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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  March 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart, we can come together to make this country work for everyone. >> i mean, if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she won't in the next four years. it will become worse and worse. >> all right. donald trump, hillary clinton winning big on super tuesday. cnn reports that donald trump won five states. hillary clinton six states. there are reports that trump will take arkansas. has that been confirmed? >> several are reporting that. >> i'm alicia barnes. >> i'm ben hoover. it's looking like the front-runners will stay on top of their parties. here's more on the results so far. [ cheers ] >> thank you all so much. >> reporter: cheers erupting at the florida headquarters for hillary clinton after georgia and virginia were called for her. two states she lost the last
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tuesday. >> reporter: bernie sanders, easily winning his home state of vermont. home. >> reporter: supporters happy with the outcome, chanting his popular slogan, feel the burn. the super tuesday contests are a front-runners and a test of survival for others. >> when i'm president of the united states, we will expand the american dream to reach more people thak ever. >> reporter: sanders an clinton are vying for more than a third of the deligates needed to rin the race. >> this campaign is not just about elect the the president. it's about transforming america. >> reporter: the stakes are higher for republicans. nearly half of the deligates needed to clinch the gop are up for grabs. many of these states will divide those deligates proportionately.
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trump has the upper hand. >> donald trump engeauged in a bit of back and -- engaged in a bit of back and forblt with nikki haley. and -- back and forth with nikki haley. haley is backing marco rubio who is asking trump to rehe's his re-- rear he's his-- rear lease his taxes. donald trump said the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. nikki haley said bless your heart. a new set of e-mails from hillary clinton have been released. 2100 hess mege as contain information00 messages contain information and the fbi is still
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any laws by using a private server. beautiful day out there today and this evening was great as well. but it's looking like kind -- kind of feeling like rain might be on the way. >> john farley has a look at our conditions. >> there is a storm front making its way through the upstate. it's getting closer. newberry county, fairfield, half of saluda as well. in there, it's decent, if not heavy rain for a little while but i want to show you, this doesn't last that long. look to the back side. it's moving to the east. it will be raining at your house probably for an hour, maybe an hour and a half and then boom, it all kicks off to the east. here we go for tonight, the rain focused from now until 4:00 a.m. and then after that it tapers off very quickly. if you are getting out in the morning, shouldn't have any problems. here is the forecast for tomorrow. a few clouds in the morning.
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noticeably cooler. today we got to 77. tomorrow, around 60. that's all we'll do. but it will be sunny for the better part of the day. now there is more rain in the forecast and cooler temperatures. we'll go over that and a look at the weekend in a few minutes. a richland county sheriff depupu is out of a a job tonight after sheriff leon lott fired him and have him arrested for stealing a piece of tape. >> grace joyal has more on this bizarre story today. she's live in our newsroom. grace? >> kaleb broome was a deputy without a mark to his record. he's actually been recognized by the department for exempla exemplary work. all of that changed when the sheriff said he did something that prompted him to call a press conference today announcing broome 'dismissal and arrest. out of a job and behind bars. the sheriff turning the tables on kaleb broome tuesday.
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while in office. after firing him from the force -- >> when he took that piece of tape, he tarnished the badge, he crossed the line. >> the sheriff says broome stole a piece of double-sided tape while responding to a domestic disturbance call. the sheriff said he defaced a poster belonging to the victim. a fellow deputy on scene with broome reported the incident. sheriff lott says a 10-cent theft is still a theft. >> the trust that the community places in us is to have deputies out here that have intech gri ty and and --ive tech --ive tech grity. >> in november, broome was deemed deputy of the quarter. >> we do have bad cops. >> last friday broome posted this, writing, i just want to tell that hard-working man or woman out there with big dreams
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hard because anything is possible. stay positive, pray. broome if a former gamecock player. he played 2011 through 2012. >> he threw the oeth in the trash when he took that tape and put it in his pocket and put it in in his patrol -- in his patrol car and for that he will have to pay the price. >> broome is out of jail on a 0,000 personal recognizance bond. we reached out to broome and we'll keep you updated. live in the newsroom, grace joyal, alzheimer's. abc columbia news. police say charles byrd was served a warrant today for the 2013 murder of willie gilmore at a home on bailey street. byrd is already in custody
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death of marcus kennedy at a home on cody street. kershaw county deputies arrested young men in a series of car break-ins. the sheriff says the man in these pictures broke into cars in kershaw, richland, lancaster and darling tongton county. they range in age from 18 to 20 and are charged with possessing a stolen gun. lee foster says point and click with care. sheriff foster is warning neighbors about a scam that can take over computers' operating system and steal data. a popup ad appears on your screen that says your computer has been compromised. if you click on the link, it locks your computer and gives you a phone number to call and then the scammers hold your computer hostage until you send them money. cayce chief charles mcnair announced his retirement today
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he began his career as a firefighter in cayce back in 1974. his retirement takes effect may 1st. the family of a perkily county deputy shot and wounded last week is thanking folks from here in south carolina and around the world for the outpouring of love and support. corporal kimber gist was shot twice last week when she stopped to investigate a suspicious car in goose creek. she remains in the hospital tonight. she's expececd to make a full recovery, though. october is's altercation between a student and resource officer that happened last year raised several questions surrounding the role of law enforcement in public education. that was the subject of a forum this evening at usc. the forum featured four professor who discusseds who discussed ways to provide better outcomes for students. >> spring!
