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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  February 9, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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we just see it growing and growing. >> eric and rochelle, the franklin graham prayer rally is well under way here at the statehouse. if you take a look behind me, you can see there are hundreds if not thousands of people out here at the statehouse. right now, they are taking a moment to pray together which they had been doing throughout the morning here this morning. now, this is part of a 50-state tour graham is using to encourage christians to live through god and pray for our nation as well as our nation's leaders. that includes those leaders that are running for the presidential race this year. as he is encouraging p pple to pray before they head to the polls. now, he says he does not endorse any specific candidate. in fact, this morning, he did mention at the start of this rally that he does not have hope in the republican party or the democratic party. but he does have hope and faith in the power of prayer and that's what he's encouraging christians to do out here today. he's encouraging them to look for a biblical leader in the next president. we will have much more on this coming up tonight at 6:00.
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of his messsse. you will hear from them coming up tonight on abc columbia. from the statehouse, jennifer ready, back to you guys. >> jennifer, thank you. the first in the nation primary is under way in new hampshire. votes started coming in at midnight with the small community of dixville notch. only has 12 residents. they made sure their voices were heard. bernie sanders won all four votes and ohio governor john kasich won the most republican votes. a new cnn poll finds bernie sanders and donald trump holding substantial leads in the race for the white house. sanders holds 54% of the vote compared to democratic rival hillary clinton's 40%. and trump tops the g.o.p. field with 31% of the vote. that's well ahead of marco rubio's 15%. >> some well known actresses are getting in on the action urging students to get out and vote. angela bassett will headline a get out and vote rally at south carolina stateniversity today
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martin luther king jr. auditorium. bassett is endorsing hillary clinton for president and she also is making a stop at the university and moments ago was here behind us at the statehouse. meanwhile, actress vivica fox was with her here at the statehouse. she'll be headlining an event at voorhees college and denmark technical college later today. south carolina voters will be the next in line to cast their ballots in the g.o.p. primary will take place as a reminder, february 20th. the democratic primary will take place the week after on february 27th. well, i'm sure many of us wish we could have a vote on this weather. >> that's right. unfortunately, it doesn't look like we have much of a choice on this one. it's nice to see that many showing up for franklin graham behind us despite the cold. meteorologist jonathan kennedy has a first look at the forecast. jonathan? >> good afternoon, guys. i'm taking no credit for seeing the weather that we have today. it's cold and windy. sunshine has completely gone away for us.
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still a really big turnout for the rally across the street. 41 degrees. winds out of the west at 20 to 25 miles per hour so it still feels like it's in the low 30's. a lot of people braving the cold and the wind so far this afternoon. thankfully, they don't have to be braving any type of rain or any other type of frozen precipitation. we're looking at a try setup for us this afternoon. it's getting cloudier and you can start to see some traces of precipitation on the radar. we have a rain/snow mix. some snow as you get up towards hendersonville. a few rain showers popping up to our south and southeast as well. i don't expect to see any precipitation today. i stick with the cold air and wind which is not that great on its own. at least it won't be rainy for us. 41 right now. 37 in newberry. 37 in saluda. wind chills in the lower 30's and winds, they're cranking up. 20 to 25 miles per hour. sustained winds.
