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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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playing in this type of environment more so on the national championship final four stage. but to do it in a regular season, it might, you know, lend itself to helping us giving us an advantage to being home. >> winning 44 games in a row in would think would be an advantage. one more fun fact. uconn women winning their games by an average of more than 41 points per game this year. the gamecocks averaging about 20 points per win. should be a very interesting match-up. we'll hear more from mike gillespie and dawn staley coming up in sports. plus, we'll talk a little super bowl later in sports. >> thank you so much, tim. let's talk super bowl now. the broncos may be the super bowl champs, but steve harvey and a t-mobile team won last night. a class of 100 students in the super bowl, advertising class watched the game and the ads on campus last night. they used special remote
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commercials unlikability, persuasiveness, brand, identity. talking weather now. still raining in parts of the midlands. >> chief meteorologist john farley joins us now. john, some cold temperatures, too. >> yeah, cold temperatures spilling in behind the rain. the rain along 95 is still wet. one more gasp of showers pushing through newberry and slide counties. that will do it for us tonight. what will happen, there you go, there's the line of what's left of the showers. we're looking to the west, the sun has set. once that line goes through, it's going to be clearing out, clearing out pretty quickly. here are the temperatures, they're in the 40s. this is one of those deals where this winter we haven't had a whole lot of days we've been into the 40s. we're going to have a long stretch of them starting tomorrow and going for a couple of days here. here you go, the next couple of hours, 40 and windy. but the time you get going tomorrow morning, it will be down into the mid-30s. it will be clear, a little breezy is where we're going to go. again, we're setting up for a
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relatively cold days here starting with tomorrow. watch where we go. tomorrow afternoon -- [audio problems] [ please stand by ] several nights this week, we'll go over the specifics with that coming up in just a bit. >> john, thanks. an attempted murderer's escape was short-lived. he was caught trying to get out of palmetto richland sunday afternoon. he was still in cuffs when he made a break for it. they were able to capture him sunday afternoon. hopefully a man wanted for burglary won't be able to rest easy. investigators say this is surveillance footage of a break-in at mattress man on sunset boulevard. according to bliss, february 3rd the man seen in this video broke into the store and stole a laptop. if you recognize this man, please call the lexington police kirsh county sheriff's department last week, the
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last week deputies narrowly avoided head-on collisions with suspected drunk drivers. matthew says that excess seal townsend was arrested while nearly hitting a deputy while driving the wrong way on highway 61. thomas cray was arrested after investigators say he came close to hitting a deputy head-on in rem better. both of the two are charged the driving under the influence. there's new leadership in the chaffey police department tonight as the community swears in a new chief. >> jennifer ready was at the swearing-in ceremony and she tells us how the new man in charge plans to make positive changes for the chapin community. >> the chapin community is under a new police leadership. he's bringing his 17 years of experience to the community he
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seth glowing -- seth ziegler is the new chief. >> where is it better to help than the town you grew up in? i look forward trying to make a difference in the community. >> he heads the chapin police department after spending nearly two decades climbing the ranks of the columbia police department mostly holding the captain. that's what skip wilson says makes him the right fit for the job. >> we expect tremendous growth from him in chapin. we believe the qualifications he has will be able to benefit the town. >> at a time the law enforcement is often being scrutinized among the nation, ziegler is building a strong relationship between the department and the residents of chapin. >> i think visibility is the key. reducing the crime but reducing the fear of crime is also another. perception is reality and i want everybody to perceive and know for a fact that chapin police are here to help them. >> a vision ziegler hopes to
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from chapin, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> and seth ziegler replaces former police chief troy crump. he retired following a three-day suspension. he said he was planning on retiring before the suspension was issued. hundreds gathered at south carolina state university to remember an honor the lives lost during the orangeburg massacre. 48 years ago today, students gathered on the campus in protest of a segregated bowling alley. state troopers opened fire into the crowd of protesters claiming the lives of henry smith, samuel hammond, jr. and delano milidon and injuring 20 other unarmed students. reverend joseph darby cast the massacre as unfinished business and a reminder of the work still needed to be done. our beth russo will have more tonight at 11:00. staying on south carolina university, an oscar nominated
