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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 9AM  ABC  January 10, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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talking about the warm up today it's quick. already in the upper 70s across much of south florida. 76 in miami and fort lauderdale. key west at 79 degrees. mark. winds out of the southwest. the southwest flow helping helping to air mass. you see this batch of rain a cluster of showers. heavy showers and thunderstorms embedded with this. this is heading our way. that's why we have these rain chances up at 40% by the middle this afternoon. before then temperatures keep rising. clouds building through the late morning hours and early afternoon. more on your forecast coming up. >> neki: thanks, jen. right now no one is waking up the winner of record powerball jackpot but the good news is you have another chance. it's expected to soar to $1.3 billion.
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biger before wednesday night's drawing. jennifer is live with the frenzy for $1 billion. good morning, m.j. >> reporter: oh, yes, todd, that's right. $1 billion is almost the estimated amount of new jackpot. $1.3 billion to be exact. it's an insane amount of money. for everyrye holding their tickets with breath baited for the drawing there was a letdown but because no one won that jackpot doesn't mean your ticket can't hold some cash for you. there's an expectancy of people rushing in to see hey, maybe i got a few numbers. i can get still a chunk of change. we have the numbers for you one more time. to refresh your memory we'll get you to the numbers. as you saw them announced only on local 10 on saturday. numbers again 32-16-19-57-34 and your powerball was number 13. double check those right quick.
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numbers were one in 292.2 million. that's exactly how many people it seems like anyway, out at places like this publix trying to get ate ticket. >> reporter: the most anticipated power ball drawing to date. >> $949.8 million. >> reporter: more than $900 billion at stake and cream dreams on the line. >> i play to dream. >> rhondella: lotto members trying to pick the winning combo. hopefully our winning ticket. >> reporter: whether you dreamed it up, penciled it in or let the machines do your drawing you have to give it one more try before you make it rain. >> my tickets are at home. >> of course. >> i may come back tomorrow, i don't know yet. >> reporter: i have a feeling carl will be back at the anchor desk tonight.
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more chance to possibly become a billionaire. the jackpot is growing this morning. it's expected to be at 1.3 billion dollars by wednesday night's drawing. of course, you can watch right here on local 10 during the 11 newscast. good luck, to everyone. i'm already here. want me to grab some tickets. >> todd: yes, yes, yes i'll pay you back. i'm good for you. >> neki: yeah, right. thanks m.j. >> todd: to a developing story out of the city of miami. three different shootings on saturday sending people to the hospital including a 15-yeye-old boy. police looking for the gun man who opened fire. the local 10 news reporter he has the latest on the investigation from jackson memorial hospital where victims are recovering. >> reporter: a violent weekend in miami. with know three shootings took place last night two of them blocks apart in liberty city. we know one of victims a 15-year-old boy is at jackson
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a man shot several types in the 1900 block of northwest second court near winwood. a second shooting took place on northwest 10th avenue on 69th april a third blocks away on northwest 7th avenue and 65th street. we're learning that a 15-year-old is a victim of one of violent shootings on northwest 10th avenue at 69th street. detectives working over night scene. the teenage boy is at jackson memorial hospital. so far police have not released information on his condition. this next video is from a shooting scene blocks away. northwest 7th avenue and 56th street. a man from that shooting was taken to the hospital in serious condition. we don't know if any of these shootings are related but if you think you know any information about them you are urged to call miami-dade crime stoppers. the number for them on the screen 305-471-tips. reporting live from miami. >> todd: police are
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fire in a m miramar parking lot. authorities say two people opened fire on each other but ran off before police arrived. it is unclear if anyone was hurt. >> a look at the cover of this morning's new york post about the recapture of mexican druglord joaquin el chapo guzman. the fugitive caught in part and thanks to secret meetings with sean penn. post calling him el j jerk-o with the headline pen pals. penn communicated with him about a many ofy. they discussed topics ranging from drug trafficking to middle east politics. guzman on the run when he was captured in friday's raid. could be extradited to the u.s. though his attorney is working it mick sure that doesn't happen. >> mr. guzman should not have been extradited to the united
