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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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she w a puppy. >> vtor: the people who lived in that burned-out apartment it's unclear if they will need help from the red cross. we'll continue to follow that story. >> laurie: and also breaking, el chapo recaptured. mexican drug lord who escaped from a maximum security prison is back in custody after a major shootout with mexican marines. this is video of el chapo just hours ago. you can see him with a towel over his led head being led from a vehicle tieiemall plane. he was careful a shootout with 75 soldiers. officials found a rifle, handgun and rocket grenade launcher and two rifles. he had been on the run since july after escaping that maximum security prison where was held. when he was caught -- >> calvin: police officers in two cities targeted by gunmen. if the in the first case in philadelphia an officer wasas ambushed patrolling a neighborhood last night.
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port with more for us. >> janine: that gunman fired nearly a dozen shots at that police officer using a stolen police gun. police are saying she has has sworn allegiance to isis, and now we're seeing more of that chilling video. chilling surveillance images of what philadelphia police cl an ambush on one of their officers by a suspect they say pledged loyalty to isis. the photos show the suspect firing at least 11 times into a patrol car. >> my god. the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle, i mean, he knew what he was doing. he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> janine: the officer in drive's seat jerks hartneck. >> shot three times in the arm. >> i'm absolutely amazed that officer heartinternet here with us today. >> janine: despite his serious injuries he managed getut of the car, follow the suspect and fire back. other officers soon aested the injured suspect identified
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wpvi as 30-year-old edward archer. police saying the suspect gave an alarming confession. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state, he follows allah, and that is the this. >> corning to him, he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to >> janine: investigators now trying to determine how he was radicalized as officer heartnet recovers in the hospital. >> he's waking up. he's a tough guy. i love him. i'm very proud of him. >> janine: and the police commissioner said that gun was stolen in 2013. they're now trying tow determine how he got his hands on it. >> laurie: thank you. >> calvin: a boston police officer was shot in the dorchester neighborhood th morning. the police commissioner saying today a known drug dealer shot the officer in the leg during a traffic stop and was captured hafer foot chase. the officer was taken to boston medical center and is expected to survive.
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after being released from prison in april and was driving on a suspended license. >> laurie: also at 5:30 -- 5:00, viewer video of a fiery crash in brickell that left one driver dead. that driver lost control about the car went airborne before crashing into several parked cars and catching fire. >> calvin: neighbors living in a thought their building was on fire. local10's derek shore live now derek. >> derek: this was a fiery violent crash that played out early this morning. you can see where it happene the sidewalk charred, the walls plaster burned off. this wash would claim the life of one driver, a driver detectives say was going too fast. the flames so intense, neighbors thought their building was on fire. they say it didn't sound like a crash, more like a bb. >> the first car caught on fire. we heard the e elosion look a boom, and then the other one caught on fire, coating panning.
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used their cell phone to capture `the scene. the violent crash claiming the life a driver of a lexus dead inside possibly on contact. defect believe that driver could have been going over 100 miles per hour on southwest 3rd avenue first hitting a curb then a wall, then landing on top of a parked car nfar southwest 15th road. >> i didn't hear the crash. i just heard t explosion go off. >> derek: neighbors evacuated this apartment building, some thinking their homes were burning. >> that car got on fewer and three more cars that were parked got on fire as well. >> derek: those people's parked cars charred and fomented neighbors say this is the worst crash they have seen her here but certainly not the first. >> they should do something to stop -- there's a lot of accidents. >> derek: and tonight that driver has not been identified by authorities. no one else was injured in this crash. tonight neighbors tell me that they are going to talk to the
