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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

12:30 pm 33 good afternoon and thank you for joining us for abc columbia ns >> good afternoon. and thank you for joining us for abc columbia news at 12:30. i'm rochelle dean. >> and i'm eric weisfeld. we're live from main and gervais and we begin this afternoon with the road to the white house. republican presidential hopeful donald trump will be campaigning in florence today. he's holding a trump for president rally at the florence civic center. the event starts at 7:00. doors open at 5:00. campaign stop comes just weeks before the g.o.p. first in the 20th. and even though he didn't win in iowa, trump still has a pretty good shot to take new hampshire. according to a new poll, trump is leading the field of republican candidates with 29% support in new hampshire. the next three candidates are in a statistical tie for second. results show senator marco rubio
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republican primary voters in new hampshire. senator ted cruz received 13% support. governor john kasich 12%. jeb bush, 10%. the next pack of candidates is well behind with governor chris christie and carly fiorina pulling just 4% support in new hampshire. the poll also finds that about a third of likely republican primary voters in new hampshire are still undecided. the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls will be working to win over those undecided voters when they go head to head in new hampshire tomorrow. >> that's right. they will indeed. a republican debate hosted by abc is set for tomorrow night. donald trump will be joined by marco rubio and ted cruz, his closest competitors in the race right now. ben carson, jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie will take the stage. carly fiorina did not make the cut to appear in this weekend's debate. the debate airs tomorrow night at 8:00 here on abc columbia. and the g.o.p. party isn't alone in trying to one up the competition.
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over hillary clinton leading up to the first in the nation primary. according to a cnn/wmur poll, sanders holds a 2-1 lead over clinton among likely new hampshire democratic voters. sanders stands at 61% and clinton at 30%. the democratic presidential hopefuls are coming off their first one-on-one debate in new hampshire. clinton accusing sanders of attacks by insinuation after he referenced the millions of dollars raised by an outside political group supporting clinton's campaign. the two also debated the economy and health care during last night's debate. well, chelsea clinton hoping to help boost her mother's lead in the polls here in south carolina. she'll be campaigning in the upstate for hillary clinton tomorrow with stops in rock hill, spartanburg as well as clemson university. if you plan on heading to any of those stops along the campaign trail whether it's for the democratic party or republican party, you may want to bundle up. >> yeah, cold out there. windy as well.
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here's meteorologist jonathan kennedy with a first look at that forecast. we were doing so well, jonathan. >> that's right, guys. we were seeing such warm air all week. i think the sunshine is going to get our vote for sure as we head into the weekend but unfortunately, doesn't look like the warm air will match up. clear skies for us here at the corner of main and gervais. not a cloud in the sky for us here as we look out our window overlook the statehouse. temperatures are a little different than what we've been seeing so far this week. 50 degrees here in columbia. we're the only spot in the 50's. everybody else between 46 and 49. pretty consistent temperatures and uniform heating across the area. winds out of the north not all that consistent, though. they've been breezy but they've been varying around 10 to 20 up to near 25 miles per hour for a few spots. so that cooler air rushing in from the north will bring us a very cool afternoon. now, it's also bringing dry air so lots of sunshine for us but not a lot of warmth to go with that sunshine. 52 for the high today. it will be clear and cold tonight.