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what is the reason? because mexico has just laws that are detailed and the general constitution of the republic. >> neki: a mexican official said the government is prepared to extradite guzman but it would likely take six months. >> todd: a militia group that appeared briefly at the site the occupation site in oregon has left after appearing at a morning press conference. the group called the 3% of idaho showed up with guns to proprotection for the protesters in case a fight broke out. but the protesters never asked the group to show up and the militia left. the occupation going on more than a week. >> the united states has delivered a b-52 bomber armed with nuclear missiles to south korea. the move in response to a reported nuclear test conducted by north korea earlier this week. they claim they detonated a hydrogen bomb though
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claims. that b-52 contains bunker buster bombs capable of destroying north north korea's fas yaises. the united nations. experts say existing sanctions unenforced. fewer than 40 of the 193 united nations states have turned in reports implementing the sanies. north korea has been prohibited from having weapons of mass destruction since the first nuclear test in 2006. >> todd: authorities in turkey have arrested three people after a syrian journalist was shot and killed. he was reportedly shot dead in the street in southern turkey. the third syrian journalist to be killed in turkey since october. isis claimed responsibility for the killing of the previous two journalists. >> neki: the man who allegedly shot and wound aid philadelphia police officer is being held without bond. 30ear-old edward archer is facing charges on attempted
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enforcement officer. they say he is the man caught firing into the squad car of officer jesse harnett. he said he shot the officer in the name of islam and pledged loyalty to isis. >> todd: an update to the breaking newse brought you yesterday morning. this is the new york police officer shot while respond to reports of a street fight in the bronx. the 25-year-old is in stable condition after he was shot in the leg by 19-year-old chstopher rice. the fight started when a group crashed a party in the area and it spilled out in the streets. start's injuries are not life threatening but rice remains in itical condition after he was shot four times. the brother of i terroro suspect is released after post the bail. he is facing charges for eagedly transporting stolen property
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s his brother was charged with making a false statetent involving international terrorism. both are iraqi born political refugees. >> they'll suffer under mohammed and allah. mark it down like they did in paris france. >> neki: new video from an anti-jihad rally in kentucky. they are supporting the policy that opposed the resettlement of syrian refugees in kentucky after the terror attacks carried out by refugees. >> based on the 400 year history of islam it's a religion of murder, terrorism, rape, pillage. we don't believe anything like that needs to be living in kentucky for safety and security. >> neki: since the crisis
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resettled in kentucky. >> todd: case closed. how the new dolphins coach plans to turn around the team. >> neki: coming up next a look at tornado damage in the sunshine state. >> jennifer: lots of sunshine head of this area of rain. you see it's impacting the peninsula. we're expecting showers and storms this afternoon ahead of a the new week.
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come back. >> todd: now to the video in the news room over night of damage of tornado in cape corral. a tornado uprooted trees, brought downpour lines. thousands without power, cars flipped over and s%veral homes were damaged. one family ran for cover as the tornado approached the home. >> everybody held time. i gotta push them in the house.gotta go to the front. everything was gone. we have a bouncy house. two blocks dow the road. >> lucky no one was in the bouncy house. >> thankfully minor injuries repoed. police are asking people to stay off the roads because of debris and they had cleaning up to do this morning.
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around 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. i remember looking at the radar. kids were camping. >> i looked, too. around 7:30 there were showers and storms hitting the southwest coast. i was like this is coming over knight. >> todd: a big thunderstorm with rainfall at 1:30 this morning. >> jennifer: i know it woke you up. and your dog bruno. >> todd: thanks bruno. >> neki: nothing wakes my up. sometimes not even being on the air. [laughter] >> jennifer: lucky you, neki. tower cam beautiful high clouds. clouds building through the afternoon with daytime heating and we're ahead of the cold ont. so temperatures will heat up really fast. we're hitting the upper 70s in fact. hialeah 77. 76 in miami as well as fort lauderdale up to pompano beach. 74 in kendall. upper 70s down through the keys.
