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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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captioning provided by: caption associates, llc good afternoon and thank you for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. >> good afternoon. thank you for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm eric weisfeld. >> and i'm rochelle dean. we're live from main and gervais. >> we begin this afternoon recognizing some of our most vulnerable citizens talking about children. >> that's right. it's national school choice work and to raise awareness about k through 12 school choice, supporters are rallying around our youth. abc columbia's beth rousseau is live right now with the very latest. good afternoon, beth?
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national schools choice week is about celebrating each and every form of education and that's exactly what this auditorium full of students is doing right now. if you look behind me, we're actually part of the largest south carolina selfie. that's happening right now. a little bit earlier, students heard from superintendent molly spearman and also from lieutenant governor henry mcmaster. actually, this is one rally of about 16,000, more than 16,000 actually happening across the country during this week celebrating all forms of national school choice week. i will have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. i'm going to stay here and keep celebrating and send it back to you guys in the studio. for now, live from township auditorium, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> more from her tonight at 6:00. governor nikki haley moving forward with her threat to sue the u.s. department of energy for the agency's failure to meet a january 1st nuclear fuel deadline.
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state's top prosecutor to pursue litigation and collection of a $1 million daily fine. on the decision, haley says "south carolina will not sit idly by while the department of energy continues in violation of federal law to ignore its commitment to the people of south carolina." when it comes to the people of south carolina, there's opportunity in the wake of disaster. during last night's state of the city address, columbia mayor steve benjamin said there's a chance to make the capital city better than it was before october's historic flooding. the mayor says his agenda includes making roads more walker and biker friendly. and launching a small business disaster relief fund to help businesses still wading in the floodwaters, efforts he hopes will launch columbia into the 21st century. >> tomorrow is a world of wonder waiting for us. it is a promise to anyone. that's why i'm committed to acting today. >> and there were many other issues the mayor touched on
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address including a citywide literacy push and a new ecotourism expedition. mayor benjamin isn't the only one speaking out on improving our state's infrastructure. >> not at all. out of the statehouse, senate finance committee continues to work to get more money from south carolina for the roads and to cut taxes. the latest deal would raise the gas tax by 12 cents over the next three years along with a number of other fees to bring in some $665 million for roads. still, senators say the proposal needs more discussion. and south carolina state university is asking for more green to get out of the red. the university is asking for $30 million. university officials requested $30 million during a meeting of the house ways and means committee. according to "the times and democrat" much of that money will be used to repay their debt and repair campus buildings. and it's one thing that's for certain, you can't pay for some we've had today. we've been really lucky. >> really have. may have to dodge some showers, though, along the way.
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let's turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy and first look at the forecast. good afternoon, jonathan. >> good afternoon, guys. we've been dodging rain drops all day and doing a pretty good job at that. mostly cloudy skies for us here in the early hours of your wednesday afternoon. but we are still awaiting to see any type of significant rainfall for us. we did see a little bit of drizzle earlier this morning. a few pockets here and there. we're looking for more of the same as we move into the afternoon hours. seeing the rain pick up to the east and this will be the case for the next couple of hours, we'll be waiting on the rain. but not really expecting a lot. we were talking about this morning how even if we saw some, it would be very, very light. it was so light, we haven't really seen much at all. good news is temperatures have climbed to 60 degrees for us here downtown. winds are out of the north. we're seeing very cloudy conditions. expecting some rain to come at some point this afternoon. albeit rather light most likely. keep our temperatures where they are right now. isolated showers are possible through the rest of the
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61 and 41 for the high and low today. not too bad temperaturewise. want to have that umbrella handy with the full details of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> donald trump will be making his way to the palmetto state today. >> that's right. trump will appear at the harmon tree farm on augusta road in gilbert for the 7:00 event. one place you won't see him, on stage in tomorrow night's debate in iowa. the event is being broadcast on fox news. trump has previously criticized fox news anchor and moderator megyn kelly. instead, trump says he'll be raising money for veterans at the same time as the g.o.p. presidential debate and the decision for trump to skip the debate isn't being taken lightly by his competition. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz is challenging trump to a one-on-one debate any time between now and the iowa caucuses. according to a cnn/orc poll, cruz is trump's closest competition. nationwide, trump continues to dominate the polls taking 41% of
