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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  September 20, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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saturday night i'm walter perez. there has been yet another security breach at the the white house and this one involves a teenager from south jersey. plus an entire region is on edge as investigators intensify their search for suspect cop killer in northeastern pennsylvania. but the big story once gannon "action news" is a manhunt in northeastern pennsylvania that has intensified for the suspect in last weeks deadly ambush of the state police barracks. police are focusing on a heavily wooded region where eric frein lived with his parents in the poconos. investigators say frein fatally shot one trooper and wounded a second with the high powered rifle on
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september 12th. he a has been described as a self-taught survival wrist with a grudge against law enforcement. those living in the the area have been told to stay vigilant. >> i think the the whole county will be relieved, the the whole country probably, because we cannot have people like this running around? in other news tonight in camden a mother and her teenage son were seriously injured after a man slash her throat this happened just before 5:00 a.m. at a home on the 2900 block of yorkship road. investigators say jose flores used a box cut tore cut would the man. her 19 year-old son heard his mother's cries for help. flores then slashed him as well. two other children were in the home at the time. neither one was injured. well, teenager from south jersey is in custody for allegedly trying to force his way in the barricaded entry way to the white house earlier today. obviously this is wrong video here. second such incident in as many days, secret service says 19 year-old kevin car drove his car up the barricade this afternoon and then refused to leave. young man from shamong
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burlington county has been since charged with unlawful entry. meantime we're learning more about yesterday's security breach, involving a man who actually made it in the white house. we now know that 42 year-old omar gonzales was carrying a three and a half inch knife when he scaled the fence and sprinted through north porti co doors. gonzales said he later served 18 years in the military including three tourness iraq. secret service has stepped up security outside the white house in the wake of these incidents. now to a vicious dog attack that land $3 people in the hospital. investigators say a pit bull mauled two little boys in philadelphia's west oak lane section and then went after a good samaritan who tried to help. "action news" reporter, chad pradelli is live at einstein with more details, chad. >> reporter: walter, a man, 11 year-old and nine year-old boy remain at einstein medical center getting treatment for bite wound. i'm told all three are in stable condition but we're learning tonight that this is not the first time that this pit bull has attacked.
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this is the pit bull that mauled two kids and an adult in the 1500 block of beverly. the attack happened in this alley just before 6:00 p.m. after the dog, escaped this yard. >> kids was screaming, adult were upset, i mean, pretty scary. >> reporter: she heard the children's piercing screams and rushed out under a back deck. she saw a man swinging a shovel to ward off the dogs. >> i could see blood on his arm but the little boy was bleeding through his shorts, so aim's not sure where he got bit but you could see blood through his shorts. >> second time is unexcusable. >> reporter: neighbor david porter says the mauling should have never happen. he said two weeks ago the same dog attack his dog bandit. these are photos of the dog's injuries. bandit had to be put down. >> they called me about 7:00 o'clock in the morning to say he did well through the night and about an hour and a half later and said look here, he is more extensive then we
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thought it was. >> reporter: porter said animal care and control team of philadelphia told him that it does not confiscate animals for dog on dog attacks but will do so only if the owner surrenders the animals. >> that needs to change, okay. now it took them to mall two kids and a grown man to get bit by same dogs for somebody to come out and take the dogs from them. >> reporter: we have tried to get comment from philadelphia animal control but our attempts have been unsuccessful. live from olney, chad pradelli for "action news" at ten on phl17. thanks, chad. small child was among those seriously injured during a four car crash in somers point, new jersey. crash happened at 9:00 o'clock this morning the at the intersection offshore road and west berlin avenue. an suv and three other cars collided there. the impact as you can see was enough to flip the suv. one adult and a child were flown to cooper hospital in serious condition. another crash, this one in montgomery county ended with
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five people injured. it happened just before noon time today at the intersection of sumanytown pike and swede forward road in lower gwynedd. three cars collided sending five people to the hospital two. were flown. other three were transported by ambulance no word on the extent of their injuries. investigators in philadelphia have arrested political lobby is ac marsico and charged him with sexual assault. twenty-seven year-old woman allege she was sexually assaulted by marsico at an office in center city on august 21st. authorities say she ran from the office and immediately called police. marsco was arrested and arraigned. his attorney says marisco is innocent. he is brother of the d.a. from dauphin county pennsylvania and married to "action news" reporter annie mccormack. nursers at crozer-chester medical center are set to go on strike tomorrow morning. roughly 600 nurses are set to walk off the job at 7:00 a.m. plan toys strike for two days.
