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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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police lock him up. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. it's friday. we've got a lot of breaking news to get toand tell you about in just a moment. but first, still keeping those 60s around. >> weather authority meteorologist julie durda here why your friday and weekend forecast. >> that's right. we have showers starting to move into som of your neighborhoods so be ready this morning. a wet weekend due to a cold front. currently we do have attempt in the mid 60s though. comfortable out there. still above average for this time of year in miami. 76 in key west. the winds will eventually push in from the south and that's going to pump in the heat and humidity. it doe look really comfortable. mainly our coolest spot is homestead. by the afternoon we a expecting light winds throughout the morning. some showers will be possible because they are moving in from west to east and warmer conditions will provide
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the lower 80s. not everybody dealing with the rain but because of an area of low pressure over the gulf of mexico that's provided for an unsettled weather pattern. weston, miramar, you're about to see some showers as well. i'll have more on your weekend forecast as well. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. construction crews are going to slow you down this morning. i'm going to show you where we are, seeing some slowdowns off of 441. zooming on in it looks like this is east or west of hollywood, right in this location. we see there's a little bit hey slowdown where it meets at the turnpike. construction crews on i-95 this morning. let's zoom on down just a little bit to show you what i'm talking about. this is a little slow but i can tell you right there it's i-95 at the turnpike where it heads towards the golden glades we're having some issues there. there's reports of an
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last night. lanes shut down. this is just west of biscayne boulevard from avenue. a carrashing into a building. that car bursting into flames. it all unfolded just before 1:00 this morning with the crash taking the life of the driver. scene. telling you about what happened here? >>reporter: jacey, they are definily speeding. they were going north here on southwest third avenue. this road curves and the driver lost control just in that spot crashing right into the wall in front of this condinium building. that is not the car that crashed. that is a car that's damaged because the car that did crash burst into flames. the driver died and is still in the car.
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that this is a lexus. it caught fire when it crashed into a parked car and that cement wall. this is all around 1:00 this morning. a lot of people heard an explosion, rushed outside. this is video that we got from a channel 10 viewer. they sent this into us. you can see the fire, the flames. this happening just moments after the impact. as i mentioned, the driver of that car still trapped inside. several officers, homicidenvestigators still out here trying to figure out how this person lost control. they are taking a look at the other cars that are damaged. these are people that live in the area, were parked along the street and the flames from the fire have pretty much totaled, we've already counted three cars. at this point investigators have not been able to identify the person, not even the gender. as soon as we get an update, we'll bring that information to you.
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>> thank you. we do have more breaking news to tell you about. french prosecutors have confirmed the fingerprints of a man wanted in the terror attacks have been found. hand made belts that could be used to carry explosives were found in a brussels apartment back in december and they had his fingerprints on them. local 10 news safety alert. the man caught on camera targeting a car at a gas station taking off with that vehicle. there was a child in the back seat of that car. the child is back home safely. that's the good news. ben kennedy live from coral springs. ben, how did that boy manage to get away? >>reporter: turns out dad left the keys still in the car and the bad guy took off with it. everything was caught on that surveillance camera right there in the distance. take a look at the video as a crook steals a car with a child in the back seat, a parent's worst nightmare. you can see the dad run
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catch up. he said he left his six-year-old stepdaughter in the car with the keys still inside. after he walked into the gas station off sample road in coral springs where we are live this morning, the bad guy seen walking around the black kia. he drives two miles down the road, realizes there's a kid in the back and drops her off around weils road. back live to coral springs this morning. the good news though, the six-year-old did not get hurt, is all right and is back with mom and dad as i speak. if you do see this car, please give them a car. reporting live in coral springs this morning, ben kennedy local 10 news. a water main break causing some major water woes in miami on thursday trapping a truck. the water main break still isn't even fixed
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not expected to be fixed until at least later this afternoon. that cause aid sink hole to open up trapping the truck which had to be towed away. nearby businesses started filling up with water. one business owner told us his auto shop suffered $50,000 in damages. trade it go in china's stock market was shut down but this morning chinese stocks have closed 2% higher. yesterday our stocks closed 7%. the domino effect said the dow down 400 points. the mart is expected to rebound today and december's job report which will be released later should help. a community targeting with senseless violence, many of those who attended the meeting last night either lost a child from a shooting or was affected by a shooting. those concerned citizens
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officials at the antioch public speeding. >> we believe that if we helped shield the identifying information of a witness that would encourage people to come forward. >> now for those families who lost their child from violence. the state attorney's office says they are creating a data base to better communicate. the president speaking out on gruel. the presidenteard from and responded to critics of his new executive actions which include background checks for gun sales. >> what we ultimately need, i believe, is for congress to set up a system that is efficient, that doesn't inconvenience the law enforcement gun seller or purchaser but that makes sure that we're doing the best
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>> the nra declined an invitation to participate in the town hall. the president said he would not vote for any candidate that does not support common sense gun reform. in california a 23 year old was arrested, accused of traveling in syria in 2014 to fight alongside terrorist organizations. lieutenant governor dan patrick says the arrest may actually have prevented a terror-related event. french police meanwhile are releasing new details about the man shot and killed while trying to attack a police station in paris. police say the 20-year-old man was of moroccan descent. he went up to officers with a meat clever while shouting god is great. he was wearing a fake explosive belt. that happened on the anniversary of the charlie hebdo massacre.
