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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 16, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> friday night. the search for a killer continues nearly a year after a young woman was gunned down in front of her mother in a purse-snatching turned murder. >> and accuweather says we have a 50/50 weekend ahead. details on when the rain will arrive. >> and the big story is about face ncaa and it has major ramifications for the legacy of the late and legendary penn state coach joe paterno. today the ncaa ano oneed they will restore 112 wins it
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stripped from penn state record and jerry sandusky child molestation scandal. >> that makes paterno winningest coach in history and it undoes other sanctions involved on one storied football program and how it was something celebrated by others say it sends the wrong message. "action news" reporter sharee williams is live. you have the details on the reaction. >> reporter: right there are those saying restoring wins can never undo the damage and the pain the victims suffered. and while that may be true, we're also learning the 60 million fine the school was hit with with now stay all in state for the prevention of child sexual abuse. today's announcement is major turning point for penn state and the football program. >> today is victory for people in pennsylvania. today is victory for penn state nation. >> jay coreman rejoicing he was among those that believed from
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the beginning ncaa did not have authority to wipe out penn state's 112 wins garnered between 1998 and 2011. today's announcement of the wins being restored was a major milestone. the senator called the ncaa -- said the ncaa went to far punishing the team and the coach because of jerry sandusky. >> one of the most revered sports figure of the 21 century were tarnished by accusations not based in fact. >> whips were vaik vacatesed in a decree in 2012 the university signed off open. ncaa levied a $60 million fine against the university. senator coreman did not think the decree was fair. he and others find a lawsuit against the ncaa and weeks before the scheduled trial on the legality of that decree the ncaa changed course. saying it does not want to draw out the case and delay funds
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that could help victims of sexual abuse. today on espn outside the line joe paterno's son jay responded to the ncaa decision not to go to trial. >> i think the ncaa and mark were anxious to get this over with rather than face the music in february and have to take the sgland jay pattern owe also defended his father. >> the actual prosecutor in this case has stated on the record that joe paterno was forthcoming. that he was cooperative. and this the he followed the law. >> so senator coreman calling today a victory and just for note this very same senator is calling for joe pa's statue to be returned to campus. we'll see how far that goes. >> that was only a matter of time. >> thanks very much. >> we have breaking news right now. a 14-year-old died tonight after being stabbed during a fight at west philadelphia high school this afternoon. and now the 16-year-old suspect
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will be charged with murder. police say the victim and suspect got into into a altercation which continued after school. 14-year-old was stabbed in the chest 46 and market street. he suck onlyed to wounds before 9:00 this evening and police say they have recovered the weapon and the suspect bloodid clothing. >> we have even more breaking news. chopper6hd is live over north philadelphia right now. police and medics are on the scene of an accident apparently a car overturned on top of a man. this happened around 9:407 tonight. a 17th and indiana streets in north philadelphia apparently the car came to rest overturned. medics responded and are in the process of transporting a 32-year-old victim to temple university hospital. no word on if this was the driver of that vehicle. but again an accident here north philadelphia. the victim being taken to the hospital right now. we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. >> a man who allegedly tried to
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run over an upper darby police officer is now in custody tonight. police say they tried to stop the man near 69 and walnut after he allegedly bought drugs from an undercover officerch the suspect tried to flee in his car and ran into the side of a building over a sidewalk and tried to back up over an officer. the police fired one shot at the suspect he was not hit and his car crashed into parking meters before coming to a stop. nobody gratefully was seriously injured. they found a gun heroin, crack contain and cash inside that car. gunfire erupted in southwest philadelphia tonight claiming the life of a maybe police were called to the 7100 block of theodore street before:00 this evening the victim not yet identified was pronounced dead at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. police are searching for the suspect and the motive. >> there is a new clue tonight in the search for a man that
