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tv   Local 10 News 430AM  ABC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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still inside. the thief still on the run. we have the surveillance that could help catch him. > ter main woes. when it could all get fixed. we'll tell you about the latest plans to connect south florida with the carbean island. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's friday. feeling good out there. >> it feels good. no, i love it. literally. the temperatures, right? feeling good for friday. feeling good for temperatures. julie, take it over. >> it is, jacey. i know where you're going with that. a few degree warmer than what we woke up to yesterday but still comfortable. we have temperatures in the mid 60s, ft. lauderdale, miami. 76 degrees in key west. today's our transition day so pay attention. it was an absolutely gorgeous thursday. it was cool. it was comfortable. we had that breeze make
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our lows are in the lower 60s in pembroke pines, hialeah. 73 in marathon. we are waking up top dry conditions but there's this area of low pressure that's going to bring us a better chance of showers. as we get through the morning and into the afternoon we'll have more cloud cover. we'll also see the chance of showers in the forecast by this afternoon. wide-spread showers will move into the forecast for this weekend. i'll have all the details on that coming up. we have breaking news out of miami. that's where a person s killed after losing control of their car and crashing. the driver of the white lexus was speeding when it crash mood five cars and then a wall, bursting into flames with the driver trapped inde. the driver did die at the scene. a father tries to
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but he speeds away. >> jenise fernandez is in coral springs with how you can help bring that driver to justice. >>reporter: it's a parent's nightmare, watching someone else drive away in their car with their child still inside. this video capturing the sheer panic for this father. >> i can only manage what the father was going through. >>reporter: delroy booth going inside the gas station leaving his stepdaughter in the car. unknowingly he left his keys inside. surveillance shows a man circling around the black kia. the driver quickly pulls out o o this parking lot and starts to head n nth on woodside drive. he drives for about two miles before dropping off that six-year-old road. >> a good samaritan, a
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the road and saw the six-year-old. >>reporter: that six-year-old was returned to her family but loose. here is the car police are looking for. it's a black kia optima with tag cqqv13. it's a black kia optima. if you see that car, you are urged to contact police immediately. jenise fernandez, local 10 news. alsohis morning a water main break creating a sink hole in a miami neighborhood creating some real problems for businesses in that area. that sink hole even swallowed part of a truck. >> the cleanup is definitely under way and derek shores is at the scene in miami. >>reporter: a massive sink hole quickly trapping this emergency
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>> it was amazing what i saw when the truck was inside the hole. >>reporter: with the driver able to get out to safety, crews worked to get the truck on level ground. as crews work frantically, mario's business and auto shop just next door quickly started to fill up. >> we started trying to get in the car so the cars don't get full of water. >>reporter: they were able to save the cars. the tools and equipment are gone. >> in all this waiting room, it is about $50,000 lost in tools so far. >>reporter: he shot the video inside the shop, water inches deep. >> we do have risk assessment personnel on their way to meet with him because i know there was some flooding in the property. >> he is relieved to hear it but wondering when he will be able to rereen. >> you can't stop this
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intersection is expected to remain shut down until some time this afternoon. if you plan on driving through that area, please keep that in mind. a pair of dogs on the attack killing a beloved pet before turning on the elderly owner. >> here's local 10 news reporter andrew perez in miami. >>reporter: home from the hospital and still in pain. miguel and ana are mourning their prized t. little gucci is done. ana now has up to 100 stitches in her arm after she was attacked by two dog_. she was walking little gucci along tamiami canal road. >> just attacked them brutally, both of them. my dog is dead and my mom has 100 stitches in her arm. >>reporter: it was only because a neighbor stepped in to help fight the dogs with a belt that
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even alive. mother woman drove by. things took a turn when her husband was told about the tragedy. >> he just cuddled the dog, ran all the way back to the house andstarted crying, crying, crying, crying until i guess, you know, he had the heart attack. >>reporter: he was rushed to a nearby hospital while animal control rescued the two aggressive dogs, both are now under quarantine and crews are searching for the dog's owner. >>reporter: he came home later in the day. he's recovering from his heart attack. animal control says the two animals are american bull dog mixes. authorities are also saying those animals are microchipped. i'm andrew perez, local 10 news. exclusive the autopsy report for the 2013 deputy-involved shooting death of james mcbean has been released.