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night in the super shop store. the thief harassing the clerk before taking off with the cash. the worker describing the terrifying moments. >> something happens. this kind of classic -- for the time being you're going to be scared. >> and yesterday morning another robbery in north miami, this time at a 7-11 on northeast 25th street. that thief threatening a clerk with a gun. police had not connected these crimes. still to come a woman and her chihuahua still attacked and mauled by two dogs. why her husband was also rushed to the hospital. dash cam video of a man driving the wrong way sending police on a chase. help on the highway, a trooper thinking quickly jumping in to help a woman as she's giving birth. >> all right. that's good to know i'm
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there when i'm driving into work as i get closer to my birth date. you have to plan to have that umbrella with you, we are going to start a wet forecast going into the weekend. once it clears out, wait until you see the temperatures for e ely next week. re rescue says a drive lost control hitting several cars and crashing into the building where his vehicle burst into flames. the driver died after being trapped inside. stay with local 10 news,, we have the very latt with breaking details. we have a - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions...
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the winds are calm so it feels pretty muggy out there. this is what's occurring as we speak. we do have height to moderate rain starting to mowf in to inland broward in miami-dade. not everybody will deal with the shower and storm theist this morning but we are increasing the rain chances by this afternoon and leading into the weekend. currently enjoy 63 diagnosed in pembroke pines. 62 for you in homestead. 74 in marathon. the winds will be more out of the south later today and that's going to pump in the heat and humidity and provide for our temperatures. our highs to reach the 80s today. until then we do have light to moderate rain moving onshore from the west to the east over portions of inland broward. boca raton you saw light to moderate rain. more of a drizzle over the everglades. right over 75 in hialeah. down by the keys we have a shower about to move onshore in marathon. we have plenty of available rain out there. scattered showers and
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state of florida all the way up towards georgia and in towards the carolina. we're going to continue to twhach as it slowly pushes towards the east. remember the front that brought us the cool, comfortable conditions as we started the week? now the national hurricane center is watching that with an area of low pressure. extra tropical low for tropical cyclone development, believe it or not. we are expecting to watch yet another front that right now brought all of the snow over portions o o the higher elevations of the rockies and in towards california to head our way going into the weekend. for today we have some scattered showers expected throughout the morning. again, it won't be a wash-out but definitely more rain in the forecast compared to what we saw yet. showers linger until the afternoon. then dry conditions by tomorrow morning and that southerly wind flow increasing our rain chances saturday into sunday. once a front clears by monday, it's going to be comfortable again. 30% chance of tropical cyclone development in the next five days.
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tohe u.s. high risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. grab the umbrella and keep the rain gear around. you may need it from time to time. then once than front clears, temperatures dropping off, lows in the low 60s with highs only in the low 70s. constance? >> thanks so much. the macarthur causeway looking really good this morning despite the earlier construction we saw right off of elton road. it looks like they are done with that problem out there. if you're heading to the beach or leaving the beach, that's where those issues were. let's get to our traffic data this morning and show you where we are having a little bit of a slowdown. we're seeing delays off the dolphin expressway. that ramp to 27th avenue is where we're going to see some minor issues this morning. travel speeds about 12 miles per hour so use caution in that location. also erica rakow, she's live in this location, this is in brickle, a fatal crash that happened off southwest
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you're going to see some delays tre but police are rerouting that location. water main break into the east, eastbound-west-bound still shut down between fifth court and fifth avenue. an alleged drunk driver stopped by police after they say he was driving the wrong way on the highway. it was caught on atlanta on new year's day. the 56-year-old allegedly refused to pull over. when he did stop police say she found alcohol in his car. he was charged with d.w.i. and fleeing from police. also caught on camera new jersey state troopers help a woman deliver her baby right on the side of the road. >> one, two, three, push. keep going, keep going. good. there we go. >> dash cam video caught it all on monday night right near newark.