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sort of stoplight installed at this intersection. we're live in brickell, derek shore, local10 news. >> calvin: a truck overturned on florida's turnpike this afternoon spilling out hundreds of shoes in miami garners. the crash happened on the southbound exit ramp which is now open the at northwest 199th street near sun life stadium. the driver told us he was coming from new orleans and the shoes were collected as a part of a local charity that sells or donates to families in need. at least four of the five people inside the truck were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> laurie: opa-locka police are looking for a driver who hit a police cruiser this morning and took off. police followed the car after that crash, eventually taking the passenger into custody, but the driver did get away. that person was last seen near northwest 72nd street and 14th avenue. the officer involved in the crash, he wasn't hurt but was taken to the hospital to be checd out just as a precaution. >> calvin: police are now searching for attorney of an american bulldog mix after a woman was attacked and mauled
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a withdrawing, and meanwhile we have learned today that victim and her husband he been given a new dog. local10 shy high live now with more more us. >> shyann: we've all heard the saying, calvin, a dog a man's best friend, but for this family, this dog was actually a member of the family. the pain still stings as miguel rojas mourns the loss of his pet dog guchy. >> this is not fair. not fair, what happened to my parents, and we're still suffering 24 hours later. >> shyann: gucci's owner was out a walk with him yesterday morning when they were attacked, killed by this american bulldog, his owner bit by the same dog has 100 stitches. miguel had a heart attack after seeing his dog torn to pieces. >> i think we're going to call hum willie. >> shyann: while will cannot replace gucci he was donated to
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>> we've l lt one of our family members but this is going to allow my father today to sleep and maybe, you know, he will be a little bit -- feel a little bit better. >> thom: hoe rojas family insists two dogs were involved in this deadly incident. animal services says otherwise. >> the white and brown american bulldog was picked up with the black female but we don't have any indication that that dog was actually involved in either the killing of chihuahua or the bite to the owner. >> i'm upset. yes, i did hear they have two and they're identifying the black female as the one that attacked, but i can assure you both of them attacked my mother. >> shyann: the black dog is considered the aggressor in this case. it is being held in ten days of quarantine. the other dog will not be held in quarantine. in fact, it's microchipped. so animal servers tells me they've reached out to its owner and they are waiting to hear
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reporting live in medley, shy high. >> laurie: and investigators have searched an apartment in brussels that they believe surfed as a bomb affect for the terror attacks in paris. it was likely used as a hide outed forhis man. police have been looking for him since the attacks in november, and while searching that apartment authorities found three hand maid belts that could be used to carry explosives. found am bo making equipment, traces of explosive residue and a fingerprint. men maybe while investigators unsewer sure of the true identity of man who tried to attack a paris police station. it happen on one-year anniversary charlie hebdo attacks. they say he carried a paper marked with the muslim -- he gave his nationality as tune east. she was shot and killed by police. >> calvin: protesters taking to the streets in argentina ass the new president announces mass layoffs.
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last days of the administration christina fernandez. 10,000 public mese have been laid off since the start of maurice i don't mack raise administration due to a lepped irregularities during the hiring process. he also ordered an audit of the last hires dunn done beau the fernandez administration. >> laurie: that record powerball jackpot, it's now. $800 million and counting, and the lines to buy tickets just deep getting longer. remember there's only one place to watch saturday's big drawing it's right here on local10 during our 11:00 p.m. news don't forget tomorrow night. let's see what the numbers are. and right now it is coming up on ten minutes after 5:00. good time to check the friday afternoon rush with track of reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: want to take you to this clore here because we do have a bridge stuck. now, this is the 79th street causeway bridge. this is the rebound lanes. your eastbound lanes are open just fine. this is as you are trying the to get out of north bay i village.
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4 miles per hour. now we are watching an accident on i-95 right around atlantic boulevard it. looks like track of is moving fine in both directions. let's zoom on in to our maps to take a closer look. again i-95 northbound right around atlantic boulevard. we are starting to see a dumb have couple of delays. speeds a 31 miles per hour. cruise on down to dade county we do have an accident on the dolphin expressway as you are trying to ramp onto i-95. taking a look here, it louks those speeds are clocking in at 12 miles per hour. calvin. >> calvin: trading has ended on the new york stock exchange, and the worst week for u.s. stocks in foyer years. the do you dropped lucca rock again today. investigators still concerned over china's failing economy and those depressed oil prices. here at final numbers. the dow is down 167 points closing down a 16,346. the nasdaq down 45 points, cloningut at about 4600.
