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tv   Local 10 News 100AM  ABC  January 7, 2016 1:07am-1:37am EST

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andrew perez is live in fort lauderdale with the top story. >> andrew: well, a defense attornrn said today this has nothing to do with race. the defense attorney argued that this has to do with an officer doing his job. an officer trying to protect the public. the officer got a huge show of support today and they say that show of support was unnecessary. a standing ovation for the bso deputy charged with manslaughter. the support was overwhelming. >> whether it's emotional or financial support, we'll be with him until the end of this. >> reporter: dozens of deputies show up to court sporting these custom t-shirts sayingnghey stand with peter parazza. he phased a judge wednesday morning uttering his first words publicly since the jury indicted him. >> plead not guilty. >> reporter: he's charged in the 2013 shooting death of jermaine mcbean, a charge his attorney says is absolutely baseless.
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take a look and see what's in ther the deputy was defending himself, nothing more, nothing less. >> reporter: mcbean was spotted walking down dixie highway carrying an unloaded air rifle. the defense claims deputies ordered him to drop it. >> when you point a rifle at the deputy you are unfortunately going to get shot and killed. >> but a lawyer for the mcbean family says a witness tells a different story. >> what he says unequivically on the scene and under oath is it never moved from mcbean's head. >> and the troubling photoof mcbean's body on the ground. he's wearing what appears to be ear buds. some say that prevented him from hearing police commands. and now the mcbean family attorney has spotted the federal lawsuit and meanwhile we know he's been suspended pending the. andrew perez, local 10 news.
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just in now an arrest after a student stabbed after the fight on the school bus spilled into the street. they say it's an argument among the students in lauder hill and resulted in a teenage boy getting stabbed. he was treated for non-life threatening injury. less than an hour ago lauder hill police confirming a young woman has been arrested and charged in connection with that attack. >> calvin: and now to two robberies caught on camera. first a hold up at the kfc in fort lauderdale. and it is emptying out two different registers at the restaurant on west sunrise boulevard. detectives say he dangerous. a smoothy shop robbery happened last month. the robber got away with hundreds of dollars from the smoothie king on sterling road. if you know anything about either robbery, call broward crime stoppers at the number on the screen. 954-493-tips.
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hofiric calls on new year's day. the former boston market manager on a tirade shooting 2 people before turning the gun on himself. carlos suarez is live in tamarac with the story. >> reporter: laurie, the calls for help paint a terrifying scene seconds after two people were shot. now one of those 911 calls were made from this restaurant behind me and everyone involved. >> 911. what is your emergency? >> somebody just got shot in the head! >> reporter: the calls for help underscore the calls for panic seconds after an ex-worker sought revenge on on new year's day. >> he's dead. he knot shot in the head twice -- got shot dead twice in the office. >> reporter: he lay inside the restaurant where months earlier 57-year-old clyde muler had been fired from. he unleashed his fury minutes after the sheriff's office said
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and shot her dead. the 21-year-old was an assistant manager at the same restaurant and the two had been in some sort of relationship. >> there's one body in here! >> one body? do me a favor. male or female? >> is it a male or female? >> a lady. >> a female? >> it's a female. >> okay, do me a favor. is this female breathing? >> is the female breathing? >> and let me know where she's shot? >> she's facedown. >> reporter: what drove muler to the shootings deputies may never know. after taking aim at the 2 victims, he got into the car and pulled up to the drive-thru -where he shot himself dead. >> wherate person that shot him? >> he just shot himself outside. he shot himself outside. he killed himself outside. >> reporter: the person shot several times remains in the hospital in critical condition. i'm carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> calvin: thank you. a man accused ofing his
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in court he's accused of 59-year-old randy person's murder. he was there to collect the belongings and that's where they found pierson. it quickly escalated to violence. >> this was not a premeditated act. it was his mother had just been shot and who they believe was the person that didn't and going to see what happened here. >> he was denied bond today. it's unclear if his mother committed suicide or was shot by another person. >> laurie: an investigation is underway tonight after a woman thrown out of the florida hospital and we hear a troubling new recording as she cries out over and again that she can't breathe. now her family is demanding answers. janine stanwood is in the newsroom with more on the disturbing story. >> the family released the
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moments before barbara dawson died at the hospital on outside of tallahassee. >> please, please! >> barbara dawson anguished, insisting she can't breathe. >> i can't breathe! >> put your hands behind your back. >> i can't breathe! >> you can't see her but can hear the pain in her voice picked up on dash cam video. >> please! god, help me! help me! >> reporter: the video is from the early morning of december 21st. police were called to calhoun liberty hospital in blunt town where 57-year-old dawson was begging to stay after being discharged by doctors. an officer unplugs her oxygen hose, walks her outside in handcuffs where she collapses to the ground. >> she's falling down and just laying down. ms. dawson, falling down like this and laying down won't stop you from going to jail. >> it would be 18 minutes on the pavement before dawson is
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>> when people go to the hospital, it's a place for sick people to get help. why didn't she get the benefit of the doubt? not just the benefit of the doubt. the benefit of humanity. from the hospital and from the police officer. >> we want justice for barbara so this will not happen to anyone else. >> laurie: the spital says a blood clot in her lung is what killed dawson and maintains it's hard to detect. the police department launched an independent investigation. calvin? kaufl kaufl the police officer who arrested sandra bland was fired after being indicted for lying to the grand jury. this controversial traffic stop where bland was pulled ov for an improper lane change but ended up being arrested for assault in july. her case attracted nationwide attention. bland was found dead in her jail cell 3 days later. the official cause of death was suicide.