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at issue staffing, pay cuts and pension funding but a spokesperson for the hospital says staffing levels are fine, and nurses there are among the highest paid in the state with full-time registered nurses averaging more than $100,000 a year. it was a football game half century in the making for a school in philadelphia. for the first time in a 50 year history, strawberry mansion high school hosted a home varsity football game today. strawberry mansion knights played kip collegiate academy which is also a new team. knights coach said this is something special. >> boys were out here laying the foundation for the house that we're trying to build. years from now, these guys can take pride in the fact that they were here and they started this from nothing. >> it means a lot for my son to be playing not on the streets doing anything bad and i'm proud he is going to school and playing in the first game. >> so once again this is home opener for strawberry mansion team which is fielding its first football team in school history, unfortunately knights fell tonight 20-12. time for a check of the
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accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee and to take was just perfect. how many times have we said that over past several weeks. >> really nice today walter, temperatures in the upper 70's, plenty of sun this afternoon an it is pretty comfortable outside. ago we look at the numbers in the delaware valley, philadelphia 67. allentown 58. poconos 61. from beach haven down to sea isle city, temperatures in the 70's. mostly cloudy and not as cool as recent night. you can see the reason y satellite six with action radar, we've got some clouds building in from ocean county, all the way down to cape may county there in new jersey and a couple of sprinkles as well, shutting the push into our coastal communities, thanks to an area have of low pressure. for the most part we will stay off shore. bigger story tomorrow check out these highs to the south and west. philadelphia had a high of 79, but 87 st. louis, 90 in memphis today. we will tap into a piece of that warmth tomorrow. so we will get warmer as we close out, our last weekend in summer on sunday. we're tracking a late day shower that is also possible
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tomorrow and we're tracking an cool down, next week, all of those details come up with the accu weather forecast, walter. >> thank you melissa. we all know philadelphia police officer have guts but today was a chance to see just how gutsy they really are... this was just one of the dare devil stunts during the 60th annual hero thrill show at the wells fargo center. over the past six decades this event has raised money to help pay for the educations of the children of police and fire personnel killed in the line of duty. currently the hero thrill show proceeds are putting 17 proceeds through college. nora muchanic will have much more on the program and kids they benefit coming up in the next half an hour. one way to get children involved in charity toys dress them up as super heroes. plenty of capes and masks could be found at fairmount park this morning for a variety children's charity 5d. the organization offers programs, in support of children, with special needs.
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all right. much more to come on "action news" at ten. a triple crown contender runs his first race since losing the belmont steaks, how california chrome did during a race in bucks county. a piss pol packing pastor lets the thief know they have pick a wrong target and it is all caught on camera. unpleasant chemical may be lurking in your wallet, we will tell you what it is and how to protect yourself. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered getables and tender white meat progicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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investigation in a gay bashing in center city last
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week could end on manor tuesday. police commissioner charles ramsey says that they are still interviewing witnesses but he believes they will have enough to present to the d.a. in the next few days. on september 11th 2 men claim a group of ten to 15 people brutally beat them after asking if they were a couple. there was at least one of the alleged attackers admits that the homophobic slur was used, and they claim both sides instigated the fight and it was not based on sexuality. meantime a rally will be held in harrisburg on tuesday calling for pennsylvania to expand hate crime protections to include sexual orientation. well, pastor from texas caught an alleged thief about the -- should not steel at hardy watch. this is video of the five two-year old laurie ferguson swiping passagees from bennie holmes front porch not once but twice over the past few months. so fed up were being targeted, holmes decided to set up a few bait boxes. ferguson showed up once again and went straight for those packages.