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reminding students to vote and specifically to vote for hillary clinton. angela basset will be in the martin luther king auditorium. she'll make stops at the university and the statehouse. if you hear sirens around the lake murrayry dam tomorrow, don't be alarmed. the sirens will be tested tomorrow at noon. officials say they'll sound for approximately three minutes. the city of columbia is joining the fight against breast cancer. this afternoon, the city donated $8,000 to the palmetto health foundation's boss some buddies foundation. city leaders say today's donation will high pressure women today fighting breast cancer. >> one who has a niece and a mother-in-law and my niece, i think it's a very noble cause and we appreciate everything everybody is doing. continue to keep all the families in prayer. >> if you or someone you know is
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you need to talk to someone, the bossom buddies group immediates the second tuesday of every month at palmetto baptist. two rival restaurants hit social media. >> apparently a lot of love birds out there tonight. are you feeling the love? we'll tell you where the capital city ranks among the nation's most romantic. stay with us. from main and gervais, this is abc columbia news with ben hoover, alicia barnes, weather with chief meteorologist john farley, and sport was tim hill.
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6:00. welcome back. chipotle restaurants were closed for a couple of hours this afternoon. they were closed for a food safety meeting and that move comes after an e. coli outbreak at the restaurant last year. about 500 people got sick. at the meeting today, employees went through an updated food safety program implemented by the chain last month. most southwest grill didn't miss a chance to told their rival on social media. they sent out several tweets this afternoon making sure everyone knew they were open all day long. forget paris. when it comes to love, columbia is right up there with the best of them, at least according to amazon. the online retailer released its list of the most romantic cities in the country and the capital city came in at number seven. the list is based on the sale of romantic books, movies and music. topping the list, alexandria,
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mm-hmm. i always knew it. >> you can read that in a different way. it could just mean we're all looking for love. >> and that's a good thing, too. >> yeah. you think romance, you think, you know -- >> i think of columbia. >> okay, i do too. absolutely i do. because we're seven in the country. >> that's right. famously hot, too, which makes sense. this cold weather, though, might want to make you cuddle up with your sweetheart. >> meteorologist john farley has a look at your 7-day forecast.
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live from main and gervais. beautiful afternoon after the showers went through columbia, pointed the camera out to the west, look at what we got. very, very pretty out there as the skies began to clear and they're continuing to do that as we speak. in terms of the high today, we got all the way to 62, but it is going to be a long time before we see 62 again. i'll tell you that for sure. we'll get to the specifics on that forecast in just a second. first of all, i want to show you, here's the radar. the lion's share of the rain is now east of 95 and it's going to continue to head off to the coast. i'll get you in close here and show you that, you know, the action, here is 95. it's all pushing off to the east. there's a little bit, a little bit of action back here just west of columbia. this thing is just about to give up the fight. not much left there. in terms of what's going on tonight, behind that front, behind that batch of rain, it's going to turn windy. not only will it be windy
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that's going to set us up for a very cold week. as i mentioned, this winter we've only seen six days, six where we've been at 40 degrees or in the 40s. this week we could get another six or five or six. it's going to be very cold as we work our way ahead. what's going on behind this little pocket of rain? notice there's a lot of snow in and around chicago. this is all going to fizzle out before it gets here. i want to underscore the idea that the air is pretty cold and we're on the southern edge of that and we're going to get you our share of that as we go on through the week. it's a big pocket of arctic air that's focused, originated well up into the middle of canada and it's going to spill down over the eastern side of the united states and there will be waves of it as we go through the next six or seven days here. we'll feel kind of chilly the next several days. 20s in the night and 40s in the day where we're headed in the not foreseeable future. not many of them as we go forward.
