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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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captioning provided by: caption associates, llc 33 good afternoon and thank you for joining us for abc columbia ns >> good afternoon. thanks for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> and i'm rochelle dean. we're live from main and gervais and another chilly start to the day here across the midlands. you may still want to get outside and enjoy at least the dry conditions while you can. >> add insult to injury. by this time tomorrow, we could have a messy mix to add to the cold. let's turn things over now to meteorologist jonathan kennedy and first look at the forecast. tell us more, jonathan. >> good afternoon, guys. don't let the sunshine that we're seeing right now fool you. there are still a lot of actions still to come. we saw cloudy conditions throughout the morning. looked very much like the winterlike scenarios where you
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but obviously nice and dry for us as of now. temperatures warming into the mid 40's for us at this point. all and all, it could be a lot colder and a lot warmer for us but temperatures are on the trajectory to head towards 50 degrees today. i'm not sure a lot of us actually make it to 50 but we'll be seeing a much different setup as we head through the next 48 hours. winds are setting up ideal for these cool winterlike conditions. winds out of the north and northeast at around 10 to 15 miles an hour in some instances and that's going to set up that wedgelike scenario. you can see a clear slot pretty much along the north carolina-south carolina border of cloud cover. notice the rain moving into the south. really thick cloud cover back to the west as well. really going to be watching that system brewing kind of out of texas. that's the low that's going to bring that wintry mix the next several days. tell you what to expect with that system coming up in a few minutes. >> nothing compared to the winter weather that other parts of the east coast are experiencing. >> that's right.
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as boston, people are bracing for a major winter storm. abc's ray rondoni explains. >> overnight chaos on the roadways. motorists slamming and crashing into one another. the aftermath of a combination of untreated roadways and light snow which literally wreaked havoc across mid-atlantic states. >> so i drove home from work and i'm not used to driving in snow. so it was pretty rough driving home and it took a while. >> the less than two inches of snowfall crippling enough in the nation's capital to even delay the leader of the free world. president obama's return to the white house delayed after his staff was forced to change plans due to the weather. in montgomery county, maryland, just outside of washington, cars were stuck on roadways for hours. >> just trying to stay off the roads. >> in west virginia, utility companies bracing themselves for impending power outages. >> the thing that has us worried
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depth of the snow and the potential for wet snow. >> some 15 states this morning under winter storm watches from as far south as north carolina to as far north as boston. this as the i-95 corridor braces for a potentially historic blizzard aimed right at the nation's capital. new york, and philadelphia. >> we don't want to overreact. we encourage people to start getting prepared. >> and this morning, d.c. snow teams are tripling the amount of plows and snow trucks on the roadways. this as state officials urge everyone to take extreme precaution as the east coast braces for the major storm which is less than 48 hours away. abc news, new york. >> with the threat of snow, freezing rain and also icy conditions hitting our area, south carolina emergency management is reminding you to put plans in place. officials suggest that you prepare for power outages, problems with pipes and dangerous driving conditions. forecasters say the dangerous
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well into the weekend. impending weather sinisn't the only thing that could create a rough ride on south carolina roads. during governor haley's state of the state address last night, she called for improvements of the state's infrastructure a high priority. >> that's right. lawmakers say october's historic flooding highlights the gaping holes in the infrastructure. the governor made it clear if they pass legislation that cuts taxes, reforms the department of transportation and invests in our roads, she'll sign it. >> when it comes to fixing those roadways, the interim director of our state's roads agency since last year has now cleared the first hurdle to run the department of transportation much the senate transportation committee unanimously approving christie hall for that job. the issue now moves to the full senate for consideration. officials in richland county want to use october's historic flooding as a learning tool. they're hoping you can help. >> that's right. it's all a part of the community input and recovery project. a series of six meetings will be
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residents and use that information to develop a mitigation study of lower richland, the gills creek watersheds. a complete list of locations and times are on our website at and time is running out for small businesses seeking help following the historic flooding. the small business administration says it's closing its business recovery centers at the close of b biness today. officials with the s.b.a. say they are ceasing operations because of a steady decrease in activity. well, education also took center stage during last night's state of the state address. >> yeah, governor nikki haley focusing on issues such as crumbling facilities and a teacher retention issue in rural parts of the state. >> i have seen the disparities and i won't stand by and allow them to continue. we w wt to raise our children to know they are worthy of a good education. >> lawmakers say education is a priority during this year's legislative session. some lawmakers commending the
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legislation wle others say more still needs to be done. >> we have to really seriously look at this educational problem. since i've been here two weeks, nothing has been mentioned about it. >> education, as you just heard there, was also a major point of the democratic response to the goveveor's state of the state address. >> yeah, the response was made by representative mandy powers norrell of lancaster and during the response, norrell criticized the republican party for what she calls "a grossly underfunded education system." >> can't ensure a good education for every child if you take money from our public schools. and give it to private schools that cater to the wealthy. if the republicans could have given us the south carolina we want and we know is possible, they would have done it a long