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the trial of the former president of the teacher's union began today. he's accused of stealing $300,000 in union money. soto ramo who served as president of the organization for 10 years resigned in 2011 and was arrested after the allegations caca to light. >> laurie: the numbers? they have rolled over 17 times! now the powerball jackpot is a monster! >> calvin: a whopping number! talking about a half billion dollars! that's with a b. we know you bought the tickets tonight and now it's time to find out the numbers. herereyou go. >> across the country it's time for america's favorite jackpot game! get ready, everybody.y. this is powerball! good evening, everyone. i'laurie johnson. tonight's powerball jackpot is worth an estimated 524.1 million dollars! so get those tickets out and get ready. let's play. that first number up? it's 47. followed by the number 2. we're heading to idaho and
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one million dollars playing powerball. congratulations, sarah. the rest of the numbers 63, 62, rounding it out with the number 11. your powerball number tonight is 17 and your power play multiplier is 3. let's take a look at those numbers one last time and for all of us here in the powerball studio, thank fof joining us and see you back here saturday night. goodnight, everyone! >> no screams aroundhere so everyone is coming to work tomorrow. >> i think we are. all signed up. moving on. el nino rains are swamping southern california and the result is a muddiy mess. more on thedevastation -- muddy mess. more on the vastation just ahead. >> reporter: meanwhile miami looking good tonit. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. brighter days ahead and warmer, too. we'll talk all about it after the break. >> calvin: and a restaurant ordered shut anthe reason may just turn your stomh! don't miss tonight's "dirty
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the break. >> calvin: a puzzling question. cleaning up a restaurant but spotting a dead rodent with rodent droppings? >> laurie: yuck! and now tonight's dirty dining. >> 24 violations. dead rodent in the kitchen. dead rodents in the kitchen. grub marks? >> and the inspector coming the other day we're fine. >> reporter: we get things are fine now but far from it when suzy li chinese restaurant was ordered shot. the location 18305 north miam beach. among the violations? rodent rub marks along the walls. >> here it says there was a dead rodent behind the water heater. >> they had found one. >> reporter: when customers hear this, they're not gogog to be happy. >> but we do okay right now.
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>> reporter: can we see the kitchen? >> not right now. >> reporter: not right now? one of the most popular restaurants in all of northeast miami-dade is this pf changs on biscayne boulevard. among the 5 violations recently found? live roaches in a food prep room, in a dish wash and food storage om. they noted live flying insects in the food prep areaea pf changs also ordered shut. we wanted to know why, but we were shown the door. >> we can't have you guys in here right now. >> okay. nobody we can talk to regarding inspections? >> thank you. >> reporter: finally to hollywood and cevice on hollywood boulevard. 14 violations found here. live roaches on the kitchen floor, on walls and under a sink. the food manager's certification had expired and according to records obtained by local 10 news, inspectors
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and once already this year. >> in the kitchen a little. >> reporter: not good? >> no, not so good. but baby and the roaches. >> and then it's in the kitchen. and then >> reporter: the owner has a change of heart and the owner tells us he owes us no explanation. all the places mentioned were allowed to re-open following inspections and you now know what was going on behind that kitchen door. jeff, local 10 news. >> calvin: jeff, thanks a lot. local 10 news made it easy to see any restaurant inspection statewide.
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>> more trouble for chipotle. it's been hit with a federal grand jury subpoena in the wake of the norovirus update. they've been struggling to maintain the reputation after the series of food-related illnesses including ecoli and a different norovirus outbreak in boston. >> calvin: a california family got the backyard no one wants to. the mud flood from storms hit leaving them in disbelief. thanks to the public works and the use of the sledge hammer to break up the fence, not a bit of it made it in the house. >> laurie: unreal! the highways were flooded with carc and looks like wading through standing water. you can see drivers could only proceed through one lane. the rest were under too much water. flash flood warnings were in effect across southern california. look at that scene!
