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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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>> good afternoon. thank you for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm rochelle dean. >> and i'm eric weisfeld. we're live from main and gervais. we begin this afternoon with a look at the forecast. things are a little dreary outside right now. good news is changes are on the way. >> and not too soon. it's been like this all morning. we were definitely looking for different scenery. things are looking up now. let's turn to jonathan kennedy with a look at the first forecast. hey, jonathan. >> good afternoon. rainy thursday for us. rain moving across the area and continue to see that throughout much of the afternoon as well. not overly rainy for us. temperatures not overly warm either. low 50's for a few spots. all and all, it's been an overall cool day for most of us
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to be much cooler than they have been the last couple of days. look at the 24-hour temperature change, most of us around five to 10 degrees colder than what we were seeing yesterday at this juncture. highs around 60 yesterday afternoon and 60's a few days ago. near 60 on monday as well. definitely the coolest day of the week and warmer tomorrow. good news is we'll see some rain today and see some cooler air. it will be short lived. look for a warmer forecast as we head into your weekend. into the weekend. but for today, scattered showers, highs around 51. tonight will be clear and cooler. skies eventual clear out overnight. show you what to expect for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> give you a sneak peek. it will get warmer as we get closer to the weekend and the weather isn't the only thing warming up, so is the road to the white house. g.o.p. presidential candidate and frontrunner donald trump is reaffirming that he won't take place in tonight's final debate
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instead, he will take part in a benefit for military veterans not far from the debate. >> trump says he's skipping tonight's debate because he believes fox news who is hosting the debate has mocked him. he's criticized fox news anchor and moderator megyn kelly. now, senator ted cruz is taunting trump for his decision not to attend. >> apparently, mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary. and you know, donald is a fragile soul. >> cruz wants to take trump on in a one-on-one debate. now the republican presidential hopeful carly fiorina is yufrping in on the action as well. >> fiorina taking to twitter saying "my campaign will donate $1.5 million to veteran caucuses to join the debate saturday in sioux city and she upped the ante saying she's free tonight at 8:00. trump has yet to respond to
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he may be passing on the debate in iowa but trump is hard at work shoring up support here in the palmetto state. >> that's right. thousands flooded harmon tree farm last night for trump's rally. it shows trump holds a seven point lead over cruz among south carolina voters and his visit garnered another endorsement. south carolina's lieutenant governor harry mcmaster has thrown his support behind the republican frontrunner. >> we want everybody to get out and vote. when you do, do like i do. vote for donald trump for president! >> mcmaster previously supported south carolina senator lindsey graham but that was before he dropped out of the race last month. >> meanwhile, a newly scheduled debate are in the works. it would be moderated by rachel maddow and chuck todd february 4th. five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee hasn't given approval
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back here at home, a measure moving through the statehouse that would require refugees to register and be tracked by the state law enforcement division. >> that's right. this bill faces an uphill battle, though. democratic senator kevin johnson of manning placed the minority report on the bill that blocks a floor debate. republican katrina shealy of lexington says she cannot support the measure unless a requirement to post the registry of refugees on the internet is removed. meanwhile, senators working hard at hammering out details of a bill to increase funding for roads. senators agree it needs more money for bridges and highways, tax cut, and a change in the structure of the state department of transportation. meanwhile, lawmakers in the house have passed legislation proposing the state pay for high school students and the unemployed so that they can train for state jobs right here. >> one goal of the bill is to make it easier for high school students to take classes that count towards their diploma and a technical certificate or associate's degree. governor haley is endorsing that
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and lawmakers hoping south carolina state's board of trustees can get moving. democratic representative gilda cobb-hunter says it's time for the financially troubled university to find a permanent president. the suggestion comes during the school's $128 million budget proposal. s.c. state currently has an interim president and an interim board. board vice chairman james clarke says the board will begin its search at its next meeting. shifting gears now, we have an update on the charleston church shooting. about 600 charleston area residents will be summoned to court as potential jurors for dylann roof's death penalty trial. >> that trial coming up around the corner now. roof is accused in the deadly shooting at emanuel a.m.e. church. circuit court judge nicholson laid out the pool, a computer will randomly pick the participants. tracking the homelessness in south carolina, that's the goal of volunteers who spread out across the state to talley up
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here in our community. >> annual survey conducted by the south carolina homeless coalition started last night. the group's count last year found there are more than 6,000 homeless people here in south carolina. more than 1,000 of those are children. some west columbia residents need to take a few extra precautions before using water this afternoon. west columbia city officials say customers in the 1300 block of alphine drive may have an interruption of service for the water line break. residents who have a loss of water pressure or water that's cloudy or maybe has sentiment in it, you're asked to boil your water one full minute before using it to cook or drink. and there's more victim reports of the zika virus this afternoon. a man in denmark has been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne illness. he believes he contracted that virus on a recent trip to latin america. brazil is considered ground zero for zika which has now spread to 24 countries and territories in central and south america. epidemic disease has also been
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defect. >> yeah and due to continuous travel of the zika virus, a spokesperson says the white house is making a more concerted effort in the days ahead to communicate with americans about the risks associated with that virus and how you can avoid it. the world health organization says links between the virus and birth defects have not yet been proven. they are advising pregnant women to avoid travel in areas with those outbreaks. >> from the gridiron to the mound, it is almost time to play ball. how the home team plans to slide into base with style. >> that's right. sports is next. stay with us.
