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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  November 4, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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tuesday night, and we have breaking news, police have just released new video of the suspect link to the abduction of a woman in germantown. police want to you get a good look at his face, tonight. and also, the people have spoken, the results are in, on this election night. in some cases they are dramatic and pennsylvania, for the first time in modern political history an incumbent governor has been voted out of office, voters have ousted republican tom corbett and this is how the race has shaken up to this point so far. tom wolf with the decisive
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win, and a significant loss for tom corbett who, according to the associated press, has a along among men, women, all income levels, all age groups and most regions of the state tonight. decisive win for tom wolf. "action news" reporter dan cuellar is live at the correspondence bet campaign in pittsburgh and we will start with chad pradelli live in york with governor elect tom wolf and his supporters there, chad. >> reporter: yes, big party at the a arena here in york, pennsylvania. no surprise with this election. you know, tom wolf had double digit leads throughout this campaign, coming into this election day, wolf was, confident and calm. now we are waiting for him to take the stage behind me to give his victory speech. you can see supporters, they are listening intently as governor corbett concedes this governorship. it was a tough campaign for him. he was getting hammered for much of it on education. tom will wolf focused, his campaign and in the end it
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looks like that was the deciding factor. now, hundreds of supporters here are awaiting tomorrow wolf to arrive here to give his victory peach and begin a fresh start that has been his campaign all along in pennsylvania. that is his campaign and that is what the voters of pennsylvania, have voted for and it looks like that is where they are right new again. i'm live from york pennsylvania, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> all right, chad, thank you. let's switch live to the scene, in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and that is governor tom corbett, that is who you just saw talking behind our chad pradelli, a decisive lost tonight. he thank his wife, his supporters, and now lets go live for you for the last ten years of their support in his public life. as he said the associated press calling this a significant looks for the governor. he is first in modern time to have lost his bid for reelection. we do anticipate hearing from tom wolf, coming up at some point in the next half an hour or so, of course, as soon as
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that does happen we will bring it to you live. and we've got some more results for you tonight, from pennsylvania pennsylvania's sixth congressional district, it looks like, trivedi, manon tr iv edi has lost to costello tonight, 57 percent won him the results. more results in pennsylvania's 13th congressional district, boyle has taken the top spot with 68 percent, adcock loses with 32 percent tonight. >> all right, shirleen, i want to show you this picture because it is rather dramatic. this is how the you had senate looked when we all woke up this morning. democratic majority holding 55 seats to the republicans, 45. but the big question tonight was how this picture might change, and with it, the the balance of power in congress, and it is very much on the way to changing tonight, at this point, republicans have pick up a net gain of three seatsthat they need, to win the majority
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they lost back in 2006. and they have won, highly competitive races tonight in arkansas, west virginia, and south dakota, as i said, that means they are much on the way to a historic power shift as you know. republicans already hold power in the house of representatives, where they will keep it tonight and it appears that it vice likely that they might well take it in the senate. sharrie williams watching one senate race tonight in new jersey, where they are also some other significant races, sharrie. >> reporter: that is right, brian we are keeping an eye on key races in the state of new jersey, all 12 u.s. house seats are up for grabs tonight, is there also a u.s. senate seat race between democrat corry booker and republican jeff bell. abc news called this race, very early tonight, declaring booker the protect winner. booker, set the stage tonight, promising to fight for everyone in his state, in matter their background. he what's electric to the u.s. senate, last year in a special race after senator frank
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lautenberg died in office. so, this win will now give booker, his first full six year term in washington. the polls early suggested that booker would win. the 45 year-old sent out a tweet shortly after 8:00 p.m. thanking the people of new jersey for their votes. taking a look at the numbers we have on the booker/bell race, again, booker declared winner 49 percent of the vote in. at this point it stand 56 percent of that vote for booker and 42 percent for bell, booker declared the winner tonight. >> to a few u.s. house races in new jersey we will start with the hotly contest tid their district. amy belgard, she face off with tom mcarthur looking at those numbers here, mcarthur has been declare the winner, in this race. this is 47 percent of the vote in and 58 percent from mcarthur and 39 for send for belgard. in the 12th district bonnie watson coleman against