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that is when pistol packing pastor burst out and wrestled the one thief to the ground holding her while his wife call the cops. worst part when police arrived they found ferguson's two grandchildren in the back seat of her car. despite everything holmes still had a gift for the grandmother. he sent her a baseball cap with the word forgiven on it. through have it. meteorologist melissa magee has the accu weather forecast once again, hi there medical list. hi there walter. we had a nice start to the weekend. yesterday definitely cooler then average. today those temperatures rewounded nicely thanks to the southeasterly wind that moved on in. the high today in philadelphia, climbed up to 79 degrees. that is a good 7 degrees warmer then yesterday's high and 79, actually makes it 2 degrees warmer then the average for this time of the year. average is 77. and, we were no where near the record today of 90 degrees. as you look at the numbers outside tonight, across much of the region in the upper 60's in allentown, lehigh valley, philadelphia 67. seventy in sea isle city. dover coming in at 70 degrees.
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here at satellite six with action radar it was cool last night, it won't be that way, tonight, and here's part of the reason why. we're tracking low pressure that is sitting off the coast of north carolina notice moisture being closer to virginia. so, because we have a southeasterly wind, we will know it is more in the way of cloud cover across the area of south jersey tonight and there called could be a springal cross coastal communities and that is it. off to the west is there a cold front approaching and that will be our weather maker late in the day on sunday. we will time things out for you. future tracker six has you covered during the overnight hours and mostly cloudy w that moisture off shore, there could be some light sprinkles during the overnight hours, but a lot of the precipitation will clear out, by the late morning hours, and it looks to be a mostly dry for the majority of our day. so here's the setup for you on your sunday. lots of sunshine. bit of the summer feel ahead of the frontal boundary moving on through. temperatures will climb up, and into the middle 80-degree range with the southeasterly
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win. so north and west of town, sunny by the afternoon. temperatures in the lower 80's from allentown all the way down to downingtown. as you move long that i-95 corridor it is warmer. it will be a humid day. late day shower is likely as most of this presip hold off well off the sunsets and it will be a sprinkle here or there not a big concern. doylestown 81. 85 degrees in philadelphia for a high temperature tomorrow. down across, coastal new jersey, toms river 67. seventy-nine in cape may with morning drizzle and then turning over to some sunshine. as we get in the afternoon hours it is all about the eagles and football. we will that have forecast with the full and exclusive accu weather seven day, walter. >> all right, melissa. a large party took place for a new non-profit call the b foundation. honey bash raised fund for brain aneurysm research and awareness. two sisters founded it in memory of her cuss honey died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 27. moved to action when they realize there are very few organizations dedicated to
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this cause. group of teenagers is spending tonight lock inside the kimmel center for no tech-a-thon. they are going technology free for 24 hours. will they survived. leading up to the no tech-a-thon these young people had the adults in their lives to be their sponsors and make donations. all proceeds will benefit the tyler clemente foundtation which pro mate safe social environments at home, schools which pro mate safe social environments at home, schools and i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks
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max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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i know... this third shift is rough... it's just a few more weeks max! what are you doing up? it's late. i just wanted to have breakast wih you.
