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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 7AM  ABC  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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ever destruction along florida's west coast after a tornado touches down. residents left cleaning up quite a mess. >> live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> >> neki: but first we would like to wish you a a good sunday morning every one. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. thank you for waking up with us on this sunday plorning. thankfully the thunderstorms died o down before we had to drive in this morning. they were over night heavy rain at my house. >> neki: yes, a rollercoaster right. starts off cool, and then it gets hot and then snap, crackel pot. >>odd: it starts. >> >> neki: and i'm not talking about my rice kris peez. >> jennifer: we'll have another round of storms of that noon. so far we have tone joy our start for the sday morning. live look out of the of the hollywoodeach cam. live look at what team like a dry day. you'll feel it in the atmosphere. that humidity will intensify a the t tperatures go up through
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upper 60s for some of us across miami-dade and brord wax elsewhere we're at 70 degrees or the upper 70s in the keys. no rain to speak of as far as heavy downpour on land. but we have small showers that have developed over kendall. at least in west kendall and count into cut whrer bay but the ones that were tracking are over the gulf of mexico and right here a band of heavy showers and storm that will continue to track to the southeast and that is what will bring you a chance for showers and storms by this afternoon. again, this sought head of a cold front. i'll have more detail on those temperatures of course and how the sweek will play out nay couple minutes. neki. >> neki: thank you jennifer. new this morning mill yops of people left disa bhointd lottery official confirm that no one hatched matched all six power ball numbers needed to take home
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this jackpot rolled to 984 millions. >> >> todd: 949.8. you missed a digit joo yes. >> todd: that is a thing of the past. >> neki: yep. >> todd: that is old news. the jackpot expected to soar way beyond that on wednesday morning. >> and we have moreen ot big story. >> reporter: if you crumbled up the tickets in disappointment. keep that champagne dream ally. the jkpot is estimated to be $1.3 billion. that's write i said billion ooflt and sca night many were running to grab their quick pick and there may be a few tickets out there w enough numbers to get to a good chunk change. here we go. here are the winning numbers as you saw them announced agaga. some could still get you money.
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power ball number 13 which neki got. good job there neki. the odds to match all six numbers were one in 292 million. that's how it felt with so many pep in line to buy a ticket at the store. >> the most anticipated drawing to date. $949.8 million. >> >> reporter: more than $900 million at steak and big dreep on the line. >> that's what i play a dream. i don't play quick pick. >> reporter: people trying to pick the winningombo. >> hopefully this might be our winning ticket. >> reporter: but whether you dreamed tup or penciled it in or let the mrs. machines do your bidding. >> you'll have to give it one more triep before you can make it rain. >> my ticket at home and then i may scom back tomorrow snie hate to break it to you carlos but
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december tok night. sorry guys. and you have another chance to become a billionaire. jackpot growing and expected to be at $1.3 billion by wednesday's drawing. you can only watch it here during the newscast. good luck guys. don't forget you have to be be in it to win it. >> neki: that's rht. i'll going to take a power ball. >> todd: let's do a pool, the 36 us. >> jennifer: i'm in. >> todd: i'm good for it. don't have cash right now. >> neki: okay. >> todd: i'm kidding. >> todd: and an amazing story the recap tour of imuz man as officialsdy cusshether to extradite the drug lord to the united states. they it th the authorities say they were able to find el chapo after he communicated with hollywood movie star shaun penn. the contact with the actor and pro duer about the move very helped them track him down.
