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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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founding eagles member has died. >> temperatures nose diving tonight might be the coldest one this season. we'll talk specifics. >> well if you have been outside frigid air is spilling in tonight. thank you for joining us. we are getting ready for some of the coldest air this season as you wake up in morning, i mean some folks will see teens i guess probably if they'reunlukely they'll see teens. >> it will get down into the teens. if not the coldest night so far this season. check out what's going on here. everybody below freezing, but look at this, 27 and also at 27.
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there several more hours, the win has died off. and this is where we settle in. upper teens and low 20s. very cold. this is a night don't forget about your pets. not quite cold enough to worry about your pipes unless you have had big problems but it's in that range. here's a look at tomorrow morning. school bus stop forecast it's cold. tomorrow afternoon we only warm to 42, now this thing will slowly loosen its grip on us and there's some rain in the 7 day. >> john thanks. we are getting closer two weeks from today. voters in iowa will gather for the first official balloting of the presidential election. there recent polls show that the front lead republicans are deadlock he. one was in the midlands and, now
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>> on this natural holiday doctor carson says that he will be disappointed. he says instead of focusing on what separates us we need to recognize what we have in common. >> a neurosurgeon by trade and a presidential candidate. >> i'm not at polished politicici. i'm not going to have these nice crisp you know, debate type answers. because i think the issues that affect us are much greater than that. >> ben carson giving long thorough answers to a full gym. >> the attorney general giving him questions about gun control, health care and immigration. issues should be guide had by evidence and not i de ideology. >> he is full of faith, in god and in you. >> this is one time when the
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think for themselves. if we do that, and we ask god for wisdom the right thing will happen. there getting donald trump into hot water, in it virginia. >> i hear this is a major theme but, two corinthians, 3:17. that's the whole ballgame. >> where the spirit of the lord, is there is liberty. >> he was referring to sector rent they answer. and ted cruz who gives bible speeches. >> how can you know that i will follow through on those promises, on the first day of office and everyday afterwards, as the script sure has said you know them by their fruits. some very well qualified people with some broad base of
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ted cruz i think they're true conservatives. >> still undecided. >> it's hard to tell. there are certain facets of epone that you fine appealing. overall one candidate possesses better than anybody else. there but they're watching closely. >> c.n.n. poll of polls finds cruz in n rst place, 27%. and trump, and rube bo o falling in that order. south carolina is february 20 the. >> thank you. right outside communities came together to honor the legacy of martin luther king jr, one of the things about 1,000 people gathered, to mark 309th anniversary of the federal holiday. forfor the first time in 17 years
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for the king day at the march without the confederate flag. last summer they voted to remove it following the massacre at the church in charleston. the theme education equity, calling for more resources sent to help students in the state's poorer districts. >> appearances by all three main democrats from hillary clinton was the only candidate to discuss the confederate flag that was removed and she says that south carolina had to choose between honoring the legacy or the confededecy exsouth carolina made the right choice and bernie sanders says he must be remembered as a dynamic figure.
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would be hard -- >> that it is harder to vote. >> a heavy police presence. for more on that, here's jennifer. >> it hon more the legacy of martin luther king jr, they vow to continue his work. >> doctor king died with his work unfinished. and it is up to us, to see it through. >> doctor king says, kings does not rule in but comes through struggle. and that struggle is ours. let u u not look at doctor king as just an historical figure. let us look at a man who tried to transform this country. >> he dedicated his life to making change in america, by fighting for many issues. at the rally all three
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>> this day is devoted to improving education. and i hope for the sake of the children, of south carolina, progress is possible. >> can bernie sanders promotes the tuition free and o'malley proposes a debt free action. >> make it a reality for every child in america, regardless of his or her zip code. >> back after the fireworks of the debate where they sparred over gun control. clinton referenced the massacre. >> when black people are killed with a gun, bought through a legal loophole, this isn't just a public safety issue. it's a civil rights issue. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton still leads, bernie
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she has a 59% support number from primary voters. that's compared to 34% for sanders. but the poll indicates sanders could do better than clinton in a match-up against trump. >> some scary moments for one construction worker. he was working off a piney grove when he fell into a 15-foot trench. it took about two hours to get free and then they airlifted him to the hospital. he is listed in stable condition. >> the police have made contact with a missing mother of two children. she was last seen on fririy at her home in the mobile-home park. they were called out to the home and found two children alone and unharmed. tonight they say they have spoken with davis by phone and she is okay but says that she told them she's reluctant to
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outstanding warrant. >> the sheriff's department is investigating an armed robbery. they say the suspect entered the store and demanded money with a gun. the suspect shots rick tim, causing what they call non-life-threatening injuries there the driver of a car spinning away from a deputy died of a crashing into a tree. they are investigating armed robberies at the two truck stops. they say the passenger who matched the description of the robbery survived the crash. >> after four days of searching for life rafts, believed to be aboard helicopters. according to the coast guard some were inflated. but it is not clear how that happen.
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expanded their so much for marines. missing sense their two helicopters crashed thursday over the waters. >> a developing story in tennessee the search continues for a missing toddler in a wooded area. two-year-old chamberlain has been missing since last thursday when he haven't initialed during a hiking trip with his grant mother and sister. local law enforcement on the ground and f.b.i. and search dogs are combing about 1,000 acres for the little boy. >> a passing to note tonight, the co-founder for the eagles has died. he died today in new york city and his death, is due to complications from arthritis and pneumonia.