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eight teams hit the field for a charity softball tournament in delaware county. the folsom and millmont fire companies put on this event to benefit the regional burn treatment center. catherine scott took part mingling with those taking part along with guests while posing for a few pictures along the way. time for sports, jeff skversky is live at the big board, hi, jeff. >> hi there, walter. sometime between now and tomorrow's 1:00 o'clock kick off head skins head coach jay gruden says he will talk specifically with former eagles receiver desean jackson about controlling his emotions when he finally takes the field tomorrow in his reunion, at lincoln financial field. take a look to jackson and washington redskins, a
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arriving in philadelphia late this afternoon. despite jackson's shoulder injury he is expect to play. as far as the eagles they are expecting to play better to start games. even though they are two-o the eagles have been out scored get this 51-six in the first half. so what is the issue to start these games. >> i don't know. i really don't know. that is something i have been wondering myself. it is small details. we're not really executing. even for my plays i got in the second half really, just i don't know if it is just waking up, you know and trying to do better in the second half. i cannot pick on it. >> lesean mccoy doesn't know. hopefully they can figure it out tomorrow begins desean jackson and washington redskins. more on the eagles coming up later in the show in about 30 minutes. plus college football, temple making history and one of the phillies players making history as well out in oakland. that and much more coming up
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later in the show. for now we're live, back to you walter. >> thanks, jeff. they were walking to raise money and awareness in delaware county today. dozens of people made their way through ridley creek state part as part of the concord sherry walk across america. the malformation is a serious neurological disorder affecting more than 300,000 people across the the u.s. they are also out walking in yardley bucks county. "action news" on the scene there for annual great strides walk at shady brook farms. this event is cystic fibrosis foundation's largest national fundraiser event. each year more than 125,000 people take part in walks all across the country to raise people take part in walks all across the country to raise funds for cystic fibrosis
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people take part in walks all across the country to raise fon my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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23rd annual eagle national back 5k walk/run to fight cancer took place in drexel hill this morning. the benefit the delaware county regional cancer center, over the years this walk has raised more than $500,000, and our very own david murphy served asthmas ter of ceremonies a long with the official duties, david spent the morning greeting people on hand and posing for pictures as well. still ahead have a half million-dollar lying around? you might be able to snag a seat or two to a certain baseball game next week. we will explain. hundreds joined together to search for a teenager not seen in a week, as police question a person of interest. blank.
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consumer reporter nydia han a risky chemical may be lurking in your wallet, we will tell you what it
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if you are just joining us at 10:30 here are big stories we are following for you tonight. two children and an adult are recovering following a dog attack in philadelphia's west oak lane section.
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a loose pit bull mauled two boys age nine and 11 and then went after a 25 year-old man who tried to save them. also a teenager was arrested today after he tried to enter a barricaded presidentry way to the white house in a car. this comes one day after a 42 year-old manmade it through the north portico doors with a knife. authorities in pennsylvania a are combing a heavily wooded region for the suspect, who was link to the last week deadly ambush in the state police barracks. they are taking extreme precautionary measures as they search for 31 year-old eric frein a self-taught survival list with a grudge toward law enforcement. police will search for a missing student from the university of pennsylvania. eighteen year-old hanna graham disappeared one week a ago today. as our reporter reports, investigators are questioning a person of ninth this case. >> reporter: massive search in charlottes villain also police have released the name of the man at the the center of the investigation. they say three two-year old
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jesse matthews is the person of interest in this case, and he is believed to be the man seen in surveillance video wearing white, walking besides graham. they have say he is the last person spotted with a college sophomore on the night she disappeared one week ago. police use witness statements and surveillance video to retrace hanna graham's steps the night she was walk ago loan to meet friend her last contact with them, a text message saying that she was lost. today more than a thousand university of virginia students and local residents have joined the search for her, combing over the town and wooded areas around it. their search will continue again thomas if she's not found first. police have searched matthews car and his home but at this time they are not calling him a suspect. abc news, charlottesville, virginia. a manhunt in northeastern, pennsylvania has intensified for the suspect from last week's deadly ambush in the state police barracks. investigators are focusing on a heavily wooded region where 31 year-old eric frein visits his parents in the poconos.