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about the extradition. >> mr. guzman should not have been extradited to the united states or any other country. what's the reason? because mexico has just laws detailed in the general constitution off the republic. >> todd: now a mexican owe figure shall says the government is prepared to extradite guzman but it would likely take six month. he was arrested friday months after breaking out of a maximum security prison in mexico city. >> neki: a woman arrested in georgia after robbing mull fa ta pell jewelry stores in multiple states including here in fla flaflt the fbi linking the 24-year-old to six armed robberies since last april. that included millions of dollar are worth of jewelr\. one of the alleged break-ins targeted a panama city store. she is expected to a appear before i a judge on monday. >> todd: the man who shot and wounded a fill pill police
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without bite. archer is face charges of attempted murder and assault on a law enforcement officer. archer is the the man caught on video firing into the squad carve hard next he was hit three time in the arm and now recovering. after archer was real estate ted ed said he shot the officer in the name of islam and pledged his loyalty to isis. >> todd: and an update on breaking news that we brought you yesterday morning. this is the new york police officer that was shot after respond og tie report of a street flight. 25-year-old stewart is in stable condition after police say he was snot in the leg by christopher rice. the group started to fight after in the area. rice remains in serious condition after he was shot four times. >> neki: we have an important traf p fake lert thaw need to know about too. the three kings place in miami. the main parade route runs along
7:07 am
runs from 14th avenue and started at 6:00, started l closed already. other roads close at various times throughout the day. the parade runs from noon 'til four. southwest 8th street is expected to be reopen by 6:00 a.m. >> todd: coming up after the break. rough weatherern the west coast of florida. a touch down at cape coral. >> neki: quite a biftd damage left behind. and new accusations from lawyers representing families of a teen shot in chicago. why they are saying police may have intimidated witness who watched it all unfold. >> jennifer: and good morning south florida. we dropped another degree and now it's 68 degrees in miami. by 9:00 a.m. we'll be hitting the 70s and then low 80s but we also expect the storm fl i'll tell you when and i'll have the full seven day forecast when we me back. >> you're watching local 10 news with todd tongen and neki mohan.
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>> neki: the chicago police department accuse ched threatening witness in the in the deadly police involved shooting with 17-year-old laquan mick donald. mcdonald shot and killed in october 2014 by officer jason van dyke. police and the mayor accused of covering up that shooting. but n n the family's attorneys say officers forced witness to change their store re. >> there were at least three eyewitness in the drive through the burger king that were taken to a police station. code of silence. i think that's an accurate description of what happened here and quite frankly happens on every fatal shooting. >> >> neki: van dyke plead not guilty to the murder charming ch he says mcdonald raised a knife before he shot him 16 times ch the video released last year shows that was not the case.
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sword of ma month what hid and a law. mark it down. and look what they did in paris france. >> new video this morning from an antigee had rally held outside louisville kentucky. they say they are supporting the govenor's policy that supports the syrian refugees in the country. and they say the support is in the attacksksrom the refugees. >> bayed on the history of islam. it is a relig gofn terrorism. war, mayhem. murder, rape, pill aj. we don't believe any one like that needs to be living in kentucky for our safety and security. >> todd: since the syrian crisis began, 50 syrian refugees have settled in kentucky. >> neki: police are searching for a man who alleged pepper sprayed syrian refugees during a welcome event in canada.
7:12 am
were leaving a muslim center on friday night. >> thief seen enough at hope. us as canadians should not be welcoming them in this type of way. this is not what they deserve. >> and they should be treated way better than this. >> neki: 15 people had to be treated f exposure to pepper spray by rest rescuer >> todd: firefighters are monitoring hotspot at after a gas explosion ate famous na grass brass ca r rour ant. it happened saturday afternoon. a pub in omaha. it took 'til midnight to get the flames out. one person taken to the hospital with serious injuries. receipts tour is completely destroyed. the gas line exploded while crews were installing caiblgz. meanwhile in texas families allowed to enter their homes after an explosion following there. and the fire burned for hours sending huge flames into the sky. the gas line will remain shut off until the gas is taken out of those lines.
7:13 am
>> neki: now video into our news room of a damage froro a tornado that touched down in cape carolina. the weather service confirms an ef2 tornado up rooted trees and brought down power poles last night. cars flipped over and several homes damaged. one family ran for cover as the tornado prooched their home. >> celebrated my grandson third birthday and every one is outside. i have to push them in the house and got front. everything was gone. we have a house two blocks down the road. >> neki: three minor injuries reported but no one taken to the hospital. police are asking people to stay off the roads because ch all the debris. >> todd: over night heard plenty of thunder and really heavy rainfall but are we expecting anything that could be severe. >> neki: i didn't hear a thing. >> todd: well you were out like a like. sleeps like a log this one. >> jennifer: i'm a light sleeper.
7:14 am
>> todd: any chance of severe stuff jen. >> jennifer: i'm sorry. >> todd: any chance of severe weather today. it hand been a concern for through the keys. with that said, severe is a to strong. you can still have gusty showers or strong storm. >> now, as far as thunderstorm activity, that will not be until later this afternoon and for the most part, the major impact will be the heavy rain and some gusty winds. once we get showers and storms over hour our area right now we're waking up to temperatures in the upper 60s and the upper 70s down through the keys. so it is a tad cooler for us in miami-dade and pep broke pine and broward. temperatures have managed to drop into the upper 60s. can compared to yesterday morning we are warmer. also we continue to deal with this southwest wind up at 13 miles per hour in key west. calm winds though in homestead and just a light bree breeze from miami to fort lauderdale.