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mom was already in labor and they helped deliver the baby girl. both are doing just fine. an israeli television reporter got more than he bargained for when working on a story about stab proof vests. he ended up being stabbed in the back. >> gee. thankfully that reporter is expected to recover but he did end up with some stitches. in a later interview he said the vest used was not a finished product and that's why it failed. wow. straight face too. >> yeah, and didn't even cry out stop or anything. i won't be testing that out on a live shot any time soon. before you prepare your lunch, we have a recall we need to tell
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why we 5:20. and now we have a recall alert. thousands of pounds of wegman chick senate being recalled from shelves. the packages being recalled were not checked by federal inspectors. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, it looks like just about everyone likes to chat on facebook. >> facebook says its message mobile app is now up to 800 millionmonthly users. >> touting its new speed and features, it's still in itsts early days promising new features ahead. at the electronics show keurig unveiled
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>> it takes the familiar pods and makes soda. price tag around 300 bucks. and a streaming service is bringing us a sequel to an abc favorite. fuller house on netflix brings back much of the cast from the original series. >> dj and her children move back into the home where they grow up on the series. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. wounded veterans taking on yet another challenge. find out why they were cycling through soutut florida. breaking news out of miami. one person dies in a car crash. erica rakow is on the scene. she's gathering all of the latest details. she will have a live
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live in breaking news right off the top at 5:30. a fiery car crash that killed one person. we're live on the scene. a safety alert, a man carjacking a car. there's a child in the back seat of that vehicle. water main woes. a neighborhood is cleaning up after water spews everywhere. it even opens a sink hole. plus a one and only exclusive. an autopsy report released. the family's attorne says it proves about the deputy's statements that day. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your friday. we've got a lot of breaking news we've got to get to you in just a moment. but first we have these cooler temperatures, feeling nice, feeling like winter. are we getting that rain again? >> indeed we are. you can't see it from this tower cam because our tower cam is well east of where the showers are. grab your umbrellas this morning. you're going to need them again.
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complete wash-out but we are expecting a better chance of showers in the forecast. temperatures about seven degrees above where we should be this time of year in miami. in key west. over wind are calm this morning so it feels a bit muggy out there. eventually that south wind will take place and that's going to warm us up high today. we'll rapidly warm up to the low 80s. it's comfortable out there with the showers around. look at these rain chances hour per hour as we go through the day. we will start to increase that chance of coverage in the rain. not a wash-out. and leading into the weekend we'll keep that chance of showers in the forecast. why is this occurring? we do have an area of low pressure developing over the gulf of mexico soaking parts of central florida, northern florida. just light to moderate rain moved through portions of pembroke pines, weston, coral springs,oca raton. maybe damp roadways over miramar. marathon you're about to get hit hard with an isolated shower. be ready for it.