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helping to pump in the moisture and bring temperatures even -- warming temperatures faster than usual if the winds were out of north. winds will actually pick up later this afternoon. once the cold front gets even closer to us by this evening it will become breezier. out ahead of front, we're tracking thiss band of rainfall that is stretching across naples, even up to fort myers with heavy thunderstorms embedded in this area of rain. this is all going to move towards the south and east. and that will eventually bring us the rain here across broward all the way down through the keys as well. there's the cold front stretching across central florida just to the south of tampa. there's a lot of cloud cover behind it though. definitely the cold air pushed south around the high pressure system building behind the low. by the way, that low is bringing snow across the great lakes and heavy rain for the northeast so far this morning.
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model and the timing of rain around. noon earlier with a few showersrs and then the heavy rain does push through afterwards. middle of the afternoon have the umbrellas with you if you are out there. we'll start clearing out by the evening hours by 5:00 and 6:00. if you want to head out to the beach use that sunscreen. a lot of sunshine. slight ripip current risk. no advisories for boaters. seas between 2-4 feet. bays with a light chop. bays out of west southwest over the water. afternoon. showers and storms expected as i mentioned in the middle of the afternoon. then tomorrow morning grab the jackets, we'll wake up to the low 60s. only staying in the low 70s for the highs. by the way, it will be an active weather pattern following for the rest of the workweek, todd. >> todd: we have an important traffic alert you need to know about today. the three kings parade taking
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the main parade route running around southwest 8th street. it began at 6:00 a.m. this morning. other nearby roads closed throughout the day. the parade runs from noon until 4:00 from southwest 8th street. it's expected to be ope by 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> neki: maybe motorcycles are more your thing. we have an event you might be interested in. it's happening today at the miami beach convention center. it features more than two dozen exhibitors and runs from 10 a.m. to:00 p.m. 1500 for adults. children are free. american girl model search. auditions held in aventura from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. it's a $20 application fee. still to come, folks. voices for children. how to help local children in need improve their health and education. this guy in the studio. we'll tell you that, next. >> case closed.
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just ahead. >> good sunday morning, everybody. dolphins hiring. adam gates is the new head coach. they wanted to turn around the entire time, of course, but there's no doubt he worked with one position on the field is what has earned him a reputation is one of positions best minds the quarterback. dolphins are trying to figure out what they've gotta spot and if they've got the right do you. ryan tannehill is up and down and he said he is going to work directly with the newest protege. >> i think it's going to start with me. i think he needs a guy that is
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feels comfortable with right out the gate. i'm going to be working directly with him and then i'm going to hire guys on offensive staff to also help him develop. i feel like when we put a staff together, you know, we're all going to be table help him get better. >> the heat taking on the jazz in snowy utah. makes you glad to be here in south florida, doesn't it? playing well though. miami had a four point lead at the half. things fall apart though. fourth quarter. watch wade here. awkward position. woe have to leave the game but woe could back in the fourth quarter. not much good happened after that. heyward go to take it down and throw it down with two hands. he had 34 points. heat losing 98-83. hurricanes hosting florida state yesterday early in the first half. you don't see a lot of big men who can do this taking it coast to coast and throwing that one down. then in the second half.
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away. starting a fast break the other way. up top. 21 points for him. the u. winning this win. that is your local 10 morning sports wrap. >> neki: this morning we're learning about the voices for children foundation that supports and focuses on the future success of abused, abandoned or neglected@ children in the community. the president and ceo is here to tell us about it and the organization supports everyone who is part of guardian ad litem program. what is a guardian ad litem for someone who doesn't know? >> it's a person, a volunteer who represents children in court to make sure that their best interests are met or represented while the future is determined in a courtroom by a judge sox they give objective observations and they only care about the best interest of the children. >> neki: i've seen this in court in a lot of cases where the kids are removed from the home. it's an extra person to be opt child's side.
