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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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.. under the national spotlight after a republican response to the president's state of the union. tonight governor haley gives her fifth state of the state address. a message to south carolinians. plus addressing the elephant in the room. sarah palin opens up about her son's recent arrest for domestic violence and sends a direct message to the white house. and we had some sleet in the midlands tonight and there's a lot of talk about a potential wintry mix. we'll sort out all the details mex. abc columbia news at 11:00 starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11:00. good evening and thanks for watching abc columbia news at 11:00. i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. governor haley delivered her 2016 state of the state to the
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the galley above was -- general assembly tonight. the galley above was filled with people. >> more on what lawmakers took away tonight. grace? >> reporter: governor haley's speech tonight started and ended on a unifying note as she recalled the tragedies that have year. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say that while they may not have agreed with everything the governor had to say, they like how she said it. a fresh start to 2016. >> this has been a difficult and different kind of year for south carolina. a year that warrants a different kind of speech. >> reporter: started with a look back at what tested us last year. >> while there's plenty to celebrate in our state, it would be neither honest nor productive to ignore the great challenges that were thrust upon south carolina in 2015. >> reporter: governor nikki haley delivered her state of the
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remembering those lives taken in moments of tragedy last year by praising the people who were left standing. the family of walter scott, that of short clemente pinckney and those people who worked tirelessly through the 1,000 year flood. the flood highlighting the gaping holes in our infrastructure. governor haley making it clear if the general assembly passes legislation that cuts taxes, reforms the department of transportation and invests in our roads, it's got her signature. >> past legislation that does not do all three of those things and i will veto it. >> reporter: disappointing some democrats who say they've been having positive bitalks about the roads -- bipartisan talks about the roads since it started. >> we still have a long ways to go. i was hoping she would meet us halfway on that. she put her foot down. >> reporter: some say they got the message.
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there, they'll be in there. to what degree, we'll see. >> reporter: crumbling facilities and a teacher retention issue in the rural part of the state hit the speech. >> i've seen the disparities and i won't stand by and allow them to continue. we want to raise our children knowing they're worthy of a good education. >> reporter: some lawmakers praising her commitment. >> some part of our state are enjoying the attention they should have received. >> reporter: others saying it's not enough. >> we have to really seriously look at this educational problem. since i've been here two weeks, nothing has been mentioned about it. >> tonight basically we heard some of the same things that we've heard before. >> reporter: specific goals tailored to the governor's agenda that she emphasized that disagreement does not have to mean division. perhaps that's not more evident than in how the 2016 state of the state ended. >> these two women --
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>> and the precious little one who was with them that night are proof that we have angels living on earth. >> reporter: with the three people left standing in mother emanuel ame church on june june 17th. certainly an emotional state of the state delivered tonight, something i did not include in my report. the democrats official response delivered by amend powers no. orrill of lancaster. she blasted the republicans to give the south carolina we want and know is possible. one other note, today is governor nikki haley's birthday. live at the statehouse, grace joyal, abc columbia news. all right. it was a busy day weather-wise. earlier social media was buzzing with reports of sleet around the midlands. i felt sprinkles of flakes. i don't know how you would put those in weathth terms. it might have been rain drops but i felt something and it felt
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bear with me, ben. >> got it. >> when you walked outside, did you female it? >> no, i didn't. but john farley can confirm what exactly is this that alicia was feeling falling from the skies? >> i felt some type of precipitation. >> yes, you did. >> thank you. >> we did get a little bit of rain and some sleet mixed in. >> thank you. >> no question. there was some form of freezing stuff, but the weather -- the temperatures were just too warm for any of it to stick. look at that, most of us are in the 40s. where it's cold, saluda, yeah, in that case you can get stuff to maybe last a little bit longer. too warm for anything to stick. a woman on social media said oh, god, i don't want it. i said no problem, no sticking, no problem. notice what's going on, now it's all rain pushing off the coast. it's gone. in charlotte and beyond it was warmer. that's where things will get interesting especially friday. i'll get to that in a second. let me get you through the
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we'll start out at 35. it will be cloudy all day. we'll see showers primarily after sunset. i have some here at the end of the day after sunset we'll see some showers. that said, i'm going to point out something for you. this is the first look at friday morning. what i want to point out, the green? that's all rain. columbia rain. purple, that's freezing rain. you're looking at the north half of newberry county, kershaw counties, north where we'll be dealing with a couple of hours probably of freezing rain. if you're heading to charlotte, it's going to be a mess. if you're in columbia, it's going to be rain. in between here, a little bit dicey for a couple of hours on friday morning. we'll go through more specifics on that in just a bit. all right. sarah palin's 26-year-old son was arrested on domestic violence charges monday night in alaska. according to the arrest report, an intoxicated track palin
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girlfriend and held an ar-15 assault rifle near his head as though he would shoot himself. today while out campaigning with presidential candidate donald trump, palin suggested that her son suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. >> it's a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder if they have to question if they're respected anymore. it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through? do you know what we're trained to do to secure america? >> sarah palin went on to encourage voters to choose trump because he'll, quote, treat our vets better than illegal immigrants. on the democratic sidid many of you are feeling the bern. over 100 people came out to usc's russell house to hear dr. cornell west as he loud a town hall to discuss the 2016 presidential race and democratic
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sanderss higher education policy, more specifically making college more affordable. >> it's time for a change. 1% of the population own only 40% of the wealth. we need education and earned income. >> tonight -- south carolinians hoping to vote in the state republican primary have less than an hour to register. the registration is available online at sc and is open until midnight. the republican primary is february 20th. on the democratic side, the primary is february 27th. anyone wanting to participate in that contest must be registered by january the 27th. as the primaries approach, republican and democratic leaders are hoping to answer some of your questions and help you sort it all out ahead of the
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tomorrow morning, i will be moderating road to the white house, a conversation on the 2016 race. it takes place tomorrow beginning at 7:30 until 9:00 at the capitol city club. you had to preregister to attend. she's been the interim director of our state's roads agencies since last year. today christy hall cleared the first hurdle to run the department of transportation. well, the senate transportation coittee unanimously approved hall for the job. the issue now moves to the full senate for consideration. sending a message with gas savings. earlier today americans for prosperity paid taxes for drivers plus the proposed 10% hike to protest the state senate's plan to raise the gas tax in order to pay for road repairs. dozens of drivers flooded the exxon on west main street in lexington earlier today. drivers who took advantage of the protest paid about 45 cents a gallon -- 45 cents less a gallon.