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pushing a car to safety. >> to protect and serve working here. >> what a mess! >> in the meantime our way and heading out. >> and then it's a little bit different sort of day tomorrow. right, betty? >> ah-hah! the rain is out of here. looking good tonight and the rain just about everywhere in fort lauderdale and not quite half annch. miami measurable and up half an inch. started with the temperatures in the mid60s and made it up to the mid70s. didn't quite get our average high of 76 with all those clouds. no surprise that we did it. we certainly came close. and then look at our temperatures tonight. we're in the mid60s from miami to fort lauderdale and pembroke pines. homestead through the keys, too, following pome of those mid to upper 60s as well. by tomorrow morning, it appears the drop off is going to be in the lower 60s. so about 63 in miami and 61 in hollywood. one of those mornings where you may reach for the sweater or
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to do this boot thing one more time! i think we can get it in tomorrow morning with the numbers in the lolor 60s. we alrdy have our winds flowing in from the northwest to the north and that's gerally a flow for us and it's slowing down cooler from up to the north and look at our doppler radar. so very active this morning and that is not the case tonight. broward to miami-dade and nice and quiet out there and overseas highway not a wet ride at all and to the upper keys and lined up and thososare pretty much going to stay off shore. it does appear mainly dry overnight and showers looking more to the north of our general area and, of course, that area of low pressure off shore. that's why we're now starting to see our wind coming in from the northwest. when that wind direction is ensuing with that area of low pressure continues to lift out to the northeast out over the atlantic waters. and that should set us up for a
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sunshine in the forecast with the winds to the northwest to north and light. and then as we look ahead to friday, we may have a few more clouds and a little better chance for squeezing out a shower. but we're expecting a warmer day. so temperatures are going to be heading up. so let's enjoy our round of lower 60s in the morning. by the afternoon, the numbers should have no problem climbing towards the upper 70s. forecasting 78 for miami. and then look at our friday. mid60s to start the day and the high of 80 . lower 80s on saturday. we'll have the weak cold front approaches and that one passes some point on sunday and notice by monday morning our lows back down into the mid60s and then a stronger front can bump our lows back down into the lower 60s come next wednesday. but get ready to break those tank tops back out. the weather authority always watching and tracking. meteorologist>> thhoho justin trudeau: getting started at 4:30 with the rest of the gang. laurie and calvin? >> calvin: i can't rock the
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>> reporter: no, back to flip flops. >> calvin: still to come tonight, tragedy in zoo miami when a young giraffe sticks its neck out leading to a freak accident. we have the story coming up. >> laurie: if you can stay up a bit lar thinkser jimmy kimmel is revved up and ready to go! jimmy? >> we made a new show tonight. ready? look at this. >> the man you describe as the devil, ryan seacrestst you have said many terrible things. >> she and i made up! i feel like -- >> reporter: good evening, south florida. constance jones here with the traffic alert. you know they're working on that i-75 express lane project. it's affecting traffic on i-75 and 84 eastbound. that entrance ramp will be
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don't forget to get >> laurie: the transport of the nearly 8,000 cuban migrants in limbo in costa rica is expected to gen next week. e first 180 migrants will be flown to el salvador where they'll be bussed to mexico with hopes of crossing into the u.s. at the cost of $570 per person. somehow the cuban migrants will have to come up with that money on their own. >> calvin: now to the heart breaking story. zoo miami mourning the loss of a young giraffe after a freak accident. the 9-month-old wesley had to be euthanized after an injury to the spinal cord. they took another giraffe to be examined and wesley followed. >> he was able to lift his head over the area where there are two fence posts and lift his neck down but they were too close and he panicked. >> zoo staff dislodged him from
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severe to his legs and spinal cord. hours were spent to try to save him, but wesley had to be put down. will? >> reporter: moving on now to the mercedes benz sports report. missed shots and the theme of the nighfor the heat against the knicks. new york holding a big lead and looking for a slam dunk victory and the high flying action xt! >> and if you didn't win the huge powerball jackpot, maybe more luck with these games. the cash 3, play 4, fantasy 5 and your lotto numbers. good luck! >> reporter: good evening, south florida. it's a wet start to the work week.
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>> time for the mercedes benz sports report. the top shooting night before hitting the road and get a long west coast trip hitting up and heat 0-12 tonight with 3 pointers to start the night and only finish 2 of 17. but plenty of action above the rim against the knicks. let's show you some of it. the first quarter with the satellite and check out this block! hassan pinning it up against the backboard. nice! let's go to the third quarter and chris gets the block over dang. going the other way for the ball and he's going to go right back and going to miss the dunk.
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again and for the slay. and then heat are down 12 with chris bosh and that's a big time play right there. he has 28 and the big time of late and going to stick around with hassan and the viciou slam and then look at the score. the heat cannot chip away. the knicks with the double digit lead and he had . new york wins 98-90. they snap the heat's 3-game winning stre. >> i think we're still learning how to n. you know, we know that it's not easy. we want to win. we want to turn the curb. this is the chance for us. but once again, you know, we've taken a stepepback. so we're just not there yet. >> on to phoenix friday night. the latest in the dolphins' coaching and staying with the saints and ending the speculation the fins might try to interview him. dolphins confirm they interviewed the bulls' assistant and adam gace is
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