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republican column man a let a eck. coal map is in the new jersey state legislature and it looks like she's heading to washington. she has been declare the winner as well, only 26 percent of the vote in but she has 64 percent of that as you know edging over eck who has 33 percent. history as it is being made tonight in new jersey because with this, the watson-coleman will be the first african-american, shirleen, to now head to washington from the state, of new jersey. history is being made, all right. thanks, sharrie. we want to go live to governor elect tom wolf in york, pennsylvania, as he gets ready to give his victory speech. >> i just received a even if call from governor cover bet. wait a minute. and he gave me a very gracious, very gracious, gracious, concession speech and he was so gracious and i
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think we owe him a debt of gratitude and i would like to just express my gratitude to governor corbett for his years of public service. really a appreciate what he did so let's give him a round of a place. now, let's talk about what this campaign is really about. let's talk about what this campaign is all about. now, no, no, wait a minute. let's talk about what this campaign is really all about. let me start off, let me start with a few word of thanks. i'm so grateful to the voters of pennsylvania forgiving me this chance to serve as governor of pennsylvania. i recognize, while i'm grateful for what they have the the great honor they have done me by giving me so many votes, i also recognize the
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responsibility that is in placed on my shoulder, on my shoulders to do great things for pennsylvania. i know, that there is a heavy, fierce responsibility on me. this is not just about the honor of getting votes, but it is about the necessarity for doing things for governor. but i think i thank the voters of, the voters of the pennsylvania forgiving me this responsibility. i want to say thank you to the people who made this campaign the success that it is. have been here, people who have supported me, on the campaign and my campaign staff, they are too numerous to mention but really have done a phenomenal job of making this campaign about issues, and about making pennsylvania a much better place. i want to run as governor, i have run as governor because i want to make my state better. i think my campaign staff has done a phenomenal job of doing that and i just want to give them a round of applause.
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finally, i'm not mentioning any names, but one and that is my wife, frances. she is the love of my life and my best friend and we are about to embark on a new leg of what has been a long journey, we have been married for 39 years and there is no one in the world that i would rather enter this new leg and this new journey, with but frances wolf. so frances, thank you very much. and, of course, our two daughters, sarah and katie. thank you. so let's talk about this campaign. i have talk about, four things. i've talk about education. we need to reestablish
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education as a priority in pennsylvania. this nation was founded, this nation was founded on the idea of a broad based citizenship and very early on in the republican, history of the republic our ancestors realized education was a key to the strong citizenship and strong democracy, to a strong economy, to strong families and we needed to invest in that. we needed to make sure we resurrect that idea here in pennsylvania and make hure that education is at the top of the list, not the bottom. >> you have been listening to tom wolf, newly elect governor of state of pennsylvania, incredible story of a relatively unknown businessman, from central pennsylvania pennsylvania, who rose to fame with some ads that jeep which he rode into that victory speech tonight. now he is or soon will be the forty-seventh governor of state of of pennsylvania and decisive win over the incumbent republican tom corbett, the first incumbent governor in modern times in
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this state to have lost his bid for reelection. we will have much more on tom wolf and his victory speech tonight as this newscast continues. stay with "action news" as we follow election night results, our coverage continues on six abc at 11:00 and as always you can log on to the six abc news app for latest
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we have some breaking news tonight about that flight evening abduction in germantown, we've got new video, just within the last hour, showing a clear image yet of the man police say kidnaped carlesha freeland gaither. they are hopeful it will lead to her safe return and to his capture. police are also setting a second video showing the abduction, as it happened, "action news" reporter kenneth moton live at northwest detectives tonight and kenneth, a night filled with developments here. >> reporter: that is right, brian as you mentioned this new surveillance video was released 45 minutes ago so lets get right to it. it is better video of the man being called a person of interest in the abduction of carlesha free land gaither, captured around 6:00 a.m. yesterday inside a convenient store in aberdeen maryland right around the town police say this man used a woman's debit card and nearby atm. this evening police told us they have leads and persons of interests including this man but they are still trying to