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below the 2,000 mark. boy, oh boy. >> laurie: we're all transitioning to the new year. maybe the stocks will, too. >> calvin: avoid the 401k numbers. >> laurie: people living in brickell got a rude awake ekening early this morning. in many thought their apartment building was on fire after this fiery can crash. >> and a remorseful robber caught`on camera holding. a pizza shop. find out whattist police say he was apologizing for coming up at 5:30. >> laurie: but first, a scare in
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>> laurie: a care in the air for passenger aboard a united airline flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. if you can imagine a passenger attacked a flight attendant, and it was caught on camera. the united express flight with 69 pasngers and four crew members, they took off from new york's laguardia airport headed for chicago. about 30 minutes into the flight, you hear it, the passenger escaping and asking if she could get off the plane. when a flight attendant explained, no, you can't, that woman attacked her. >> the girl went crazy and attacked her and started scratching her face you have up and ripped her necklace off, pulled her on the ground and subdued her by tying her up with seatbelts, and socom guy used his neck tie to tie her wrists oracles. >> laurie: at one point the woman reportedly yelled that she was bipolar. they diverted the plane to detroit. police handcuffed her and took her off the plane. >> calvin: the mother of a
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affluenza defense after killing four people in a drunk driving crash was in court in texas today. tonya couch is charged with felon. her bond is seat $1 million. authorities belie couch and her 18-year-old son ethan re cross crossed the border in texas to mexico. a video those shows him a apartment drinking at a party and drinking. >> laurie: let's turn to weather now because it's friday and we're doing a sundance and we want a beach kind of weekend.. >> calvin: hi i think it worked, that sundance. we have to keep doing it for the weekend. >> betty: we see a few rays out there right now but soon we're going to lose the light of day. plenty of clouds in the mix but enough sunshine breaking through and with the south wind those temperatures warm up or what? 80 degrees the high in miami. fort lauderdale made it p to 81.
5:15 pm
mid to upper 70s. so warmer over where we were yesterday. look at you, pembroke pines, sitting at 78 degrees. the forecast for the evening, spotty showers shower here or there and certainly we'll tend to keep some clouds around, but temperatures milder than what they were last night. by 9:00 tonight some of you will be in the mid-70s. this is the doppler radar. a few showers may be showing up inome of your neighborhoods but at this point it locks we're now reduced to nothing as far as rain goes around most of broward county. and then perhaps a few sprinkles as we're looking just west of the turnpike. south miami-dade, you may have some very, very light raindrops coming down right now but the balance of the hat this point appears as though it has slipped offshore, and i think that is where what we see offshore is going to stay as the trend has been any showers that develop or move through coming in from the southwest and moving toward the northeast. we won't rule out a stray passing shower but the rains won't be widespread out there.
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just take the umbrella along just in case. a little minor disturbance moving by ahead of our next main event, and the next main event will be the plunge of more cool air heading in our direction. a coupleold fronts on our weather map tonight as we're heading out over the methodology midwest. cold air seeping all the way wn into the panhandles of texas and oklahoma where we see the snowshowers. so temperatures here in the 30s. and then another cold front. notice in the high plains we're talking the dakotas, clouds but not much precip. temperatures here are in the single digits. so there is cold aur sweeping the nation, some arctic air moving into the upper midwest but for us it will be cooler air by the time we get to monday. warming it up, though, for saturday. so a beach day, we can get that in even though we have the chance for a few showers. warm weather saturday, sunday. we'll be tracking the showers as. as our next cold front approachesmoves through, cooler air on the way and it arrives by monday morning.