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>> norrell also addressed other issues the legislature is working on during this year's legislative session including the economy and condition of our roads and bridges. and both republican and democratic leaders are hoping to answer some of your questions. >> that's right. this morning, our very own ben hoover moderated "road to the white house" a conversation on the 2016 race. the event held at the capital city club gave some here in the midland a chance to have their questions answered before heading to the polls. >> our goal is to just get people informed of the issues that are most important in our country, how we tackle those issues. it's good to have this type of dialogue with folks in the community because you also learn things at the same time. you see where people are thinking what what their perceptions are. >> well, keep in mind the first in the south primary is around the corner now. next month. >> not far from now. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders sneaking ahead of his competition with less than two weeks before voting begins, sanders is now in a position to
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>> that's right. cnn, wmur poll shows the vermont senator leads the former secretary of state in new hampshire 60% to 30%. polls also suggest sanders would do better than clinton against top republicans in the granite state. >> a suspected thief accused of robbing a video store finds himself on the video and now behind bars. >> ok. richland county deputies say 28-year-old justin jenkins was arrested this mornini after authorities identified him from surveillance video. deputies say jenkins walked into the video express on two notch road and demanded money at gunpoint. authorities say he then shot the employee after stealing his cell phone and money from register. six people have been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking. >> the indictment was announced by attorney general alan wilson and the richland county sheriff's department. authorities call human trafficking a form of modern day slavery. and say during the past two years, the agency has doubled
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crime. >> these are people, females that are being forced to do things that they normally wouldn't do. they're being bought. they're being used. and we have individuals who are trafficking them, who are taking them when they're being vulnerable and they're selling them and using them making money. that's what we'e' got to stop. that's what human trafficking is all about. >> authorities believe the suspects were selling minors for sex. the police chief under a three day suspension. spokesperson tells us chief troy ump was suspended for an unspecified personnel matter. the chief hasn't commented on the allegations and we'll bring you more on this story as it continues to develop. >> and we have a boil water advisory to pass along to you this afternoon. respects living along trtr drive from lake view circle and forest drive will have to take extra precautions before using your
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that includes the shopping center. residents should boil their water for one full minute before useing it to drink or cook with. lions, tigers and bears, oh, my. must be a sign of the circus. greatest show on earth rolling into capital city this week. >> circus extreme kicks off today and will run through sunday at the colonial life arena featured by ringling brothers and barnum & bailey. tonight's showing, tickets are being reduced from the normal price of $18 to just $16. the fun starts at 7:00. and not everyone will be able to make it under the big top. so circus extreme performers are bringing the fun to them. this morning, crew members made a special visit to the palmetto health children's hospital. organizers say the halls were filled with dancers and clowns, dogs, even contortionists, absolutely and the bears and the lions and tigers were there as well. it is that time of year while filing your income can be taxing, did you know it can also be dangerous? >> how to protect your money and your identity. that's coming up next.
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gervais. >> welcome back. officials say there are tax scammers posing as f.b.i. officials right here in the midlands. >> that's right. officials say the scammers act as if they're opening an evasion. and then pressure those victims to pay up or be arrested. officials at the f.b.i. field office here in columbia say they are aware of the scam. richland county officials are
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get this type of call. >> do hang up and you'll call back and ask for that particular deputy or louisianaieu lieutenant or sergeant and you want to verify they're doing this. we'll never make a call telling you to take it and put it on a green-dot card. >> officials say there are also scammers posing as law enforcement officials and if you believe you are receiving a scam phone call, again, air on the side of caution. well, it's time to start thinking about filing your taxes. >> but before sending that info to uncle sam, there are a few things to keep in mind. >> millions will soon put their most sensitive, personal and financial information in the hands of uncle sam. that's why it's so important to choose a tax preparer wisely. the i.r.s. says to look for an i.r.s. preparer tax identification number. avoid people who base their fee on a percentage of your refund. and note if your preparer
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asking enough questions about deductions and credits could be a warning sign that something is wrong. also, never sign a blank tax return. tax time is also prime season for identity theft. never give your personal information over the phone or on line unless you started the conversation. and confirm the identity of your tax professional or an i.r.s. employee. if information on your return is missing or wrong, that could also be red flags. common examples of identity theft from tax returns, finding out more than one return was filed for one person in a year. or seeing more tax owed or refund offset for a year you didn't file. another seems like a good thing but it's not. i.r.s. records pointing to more wages than actually earned. it could mean someone is using your information to steal your money. for consumer watch, i'm mary malony. >> good things to keep in mind. something to keep in mind, the cold outside. well, consider yourself lucky at least for now. >> that's right.