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to around 27. it will be very cold start as we wake up tomorrow. we'll let you know if there's any warm air coming our way. >> one business is assessing the damage left behind by this week's storm. >> the national weather service hs confirmed a microburst in lexington county during wednesday's severe weather. working to clean up the debris that scattered across tracy logging. it struck the area with 70-mile-an-hour winds and despite the mess left behind, residents say things could have been worse. >> good lord took care of everybody and everybody was safe. and we can put the buildings back but people are a little more precious than that. >> tracy's logging hopes to have all the repairs complete in six to eight weeks. >> one man is dead this afternoon and another behind bars after an early morning crash. >> according to the south carolina highway patrol, 22-year-old derious sutton was driving south in the northbound
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authorities say he slammed head on into an oncoming car killing an occupant. >> this is an example of another case where somebody didn't have enough responsibility to call a taxi or call a cab and as a result, an innocent person has lost their life at the hands of a drunk driver. >> sutton is being held in a lexington county detention center charged with felony d.u.i. resulting in death. police have taken a gun from a man to the killing of a columbia man three days earlier. columbia police have charged 45-year-old ibin patterson with the murder in the killing of timothy gentry. break came when the state law enforcement division tested a gun that patterson used when he robbed a woman and fired on officers last july. police say investigators have not determined a motive in the killing of gentry who worked with children and did charity work overseas. out of the statehouse this
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make it easier for the public to obtain dash cam video has been postponed in the senate. >> that's right. it would require a law enforcement agency to get a judge's approval before denying public records requests. if a judge agrees the video should not be released under this bill, the public could sue for its release. speaking of video, it was the physical altercation between a former school resource officer and a student all caught on camera heard around the country. now, richland school officials want to hear back. the school board is proposing a student advisory council. the council would be made up of student representatives from each high school, middle school and elementary schools in the district. members would meet with school board regularly and parents say they're liking the idea of the council. >> we're all there. the school board, the parents, teachers, everybody is there because of the students and i think it's great that they're taking the opportunity to listen to those voices and those students that, you know, aren't
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>> and members of the school board say they hope to have a committee in place by the start of 2017. well, it's the biggest bus in town and it's rolling through the capital city. >> yeah, the higher education monster bus stopped at edventure children's museum along with monster truck driver jimmy tracey. as they get revved up for tonight's monster jam. >> kids love the thing. i mean, you know, everybody can relate to a school bus, you know, that's something that everybody can relate to. everybody sees it or has rode on one. we wanted to do something different. it turned out really good. >> the kids who came out yesterday received a discount for monster jam. there are shows today and tomorrow at colonial life arena. and the midlands kicking off black history month with a weekend parade and festival. the black history parade starts at the intersection of harden and gervais streets at noon tomorrow. national recording artist angie stone will be this year's grand marshal. event continues at martin luther king jr. park with a black history festival featuring
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rogers. well, it's a deadly disease that has some seeing red. still ahead this afternoon, more on the mission to fight it.
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live from main and gervais. >> welcome back. you may see people donning the color red today to raise awareness about america's number one killer. talking about heart disease. >> that's right. abc's dr. timothy johnson has
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should all take to heart in today's medical minute. >> your doctor's office will always get your height and weight. they need these numbers to calculate a body mass index. your b.m.i. it's the number that officially defines who's is overweight or underweight. and you may not know it has come under fire for not treating pounds of fat differently from pounds of bone or muscle. researchers used national survey information and blood tests to see how well b.m.i. represented blood markers of heart disease risk. they looked at blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, insulin resistance and c reactive protein. what they found might surprise you. higher b.m.i. often came with less healthy blood markers but not always. severely obese people were likely to have unhealthy blood profiles with at least two abnormalities. that left 1 in 6 with healthy markers and being normal weight didn't necessarily mean heart healthy. 31% of people with normal weight
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abnormalities. a proper diet and physical exercise may trump the number on the scale. decreasing your risk for heart disease so people with normal weight, don't sit on your laurels. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> this next story may not hurt your heart as much as it may hurt your wallet. >> yeah, super bowl 50 is well on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u.s. history. ticket tracking sites seat geek reports the average ticket price shy of $5,000. this is far more expensive than tickets to super bowl 49 which even set a record for the nfl. and if you can't snag a ticket to the big game that you have money to burn, this may be up your alley. the carolina safety putting his charlotte apartment on airbnb so a lucky football fan can watch the game in style. guests will be able to watch that super bowl on harper's 70-inch screen tv.
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olympic sized pool and fitness club, bar and demonstration kitchen. >> goodness gracious. >> in one of the lounges. sounds like a morning show, right? >> exactly. >> and one night's stay, you should know, is going to set you back a near $5,000 a night. kind of like a ticket. all the proceeds are going -- this is good news, going towards harper's hope 41 foundation that helps families in his community. a hefty price tag actually for a pretty good cause. that's good to see. >> and a good time. >> absolutely. the expensive kind. for those of us watching the matchup on the tube, you know, at our own home, there's another big play that comes off the field. we're talking about those super bowl commercials. u.s.c. journalism class is getting in on the action. >> indeed they are. they do it every year. we look forward to it. the super bowl advertising class reviews, ranks and rates the commercials each year. and at the end of the game, they'll name the best commercial to win the award. the class will then invite the winner to the university to receive that award. if they match the commercials that we like, you know.
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and it's the number one in the west against the number one in the south. so will the broncos cement a win in history or will the panthers keep pounding their way to the first super bowl ring in more than a decade? >> let us know who you're rooting for by going to our website at also let us know who gets your vote in our super bowl 50 poll. we're going to share those results on air and on line before the big matchup. >> i've already voted. >> have you? is it a secret? >> mum is the word. yeah. the color didn't give it away. we're all rooting for some nice weather for the weekend. we may not get it. >> that's right. it's the return of the chill.
