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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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trouble and called police. meanwhile the mototr had a makes for the carjacker after letting her little girl go. >> thank you. exactly what my sister said. god bless you. >> todd: meanwhile, the girl's grandmother couldn't believe what jeniyah told her. >> my granddaughter said, grandma, he look like a kid. so the parents for that child who stole the car, i wish you would go get your son. >> todd: that carjacker in the black key a optima with license plate number of cqqv13. min w w sees a car matching that description unked to call police. coral sprin pd of called this good samaritan to thank her, and in fact they say she went well above the call of duty. she even stayed with that little girl and went back to scene of the crime with her and police
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stepfather because the little girl was so scared. in coral springs, todd tongen 1 local10 news. >> laurie: glad she's okay. now to a story you will see on the one and only. new details into the deadly hit-and-run crash on the palmetto christmas eve morning. plus staggering numbers about hit-and-run crashes here in south florida. our own michael seiden is live with this exclusive. michael. >> michael: laurie and calvin, it is ridiculous to think that there are drivers out here who plow into othery motorists and keep on driving without mauking the call for help, but here in south florida that's rattle reality and ev year dorses dying. they were best friends, roommate who would do anything for each other. but on the morning of christmas eve their friendship came to a tragic end, a deadly hit-and-run crash killing carlos thomason and critically injuring oscar rodriguez. carlos was trying to help out his buddy who had run out of gas along the palmetto expressway near southwest 8th street when
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left for dead. tonight investigators tells they have a person of interest. they have also seized the car used in the the hit-and-run. >> would you say an arrest is imminent? >> i can't say that because the problem we have is that we have to have enough evidence to be able to put that person behind the wheel. >> michael: without an eyewitness or video evidence, it's nearly impossible to make an arrest, but this is just one of thousands of hit-and-run crashes in south florida. in fact, the statistics are staggering. last year in miami-dade county more than 18,000 hit-and-run crashes, 39 reported deaths, an increase from 2014. and it's a growing problem in broward county where troopers investigated nearly 11,000 crashes with 15 fatalities. the amount of crashes increased in just one year. >> if i didn't have insurance -- >> i think a lot of times people weren't aren't prepared.
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licenses marriage an epidemic leaving maims families heartbroken and driving law enforcement nuts. >> we work tirely throws close as many cases as we can but unfortunately we sometimes end up running into a dead end. >> michael: today i spent a half hour at the home of that lone survivor oscar rodriguez. he said he's not ready to go on camera but she is he is dill recovering, light of broken bones, internal injuries. he said he's leaning on his faith and family to get him through this hard time. >> calvin: a truck overturned on the florida turnpike this afternoon spilling hundreds of shoes there on the highway. the crash happened on the southbound exit ramp which is now opened at northwest 199th street near sun life stadium. the driver told us he was coming from normals and the shoes were collected -- new orleans and the shoes were collected it's a local charity that sells and donates to families in need. fourf the five passengers inside the truck were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> laurie: neighbor thought it was a bomb. instead they found the fiery
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and tonight those neighbors are saying they want something done. local10 news reporter derek shore is live in brickell w wh this startling tory story. >> derek: and, laurie, neighbors here say this intersection is dangerous. they see crash after crash, the latest happening this morning, a deadly fiery crash when a car went slamming into the curb, then the wall. you can seehe damage left behind, and neighbors say they do want something done. the flames so intense, neighbors thought their building was on fire. they say it didn't sound like a crash, more look a bomb. >> the first car caught on fire. we heard the explosion like a boom, and then the other one caught on fire, department on expanding. >> derek: they dialed 911 and used their cell phone to capture the violent scene, the violent crash claiming the life of a lexus trapped inside, possibly dead on impact. defect believe that driver have been have could have been going well over 100 miles per hour on southwest thur avenue. first hitting a curb, then a
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rked car near southwest 15th roady. >> didn't hear the crash. i just heard the explosion go off. >> derek: neighbors evacuated this apartment building, some thinking their homes were burning. >> that car got on fire and three more cars that were parked got on fire as well. >> derek: those people's parked cars charred and totaled. neighbors say this is the worst crash they have seen here but certainly not the first. >> this intersection is very bad. they should put something or do something to stop. there's a lot of accidents. >> derek: and tonight that driver has not been identified. no one was hurt in this crash. i should say no one else was hurt in this crash. in the short time weave been here, we've been hearing a lot of honk horns and frustrated drivers in this area, and neighbors say they p pn to talking the city hopefully to get some type of stoplight installed. >> laurie: and tonight we're seeing video of a fire that race through an apartment build in hollywood. you can see top story of this