5:22 am
your weekend forecast. i'll have that coming up in 15 minutes. broward county, that's why we're going to start this morning. we have a crash reported off of i-95 and hallandale beach p boulevard. pembroke road a little south of that location or north. kind of hard to see anything from that point. one thing we are seeing, julie was mentioning somef that rain. we've got that integrated weather traffic data and it looks like the rain just fell onn that location. quickly looking at our drive times there. at this point folks are traveling at posted speeds. an earlier crash we were talking about this mornina in brickle still affecting traffic. this is just off of southwest third avenue and 13th street.we know there was a fire there along at that accident scene. one person has passed away. finally a water main break northeast 71st
5:23 am
lanes shut down between fifth court and fiveth avenue. a drive turns deadly just before 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> this is exactly what constanc was just talking about. a driver lost control, crashing into several cars beforee bursting into flames. erica rakow is live from the scene. what do we know this morning? >>reporter: the driver of this car was no doubt speeding. they were heading north on southwest third avenue. we're very close to brickle avenue. the road here, it curves and turns into another street. i'm told the driver hit a curb and lost control, crashing i io the wall of this apartment building. look at this video from a cell phone, shot from someone who heard the explosion. you can see the flames. the car went airborne before it crashed into that wall. just a little while ago crews loaded up the
5:24 am
tow truck. the driver still trapped inside. investigators sayy it will be brought to the medical examiner's office so they can identify this person. these pictures weretaken by firefighters. you can see upclose. there were other cars parked along the street. they were badly damaged too from the fire and the crash. i just spoke with the owner one of those vehicles. he bought his car two days ago. woke up to all of this around 1:00 this morning. crews still here along with traffic homicide investigators. they are now working to tow those other cars that were damaged. again, we do not know the name or even the gender yet of the driver who died. no one else was injured. a traffic homicide investigator tell us they have upclose video from someone out here when this happened. we're hoping to get out it as soon as someone contacts the family. erica rakow, local0 news. surveillance cameras from a gas station rolling the moment a man
5:25 am
child inside and he took off in that car with a seat. he didn't get very far before he took the child out and kept going. more about the safety alert live from ring where it happened. ben, hard to believe this all happened with the stepfather so close to the car. jacey, you're right. the good news to report this morning, the six-year-old is all right, waking back up this morning with mom and dad, but that driver did get away with a stolen car. a parent's worst nightmare unfolds, a crook steals a car with a child in the back seat. you can see the dad run after it but cannot catch up. he called police saying he left his six-year-old stepdaughter in the car with the keys still inside. as he walked off a gas station off sample road in coral springs. the bad guy is seen walking around the black
5:26 am
move. he drives two miles down the road, realizes there's a kid in the back and drops her off. >> a good samaritan jogger observed a six-year-old running down the sidewalk and was visibly upset. >>reporter: officers got a tip the girl was safe and reunited with her family as they continue to look for the driver and the stolen car. and surveillance camera did catch this crime. police say look out for a black keya this morning. the tag is cqqv13. officers say if you see that car, please give them a call. reporting live in coral springs, ben kennedy, local 10 news. an elderly woman is recovering this morning after being attacked by two dogs who attacked and killed her chihuahua. she was attacked while walking gucci. she was saved by her neighbors and taken to the hospital. she had to get 100 stitches for the bite on
5:27 am
when her husband miguel found out the dog died, he ended up in the hospital too. >> he just cuddled the dog, ran over back to the house and started crying, crying, crying, crying until he had, you know, the heart attack. >> the couple is back home from the hospital. police placed the dogs they are searching for their owners. a water main break created some real woes. the break yesterday afternoon spewing water. a truck driver thought he could get through this and then got stuck. >>reporter: that boom was a water main break that turned one miami neighborhood into a river. >> it was amazing what i saw when the truck was inside the hole. >>reporter: that happened in the area of northeast 71st street and fourth court. it led to this massive
5:28 am
ice truck from its rear wheels. crews worked for hours trying to get the truck on level ground. the break led to a big headache for neighboring businesses. mario's mercedes-benz auto shop quickly starting filling up with water. they managed to save the cars but his tools and equipment are gone. take a look at this video he shot from inside of a shop. >> it is about $50,000 lost in tools so far. >>reporter: the good news is miami-dade water and sewer says he should be covered. >> we do have risk assessment personnel on the way to meet with him because i know there was someme flooding in the property. >>reporter: besides taking a serious ross to his business, he's still looking at the positive. >> you can't stop this from happening. they are accidents. >> that was sanela sabovic reporting this morning. a warning to drivers
5:29 am
