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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> anchor: shoes spill thousands was women's footwear. >> anchor: a beginning for an
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pet in >> anchor: new tonight, it's happened again, men targeted for expensive taste and robbeby women on the take. the victims were targeted at two popular coral gables restaurants. >> anchor: the women going after pricey rolex watches. we have the top story at 11:00. >> reporter: unbelievable, two victims, two suspects, two different restaurants, police say these two were after the same things, though. it's a busy night, people wining and dining. a social scene. the perfect hunting ground for these two ladies who coral
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for victims. >> that kind of thing never in coral gables. >> something like that is out of the ordinary. >> reporter: out of the ordinary, but it happened say detectives, who have video to back them up. our first subject strikes up a conversation with a guy at hill stone restaurant. they leave, go to his place, where he's light headed, believes he's been drged. when he wakes up the next day, his rolex is missing. the other women ran the same ram the morton's restaurant the same nighgh police say the crimes around the same time and the women hit at restaurantntright across the street from each other. a bold crime we've seen pulled off recently in south florida before. like this woman who police say met a man at the seminole hard rock casino before going to his home and robbing him of cash. and there's this incident at
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the hard rock, also drugged and robbed this man when she got to his home. they go after rolex watches, guns, cash. police are saying that men, when you go out, definitely keep track of your drink. don't let it out of your sight. same for ladies as well. if you want a better look at these suspects, head to our website, see if you can help police out. we're live in coral gables. >> anchor: d deloping news into the news room, a very active scene near the hilton garden in on sterling road eastf 95. the broward deputies are searching a heavily wooded area by the hotel, on the ground, by helicopter. we're not sure what the search has to do with. but we're working to get you information as it comes n we'll have an update on local 10 morning news. >> anchor: fire erupting and the flames spreading fast. >> anchor: the devastating fire
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their beloved pets. local 10 news reporter on the scene. >> reporter: the two families are devastated. that fire would start at the top of this apartment building. it would quickly move into another unit. yes, all the human family members got out safely. but the four legged variety, were not so lucky. neighbors captured the flames and massive plumes of smoke, on their cell,phones. >> i've never seen anything like that in my life. >> reporter: those living earby heard the screams and smelled trouble. >> all the smoke came this way. >> it just burst in flames. when we saw the family went outside and we're glad nothing happened. >> reporter: not all the family members would survive, two dogs in each of the two units would not escape. >> i opened my door thinking i
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tested and i knew the door was going to explode, so i le. >> reporter: she's owner of two of the dogs that passed away, a pit bull and a shepherd. >> i left, they were greatith kids and loved people. >> reporter: a tragic loss for this family and another, who have lost their home and their beloved pets. >> i just went inside and everything is gone. everything has exploded, all the pictures, the couches, everything. >> reporter: and the other familyho lost their two dogs were too distraught to talk to us on camera today. an official cause for this fire is yeto be released. we're live in hollywood, local 10 news. >> anchor: the world's most wanted drug lord, guzman was captured for a third time today by a daring raid by mexican marines. this is video from el chapo from this afternoon.
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people. th shootout happened at a home where officials foundifles a handgun, a rocket propelleded grenade launcher. guzman was found after six months in an escape that embarrassed the government. >> anchor: a philadelphia video. >> anchor: that gunman saying he was inspired by isis. we have the shocking video. >> reporter: the suspect unleashing a hail of bulults in the name of islam. cops in south florida are weighing in. the panicked calls are from philadelphia officer, he's behind the wheel of the police cruiser, while this man in a long coat runs to him, ambushes him and fires over and over.