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your full forecast is next. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. lots of sunshine for your friday afternoon. temperatures right at 50 degrees for us here as we hit these early afternoon hours and it's taking us a while to get to 50. winds out of the north, sustained winds around 10 miles per hour and that is bringing a much drier air into the midlands. right now, humidity at 22% and dew point is down to 13. we were seeing dew points in the mid to upper 60's a few days ago when we saw that severe weather. that is a good indicator of how much moisture is in the air so
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pretty much zapped all the moisture out of the air and leave with us a lot of sunshine as we head into the friday afternoon. we'll stick with the sunny forecast. it will be much cooler for us. that wind not only bringing in drier air but also cooler air. temperatures as of right now, 50 degrees downtown. 49 at the airport in lexington. 46 in newberry. saluda and a lot of other spots. lot of spots not even to 50 degrees today and that will probably be the case for much of the afternoon. we'll plateau out with those temperatures, not expecting much warmer conditions than what we're seeing right now. winds maintain out of the north and pretty breezy at that. 10 miles an hour here in downtown. 22 in sumter. we've seen gusts upwards of 25 to 30 miles an hour and this has been consistent since 4:00 this morning. we've seen a very breezy day. this is going to exchange the air masses and cause us to see a cooler start to your afternoon. i think that will continue to be
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change especially as we move into tonight under those clear and cold conditions there. clear skies for us this afternoon. no clouds, no rain and that will likely be the case through especially tonight as we move into those really cool temperatures. 52 this afternoon. we'll cool it down. once the sun goes down around 6:00, around 46. if you have evening plans and dinner plans, we're in the 30's around 8:00 and around 10:00 we should be around 36. i think we make it into the 20's tonight. there's no cloud cover around to insulate us at all and not a lot of warmth in the afternoon. filter in a few clouds saturday night. i do think we see some rain towards the coast late saturday night into sunday morning. i'm not sure we get enough of that westward push from that system to bring us it right here. it will keep us dry for now. it looks like a lot of sunshine in the seven day, no sign of rain in the seven day forecast at all but not much warmth
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highs stay below 60 degrees for the entirety of the seven day. 27 tonight. mid to upper 50's over the weekend and probably won't even make it out of the 40's for a few days early to mid of next week. >> and our systems just went into shock. carolina women going hard in the paint during last night's matchup against kentucky. >> indeed they did.
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uconn huskies?33 for the second straight season, c
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season, u.s.c. women's basketball is off to a perfect 22-0 start. before taking on number one uconn. that's monday. >> oh, yeah. tim hill has the highlights of last night's game in the sports minute to win it. >> scary moment for u.s.c. women's basketball. two time defending sec player of the year tiffany mitchell goes down hard against kentucky. the second time she was hurt in the ballgame in obvious pain. a lower back injury. she was clear to go back into the game and did not return. should be ok moving forward. asia wilson more than ok. 18 points, seven rebounds. actually gets called for the first technical foul since eighth grade on this play. dawn staley and wilson disagree with the call. just before the end of the third quarter, kadijah sessions from 70 feet to beat the buzzer. turns a one point u.s.c. lead into a four point u.s.c. lead. this one going back and forth with kentucky about two minutes
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just a two point ballgame. former standout elena coats, huge ballgame for her. had 13 rebounds. gamecocks go on to win it 78-68 the final score and they stay perfect on the season. i'm tim hill. that's the abc columbia sports minute to win it. hope it helps get your week understand -- weekend off to a good start. >> all right! >> you heard it right there. our final palmetto pick of the season making her pick for super bowl 50. some of you hoping this adorable 3-month-old lab retriever mix, debbie, i call her little debbie has a nose to sniff out the winners of the carolina panthers and denver broncos go head to head sunday at levi's stadium. kickoff at 6:30. >> if you're looking for someone to snuggle with to watch the game, debbie is perfect and up for adoption. you can check her out and all the animals looking for forever homes at palmetto lifeline off
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website, there's plenty of puppy love to go around. animal planet offering an adorable alternative to sunday's big game. the puppy bowl is back and its bark is bigger than ever. adoption extravaganza team ruff and team fluff hope to raise awareness about animals in need of loving homes. >> i love it. >> keep it here. one last look at the weekend forecast. >> that's right.
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gervais. >> lots of sunshine as we wrap up another work week. temperatures in the low 50's today. very cold tonight and a little chilly for the weekend as well. >> at least we don't have any rain to worry about. the silver lining in the clouds there. >> that's the bright side you're looking at. >> you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. >> our next news at 6:00.
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