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sort through a high priority case. >> it is new rid ohio and it is first moment sunday night 22-year old carlesha freeland gaither came in contact with the large man who took her from a germantown sidewalk. he reached his hand out to her in the 5400 block of green street, gaither, slowly back away. >> here's back ago way as she's looking at him because she knows something up. we don't know if he said anything to her or what happened at that point in time. >> reporter: police know the man lung for the woman pulling her down west colter street against her will. >> video is so dark and it gets your attention and he used a lot of force. he was very brutal in how he took her down the street. >> reporter: it is more disturbing video of her abduction but these are the the atm images investigators are focused on tonight. this man used gaither's debit card in pnc bank in bob dean mar land early machine morning. "action news" was there as fbi was on the move searching for more video near that bank. gaither's family said they moved from maryland a couple years ago. they stood in front of the
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cameras to say they don't recognize the man and they want their daughter home. >> just let her go. i just want her home. we don't want y'all, we don't want nothing to do with y'all just let her come home. >> reporter: family told us gaither left behind an obsessed boyfriend in maryland. police need more but confirmed they have leads and persons of interest. >> he just was aggressive, he didn't show any other signs of anything else, and he was just aggressive. i told her to stay away. >> reporter: loved ones held a vigil and prayed for gaither, young woman her father called special. >> she was always there, for anybody, and everybody, and no matter what. >> reporter: police say man who took gaither got away in the 2,000 through 2002 dark gray metallic ford taurus, a reminder, reward for information leading to this young woman is big tonight, $47,000. reporting live outside northwest detectives tonight, kenneth moton for "action news" at ten on phl17. >> thank you, kenneth.
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and thankfully it is a calm night, in the accu weather forecast. >> it should remain that way tomorrow, adam joseph has details live at the big board tonight, hi there adam. >> another warm day for wednesday and temperatures have really, pushed above normal the last couple of days, sunday the high was just 49 degrees with those brutal wind, and we have grabbed 11 degrees, more than that on monday, yesterday, 60 degrees and another 11 degrees today making 71, 11 degrees above the average, which is 60. right now it is not too bad outside, 56 in trenton. fifty-six wilmington. philadelphia is at 57. at the shore temperatures, are at around 58 degrees. satellite, will show that a lot of clouds are spilling across the eastern half of the country. there is a a front as you can see clearly here near st. louis, memphis, cincinnati that will be pushing and sinking to the south overnight but the the precipitation will fall apart as there is really not much, mechanism in the atmosphere to really get it going. you can see on future track
10:18 pm
are confirming tomorrow morning showers fall apart but clouds will be around with some sunshine and then as we get in the afternoon hours the clouds, again, dominating the sky as low pressure develops to the south and west, along that boundary and then rain eventually will push in, on thursday morning, in time for the morning rush at 7:00 a.m. that continues into the early parts of the afternoon and then by 5:00 o'clock on thursday most of the rain should push off the coast as we get in the drying period as the secondary low off pittsburgh, that will miss us to the north and west, so this is a very disorganize system but nonetheless it will be a very wet thursday. tomorrow morning, no bumps in the road for your morning rush, sun and clouds, mild start 54 at 6:00. 57 degrees by 8:00 in the morning. as we get in the afternoon another date with above normal temperatures, 68 in philadelphia. sixty-five allah even town. even at the shore when 65 and 66 degrees with those high clouds and some filtered sunshine. coming up with the full accu
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people saw the fireball, as a meteor, streak across the sky, from the the north east to the southwest. a camera and airport captured it all, the whole thing lasted just four seconds, officials believe it was a piece of asteroid that was ignited as it entered earth's atmosphere. two superstars got their start in south philadelphia return to help their alma matter to day. the routes route returned to philadelphia's high school for creative and performing arts. that is where the pair first collaborated but budget cuts are threatening programs, at that school, and the new independent capa foundation hopes to solve the problem. roots alone gave $40,000 in seed money to help that school
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ews" election update and big story in the state of pennsylvania, it is the election of a new governor. democrat tom wolf unseeded incumbent tom corbett tonight, making corbett the first governor of pennsylvania history to seek a second full term, and fail a. earlier tonight wolf addressed his supporters at his headquarters in york. >> we need to reestablish, education, as a priority, in pennsylvania. this nation was founded, this nation was founded on the idea of a broad based citizenship and very early on, in the republican history of the republic our ancestors realize that had education was the key to a strong citizenship, to a strong democracy, to a strong economy, to strong families, and we needed to invest in that.