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murdered a norm philadelphia social worker and just released surveillance shows the moment before he called kim jones. philadelphia police say the masked killer waited outside her home and then followed her to the bus stop at 12 and jefferson and shot her execution style. the suspect was then spotted boarding the subwe broad and cecil b. moore in temple. >> he turns puts the gun in duffle bag and walks away. tonight's hld a vigil at the bus stop why he was killed. his son pleads for someone to come forward. >> my mother was a great person,self less and as we said earlier they deserve aid lot better than this. >> there was a 20,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction. >> monday marks 1 year anniversary of amber long's murder. police are still looking for the bandits that attacked the
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6-year-old and her mother on front street northern liberties. that is where we find "action news" reporter dann cuellar. and dann you spoke to the mother about that terrible day. >> that's right. and you know the killing of 26-year-old amber long happened here in the 900 block of front street excuse me here for a moment i'm getting feedback. the mother who was with her remembers it like it was yesterday. tonight for the first time she spoke about her daughter and what happened. >> she was an old soul. she was a very very wise person for her age. >> an architect at nev's architecture amber long traveled to italy to study architecture. she was accompliceed artist with a great collection of drawings and she wrote a touching letter as a senior to her mother. >> thanks for giving me life that will be with me as long as i live and one day i'll have a
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child of my own and pass that on. happy mother's day i hope this letter means as much to you as it does to me. >> this monday will mark a year since stephanie and her daughter were work ago long front northern liberties after a night on the town when two bandits approached then snatched stephanie's purse shot amber in the chest. >> he heard the pop she was falling back towards me and. >> surveillance shows the men getting into black late model chevy impala where another man was waiting. it had new york tags. to this day the case was not solved. >> you had amber die in her mother's arms. i can't think of anything sadder. so i have taken it personally we want to catch the killers but we'll need the public's help. we know somebody saw something. >> meanwhile a grieving mother created a legacy of school arships at philadelphia university and fighting to keep amber's story alive until justice comes sdmri have done
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everything i possibly can to keep her alive and keep her work alive. >> a 37,000 reward remains on the table for information leading to arrest and conviction. if you have information the homicide unit of the philadelphia police is waiting for your call. we're live in northern liberties dann cuellar "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> a 3-year-old boy died and several injured when a new jersey transit river line train slammed into a car today. it happened after 4:00 on chester avenue delran township. the boy was run of three people in that car. all within taken to cooper university hospital. that's why the boy died tonight. of the 75 people on the train five were treated with non-life-threatening injuries. river line service was us is spended in both directions while police investigated that crash. >> well, today we learned the name of temple student who
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plunged to her death last night in center city. 18-year-old rebecca kim was first year prepharmacy student from ambler. police say she was taking picture on a ledge outside of art institute dorm. a friend told her to come inside and kim instead fell 8 stories on to the sidewalk at 16 and chestnut. kim fell on top of 44-year-old erica good win who remains in critical condition tonight after the freak accident. >> it's unbelievable what are the chances that anyone would walk down the street and someone would fall on them. >> you'll hear more from goodwin's mother with a full report coming up on "action news" at 10:30. >> after the accuweather forecast we're in for a wet cold weekend. it was going to be in the teens in the city and colder in the suburbs. for more let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board. >> hi shirleen it starts cold and dry and ends wet sunday.
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right now temperatures dropping to the 20s. philadelphia 28. allentown 2 1. millville 27. trenton 4. reading 2. atlantic city airport 27. poconos down to 10. and it's still quite windy out there. winds will be easing overnight. right now we have winds out of the north, northwest 60 miles an hour in philadelphia that's pulling down cold air and creating a wind chili infect. feels like 16 for windchill in philadelphia and 1 trel trenton and 18 wilmington and 9 in allentown and 5 in the poconos. so the weekend really breaking it down. it's dry. it's calm but cold on saturday. the afternoon high only 32 degrees. most of the day temperatures will be stuck in the 20s. and for sunday this is when the rain moves in. it could begin as a period of freezing rain in northwest suburbs and heaviest rain will be east of philadelphia. it will be a dreary day high of