7:15 am
going on on the ra damp a few light showers have developed a s cross miami-dade in the the past fe minute thvment one shower that was lingering over biscayne bay has weakened but has expanded into cutler bay so those areas are dealing with light rainfall. heavier downpours sewinged with a band of showers and storms still draped across the south west gulf of mexico. by the way, the front is well to the north of us. so we still have time for daytime heating and that's going to lieu pore more storms to give way later this afternoon. let's tal about that. here the in house model. by noon we'll have a few showers out head of this imand of showers and storms. now most of this will eventually weaken as it pushes through the metro areas and still inviting for a wet afternoon. the hours between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. looks like the best chance of that band of rain to head our way. some of those storms, a chance for it to be strong. but again t will be the heavy rain that will be the major
7:16 am
40% chan for rainfall today and it's a high of 83. but as we start off the new week. temperatures only sticking to the 70s for our daytime highs. neki, todd. >> neki: thank you jen, looking for something to do today folks? a few ideas four. >> todd: the international motorcycle show happening today at the convention center. a lot of riders down here in south florida. and st runs froro 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 15 bucks for adults and kids 11 and under are free. >> neki: and happening today the american girl model search in the spa from aventura three to five. ages five to 13, a 20 do lar application fee. >>odd: just head a national restaurant chain make our dirty dining list.>> neki: we'll tell you which restaurant and the violations it came up with. >> todd: and miami-dade officers going a boof and beyond the calf duty to give back to their community.
7:17 am
>> neki: and first a look the a the winning lottery numbers. not named power ball last night. good luck. there's power ball increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? too, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base.
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can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogoand coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> todd: in today's dirty dining report, how do restaurant workers who are supposed to be cleaning up the kitchen, not spead spot dead rodent on the ground along with dropping? that's what we wanted to know so jeff win zeer went look for the answer ooze. >> reporter: rodent rub mark androdent drop gz in the kitchen. >> todd: >> the inspector came the other kay and we're fine. >> reporter: we get thing are fine now but coors were ordered shut when they came to in inspect sue sigh lie chinese
7:21 am
among the vie lying. >> rodent rub mark along the walls. >> here it says there was a dead rodent. a dead rodent behind the water heater. >> they find one you know. >> reporter: when customers here this, they will not be happy. >> i understand but we're okay now. he come bit other kay and he checked everything. >> reporter: can we seat kitchen? >> not right now. >> reporter: not right now. >> reporter: and another restaurant this pf changz a on biscayne boulevard. long the violations, live roaches in a dish prep room and dish watch room and life flying in inspect many a food prep area. pf changes was also ordered shut. we wanted to know why with but were shown the door. >> reporter: all right no one we can talk to? >> no.
7:22 am
>> finally to hollywood and sa creech 954 beverly boulevard. 14 vie o laying found here. live roaches on the cij floor, on walls and under the sink. the food manager's certification had expired and according to records obtained by local 10 knew, inspectors have been here ten time in 2015 and once already thisear. >> in the kitchen, a little. >> reporter: not good? >> no, no good a. but it's a by. >> reporter: baby roaches? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: baby roaches to groip to o be big roach though. not good. not supposed to be in the kitchen. can we look in the back. >> at first she welcome ups back to look in the kitchen but then has a change of heart.the owner telling local 10 by phone he owes us no explanation.
7:23 am
following clean up and inspection but you now know what was going on behind that kitchen door. jeff win deer diser. local 10 news. >> todd: local 10 has made it easy for to you find inspections state wievmentd search restaurants florida mt. app store. >> neki: a ride for wounded soldiers across south florida will end today in key west. veterans in active cutie got to swim and play with dolphins in marathon. after a ride a crot 7-mile bridge. part of wounded warrior project, a campaign to raise wear nefts needs of veterans after serving inhe conflict in iraq and afghanistan. >> todd: miami-dade police going well above the call of duty renovating a woman's home. we told but this first live yesterday on the morning show. >> neki: and they say they will continue to this do this across the community. here's the final project. >> todd: ta-da.
