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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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see freezing rain? >> at least some of us in the midlands, yeah, we're going to see freezing rain, and it will get a little dicey for a while. south of that, it will be all rain. it's all about where that line is. all the specifics coming up. and the winter weather headed our way, black ice could be an issue, making road conditions dangerous for drivers. tonight, what's being done to keep you safe. >> plus this weekend wasn't expected to be big at the box office, and the winter storm is not helping, but there are a few newcomers headed to the theaters. abc columbia news at 11 starts right now. >> live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. >> good evening. i'm ben hoover. >> and i'm alicia barnes. we begin with the weather a winter system could bring freezing rain to some parts of the state. >> chief meteorologist john farley joins us. you say it's not cold enough to freeze yet. >> not yet.
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morning is when we're going to get that colder air that's going to spill in from the northeast, and that's going to flip things around at least for a while. now let's show you what's happening. here is the rain moving in from the southwest. look at this, a really good pocket of rain west of newberry, but again in terms of the temperatures right now, there's just too warm. look what we have here. we're in the 40s. even at that, close to 50 in columbia. so you're thinking, how are we going to get way down to freezing? what's going to happen is there will be very strong winds coming in from the northeast, and they're going to peak by about mid to late morning tomorrow. that's going to usher in the colder air, and that's going to mean some freezing rain for us. let's go over specifics in terms of where that's going to be. let's start you right now with what's going on out there tonight. again, here it is, 1 o'clock in the morning, that's rain. it's just rain for us. this first wave, it's just too warm for anything else. but notice, by 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, we're starting to get the winds coming out of the northeast. as a result, colder air. so the freezing rain starts in
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like camden, winnsboro, leesville and soon-to-be newberry as the northeast air trails in. middle part of the morning, again, freezing rain even as far mixed as south as columbia, even lexington county, sumter county. but in these counties here that i just mentioned, it looks as though it's not going to have any significant impacts. it's really north of there. places like fairfield county, kershaw county, newberry county and lee county. that's where we'll see a mix of freezing rain and just plain freezing rain for about three, four, maybe five hours. that's where we will start to see at least some problems, but there's some light at the end of the tunnel on that, because look what happened? we get into the middle part of the day, and then into the afternoon notice the green moves to the north, meaning the warmer air is starting to erode away that cold air. so it won't last terribly long in the northern counties. however, if you're going to a place like rockhill or charlotte, a whole other story. freezing rain all day long, a complete mess. if you're going there, i would certainly reconsider.
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notice the warm area continues to move to the north. all rain for us. now if you're a snow lover, maybe a little something for you. check this out. what's going to happen is, as the storm continues to track up the east coast, it's going to bring decent snow up to the northeast, but for us what's going to happen is we're going to get cooler air spilling in here tomorrow night into early saturday morning, at which point we could get a little snow. it's not going to amount to much. there won't be much moisture left over at that point, but yes, maybe a little snow, maybe snow flurries when you wake up on saturday morning. more specifics on this coming up in just a bit. >> john, thanks. state government offices will be closed tomorrow in preparation for the winter weather coming our way. according to the emergency management division, officers in lancaster county will be closed and florence and darlington counties. state offices will operate on a two-hour delay. we will continue to track the closings as they come into our newsroom. you can also visit our website. we'll keep updated as well. >> around this time of year,
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earlier to warm up your car. local law enforcement is advising against that idea, saying that it could open the door for thieves who want to steal your car. deputies say since last friday 8 cars have been stolen in richland county. they say if you must leave your car out there trying to warm up, please have a remote start installed in your car. that will require a key be in the ignition before it can be put into drive, making it much harder for thieves to steal. >> once your car is warmed up and you're on your way, these winter weather conditions could make your trip a little more dangerous. >> with more on the measures being taken to keep drivers safe here, here's abc columbia's beth rousseau. >> with potentially dangerous winter weather conditions expected to hit parts of the midlands like right here in newberry county in the coming days, highway patrol is reminding drivers of some tips that will keep the roadways safe. >> incoming winter weather means
