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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> that's right. representative michael pitts held a press conference at the statehouse addressing a proposal requiring journalists to register with the state. pitts took a law for concealed weapons permit and made one identical proposing a responsible journalism registry that will require journalists to register with the state. pitts said the backlash to a proposal that's gained national attention turned media fodder proved its point. >> when i read your article or see your tv cast or listen to the radio of a journalist, a news report, i should be able to make my mind up based on facts of the debate and not have a slanted opinion. >> pitts says his main intention was to spark dialogue on first and second amendment rights. also out of the statehouse this afternoon, we're learning more about a bill to get more money to fix south carolina roads. senators ray cleary and joel
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to take a few weeks if not longer. they think they'll be able to pull together a bill. conservative republicans are leary about raising the gas tax without a significant cut in other taxes and want changes in who runs the department of transportation. the democrats want to make sure any tax cuts get to the largest number of people and don't threaten services. well, staying on the roads, the richland penny program is hoping to make moving around the midlands a little easier and safer. they'r'rset to hold a public meeting on this year's bikeway projects that will take place tonight at the lourie center starting at 6:00. >> a former columbia city councilman who was released on bond earlier this month for failing to file tax returns will no longer oversee richland county's penny tax funds. >> that's right. attorneys for brian dequincey newman confirmed he's resigned as chairman of the central midlands transit board of directors. the board oversees the city bus system and is funded through the penny tax. earlier this month, the state supreme court placed the former
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interim suspension after a judge sentenced himim it two years of probation on misdemeanor charges of failing to file returns in 2012 and 2013. newman maintains it was a simple mistake. >> we are waiting to hear a little more on where the capital city stands. columbia's mayor, steve benjamin set to deliver the city's accomplishments during his state of the city address. benjamin will give his speech tonight at 6:00 at city hall. we'll have a crew there for you. you can count on abc columbia to bring a full report on your news tonight at 11:00. >> the south carolina state chamber is making sure that business is booming. they'll be bringing business leaders together with the general assembly leaders to discuss issues more pressing to the business committee. topics include infrastructure, work force and education. that meeting is set to take place today at 4:00 at the columbia marriott and the law enforcement torch run for the special olympics south carolina kicked off its 30 years of this morning. officers from the law
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the state gathered right at the statehouse right here behind us at main and gervais for today's announcement. >> there's one thing that i found equal to saving lives and that's changing lives and that's what we do for special olympics, you know, and we might volunteer to do it but once we meet athletes like josh and see his personality and realize what we get back from it, that's why it grows every year. it really does. >> keeps growing and growing. we're hoping to learn more about what their goal is for 2016 and how much they want to raise for the annual event. >> we are starting off on a bright note this afternoon as you take a look behind us, the sun may not be out right this second. it has been out on and off all day making a return with temperatures warming up a little bit. >> that's right. we'll turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy with a look at the first forecast. good afternoon, jonathan. >> good afternoon, rochehee and eric. warm day. sun is not in full effect right now. we are seeing a lot warmer air come our way already. temperature at 64 degrees here in the capital city.
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the area. 63 in sumter, one of the second bright spots so far. 55 in newberry. not everybody in the 60's as of yet but i think everybody will at least get to 60 before it's all said and done this afternoon. but i think we'll probably be a little bit warmer here in the famously hot capital city of columbia. 24-hour temperature change looking at about 10 degrees warmer than they were at this time yesterday. i think that will continue even though we're seeing clouds move in, we're still seeing warm air move in as well which is bringing this cloud cover so winds out of the southwest are bringing warm air, bringing cloud cover. no sign of the rain just yet. we might see some rain come up in the forecast later on tonight. before then, we'll see a very warm afternoon. and certainly watching this front as it looks rather imposing coming our way. i'll have the details of what to expect from that potential rainfall coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, jonathan. same with the weather. a fourth person has died as a result of weekend weather storm. >> officials say saturday 61-year-old jimmy thomas ran off the highway 9 just outside of jonesville.