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frein fatally shot one trooper and wounded a second with the high powered rifle back on september 12th. he has been described as a self-taught survival list with a grudge against law enforcement. in camden a mother and her teenage son were seriously injured after a man slashed their throats this happened just before 5:00 a.m. at a home in the 2900 block of yorkship road. police say 30 year-old jose flores used a box cut tore cut would the man. her 19 year-old son heard his mother's crying for help and tried to intervene. flores then allegedly slashed him as well. two other children were inside that home at the time but neither one was injury. two men remain hospitalized tonight in the 24 hours after a boating accident on the delaware river. investigators say boaters hit something, near the betsy ross bridge right around 12:30 this morning. both men on board were seriously injured but still one was able to call 911. after searching for some time, police located the boaters and rushed them to aria hours dale hospital. the coastguard is investigating this case.
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moving on now to the latest on the growing ebola crisis in africa. police in sierra leon says health workers were attacked while trying to bury the bodies on have five victims today. team was forced to abandon the remains after a group confronted them about where they were taking the dead. it comes in the middle of an unprecedented three day lock down within the country, aimed at slowing the spread of the virus. 560 of the 2600 ebola victims have been from sierra leon. meantime dozens of athletes came together in south philadelphia today to raise money to help in the fight against that deadly virus. it was there for third annual philadelphia african cup of nations for peace soccer tournament. in addition to racial fund for doctors without borders ebola response team this event allows the city's african interest grim population to bond while enjoying good music and food for an important cause. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. we said this many times,
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before many saturdays in fact, it was perfect. >> it was a really nice day and definitely warmed up to day compared to yesterday. that trend will continue as we close out the last weekend in summer. >> tear drops. >> we had to say it. >> let me show what you is going on. storm tracker six radar, pretty quiet across delaware and lehigh valleys. although if you are down the shore from toms river, all the waste down to surf city we're tracking a little bit of precipitation and light rain, sprinkles one might say. there is a little piece of energy, wave of low pressure that will stay off shore for the most part but as we continue to tap into a southeasterly wind for the less of tonight, there could be some spotty drizzle, light rain and only for our coastal communities as we get into late tonight and overnight hours after that. conditions will start to clear out for sunday. as outside we go, sky six live in hd as we are giving you a gorgeous shot of the center city sky line on this saturday night. we've got a few fair clouds overhead, those clouds will continue to increase, and as the night rolls on.
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and especially with that moisture pushing off shore head ing inland. high today in the city climbed up to 79 degrees. so we were 2 degrees above average. as we look the at numbers outside tonight, it is not as cool as last night. the last night if you were out on the town it was on the chilly side. slating ton 64. pottstown 63. the chester 66. center city, also in the up are 60's. down across new jersey, toms river is at 67 degrees. we will have a little bit of sprinkle activity, 70 in sea isle city. dover in the upper 60's. hockessin is 65. here's satellite six with action radar, so much in between, two pieces of energy that we're tracking here. that area of low pressure i was just telling but off the the coast of the carolinas and you can see some of that moisture starting to spill northward. so today we have a southeasterly i should say wind overhead and because of that the clouds are moving in and as this pushes with that counterclockwise rotation, a couple of sprinkles are likely across the shore. now focus your attention off to the west, is there a cold front approaching, whipping across the great lakes and the