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senator cruz comes in second with 19% among those voters. but with the polls continuing to shift, it is important to remember that your vote does matter. >> every vote counts, right? and on the other side of the political spectrum, time is running out to make sure your voice is heard. the deadline to register to vote in the south carolina democratic presidential preference primary is today. >> law enforcement is hoping new video will help jump-start their search for three suspected thieves. >> take a look, the kershaw county sheriff's office and elgin police say this duo is believed to be responsible for stealing items from multiple unlocked cars between 2:00 and 5:00 monday morning. authorities say the men stole purses, wallets and guns. protests of an oregon wildlife refuge has taken a deadly turn. protester lavoy finicum was shot and killed during the arrest of protest leader ammon bundy. bundy and his followers were reportedly heading to a community meeting yesterday when
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when the protester refused to surrender, shots were fired. it is still unclear who fired the first shot. seven suspects are in custody now. they are all facing federal conspiracy charges. and authorities say a murder suspect shot by deputies in a gun battle actually died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> that's right. this information coming from the richland county deputies who say the death of 42-year-old damon jonard james has been officially ruled a suicide. james faced a murder warrant out of houston, texas for a 2014 deadly shooting of 43-year-old rita joyce salton. houston police say james was arrested, freed on bond and then disappeared. monday, he was discovered at the byron road apartments in columbia. deputies continue to investigate why he was even in the midlands. well, we now know the identity of the man who was shot and killed while trying to rob a columbia barber shop friday night. >> coroner gary watt says 35-year-old adeyemi hannibal was shot by people with concealed weapons permits inside next up
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columbia police are looking for a second suspect. >> meanwhile, richland county sheriff's department is suspect. take a look at this surveillance video from the family dollar on decker boulevard. officials say the suspect walked into the store, pretended to purchase an item and then stole money from the register before fleeing the scene. if you have any information in this case that can help police, crimestoppers. that number is 1-888-crimesc. the friendly skies are on alert after t.s.a. officials at columbia airport found a loaded firearm at a checkpoint. >> this is the t.p. 9 pistol discovered in a passenger's carry-on bag. they alerted police who took the weapon and escorted the passenger out of the area. they can carry firearms transported in checked baggage only if they're declared to the airline in a proper carrying case and unloaded. they are never allowed in carry-on bags. >> good reminder. this one teen doesn't need a gun but shooting to the top of social media sites.
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hitting a high note. that's next.
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gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. one business mogul continues to prove she can carry more than her weight. >> oprah winfrey gave weight watchers a hefty boost in their stock after posting she lost 26 pounds on twitter using their system. >> oprah is an investor in a
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board and diet service. it pushed shares to more than 20% putting the company's market value up by nearly $1 50 million. they call that the oprah effect. new numbers showing grocery chain whole foods doing half as well as expected. shares are down almost 15% this year. wall street says it's time to sell with stock now selling for half price. >> on the other hand, apple is taking a big bite out of profits. it made the most profitable quarter for any american company in history. the unprecedented growth spurt could, however, be over. according to apple's financial report, iphone sales are slowing. apple says sales may fall for the first time in 13 years. >> you heard it right there. this video of the high school
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is an on-line sensation. >> he's never been formally taught how to play and doesn't have a piano at home. that could soon change since going viral. wes has been contacted by a record label in l.a. and getting offers for free piano lessons. i think we said this morning, i don't think he needs piano lessons. >> i think he's beyond that. >> here at home, some of us may find ourselves singing in the rain. >> when you might have to pull out those umbrellas next coming
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from main and gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. a very cloudy wednesday so far. but all and all, off to a very warm start and seeing a relatively warm afternoon and no real sun just yet. that could change. we're tracking a few rain showers to our south and west. right now, though, winds out of the north and northeast so north wind at seven miles per hour right now. 60 degrees, cloudy conditions. dew points are up at 47 for that temperature right now. more humidity in the air but still, not necessarily enough to get any rain going at least not so far. cloudy skies for us today. we're seeing more rain showers starting to pop up to our east. we did see a pretty solid line of rain early this morning across the upstate and that gradually shifted across the mountains and when it did, it
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left us with no real sign of any rain so far today. we did see a little sprinkle early this morning around 7:30 or so. since then, not really much to speak of to add to the rain gauge. temperatures, as i mentioned, are warming up. we're in the mid to upper 50's across the board. 60 degrees downtown. lexington at 60. st. matthews and orangeburg at 60 degrees. because the rain has held off, we're seeing temperatures a little warmer than what a lot of the models were projecting so we're not too far off. we were projecting around 57 or so anyway but 60 degrees is a welcome sight for us. completely overcast conditions today and will not be seeing any sun even throughout the afternoon. winds out of the north are going to lock in this cloud cover bringing back that kind of wedge like conditions we so often see here in central south carolina and what that means for us is we're going to see a cooling trend in the temperatures. even though we're at 60 right now, we'll cool down as we move through the afternoon. i don't expect us to move too much from where we are right now and we'll see some of that moisture move our way as well.