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coming together, but we see it as part of broader trends across the state and across the country. that experts within the u.s. and outside are weighing in and saying that we need to for better outcomes address this immediately. >> tonight's forum was held at the usc law school. blood-shot eyes slurred speeches and delayed responses. this is how kelvin washington is described from saturday night's collision in hop hopkins. he told police he only had one beer prior to the crash. the report goes on to say that although he refused to provide a blood sample, they were able to secure blood and urine samples through the execution of a search warrant. washington is out on bond tonight but has been on the wrong side of the law for most of 2016. he plead guilty to multiple counts of not paying his taxes. on these counts, he was fined and sentenced to probation.
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at the richland county council's regular season. washington didn't appear at the meeting and torrey rush echoed his previous statement regarding the arrest. >> we are deeply concerned for the victims involvedd in this process, involved in the accident and we're just baiting for our -- waiting for hour law enforcement agencies too what they are responsible for doing. >> also tonight's meeting, they passed the doubling the elections bucket budget measure. senators didn't reach a bill to fix the roads. businesses are calling on the state to take action and pass a bill that includes a recould youingrecurring source of money. >> we're frustrated because we cannot get our goods and services to our businesses on
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this costs us hundreds of millions of dollars in idol time as we try to move goods and services. >> the senate meets to once roads. state lawmakers are looking to do away with laws that some consider outdated. they passed a bill to repeal 11 outdated laws. some examples include dancing on sundays or working on sundays, juveniles playing pinball and challenging anyone to a sword or gun fight. no human driver behind the wheel. no thank you. 75% of drivers say they would not feel safe in a self-driving car. 60% would like to get some kind of self-driving feature such as automatic brakiki or maybe self-parking. you can now show people that
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driving your car. march is red cross month. beginning today, drivers can purchase a special red cross license plate from the department of motor vehicles. the plates are available for a fee of $25 every two years. and the proceeds help the red cross provide vital services during times of need. coming up, a stalker and peeping tom plastered her all over the internet. and they've been rocking for 50 years but now the stones are taking their show where it's never been before. this is pretty awesome. we'll have it next on abc columbia news at 11:00. good evening. the busiest day on the primary calendar has come and gone. it's time to see who came out on top. we begin tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. on "good morning columbia."
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brash was back in court today -- after breaking dow tv host erin andrews was back in court today after breaking down on the stand in her 75 million-dollar hotel stalker trial. >> through her tears, the sports crafters described screaming on the phone to her family the moment she discovered a man
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her online -- and video of her online. here's more. >> how embarrassing. it was my private time. >> reporter: this morning, erin andrews '$75 million cil trial against the nashville marriott continues. the reporter sobbing in court to describe the distress over a nude video taken by a stalker in 2008 and then posted online. >> all i wanted to do was be the girl next door who loves sports and now i'm the girl with the hotel scandal. >> reporter: she contends the hotel was negligent to reveal to michael david barrett that she was a guest, giving him her room number and giving him a room next door and he recorded her undressing. >> this could have been stopped. they could have called me and said we're putting this man that requested to be next to you, is this okay?
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cops. >> reporter: andrews shedding more tears as she recalled how the videos were viewed by some as a publicity stunt. >> the front page of the new york post, fox news, cbs, everything put it up and i was doing it for publicity. >> reporter: pairette was convicted in 2010 and spent over two years in prison. still andrews says the damage has been done and now the hotel has to pay. >> we got to the get it off. and we're never gonna get it off. >> comedian katt williams was arrested in georgia monday. authorities said he was arrested in connection w wh an asau. a pool supply store employee told police he and williams got into an argument that escalated when williams threw something at him
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bond. the rolling stones says it's hosting a free concert in cuba. they made the announcement tuesday on twitter. it's the first time the band will perform in cuba. the free concert will be on march 5th. chief meteorologist john farley is up next with a look at
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>> keep it right here. welcome back. we start you with the radar. there's rain moving in coming in from the upstate. i will take you tight and show you what's going on. first stop, we come in close and up will see much of saluda county, most of newberry. it's soon to be pushing into lake murray and for the rest of us, about half of fairfield county. as we zoom out, i want to show
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is moving fairly quickly off to the east. a quick check of the airport in atlanta. it lasted an hour. thunderstorms in there. nothing severe and then it pushed on through. will give you a slice here.what we can do is give a slice here. here's columbia looking up. again, the green, that's where the rain is and then the heaviest rain is the yellow. this first line is about 20,000 feet up. that means that this storm is not that tall comparatively in the summertime, we get thunderstorms that go up to 60,000 feet. it's about a third high. it's not an intense storm. it will produce some rain, moderate to even heavy for a little bit and then it goes by and that's the whole story. let me give you a look at the future radar, again, here it is at midnight, the whole thing continues to push through. it goes quickly. we're out into the eastern midlands by 3:00 a.m. a few showers left in columbia and then watch by 7:00, 8:00 a.m., this whole thing is gone and we're clearing out. so quick mover tonight.
