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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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saying they're going to monitor the situation and rely on law enforcement to investigate the matter. abc columbia news. another story we're following. richland county sheriff leon lott has fired a deputy over claims that he stole a piece of tape. >> abc columbia's grace joyal is live at the sheriff's department with details on the termination. grace. >> grace: ben and alicia, sheriff lott says this happened a week ago during a domestic disturbance call. the sheriff says deputy kaleb broome stole a piece of double-sided tape and defaced a poster in the victim's garage. the other deputy who was with broom told him not to do it, but broome ignored him, so sheriff lot says he reported it. lott says broome wanted to use the tape to hold driver's licenses up in his squad car while he was running them. broome is charged with misconduct while in office. that carries up to a year in prison. sheriff lott says he knows it
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even if it's a ten cent theft, it's still stealing. >> the trust that the community places in us is to have deputies out here that have integrity and character to do the right thing, and he didn't. >> sheriff lott says he got rid of someone who does not deserve to be wearing that badge. broome is a two-year member of the force and abc columbia has confirmed that he was a member of the gamecock football team for two seasons back in 2011 and 2012. broome was taken to jail this afternoon, and the sheriff says tonight he's out on a 10,000-dollar personal recognizance bond. live from the sheriff's >> thanks. state lawmakers continue to stall a vote on a bill aimed at fictioning the state's roads. >> abc columbia's jennifer ready joins us at the statehouse on the filibuster and what people are calling on lawmakers to do. >> ben and alicia, we are now in
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the senate floor, and today we heard from senator gerald malloy, who was discussing a bill completely unrelated in order to delay that filibuster on the roads bill. as the senate continues to hit a roadblock on the roads bill, business leaders from across the state are calling for immediate action. >> we really started with roads this session where we ended last session. >> inside lawmakers continue to stall the roads bill. >> what we're doing there is we're just having a discussion, and the roads bill is behind it. >> while outside business leaders from across the state are calling for immediate action to fix the state's decaying infrastructure. >> you don't need signs along our highways to tell us welcome to south carolina. if you're in a vehicle, the minute your tires hit the road, you know you're in south carolina. there's no question about that. >> the group of organizations is pushing for the senate to pass a long-term comprehensive roads bill. that includes a recurring source
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>> it's time we stop the arrangements and go ahead and fix these roads. >> several business leaders citing the economic impact poor roads have on south carolina. >> we're frustrated because we cannot get our goods and services to our businesses on time. it's cost us hundreds of millions of dollars in idle time, sitting on our interstates and on our secondary roads as we try to move goods and services. >> the bill is currently held up on the senate floor by several conservative lawmakers who are against the 12-cent gas tax. other senators are ready to answer calls for action and stop the delays. >> we committed to a roads bill. you couldn't dissuade us from voting for a roads bill if we had to. >> senate will be back in session wednesday morning at 10 o'clock, and we do expect a full day of roads bill discussion. abc columbia news. if you don't enjoy your time up here, let me admonish you today to look at yourself in the
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blessed. >> wow. an emotional representative, grady brown, announcing today he will not seek reelection after serving 32 years in the south carolina house. representative brown says he does not have the edge and physical stamina to serve another two years. he's a democratic representative from lee county. a great evening to get outside, but you better do it now, because i believe there are some changes coming. >> alicia: yeah, some rain changes. chief meteorologist john farley is here now. >> things are changing here. we'll start with you now and get you forward. you see wind out there and also clouds filling in. if you're stepping out tonight, what i will tell you, it's still relatively warm. look at the temperatures. mid cents. wind is out of the southwest, and it's going to stay up for the next several hours. that will be in advance of this storm fronts that will be moving in later tonight. let's give you a peek at that front. there it is off to our west. notice, as we get in close on is, there are some decent rain
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but also the thing to notice is this thing is trucking along. it's not slowing down whatsoever. so it's going to come through. when it does, it will probably touch off not only rain but probably a thunderstorm or two and move fairly quickly. it will be done with us maybe an hour or half in our, something like that, of rain at your house, and then it's done. the several hours here in the evening, it will be windy. in terms. rain, it looks like it will hold off until sometime after 10. overnight tonight, this is how things are going to play out. the focus of the rain will be from about midnight to 4 in the morning. that goes entire midland. it's going to push through fairly quickly. then we'll quiet things down for tomorrow morning's commute and the rest of the day tomorrow looks just fine. we'll go over specifics on that and look ahead to the weekend in a few minutes. >> alicia: it's called super tuesday for a reason. today is the single biggest day of voting in the presidential race until the general election. >> ben: it's huge.