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air rifle when he claims he pointed the gun at him. the autopsy disproves his claim. >> you would expect to see some markings on his arms or the stock of the gun itself and straight through the chest. >>reporter: the defense insists perazazza put down the gun and had no reason to fire. the community are demanding a stop to murders in south florida. janine stanwood in miami gardens with the latest on this story. >>reporter: some in this crowd have lost loved ones, some are frustrated by violence and the shooting of 60 kids just in miami-dade county in the last year. this night at the missionary baptist church in miami gardens, it's a chance to speak directly to police brass and decision-makers. >> i wanted my children to see what's what's
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i want them to see how they could be killed in the streets. >>reporter: one bill in the state house was the focus of conversation here.e. it protects the an minute of people's crimes. the goal, to ease the fear of being a snitch. >> we help shield the identifying information and the witness that will encourage people to come forward. >>reporter: but gun violence doesn't discriminate. a well-known advocate or families.. her own son was shot and killed over the summer. >> it's tough. it's a very tough role but i'm in this for the long hall. >>reporter: fredricka wilson via video message says she's still reeling that two scholarship recipients of hers were shot. >> i have three boys and i don't want any of my children killed. i canan even imagine how it feels to bury a
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>>reporter: victims' family claim they haveve been left in the dark after the crime happens. the state attorney's office says they are creating a data base for better communication between families and prosecutors. it's a small step but it's a step. in miami gardens this morning, i'm janine stanwood, local 10 news. president barack obama addressed theissue in his town hall meeting. the president took questions from the audience in virginia. thth president laid out his case on guns and once again reacted to the shooting in newtown. >> there are a whole bunch of law abiding citizens who have grown up hunting with their dad or going to the shooting range and are responsible gun owners, and then there's a reality that their neighborhoods around the country where i i is easier for a 12 or
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a gun and cheaper than it is for them to get a book. what we ultimately need,i believe, is for congress to set up a system that is efficient, that doesn't inconvenience the lawful gun seller or purchaser but that makesure that we're doing the best background check possible. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> i think aot of people were surprised by that moment. >> i was too actually. you know, i visited newtown two days after what happened, so it was stillery raw. it's the only time i've ever seen secret service cry. >> the nra was invited to that event but they chose not to attend. shocking surveillance video out
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a hooded thief robbing a convenience store and robbing a clerk. the thief harassing that clerk before taking off with the cash. the worker describing those terrifying moments >> something happens in this kind of classic -- >> then yesterday morning another robbery in north miami, t ts time sat a 7-11. the thief threatening the clerk with a gun before getting away with cash from the register. police have not connected these crimes. the high school stududt accused of stabbing another student faced a judge. she's charged with aggravated battery for stabbing a fellow piper high school student. police say several students stepped off the
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police say lexie stabbed the 16-year-old male classmate in the back. life-threatening. coming up this morning more changes historic change. >> we'll tell you about the new possibility of a
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well, friends, fans and loved ones gathered in ft. lauderdale last night to remember olympic gold medalist howard davis, jr. hundreds packed into the memorial service to honor the 49-year-old olympic boxer after a tough battle with lung cancer. >> obviously everybody thinks of him first as a fighter. he won the olympics which is a beautiful thing. however, i just kno him as my husband, partner in life in everything he did. >> he donated a replacement ipad to
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his device stolen in tamarac. a move under way to turn a valuable piece of land in miami to a shuttltl service to offer ferry service to cuba. miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez says he supports the idea but is not in favor of doing business with the castro government. >> for me there seems to be a very logical opportunity. there is interest. a ferry service going to places all over the world, cuba being one of them. well, big change in the federal protection of manatees, wildlife officials propose to reclassify florida's gentle giants as threatened not endangered. it's grown to more than 6,000 as of last year. the next step is a 90 day comment period before a final decision is reached.