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be nudged by a much colder
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your forecast is next. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:3030
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afternoon. a little bit of sunshine through mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 40's for most of us here across the midlands. winds are picking up out of the east and northeast at 12 miles an hour. relative humidity not overly hot but we are start to go see more cloud cover, even more moisture filter in from the south. that could set the stage for what's coming our way over the next 24 to 48 hours. current conditions across the area, low to mid 40's. upper 40's in a few spots. manning and darlington at 48. to the south, rain showers are filtering in. cloudy conditions will keep us overcast and a little bit cool for this afternoon but not expecting anything in the way of rainfall really for anybody here in the localized area this afternoon but we could see that change certainly by tonight. as i mentioned, winds picking up out of the east and northeast. high pressure to our north will set up those wedgelike conditions we so often see and we still often associate the wedge conditions with very cloudy conditions for us here. especially in central south carolina and that is exactly what we're going to see later on tonight.
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air coming in from the north and damning up against the mountains. because it's dense air, it hugs the ground and more dense than the warmer air so the warmer air rises above that and that's typically the warm, moist air. if we get that cold pocket of air setting up, we could get that relatively warm air to fall through it with rain and that could cause some frozen precipitation depending on depth of that layer of cold air. we're not worried about that at the moment. we're watching a couple of things. one the placement of this high pressure system, where is it bringing the air in from the north? but also this low pressure system here. this is the trouble that it's going to bring the really messy weather over the next couple of days. not only for us here but more particularly north carolina and areas to the north. here's what i think the projects track of this low is going to be. right now, situated just around the texas line. that's going to come pretty much and hit chattanooga pretty much right on. we'll be on the southern end of that low that will be on the warmer side of things. for us, mainly rain. especially tonight. that's when the rain starts to get going.
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midnight and then we start to see it start to change over or try to change over especially north carolina into the froedzzen stuff. we'll keep an eye on that. that could change. freezing rain advisory for the counties to our north. freezing rain warning to our north in north carolina. we'll see a good chance of rain and possibly some freezing rain tomorrow morning. and then luckily some snow to wrap it up on saturday. i don't expect much accumulation of either for us here in columbia. >> definitely feeling like football weather and it's shaping up to be a super bowl that will have the panthers crying for a win. >> indndd it will.
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and gervais. >> well, just two nfl games remain before the super bowl and one just up the road from us. >> that's right. tim hill previews the big matchup and a lot more for you. here's your sports minute to win it. >> carolina panthers quarterback m newton since this sunday's nfc championship game just another football game. only difference, more media attention. but when the arizona cardinals come to charlotte sunday night, it will be the first battle ever in the nfl playoffs between heisman trophy winning quarterbacks with the cardinals, carson palmer and newton. >> used to dream of being in this type of position. so i don't necessarily get nervous more so than anxious to
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that's just a weird time. but i'm ready, you know what i'm saying? it's -- this is why you play football games. >> i think this preparation already, you can see a different fofoball tete. there's a lot of energy. a lot of focus. maybe not as much apprehension. >> dawn staley and the u.s.c. women try to make it 18-0 tonight. they play at auburn at 7:00. i'm tim hill. that's your abc columbia sports minute to win it. hope it helps get your thursday off to a good start. >> thank you, tim. one last look at your wintry forecast is next.
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and gervais. >> mostly cloudy this afternoon with a little bit of sunshine. look for highs in the 40's. lows tonight dipping to around 34 so that overnight rain could change into a wintry mix and keep our eye on that. certainly some more impacts possible for the start of the weekend. >> thank you. and thank you for watching. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. >> our next news at 6:00.
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