intersection will be closed as crews continue on with their work. that work is expected to wrap up at some point is afternoon. the autopsy report from the deputy of the shooting death of jermaine mcbean has been released. he was airing an air rifle when he was shot several times. mcbean's family d lawyers say the autopsy disproves those claims. >> if he were facing him and actually had his air gun level, you would expect to see some markings on his arms or on the stock of the gun itself and straight through the chest. >> the defense insists he ordered mcbeano put down thegun and had no choice but to open fire. mcbean's family claims the 33-year-old was wearing ear bud headphones and couldn't hear the commands. hours ofinterrogation tapes revealed deondre charles telling detectives who
5:30 am
the day rob buy r raksin was killed. >> i didn't say that. i said, i said i hold guns but like -- >> what does hold guns mean? >> i hold a gun befor >> rabbi raksin shot and killed while walking to temple in august of 2014 but an arrest was not made until this past december. we're hearing 911 calls from the deadly wreck on i-95 last week. >> somebody out there just crashed. >> literally it almost killed -- it didn't crash into somebody else? >> yes. >> troopers say 23-year-old alexander lefler was speeding while going northbound in the southbound lanes. that csh happened at miami gardens drive. lefler and all four
5:31 am
vehicle were killed. german vice chancellor visiting cuba for three days during the visit. he signed a memorandum of understanding between the two countries. this agreement will help german companies looking for a secure position in the economy. a move to turn a valuable piece of land in miami to a f fry service to operate to and from cuba. miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez says he's in favor of the idea but not in favor of doing business with the castro government. >> there is interest of ferry companies to go to places around the world, cuba being one of them. >> preliminary design plans to run the ferries to havana from miami or
5:32 am
marryel. those workers were hired in the last days of the christina fernandez administration so 10,000 public employees have already been laid off since the start of the administration. due to alleged irregularities during the hiring process. he's also o ordered an audit of the administration. the removal of those photos from the national assembly building was ordered by the newly-elected president of the national assembly, than rei - -- henry ramos. and coming up a special delivery, a grandmother gives birth to her own grandchild. how is this possible? you've got to stupid
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el nino causing a nightmare in the u.s. and south america. find out how it's affecting colombia. currently we have an area of low pressure with some moisture from the gulf of mexico.
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welcome back to local 10. 5:43 right now. you've got to see this. severe droughts are affecting parts of colombia and el nino is to blame. >> some fishermen can't even go out i i their boats because the river is too low. meanwhile california seeing the exact opposite because of el nino. more than six inches of rain have fallen in the past three days. some homes falling apart. rescue crews there are trying to help people stranded. homes along the coast pound bid high tides.
5:36 am
they expect more rain, julie, on saturday. >> only have a break today and again everybody's very concerned up and down the coast because of the el nino factors not just for the united states but, as you saw, across the world. remember the jet stream doesn't just go from the west coast to the east coast of the united states, it continues all across the globe. therefore what we're being impacted with, so will colombia, so will south america. you need to know about your local forecast. currently i'm happy to tell you we're waking up to dry conditions over miami. you can see temperatures above average. seven degrees above whwhe we should be. it's 67. 65 ft. lauderdale. 76 key west. the winds are calm. it's more muggy out there. temperatures in the lower 60s in pembroke pines, kendall and homestead. one other thing you'll notice today, it's definitely going to be warmer and we're seeing showers moving into inland parts of broward and miami-dade. we are going to increase
5:37 am
because showers and storms won't be moving all that fast. they are moving in from the west to the east due to the area over mexico. light to moderatee rain falling over portions of u.s.-1 and 95 right over the airport. aventura will dealith some wet roadways and the worst of the weather about to move onshore over marathon. that shower will continue to lift towards the northeast. you can see it, there's a cluster of shower and storm activity associated with this low and it will continue to pupu towards the east. remember that low and the cold front that brought us comfortable conditions. the national hurricane sent surgeon watching that system in the future. we're going to continue to watch a series of fronts that's going to continue to move in from the west to the east. this system right here near new mexico headed in towards texas and the midwest will eventually be pushing in towards south florida and that's going to bring us some cool, comfortable conditions by next week. this morning we'll see
5:38 am
in the forecast lingering throughout the afternoon. they will be scattered so not wide-spread activity is expected. the leading edge of the front will bring us a better chance of showersstarting late saturday afternoon into sunday. most likely sunday will be the wettest day of the weekend. here's the area the national hurricane center is watching. they are giving it a 30% chance of tropical cyclone development. notice temperatures will stay in the lower 80s for highs. once the front clears dropping back down to the low 70s by monday with lowsn the 60s. >> thank you, julie. i-95 northund the entrance ramp at ives dairy road. northbound lanes are right here. as you can see they are closest to me. it's off to the entrance ramp. i'm not seeing any delays with this one. the problem is we've got two accidents right next to each other. this i i i-95 northbound, the entrance ramp to ives dairy road. a few miles north from there, about an hour and a half north from there.