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42. of course for a lot of people this is three day weekendment we'll talk about what to expect on monday for the holiday. and the possibility of more snow possibly middle of next week in the full accuweather forecast. shirleen. >> thank you cecily. >> a 20-year-old man accused of plotting to attack lawmakers at the u.s. capitol has been denied bond. christopher cornell was in court today. he's accused of planning to set off pipe bombs at the u.s. capitol to shoot lawmakers as they ran out. he was arrested wednesday outside a gun shot shop. cornell's parents were at the hearing. his plot is raising concerns about home grown terrorism. >> it's a growing problem that more and more people areself radicalizeing. >> the fbi highlighting that concern by sharing this video of a sting that landed a man in jail in 201. they stopped the plot similar to cornell's. there's also concern about rad apicals overseas. 12 people were taken into custody overnight and france and
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investigators say some of the suspect have links to kosher market murders and in belgium they're accused of plotting to kill officers they were arrested. >> the supreme court is taking on the issue of same-sex marriage. >> and one woman is not a rick springfield fannymore. she says he fell on her. find out what the judge had to say about her lawsuit. >> ravens let ray rice go after video of him beating his fiancee surfaced tonight we learned they have reached a setment. >> and his book became a best seller and the young boy who said he met jesus after horrific car crash is telling a different
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>> baltimore ravens reached a setment with ray race. he wanted 23 1/2 million back pay. that's how much he would have earned for the season after serving two game suspension. details of settlement were not revealed. rice was released in september after video of him surfaced hitting his then fiancee at the revel resort in atlantic city. >> a best selling book about a
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6-year-old journey to heaven and back is being pulled because the boy is now retracting his story. the boy who came back from heaven is about alex m first published in 2010 and sold more than a million copies about the accident that left him in a coma he had visions of angels according to the book and meeting jesus. in open letter the boy now says he was lying and wanted attention. he regretted that people profited from those lies. late name melarchy turned out to be a bunch of melarchy you. >> want to plan your activities lightly. >> one dry the other rain. cecily tynan has details at the big board. >> we had a pretty comfortable friday except fort winds. temperatures are finally above normal. big change for most of the week. low 27 degrees. 2 above normal. afternoon high 43. 3 degrees above normal and the warmest temperature we had all
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week long and now temperatures are really beginning to nosedive. 2 degrees in philadelphia 24 trenton, 29 millville and allentown 21 and reading currently 24. and then you factor in the winds we have pretty gulingty winds out of the north west. wind chill feels like 1 trenton. 16 philadelphia, 11 reading and feels like 9 degrees in allentown. satellite 6 and action radar we had a cold front move through and it kaimz with clouds and isolated snow showers. what it has done is open the door for high pressure to build in. this is arctic high it will be here for one day. right over us on saturday and that brings us mrentstive sunshine and tonight it is really bringing us cold temperatures. overnight low independent 18, 1 millville, 19 atlantic city and 9 reading and 8 allentown. and in trenton, the high 13. through the day tomorrow we'll see loads of sunshine. it will not be windy like today.
10:19 pm
but temperatures running close to 10 degrees below average. philadelphia 32 for the high. allentown 27. wilmington 33. millville 32 and trenton 29 degrees. so cold but dry this is really a big weekend at the ski resort brian i know you're thinking about skiing my suggestion go tomorrow and bundle up. it will be sunny and cold at 10:00, 13. by the afternoon, only in the 20s. but, on sunday this is when the rain moves in. could begin as icy mix at first. temperatures will be rising then up to freeingdz by:00. so messy weather on sunday. i'll talk about with what to expect for martin luther king day and next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. brian shirleen. >> ski plans have to wait. >> to another weekend. >> the flu is hitting especially hard this year. we'll tell you how much the vaccine will protect you based on your age. >> and you are planning to pour yourself a drink before bed to sleep better. we'll tell you if that really
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>> was it worth getting the flu shot. that's the question. the cdc shows the entire country is affected. part of the problem is this year's flu vaccine less than half effective as last year. it happened in 2001 and for those six no 17 the vaccine is working 26% of the time and for those 18 to 4 it drops to 1%. and for those over 50 it's only 14% effective. >> they had to pick what goes into the vaccine all the way back in february and since then the virus in the community mutate sod what's causing these around america is not what people are protected with with this year's vaccine. >> this year's flu is being blamed for hundreds of deaths including 45 children. >> turns out you may want to think twice before you pour yourself night cap tonight. australian researchers looked at effect of late night alcohol and
10:24 pm