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ohio valley, and that moves through as we get into late in the day on sunday. and in between that, time however, these temperatures will rebound nicely, especially ahead of the cold front that we're tracking. future tracker six shows you with the southeasterly wind at 8:00 o'clock, tomorrow, temperatures will be in the upper 60's. at o'clock in the afternoon along the 95 corridor in the lower 80's. upper 70's for temperatures. so really not a bad close to our sunday. before 3:00 o'clock rolls in we have a game to play at 1:00 o'clock this is afternoon at the link, the eagles are at home. kick off at 1:00 o'clock. that kick off temperatures around 81 degrees. in the fourth quarter 84 degrees. mostly sunny, very warm. and a bit on the humid side. we are tracking a cold front that will move through but it looks like a lot of that precipitation will hold off until late in the day tomorrow night. fifty-eight for the low in allentown. fifty-six in cape may. sixty-seven in the city. accu weather forecast is showing you it is warminger tomorrow. high temperature up to 85 degrees. again that front moves on through were not a lot of fanfare. i think it will be a sprinkle here or there not a major
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concern. as we get into monday, less humid and cooler, a high of 74 degrees. and then on tuesday, sunny and pleasant in at 73. and wednesday, still below average with a high temperature of 72. so fall begins late monday night, walter and after that, temperatures in the 70's, next week. >> report, thanks melissa. we all know philadelphia police officer have guts but today was a chance to see just how gutsy they really are. sixtieth annual hero thrill show was held today at the wells fargo center and "action news" reporter nora muchanic was there. >> reporter: do not try this at home, dare devil stunts of thesis specially of the philadelphia police high was patrol drill team. >> it ace mace to go me. this is my first time here. i'm enjoying every in minute of it. >> reporter: hero thrill show has a long history for 60 years now, it has raised money to educate survivors of the police and fire fighters kill in the line of duty. >> we see all these women over there with their children some one has to do something to
10:35 pm
educate them at the college level. we have 17 children that we're currently putting through college. >> this little guy is son and name sake of officer john pawlowski who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2009. >> we think about john all year long, and it can be sad, it can be happy but you come here and it is just uplifting. it is just cool that johnny will benefit from this some day and i will, forever be grateful to jimmy bins and city for doing this. >> reporter: little punch to the festivity the grand marshall was philly's world champion boxer bernard the executioner hopkins. he and the crowd took in the various displays, which allowed kids to get up close to the rescue trucks, fire and crime fighting here and techniques used by the philadelphia police department and fire fighters. >> it is a chance for the kids to come out, enjoy, see what we do, see a different side of police and fire. >> it is important thing to show up and really give our support to the fallen families here. >> reason why we're doing it all for the the families and
10:36 pm
for their kids education. it is the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: with every twist, turn, tricks, drill team executes the fallen are remember. in south philadelphia, i'm nora muchanic for "action news". still ahead desean jackson is back in town hear what his former teammates to have say, plus facing off with their old teammate. plus an "action news" consumer report what you need to know about a surprisingly common source of contamination and something you have probably handled nearly every single day. later a san diego zoo debut, meet the cutest new additionness california.
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korean war veterans were honored in montgomery county. they each received a medal and citation for service and bravery. they were treated to a special performance. the its was part of the 12th annual multi cultural day and partnership with the 21st century america, korea china leader ship society. investigators tribe it as a well planned heist. in the even these thieves made away with an entire trailer filled with valuable cargo. police are asking for your help serving this crime. here's rick williams with the crime fighters. >> reporter: report take a look at this surveillance video. on july 8th at 2:15 a.m., police say three males cut the gate lock and entered the public storage facility on the 2100 block of wheatsheaf lane in philadelphia's port rich
10:40 pm