7:24 am
home pore more than 40 year. her mother passed it on to her. she recently watched it fall part because she couldn't pay for the ren renovations and that's when the police stepped in to help her out. >> and it's important to show the community that law enforcement does care. we're part of the community and we want to help the community. >> i'm just happy i have the house fixed because that's what my mom wanted. >> todd: and they didn't just show up with paint brushes for@ a photo op themplet have been working on the homeince tuesday and hope to renovate at least one home every four months. >> >> neki: good tough. this is not good. more gun violence targeting our teens here in south florida. >> todd: and more on the developing story when we return. >> neki: and heckled. we'll show what you happened at this marco rubio valerie and more details on his return home
7:25 am
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>> local 10 news starts right now. >> neki: time now 7:29. 68 degrees. walk, walk, walk, theollywood walkers out early on the broad walk. tatang a look at our hollywood beach cavment it looks nice right now but what will the rest of the day hold? we go to jennifer jennifer correa for a check of the forecast ch todd need to take a nap today. the rain drops kept him up last night. >> jennifer: i can do. i could wake up with just rain because i'm a light sleeper. temperatures across the area. miami 78 keys and 68 in fort lauderdale. most likely same temperature in hollywood. winds out of west and southwest. that will bring up the moisture. with that said we're tracking light shower. they are quick. they develop and anticipate over the miami airport right now and even on the way back out towards dolphin mall heading into southwest miami-dade. cutler bay dealing with a
7:28 am
there but the heavy stuff is still sit you aitd over the west of us over the southwest gulf of mexico up into portions of west central florida. this line of showers and storm have pushed south of tam. all of that is still headed our way. we have the chance for shower any time in the morning but then the chance for storms later this afternoon. as temperatures warm up. it will feel a lot more humid bit middle of the afternoon. highs today in the low 80 eavment more on the forecastp coming up: neki. >> neki: thanks nnifer. new this morning here are the winning power ball numbers. don't look too closely. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34 and 13 is the power ball. that jock pot is expected to grow to over a billion dollars. it ended just shy of it last night. this jackpot had rolled over more than a dozen time sin november 4th. back then it was a poultry
7:29 am
that right,? wednesday officials expecting it to be worth a whopping 1.3 billion disors l.a. we saw lots of long lines last night as people bought their last minute tickets. >> we've seen an increase in sales where some people are bung 200-dollar at once. some people are buying $50 at once. >> neki: but not every one is b- being selfish about the possibility of winning. someone bought a ticket for presidential candidate jeb bush and handed it it to him at a campaign event in south carolina. >> a guy made a contribution of a lottery ticket. this is not for me personally. i'm sure there will be f crrk c vie o rietion but it's all going to a good cause. >> neki: no worries about that campaign violation bush. unless someone buys a ticket for wednesday's driewg.
7:30 am
>> todd: can you imagine if there is a single win mer on this next time up. and some state here i florida have you to disclose who are you. in some sphaigh you can remain anonymous. >> neki: the how the is scary and exciting. do i know someone who won $40,000 on the west coast. i would be thankful for that too. i'm not imreed can i todd. >> todd: neither am i and now tie serious developing story in miami. three shootings now under investigation. police not sure if they are will all involved in one another. all of this happening in the city of miami. >> neki: at least three people sent to the hospital including a 15 year old. local 10 news reporter sanela sabovic is following latest thon from jackson memorial hospital. sanela. >> reporter: good morning neki. a violent weekend indeed in miami. two shootings took place and we're learing a 15-year-old victim from one of the shoot shootings is the is is at rite
7:31 am
let's get toy map so you can see where the shootings took place. a man shot several times on the 1900 block of second court. this is near win quoovmentd a second shooting took placed on teng aj avenue and 69th street and a third as a mentioned on 65th street. now we're learning that the a 15-year-old was the victims of a shooting on northwest 10th 10th avenue and 69 ng street. you're looking at video from that scene right there. detectives wororng through the night to collect evidence. the police there. so far police have not released information on thinks hiz condition. and this next pees piece of video from blocks way on 65th 65th street. a man from that shooting scene was taken to hot pt. we know he is in serious condition. back out live at this point we kept know if all the shootings are related or connected. we know that two of them happened just blocks part in liberty city. reporting live in miami. sanela sabovic. local 10 knew.
