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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 20, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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captioning provided by: caption associates, llc 33 good afternoon and thank you for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> and i'm rochelle dean. gervais. how low can we go? that's the question. >> we don't want to test it. afternoon. many of us bundling up for midlands. >> absolutely. surprisingly, we're not as cold as we were yesterday we found out this morning. when you step outside, all you feel is that chill. it's cold out there. meteorologist jonathan kennedy with your first forecast. jonathan?
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yeah, it was a cold start for us this morning. many areas well below freezing, everybody below freezing. with the cloud cover today, we're seeing temperatures warm up a little bit. most of us in the upper 30's and low 40's for us this afternoon. we are still seeing cloudy conditions even as a few snow showers on the radar. none of that close to home. we're seeing that mainly north carolina and the mountains of tennessee and north carolina as well. for us satellite and radar, pretty quiet. but it is going to be cloudy throughout the afternoon. expecting mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. high of 45 degrees. not that much warmer than where we are right now. we'll continue maybe a few degrees. some areas won't get to 45. i doubt anybody will get warmer than that. we are looking at maybe an isolated chance of a shower or two late this aftereron into the early hours this evening. that will be very, very isolated. it will be gone when we get to the later hours tonight. cool conditions but mostly dry. i'll let you know what to expect with some rainy weather coming
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>> john not -- jonathan, thank you. it might be cold on the outside but the road to the white house are starting to heat up. now the frontrunners are seeking up major endorsements. >> all this two weeks before the iowans head to the polls for the first vote of 2016. megan hughes has the latest. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> yes! >> could conservative heavyweight sarah palin's endorsement put donald trump over the top in iowa. >> he is beholden to no one but we the people. how refreshing. he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. >> the tea party favorite rambled, rhymed, hit the media and threw in some of her favorite phrases. >> it's time to drill, baby, drill down and thoeld these folks accountable. >> not everybody is enthusiastic. "the new york daily news" headline this morning "i'm with stupid." the partnership of the former reality stars bad news for ted
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ran for senate. >> regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016, i'll always remain a big, big fan. >> the conservative endorsement puts a dent in the attack of trump's new york values from cruz and rush limbaugh. >> there are a lot of conservatives who think he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> up a real conservative and rush has been terrific to me. >> on the democratic side, clinton has been racking up her own big endorsements with progressive groups like the human rights campaign and planned parenthood. but a new poll shows vermont senator bernie sanders with a 27 point lead in new hampshire. >> the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did 8 1/2 months ago. >> hillary clinton still has a double digit lead nationally. her campaign is already fundraising off the palin-trump endorsement saying in an e-mail "make sure this is nothing more than a bad s.n.l. skit come to life." megan hughes, abc news,
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>> well, the house democratic leader todd rutherford announcing that the state representative mandy powers, norrell whether deliver the response to governor haleles state of the state address. representative norrell represents district 44 in the south carolina house of representatives. lawmakers are also set to hear more on a pair of proposals that would limit the amount of syrians coming here to south carolina. >> that's right. one bill would require a public data base of refugees and hold their sponsors liable for damages if they committed an act of terrorism. a second resolution calls for a ban on state agencies taking in new refugees until the federal government can establish new procedures to allevevte security concerns. >> in some parts of the world, the mentality is the right thing to do is to kill christians and to kill americans. and some of these refugees are coming from some of those parts of the world. >> the bill heads to the senate full committee today where senators will have the chance to hear public testimony. meanwhile, prayers are going up
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this morning, the palmetto family council and legislators gathered to support the launch of the south carolina legislative prayer caucus. organizers say the caucus is a bipartisan group of state legislators united to defend americans' right to trust in god. >> we're here to acknowledge our god. we're here to pray for one another. we're here to pray for our state and our nation and we commit to standing in the gap of religious liberty. >> attorney general alan wilson touched in the history of the religious freedom and how the legislature plays a role here in america. >> meanwhile, prayers for a little relief in the pocketbook or the wallet? they've been answered this afternoon thanks to americans for prosperity. the organization offered to pay for the gas tax for dozens of midlands residents in protest of a proposed 10% gas tax hike. some drivers who stopped by the
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lexington say it was nice to say fill er up for that cause. >> that's great. i wish it would stay that way. we don't want anymore taxes. in fact, we ought to cut the taxes. we're taxed to death now in south carolina. >> the tax-free gas added up to about 45 cents a gallon. >> not bad. richland county asking for your help to plan for future natural disasters. >> that's right. they're holding a series of six meetings to gather feedback from some residents who were affected by october's historic flooding. it's all a part of the community input and recovery project. the information will be used to develop a flood mitigation study in lower richland, gills creek and stoop creek watersheds. during last night's meeting which was the first, the big concern was the county stormwater. >> hopefully we'll have some help in cleaning the creek bed out. i think if the creek bed were cleaned out, it would handle this stormwater and we wouldn't
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>> two more meetings will be held today. one starting a little bit before the show started here around 12:00 and the second one starting at 4:00 on garner's ferry road at the adult activity center. we also have a complete list of locations and times on our website at while the residents help come up with ideas to safeguard against future natural disasters some residents are still reeling from the devastation of october's flooding. >> not too long ago, janet dubeau's home is one of them. nower home is being demolished after she says 61 inches of water flooded that residence. >> it happened and we were not looking for it. we were not prepared for it. but, you know, going to pull it back together and get it together and just kind of reconstruct. >> it's like a little bit of closure because at least i won't have nightmares about this place anymore because it won't be here. >> at least two other homes on that street are set to be demolished in the coming months.