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engulfed in flames. those firefighters stay they believe it all started from one pot left on a stove. sky 10 was above the scene this afternoon as the fillmore street near us-1. two dogs died in the fire. no one else was injured. those dogs that divide with a pit bull and a german shepherd, their names duke and duchess. as for the people who live in burned-out apartment it's not clear if they nd help from the red cross. >> calvin: a woman and her pet chihuahua attacked and mauled from a dog yep. now players looking for the owner that of tack. a day after t vicious attack the rojas family has a new puppiy donated to them but they are still mourning the loss of eir pet dog guchy. the dog was attack and killed by this american bulldog. guch's owner was bitten, receiving 100 stitches on her arm. police are now searching for that bulldog's owner. now to a story you saw as breaking news last night 6:00. cleanup crews working around the
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nudded a miami street trapping a large truck. workers am scrayable to repair the break, and local businesses are stul assessing the damage. an old pipe is to blame for turning the busy street into a river and spawning a massive sinkhole which trapped an ice truck yesterday afternoon. the road was reopened earlier this afternoon. >> laurie: its seven minutes after 6:00 so the friday evening rush is well underway. let's check in with traffic reporter jenise fernandez jumping we've got a few things out there. the starting 2 this accident on i-75 northbound right as you're approaching miami gardens drive. that accident is off to the shoulder but it's still causing a backup. zoom on in to our maps to take a closer look i-75 northbound miami gardens drive with speeds clocking in at 27 miles per hour. we've also gots an accident on the dolphin expressway. this is as you are heading east right around northwest 87th avenue. some pretty heavy delays as you pass that accident. 12-mile-per-hour speeds. cruising on up to broward county we've got an accident on oakland
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this is as you're heading east right before us-441. there is a left lane blocked. it looks like track of is moving pretty okay at 16 miles per hour. calvin, laurie. >> laurie: thank you candlelight vigil the gridlock has been broken for thousands cuban migrants stranded in costa rica. >> laurie: the first group will be flown to el salvador and bus today the u.s. border. that worries some south florida communities that wonderr if they're going to get inundated with refugees. our senior political reporter michael putney has the latest from the newsroom. >> michael: i was surprised today not to hear more concerned voices by local mayors and emergency managers. though know some of these cubans in costa rica are going to end up right here but they say resisting settlement programs can handle them. cubans who have been explained costa rica will start moving out next tuesday. if first plane load of 180 people, mostly families, will fly to el salvador and from
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border and sent valley for many miami. >> so what we're talking about here really is a controlled event, and there are steps in place, there are plans in place and process for the processing of cuban entrants into this country and their placement. >> michael: the stranded cuban migrants, about 8,000 of them, have been stuck in costa rica for weeks unable to get past the naw,an boarder. starting next week they will be flown to el salvador and then put on buses and taken all the way up to the u.s.-mexican border probably the'll paso. the trip won't be cheap. the costa rica cubans will be charged $550er person for the plane ticket and bus ride. many told everything they owned just to get this far. >> how many of that 8,000 have the funds to be able to pay for something like that is a big
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[ speaking in spanish ] >> michael: former governor jeb bush recently said cubans stuck in costa rica should not be given free entry into the u.s., and senator marco rubio told reporters yesterday the cuban migrants in costa rica should not be allowed into the u.s. but in 2014, more than 40,000 cubans cross plywood the u.s. at the border with mexico. thousands more came by sea in mauk shift rafts and boats. just today, the coast guard reported they picked up and returned 216 cubans this week alone. they are leaving the island in droves, afraid that the cuban adjustment act that gives them guaranteed entry may be wiped off the books. in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> laurie: we know you're following it for us. and next tuesday is also president obama's final state of the union address. one seat in the first lady's box will be left empty for, quote, the victims of gun violence who
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the big part of the president's address address to going to focus on gun violence. you can see the state of the union next tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on local10. former president mario diaz ballard is going to give the republican response in spanish. >> calvin: breaking stories. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo has been captured. >> laurie: plus, new video of the shootout in philly. the gunman who tried to assassinate the cop confessing he was inspired by isis. both stories on "world news tonight" at 6:30. >> betty: and this afternoon the 80 made a comeback. i'm chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know if the warmer weather is going to stick around through the weekend. >> calvin: but first, the deadline to find dozens of pups a new home.