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is going to be very breezy outside this afternoon. we have that lake wind advisory for us in effect for us. likely see a chilly setup for the remainder of the day today. cloudy for the rest of the day as well. high is 45. that will curtata that heating, obviously with the cloudy conditions and not a lot of sunshine to go around. cold start tonight and tomorrow. show you what to expect for the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we'll talk a little health now. after years on the decline, new south carolina moms experience an increase in preventable birth defect last year. reports show 33 moms statewide gave birth to babies with birth defects that could have been prevented. health professionals with the south carolina birth defects prevention program say they're taking all of this in very seriously. >> because it has become an increase, we are very alert and realize that we need to do more education. >> officials say expectant moms
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healthy and taking multivitamins every day. take folic acid before getting pregnant and early pregnancy that can lower the risk of having a baby with birth defects. we have an on-line version of this story on our website at fight against breast cancer got a lot stronger. >> yeah, the city of columbia has donated $8,000 to the palmetto health found a's bosom buddies fund. it's the breast cancer support group. if you or someone you know is living with breast cancer and you need someone to talk to, the bosom buddies group meets the second tuesday of the month at 6:30 in the evening at palmetto health baptist. attorneys for michael slager say they want access to d.n.a. swabs collected by state police on the taser slager used during his deadly interaction with walter scott. >> that's right. the defense team did get access to that taser back in january under consent order. but now seeks access to the swabs that were used to collect
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the position seeks to have an independent analysis of the evidence collected. they say both scott's and slager's d.n.a. is present on that taser. new tests may show that scott good control of the taser before the shooting. testing, though, must be completed by friday. attorney general loretta lynch plans to visit six cities in the ming months to highlight police departments she sees as role models for law enforcement. the initiative is a part of a national discussion on police use of force and effective law enforcement tactics. the topic has taken a new urgency amid a series of high profile police shootings of unarmed men in such places as we heard about in ferguson, missouri and even right here in south carolina in north charleston. well, back here at home, p pice say they're looking for a burglary suspect who broke into a mattress store. >> take a look at this surveillance footage taken from mattress man in columbia. police say the man y y see broke
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if you can help investigators, you're asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. the richland county sheriff's department says it's looking for a man accused of not paying child support. vincent boatwright owns in excess of $71,000. anyone who fails to pay child support should turn themselves in to the richland county sheriff's warrant division. that's located off eugey street. anyone with information on boatwright's location, you're asked to call crimestoppers. a pair of d.u.i. arrests have kershaw deputies breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon. the sheriff's office says deputies narrowly avoided head-on collisions on two separate occasions. deputies say thomas mccray came close to hitting a deputy head on along u.s. 21 in rembert. they add that cecile townsend nearly hit a deputy while driving the wrong way. both mccray and townsend are charged with driving under the
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>> tonight is second shift tuesday at the south carolina state museum which means they'll be keeping the doors open a little later until 8:00 tonight. if you can't make it out tonight, well, you're in luck. you can kick off valentine's day just a little bit earar at the museum with the production of "that's amore y'all." spent the evening strolling through the galleries and enjoying special cosmic love stories in the planetarium. that will run from 6:00 until 9:00 friday night. and the love doesn't stop from. -- there. it's a chance to make sure everybody has a valentine on february 14th. is reaching out to young volunteers across the country to craft handmade valentine's day messages for the elderly members of our community. >> messages will be distributed by meals on wheels through monday. you can sign up at the website you see on n e screen. letters and here's something sweeter than valentine's day chocolates. young people who sign up and
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eligible to win a $5,000 scholarship. that's sweeter. >> yeah, it is. >> if you're trying to make valentine's day plans for that special someone, forget paris. when it comes to love, the capital city is at the top of the charts aconsideredcording to amazon. the on-line retailer released the list of the most romantic cities in the country. columbia comes in at number seven. baseed on the sell of movies, books and music. topping the list, alexandria, virginia, known for lovers, right? >> they always say virginia is for lovers. we're hot. we've gotten beat. >> speaking of love, should have some coffee lovers perking up. >> that's right. one special commercial spot has customers clamoring to warm up
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that story is a sip away. >> welcome back. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to help in the fight against the zika virus. >> the request comes as the world health organization calls it a public health emergency. the administration wants the money for emergency response in the u.s. and overseas. it's also targeted for research of the mosquito-born virus. chipotle serving up safety following the e-coli outbreak in a number of restaurants. >> that's right. the chain shut their doors for four hours during lunchtime to train employees on new safety regulations but to make up for it, chipotle is offering free burritos today to customers who
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lunch yesterday but couldn't get it. to take advantage of the offer, however, you have to text rain check as one word to the number 888222. so triple 8, triple 2. yep. those super bowl ads appear to be giving one company a gusto. death wish coffee, in particular, beat out thousands of people across the country to win their commercial spot during the super bowl. and now, everyone trying to see what the company has brewing. the 13 masterminds behind the strong coffee beans say they're getting orders from as far away as japan, australia and canada. >> hot cup of joe may be what the doctor ordered to get you through the day if you're going to be outside at all. >> that's right. pretty chilly outside. doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon. meteorologist jonathan kennedy
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and gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. a very cold and blustery tuesday afternoon for us and that is not letting up any time soon. probably going to see temperatures pretty much stay put where they are right now. take a look at our roof cam looking across the street over towards the statehouse fortunately big crowd to see franklin graham today and they are certainly braving the elements. not necessarily wet today by any means but it's very cold and very windy. 41 right now.