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a ditch and then a tree. officials say the driver was wearing his seat belt but then died a short time later at the hospital. following the blizzard, it's a tale of two cities. new york did well following the big snowstorm while our nation's capital struggled a bit. officials blame washington, d.c.'s relatively small snow budget. federal offices and schools remain closed in washington, d.c. today as well as airlines that are still working to restore their schedules with more than 2500 cancellations and delays yesterday following that weekend storm. >> there's less than a week before iowans head to the polls and the democratic presidential candidates are hoping to sway some votes their way after last night's town hall. abc's lona zack has the latest on vote 2016. >> the countdown to the iowa caucuses is now being measured in hours. >> 171 hours. that's how long we have until the iowa caucuses. 171 hours. >> ted cruz seeing his poll
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urged voters to turn out. >> because it's now or never. we can't get it wrong again. >> but wrong is what donald trump is saying about cruz. telling supporters the texan should run for prime minister of canada instead. >> my new battle is with a gentleman named ted cruz. because got to speak the truth. you got to speak the truth. canadian, the man from canada. >> and speaking of truth -- >> bernie >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders saying what politicians usually will not. >> we will raise taxes. yes, we will. >> explaining in a town hall in iowa last night how he would fund a single pair tax plan. >> we are going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> hillary clinton also campaigning on health care i i iowa. >> what i worked on health care back in 1993 and 1994, i was trying to get us to universal health care coverage. >> trying to hold on to they are
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state. just one republican debate remains before the iowa caucuses but donald trump threatens he may boycott the debate if fox host megyn kelly is allowed to participate. this marks at least the third time trump has threatened to pull out of a debate. lona zack, abc news, washington. >> well, the south carolina department of corrections is looking for information that cocod lead to the capture of an inmate they see escaped from a rock hill prison. officials are looking for this man, zachary lee reeves. officials say reeves escaped last night around 9:00. reeves is facing burglary charges. he was last seen wearing the south carolina department of corrections tan uniform. if you have any information about his whereabouts, call 877-349-2310. a deputy checking on a domestic disturbance was shot at several times when someone fired on his car. >> richland county sheriff leon lott says deputy christopher bagby's car was hit three times
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this was late saturday night on camrose court. sheriff praised his deputy for not firing back because it was dark and he couldn't see the suspect or if anyone else was around. >> we had one thing that was going for us that night and it was cold. our deputies were dressed for the cold. he wasn't dressed for the cold. >> lott says other officers found 23-year-old arkeem breeland in the woods and took him to the hospital because he had been in the cold. breeland is a felon on probation and by law couldn't have a gun. he was released from prison two weeks ago. we are learning more about a shootout involving columbia police this afternoon. authorities say a man wanted on a murder charge in texas was shot several times in the upper body after he shot at officers trying to arrest him. officials say after he was struck, he got into his car where police say they heard a single gunshot. while it's unclear who fired first, a preliminary report by the office of the coroner shows that the cause of the death is a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
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should tell you in the 300 block of byron road. no officers were injured in that confrontation. travel back to normal this afternoon along the jarvis bridge. this follows a possible water rescue last night. >> that's right. emergency personnel closed off the bridge as well as the 12th street bridge during that operation. we are still waiting to hear from officials as to whether or not someone was actually in the water, though. lot of flashing lights out there for that. we have an update this afternoon on the citadel cadets caught on camera wearing pillowcases on their heads similar to the ku klux klan guard. >> that's right. they are suspending 14 cadets following that incident after the photo surfaced on social media last month, the cadets claimed they were trying to dress as ghosts of christmas past. lieutenant general not says they should have known better. >> the second they thought it should have been offensive or misconstrued, they should have stopped. that was the leadership failure.
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freshmen are facing on-campus penalties or suspensions. one cadet has been dismissed from campus for one year. the school says it's expanding its racial sensitivity and ethical decision making training. have you heard? a popular hot spot closing its doors. what employees found that left them heading for the hills. >> we'll have that story coming up next here on abc columbia news at 12:30.
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gervais. >> welcome back. no more late hours for a popular
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>> this is probably the water cooler story of the day. a sign posted on jillian's door directs employees to a law firm to collect their final paychecks. a spokesperson for the vista guild says she has not spoken with jillian's owners directly but has been in contact with property manager arnold companies who says "there is something in the works for that location." and this afternoon, we can tell you mcdonald's customers and investors appear to be loving it. the fast food restaurant has seen a jump in same store sales by more than 5%. mcdonald's is crediting its all day breakfast for the better than expected revenue and earnings report. it's actually the second consecutive quarter that mcdonald's has seen domestic same store sales grow. >> i bet they do. we work in the mornings, you know, you and i jonathan so they get plenty of business. >> we're loving it. >> i know, right? movies and tv shows seem to be east coast residents answer to the cold. nearly 1.3 million comcast customers used xfinity on demand during winter storm jonas.