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>> calvin: dozens of dogs will be displaced after they were found living if tight conditions a home in parkland. >> laurie: and that homeowner has days to find them a new place to live because of code violations. our own hatzel vela joins us live with the dails. >> hatzel: laurie, calvin, you can tell you minutes ago an animal control unofficial showed up to this property in parkland but it was a coral springs fire inspector who told bso that she
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inside the property here. she told investigators she saw medications mere the dogs but that they appeared to be in good shape. now, here are some pictures that she took where you can see some of the dogs inside cages. you can also get a sense of the facility and how big it is. the fire inspector told investigator there was a strong animal smell but did not see any dog feces. at around noon bso came out here, met with the director of kay noon for you dog rescue organization. investigator say they found ababt 50 dogs in a small barn. the dogs appeared to be in good shape but they were concerned because many of the dogs were that a small confined space. deputies say the property is not zoned to have a dog rescue facility so the owner was told she has seven days to get the animals out of here. we also learned therganization at one point was licensed, now is no longer licensed. we talked to the woman who wouldn't go on camera and show us the facility but she says she has already found foster homes
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back out live as you told you some of the name control officials now on the speakers again the woman we talked to says she's hoping to find more foster parent for these dogs, for these fanals animal. if you want any information, you can go to we have all the information you need. for now we're live in parkland. hatzel vela. back to you. >> laurie: e. an $800 million, yes, that's what the powerball jackpot is up to right now and it's'snly expected to grow before tomorrow night's drawing. local10 0 the one and only place you can watch that paur powerball drawing. it is tomorrow night during the 11:00 p.m. show, and good luck. >> calvin: i'm feeling lucky. >> laurie: are you? >> calvin: we can make this happen. >> laurie: we can. >> calvin: we can split that. >> laurie: sure. you tend to have good luck. i'm all for it. why n n? >> betty: it has to happen for somebody be, right, eventuallytually? >> calvin: absolutely, betty. >> betty: you've got to think positively about these things. i speaking of positive thinking
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weather from miami to fort lauderdale. we did a have have a few showers earlier. they were really,y, really light but things are looking okay as we stare out at miami with the sun going down on us. temperatures made the big comeback this afternoon. we did start the day in this lower 60s in many of your neighborhoods but by three, this afternoon 80 degrees out there, fo lauderdale hitting 81. 77 now for fort lauderdale. in fact a aot of 77s showing up on the map, so already the night getting off tie mild is that right start. the forecast for the evening shows that by 10:00 p.m. some of you could be in the lower 70s. we'll tend to have clouds around. and with that light south westerly wind, that generally means that we're going to be in for a mild night. now, as for potential for rainfall for tonight, ilooks like the balance of the action is now offshore. that doesn't mean wee won't have a stray passing shower. here's one in west broward way out over the everglades. if that holds together, it may eventually head on off toward
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northeast about it doesn't appear we're going to have widespread rains for the evening. the if you're having dinner outside tonight, you have a special date you're gooped things will be okay for you. tracking a couple of cold fronts, one allowingold air to filter down into north texas notice and snow from the front range of rockies spilling out over north texas, am little result oh conditions ripe for snow there. then this other cold front diving across the midwest, there's arctic air behind this one. so more cold air is taking that plunge into the u.s. and it will start to sweep the nation this weekend. gets here eventually. and you know how it goes for us. we tend to get the fringes of the chill. so our forecast will be cooler on, say, monday morning but not necessarily bone-chilling cold. that's not going to happen for us. but a temperature change in the forecast. but before we get there, southerly winds will tend to deep us on the warmer side between saturday and sunday ahead of that next cold front
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chance for some showers. not calling the weekend a washout but as that front gets closer, showers are not going to be out of the question. and then finally the cooler air starts to work in on a northwest wind and you'll nice the temperature difference by monday morning. in the mororng, tomorrow morning we'll start in the upper 60, highs in the lower 80s for our afternoon. same deal on sunday. we could reach the lower 80s. but by monday morning lows in the lower 60s, and afternoon highs only getting intthe lower 70s. >> clay: another day, two more interviews the in books for the dolphins. who are they talking to for their head coaching job the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever, there's no such thing as alittle flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits,
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>> clay: the dolphins coaching search rolls on with two more interviews in books today. the fins have interviewed dan campbell after he dead them to a 5-7 record tas interest brim coach and 12 games taff team fired joe philbin. campbell considered a long shot for the job if fins announced they have completed an interview with former bills coach doug marone. meanwhile who would have thght hockey would be taking florida by storm in january? here we are. an 11 game winning streak after last night's w in ottawa. cats have the longest winning streak in nhl history even though it's not easy. >> it's the sign of a really good team bought bass we have been finding ways to play. even though we didn't play our best the last three games we still won.
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the shape like that before even in finland. >> calvin: collegef on the court it will be a return to where it all began for goran dragic. the hea and they are point guard will be in affects to take on the suns at 5:30. e. it will be his first game back in valley of the sun since that trade. tonight also marks the first off brutal road stretch for the heat, the first of six straight road games, and it begins a run of 11 out of 12 games away from american airlines arena. >> i mean, if guys don't know what's about to happen, we're about to get a crash course. so i think it's greator the team. it's going to bring us closer. and, you know, we've got to hit the ground running. >> i don't think i had a sprint like this suns i've been in the league so there is going to be our greatest challenge of the season, and i look forward to see how the team respond to it. >> clay: meanwhile a tough test for the hurricanes basketball
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how duff? how tough? coach jim larranaga calls fsu the most talented team they have faced all season. didi vitali will be in the house calling it for espn2. >> when it comes to espn, dick vitale is a hall-of-famer, and you love when he's in attendance because he's wild and crazy guy. he's, you know, yelling out. he's awesome, baby. >> clay: you know what's funny about him, too? i met hum a long time ago. in person he's actually very calm. but when he gets the microphone in front of him, different. >> calvin: i love dick vitale. >> laurie: tonight? >> betty: milder out there tonight, not quite as cool so a little change in the forecast for us here. could have a stray hour but i think we're good if we have anything big planned for tonight.
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dandy, too. >> laurie: we'll see you at 11:00. have a great weekend with everyone. >> calvin: "world news tonight"
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