10:26 pm
we need to resurrect that idea here in pennsylvania and make sure that education is at the top of the list and not the bottom. >> and it was a much more somber scene tonight in pittsburgh, and the omni hotel that is where governor corbett addressed his supporters and conceded the election. >> just a few moments ago, a few minutes ago, i called tom wolf and i thanked him for a well for the fight. i congratulated him, on his victory, and i wished him well in the next four years. campaigns tend to highlight the the differences between and distinctions between candidates, their personality, the proposals and their actions. we have had a very energetic campaign. he had prevailed. i wish him the best. would you please give him a round of applause. >> meanwhile all eyes nationwide have been on the u.s. senate races that could give the g.o.p. majority
10:27 pm
tonight, in the u.s. senate. "action news" big board, following the balance of power and so far tonight republicans have pick up, four seats. they need six to take control of the senate. one of the earliest races to be called tonight was in new jersey, democrat corry booker won reelection and will now serve his first, full term, as new jersey's junior senator. corry booker accepted victory tonight in newark. >> we are a state that has work to do. i want new jersey to know, that i'm going down to washington but i may be down there, four or five days a week but i am going to be here running around new jersey, fighting for our state, from cape may, to bergen county, this is my focus, this is my urgent cause, we must work to make our state thrive again, from north to south, for all of our people, together we can do this and that will be my mission in the senate. >> new jersey senator corry booker, delaware's junior
10:28 pm
senator chris coons, also had an easy victory tonight. coons won his first full term, he beat kevin wade, a republican. >> i really start the day at the polls at how polite and positive... >> tonight, we will continue, in just a moment, thanks for being with us, i'm jim gardener. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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tonight the big story on phl17 is election night. the polls closed two and a half hours ago. the votes are tallied and winners are emerging. we have been telling you about the governor's race. take a look at numbers. 74% of the vote and tom wolf is the governor-elect. and tom corbett has lost. the first incumbent governor to lose in the modern era. and dann cuellar is in the corbett camp in pittsburgh. and going to chad pradelli with tom wolf's celebration there. chad? >>reporter:tom wolf wrapped up his victory speech. he was brief. he is is surprising political
10:31 pm
story. he had a message and he had money. now he is the 47th governor of pennsylvania. and tom wolf entered to wide applause. chopper [cheers and applause] yes, you see him there riding in on a jeep. he campaigned a fresh start in pennsylvania. he was joined by his wife and two daughters as he took to the podium. hundreds of supporters were waiting for him to arrival. he took to the podium. he talked about priorities education. that was the main campaign message. he hammered corbett. he talked about the natural resources. he has indicated that he will
10:32 pm
tax the drillers of the marcelas shell. >> we have the greatest workforce in the world. this is a place that deserves to have a great future. we need to expect a lot from ourselves. if we do, we can do great things here. let's make this the time. let's make this the place, pennsylvania. [♪] >>reporter:and wolf has indicated that he will not live in harrisburg once he taking over governorship. he will live in pennsylvania. he will not take a salary. nonetheless, it was a nice night. tom wolf your next governor of pennsylvania. thank you, chad. we heard from the governor tom
10:33 pm
corbett. we want to switch live to dann cuellar in pittsburgh. you were there to hear the speech firsthand in a deflated room around you. >>reporter:that is right. just before 10:00 he gave a gracious speech. he called tom wolf congratulating him on winning the governor's race and wished him well. in a defiant tone he may be a one-term governor. he was proud of his record. contrary of what the opponents hammered that he increased it. >> together we cut waste and we reduced the state spending for the first time in 40 years. [ applause ]
10:34 pm
we passed four on-time balance budgets that had not been done before. [ applause ] and we didn't just stop there. contrary to what you heard over last year we increased spending and education to over a billion dollars. >>reporter:in closing, corbett said it's the end of one journey and the beginning of another. he and his wife, sue, will have the opportunity to do many things that they wanted to do. it was a sad note. up to the last minute they were trying to put a good spin on the thing in the polls but was not to be. i am dann cuellar on phl17.