manned section. >> we have three individuals, you see, 32nd of them running, one driving a vehicle. >> reporter: trio broke into over 50 storage units and ultimately left with this harley davidson trailer. >> it is preplan. there is no doubt about it. they knew it was there. they had to have the the right equipment to take it. they did. >> reporter: sit since cream commission administered a $5,000 reward for arrest and recovery of the trailer. just call 215-546-tips and all calls will be anonymous. for crime fighters i'm rick williams for "action news"
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now to consumer reports, federal government already bans the use of this bisphenol a better none as bpa from baby bottles and sip i cups. that chemical has led to serious health problems but consumer reporter nydia han shows us is there another surprisingly commonly source of contamination in something you probably handle every single day. >> reporter: think about how long you hold your boarding pass before you get on a plane
10:44 pm
or how long you hang on to a movie ticket. then consider this, what you are holding could containing a potentially hazardous chemical. cash register receipts, atm receipts, receipts at the gas pump spits out. baggage claim checks, air line boarding passes and ticket for trains, movies and sporting events. they are often printed on thermal paper and that means they likely contain bpa. >> b pa is a chemical that raises safety concerns because it is link to an increased risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, reproductive abnormality. >> reporter: bp the a in thermal paper readily transfers to the skin where it can penetrate quickly. >> recent study published in the journal of the american medical association showed that volunteers who were handling bpa coated receipts for just two hours had significantly high levels of bpa in their urine. >> reporter: fortunately it is easy to spot thermal paper by
10:45 pm
rubbing printed side with the coin or paper clip. dark mark means it isothermal paper. consumer reports advice for avoiding bpa in receipts get e mailed receipts if possible. if you must keep paper, just don't dump them in your wallet. >> not only does bpa rub on to your hand but it also comes off on to anything it comes into contact with, including paper money. >> reporter: another tip store receipts and tickets in the plastic bag. for people who handal lot of thermal paper, cashiers, for instance wear gloves the type you see at doctor's offices or in the hospital. everyone should wash their hand after handling thermal paper. some manufacturers of thermal paper have switched from bpa to a similar chemical b ps but a study shows bps may pose same health hazards and can transfer easily to the skin. in an important note, pregnant with man and children are especially vulnerable to the health risk from thermal paper. i'm nydia han, "action news". three teenagers from utah
10:46 pm
alive thanks to a group of good samaritans. look at this dramatic video. investigators say a gmc was going too fast when it swerved to miss other cars stopped at a light. it smashed in the barrier, went airborne and landed upside down in the river. leo montoya junior was the first to jump in to action. >> we had to get this vehicle on all four wheels immediately now, now, now. >> that group was able to get the boys out safe. two of them are in stable condition. the driver suffered the most serious injuries, still listed in critical condition. no word tonight if any charges will be filed in this case. a new report revealed the baltimore ravens tried to cover up the video of the ray rice punching his then fiance. espn sites multiple sources saying that the team knew about the video almost immediately. meantime, more than 7,000 fans showed up today to exchange their ray rice jerseys for those of or players. the team handed out more than 5500 new jerseys before running out. the rest of the fans received
10:47 pm
vouchers. team officials say the swap cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars but they say it was their pleasure to do so. if you have any desire to watch derek jeter's final game at yankees stadium next thursday we hope you have been saving your pennies because stub hubbies selling premium tickets to the game against orioles for as much as $244,000 a piece. if you have enough to pay for a ticket you better act fast there are only two premium seats left. >> that is it. >> i'll watch it on tv. >> you offered to pay, that is excessive. time for a check of sports. big game tomorrow. >> big gaming. desean jackson does not plan on missing this one. eagles trying to start the the season three-o for the first time since their super bowl season ten years ago. well, guess who doesn't want to see that happen? the old pal and receiver desean jackson. jackson and washington redskins are in town and getting ready for bed tonight as they get set to take on the eagles sunday at 1:00.