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that's it. couple of claps of thunder and lightning and that will take care of business on this one. let's give you a look at the forecast here, the temperatures still pretty warm. we're well in the 60s but those temperatures will drop as the front goes through. by the time we get going in the morning, we're in the mid-50s. now here is a look at the commute forecast. the roads will probably be wet in a few spots. but not soaking wet. temperatures, mid-50s. it will be breezy. and the breeze will stay with us as we work aur way through the day. temperatures tomorrow noticeably cooler. today we're at 77. l 80 but tomorrow knock it back to 60. 15. more showers in here thursday evening overnight. it looks as though thursday day will be fine. it's after sunset we'll see showers. it will be cool for a couple of days. but by sunday we're back to the big 60s and next week well into the 70s. okay. so you two, tonight, we'll probably get wet on the commute
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the morning commute for everybody else. >> okay. >> all right. thank you, john. appreciate it. clemson basketball tries to close out the home portion of its schedule with a pig big upset. and clemson baseball goes on
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exorcise some citadel looking to exercise some citadel, i'm tim hill. the highlights before and during tonight's baseball game down in charleston. first road trip of the season for usc baseball. gamecocks, 8-0 on the year. we start in the 3rd inning. gamecocks get on the board
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alex ripping one to right. usc up 1-0. later on, chris cullen in the third. off the wall. just misses the home run. 3-0 gamecocks. 5-0 gamecocks in the 6th. citadel loading the basis. ellis, opposite field. almost the same spot and then it looks like a scene from a movie. three runners coming around and all three get in there. the citadel cut the lead to 5-3 but the gamecocks add an insurance run and get the 6-3 rin on the -- win on the road. >> guys are swinging the bat good. got some big, strong physical guys and guys with confidence right now. we're move, the ball pretty good. >> that retooled their club. they are very impressive. we were weren't to keep it as close as we did. clemson up next for carolina. today, the tikers tigers hosts wofford. we start in the 4th.
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that adds to the tigers' lead. 2-0 and clemson keeps on rolling. chris williams with the hot shot to 3rd. tigers take it 7-0. clemson coming on friday. gamecocks look to go 10-0. clemson basketball closing out the home portion of the regular season schedule tonight. jordan roper, his last game at home. two pointes -- points against val. anthony gill strong finish to the first half and game. horn, 11 points, jaron blossomgame, singlehandedly keeping klemmson in clemson in it. jog becomes the first tiger -- jaron blossomgame 31 on the night. he and virginia trade the lead. but in the end, the cavs show why they have a good chance to
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to three-pete as acc champs. uva tops the tigers, 64-57. and kentucky and texas a&m stay on top of the acc. wildcats win. texas a&m win, at auburn by 18. vanderbilt and lsu move half a game ahead of usc for third place. vandy topping tennessee. lu a 9 hoff point winner. aja wilson earning player of the year honors today. she keeps teammate tiffany mitchell from winning her third player of the year award. averages more than 16.5 points, 8.5 rebounds. game. dawn staley you, the coach of the year for the third straight year. she's the third person to pull off that. mitchell also on the all team along with teammate alaina coates. gamecocks play on friday at jacksonville against noon against the auburn missouri women.
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be playing for muschamp. according to multiple reports dj neal no longer with the program. he had eight catches last year. he ended up with 104 yards for the season. and usc picking up a commitment from a junior college. he will come in in the 2017 season and some talk about shaq coming back. >> oh, wow. thank you. >> thank you. and up next, chief meteorologist john farley has a look at your
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news at 11:00. radar showing a line of rain just about making it into columbia.
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with this as it goes by. it won't last. it will be gone by morning. over to you. >> that's all of the time we have for abc columbia news at 11:00. thank you for making us your choice for news. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00. "wakeup columbia" starts at 5:00 a.m. good night. captioning provided by captionassociates >> d dky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for coming out. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. on this super tuesday. super tuesday is -- or it almost was today. this year as you know super tuesday, this year only, will be followed by horrified wednesday. [ laughter ] there was voting today in 13 states with hundreds of delegates at stake. i think this was interesting. jeb bush spent his super tuesday. you know, he's not running now. he spent his super tuesday at home ironing and reironin his tommy bahama shirts. [ laughter ] every cable news channel covered every morsel of everything from morning until night today, and the funny thing is the


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