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gervais. >> u.s.c. women's basketball back in action tonight at home against ole miss. >> indeed they are and two basketball teams stepping up their games. tim hill has more in the sports minute to win it. >> clemson basketball back in action for the first time in more than a week. looking to bounce back from their first loss of the calendar year. making it an eight point lead over pitt. roper makes it a 12-point lead. he scores 13 on the ballgame and the tigers take a 14-point lead in the half. go on to win it 73-60 the final score. blossom leading the way with 22 points. now 5-2 in acc play. a lot of carolinea panthers showing their support for cam
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wednesday afternoon. while panther fans love on newton, plenty of haters around the country who thinks he knows why. >> i'm an african-american quarterback. that might scare people. they haven't seen nothing they can compare me to. >> super bowl 50 is now 10 days away. i'm tim hill. hope it helps get your thursday off to a good start. >> a lot of people easily anticipating that super bowl 50. for those of us who are unable to head out west, there's still plenty of excitement closer to home. a panther pride rally is being held tomorrow in the queen city. fans can cheer on the team at lamar park in uptown charlotte. you can enjoy the game and all live entertainment beginning at noon. >> hour and a half away. >> right down the road and the columbia fireflies are one step closer to hitting the mound. >> the team's new jerseys were unveiled yesterday. high school baseball standouts from across the midlands
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the gray and bright green shirts. you won't miss those. we have a first look at the roster for the team's coaching staff. >> we had our logo out there for a while. we've had a lot of questions as to what the team will look like on the field so it was great to be able to share that with the community today. and especially to have some of the, you know, great local high school talent around here helping us with that. >> fireflies' first game is april 7th in charleston. and their first home game is april 14th. that's against greenville. also this afternoon, we have a recall that could literally shock you. lock and charge technologies is recalling their charging station. this is due to an electrical shock hazard. the charging station's u.s.b. charging hub can cause an electrical shock to the consumer when it's connected to the electrical supply. manufacturers are asking now consumers to stop using the recalled charging stations immediately. you should contact lock and charge technologies for a free replacement charging hub. >> and your morning pick me up is getting a boost.
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their lowest point in two years. this means coffee farmers will most likely have a huge harvest season this year creating an oversupply of beans. a pound of arabia coffee like the types that starbucks buys and serves to its customers is about 1/3 lower in just the past year. but before you bank on some deals from the hot harvest, officials say those latte prices are unlikely now to go down because of the increased supply. >> doesn't matter. i don't think we can survive without it, could we? >> i live off coffee. and if the caffeine doesn't help, the on and off showers that we're seeing right outside of us right now may help put a little pep in your step. >> run to get inside. changes are headed this way. keep it here. your full forecast is next.