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represent a child. >> absolutely. they have to be 21 years old and take a 30-hour training which is the most extensive training. and then, you know, it's probably a 4-5 hour commitment depending on how much they want to do. they end up spending a lot of time with the kids and in turn changing the children's lives. >> i see so many volunteers, attorneys who give freely there of her time because they know how important it is. how many are there in the community? >> in miami-dade close to 600 volunteers. we do -- we provide support tour them when they go to court. we provide things for the children when the guardian sees that a child needs something, school uniform, exactly, uniform, summer camps. if a child is a talent and has a specific talent. singing classes, guitar classes. we provide normalcy to the kids
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these very difficult times there's as much normalcy as possible in their lives. >> neki: this is going to a good cause. located at 500 brickel key drive at 7:00. you can go there and tickets still available. howhow much are tickets. it's $1,000 per person it's a gala sponsored by harry winston. amazing, amazing. >> neki: people can become a guardian ad litem or donate as well. what is the web site. >> b >> neki: and we'll put that on thank you nelson. >> thank you, neki. >> todd: the only reason i'm here is the lottery let me down. probably let you down. no one won the powerful. the new jackpot up for grabs on wednesday. pollfollowing the latest
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shootings saturday alone that sent people to the hospital.
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coming up next. >> todd: 9:28 a gorgeous view from the mallory square camera. >> neki: can i go there now.
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ick it out, girl. >> neki: what a beautiful day.they got the memo get out early and enjoy the weather. >> todd: i didn't get the memo. who said that. >> neki: you don't get memos anymore. >> jennifer: i said that. water looks amazing. head out there. the earlier the better because we expect storms to even impact the keys later this afternoon. but right now lots of sunshine with a couple of clouds out there. 79 degrees. feels like 82. so it is warm. it is muggy and it will get even warmer and muggier through the afternoon with a southwest flow. by the way, there are some strong thunderstorms pushing through the southwest gulf of mexico and up into southwest coast of florida. even fort myers had some of this tain. now that has pushed away from them. at the same time this is tracking to the south and east. this band of showers afternoon storms pushing back southwest
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something to watch. that's why i recommend take the umbrellas with you when you head out. by this afternoon we'll have rain out interest. even a chance for storms. this is out ahead of a cold front. for the rest of the afternoon, clouds building especially by noon with a chance for a few showers. showers and storms will linger through at least 4:00. storied jackpot, record-breaking ticket sales it comes down to this. >> todd: i came down to it and you didn't win and neith we do we. next week's jackpot grows to more than $1 billion. it's rolled over more than a dozen times since november 4. >> neki: i want to be a billionaire. i keep singigi that song. by wednesday officials expect it to be a whooping $1.3 billion.
9:25 am
will continue to grow. we saw longines everywhere last night as people bought the last minute tickets. >> we've seen an increase in sales where people are buying $200 at once. some people are buying $50 at once. >> a campaign contribution with a powerball ticket. this is not for me personally. if we win i'm sure it's a violation but it's going to a really good cause. >> neki: not everyone is being selfish. jeb bush, supports gave him a ticket. he said this could be a conflict, you know. campaign fund. >> neki: he doesn't have to worry about it. he didn't win. neither did i. we have to watch wednesday at 11:00. >> todd: you and jennifer kissed my ticket and that was the kiss of death. you won't be doing that again. turning now to a developing
9:26 am
learning more information now about a violent night of shootings that sent at least three people to the hospital. now we know a man was shot several times near winwood a ang northwest second court. two more shootings blocks from each other in liberty city. a victim shot along northwest 10th avenue at 69th street. another man shot along northwest7th avenue at 56th street. it's unclear if all three shootings are related. >> neki: developing this morning, police searching for a gunman after a man was shot in hollywood. police say that shooting happened last night on southwest 21st of a h- ach near madison street. the victim was taken to the hospital and is recovering. police have not released information on that shooter. if you have any idea on who it could be call therime stoppers. a 24-year-old man is facing charges after allegedly punching a west palm beach police officer in the face. police say danielolanan was drunk when he asked to we
9:27 am
when the officer suggested he take an uber-home. he punched her in the face, she says. he got his arrest wish and charged with battery on a police officer. new this morning, italian police are investigating after an american woman was found dead side of her florence parent. police say 35-year-old ashley olson found last night with scratches and bruises on her neck. police would not comment on reports that she may have been strangled until an autopsy has been performed neench right now a woman behind bars in georgia for allegedly robbing multiple jewelry stores in five states including florida. her name is abigail kemp arrested in florida on friday. the f.b.i. is linking the 24-year-old to six armed robberies since last april. that included millions worth in jewelry. one of alleged break-ins target aid panama city store. kemps expected to appear before a judge on monday.