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provider say that's a record for simultaneous views. in total, on demand viewing for comcast, the biggest cable tv and internet provider in the u.s. was up 23% from just earlier in the week. and for some, these dreary days, cold days being stuck inside, you know, can have an effect on your emotions. it's estimated that at least is it million americans suffer from a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder or otherwise known as s.a.d. but health officials say there are ways to fight the winter blues. you can help by modifying your diet and exercise more. there are also specially designed light boxes that are used to treat those are seasonal depression. if the problem becomes serious, some doctors will recommend anti-depressants or psycho psychotherapy to help patients get through the dark days of winter. maybe you don't have to see a doctor to shake those winter blues after all. >> maybe not. maybe only solar energy to put
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full forecast is next. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. a little bit of cloud cover. we're still seeing a lot of warm air for us in the capital city. most everybody climbing into the
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63 in sumter and warming a little bit, bishopville bringing up the rear at 65 right now. we should be seeing i think everybody into at leasthe 60's if not even though low to mid 60's before it's all said and afternoon. we're already 10 degrees above the pace of yesterday. good news there. plenty of warm air there. high of 60 degrees at the airport and downtown yesterday afternoon around 4:30. i expect to see more of the same today. not as much sunshine as we saw yesterday but still, probably more warm air on the way due to the winds out of the south and west. also riding that wind in addition to the warm air is the cloud cover. picking up a little bit of a shower towards aiken on the gusty side of the line there. i don't expect that to be anything. it's not going to make it to the surface. it's way too dry in the most important levels of the atmosphere. it is showing up on the radar. i'll mention it but nothing to worry about there with the rainfall today. winds out of the south and southwest as i mentioned, 10 to 20 miles an hour for us here at home. a little breezy especially
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buildings it funnels around there. you'll feel it a little strongerr in those areas. but rightnow, what we're watching is this cold f fnt back to the west. got the low in the great lakes. low towards the gulf of mexico and high pressure off the coast. high pressure moving further off the coast. having much less influence than it did yesterday which is why we're going to see more clouds ride this wind out of the south and west. we have both these systems combining to bring warm air from the south so that's going to bode well for a nice warm forecast today. it's going to bring us a good shot of rain as we head in late tonight into tomorrow. you see the current stage of this system on the western side of the appalachian mountains so it hasn't crossed the mountains just yet. as it does, i expect it to weaken a little bit. we're still seeing some thunderstorms embedded within this line. impressive. it gets really thin and kind of goes down to the south. so we'll see smaller showers tomorrow and especially early tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon. i'm not expecting it to dump a lot of rain for us. but we'll certainly keep the
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forecast today, 66 degrees. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. around 50 tonight. no rain until at least midnight and better chance of rain tomorrow morning. be in the 50's for wednesday and thursday and back to the 60's with sunshine for the weekend. >> that sounds good. countdown to the super bowl is on. but if you don't already have tickets, get ready to dish out some dough. >> that's right. it's tough out there on that turf.
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knows his team >> let's talk some sports now and carolina basketball coach frank martin knows his team needs to play better. he is keeping things in perspective. >> as he always does. tim hill explains in your sports minute to win it. >> gamecock basketball back at home and back in action tonight. u.s.c. will host mississippi state. bulldogs with just one win in the sec. gamecocks will two losses in their last four games. frank martin not apologizing. >> we're not 10-7. we're 17-2. we've won nine -- we've won seven of nine games away from home. you know, it's -- we've won two road conference games. that's the most this school has won since probablyy the earth was vented. you know, that's when eddie fogler coached, by the way and you can quote me on that. >> michael corerra & company in action tipoff at 7:00 at the
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s.c. state going on the road and giving hampton its first conference loss of the season. s.c. state, 67-62 winner at hampton. bulldogs improve to 6-2 in conference play. i'm tim hill much that's your abc sports minute to win it. hope it helps get your tuesday off to a good start. >> thank you, tim. doesn't look like anyone is playing games when it comes to getting into the super bowl. >> not at all. the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the carolina panthers and the denver broncos is, get this, more than $5,000. that's according to ticket price tracker seat geek and you'll have to pay more to see each play play close. super bowl 50 will be played in levi stadium in santa clara, california. >> good news. my birthday is tuesday! >> birthday gift! >> you don't have to go shopping. >> look at that. good thinking.
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one last look at the forecast.
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news live. >> a little cloudy this afternoon. should be nice and dry. nice and warm as well. but rain comes our way early tomorrow. >> all right. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12. . 30. >> can you believe the show is already over? we'll see you back here we hope at 6:00. we're always on line at get out and enjoy your tuesday.
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