7:32 am
police searching for a gunman after a man was shot in hollywood. the shooting happened last night on 27th avenue near madison street. the victim taken to memorial regional hospital and recovering. police have mot released any information o on the shooter. sphru any information or an idea on who that shooter may be call crime stoppers at 954-493-tips. >> neki: now back to vote 2016. republican candidate marco rubio is heading back to miami. he`is holding ail rally at intercon t nen thal to hotel in downtown miami. rubio is likely hoping for a better resengs than he in south carolina yesterday where he was heckled by pro immigration reform p protestors. >> neki: this marks the first type that rubio has been heckled on the the campaign trail for his immigration position ouch riewp rubio did back a
7:33 am
but that failed to task. rubio has since back wade froro supporting a comprehensive by. instead arguing to pass immigration reform piece by piece. well, the tension between donald trump and the clintons escalating as trump calls out former president bill clinton over six all abuse allegation. trump has been hammering the former president over those allegations in recent days so. far clinton has refused to engage trum directly. >> and she wab o accuse me of thing and the husband is one of the great abuser of the world. give me a break. >> i hit them pretty hard. maybe they won't be attacking me any mompt i am someone who has great respect for women, believe me and a will do a grere job far for women harder than hillary can could for women. but i can tone it down, there's no question about that. >> if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of
7:34 am
i have no interest in talking about it now. and trump began his attacks after mrs. clinton ciewd him of being receive is. >> trump says she is hippo critical of a suing him after accusation of her husband. >> todd: and finalal the team announce saturday that former bears coordinator adam gates was hired. he is known a quarter back whisperer ch main who help develop the moation most important position on t feesmed now the dolphins hoping he can turn around a franchise that has not made play off. clay ferraro has will all the de tai on the fins new leader. >> it ways simple pitch from mike tan an bomb that helped lure adam to miami i don't know how many times he had p 75 and
7:35 am
hundred eye didn't know if you were listening i was listen oog and he is the youngest in the nf lrk and it was about more than just warm weather and a little extra cash. >> when i came in here the one thing i heard a lot from who was close to me and had an experience with with mr. ross ch he said so many positive thing about him. ways very excited to get in this position as far as get in front of these guys. as for stephen ross, his vision of what he wanted in a new head coach was clear. >> what i was looking for was really the most intelligent person i could find who had the greatest a. passion. great energy and would become a great leader. i think for that we have found that person that will lead us to many, many super bowls in the future. >> three words kept coming up to describe gates at today's news conference, energetic, paks passionate and bright. but he is also young.
7:36 am
one of the nfl's best quarter back peyton manning helped prepare him for this moment. peyton manning said this all the time. you're the head coach of the offense and that was probably when i realized there would be that next step. >> todd: and will coming up we're learning more details about the moment before the affluenza teen and his mother left the united states. >> neki: what theyrabbed on the way out and the message they left for the family coming up. >> todd: up next violent protest in germany as peop take to the streets to voice their concerns about crime allegedly committed by refugees.
7:37 am
the one and only >> neki: now to the latest on
7:38 am
affluenza teen. police say tonya couch withdrew 30 ground from the bank account before she and her son went to mexico. in an arrest ave cave vit couch told her husband she wouldn't see her or her son again. and she is a charged with helping her son evade a authorities during a parole vie o laichtion the 18-year-old held in a mexican jail. a militia group that briefly appeared at the protest site in oregon now has levment the group called three% of idaho assist say they showed up with gun and protection for the the protesters in case the fight broke out. but the protestor say they never asked the group do show up and the militia soon levment the occupation now going on for a week. >> todd: and the investigation after a man received what looked like a rifle arrived in the may.. a man used his debit card to order what appeared to be a rifle.
7:39 am
they only make parts guns and this soanl a shelf a rifle. it is illegal to ship a gun to someone's home. >> neki: protest and outrage over an a lending sexual salt thatook place on new year eve. protesters taking to the streets. they rup set after a group of 31 suspects including 18 people admitted through the refugee program allegedly sexually assaulted and molested people in cologne when oo when defenses are committed we'll have con sa quens. this is in the interest of the citizens of majority and the interest of the majority of refugees that are here. >> neki: an gla miracle has continued her support of the refugee program. they received 150 complaints on
7:40 am
>> todd: and the nation announced a successful test of a hydrogen bomb this week. but officials say fewer than 40 of the 193 united nations have turned in information. and since the first nuclear test back in 2006. meanwhile investigators say they are doubtful about the hydrogen bomb claim. >> neki: we're seeing new videos, new photos rather from cape ca corral a aer a core nato touched down there last night. this is from our partners on the west coast. >> and the national weather service confirm an ef2 tornado touched down. you can see it's powerful enough to flip cars a a damage trees and several home have been seriously damaged. >> todd: good no one was hurt. that looks like a little bit like make up room once you go through there. >> neki: that's mild.