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course of the rest of this election. abc's mars mars -- marcie gonzalez has more. >> today the jabs flying. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> in the last minute push before super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> candidates covering as much ground as they can. >> from the only campaign that can be donald trump, us. >> to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary with voting in 12 states with 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> while on the g.o.p. side, trump looks to surge ahead even further with the latest not polls showing 49% of republican
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>> get 'em out. get 'em out. >> the frontrunner today, brushing off protestors and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about his endorsement from former clue ku klux klan wizard david duke. >> would you just say unhe unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support. >> well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> trump claims he just didn't hear the question and says he has disavowed david duke. meanwhile trump is pulling behind here in texas where senator ted cruz hopes his constituents will bring him a much-needed win. marcie gone gonzalez, abc news, austin, texas. keep it right here. we'll have the latest with super tuesday right on this newscast and stay here on abc for the latest on special reports throughout the evening as results come in. in richland county, a teenager is accused of killing a
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jose reyes arrested and charged with murder in connection with a hall drive. deputies say reyes was an acquaintance in the victim. deputies found the victim in his crashed car around 8:30 after a report of gunshots. >> ben: coming up, are you looking for a new twist on an old favorite? >> alicia: there is a new business popping up in the capitol city. stay with us. gervais. abc columbia is on the radio. listen to alicia barnes for
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the big dm. a new shop is helping to pop up development welcome back a new shop is helping to pop up development on north main street. carolina kernels held a grand
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helped cut the ribbon. leaders say this is just the beginning of revitalization for the area. >> i wanted something that was close to where i grew up, because there's not a lot over here as far as businesses. there's a lot of neighborhoods and homes, but nothing to really go to, shop, enjoy, sit down and eat, not a lot of stuff. so i thought it would be the perfect location, just to kind of bring it back home. >> got to love that. carolina kernels will have more than 60 gourmet popcorn flavors, and tell me this doesn't sound good. key lime and cinnamon roll. >> i need to go get some. >> the lexington county blowfish hope to hit one out of the park and we're not talking about baseball. today blowfish announced plans to host the first st. patrick's day parade in downtown lexington. it's expected to take place march 12th at 2 p.m. with a full lineup. this is a people's parade.
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it's all free, and it's all coming in 11 days. >> we love free. lexington county native south carolina, major general robert livingston will be the grand marshal. how about that? >> it will be good. if shanahan is putting it on, it will be a good show. coming up, john farley has your hd forecast. and we may see rain later tonight.
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columbia news at 6. weather on abc columbia. welcome back. another warm day out there today. check it out.
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not that far from the record. the record 83, so only 6 degrees away from the record. allow let's show you what's happening out there right now. it's still pretty warm. wind out of the southwest keeping temperatures up. most of us are north of 70, just north of 70, and it's going to take a while for the temperatures to drop off. so a warm evening if you're headed out. you won't need your umbrella until problem 11 and beyond. let's show you what i'm talking about and why that's the case. notice off to our west there's some rain, and as we get in closer on this, you'll see the line is now just essentially west of atlanta, and that will continue to push through. the thing about it is, it's moving very quickly. once it gets in here, it's going to move through fairly quickly, probably touch off a few thunderstorms when it does, but it should be out of our hair by the time we get up tomorrow rning. here is the timing on it. 10 o'clock, there is the mainline in the upstate. but watch as we go into the wee hours of the morning. this thing is ripping across the state. by the time we get to about
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when it looks like it will be slicing through most of us in the midlands. very thin line. kind of intense for a little bit, and then it continues to watch what happens. by the time we get to the morning commute, there's 3 o'clock, still a few lingering showers, but by the time we get it is out of here. we stop this thing at 8 o'clock in the morning, and you see the skies clearing. behind it, it will be a little breezy. in terms of the main event, that's tonight. and then tomorrow looks like a pretty nice day, cooler than today, but a nice day. rain with possibly a thunderstorm mixed in tonight. notice the temperatures dropping down to about 54 or so. but it will be all night long as they go down. here's a look at your commute forecast. again, breezy, but it should be, if not clear, clearing, and the temperatures, as you see, mid 50s or so. as we go to tomorrow afternoon, nice day, a little on the breezy side, cooler than today. we'll see highs generally either side of 60. that's where we will sit, and
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to happen? we talked about the possibility of some rain late thursday into friday. now, it look like more into late thursday, but it looks like it will hold off until after sunset. if you have plans during the day thursday, that looks fine. this looks like thursday late evening, overnight, and then friday things will clear out for us. a little cool into saturday, but notice as well head towards next week 77 by the time we get to tuesday. so things warming up considerably by early next week. all right. >> john, thanks. coming up, gamecock baseball goes on the road for the first time this season. chad holbrook's comments from charleston are on the one. plus usc women's basketball here. the details on the post-season awards rolling in all next in
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wofford domination continues.hi, i' the sec domination continues. hi, i'm tim hill. first undefeated sec season in school history this year for usc women's basketball, just the second ever perfect run through conference play in the sec.