10:35 pm
thank you. we go to new jersey. there are big races for the the u.s. senate. and cory booker maintains his seat. he beat republican jeff ball. bell. another big race is new jersey's district bonnie watson coleman won. she is the first woman sent to congress. taking 64% of the vote. for more let's go to nora muchanic who is with her party tonight in trenton. hi, there, nora. >>reporter:hi it's an exciting night for bonnie watson coleman. heading to booker.
10:36 pm
he took his victory lap in newark. it was no surprise he was leading in the polls. senator cory booker goes back to washington. it is a full six-year term. he told the crowd in newark he is about making washington work. >> so new jersey you have given me six years. i am rolling up my sleeves. i am getting to work. i am going to fight for everyone in our state and every background and geography. we are going to not focus on left or right but to focus on moving america forward. >>reporter:claiming victory is bonnie watson coleman. she beat out a physician, and replacing russ holt.
10:37 pm
she is the first african-american woman in congress. >> you blessed me tonight and you blessed me since february. i prayed that my service to you is a blessing to you and your family. thank you, and god bless. >>reporter:now, i speak to the congresswoman elect. he is sure that his parents are up in heaven and smiling down. they have not had a woman in congress in over 10 years. i am nora muchanic "channel~6 action news." all right. so many reasons to celebrate tonight. thank you, nora. it's time for the accuweather forecast. we are all winner consequencwinners when itcomes r
10:38 pm
forecast. as we take at double scan radar nothing is go on tonight. it changes on thursday. temperature-wise we are warm. 55 st. davids and kennett square. and tannersville up north. upper 60s at the shore. and at 60 for smyrna and dover. it should be 40s in the city. a small ribbon of shower that is evaporates when you push to the south and east. east and south of chicago, the front pushes through. as it pushes through late tonight and tomorrow, clouds come with it. high clouds as it stays warm at 68 with filtered sun. that low rides to the north and east over our region for
10:39 pm
thursday. a secondary area links with the low. it's a wet thursday. we are looking at half an inch of rin at 7:00 a.m. it's a wet morning commute. not tomorrow but thursday morning. we see the showers continuing into the noontime hour. then it starts to dry up to the north and west. by the evening rush-hour the area looks like it will be drying out. there are showers at the shore. we dry out here thursday night and a few lingering showers. with the next round of rain coming along and all the leaves blown around, the gutters are clogged. if you have time to alleviate that so you don't have spillage in your home. and you may want to try to remove the leaves so the water
10:40 pm
can flow into the drains and not creating any flooding. nice and mild in allentown. 65. as we look at shore, a beautiful day. light winds a temperature topping off above normal at 65. the exclusive seven-day forecast, 68 tomorrow. it's rainy and cooler on thursday. 60. with the leaves on the ground when they get wet it acts like black ice in the winter. it can be slippery. be cautious of that. 54 a chilly day. some sun a lot of clouds. it's dry on saturday. 55 on sunday. showers and a lot of clouds. it takes cold monday and tuesday next week. it's a chilly at the linc on monday night football. all right. a little bit of everything in there. thank you, dumb.
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adrian peterson is not going go to jail after all. he is punished hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch. and a video of a man that kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither. kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither. and you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us. the holidays wouldn't be the same without your crescent rolls. we got you a little something. we got you jeans. it's about time.
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[♪] tonight we have new video of carlesha freeland-gaither the moment that she is confronted by her abductor. it's more than 48 hours since she disappeared. it shows a man walking up behind her. she acknowledges him and he puts his hand out as if to shake her hand and then he pounces.