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near 70 to start the day, highs in the lower 80s. lower 80s possible for our highs on sunday, too. then on monday those lows in the lower 60s. in fact, the balance of next week looks kind of cool as school. 80 for the weekend and cool the next mornings of next w wk, the kind of weather your mom would say is going to give you a cold chug sleeveless and then your in bootot two days later. >> laurie: we have to be careful. >> calvin: the fashion forecast. davis. >> calvin: still to come, a startle scene along the under the puke in miami gardens. hundreds of shoes were carried across the road after a truck rolled over in a crash. >> laurie: but first at 5:30 a campus clinic is being opened at a south florida high school tomorrow. so what type of services do they offer? >> clay: happy friday. time for clay's clowns including
5:18 pm
blames his tools. clowns. we know sports aren't for everybody but it's good to have a basic knowledge of them, especially if you're going to america's favorite quiz show. colleges by team names for 200. crimson tide. terry. >> what is auburn. >> no. steve. >> what is alabama? >> the university of alabama. yes. terry is going to hear from university of alabama people on that one. >> clay: oh, terry. it's bad enough that he got it wrong but he guessed alabama's biggest prime of 'bama fans are having a greatat year, getting ready to play clemson in the national tight game so i'm sure they're not angry or anything, however, one of them may nd a little bit of aur grammar lesson. number four this was posted by clemson fan on twitter who said someone on his parking deck decorated his truck like this.
5:19 pm
it says "clemson, you're next." of course if you look closely this verse yours should of an apostrophey and an eoid. james hardin, one of the best corners in the nba. his passing leaves a little to be desired. he's in houston throwing that into orbit. if you're in the crowd at an nba game pay attention. number two with if you're in a crowd at the nba game pay attention. this ball swatted out of bounds. right in the face. expensive tickets come with a lot of responsibility, guys. look out for flying objects. finally at number one former dolphins kicker misses the extra point and he's not happy about it. so what does he do? that. the lesson here, kids, a good craftsman never blame his tools on risks an injury or a lot of embarrassment. the bills did win the game.
5:20 pm
lesson it's never a good thing if you're on the highlights on you blooper reel until it's a game-winning kick. >> laurie: how is e woman doing where lebron went right on to her? >> calvin: the golfer's fe launching signs are jason day's wife is already. ii think she was excited to be there for the whole experience, and very forgiving for the hometown team. >> laurie: i was touched by lebron. blessed by lebron. slammed by lebron. thank you, clay. here's something you don't always hear about, an armed robber apologizing for his actions. >> victor: it is hard to believe but we have the surveillance video to prove. it that robber was apologizing the whole time that he was holding up this little caesars shop. >> janine: and a veteran center that was trashed by burglars is getting hem help from you'll over.
5:21 pm
we are hearing from people who were jolted out of sleep but a
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>> janine: we do not follow
5:24 pm
79th street bridge is closed. >> victor: let's get to traffic reporter jenise fernandez with the l lest. >> jenise: this is affect go eastbound and westbound, the 79th causeway bridge right around pelican harbor drive. so anyone tryin to leave north bay village area, it's just not going to happen. the bridge is closed eastbound/westbound. look at that. you do not want to get stuck in this mess. let's see zoom on in because if you you are heading westbound you're going to be diverted and speede clocking in at 5 miles per hour. again from pelican harbor drive to northeast bayshore court. at this point you may want to consider using an alternate which would be broad causeway but speeds not looking good at 11 miles per hour speeds, so why are best bet is hang around that area for a little bit, wait for this to clear up because it's going to be a slow commute for you. >> janine: also now at 5:30 we're following a developing story from pembroke pines. >> victor: did swat team called out to an apartment complex where a man barricaded himself
5:25 pm
standoff just hended. local10 news reporter andrew pres has the latest. >> andrew: we learned a lot more about this case since we fqrst broke this story at 4:00. residents have been allowed freely in and out of this complex, things calm and quiet, very different from what we saw. take a look some of the video. officers swarmed this apartment complex across from north perry airport here in pembroke pines after a caller alerted police-to-to a subject who threatened suicide by cop, wouldn't come out of the apartment. area residents even had to be evacuated a officials moved in. take a listen. >> they came to my apartment and they asked me do i know the guy. i said know. they wanted to check on it. that's it. they wanted to see was his apartment set up like mine but he's on the other side of me and they had me to leave. they said you got to get out. >> do you know why? ba because he's next to me. i'm two doors from him. >> andrew: after a short standoff with police,
5:26 pm
this subject who was taken into custody, did have to go to the hospital with minor injuries, non-life-threatening injuries. it's unclear why all of this started but we have learned he will not be facing criminal charges. instead authorities say he's going to be baker acted. that'she situation right now in pembroke pines, i'm andrew perez. >> janine: caught on camera, a remorse am robber. the man apologizing repeatedly as he robbed a little caesars in deerfield beach. he said it was all for his kids. this surveillance video shows the man walking in, pointing a gun, wearing a dark gray hoody, gloves and sunglasses. you can see the man at the current counter is apparently telling the clerk to up the safe. then the thief politely asks the clerk to open up the cash registers. then he apologized saying he did this because his kids needed a good christmas. and a south florida man charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend and her two children pleaded guilty in court today. clem beauchamp plead guilty to three counts of first degree
5:27 pm
he was immediately sentenced to three terms of life in prison. beauchamp accused of tilling felicia brown and her two children in 2020 in waste west palm beach. his plea comes just befe jury selection in his murder trial which was scheduled to begin monday. beauchamp face aid potential death sentence. >> victor: a vfw post in opa-locka was burglarized last monis leaving workers with few supplies right before the holidays but after we aired their story, donations came in from all across south florida and now the veterans want to say thanks. >> todd: this veterans feeding program was almost dead the in water just before the holidays when thieves broke in, but thanks to caring corporations and community organizations like the miami heat, publix with sears, local10, the director of this program says it is bigger and better than ever. >> thank you very much.