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roll in. all gamecocks at the top today. sophomore forward aja wilson earning sec player of the year honors. actually keeping teammate tiffany mitchell from winning her third sec player of the year honor in a row. wilson also takes defensive player of the year honors in the sec. she averaged three blocked shots. dawn staley, the sec coach of the year for the third straight season, that's what happens when you go a perfect 16 and 0 in conference play. mitchell, making the all sec team, guard doing that for the third straight year. alaina coates making her first all sec first team. the gamecocks certainly well presented. they'll play again friday at the sec tournament. that game will be at noon. they'll take on the winner of auburn and missouri. carolina baseball hits the road for the first time this
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first loss of the season. chad holbrook and company in charleston to take on the citadel. 7 o'clock game time. the juco transfer looking to continue his ridiculous streak from over the weekend when he reached base all 14 times against penn state. the citadel and fred jordan off to a good start this season. they're 5 and 1 so far on the year. should be a fun night of baseball. >> college baseball is great in the state of south carolina, not just citadel and south carolina, but clem -- clemson, a lot of great programs. we're thrill to showcase it tonight and a great setting in this park. it's going to be a great atmosphere and i'm sure a competitive game. >> clemson in action looking to win its sixth straight game this afternoon hosting undefeated wofford. tigers on base. up one nothing in the fourth. wilson makes it 2-nothing. the tigers not done. chris williams keeps it going in
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not a great day to play third base if you're a terrier. at last check, this ball game in the sixth inning with clemson up 6ee nothing. we'll have -- 6-nothing. final coming up tonight. clemson basketball closing out the home portion of its schedule tonight, and doing it against the two time defending acc champion virginia cavaliers. the tigers played close in the first match-up between these two teams up in charlottesville but lost in a close one. jordan roper closing outside his home career, an up and down clemson career for roper. he's looking up to finish his senior season strong after a couple recent des disappointments. >> we were pretty disappointed in our performance the past few games and take what we learned from those experiences and keep trying to grind. that's all we can do, take what we learned so far and string together some wins. >> tonight's clemson-virginia
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highlights at 11. now.
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news at six. after the showers good through tonight, skies will
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thursday, late, a few showers again, and it clears out for several days and warms up into next week. >> you've been watching abc columbia news at six. thanks for making us your choice for news. >> stay tuned for your world tonight with david muir. see you back here at 11.
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breaking news tonight. the first major clues coming in right now. the super tuesday showdown. as we come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are saying. what's driving them at the polls. can donald trump be stopped? the high stakes battle across a dozen states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, battling to take trump cown. >> donald trump will be an embarrassment to america. >> donald trump could be a disaster. and hillary clinton tonight, and her pivot to the national race. how she would take on trump and
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>> they're now running their campaigns based on insults. long lines at this hour. will there be record-setting turnout? and scout voercould voters be sending clinton and trump on a collision course this november? abc's powerhouse political team on it all. it's your voice, your vote. "world news tonight" begins now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on this super tuesday. and let's get right to it. the single biggest day of voting in the presidential primaries. at this hour, voting still under way. long lines. the stakes enormous. a record turnout is expected tonight. straight to the pictures coming in at this hour from arlington, virginia, lining up at a fire station there. steady turnout at a church in atlanta, the south playing a major role tonight. and in ft. worth, texas, that state possibly pivotal on the republican side. the line snaking out the door. in all, voters weighing in in 12 states.


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