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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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agencies to increase patrols and set up checkpoints. >> if you make that poor decision to drive, be prepared to go to jail. >> don't think you'll be able to a back road to get home to your neighborhood. know that if you're going to be out having drinks, go ahead and prepare now because again, it's something that's senseless and something that can be prevented so easily. >> to prevent any d.u.i.s or drunk driving fatalities, troopers remind motorists to plan ahead of sunday's kickoff. by designating a driver or organizing alternative transportation. >> what we're asking motorists to do is take the responsible choice. >> state troopers are reminding you if you see an impaired driver on the roadways this weekend but especially on sunday, you should dial star hp. jennifer ready, back to you
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>> all right, jen, thanks. authorities in the upstate have determined a young man there died playing russian roulette. deputies with the lancaster county sheriff's office say on january 11th, brandon reese and two others drove to a trailer park to buy a gun. the owner would not sell it to him unless he successfully played russian roulette. his companions drove to a hospital and got scared and ended up abandoning him and the truck. >> the skies cleared and the temperature dropped today and that kind of confused me a little bit. >> i thought it was a gorgeous day. a lot of people had the itchies today. they were itching to get out of work. itchy to leave. i saw people pacing around our newsroom. i'm like it's friday. >> tend to happen on friday. >> chief meteorologist john farley joins us now with a look at the conditions. you're not going anywhere tonight. >> i have the itchies now that you say it. ok, it's clear. check it out. this is looking down towards the vista.
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sunset tonight 5:58. let's show you what's going on in terms of the temperatures. with the wind continuing out of the north, it won't be terribly strong but it will be in play all night and that's going to continue to spill in some pretty cool temperatures. let's give you a peek of what's hours. 40's and then 30's so this is definitely cooler thanhe past several evenings. you'll need your jacket if you're heading out but no they of rain here tonight. overnight tonight, look at these temperatures, they go down pretty far. looking at mid 20's in the coldest spots. columbia, 28 degrees. so yeah, bring in the plants if you've had them out over the past couple of nights. going into tomorrow, nice day. lot of sunshine out there and the highs tomorrow afternoon, low to maybe pushing mid 50's. that's about as warm as we're going to go. now, we'll talk about the rest of the weekend forecast and a look ahead to next week coming up in a bit. >> all right, john. thanks. the south carolina primaries are just around the corner and the top candidates are not wasting any time. tonight, republican frontrunner
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florence civic center. the r rublican primary is saturday, february 20th. >> and the democratic presidential candidates face off on the 27th right here in south carolina. well, hillary clinton's daughter chelsea clinton is hoping to boost her mother's lead in the ullmetto state. she'll be campaigning in the upstate tomorrow at rock hill, spartanburg and at clemson university. >> there's mixed news in the latest u.s. unemployment report. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. that is the lowest since february 2008. however, the u.s. economy added 151,000 0 bs in january. that sounds like a lot but it's way down from jobs added just two months ago in december. >> as we celebrate black history month, richland county has found a way to honor a giant in the struggle for civil rights in south carolina. this morning, members of the human affairs commission unveiled the modjeska simkins award. simkins was a richland county native who became one of the state's leading civil rights
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death in 1992. >> we have a chance to better understand the work that she had to do, what she had to go through to really make that happen. and then make those efforts relevant again today. >> again, she was a civil rights giant from the 1930s until her death in 1992. if you'd like to nominate someone, we have a link to the commission's website at our website at now, nominations are due by february 29th. and the award winner will be announced in april. >> if you were over that way today, you may have noticed a rosie hue at columbia city hall. today was wear red day in honor of women affected by heart disease. according to the american heart association, heart disease and strokes kill a woman every 80 seconds. but the vast majority of those events are preventable. one woman currently battling heart disease says she wants to
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>> i want to bring awareness and don't want anyone to go through what i'm dealing with. if there's anything that i can say say, anything that i can do, to keep someone from dealing with what i'm dealing with, i'm all for it. >> city officials also announced tickets are now on sale for the go red fashion show. >> wow. >> yeah. fighting that fight. >> yeah. >> using superhero equipment to honor everyday heroes. one lexington county student has turned a school project into memorial for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. >> this is just an amazing story. abc columbia's beth rousseau joins us live in the studio now with more on the carolina springs elementary student. beth? >> ben and alicia, braxton redding is only 6 years old. don't let his age fool you. he already has a firm grasp on the importance of law enforcement, the job they do and the risks that they take. the first grader used a celebration of the 100th day of school as an opportunity to
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their lives protecting and serving. a cape filled with 100 heroes. one for each day of school. >> they are going out in this like trying to find the bad guys. >> the simple project of making a cape with 100 items is one braxton redding quickly turned into a tribute for officers across the nation who lost their lives in the line of duty. >> they are just helping us live. >> a job braxton has learned plenty about from his father. sergeant chad redding works with the sheriff's department and the mastermind behind the masterpiece. >> we thought superhero cape, you know what? let's put heroes on it. >> those heroes consist of five fallen officers and the 95 most recently killed in the nation. including the familiar faces of officers greg alia and stacey case. >> it took me back. it really did.