5:28 pm
opa-locka as folks lined up for care packages of food. >> looks like you got spaghetti, granola bars. >> todd: make-a-wish veterans program received a bounty of nations and today they shared them with needy represents. earlier in december heaealess thieves broke into the vfw very and stole computers, television and cash but what hut the most was behind this busted door. >> this is our pantry here keep dry food. >> todd: they cleaned out all of the food she uses to feed her vets in need, but after seeing our report on lamont companies and organizations came to the rescue. >> god bless you. come on. we'll be okay. >> todd: hialeah hospital stepped up with 3,000-dollar and other companies followed suit. >> i thank each and every one of you for helping us and keeping these doors open for the communitit and for the veterans. we're feeding them. canned goods. we're giving them cereals. we're giving them juice. >> there's a lot of people who don't have this, like myself. i might not cook at all but i do
5:29 pm
anything, and i will help them out if i could. >> so you'reoing share the wealth. >> yes. yes. can't be selfish. >> todd: they not only give out food care packages le this but they do put on feedings every friday from 10:00 until noon. on top of that, the head of the organization actually helps veterans with their benefits,their pensions and getting their paperwork in so that they can get other services. in opa-locka todd tongen, local10 news. >> janine: a mork man accused of planning a machete attack on new year's eve in the name of isis was in court today. authorities ai 25-year-old emmanuel lutchman planned to kill people celebrating new year's eve a an upstate new york restaurant. his arrest prompted the cancellation of rochester's new year's eve fireworks celebration as a precautioning also today two meny arrereed for terror-related charges in california and texas were in court. those two are palestinians born in iraq who came the to united states aref geez. they both reportedly had plans
5:30 pm
alongside isis. >> victor: extremely disturbing video from northern california where police shot anankilled a man who had been shooting of a gun in a neighborhood. officers say they were forced to fire when that man refused to follow orders and pointed the gun at them. we want to warn that this video is very graphic. countless shots wring ringing out in this cell phone video of a deadly officer-involved shooting tuesday night. it shows the suspect opening up the apartment door, pointing a gun straight at officers. neighbors who witnessed the shooting shaken up. one says he had to take cover wh it happened. >> what was your reaction to seeing off this. >> it was square. live right across the way andnd have a six-month-old grandson at home and i had him hiding in the bathroom. >> victor: jason is one neighborhood who called 911 to say the man was shooting his gun repeatedly in the air. >> i felt safe when the cops showed and up surrounded
5:31 pm
>> victor: other neighbors share a scary and dramatic story. >> 3 asked him to come out of his house like three times, and he finally came out of doorway and lit them up. that's ridiculous knowing it's down the street. my on his. >> victor: there were reports the suspect was yelling out "obama, obama" several times but investigators won't say if that's true. >> we have heard there may have been some statemes to that effect. i want confirm that at this time. >> victor: in the video you can hear officers demanding the suspect to come outside. they said they tried to use less than long island force to get him to surrender but it didn't work, and when he came out armed investigator say they had no other choice but to protect their own lives. neighbors are thankful the police intervened. >> it could have east will you been any of us, could have got shot by that crazy guy. >> victor: several officers were involved in that shooting and now are on administrative leave. >> janine: first respons was developed a pregnancy test with bluetooth connected connectivity. after downloading the app you