5:39 am
hallandale beach boulevard. the story remains the same. those speeds at 64 miles an hour. lots of green on the map. all right. two other things to get to. if you're traveling off of southwest third avenue and 13th street. this is where we had a fatal crash this morning, also a few vehicle fires there as well. this is in the area of brickle. water main break may slow you down. this is in northeast miami-dade. if you're traveling off of 71st street, eastbound-west-bound lanes shut down between fourth court and fifth avenue. no winner tonight in the massive power ball drawing, so the jackpot soaring through the roof. >> it's climbed up to $700 million and that's likely to climb closer by saturday night. >> we could get there. maybe someone doesn't reason saturday. >> if no winners erge on saturday night, then
5:40 am
talking about a possible cool b. we can just call it 1 b. >> wow, that would be amazing. only one places to whether or not your numbers will match, saturday night right here on local 10. cheyenne and carlos can give you the best news of the year. >> we had a lot of f f in the news room dreaming what you would use it for. >> the best dream two bucks can buy. we do have to get a little serious because police need your help finding a man breaking into cars. >> we'll have more of
5:41 am
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we give you your day back. what surveillance video from tuesday nig shows
5:43 am
if a car is unlocked. deputies say items were stolen from four cars in the silver shores neighborhood that night. several others rummage through. if you have any other information here, give them a call. friends and fans packed in the parr place house for a memorial service honoring the 59-year-old. davis died last month after a tough battle with lung cancer. actor comedian pat harrington, jr. known for his role as the handyman on one day at a time died as well. the actor died wednesday in los angeles of complications from alzheimer's disease. he was 86 years old. an explosion at a dow chemical plplt in northern massachusetts. no chemicals were released into the area. no word on the cause of that explosion. this is not how you
5:44 am
workday. 17 miners trapped below ground in upstate new york. this morning good news, every single one of them is safe. the miners worked at the deepest salt mine in the country in ithaca, new york. rescuers used a crane to lower a basket to bring them to the surface until all of them were accounted for. wild fires in western australia southwest of perth. the fire sparked on wednesday by lightning strikes and has since burned 126,000 acres of land. four firefighters were hurt trying to control the flames. officials say three people were still missing. this morning south korea has started to retaliate against north korea's nuclear test. the retaliation stems from north korea's announcement on wednesday that theyad successfully test aid hydrogen bomb.
5:45 am
a woman's cleveland being viral this morning. >> that's because she ve birth to her grandchild. how is it possible? we'll have that next. a driver loses control of a vehicle, burst into flames after crashing into a wall. the drir was trapped inside. we have a live report
5:46 am
mi a team of archeologists has made quite the discovery off the coast of alaska. less ice in the arctic means there's a better chance of finding old wrecks like these right here which is believed to have belonged to two whaling ships that sank 150 years ago. that's very glool a texas grandmother has granddaughter. >> she was chosen by her daughter to be the the daughter tried several times to get pregnant whenomething
5:47 am
she asked her mother to have that baby for her. when he says she joked about it once as a teen but didn't think this could come through. >> she said if i can't carry my own baby, would you carry it for me? of course i said, not dreaming i would end up doing it. >> my lovely mom offered me the greatest gift i could ever have in my life. >> the grandma gave berm to a six pound baby girl. the family named her little kelsey. >> what a connection between grandmothernd granddaughter. >> kelsey is going to be like granny, can i have a peanut butter sandwich. she's going to be like you know, we're attached forever. the boy who went for a joy ride on his big whale. >> several cars blocked this kid from entering the highway on crystal river yesterday. his father told police his son left the house without the father knowing.
5:48 am
investigating but thankfully some good samaritans around who said this is not a good idea. >> thank goodness they stopped it. i see some serious drag racing in that kid's future. don't give him his license too soon. a really horrific crash, a deadly drive overnight. >> ahead at 6:00 we have a live report from erica rakow right at the scene where the driver was
5:49 am
crash. breaking news right now. a driver killed in a fiery crash. the car goes airborne bursting into flames. a carjacker caught on camera stealing a car with the child inside. >> the video police need you to see to help track him down. right now wounded warriors out there on the road. their cycling challenge and where in south florida you can spot them today. let's begin this morning with a live look from our mount sinai medical center tower cam. it is friday, tgif. we officially made it through the first week in january 2016. >> so we can officially stop labeling every single week as the first of the year which is good. >> the christmas trees
5:50 am
to normal.
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