sleep. they treated group of young adults with orange juice one spiked with vodka before bed and monitored brain waves when supplement. those who had vodka induced had brain activity with sleep disturbances. if you want a good night sleep read a book or take a hot shower. >> no glass of red wine. >> i'm not going to say anything will that. >> time for a look at sports. sixers in "action news" new orleans. >> ducis rogers is liver in the "action news" sports center. >> four games in five night six anywhere middle of tough stretch. tonight they make it look easy against new orleans, afternoonle injury, nerlens know injury, nerlens noel and michael carter williams, four of the five starters finish in double figures sivrmz win 96-81 . >> football now lead source
10:25 pm
tells "action news" lesean mccoy will pull out of pro bowl with non-serious injury and dorenbos was added to the roster. >> matthews may have pro bowl in the future. we caught one matthews and asked about his thoughts on chip kelly getting bump in power to juggle being a head coach and personnel guy. >> i think coach kelly stays in the laboratory all day and just finds different ways to get us open. i think he'll be able to handle it fine. >> there's a reason they give him that position and opportunity. and we know coach kelly will be the guy to get us where we need to go. >> ahead next half hour reporterry mackel roy does never done
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>> much more coming up the search for modern day bonnie and collide and group of teens in trouble tonight. text mess ooj that landed all of them in sglubl and deadly fall in september citych family members talk about the condition
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> hello again thanks for joining tonight. one of the big stories we're following on phl17. >> a 14-year-old died after a school fight ended with a stabbing. police had two students at west philadelphia high got into a fight in the lunch room which continued after school. a 16-year-old has been arrested and murder charge is now pending. >> 112 wins stripped from pen
10:31 pm
cincinnati wake of jerry sandusky scanned rl being reinstated. ncaa reversal followed settlement with the school meaning 60 mill ion will be distributed victims of sexual abuse in the state of pennsylvania it means joe paterno will regain his title winningest coach in college football history. >> monday will mark one year since murder of amber long. she's 26-year-old shot in front of her mother by purse snoocher in northern liberties. the suspect were caught on tape but remain at large. >> we start with deadly fall in sipt are city this was the scene last night at 16 and chestnut where the temple student fell from a window and on to a pedestrian. the student was identified as 18-year-old ebb anesthetic he can akim. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more on kim and the woman just walking down the street. >> i'm still processing it. i mean it's unbelievable. what are the charge chances that
10:32 pm
anyone would walk down the street and someone would fall on sglem joyce adams 4-year-old daughter eric goodwin happened to be walking down the street when 18-year-old temple university student rebecca kim fell to her death directly on top of goodsglin she has a broken shoulder and some spine injuries. and they're still running tests. >> this all unfolded before 6 p.m. thursday near the bidsy intersection of 16 and chestnut. according to investigators kim was visiting students at art institute inside their center city dorms. a witness says kim klinld out on to a ledge from the window facing 16 straight. friends say she was trying to take pictures. one roommate told her to come back inside. she did not and fell from the ledge on to the sidewalk. art institute resident advisers warned students not to look outside. >> somebody fell out of the window from the 8th floor she
10:33 pm
said when you get out there don't look at your window it's not pretty. >> both women were transported to the hospital. kim was pronounced dead a short time later. kim was a 2014 graduate of wissahickon high school and freshman at temple university enrolled in prepharmacy prament. goodwin mother of a young boy has a long recovery ahead. >> i'm really, really thankful that my daughter is alive. my prayers really go out to the young woman who lost her life. >> and goodwin was on her way to a meeting foramen toreship for young girls when this happened. we're told she has a long recovery ahead possibly up to 8 weeks. temple released a statement saying they have grief counselors on hand and so does the art institute of philadelphia and we're told their deep was on the 8th floor to make sure those students were okay. reportner center city, "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> dozens of demonstrateers gathered along 0th street
10:34 pm
evening. after the demonstration near 30th street station they marched where they stage aid die nx the march caused traffic tie-ups on several roadways during the evening commute. >> upper darby mother accused of locking mentally disabled son out of her house turned herself in today. arrest warnltd for kareem atolbert was arrested. they were called to her home last wednesday where officers found her 18-year-old son banging on the door. she apparently -- he apparently was thrown out during app argument and he as intellect of 10-year-old. >> that kid could have froze tone death. if it was not for neighbors calling police and police coming an get ing him out of there who knows how long he would be there. he didn't know what to do other than stay there. >> temperatures were subfreezing that day. the victim is said to be doing
10:35 pm