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gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. hope your thursday is off to a great start. it has been a little bit of a rainy day for us but all and all, rain not overly heavy. we've seen some downpours at times. for the most part, it's been kind of light rain. notice on the radar, kind of that light green, not really seeing too many yellows and oranges mixed in. we'll likely see some decent downpours that's moved throughout your day today. overall totals of rain, probably going to be in the ballpark of
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quarter, maybe 1/2 inch for the heaviest areas the way things are looking right now. temperatures around 50 degrees for us. some spots in the mid 40's and it's been a cool day overall. we saw temperatures pretty mild this morning. we'll continue with the mild temperatures this afternoon. obviously, we've been much warmer every day this week. even with the cloud cover and rain yesterday, we managed to get near 60 degrees. today, no such luck. a little cooler for us. we see the temperature change over the last 24 hours is a little cooler. winds out of the north keeping us cooler. some of those wedge like conditions, that kind of pools up in the lowest levels of the atmosphere and keeps us a little cooler and keeps us under those overcast rainy conditions for much of the day today. so we're looking at couple of systems off the coast. it's going to feed some of that moisture in for us here. look for the rain to eventually kind of move in from the south and move off to the east and obviously keep an eye on that system up to the north. that's not going to have any effect on our weather any time soon. stick with the scattered showers. these move to the east
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becoming more of a coastal system as we move into tonight. and should be gone by the time we get to dinnertime for us here, if not sooner. especially if that low in the gulf really progresses like it's supposed to. i think we'll see a much drier forecast here very, very soon. see the rain move out for us by later on tonight. i think even the coastal areas will be dry by 9:00. for us, dinnertime i think is pretty good chance we're going to see some dry weather. we're kind of on the western edge of that rain to begin with anyway. it won't take much for that system to move off to the east and give us a drier forecast. friday, nothing happening for us at all. it is going to be a beautiful forecast as we head into the weekend. but we have to get to the rain today. look for the rain to move out later this afternoon. temperatures stay around 50 or so and cool off to around 35 tonight. we are going to be a little cooler tomorrow morning. sky will clear out and obviously with it not being that warm today, we don't have a lot of warmth to be able to hang on to. keep that in mind, it will be a
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saturday and sunday, absolutely perfect. mid to upper 60's with sunshine. and if you enjoy the warm weather, you'll really enjoy next week. i think we'll hit 70 for monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have the rain coming back in the seven day. between the rain today and the rain then, there's a lot of sunshine and a lot of warm weather coming our way, guys. >> yeah, 70's around the corner. those temperatures making it hard to think about anything freezing right now. a chill is definitely blowing through the capital city. >> that's right. an annual event that promises to turn the famously hot city into something pretty cool.
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main and gervais. >> welcome back to the corner of main and gervais. we are joined this arch with the director of marketing from ed venture, christie barnes. thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> we're talking about a really big draw here for capital city. you guys every year have the gala and this year is no exception. going to the second annual event. tell us about this year and what makes it different. >> yeah, well, this saturday we're having frost again. this year, we're doing it at the museum which is really cool and allows people to explore the museum and what it's about if they don't come there on a regular basis. but, you know, frost is really important to us because it allows us to transform the museum into a wonderful evening for our guests. we'll have cocktails and food and a a live band. loose chain is our band this year. but we also have some really cool exclusive auction items that we're offering our guests.
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these items because we were talking about this earlier. >> yeah, they're so neat. one is you can fly through air like peter pan with the columbia city ballet which is cool during one of their rehearsals. who can say they've done that? >> yeah. >> another one is the columbia fireflies, new baseball team, you can have a v.i.p. experience with them. jaguar land rovers is our sponsor this year and they have a jaguar that you can use for the weekend. go to the market pavilion hotel in charleston, have a nice getaway there. >> wonderful. >> if your kid is 12 or under, you can get an opportunity for them to be the new adventure star. so we have a lot of cool experiences. disney passes. >> panthers. >> panthers football, yes, a signed panthers football which is going to be huge this year. >> that's going to be big. big ticket item. >> going around about who is going to bid on what. >> good time for all. >> it's really important because frost is an awesome evening, nice time at the museum.
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it's about. >> i want to talk about that before you go. it's great that there are all these incentives. for. >> right, the reason why we do this is for underserved children and families in the midlands and in the state. adventure has a yes every child initiative and that's the commitment to bringing the joy of learning to children who need it the most and that means reduced admission. that means community outreach. book distributions. so things like that that our children need when we have events like our fundraisers, it helps them continue to do that. >> it presents that art to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in that or experience it. >> right. recently, we've done a lot of book distributions in the community and these kids are so excited to get their books, to go home with an opportunity to read with their families. and when we have free days at the museum or reduced admission days, we have a lot of people who come out for that. they need that. >> yeah.
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us to be able to do that and we have people come out and support it. >> we hope people do as well. thank you so much for being with us. we'll have all the information on our website at and the event takes place once again saturday. what time? >> saturday at 7:00 p.m. >> 7:00 p.m. >> get all the details. >> thank you.
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we'll be back after this.
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of your thursday afternoon. but we're going to see a drier forecast as soon as tonight. look for lows around 35 overnight tonight. nice and warm tomorrow, back to the sunshine and highs around 60. it will get even warmer from there. look for temperatures to be in the mid to upper 60's for saturday and sunday. i think we'll even warm into the 70's for the early portions of next week. so rain today and cooler temperatures today. a lot of sunshine and warmth coming your way for friday and the upcoming weekend. >> get through a couple more hoursment thanks, jonathan. thank you.
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