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through the afternoon and chance of rain and cooler air on the way especially for the forecast tomorrow. a little breezy in a couple of spots. 10 to 12 miles an hour for camden and saluda over here. the wind not overly impressive so far this afternoon. cold front off the coast. that's going to be the key player in this forecast. awe the rain that we have seen associated with this front has been behind that front. kind a unique situation. typically, the rain is just ahead of or not right at the front. but being behind it is not very common occurrence for us here. especially in the east coast. but we're watching this rain kind of in the mid south georgia likely to come up, ride that prevailing wind from the south and west and low level winds are from the north. we're going to see a stalemate from this. winds from north and winds from the south. not much rain at that moment. we're looking for a few showers very light if we do see anything so i'm not expecting you to have too much of a hindrance for the morning commute or evening commute, rather, and into the
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but rain chances do pick up tomorrow afternoon. coastal system brings in an extra shot of moisture and because of the added humidity today, we have a slightly better chance to see' few showers. a lot of it is trending to the east. even so, we're looking at in and out showers possible and a little bit cooler forecast tomorrow. after that, we're back to the sunshine and back to the warm air. >> not too bad. as long as we can get to the showers today. >> still ahead, getting ready to venture to a whole new world and courtesy of a magic carpet ride. >> very cool. that's next on abc columbia news
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gervais. >> welcome back to the corner of main and gervais. we are -- >> all right. welcome back to the corner of main and gervais. we are joined again with one of our favorite guests here on the noon show. thank you so much. we'll start out with the columbia city ballet and we just talked to you a couple of weeks ago because you guys were in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. >> nutcracker. >> the nutcracker, a big, big draw here in the city. >> yes. yes. >> now something else that you guys are bringing back that we haven't seen for a while. >> aladdin. and it's huge, it's epic! >> yeah. >> and we haven't done it in 13 years. and i'm not quite sure why. i realize that i haven't seen it on broadway.
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we organized the five city tour and already done florence and we're opening this weekend in columbia. at the kroger center and it's a huge ballet, rochelle. >> tell me what makes it so grand. >> well, there's so many people in it and it's just big scenery and big columns and the flying and it's so colorful. and the music is huge! it's so exciting and the dancers love it because it's incredibly physically challenging. it's great for the whole family. >> the kids will love. it the kids will associate it with disney. now, we were talking about this being so big and the physicality of it. tell me how challenging it was for you to be graceful and do these challenging different routines. >> i think when we did it 13 years ago, i remembered it being challenging and the dancers, we
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>> fittingly enough. >> it's very, very difficult. but even so, we came back 13 years later and i'm thinking, oh, yeah, i remember this being, you know, a tough ballet in the rehearsal process. >> now i remember! even more so than i thought. it's a wonderful challenge and really pushes me and i love it. it's a lot of fun. >> you play jasmine? you play jasmine so you get to ride on the flying carpet. >> i do! >> and all the magic that embodies and then we have aladdin and everybody knows the story. the young boy who tries to capture your heart and so we'll get to see all of that play out on the stage as well as the music. and the lights and the dancing and everything else. >> it's beautiful. >> and the colors. >> it's beautiful and it's so physical. big jumps, big lifts, big dancing. it's very, very colorful. her harem, all of her princesses come down this magic lamp and
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it's just breathtaking. i'd hate for everyone to miss it. come out to the kroger center this weekend. >> it's on friday and saturday and only in the capital city, folks. this is the only place you'll be able to see this. nowhere else. >> wv a special show at 1:30. and you call the office to find out the information. to meet jasmine ahead of time and aladdin and see the magic carpet. >> kids would love that! i bet you have so many kids that want to come and dress up like you. >> so special. it just really warms my heart. that's one of my favorite moments is the meet and greet. >> so sweet. >> so saturday at 3:00 and 7:30 and friday night opens at 7:30. >> all right. sound good. we'll have all of this information on our website as well at friday and saturday get out there, folks. get your tickets while you can. it fills up quick. popular show and first time in more than a decade.
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we'll be right back after this. >> that's our time at 12:30.
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