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again, it will be windy. tomorrow, especially middle part of the day, we'll see gusts 25, maybe even better than that out on the lake. it will be a blustery day. when you talk about temperatures in the 40s and winds pushing 25 or 30, it's going to feel like it's in the 30s when you factor in the winds. the windchill tomorrow will be cold. check out this week, again, maybe a couple of days we get to the range of 50 friday and again on monday. that's a cold pocket of air for a long time to come. the coldest nights right now look like they'll be wednesday night into thursday morning and then again saturday night into you sunday morning. we could be a adjusting that a little bit as we go forward. suffice it to say, it's going to feel every bit like winter for the next seven days. >> thank you, john. one former gamecock can call him a super bowl champion today. see what he has to say about it. plus, coming up, dawn staley says tonight is the perfect time to knock off a uconn program looking to win its fourth
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that's next. you have to be a team like uconn this year. if not, they're going to continue to do what they've done, which is come nate. >> could tonight be the night tore carolina basketball? hi, i'm tim hill. kind of a feeling of deja vu all over again. last year, the women 22-on the season takingen uconn. the huskies winning that game by 27 points. the battle of undefeated teams at the colonel life arena. we go there now where our mike gillespie is. hi, mike. >> hi, tim. more than 18,000 fans expected for this one, a sellout crowd. that would be the first sellout in the history of usc women's basketball. rightfully so for numbebe one uconn and number two usc. this is a tale of two very different programs going in the same direction.
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fact 18-31 uconn in one versus two match-ups south carolina just 0-2. we caught up with dawn staley last week. she says in order to become a team like uconn and a program like uconn, they must take down uconn first. you've said before that in order to become the juggernaut like uconn, you have to beat a team like uconn. do you have to beat a team like uconn this year? >> you have to beat a team like uconn this year. if not, they're going to continue to do what they've done, wisdom nate. they've dominated our sport for a very, very long time. that means opening doors for us, we feel like we got a shot at winning the national championship. it will open the doors of the likes for other top programs in college women's basketball.
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because the parity in our sports is needed. >> and if you don't think this match-up is big, consider this. the last two t tes a teaea has beaten uconn in a one versus two match-up, they've gone on to win the national championship that same year. live at colonel life arena, mike gillespie, abc columbia sports. >> mike, it will be on espn 2. we'll have the highlights for you at 11:00. let's talk men's basketball. frank martin dropping out of the associated press top 25 despite winning at number eight. texas a&m over the weekend, dozier and usc ranked number 20 in this week's coaches poll. number 25 in the rpi, that's the important one. big upcoming hosting lsu. kentucky at the colonel life arena on saturday. clemson basketball, quick acc turn around. the tigers coming off a loss against virginia tech over the end with. back in action, monday night
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clemson hosting notre dame in greenville 9:00 on espn-u. tigers and irish both 7-4 in abc play. let's talk a little football. the carolina panthers returning to the charlotte area tonight. not the monday night cflebration they were hoping for. one former gamecock, a big reason for that. darian stewart, denver broncos safety. a deflection on cam newton & company and forced a mike toll better fumble ---- mike toll better fumble -- mike tolbert better fumble. stewart goes from undrafted gamecock to world champion bronco. >> i told them, man. we were the best. just across the border, we had the talent. nobody believed in us and we went out and handed our business. >> congratulations to him. big night of sports coming up tonight at 11:00. that will do it for sports in
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news at 6:00. this week is a reminder that winter has not left us. look at the highs. only in the 40s. tomorrow is going to be blustery. windy, cold. look at the lows, too. we're down into the 20s all week long, with the exception of friday night into saturday morning. get ready for a cold week ahead, you two. >> it is cold outside now. you've been watching abc columbia news at 6:00. thanks for making us your choice for news. >> stay tuned for "world news tonight" with david muir. it's next. we'll see you tonight for abc
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tonight, breaking news here. a blizzard hits with the showdown in new hampshire just hours away now. abc's powerhouse political team, out in force tonight. one-on-one with donald trump. can he close the deal here? one-on-one with marco rubio, after taking fire. >> did you fight from your own legislation? repeating his lines on stage. >> there it is. >> what he says now.
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