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good friday morning, south florida. this morning we have comfortable conditions but clouds are already starting to build over parts of broward and miami-dade. so grab that rain gear, you're going to need it. currently we are seeing dry conditis overhead from our downtown miami tower cam. temperatures in the mid 60s. 70 degrees in key west. rain is headed your way. we've got a temperature of 6 63 in hialeah. 73 right now in marathon and 63 i pompano beach. the winds are calm so it fefls really muggy out there and eventually you are going to see somom showers dampening the roadways for the morning commute. currently the shower is isolated starting to move over the everglades, portions of the everglades. showers will be headed your way. weston as well get read here comes some isolated showers. down by the keys we have
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the northern keys. all of this is associated with an area of low pressure that we talked about yesterday that is going to develop and it has done so. right now it's soaking northern, central florida. the nanaonal hurricane center is watching for possible cyclone development. not expected to be a threat as it will continue to push away. check out what's going on from coast to coast. we had a lot of systems. the culprit for all the heavy rain that california brought now moving in towards the rockies. by the weekend that is going to increase our rain chances and we'll see that cold front move in dropping our temperatures going into early next week. before this morning because of the low in the gulf of mexico we will see that chance of scattered showers so grab the rain gear you're going to need it. scattered showers will be in the forecast throughout the morning into the afternoon. that will be warm tomorrow ahead of this cold front that will move in and bring you storms possibly later
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sunday. again this area now going to be a threat for us as it pushes over the western atlantic it. look at this it. sunday will be the wettest of the day two -- two days of the weekend. i don't know if you heard this but there was no winner of the massive power ball wednesday night so the jackpot huge now. >> you call this big? >> it will work for me. the number has climbed up to $700 million. as you can imagine, it's going to increase more by saturday night's drawing. >> crazy. >> the jackpot ramped up from 4 4 million to 700 million in one day alone. even the leaders in the lottery didn't see this happening. so if no winner emerges on sunday night, the number is expected to pass $1 billion. when we reported on this yesterday, we said it saturday. >> you watched lindsey davis, our partner at
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they changed the rules to set this up. it's harder to win to create these larger jackpots. obviously, it's working because people are going crazy. >> more people are playing. we'll keep you updated. coming up we have a happy ending for that group of miners. they were stuck derground in the deepest salt mine in the country.
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to get out safely. safe at home 17 miners trapped in upstate new york. those miners were starting their shift in the deepest mean in the country when the elevator they were in stopped working. at thedespite being shaken and freezing, the miners
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scene until the very last of their co-workers was rescued. officers are still working to find out what caused that elevator to malfunction. >> that's a team. no man left behind, i li that. have the miami dolphins found their next head coach. >> 'phins fans wants to know. coming up in this morning's sports wrap,
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>>reporter: good friday morning. i'm will manso with your local 10 morning sports wrap. we're going to talk panthers this morning but first the 'phins have their heart set on adam gates. the 'phins confirming they did interview the bears' officive coordinator. two other reports indicatinghe dolphins were ready to hire him immediately.
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whether he will have asecond interview with the eagles on friday. panthers taking their ten-game winning streak to ottawa. roberto luongo with a great save. 1-0 cats. how about this eight seconds later, that's eight seconds later, vincent buries the puck. first nhl goal himmarshee. same score in the third goal. watch this passing by the cats. jaromir jagr gives it up and gets barkov in front of the net. yes, mark it down, 11 straight wins extending their franchise record. the heat captain dwayne wade leads all guards in the voting yesterday.
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meanwhile tonight the heat start an important six-game west coast trip. >> a lot of people say that you see what you're made of. and i don't think i had -- like i had in the league. this is going to be a greatest challenge of the season. you ought to look forward to see this response. great moment yesterday during the hall of fame news conference for ken griffey, jr. and mike piazza. griffey known for that p backwards from the old playing days and he said i'll do it right here. >> i need a helmet though. >> piazza's the catcher, wore that thing flipped around. women hosting pitt last night. finishes with a layup in
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two of her 15 points. nice win for them, 79-55. former canes running basic edgerrin claims was named as a finalist for the pro football hall of fame. i'm will manso and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. a man carjacking a car with a kid inside. breaking news out of miami, a fiery car crash out of miami.
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you've got to keep it we have breaking news at 55, a car slamming into the building bursting into flames. a man caught on camera carjacking a car with a baby in the back seat. he's targeting clerks at different stores. frightening moments all caught on camera.
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