well and staying with an aunt in upper darby. >> 8 students from neshimany high school are accused of passing around text 34es messages with sexual photos of others. the cases will be referred to bucks county youth a panel for non-violent offenders the names are withheld because they're all under 18. students were first reported by classmates back in november. >> this philadelphia resident vinny taylor was arrested in st. louis on second degree murder chams stemming from incident in washington d.c. area hotel. taylor inject aid woman's buttocks with some type of substance to make it larger. but the woman became ill and checked herself into the hospital where she died. taylor was extradited from st. louis to maryland to face charges. >> while sitting in crowded room fluid to laptop is not considered social foe
10:36 pm
student programmers de saided for the hack-a-thon. teens have 36 hours to create a web, mobile or hardware application with goal of solving real world problems an i have no doubt that smart group of kids will come up with something good. this weekend you'll need more than a warm sweater. you'll need umbrella. >> for some of you it will be in single digits tonight. let's head to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> hi, brian shirleen we start weekend with sweater and end with umbrella. sky6 behind me taking a look at center city sky line clear, cold and on the windy side. temperatures dropping into the 20s across the region. taking a look at temperatures currently center city 28. in trenton 24. warrington 22. quakertown 21. levittown 24. kennett square currently 25. south jersey hammonton 26
10:37 pm
degrees. >> vineland 29, glassburg 29 and dover checking in at 32. and you factor in the winds. wind chills right now are in the teens. satellite 6 and action radar you see the carving out of the clouds. that's high pressure. arctic high pressure building down from canada and this will be mere tore a one day visit tomorrow sitting right over us. and that will bring us loads of sunshine. it will also bring us calm winds and cold temperatures. our afternoon high tomorrow struggling to reach the freezing mark. 1:00 in the afternoon, wall to wall sunshine. not a cloud in the sky. we're in a progressive pattern. systems don't hang around long. that high pressure moves out sundays. for polar bear plunge benefiting energy until special olympics will be sunny and cold saturday 1:00, ocean
10:38 pm
temperature warmer than air temperature, 38. air temperature 30. winds lights at 5 miles an hour. bit of wind chill factor 25. good luck for everybody. the polar bear plunge it's a good cause. >> son sunday we take a nreej rain. we heal around philadelphia and areas south that it will extend north and move quickly into south jersey by 1:00 and you can see banned of very heavy rain right along the coast before the system moves out sunday night and this will drop a lot of rain at the shore. future tracker showing we could get up to inch and a half of rain at the horse. philadelphia between half inch and three-quarters of an inch and drops across northwest suburbs less than an inch of rain and parts of berks countsy. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast it's not a washout of a weekend. plenty of sunshine saturday. bundle up and go outside. 32 on sunday that rain moves to.
10:39 pm
high of 42 degrees. there could be a little icing in the far northwest suburbs at onset mainly this is a pure rain event behind the system monday mlk day of service gusty winds 4. 6:00 sunshine similar to today. tuesday increasing clouds 41. wednesday a clipper will move through bringing us rain or snow showers. 39, temperatures stay a little on cool side. thursday, mostly sunny, 37 and friday mixture of sun and clouds high of 8. so ranking the weekend it's going to be cold, to dry, mild and wet, and then mild and windy. >> you gave us everything. >> thank you cecily. >> all right. >> we don't have to worry about these ice cupp turz melting any time soon. we traveled to reading where flier and ice fest are picked off there are competitions going
10:40 pm
on through tomorrow and also live music dancing food, wine and >> dr. martin luther king, jr. dream game alive tonight in cherry hill through music. the congress gaition hosted an 12 annual mlk celebration. 80 singers representing baptist and jewish conversations across new jersey sang with one voice in this year's unity choir. >> rick swingfield certainly is not singing blues. lawsuit against him now settled and we have the details. >> search is on nor modern day "bonnie and clyde". we'll tell you about this teen couple's crime spree. >> and ter riseed before the community details on ramp page after the
10:41 pm
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>> the supreme court says i do to same sex maerm debate. nine justices will decide whether gay couples have right to get hitched on ban lower federal courts nationally are split on the issue.
10:44 pm
analysts say that's probably why the supreme court is taking it on. a final decision could come by summer. >> four men have now been charged in florida accused in deadly crime spree that started with pawn shop robbery. sheriff in polk county says suspects fired on deputies who responded to the car. all but one us is 13ebg9 got away. remaining suspect broke into a home and killed a 72-year-old mother and her daughter after a tense overnight manhunt. all four were arrested. >> they killed two innocent women last night in their homes. they tried to kill a lot of law enforcement officers last night and were unsuccessful and we took them all until it custody. >> one of the men is charged with two counts of first degree murder. all four are charged with armed robbery and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. well you can call them modern day "bonnie and clyde".