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in the 1970s. >> he was 67-years-old. >> so sad. >> david bowe and now him. >> seems about that allege. that's so young. >> yeah. >> eagles' fans are definitely remembering all of the songs that he is responsible for. >> coming up tonight on the news at 11, the new message to hollywood. >> they are boycotting the oscars in the outrange in the lack of diverse say it.
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flower in blooming in space making note that it's martin luther king day, two well-known entertainers say they're skipping the academy awards this year. >> making help, two well-known entertainers say they are skipping the oscars. jade today opinion ket smith is explaining her decision and how she views one that has been viewed on line. >> listen, don't do that. it's all grace and love. and let's do us differently. >> in an individuall i don't posted to facebook she says she is boycotting the academy awards. she made it in the wake of a growing controversy over the lack of diversity. >> begging and asking, diminishes dignity.
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and can we are a dig if a guyed people. >> her husband, will smith is one of the actors who did not get nominated despite for his performance in concussion. >> it is time to reevaluate things. >> maybe it is time that we pull back our resources and we put them back into our communities. into our programs. >> she is not alone. on social media many have vented over the lack of diversity. the hashtag o scar so white has been trending online. >> speak lee says he's boycotting as well and he asks how is it possible for the second-consecutive year all 20 contendters are white? >> both stars said they wished
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praised chris rock. >> in consumer news trader joes is recalling raw cashew pieces. it was sent to stores, and they are asking customers throw out the products or return it for a refund. they say no one has gotten sick and they're doing this out of caution. >> it's been a part of their mission now for astronauts, it's coming into bloom. scott kelly tweeted a photo of the first-ever flower growing in space. it detailed his effort to bring the flower back to life after mold developed and plants have been grown in space before in 2014. they began a veggy plant system and lettuce.
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better understanding of how to grow plants, in micro gravity. you are thinking what i am thinking. >> e.t., how he brought the flower back to life. >> wow! >> it is. >> 7-day forecast including
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>> we hope you keep it here >> we're going down into the deep freeze. a couple of e-mails.
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miles it's 22. and we have many more hours to go. so some teens will be in play tonight. another pretty cold day tomorrow. some probably won't get out of the 20s. so slowly we'll warmup and there is some rain in the late week forecast. bishopville 25679 and the rest of us look at that. pretty cold. 27. columbia, downtown, and, down to 30 degrees. and we have eight more hours of cooling to go. >> big pocket of cold air from the middle part of canada. sinking way to the south. this whole thing will be about a 4-day coal spell. it will last through wednesday before things finally break. check out the temperature forecast.
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down into the single digits. we're getting our share. i'll send you forward tomorrow. notice what happens, day and night. we go up-and-down tomorrow night. and then again. it's thursday by the time we see some yellows, and we'll get a little bit of that action in the way of green. up into the 50s as we get into thursday afternoon. that will be in advance of the storm system that will bring us rain and it will be a nasty nor'easter dc onto federally new york and maybe into boston. they haven't had much snow for us. >> awfully cold, 22 here in columbia. here's a look at the morning commute. crystal clear but cold. temperatures only in the low 20s. look at the highs, some places
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the warm spots 43. so it will be a cold day. but it doesn't last that much longer. wednesday still chilly and thursday we see some clouds and friday some rain. again it is rain for us. there's a lot of discussion about this nor'easter. it's north of us and i'm saying well north of us that it is snow. saturday and sunday things clear out. saturday will be pretty windy. that's your forecast. >> thank you. coming up, one gamecock earns national-player-of-the-week honor. and, tries to make it 34 wins in a row.
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sports coming up clutch when it matters most. hi, i'm tim hill.usc women's >> coming up clutch when it matters the most. number two in the new polls after two big wins. wilson, a big reason why. and named her the national-player-of-the-week. wilson scored 26 points and blocked eight shots against texas a&m and kentucky. >> ten-and-a-half rebounds per-game. and the gamecocks play again thursday. >> martin plague oxford tomorrow night. and, car line na losing and mounted back with a win against missouri, and 4th in the a.p. martin says his program has come a long way in year four. >> we all have had to manage different dynamics that success brings. i would much rather manage it
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which is 3,000 people in an arena, your whole campus didn't care and your media and the players didn't care about the team. >> for the first time, clemson earns a.p. poll votes. tigers just outside, number 7, in both polls. the acc player-of-the-week. 28 points in wins over duke and miami. duke went -- losing tonight. tigers three-straight wins and they go for four tomorrow night. >> p s.e. state looking to win five in a row. welcoming, maryland eastern sure. nice finish. state up six. hawks coming on strong. peck, but not letting go of that
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and they win, bulldogs, now five-straight wins, 5-19. >> how about some high school hoops. taking on the main event at the mlk day barb. woods showing off his range, and going to north carolina next year and the sky hawks outrubbing, and simmons, game-high 37 points. but the senior all american woods up to the challenge. simmons, no, sir. and the big block from woods here and can then, with the clock winding down, and showing off the range, and woods goes onto score 30, and that's 34 wins in a row. >> will muschamp wins some late recruiting battles. they knew to avoid last season verbally commit canning to south
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>> he is the first recruit that he visited. >> he now has a new job. james madison hiring mike houston away from charleston. he helped the bulldogs go 9-4 last season. he is expected to up his salary from 200 to 300,000. one pro-football coach, ron
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practice. that's all the time we have for abc columbia news at eleven. thanks for making us your choice for news.we'll see you back here tomorrow at and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sir elton john, and comedian whitney cummings. with cleto and the cletones.
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