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to have pledged his loyalty to isis. >> he knew what he was doing, he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> reporter: police nationwide and here in south florida, risk their lives every day. they tell us cops on the street want to be ready. >> the message is big, remain vigilant, never put your guard down, because of the fact we know we can be a possible target. >> reporter: despite being shot three times in the arm, the officer is able to get out of the car and fire back. that gunman was arrested. a chilling crime for officers everywhere. >> we're asking the community to help us fight this type of attack. be our eyes and ears out there. if you see something, say something. >> reporter: how and when that guy became radicalized, police are looking into itnd asking the community for help. >> anchor: thanks. frightening moments caught on camera when a six-year-old
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the girl was left in the car with the keys in the ignition when her stepfather walks into a gas station. the car jacker can be seen scoping out the car before getting in and taking off. he got two miles before he realized the young child was in the backseat. then, he told her to get out. >> my granddaughter said, grandma, he looked like a kid. so the parents for that child, who stole a car, i wish you would go get your son. >> anchor: after she was kicked out of the car, the girl was picked up by a good samaritan. the police are still searching for the crook and the car. >> anchor: a fiery crash killed a driver and neighbors are saying this is a common sight. the neighbors say the car was speeding, the car went airborne and hit five other vehicles before slamming into a wall and
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the investigator said the car was traveling more than 100 miles per hour. the driver trapped into the burning vehicle died at the scene. >> the first car caught on fire and we hea a boom. the other one caught on fire and kept on expanding. >> they should do something to stop -- there's a lot of accidents. >> anchor: neighbors say this is thehe worst crash they've ever seen in the area, but not the first. now, they're hoping that they can work to get a stoplight installed. >> anchor: you might have seen this today, a traffic nightmare on the turnpike where a truck overturned spilling out hdreds of shoes. the crash happened on the southbound exit ramp on southwest 199th street. the driver was coming from new orleans and the shoes were collected for a local charity that sells to families in need. at least four of the five people inside the truck were taken to the local hospital with nonlife threat threatening injuries.
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th 79th street cause way. the bridge that connects miami to north bay village was shut down for an hour. traffic was backed up for miles but the bridge was reopened before 6:00. >> anchor: investigators have searched an apartment in brussels they believe served as a bomb factory for the terror attack in paris. the residence was used as a hideout for this man. police have been looking for him since the attacks in november. meanwhile, invtigators are not you are sure of the identity of a man who tried to attack a paris police station yesterday. they say he had a paper marked with a muslim declaration of faith. he was shot and killed by police. >> anchor: a south florida man charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend and two children confessed to the crime in court today. the suspect pleaded guiltyo three counts of first-degree murder. he was immediately given three life sentences.
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killing the woman and two children in 2010 in west palm beach. his plea comes before jury selection in the murder trial, which was scheduled to begin on monday. the suspect faced the potential de sentence if he went to trial. >> anchor: a remorseful robber caught on camera. the video shows the man walking in, pointing the gun and telling the clerk to open the safe. it was empty, so we're told the thief politely asked the clerk to open the cash registers. and then he apologized. >> anchor: a south florida family's pet malled by another dog. a new best friend helps them heal. the bitter sweet story. >> anchor: an airline passenger attacks a flight attendant. >> anchor: cool nights to mild nights. lower 70s out there. we'll talk about the warmer weather for the weekend and the potential for showers and a cold
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>> anchor: the dolphins may soon have their man. which of the candidates is coming in for a second interview? we'll tell you later on in sports. >> anchor: the great catch suddenly becoming the dangerous
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that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> anchor: a dog attack leaving an elderly couple devastated after their preous chihuahua was malled to death. >> anchor: a bright spot after someone donated a new puppy. we have the story. >> reporter: friday night is willie's first night with his new family. he is a sweet and loving dog and bringing a lot of smiles to a family that needs cheering up.
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joy. for a family that's been through a horrific ordeal. >> this is not fair what happened to my parents. and we're still suffering. >> reporter: 24 hours ago, little dog was attacked when they went for a walk. the beloved chihuahua killed when attacked by the bull dog. her husband had a heart attack after seeeeg his dog torn to pieces. he cries just thinking about it. today, someone donated the puppy named willie to help the family, but the pain is very real. the family insists two dogs were involved in the attack. animal services says otherwise. >> the white and brown bulldog was picked up with the black female, but we don't have information that the dog was involved. >> reporter: the bulldog will
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the animal services is trying to track down the other family. the family has a lot of physical and mentally healing ahead, now with a two-month old hound to help. >> he's an adorable pet. >> reporter: so far so good for little willie. puppies tend to leave their mark around the house, but no accidents so far for this guy. >> anchor: a huge marlin proves it's not going down without a fight. check out this one. watch the victory as the dee water fish turns dangerous. last moment flying onto the boat and almost impaling o one of the men. >> anchor: what do you think for the weekend, is it a good weekend?