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whether you want to be pregnant or not, and so your answers then determine how get the results. some women might dread a positive while others might overjoyed, and so the app offers informatio and suggestions for remaining calm while you wait. the cost of these bluetooth connected tests range from 15 dollars to $20. >> victor: the catch of the day nearly turned daley for one fisherman. the video shows a struggling marlin being reeled in watch the left. it is suddenly going to fly right by, ce onto the bort, and it almost impales that guy waiting to gaffe it. luckily, nobody was hurt. a homeless man in chico, california was hurt after he was accidental picked up by a trash group sleeping in ray dumpster. the fp&l crew made several stops before they heard the man yelling and pounding. he was hauert. crews are trained to look for
5:33 pm
dumpsters but they say this dumpster had no signs. >> janine: people living in one brickell apartment building say they thohoht a bomb had exploded outside about it turns out it was a deadly crash that led to that huge fire. coming up at 6:00 why neighbors say this intersection is so dangerous. >> victor: a controversy over the official seal of a village in upstate new york. now residents want to know how to change it. >> janine: and a teenage girl holding her own on the wrestling mat against the boys, and did we mention she is blind. her inspiring story coming up next. >> victor: first as ay come to a quick break another beautiful shot from our mount sinai medical center tower cam on
5:34 pm
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or from your abdomen to your back... >> victor: the following breaking news right now. a bomb threat one of the nation's busiest airports. >> janine: calvin's in the newsroom with details. >> calvin: the head lup here, terminal 1 evacuated due to a non-specific bomb threat lax. this is a live look from a chopper on the terminal 1 at lax, once again evacuated after a non-specific bomb threat lax. this began happening at 2:20 their their time, pst time,
5:37 pm
about roughly 23 minutes ago at 5:23. the source that of non-specific bomb threat, sources a a looking into our credible it may be. pictures inside of the temperature natural where you can imagine here passengers who are fearful of what may be happening on the outside there at terminal 1 of this non-specific bomb threat huddling inside, talking about their flights being delayed. as you can imagine, lots of compart chewer delays lax as a result of this non-specific bomb threat. once again terminal 1 evacuated. of course, this is a story we will continue to follow. i'll send it had back to you. >> victor: breaking news from miami, we take a life look here with the 79th street bridge which was malfunctioning is back up and running now, both directions eastbound and westbound track of is flowing once again. doesn't louk there's too much of a backup as they got this open within the past few minutes. again, signed street bridge open and running.
5:38 pm
in north carolina with a 4.7 gpa recently passed up the chance to graduate early for her love of wrestling. this teenager has an added challenge. she can't see her opponents. she just can't understand what the big fuss is. >> i don't think that there's anything too intfresting about me. >> janine: a female playing a male port is v vy unusual, but even more amazing. >> i was legally blind for i think a couple of years, but it's om this year that i started to get -- i couldn't really see anymore this year. >> janine: she has been losing sight since her sophomore year but that hasn't stopped her from competing. judo is her primary sport but she wanted to try wrestling. her parent were skeptical it. a boy's game. i said, okay, let's try it. don't take unnecessary risk and don't get hurt. >> janine: in practice and in matches her opponent is required to always keep ctact with her.
5:39 pm
on the mat there are no special privileges. everyone is equal. >> she is a good teammate. she works hard and competes, and that's what's great about her.. >> janine: being visually impaired believe it or not does give lian a one advantage. >> it's less scary not knowing what they look like. >> janine: not that that would matter to someone as fearless. she has done well in her first year. four wins against six glosses a good record for a girl and a blind girl. >> janine: but to her the wins and losses aren't important. >> wrestling distracts me from my eyesight, i guess. it makes me feel pretty normal. >> janine: but more than anything liana is thankful for her teammates who look out for her. if she had one wish. >> would i like see what they look l le. >> janine: instead she will have to settle for physical contact.