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home owners say they are determined to rebuild stronger and smarter. and we may soon know the fate of a vacant four acre lot in west columbia that hasn't been used for decades. tonight, members of the west columbia council are holding a second reading for the brookland development. the reading has been tabled twice. council members deciding to allow the developer, estates and companies to sit down with the public before making a decision. the search for 12 missing marines off the coast of hawaii has come to an end. the u.s. coast guard announcing it has suspended its search. the marines were on board. mid air. that was last thursday. among the missing 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler of woodruff, south carolina. the marine corps is in charge of working to investigate the cause of that accident. and back here at home, the
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is releasing a video that could help solve a murder. >> this is a video that was taken less than a minute when adrian silva was found murdered. deputies are looking for the driver of this dark colored sedan and they think the person may have witnessed the murder. meanwhile, take a look. deputies say it initially looked as though silva had crashed his motorcycle into a tree along churchland road when, in fact, he had been shot in the upper body. investigators believe he was headed towards lee road and was being closely followed by another vehicle. if you have any information that can help investigators in this case, call crimestoppers. that number 1-888-crime-sc. police have identified the man killed while reportedly running from the sheriff's department. coroner margaret fisher says 26-year-old jerrid green died after hitting a tree on harvey berry road. green and a second suspect were wanted in connection with robberies at two nearby truck
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the second suspect in that case, 28-year-old james lee williams has since been arrested and faces multiple charges including attempted murder and burglary. well, still ahead, your secret password may not be so secret after all. >> that code you never thought someone could crack may h he found its way on to a new list.
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gervais. >> welcome back.
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passwords is out. security applications company splash data reviewed a list of millions of stolen passwords made public over the past year. the most popular one -- you might have guessed it, 12456. well, it might be easy to remember, but it's also pretty easy to figure out and the password, word password, the actual password, marks the number two spot. >> it looks like sports is playing in the big league when picking that secret code. football is number seven.n. baseball sits at number 10 and get this, anticipation for the new "star wars" movie led to "star wars" taking the number 25 spot. solo at 23 and princess at 21. you got to be able to be a little more creative. >> something you don't think anybody will get. sadly, everything that glitters isn't gold. in fact, the teal and white colors of the fine jewelry retailer tiffany & company are looking a little pink these days for some employees who are getting their walking papers. the company disappointing holiday season for them.
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make job cuts. it's unclear how many employees will be impacted but the cuts will reportedly impact a range of functions and take place this month. according to wells fargo, this is the first time tiffany announced job cuts since the great recession. >> this next story has no bling but could save you some bucks. verizon n turning to toll-free phone calls for a new freebie data service. verizon announcing they will let third party companies to pick up the tab for data usage when you download from their services. they believe it will give services a powerful way to market to mobile devices while saving customers' data charges. the service will start next week using companies like game day and verizon's own a.o.l. the nation's largest health insurer expects to lose over a billion dollars in two years. it's blaming obamacare.e. >> that's right. united health says it lost close to half a billion dollars last year and expects to lose even more in 2016.
