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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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pointing out he has a history here. he was a part of the corruption investigation involving the sheriff. >> he faced his charges. >> leon pleaded guilty to knowingly hiring illegal immigrants and paying a public official to avoid those employees being processese >> he is not a flight risk. >> ultimately, the judge set bond at $500,000 and established a strict set of conditions which include a set curfew for electronic monitoring, surrendering of passport and having no contact with his wife. >> leon is being held at the detention center and he is scheduled to face a judge in federal court next week for violating the terms of his probation. reporting in lexington county, beth rousseau, abc columbia news. >> and unrepentant cold harded murderer, those words from the circuit court judge jeffrey young today as he sentenced joseph manners to two life sentences plus 30 years. manners was convicted of setting
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grandparents in sumter back in 2013. >> staying in sumter now, car trouble leads to two men getting caught with drugs and guns. investigators say last night lloyd evans and mark floyd were riding through the small town of pinewood when a deputy noticed they had a headlight and taillight out. deputies say after they pulled him over, they found meth, heroin and three rifles. but it was a democrat making political >> well, the republican primary may be tomorrow but it was a democrat today making political headlines in columbia. >> this morning at allen university, congressman jim clyburn endorsed hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. clyburn says his decision was not an easy one. >> today, however, my head and my heart are in the same place. the few people speculated that my head was with one candidate
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that's not the case at all. my heart has always been with hillary clinton. >> you may remember that clyburn chose to remain neutral during the 2008 campaign refusing to endorse clinton or then senator barack obama. >> for the republicans, florida senator marco rubio continued to campaign today with governor nikki haley by his side and earlier today, representative trey gowdy and senator tim scott joined rubio and haley at the downtown marriott in columbia. rubio says if elected, he will lead america into a new golden era. >> it turned out to be a new american century, the greatest era in our history. we have a chance to be the authors of the greatest chapter in the amazing story of america and that's why i need your support tomorrow so i'm asking for your help. >> rubio is sticking around in the midlands. his primary night watch party
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on shop road. >> jeb bush continued his campaign in the upstate today and this time he had a special guest. his mother. former first lady barbara bush appeared at events in greensville and anderson today. >> ted cruz had a celebrity guest campaigning along the coast. phil robertson of "duck dynasty" appeared at cruz events in charleston and myrtle beach. according to a "washington post" poll released today, cruz is a distant second behind trump, donald trump, with rubio just behind. the texas senator picked up an endorsement this afternoon. u.s. representative and former governor mark sanford announced he is supporting ted cruz's run for the white house. >> get him out. get him out. >> of course, never a dull moment on the trump campaign. earlier today, donald trump's rally in myrtle beach was interrupted by protesters. trump continues to enjoy a double digit lead in south carolina, according to most polls. and just within the past few moments, we have learned that
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has endorsed the real estate mogul. governor john kasich on the campaign trail in the midlands this morning stopping in columbia. >> all this week, we've been bringing you profiles for each candidate ahead of tomorrow's primary. we have more on john kasich and his campaign. auto >> and ben and alicia, underdog john kasich pulled off a surprise in new hampshire. here, he is pulling fifth and backing his campaign on his experience as governor that he says sets him part from his fellow g.o.p. contenders. >> let's talk aboutany of you. >> high off his success in new hampshire finishing second, presidential hopeful john kasich continues his quest for the highest office. >> i don't know if you noticed. we did pretty well in new hampshire. >> in a tense and sometimes nasty g.o.p. race, the ohio governor is playing mr. nice guy avoiding heated feuds with other candidates and instead, centering his campaign on bringing americans together.