10:48 pm
despite his shoulder injury, jackson expects to play. you have to wonder what the reaction will be at the link when he takes the field, where he once called home. >> i think the fans, they will boo him, at least in the beginning of the game. i don't know, every play he makes he will celebrate and once game time comes, i could careless about anything else. right now burgundy gold is my colors now. that is what i will focus on and worry about. but buddy, buddy, no time for that when game starts. >> no friend tomorrow. college football how about the start by james franklin. he is first penn state coach since 1915 to start four-o in his first year up there franklin a happy guy in happy valley gets a kiss from his kids before their game against u-mass. no love for minutemen. penn state runs all over them, chris belton two rushing touchdowns. penn state up 34 to nothing at the half. they runaway with it. penn state has 228 yards
10:49 pm
rushing, and that is more than they had in their first three games combined. penn state wins 48-seven. they are four-o. mo'ne davis and taney high fiveing temple fans at the link today. mo'ne must be good luck. she rubs off on the owls. temple scores 59 points, off delaware state. forty-nine have of them, coming in the first half. including this block punt return, foster scoops it up and scores. special day for special teams. cleve herman, he has an 84-yard punt return. temple destroyed delaware state 59 to nothing. most lopsided win in school history. villanova down ten, to james madison. cats coach andy tally looks worried. don't be. cats crawl back. nova scored 28 unanswered in the second half. john robinson ties a career high were four touchdowns. nova runs away witt 49-31. and owls in jacksonville, they blow a 12-point, fourth point lead up, 39 seconds
10:50 pm
left, jacksonville scores. penn loses 34-31. not the way, you want to start off the season. since phillies pick up jerome williams off wafers, he has been lights out. today, williams makes history becoming the the first pitcher to ever beat the same team, three times, in the same season. with three different teams. jerome williams has beaten the oakland a's while pitching for houston, texas and now your phillies. he does ant how a win in just seven innings. in the second he gets out of the jam. phillies love it. game scoreless until the seventh. freddie galvis, hits a two run shot. galvis leads fill business three home runs this month. more than ryan howard. more than chase utley. phillies win three to nothing. seven games to go. after losing the cup, union back in action fighting for ml playoff spot. scoreless eighty-sixth minute. free kick for the union.
10:51 pm
union finished in a scoreless draw and they pick up a point but two teams in front of them, in the standings both win so they are two-point out of the final playoff spot with five matches go. california chrome, running in his first race since losing the the belmont steaks. he is in bensalem for the derby. california chrome, is in third place, most of the race, down the stretch though he fades. california chrome, finishing fifth out of the seven horse field, and buyer the wire to wire winner in the pennsylvania derby, out in bensalem today. >> all right, thanks, jeff. one stop shopping today in west philadelphia for anyone in need of food, job counseling, health services even a haircut. it is called convoy of hope and traveling all across the the country getting to help people who need it the most. in addition to the services offers for adults there were a number of fun things for kids as well. convoy of hope has been in operation since 1994, and in that time officials with the
10:52 pm
organization say that they have served more than 65 million people. it was a great morning for a challenge, that is what dozens of people were doing at citizens bank park. second ever sport an race took place today. those taking part had to run up stadium steps, climb rope and navigate a bunch of obstacles. the sport an race is one of the fastest growing of such
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
we leave with you a display of cute necessary. in other words, cuteness. san diego zoo had cameras in the nursery this weekend to check out their new cheetah cubs. the sisters were born on september 1st, weigh about 3-pound each and zoo keepers say that the cubs spend their day cuddling, playing and drinking from bottles together. eventually they will be pared with a training dog for companionship. zoo says dogs are known to relax and calm cheetah cubs, and that helps prepare them to face their adoring public at the zoo. through have it. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> walter, another nice day on the way tomorrow, in fact, day planner is showing you 8:00 o'clock in the morning we have filtered sunshine a few more clouds a along the coast and that temperature 68, we have the rock and roll philly half marathon taking place at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. should be okay. temperatures in the upper 60's. 11:00 a.m. 74, mostly sunny skies, at 81 at 2:00 in the
10:56 pm
afternoon and 38:00 at 5:00 in the early evening with a high temperature tomorrow of 85. if there are any changes meteorologist chris sowers will have latest tomorrow morning on six abc. >> thanks melissa. rest of the "action news" team will be on six abc tomorrow morning at 6:00, that includes the the story, anyone with a new i phone will want to see, why you don't want to put old device out to pass tour just yet put to it work for you instead, that story and more starting at 6:00 tomorrow morning on six abc. thanks for joining us tonight for "action news" at ten, philly feud is next, followed by cheaters. for melissa magee and jeff skversky i'm walter perez, have a great night. >> ♪
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