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than expected claims from enrollees in obamacare exchange programs. united health says it's considering dropping out of all of obamacare exchanges in 2017. and this story, a little richer. mcdonald's is getting ready to supersize those french fries on to the dessert menu. >> sure to get your chocolate fix with the new mcchoco potato. french fries are drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate sauce. before you get the taste buds ready, there's bad news for you. the sweet and salty snack is only being offered in germany. >> i was going to try that. >> good luck. here's a nice cheesy giveaway. celebrating national cheese lovers day by offering cheesy prizes for your return on the cheeseiest song, music, band, celebrity, politician or pickup line. all you have to do is post your vote on marco's facebook page and you could win a big cheese pizza, cheesy bread or big cheese party pack. they all sound good. >> they do sound good.
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you'll need a lot of scarves. all the scarves that you can get today. >> no doubt about that.
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live from main and gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. a cold wednesday forecast.
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all week. difference is it's going to be a little cloudier for us. not as much sunshine as we saw monday or tuesday afternoon. maybe it won't feel quite as warm even though temperatures are in the same ballpark. starting out this morning in the low 20's for much of the area. 21 in camden and bishopville. sumter at 22. 26 for us in the capital city so a little warmer than some of our neighbors but still very cold outside and temperatures this afternoon warming up but still struggling to get into the low to mid 40's at this point. seeing a lot of spots in the 40's like we see most everybody top out in the mid 40's today. that will inhibit some of the warming process that we might otherwise see. cloud cover across the board today. snow up to the north falling in parts of the charlotte metro area but for us here in the columbia metro, not expecting a whole lot. isolated shower or two pop up later on this afternoon into the early evening hours tonight. but i think we'll stick with the
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45 for the high today. 30 degrees for the low tonight and watching some storms that will be coming our way towards the end of the work week and into the upcoming weekend. but as of right now, there's still a lot to be resolved with that system. and it looks like we'll stick with the cloudy and cool conditions for tomorrow. notice the chance of rain, 60% chance of rain on thursday mainly in the latter half of the day. and we'll carry that chance into friday. much rainier chance on friday as well. notice it's probably going to be in the form of rain. if we get that system to shift a little bit further to the south, that could bring more of that cooler air to the south and could change what we see in the form of precipitation but as of right now, based on its current track, i think we're going to easily be looking at mainly just a rain scenario for us here in south carolina. now, after that, we dry out for the weekend. temperatures up and down over the next couple of days. it will be a little bit cooler to start the weekend on saturday. i think we'll be back into the sunshine by the afternoon and then more sun for sunday and then into monday of next week. notice the temperatures are going to be warming up.
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62 on tuesday. another rain chance there. but obviously, our eyes are mainly focused on what's happening here in the short term, the next three days. isolated shower possible today. going to be cool. it will be cool tonight as well. i think we'll be dry when that temperature drops below freezing and then when the actual real precipitation comes, temperatures look to stay above freezing. but we're going to be awfully close. that 37 and 35 isn't too far off. that drops a little bit. we could see some frozen precipitation. we have to track that over the next several days. i'll let you know if anything changes in that long term forecast. >> at least we can get through the next few days and get through some sunshine. >> we have a little sunshine w. that always helps. >> still ahead, u.s.c. back on
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from main and gervais. >> gamecock fans may still be flying above the rim after last night's big win on the ball court. >> tim hill has the highlights next in your sports minute to win it. >> frank martin making a smart move late against ole miss putting in jumal gregory. >> oh, my! holy smokes! >> the 6'2" freshman's only two points of the game -- huge. helping spark a big carolina comeback. u.s.c. scoring the last 11 points in regulation. michael corerra scoring the last four. finishes with 19 points, nine rebounds.
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and corerra comes up clutch again from gregory and the gamecocks get the huge win on the road. 77-74, a carolina comeback to remember. frank martin & company improved to 17-1 on the season. clemson looking for its sixth straight win. fourth straight against a ranked opponent against virginia. cut the lead down to two late. but the cavaliers finished strong and take it 69-62. i'm tim hill. that's your abc columbia sports minute to win it. hope it helps get your wednesday off to a good start. >> thank you, tim.
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gervais. >> mostly cloudy this afternoon for your wednesday. we'll see highs in the mid 40's. could see an isolated shower or two. mainly keep that rain chance for the latter half of the week for thursday into friday. and we're certainly watching that potential big winter storm. it's going to bring a lot of snow to parts of the mid atlantic, maybe as far as charlotte in the upstate but i think it will be just rain for us for our area for now. but that could change. we'll be tracking that in the next couple of days. certainly look forward to the sunshine but then the weekend.
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