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if you're not sure of the nfederate relic room is located, chances are you're not alone. a house budget writing panel is proposing to move the museum that will house the confederate flag that was taken off of the statehouse grounds last summer. right now the room is in the back of the state museum building. crack cocaine with an estimated street value of $4,000 was confiscated by narcotics officers near columbia elementary school. on monday, columbia police say the drug was found when one of their officer's conducted a lawful search of a car parked near logan elementary school. police have charged willie washington iii with trafficking crack cocaine near a school. champions police chief is under a three-day suspension. a spokesperson told us chief troy crump was suspended for personnel matter. we're waiting for a response from the chief. be sure to stay tuned for abc columbia news for an update on
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six people have been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking. it was announced by attorney general allan wilson and the richland county sheriff's department today. they call the human trafficking a form of modern day slavery. they also say that during the past two years, the agency has doubled the number of such arrests it's made. >> these are people, females that are being forced to do things that they normally wouldn't do. they're being bought, they're being used and we have individuals who are trafficking them, who are taking them when they're very vulnerable and they're selling them,m, using them to make money. that's what we have to stop. that's what human trafficking is all about. >> investigators say the suspects were selling underage girls for sex. according to the attorney general's office, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. we're watching your money on wall street.
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street, even though it ended on less scary note. the dow started a huge slide at one point losing 566 points after crude oil fell below $27 a barrel which is the lowest it's been in 12 years. s&p touched its lowest level in 15 months. but stocks recovered. in the very last hour of trading, experts say we could see more volatile days like this. a walmart says many of us in the united states will be getting a pay raise who work for walmart next month. the retail giant says every walmart and sam's club employee hired before the start of the year will soon earn at least $10 an hour. more than a million u.s. workers will get the pay hike starting february 20th. president obama says the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan shows why you cannot short change essential government services. the president called the crisis in flint a terrible tragedy. he also sympathized with families whose children are
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poisoning from contaminated water. >> i am very proud of what i've done as president. [cheers and applause] but the only job that's more important to me is the job of father. and i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself that my kid's health could be at risk. >> tonight, the michigan statehouse approved $28 million in emergency funding for flint. all right. some of you might remember when we considered pluto a planet. now we might have a replacement. there could be another planet in our solar system. researchers at the california institute of technology have found evidence in the outer solar system of an object that could be a real ninth planet. the new find has the highly creative nickname of planet nine.
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about ten times that of earth and orbits about 20 times farther from the sun then neptune. pluto was considered the ninth planet in our solar system but was demoted to dwarf planet status back in 2006. coming up, the phrase pocket change takes on a whole new meaning for one columbia man. absolutely. you may never look at doing laundry the same. raising money for women with heart disease. the workweek is winding down but it's time to clown around. you can get front row seats to one extreme show.
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columbia starting at 5:00 a.m. if you file your state tax return early this year... don't expect to receive a if you file your state tax return early this year, don't expect to receive a refund before march. the state department of revenue says south carolina taxpayers won't receive the refunds until after march 1st regardless of how early they file. the agency says this will give them time to verify wage documents with the irs and make sure the taxpayers refunds are not stolen. one man is thanking his wife tonight that she did not do the laundry.
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why you might ask? inside his pants pocket was a winning powerball ticket worth $100,000. lottery officials say the columbia man missed last wednesday's $1.5 billion jackpot by only one number. can you believe that? the winning ticket was sold at murphy usa right there on garners ferry road. amazing. >> if i could get 50 partly sunny. next month go red columbia fashion show which will be held friday, march 11th at the columbia metropolitan convention center. proceeds of the event will help honor and support the women affected by heart disease which is the number one killer of women. a lot of people don't understand the fact. they always think breast cancer but it's actually heart disease. a very important cause there. >> absolutely. up next, chief meteorologist john farley will let us know if a wintry mix is in the forecast.