7:41 am
>> todd: three, yes. >> todd: and jen is here talk about our weather and what rolled through last night and what we can expect today right? >> jennifer: that right. good morning south florida ouch and you can inspect showers this afternoon head of a cool front as we start off a new week. but here's a live look as we start out morning out of medical cam bright out there. a couple high clouds but other than that it is a quiet start. w there have been a few light shower developing on the drampt meanwhile tempatures are still in the upper 60s in miami. elsewhere in the 70s let's talk about what's going on on the rar davment soy a few light are driz he. very small and spotty across miami-dade county have developed and dissipated within the past few minute wesm still have one lingering shower over cut rer bay. not tracking anywhere. doesn't have any directions to to go to. staying in that same spot. eventually it will dissipate and dry itself out.
7:42 am
can see a band of showrkz a cluster of showers and heavy storm that continue to push towards the southeast over the southwest off mexico. this area right here most likely will be an impact for the keys. no doubt about. that now f it starts expanding out towards the north and east. thenroward and miami-dade. we're going to see. that and that is what is expected later this afternoon. it's all again thanks to that cold front stretching across portions of northcentral florida. be hyped it high pressure bidding in and that is pushing in a cold air be behind. that meanwhile heavy downpours are stretch ago s crot northeast and great lakes and also snow on the northern and cold side of the system. meanwhile e in house model here at home is showing us the showers and storms p phing through by around 1:00, 2:00 and continuing to push toward the southeast at around 5:00 p.m. we'll see some improve meant but the cloud cover will linger through the nighttime.
7:43 am
no advisories for boaters out there. winds out of west southwest at 15 miles per hour. seas two to 4 feet. that could change by tomorrow. so far todayay good day to head out. keep an eye on the sky for the storms over the water. highs today 80 degrees. we drop to t low 60s monday morning. highs at 62. todd and neki. >> neki: stharchg a lot jennifer. and a site no fan want to see. k wade leaving the court in pain. >> todd: we have an update on the heat star next in sports.
7:44 am
>> todd: time now for your local 10 sport ravment out west the heat taking on the jazz in snowytah last night. first quarter we go. there's the s sacht the heat playing well. chris bosh driving inside. he find hassan white side for the slam. that gives the heat the lead. they had a four-point lead at the half but thing started to fall part especially in the third quarter. watch. dywane wade here. seathoulder go back many an action award position. he to least game and came back in the 4th quarter. the heat lost 98 to 38. now to college hoovmentz the 12th ranked hurricanes hosted florida say the last night. what a game. early in the first half gentleman ceer ri grab the rebound and look at thvment he takes it coast to coast for the slam dunk. whoovment second half knewson pull the ball way. he track it down and throw tup to alley oop.
7:45 am
the u- win 72 to 59. >> neki: the florida panther look to extend the winning streak. the red hot panther have ridden the streak in the first de vismtion they take on edmonton oilers tonight at # 30:00. hoping for the 12th straight win. >> todd: so exciting. panther fans waited a long time for thvment we wish them good
7:46 am
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>> neki: coming up next on good morning merge. the power ball winning number were announced. there were no winners. i knowe're hurting. the next jackpot estimated to reach over a billion dollars. >> and this is crazy.
7:48 am
known as el chapo and seen penn. have you to hear this. >> and the golden gloaks. >> todd: and they are celebrating the first wirnlg day of kamal la. ca ma la was given cake and juic during the celebration but most of the fun cape from the party decor. she and the imefts wrapped themselves up in pink party streamers. they look beautiful don't they. >> jennifer: i love the hair. all so cute. and our own viewer bart cue see o sent us this beautiful sunrise picture out of fort lauderdale. looks like out of loud beach. that's what it looks like croos south florida. let's talk about the radar. we're track light showers that are pushing across portion of miami-dade county. very small. minimal. but next we'll get a round of showers and storms. showers can happen any time during the day. the storm. bets chan for that will be later this afternoon around one o 'til
7:49 am
we just need that coming our way a out head of the that cd front of the let's get to the seven day forecast. highs today 83. 72 for tomorrow stage active as well. not raining. one y where it is. so. >> todd: and a rollercoaster of temperatures. >> jennifer: rollercoasters of temperatures and winter. >> >> todd: thank you for joining us this morning. we continue with a news update. >> neki: and for traffic and weather any time of day log on to or down load our weather app. we'll see you in a bit. >> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. - at i found affordable, quality coverage.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, who wants to be a billionaire? >> powerball number. it is lucky 13.
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