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motorists in the midland, making cautious driving that much more important. >> reduce your speed, go ahead, turn your cruise control off. if you find yourself in a skid or spinout with ice, go ahead and reduce acceleration, let your foot off the gas, and counter steer wherever you go. >> in an effort to prevent unnecessary accidents, highway patrol is asking motorists to report any dangerous conditions they might notice while on the road. >> call us directly. you can dial star 47, call the highway patrol. our dispatchers can call the appropriate people. be careful. >> officers aren't the only ones working to protect drivers. the department of transportation has been preparing for these conditions since the summer. >> we buy and stockpile our material. we hook up all the equipment and we test that it works. we do that around november. we know it's coming. >> equipment that will distribute multiple tons of salt and calcium chloride on to south carolina's roads to prevent and
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>> they're very effective, especially if we get them at the right place and the right time. >> the dot will have scouts out checking roads, paying close attention to problem areas and insuring that roads are properly treated as quickly as possible. >> we will have a staff overnight, especially more friday night into saturday when we're expecting the mass of the precipitation to get here. >> dot officials are asking everyone to stay home as much as possible as this winter weather moves through the area, but if you have to go out, they're asking you to drive defensively, and they want to reassure that they do have plans in place for whatever this weather will bring. reporting in newberry county, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> all right, thank you so much, beth. american airlines, southwest, jetblue and several other airlines are canceling hundreds of flights in and out of charlotte tomorrow. americans sent passengers an e-mail offering free flight changes, creating a rush to get to the airport. those airlines will resume
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delta and united airlines plan to continue operating limited flights in the afternoon. is your online weather resource. you can track any wintery weather in your neighborhood and get current conditions any time, and our team of meteorologists will continue to track this thunderstorm overnight. get the latest updates plus a live report on road conditions tomorrow morning starting at 5 a.m. on good morning columbia. several road closures in frustrated. >> man are a result of the flood that happened back in october. jennifer ready has this report. >> more than three months after the historic floods, residents here in eastover are still feeling the impact with several region. >> now i have to drive all the way up goddard's ferry, make a left turn, go all the way by g mart and then come back down, so it's a 30 minute ride. >> eastover residents paulette
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route since historic floods damaged several roads. >> there's a big breach that exists in highway 48. >> earlier this week, several main thoroughfares in eastover were closed i'm you -- simultaneously while crews worked. eastover residents say the closures created an influx of traffic in their small town. >> you see a lot of trucks. they used to come down the main highway, but they can't get through, so it's kind of rough. >> according to the department of transportation, roughly 20 roads and bridges remain closed in richland county. officials say several of the closures are under contract for repair. while the roads damaged by dam breaches may take some time. >> there's roads across dams. it's just for the road itself and not for the dam, and if the dam has breached, it's really the responsibility of the owner of the dam to make repairs. >> aside from roads across dams,
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in richland county to be back up and running by mid summer. from eastover, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> and the huge winter storm hitting the east coast could hurt turnout at theaters this weekend. still, there are a few new movies set to open. >> might as well go sit in a movie. >> might as well. can't go anywhere. >> kevin hart and leonardo did dicaprio will have to make room. with more, here's david daniel. >> one in three in these girls have herpes, even if you can't see it. >> robert deniro and zach efron head to florida for spring break in dirty grandpa. they don't see it knocking the top two spots, but a strong showing could send it past star wars for a third place view. >> they could be anywhere. can't trust anyone anymore.
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and i'm going to go get 'em. >> chloe grace battles alien invasion in the fifth wave based on the young adult novel. the movie is expected to battle for fifth place with the other new wide release, the low budget horror flick, the boy, starring lauren cohan as the nanny who discovers the new charge is a life size doll who may actually be alive. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> it's going to be interesting to see, because in the areas where you're hit hard with weather, then you're not going to be able to have people going to the movies, but here in columbia, we're not going to be hit so bad, so you know. >> you could always walk to the movie theater. you're not doing that, are you? i'm definitely not walking to go see the boy, the movie. >> it is not that serious. >> coming up, it's time to have extreme fun with your family.