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moments when it's okay to be on the water or hanging out o o the beach because it's going to be warm. tonight, we're not as cool. do you see the lower 70s out there? i know, miami, 72. hialeah and p pembroke pines 70 degrees. as far as winds, we've been in the southerly wind direction for the balance of the day, and that helped to drive our temperatures up. a loftt of you made it up to 80 degrees. so now we're starting to cool down a touch. with the winds calm we may have to watch for patchy fog developing by tomorrow morning. from broward through miami-dade and the keys look at this doppler radar, nice and dry out there. we're looking a the round of rain, maybe storms too rolling over. what we're seeing offore on
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to tend to stay offshore on the atlantic side. those popping up with the latest disturbance moving by florida. that's going to continueo move off toward the atlantic, towards the east. and we get rea for the next system. and the next system will be a cold front. the frontal system is bringing severe weather from east texas into southwest lwuisiana, just getting dumped on with all that rain. potential for storms that produce damaging winds. behind the system the air is cold enough to support snow around the texas and oklahoma panhandles. but let's talk about the procedures find this front. at least the leading front. look at dallas at 48 degrees. those shades of blue bleeding all the way down into the lone star state, so we know that's the sign of a cool chchge, and an arctic change in the upper
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temperatures in the single digits, so winter is making an appearance as we're stepping into the weekend, at least for parts of the country. eventually that cooler air is going to trickle down. we'll have the winds coming from the south. we are anticipating a warm afternoon. as the front gets closer, the potential for passing showers, especially i'm thinking saturday night into early sunday, as the front itself closes in on us, and then behind the front, once we get into that northwest wind, cooler air will eventually arrive. but you're going to notice the difference in terms of changing the air more so monday morning. the numbers will be back down into the lower 60s and upper 50s monday morning. tomorrow, we're going to start in the upper 60s and make the climb towards the lower 80s. clouds and sun. 30% chance for rain. a few showers too saturday night into early sunday as the front ts closer.
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see monday morning. we talked about that lower 60s. and then lower 70s for the afternoons. and moreool air on the way for the middle of the week. some of you 50s, maybe upper 40s wednesday morning. so next week will be defined as chilly for sure, especially towards the middle. your weather authority is always watchi and tracking. your meteorologist will be here at 5:30 in the morning. and i'm going to clear my throat now. guys. >> anchor: i can tell you need to do that but you made it. thank you. the powerball jackpot has skyrocketed to $800 million and only expected to grow. if you bought a ticket or several, there's one place you can watch thehe powerball drawing, right here local 10 tomorrow night during the 11:00 news. >> anchor: i can't wait. >> anchor: we've got to do it. >> anchor: i win, i'll share a couple of bucks. >> anchor: me too.
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call, a tipsy driver nearly going over the edge of the fourth floor of a parking garage.
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>> anchor: terrifying video tonight out of missouri of an apartment building engulfed in flames. take a look at the flames there. the raging fire forced more than a dozen people out of their homes in kans city. some forced to jump out of the burning people. at least two people were taken to the hospital.
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just a heart stopping clo >> anchor: time for your mercedes benz sports report. tonight we're seeing the signs the dolphins have zeroed in on a new head coach. the fins are bringing in thehim in for a second interview on saturday. gates will be the first man to interview twice. there was a feeling he was at or near the top of the fins wish list. he's the bear's offensive coordinator. however he earned a lot of prprident for his work with peyton manning. dolphins defensive end is lighter in the wallet, he's been fined more than $17,000 for this hit on tom brady. local 10 is your place to be for the kick off of the n.f.l. playoffs. the first game gets going
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kansas city chiefs right here o on local 10. the heat taking on the suns as we speak. that's how he returned knocking down the first bucket of the game to give the heat lead. how about another three? he scores 12 points in the first half. how about another time who spent time with the suns, playing defense, great block rht there. keeping the heat ahead. here comes miami in transition. duane wade on the break. later on, it's wade doing it himself, driving inside with two hands, miami leading this one right now, 80-79 in the fourth quarter. here's your highlight of the la lebron james. more coaching news, it appears
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wide receiver coach, the reports say he'll leave u.s.f. to take the job with the canes. speaking of miami and the seminoles, they'll face off on the court tomorrow. the hurricane's head coach call florida state the most talents team a a year. >> anchor: i wonder what wade is taking. >> anchor: he looks like a completely different job. >> anchor: tomorrow is going to
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