10:45 pm
the mother broke down as they pleaded for her safe return. >> i want my daughter -- [crying] -- give her back, please give her back. within the last hour we got a brand new video. it's a suspect at the aberdeen video. if you recognize him call 911. we learned that carlesha's card was used in aberdeen, maryland. >> the fbi were on the move in aberdeen. this is a sprawling area, gas stations and mini-mart, wired with surveillance cameras.
10:46 pm
this man using carlesha freeland-gaither's a.t.m. card was captured by the photos. the hope that that person might have stopped for food or gas. the agents checked the video from a supermarket next door to the bank. they were expected to review the recordings at the taco bell this evening. she spent her childhood in the town of california that is 110 miles south of aberdeen. she has a maryland connection. whether that is significant is not clear. in aberdeen, maryland john rawlins, on phl17. adrian peterson is not going to jail. he was indicted in september for using a wooden switch
10:47 pm
disciplining the boy. he faces two years in prison. under the agreement he pleaded no contest to reckless assault. he must pay a $4,000 ♪
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[♪] and welcome back at election night. there was a four-game stance that they play huge against edmonton. in the game no score. from behind the net the fourth goal of the season. and the same count it's voracek, number two of the game. fifth of the season. 2-0. 3-1 the schenn brothers. and 4-1. meanwhile, steve mason winless. he makes 35 saves for the
10:51 pm
victory. the flyers take it 4-1. >> it took longer than i originally planned on. good things happen. tonight was a good thing. >> to football. we are told that todd her todd s will be on the reserve. he is going to need surgery. there is good news evan mathis will be back. >> how the rules were set up he was not able to come off until this week. >> the eagles are having a terrific season. there are flaws. the biggest turnovers, 20 times
10:52 pm
but they have been good enough to overcome the turnovers. >> i think that the unique thing about this team compared to last year's team. we were 3-5 this time we are 6-2. >> tonight at the an exhibition, the championship team is honoured. it has been 30 years since that incredible run. it doesn't bring back memories perhaps this will. streamers on the court. the coach is behind that. and ennis with a great dunk here. that is sports. ducis thank you.
10:53 pm
they saw a fellow competitor fall. what they did next, has them disqualified from the race. they helped her over the line. there is a league rule to prohibit the assistance. she is grateful for the first trip to state. >> it was not good. two girls helped me finish. it was nice of them. >> no problem. i wouldn't want to be left out. >> she said it was a moving
10:54 pm
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[♪] well frankie was in germantown tonight. singing his 1981 hit. it was a trip down memory lane at the banquet hall. the proceeds from the event supports jay cooke elementary school. he still has moves. you have that pretty good. anyway, taking a look at the forecast. and at the bus stop it will be a warm start to the day with clouds and sunshine out there. 54 at 6:00 and as we get into the afternoon tomorrow a lot of clouds and limited sunshine. notice the highs between 64 and 67 in the afternoon time. thank you, adam. thank you, adam. and "modern family" is next
10:57 pm
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(phil) councilwoman dunphy, how do you respond to allegations that you look super sexy in your new suit?
11:00 pm
i haven't been elected yet. come on, kids! we gotta vote! honey, come on. please stop filming. i'm just excited! after today, you are going to be a councilwoman, and i am going to be a first husband. and if you don't stop filming, you're going to be my first husband. all right, everybody, come on! do you know what you're doing, kids? you guys are manning the phone banks. alex, you're in charge of that. why is she in charge? and what's a phone bank? (claire) hmm. that's why. phil. i got it. i will be driving 50 of our finest senior citizens to the polls, assuming, of course, that they remember that i'm coming for them. where you at? (laughs) high-five. old people occasionally forget things. okay. everybody, let's go. let's go. wait! real quick! sorry. everybody get in there. jump in there. i just want to say how proud of you we all are. you're an inspiration. who would have thought that 20 years ago when you were still in the bloom of your youth-- okay, i'm gonna go start the car. claire likes to win. when she was 8, a little girl scout friend of hers bragged she could sell the most cookies. damn if claire didn't walk the neighborhood


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