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unexpected circus spectacles you can't see anyplace else except the greatest show on earth. if you think eating in that bistro is healthier than a chain restaurant, think again. we'll compare calories. a long week? maybe time for grab a cold one. world beer festival this weekend. we hope you wake up with us on
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we begin at five. this programming is brought to you in hd by time warner cable. whatever you're passionate about, we invent better ways to love it even more. time warner cable, enjoy it even better. just some sad news to pass along tonight. officials in chester county, tennessee, say they have found the body of a 2-year-old boy who went missing last week. the sheriff says noah chamberlin's body was discovered today about a mile and a half from where he disappeared. his family says noah was walking in the woods with his sister and grandmother last week when he got separated from them. fallout of the water crisis in flint, michigan. an environmental protection agency administrator is among the handful of people who are now out of work. the head of the epa region that includes michigan, susan hedman, is stepping down. the epa has issued an emergency order because of lead contamination in flint's water system. >> leonardo dicaprio played him
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can, and today the real frank abagnale was in town to talk about fraud. the world famous former con artist was a guest at the department of revenue to discuss tax refund fraud. the department of revenue announced yesterday it would delay tax refunds until after march 1st in order to combat fraud. statistic. when i read this, i was alarm. the average american gets a meal or snack from a restaurant nearly 6 times a week. >> sounds about right. if you aren't eating at a chain restaurant that posts calorie counts on the menu, you might not know how healthy your meal is. jennifer whalen has the details in this health minute. >> americans love to eat out. many chain restaurants are posting the calorie counts on their menus before it becomes a federal law this year, but if you think that eating at a nonchain is healthier, well, that may not always be the case. researchers sampled dishes in
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francisco and little rock. thth found that meals at independent eateries were just as calorie laden as chain restaurants. however, you may not know that because calories aren't always on the menu. according to their research, the average dinner at a nonchain restaurant had about 1200 calories. while that may be comparable to a chain restaurant, it's still about half the recommended amount of calories for an adult. the worst offenders were american, italian and chinese restaurants tended to pilot calories while greek vietnamese had the least. the study recommended eating in moderation and making healthy choices, like ordering a half portion or getting the dressing on the side. the results were published this week in the journal of nutrition and dietetics. for today's health minute, i'm jennifer whalen. >> here at home, tigers, elephants, acrobats and clowns are back as the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus present circus extreme. tonight was opening night at
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before -- life arena, but before the show began, people of all ages had a chance to see the acts up close and personal. one of the performers we spoke with said this is not an ordinary circus, but a circus taken to the extreme. >> we've got bmx bikers that do back flips, front flips, side flips and spins on the awesome ramp. we've got the monday goal mongoliaian marbles who build this human tower. it stretches almost 40 feet in the air. >> well, if you missed tonight, you still have a chance to take in all the fun. shows will run tomorrow, saturday and sunday over at colonial life arena. the musical lineup has been announced for this year st. pats -- 34th annual saint pat's in five points festival.
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best time to buy. >> today only for our special lineup, we're offering a discount code for tickets. tickets are now $15 and 20 at the gate, but if you use the code party in all caps, you can get your tickets for $12 until midnight tomororw night.. >> you're all right thinking -- they're already thinking green in five points. other acts will perform march 19th. new at this year's event will be a memory-sharing wall. that will be cool. so many people have memories from over the years there that they can remember. >> yes, yes. good time out there.
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>> stay close. welcome back. just rain out there tonight, but as we go through tomorrow, it's going to get messy in the northern midland counties. newberry, fairfield, kershaw, lee county, even as far as sumter county as well. as you get south of there, we will see a mix of freezing rain, but it looks like the impacts won't be as significant. and then it looks like we all could get some snow showers very early in the day on saturday. so let's go through this whole thing and show you the setup. what's going to happen tonight and into early tomorrow is we're going to get winds coming out of the north. that will create a very shallow layer of cold air. over the top of that will be some moisture. what will happen is rain that falls through will be freezing as it hits the ground. the closer you are to the cold air, the more cold air in place. the more freezing rain you have. the farther south, places like orange burge, nothing but rain ought day. rain moving in, just rain right now. but the source of the moisture way down here in the gulf, that will continue to stream in over
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the whole game, when we look at these situations, is where is the freezing rain line, how far south does it go? and then during the day what's going to happen is the winds out of the south are going to take over and they will move back to the north, but it's how long you're in that window of freezing rain. here's the best estimate the way it looks. tomorrow morning starting at 7:00, that's when we start to see the freezing rain working its way into the northern midlands. now, if you're planning to go to a place like rockhill or charlotte, i would not do that tomorrow, because that is going to be an absolute mess. they're going to see accumulating freezing rain, such that there will be power outages and all kinds of problems. i wouldn't do that at all. i'm talking now northern midlands right in here, winnsboro, camden, fairfield county, newberry county, and what's going to happen as we go through the day. see the purple here, that's the freezing rain. notice, it is working its way to the south as that cold air continues to push on in even into columbia, lexington and sumter, but cities like columbia, lexington and sumter, doesn't look like it's going to