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the border, social security, wage growth, balancing budgets, if we want to do these things, you can't do it with just one party. >> he cites his experience helping balance the federal budget as one example of how he can work with others to get things done. his vision for the future including growing the economy. >> you need common sense regulations so small business can flourish. you need lower taxes both on businesses and individuals. >> among his contenders, kasich sparz on the issue of immigration going against donald trump who calls for millions of illegal immigrants to be deported. >> we have 11 1/2 million people if they have not committed a crime since they've been here, make them pay a fine and back taxes and give them a path to legalization never to citizenship. >> all major issues aside, governor kasich in a heart warming moment gone viral during a south carolina campaign stop. >> i was pretty depressed. but i found hope. and i found in the lord and in
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my presidential candidate that i support. and i really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. >> you got to celebrate other people's wins and sometimes you got to sit with them and cry. >> and happening right now, governor kasich is holding an election eve rally in charleston. however, tomorrow, for the first in the south primary, kasich will not be in the palmetto state. instead, he'll be holding a rally in massachusetts. from the newsroom, jennifer ready, abc columbia news. >> all right. thank you so much, jennifer. let's talk economics now. no matter who wins, the first in the south primary, south carolina comes out on top. according to the u.s. travel association, the average campaign staffer or media member spends $350 a day during the primary weeks. also, that creates more than 24 million in hotel revenue. and one job for every 32 campaign staffers or media members. >> in washington, the body of
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the building where he built judicial legacy. his casket arrived at the supreme court this morning ahead of a private ceremony in the great hall. president obama paid his respects today at the court. scalia's funeral will be held tomorrow. >> justice scalia's death has created a heated debate on capitol hill and on the campaign trail. issue -- how and when his replacement should be nominated. the white house says that president barack obama will start reading through extensive packets of information about potential supreme court nominees this weekend. the information includes details of the professional careers, records and experience. the press secretary says the packets were prepared by the white house lawyers. >> today is opening day for the gamecocks baseball team and tim will have more on that coming up. but really, couldn't ask for better weather for some baseball. >> it was gorgeous outside our window here at main and gervais. john farley joins us now with a live look at our current conditions.
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right now outside, nice evening right now. mainly clear and the temperatures are still pretty comfortable. here you take a look at it and see upper 50's for many of us. mid 50's for some. as we go through the evening, not bad. slowly work their way down and tonight is not going to be very cold by any stretch. we're in the upper 40's even at 11:00. as we go to tomorrow, this is how things will shake out. yes, it will be warmer. i don't want to suggest that it's going to be bright and sunny all day. there will be a mix of clouds throughout. nonetheless, the temperatures will climb up to around the low 70's or so. so again, gamecocks playing home again tomorrow against albany and it won't be quite that sunny. but again, the temperatures will be warm into the low 70's with winds out of the southwest. rest of the weekend forecast and there's rain in the seven day all coming up. >> thank you, john. up next, a federal agency says
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technology upgrade. >> plus, she penned what to many is one of the greatest novels ever written. coming up, we'll celebrate the
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news. the personal medical information of one million south carolinians is at risk. today the u- >> personal medical information of one million south carolinians is at risk. today, the u.s. department of health and human services says the state's 40-year-old computer system opens the records up to the possibility of cyber theft. the state's medicaid director says his agency has already taken action on report's findings. >> american writer harper lee
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novel "to kill a mockingbird" has died. the classic bestseller was the only book that she ever published until last year when its sequel "go set a watchman" was released. "to kill a mockingbird" won the 1961 pulitzer prize. harper lee was 89 years old. up next, chief meteorologist
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seven day forecast. >> welcome back. beautiful friday out there. terrific week end as well. here in columbia, we got to 63. that's right about average. as we go forward to the weekend, we're going to warm it up. let's show you what's going on in terms of the temperatures. highs today, there you see in the northern part of the midlands, we're in the upper 50's. southern part of the midlands, a little warmer than that. so let's give you the headlines. the weekend is going to be warmer. that said, there will be plenty of clouds in the mix on through the weekend so the temperatures will be warm. but don't expect bright sunshiny days. that said also, the weekend looks like it will just keep clouds, rain, that comes in here starting on monday. there will be showers and then more substantial rain as we go further into the week. so let's give you a look at what's going on out here tonight. temperatures not very cold. only going to get down to the mid 40's so even overnight tonight, so compare that to last night, when we were down around freezing, big, big difference. the difference is we have winds out of the southwest whereas last night we had them out of the north. changes everything. as we go into tomorrow, it's