10:45 pm
two kentucky teenagers on the run wanted for stealing three cars and using stolen checks. the 13-year-old girl and 18-year-old boyfriend are becoming increase heingly brazen and dangerous. thursdayen with the vehicles was found in atlanta. it's thought two are bound for florida. >> the man behind the famous song jessie's girl will perform that song once again without weight of lawsuit. a jury ruled today rick springfield did not injury a fan in 2004. a woman claimed springfield neal her and fokd knocked her down while performing causing her ongoing medical issues. he was in good spirits when he walked out of the courtroom signing autografts and taking pictures with his fans. >> you were singing that song tonight. >> time is running out. just a few days left to the buy
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>> southwest air shrines getting slapped with a 1.6 million dollar fine for lengthy tarmac delays. south west failed to allow passengers to get off planes to chicago's midway airport last year. southwest says the delays happened during a significant winter storm. well if you were planning to buy yourself google glass you have to get them before monday going sl discontinuing them and going back to the drawing board. they continue selling glass at work device which are used from sporting events to operating rooms and the plan is to build for the future and they promised new versions of glass will be available down the line. they looked cool. >> did they ever look cool. >> i don't know. >> maybe that was the problem. >> maybe not. >> ncaa today restoring joe paterno record and arguably his
10:50 pm
legacy. >> ducis rogers is live with that. >> ncaa resolved consent decree. president rode eriksson signed 2012 in connection with jerry sandusky scandal by doing so 112 victories stripped have been restored. 111 of those victories belong to that man joe paterno. paterno is once again the winningest dmoch major college football history. settlement between penn state and ncaa calls for 60 million fine address child abuse to be spent within the state of pennsylvania and his son jay is pleased but wants more. >> i think there's a lot more to explain to why reputation of penn state university and certainly reputation of athletic department that was model program across the board why that was allowed to be sacrificed in alter of sxeed
10:51 pm
yepsy in panic of the day. >> to basketball sixers are young and insxreerpsed and also hungly. that can be fun to watch at times. it's tonight against new orleans. no anthony davis either for bell cans. early 1st quarter action nerlens noel. later in the opening quarter robert covington three of 18 point. brett brown team up by 3 at the break. back to noel in 3rd quarter scores 17 points 11 rebounds, blocked five shots and cruise control from there. ncw leads with 2. fourth sick torrey in the past 6 games whip easily 96-81. >> it sepdz a message to the league if you come in for a w you have to come in we don't take that lightly. if you want to sit your guys because we're a bad team you can get up and run.
10:52 pm
>> nfl source says lesean mccoy will pull out of pro bowl because of injury. >> mccoy may restructure his contract. >> i've been in pennsylvania my whole life. i don't think it's that big of a topic. coach k knows how i feel about the team. we'll work something out. we'll wait and see. >> baseball dom brown and ben revere will be back in phillies uniform not same one but separate team avoided arbitration with both players brown will earn 2.5 million this coming season he took a step back last year 23 5 two earned
10:53 pm
home runs and finally tonight second round rory mcllroy, 177 yards. going with nine iron. showing off. aces it. if you can believe it, it's first professional hole in one. two strokes behind the leader you. >> said he would have a great year. off to a good start. >> you say you have to put it out there. >> thank you ducis. >> pro athletes past and present filled the crown applause acherry hill tonight for an evening of honoring their own. annual sports writeers association awards dinner recognized more than two dozen athletes with fooets in 2013. charlie manuel has special achievement award ring ring!... progresso!
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>> miniture hours horses are all the rave today not because they're cute but healing powers. therapeutic abilities were shared at luther world nursing rehab in hatboro. adorable equine paying a visit to each resident bringing a smile the best kind of therapy ever. >> i don't think you can ride the horses they're too small. >> you can hug them and pet them. >> and look at them. >> warms your heart. >> it's going to be cold
10:57 pm
tomorrow. loads of sunshine and calm winds and high struggling to make it to low 30s and sunday i'm tracking rain on the way. future tracker showing the heaviest rain along the coast in lesser amounts as you head further north and wets. sunday will be wet and saturday will be cold but sunny. >> so hug a horse. >> hug a horse. >> words to live by. >> thank you, cec. >> thank you for joining us tonight
10:58 pm
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claire: kids! breakfast! kids? oh. phil would you get them? yeah. just a sec. kids! that is so -- okay. kids?! get down here! why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs? just text me. all right, that's not gonna happen. and, wow you're not wearing that outfit. what's wrong with it? honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt? sorry. oh, yeah, that looks really cute, sweetheart. thanks. no, it's way too short. people know you're a girl. you don't need to prove it to them. luke got his head stuck in the banister again. i got it. where's the baby oil? it's in our bedside tab-- i don't know. find it. come on!


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