5:40 pm
mention the 4.7 gpa. >> janine: makes me want to go back to high school and tweak a few things. >> victor: people living in one neighborhood in las vegas are being targeted by white sprem cysts. it commands that homeowners do not sell on rent to mun ort or homosexuals. the letter reading "we want to keep spring valley white." the fbi justice department are investigating. in upstate new york some are calling the seal for the village of whitesboro to be change. they say it depicts the town hugh white in a friendly wrestling match with a native american but that's not how everyone sees it. >> we wt to put an end to it once and for all, let the residents have the say about what seal they want to represent them and their home and their history, so we decide they'd, you know, their opinion is what matters so we're going to let them make the choice. >> victor: now, this vote not legally binding. register village residents will cast their votes in coming monday.
5:41 pm
from houston where police say a man kept had you dead mother's body in his house more than a month. deputies discovered her body yesterday. that man's brother said their mom died around thanksgiving and investigators say they're going to have to wait for frensig testing to determine how and when that woman died. a high-speed chase caught on camera yesterday in oklahoma city. at times tt pursuit raced 100 miles an hour as the suspect race down the highway in a u-haul truck. eventually he gave up. he was wanted for a stabbing that happened on wednesday night. > and a heart stopping dash cam video from the atlanta area where a police officer had to chase down a drunk driver going ting with way on the highway. it happened on new year's day. that driver apparently refused to stop. they had to use their cruisers to forceim off the road. and even then they had to yank him out from behind the wheel. he could barely stand up. once they got him out he was charming with dui and fleeing from police.
5:42 pm
largest active vocational showed incread activities on tuesday. one released a plume of ash and steam nearly a mile high and the other located in central mexico -- i practiced saying that for a few days -- popped off six explosions on tuesday, and two more wednesday. incandescent material could be seen spewing from the vocal's crater wednesday along with a column of steam and ash. no evacuations were order in either eruption. >> janine: do you think you could say it again? not bad. >> betty: i think that was three times, janine junk very good. they have some ash. we have lovely weather behind betts. >> betty: the tank tops are back. people are out on the broad walk. earlier this week people had sweate on as they were strolling the broadwalk. the t-shirts when you get up into the 80 you know what that means for us. it means we've got to let go of
5:43 pm
we made it up to 80 today out at mia and miami at 78. key west fort lauderdale the at such 7. that south-southwest window a little bit of sunshine and those temperatures had no problem warming today, and i feels lick 80 by the way in miami. clouds, stray shower. our sky cast model not showing an abundance of rainfall in the forecast for the evening but just take the umbrella along just in case. there may be a sprinkle. by 10:00 temperatures in lower 70s not quite as cool as we've been the past several nights. doppler radar painting most of action offshore and some of these showers we severe the atlantic moving in around bimini tonight, so most of that heavy stuff is not going to be headed in our direction. i see one little shower in the county. do you see that? that may vel cheney, if it survives, cross the everglades, maybe make it over us-27. but any shower we get tonight i think it's going to be pretty.
5:44 pm
sprinkles over deep south mild. the juicy part of our weather story is these temperatures. my name is nice and warm but it is cooling out and chilling out a big way elsewhere. we see the shades of blue bleeding all the way down through the southern plains. so those are 30s as we look in around north texas. and then we see this future color in the high plains, and -- if you shaw color, and fuchsia color in fact, it's currently 9 degrees. so the northern branch of jet stream is starting to take that dip. oh, yeah. winter flex can some muscle as we head through the weekend. if you have plans to travel into the midwest, the northern branch of jet stream i dropping down through the lakes and allowing that arctic air to move on in. so by sunday morning milwaukee will wake up to 7 degrees. look ha that. that arctic air spreads over into the northeastern tier of the country, and more so we're finding that the core is spreading all the way over into the northeast northeastern tier and not necessarily dropping all the way down through the
5:45 pm
southern branch of the jetstream is still pretty act of right now, and the orientation of this is allowing the core of the air to stay up to the north. but we'll ate least get the fringes of the cold heading down in our direction. what does this mean? it means it's going to turn cooler here early next week but we will squeeze out more 80s between now and then. so lower 80s both saturday and sunday, but by monday, tuesday taking our lows down to the lower 60s and highs only getting into the lower 70s, and i am so out of time. >> janine: and i am so glad that we are not in bismarck, betty. more ininnovation from the consumer electronic show in las vegas. samsung has debuted a new type of television that can be stacked like lego. once they're stacked together,the individual screens combine to norm one large tv unit. you do not even see the black lines between the displays. users can pox they will to create a 61-inch screen in a 16 by nine ratio. that's a normal tv size.