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we'll be right back. let's get right to the weather headlines. we'll see some showers late tomorrow and then north of columbia on friday morning we'll probably see a couple of hours of freezing rain and before it turns over to all rain. so that is where things are headed. let me get specific on you and show you what's going on out here right now. that first little wave that came through, it dropped a little sleet here and there. most of it was light rain. temperatures just too warm for us today. that's nearly the case for all of us as we go forward with the next system in the middle part of the country works its way across. we'll be getting pretty strong winds out of the south that will be overtaking the cold air that's in place. as a result here in columbia, it will be all rain. north of us, you know, northern
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of a different story for a couple of hours on friday morning. let's get you specific. here we are tomorrow, we go through the day, it's cloudy. the showers really don't arrive until midnight tomorrow night. 24 hours is when the rain comes through. all of this, this is all part warm part of the storm. that will be ultimately what takes over. friday morning, there will be a pocket of cold air. friday at 8:00 in the morning. the purple, that's freezing rain. the blue, that's snow. freezing rain is what we need to watch out for in the northern counties. here we are 11:00, notice north freezing rain. i'll step you forward and then you'll see the warm air comes in, takes over, it all turns to rain and that's the story. maybe we could get a snow flurry on the backside of this thing as everything circulates on through. i'll take you close, show you what's going on. gone, the rain starts -- again, the rain starts tomorrow nigig, no problem.
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there will be a ton of cold enough air northern newberry county, northern fairfield county, northern kershaw county where for a couple of hours looks like we'll get a swath of freezing rain in here. it doesn't last. if it sticks, it won't last very long. watch what happens. the green goes north that's because the warm air takes over and pushes everything to the north. the backside of that we could see a few flurries on saturday. tonight, not as cold as it has been. about 37 under cloudy skies. here is a look at your tomorrow. warms up to the upper 40s. again,n,he showers, i put them in here at 5:00, really i want to indicate to you it will be later than that when they happen. i want to put them on the graph so you see there will be showers late tomorrow. here is the extended forecast. again, in columbia we're looking at rain. it's north of columbia that we could see a couple of hours of freezing rain. then if year lucky, we'll get a flurry. nothing accumulating on saturday. wouldn't be anything except for wow, that would be it.
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over to you. >> thank you so much, john. coming up, gamecocks basketball hits a high mark just a little more than halfway through its season. and the carolina panthers get ready for their shot at a trip to the super bowl.
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about that coming up. played in the a lot of big games but none of them will compare to this game. >> can cam get the panthers to the super bowl? hi, i'm tim hill. carolina in the fourth nfc championship in franchise history but hosting the first in charlotte on sunday against arizona. rolina 3.0 home favorite after beating seattle last sunday 31-24.
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half, the defense and offense putting up points a near perfect path for the panthers. then carolina gave up 24 straight in the second half. arizona had to play a little extra time. they win in overtime in a thriller with green bay. cam newton versus cardinal carson palmer sunday. will be the first ever playoff battle with a heisman trophyf quarterback. >> i used to dream being in this type of position. i don't necessarily get nervous more so than anxious for sunday the time 6:40 which is a weird time. i'm ready. you know what i'm saying? this is why you play football games. >> i think this preparation already you can see a different football team. there's a lot of energy, a lot of focus, maybe not as much apprehension. >> 25th head football coach
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>> the citadel not wasting any time not going to florida to find the new football coach. brett thompson to take over for mike houston. he was introduced today. he came to the citadel with houston two years ago. not planning on making drastic changes in charleston any time soon. >> when coach houston and i came here about two years two weeks ago, we had a plan in place. i'm going to continue that plan like it is year three. >> the fourth year seniors going to play for us next year, this will be the third head football coach in four years. i don't know why you want to look outside when you have quality people inside who are ready to take the reins. >> makes sense to me. see how that works out. gamecock basketball ready to tennessee. frank martin & company giving the gamecocks a second time in
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getting a big spark from jamal. played 18 minutes, pulled down five rebounds, helped with critical assists copping um in clutch for south carolina, her rara & company give a 77- 74 win coming back from 11 points in the final few minutes. upping their record to 17-11. they only won 17 games of all of last season. that's three more wins that martin had in his season in columbia. that's impressive comparing the scores from last few years. as i mentioned, usc at tennessee saturday. ricky barnes and the volumes hoststg vanderbilt tonightht the commodores looking like the team the experts thought they would be. picked to be number two in the sec this year. draining all threes, ten of them to be exact. vanderbilt up 21 at the break. vandy first road win of the season. tennessee's second loss at home.
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women off to auburn today. the gamecocks take a five 17-0 record with them. coming off one of the strangest endings in c clege basketball. texas a&m tying it up with the length of the court only to immediately then foul sessions. sessions would go on to hit one breath to give the gamecocks the win. tomorrow's usc game at auburn starts at 7:00. i've been told to cam newton super cam.
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news at 11:00. cold rain late tomorrow night into friday morning. a little bit of freezing rain north of columbia for a couple of hours and then maybe a flurry early saturday morning. >> we would like to call what i
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