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grade teacher says his cape opened the door for an important classroom discussion. >> it was symbolic of it being a superhero cape and the jobs that they do every day. and how they we up in the morning and don't give it a second thought. they go out there and do what they need to do to help us. >> a message sergeant redding hopes will resonate with the class and his son. >> we're out here to help. yes, bad things happen. we're going to respond and not be privy of what they think. but we're friends. >> now, braxton tells us he's not looking to follow in his father's footsteps and go into law enforcement. but when he's older, he does want to serve in a different way. he's hoping he can be a navy seal when he grows up. live in the newsroom, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> all right. thank you so much, beth. super bowl sunday is almost here. >> about 48 hours away now. up next, we'll look at some
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bobo on and off the field in
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we'll be right back. this sunday the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos in super bowl >> this sunday, the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos in super bowl 50 and the midlands will have a representative on the sideline. >> this is carolina panthers
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she's the 2008 graduate of blythewood high school and former bengal cheerleader. in addition to being a cheerleader, she's also a personal trainer in charlotte. how beautiful. all right. there will be some palmetto state pride on the field as well this sunday. the panthers have a couple of coastal carolina chanticleers on the team. josh norman and mike tolbert and former gamecock byrd is on the practice squad. and darian stewart will take the field for the denver broncos. wow. >> there is a tie of peyton manning to south carolina way back. way back. >> tell us. >> gosh, no you don't. >> yes, go to my facebook page. we're talking about it there. >> all right. yeah, i'll join after this show. all right, if you're looking to make the game a little more interesting but you don't want to bet on who will win or lose, this next story is for you. there are a few other unusual things that you can bet on in what las vegas calls proro bets.
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the stranger ones. according to the international business times, you can bet on how many wings buffalo wild wings will serve nationwide what color will beyonce's shoes be during her halftime performance? and what color gatorade will the winning coach be doused with? >> beyonce's shoes. >> if you don't feel so good of putting a wage he were in on the game, go with beyonce's shoes. >> what color would you say? >> yellow. >> black with red bottoms maybe for beyonce. she likes those kinds of shoes. >> i would go with alicia's pick over mine. if you want to stick to who wins, we have a full on our website. head to our website at and log on and tell us who you think will take home the trophy. >> john has a look at the seven
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stay close. >> welcome back. today, we'll talk a little almanac here, shall we? you see the high, 53. that compares pretty close to average. about five degrees off average. look at how cold it can be. 13 degrees. we were nowhere close to that. and we won't be for really the foreseeable future. check this out. the sun has set. kind of some pretty colors in the sky and we're looking to the west here. there's the cloud in sight and we're going to be looking pretty clear for many days to come. i'll show you what's going on. chilly tonight, sunny tomorrow. pleasant sunday. there will be a would you clouds in play on sunday but nothing significant. only impacts to us here will be just a few clouds. now, here's what's going on in terms of the temperature department. it has dropped in the last little bit. we are now all in the 40's and
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probably notice this. the air is pretty dry. humidity is low. so that's going to allow the temperatures tonight to plummet especially as the wind drops back. plan on a pretty chilly one here tonight. in terms of the satellite and radar, i'll show you what's going on there. there's really nothing happening. it's clear here. and as we go to the west, i'll show you not much there either. now, this little line of clouds that's chicago down to little rock, that's going to redevelop off our coast and as i said, for us, it's only going to be some clouds but if you are going to the beach especially on sunday, there will be some showers for you. now, watch what happens. i start you tomorrow evening. tomorrow afternrnn, i should say, at 3:00. watch along the coast in particular. this thing is going to go for 30 hours. so there's saturday night. there's sunday. again, near the coast, we're looking at showers. for us, we're talking about just some clouds and that will do it for us. so your sunday, a little cloudier but really no problems for us. super bowl sunday should be just fine. the other story here is what warm air or what warm air there is.