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all the sunshine is gone. we saw perfectly clear skies, that sunshine this morning. and riding that westerly wind at 20 to 25 miles per hour. cloud cover moving in on that wind. wind also making it feel colder so you can pretty much blame all the bad weaer on the wind today. looking at a dry setup for us for now. we are watching a few showers of rain and snow back to the west and that's a little bit of an area of concern. some of that could leak our way. even if it does, i don't expect to see any impact from it. at the most, a few flurries for most of us here. temperatures in the upper 30's climbing into the low 40's locally. bishopville is a warmer spot at 45. just 41 here downtown. camden 41 as well and 47 there for saluda out to wagner. winds out of the west, pretty consistently. we're not seeing the winds slacking at all for most areas.
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early this morning when that's typically the calmer time of the day. very windy day. wind chill right now 42. it feels like at or below freezing for about anybody and feels like 28 degrees, 27 out towards newberry. it's going to be a cold afternoon. i think we do warm up a few more degrees with cloudy skies in the mid 40's or so. should be in the 20's tonight. look at the snow picking up in georgia going down towards atlanta. some really nice snow squalls there going from huntsville to atlanta coming in from nashville as well. and that's kind of encroaching into us. we're going to be watching that through the afternoon. could see a few snow flurries for us. as we check out the models and what they have spitting out for us here, just a few little showers of maybe a few flurries possible but no accumulation is expected with this sysysm at all. it will be something maybe to look at in the sky. that's just about it. i don't expect us to see much impact as this system makes its way through. after that, much drier forecast for us as we head into tomorrow. all that cloud cover kind of goes away and we'll see a much sunnier day but it is still
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so have the janth. have the gloves. have the scarves handy. it's going to be cold and blustery over the next couple of days. we'll be in the kind of mid to upper 40's today. 27 tonight. 45 for the high tomorrow. 23 for the low tomorrow night. as we head into the weekend, not a whole lot better for us. even on valentine's day for sunday. highs of around 42. i think there's a lot of places that may not get out of the 30's so 42 is probably on the upper end of where we're going to be. a lot of cold air coming our way and really nothing above 50 degrees for the next seven days. >> yeah. a lot of cold air coming our way. the crowds are starting to skeedaddle behind us. best of the best battled it out on the court last night. but only one team could walk away the winner. >> a look back at a fight to the finish that had gamecock fans
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seats!33 nothing but girl power on the cot as >> we're talking sports. and nothing but girl power on the court as u.s.c. women's basketball took on the undefeated uconn huskies. >> that's right. but the nail biter of a game did not have the ending many gamecock fans were hoping for. tim hill has more in the sports minute to win it. >> more than 18,000 gamecock fans on hand at a soldout colonial life arena. undefeated gamecocks taking on number one and undefeated uconn. asia wilson goes down with an injury in the second quarter. she would return to the ballgame.
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points for the gamecocks. carolina down 10 at half and never got back into the ballgame in the second half. two time defending player of the year, 29 points and 10 rebounds. they take it 66-54. u.s.c.'s first loss of the season. clemson's first home acc loss of the year coming in greenville late last night despite a career high 30 points from jaron blossom. all five notre dame starters get into double figures. 89-83 that final score. and s.c. state rolling at home. they go to 9-2 and sit at top of the conference standings. 82-78, daryl palmer and company get the win against morgan state. i'm tim hill. that's the columbia sports minute to win it. hope it helps get your tuesday off to a good start. >> thanks, tim. whether you're in it for the big game or famous ads, super bowl 50 one of the most watched
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now to put that into perspective, nearly 112 million people watched sunday's big game. marking its territory as one of the top three events for viewership. >> wow. >> one local group you could add to that list of viewers was the u.s.c. advertising class. >> yeah. every year, about 100 students in that class gather for the super bowl ads each using a special remote to evaluate the commercials on likeability, per persuasiveness. steve harvey and the t mobile ads have won the night. they have been invited to the school to be presented with the veted cocky award. >> something else we're watching this afternoon, the weather. >> yeah, we are feeling it, too. one last look at the seven day
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that's next. >> cloudy and cold tuesday afternoon. i wouldn't be surprised to see maybe a few flurries here and there but don't expect to see any accumulation with that. it will be cold and sunny for the rest of the week and likely through the valentine's day as well. >> make the chili and stay inside. >> exactly. find someone to cuddle up with it. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you back here for
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