5:46 pm
91-inch screen at the same 21 by nine ratio that's useby movie theaters. a powerful processing engine inside each tv adjusts the pictures to create whatever shape you want. >> victor: 91 inscreen? i don't think my wall is that big. >> janine: another busy friday on local10 newsroom. people living in brickell got a rude awakening early this morning. a lot of people thought their payment building was on fire after this deadly crash. >> victor: we're also speaking to the driver of this truck that rolled over in a crash in miami gardens spilling hundreds of shoes all over the road judge and a elderly couple whose chihuahua was killed in a
5:47 pm
has a >> victor: there is something new coming to miami northwestern senior high school in weekend. >> janine: a primary care clinic opens there tomorrow. local10's jenini fernandez has more. >> jenise: for senior sarah end keno they're getting a step closer to their dreams of becoming doctors one gape here at the new chrisisas eve kaur is there they're work can hand in hand with health care professionals and actual patients? and we get to see how life after high school will be in college withth hands-on experienceience. it's truly a blessing. >> many in our community and our school don't have access to health care so i'm looking forward to a healthier school ask a healthier community together. >> jenise: not only is it a learning environment but this
5:48 pm
health servers to the community. the public will be able to come in and receive the same services a doctor's office would provide them. >> this is innovative. it's creative. it's something that this community needs. it's something that the students need. >> jenise: the clinic si partnership between fiu's college of nursing and health sciences along with the jesse community health center. graduated students from fi and nurse practice tugsers will staff the clinic. like any lidge patients will have to pay a copay but no one will be turned away iff they can't afford services. >> this is a godsend. it's a terrific gift to our community. >> jenise: those clings hours it will be open monday through friday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and also on saturday forecast 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and the grand opening is tomorrow. reporting in northwest miami-dade, jenise fernandez, local10 news. >> janine: that's great. love that for the students. and that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:30.
5:49 pm
back for local10 news at 6:00. >> laurie: routine an suv stolen with a child inside. the little girl's grandmother with a meanings for the man who did. >> calvin: a fire and pets trapped in flame. >> laurie: brickell neighbors shocked after this fiery crash. >> calvin: and will it be a weekend washout? hear beats forecast before you finalize your plans. >> laurie: we have 800 million reasons to play the powerball. local10 is the only place to catch the drawing. >> calvin: plus, doggy deadline. woman wh 50 pooches on her property getting an ultimate am from bso. the news at 6:00 starts now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: yoff the top at 6:00 frightening moments caug on camera when a six-year-old girl left alone for just a moment here forced to be part of a carjacking. her stepfather had just walked away from the pump when the carjacker moved in. >> laurie: another person who witnessed at all managed to call police and help rescue that little girl. local10 news reporter todd spoke with the child's mother.
5:50 pm
dramatic story. >> todd: laurie and calvin, so scary for that first-grader in the back seat of that car when it gets stolen, and center very disturbing who stole it. the age of the young man that police think stole this car. >> what if i would never have got a chance to hold her so now i just held her. >> todd: six-year-old jeniyah is a lucky little girl. she may still shaken but she is safe after a crook stole a car with her in the back seat. available cameras caught the crime on tape as the first-grader was left in the car with the keys still in the ignition and her stepfather walks into a gas station off of sample road in coral springs. the carjacker can be en scoping out that black kia before finally getting in and taking off. two miles later he finally realizes jeniyah is in the back seat and drops her off near wiles ro. >> she just said when he said "get out the car she just ran. >> todd: thankfully a good
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