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because it won't be here that long, and then as we go into the afternoon, notice we start to see the green pushing to the north. that's as the warm air starts to push the whole batch of cold air off to the north. the impacts right around columbia, don't expect too many. fairfield county, newberry county, places like kershaw county, i would watch out for impacts through the early part of the afternoon before finally the rain takes over and we all get rain by late in the day. and then, if you're a snow lover, as i say, we could get a couple of snowflakes coming out of this thing. let me show you why that's going to happen. by the time we get to saturday, the low will be up here off the coast of virginia, north carolina. we'll be on the back side of this. we'll be getting winds out of the northwest, bringing in plenty of cold air. the problem is there won't be any moisture leftover. depends on how you look at it. we'll get a couple of snow showers out of this. i would not expect much in the way of accumulating snow on saturday. okay. so let's talk about the forecast here for us. for torrow, what i want to
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temperatures will be going down as we go through the day, and what you're going to get out of this, there you go, is we'll see close to freezing temperatures in here, and that's when we'll have that freezing rain around. but in terms of accumulating problems here in columbia, i don't expect much. it's north of columbia. then as we go into the weekend, watch happens. some snow showers early saturday, and then it clears out, bright and sunny on sunday, next week, thinks warm back up. don't forget, i posted a blog to explain the whole weather situation, also on my facebook page, and jonathan kennedy will be here tracking all of this for you in the morning. >> thank you so much, john. just into our newsroom, because of all the freezing rain, all fairfield county schools and county offices will be closed tomorrow. let's talk supports now. the panthers -- let's talk sports now. the panthers are just three days away from the afc championship game. and the carolina women in auburn tonight.
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aja sports on abc columbia is presented by nissan of orangeburg, doing business the easy way. carolina trying to stay undefeated and create a little separation from the rest of the pack in the sec. hi. i'm mike gillespie. the gamecock women entered tonight's contest with auburn, clinging to a one-game lead over mississippi i ate in the overall sec standings. usc trying to add to that cushion tonight on the road, and auburn we go. usc's defense did not go to bourbon street bar before this game. frerking drives inside. wilson comes up with the strong two handed monitor block. watch it again. then it's khadijah sessions forcing the steal. sends it up the court to mitchell, finds wilson for the
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great transition basketball. wilson with 11 points, six boards. gamecocks win 74-58. carolina 18 and 0, 6 and 0 in sec play. they have a two-game lead atop the conference standings. let's talk football. the panthers with the franchise's best record ever are just one win away from super bowl is 50. after surviving what could have been the biggest collapse in playoff history against the seahawks, carolina now goes against the arizona cardinals, the team with the second best record. josh norman can taste super bowl 50, but it he says let's take it one game at a time. >> when i was in college i had a dream about super bowl 50. man, it's true. i think early on in the year, i was doing snow angels, fireworks going off thinking about it. we're so close to that, we're so close. we're not looking past nothing. we're dialed in.
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we're more focused since last week. >> so the panthers and the cardinals battle the no. 1 versus no. 2 ranked offenses in the nfl. also a battle of the fifth ranked defense against the sixth ranked defense in the league. it would be carolina's first conference title since 2002. more coming up after the break. abc columbia is on the radio.
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morning updates at hot 103.9. check it out. here's a look at what i expect the radar will look like for several hours starting at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. remember, the purple is freezing rain. so if you're in the northern counties, places like fairfield county, kershaw county, newberry county, lee county, you're going to get several hours of freezing rain that will be accumulating, and you'll run into problems.
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far south as columbia and lexington and sumter, but i don't expect there to be significant problems here, just because there will be some rain mixed in and it won't last as long, and then as we go into the afternoon, what's going to happen is all that green, that's the rain pushing to the north simply because things will be getting warmer as we go through the afternoon. again, northern counties, a little dicey right through the morning and into the early afternoon. the rest of us, we could see some mixed freezing rain in there, but in terms of problems, i don't expect that. now wand that, we go into saturday, and we could seeee some snow showers for the early part of saturday morning n terms of accumulation, nothing, not much. just because at that point there just won't be -- there will be plenty of cold air but not much moisture to work with. >> i do want to point out that you have a lot of people who travel out of charlotte and catch flights there. if you're planning to catch a flight, you want to definitely check ahead, because a lot of those flights have been cancelled. that's our time. thanks for joining us tonight. have a good night.
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