound with stevens and his private security. hearing the distress call, the six men armor up and are told to stand down by the c.i.a. and ex-chief. after a 20 minute delay, the six take matters into their own hands and head to the compound. they arrive to battle hostiles and pull some of the men out.
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information officer dead and the ambassador missing. having no choice, they fight their way back to the c.i.a. base. as the movie progresses, we see the six contractors having to defend the annex against wave after wave of attack. help and air support from other u.s. bases is begged for but to no avail. finally, a second group of special ops forces arrived from tripoli but they're only four strong. we see the libyan tactics change as our soldiers do everything they can to fight insurmountable odds. they face every emotion imaginable but even though we know how the story ends, we find ourselves watching from the end of our seats wondering how anyone can possiblbl survive. this is one of the movies that i'm a little nervous about seeing because you can't shy into the "it's nl a movie" corner. ever this event happened, there's been political debate surrounding it but the important ththg about this film is it ignores the politics and just tells the actual story of what happened that ght, and of
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the cast is fantastic and you actually get to see the personal side of the soldiers. we see them talking to their family and talking about their lives back home rather than just their battle personas. like all factual war movies, it definitely gives you new appreciation for courage in the sacrifices that our soldiers make. a lot of people just think of michael bay as someone who does over-the-top action flick with unnecessary explosions but i don't think anyone can accuse him of going too far with this one. the movie definitely puts you through an emotional ringer and once we got home, the only thing we wanted to watch on tv was a good comedy cleansing. it is a strong and graphic film and even though it may be tough to watch, i'm definitely glad that i did. this has been your monday movie musing. back to you. >>hank you, matt. it may be movie going weather all week long. we'll have another look at the seven day outlook coming up. >> that's right.
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theaters, too. >> lots of sunshine. cool afternoon. highs in the 40's. around 20 tonight. even colder conditions tomorrow. be sure to bundle up as you're out and about through the mid-week forecast. >> make sure you have your coats and hats ready. yeah, you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. thanks for making us your choice for news. >> see you back here at 6:00. we are always on line at
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have a great monday afternoon. >> announcer: think it's hard to then think again. because we're cooking up an hour of the most delicious and easy meatless monday dishes you've ever tasted. the heat is on when phhi up a snackhat'll leave you then, michory, light that you can have on the tablin just minutes.
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