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but what warmth is here is going to be replaced especially the early part of next week by a little pocket of cold air so really tuesday into wednesday, you'll notice that. we'll be down into the 20's. for a couple of nights and the daytime highs will only be in the 40's. it will be kind of chilly and that pattern will be with us generallll speaking for thehe whole seven day. but the coldst part of that, as i say, will be early next week. there's tonight's forecast. 28 degrees. there's tomorrow's forecast, and as you see, low 50's but we'll sit with a little wind out of the northeast. that's going to do it. young versus old at the >> it's two days away. coming up, it's young vs. old at the quarterback position. will experience make a difference? >> old? 39 is old, i guess. >> i don't --- but you know, cam. >> and carolina basketball in a matchup with texas a&m tomorrow.
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the sports. >> she's a coach, you know, need
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see beyonce, you know what i'm saying. >> cam newton embracing all the super bowl distractions. hi, i'm mike gillespie. on sunday night, two quarterbacks in different stages of their career will take center stage in super bowl 50. peyton manning is playing in his fourth super bowl fading in his career and could retire in this game. cam newton reaching the pinnacle of his career making his first sur bowl appearance. both quarterbacks, though, have very different approaches to dealing with all of this outside super bowl noise. >> trying to find any way to stay on rhythm as possible. i think that's going to be key. like i say, a lot of people on the panthers side are the minority that has never been here, you know what i'm saying, and also the majority of us, you know, this is all new. >> this experience is so unique for everybody. and it's very -- it's hard to tell somebody how they're going
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i mean, it can be extremely emotional. make you want to avoid it and being overwhelming but we have some rookies, obviously, that are going to have a great special feeling on sunday. i don't think you -- i think you got to be careful telling somebody how they're going to feel. they have to make it natural. >> all right. so cam is young. peyton is old. we get it. here's a graphic to prove they're kind of similar. both selected first overall in the nfl draft. newton with two pro bowls in his first five seasons in the league. manning with three. but here's the kicker, manning a five time m.v.p. and newton searching for his fourth which could come tomorrow night. over to basketball, tomorrow afternoon, carolina on the road at texas a&m in a game that could decide who wins the sec. gamecocks trying to rebound from their loss at georgia, third loss in conference play in the last seven games. but texas a&m, the highest ranked team in the u.s.c. this forward has much respect for what the aggies do. >> well, obviously they have a
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you have to rebound, you know. and obviously, they have good three point shooting team. they have, you know, big point guards so it's going to be a challenge. obviously, you know, the best team and, you know, everybody is excited to play them. >> all right. so here's why this game is important. the aggies leading the league with l.s.u. at 7-2. carolina at 6-3. just one game back. carolina win tomorrow could give the gamecocks the tiebreaker. and finally, a huge game for the carolina women. just 73 hours from now against number one and powerhouse uconn. today, u.s.c. announcing it has sold out that game monday night with uconn. last year didn't go too well for carolina in connecticut going on the road by 25 points. dawn staley telling me earlier today to prove carolina is a legitimate contender, the gamecocks must first knock off uconn. >> you have to beat a team like uconn this year, you know, if not they're going to continue to do what they've done which is
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they've dominated our sport for a very, very long time. so to beat them would mean that it opens up doors for us. ism -- i feel like we got a shot at winning the national championship. i hope it happens. the parody in our sport is needed. >> and that, my friends will do it for sports. more news coming up after the
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>> welcome back. tonight is going to be chilly. way down in the 20's. tomorrow, mid 50's. sunday, a little bit warmer. so for your super bowl plans, you know, no problem. get out and walk off the -- whatever you have at halftime. >> buffalo chicken dip. >> buffalo that -- your chips and salsa. >> there you go. >> kind of healthy. >> yes. good weather. >> got your whole menu planned out? >> something like that. you guys are having a super bowl party, aren't you?
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>> have a good night. tonight, the deadly crane
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crashing down in new york city.
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