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again, the clouds will be in play all the way through but here are the temperatures. orangeburg, 73. newberry 69. looks like we'll top out right around 71. low 70's. now, if you have plans this weekend, maybe golf part of your plans, terrific! again, clouds here and there. low 70's both days. and no problems out on the lakes in terms of wind. winds will be gently out of the west-southwest all weekend long. here's a look ahead not just for the "this week with david brinkley" -- weekend but into next week. next monday, showers. they arrive primarily late in the day and the focus of the rain will be for us on tuesday where it looks like we'll get a fair amount of rain out of this. still lingering showers into wednesday. finally, we get some clearing and that will take us into the end of next week. but again, no real cold temperatures all the way through the seven day forecast. and the focus is rain that's on
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in the near term, though, the weekend is just fine. >> all right. i believe preach john farley, preach applies there. >> amen follows. >> i think i heard a couple out of you when he was talking about the seven day. coming up, gamecocks will be wearing under armourere for the next decade and getting paid well to do it. >> plus a perfect afternoon for carolina baseball's opening day. see if they could play as well
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next in sports. start a season.hi, i'm tim hill. >> good way to start a season. hi, i'm tim hill. chad holbroke says gamecock baseball will not dwell on last season when it missed the ncaa tournament for the first time this century. the carolina coach says he won't forget it either. road to redemption starts on a perfect day for baseball at the newly renamed founders park. more than 7400 fans on hand. u.s.c. hosting the albany great danes. clark schmidt looking good on the hill for opening day. early strikeout there. and then the gamecock defense helping schmidt out behind him. u.s.c. struggled a little bit in
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hopkins helping schmidt out here in the third. one of two assists in the game for hopkins. that's a double play. hopkins one of five new position players in the starting line-up. the u.s.c. catcher john jones smacking this one to right center field. the transfer clears the bases. it's a three-run double and the gamecocks go on to get seven runs combined in the third and fourth innings. schmidt dealing on the mound. at last check, u.s.c. up 9-1 in the bottom of sixth inning. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. former assistant coach monty lee making his debut for the arch rival. lee is the third clemson baseball coach since 1958. game number one today against maine, ironically, lee's predecessor jack leggett's alma mater. third tiger batter of the season. rolling down the right field line. clemson takes a 2-0 lead. but not going anywhere. after bouncing back from a slow start, they come back to tie
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things bouncing their way. clemson unable to make the plays on defense. and then the bears take the lead in the sixth inning at last check, maine up 3-2. clemson looking to come back late. we will have the conclusion for you tonight at 11:00. and quite the opening day down in charleston. chris singleton nationally known for speaking out the night after his mother was tragically killed in the emanuel nine shooting, singleton and charleston southern hosting west virginia at joe ridley park. sophomore outfielder, not wasting any time. just missing a home run here. a couple of runs would come around to score. singleton ends up with three r.b.i. on the ballgame including the game-winner. c.s.u. goes on to beat west virginia 4-3 the final score. the west virginia head coach, former clemson standout says you don't want to be happy after losing but hard for him not to
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u.s.c. board of trustees approving a 10-year deal for $71.5 million with an endorsement for under armour so south carolina will stay in under armour school. that $71.5 million is the second richest endorsement deal in the sec. seventh in the nation. u.s.c. assistant football coach's salaries finalized today. coordinators robinson and curt roper lead the list, as you would imagine. t-rob as he's known who will be the defensive coordinator for carolina topping the list of assistant coach salaries at $750,000. offensive coordinator roper right behind him at $700,000. and one former gamecock pro player is looking for a new nfl team. today, the st. louis now los angeles rams released tight end jared cook. cook was drafted by tennessee and once their old coach jeff fisher moved on to st. louis, he moved on with them. fisher says he wishes cook well
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both a player and a man. certainly a big time tight end, guys, will catch on in the nfl. interesting to see where cook ends up and interesting to see how clemson baseball ends up. we'll have that for you tonight at 11:00. >> one last look at the seven day forecast.
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gervais. >> weekend forecast looks just fine. it will be cloudy but it will be warmer. look at that. low 70's both days. overnight lows only down in the 50's as well. so it's going to feel a little bit more like spring than winter. next week, we get some showers starting on munldonday. more active tuesday. a few more showers on wednesday and things clear out for the end of the week. we'll focus back on the weekend. we're doing fine. >> all right. so you say this weekend is a good time for you to go sailing. >> go boating. >> on the lake. if you're voting in the g.o.p. primary to vote, yes. lots of things. get out. >> and we have company behind us. you can't see him through the windows but national media is in town. the primary.
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south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one passenger trapped. and the dramatic fire whorls, the whipping winds in chicago. >> your money tonight, are you passing up free money? and america remembering harper lee and her work, read by generations of american


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