9:28 am
called affluenza teen wa drew $30,000 before they went to mexico. in an arrest affidavit tanya couch told her husband he wouldn't see her or ethan ever agaiai she is facing charges after a possible parole violation for her son. the 18-year-old is still in jail >> todd: a gas explosion in a famous nebraska restaurant, a omaha. one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the restaurant is completely destroyed. the manager said the gas line exploded while crews were installingng cables. in texas families allowed back into their home a aer another huge explosion forced home it evacuate. this happened in robertson county north of d dallas. it happened yesterday.
9:29 am
spending huge flames into the sk the gas line has been taken out. no injuries record. >> the atf investigating after a man received what looked like a rifle in the mail. someone used his debit card to make purchases in colorado including a rifle. the company who made it says they only make parts of guns and this was merely the shell of a rifle. it is illegal to ship a gun to someone's home. the chicago police departmenting departmenting department being accuse of threatening witnesses of a deadly police involved shooting. involved 17-year-old mcdonald. he was shot in killed in october 2014 by officer jason van dyk. police and the city's mayor are accused of covering up the shooting but mcdonald's family attorney said the officers forced withins to change their sorries there. >> were at least three eye witnesses in the d drive-thru of the burger king taken to the
9:30 am
code of silence, thin blue wall, it happened here and in every fatal shooting. >> neki: van dyk has pled not guilty to first-degree murder. he said mcdonald raised a knife be shot him 16 times. individualee leased last year shows it was not the case. >> todd: now to vote 2016 republican candidate marco rubio heading here t miami. u.s. senator from florida is holding at rally at the intercontinental hotel in downtown miami. he's likely hoping for a betr reception than he had in south carolina yesterday where he was heckled by proimmigration reform protesters. this was actually the first time rubio has beenn heckled on the campaign trail for the immigration popotion. he did back a compressive immigration reform bill in 2013 but the bill failed to pasms rubio h since backed away from
9:31 am
instead arguing to pass immigration reform piece by piece. the tension between donald trump and the clintons is escalating. as trump calls out former president clinton over past allegation of sexual assault. trump has been hammering the former president hard over the allegations in recent days but so far bill clinton has refused to engage trump directly. >> wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of great abusers of the world. give me a break. i hit them pretty hard. maybe they won't be attacking me anymore. because you know, i am somebody that has great respect for women. i'll do far bettete for women than hillary can do for women. i can tone it down. >> if he wins the republican nomination we have plenty of time of talking about it. i have no interest in getting
9:32 am
doing anything except trying to help history. >> todd: trumped said she's a hypocrite calling him a sexist after defending her husband over allegations of inphi debtition. >> showers rolling through this sunday. not seeing them right now as you look out o the camera. beautiful morning. jennifer is next. let's us know when to expect that rain. >> todd: a look at your
9:33 am
good luck. >> jennifer: good sunday morning, south florida. it's nice and sunny out there
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more clouds building through the rest of t(e day as the temperatures warm up and allows for that daytime heating. by the way only a slip rip current risk out there. very nice. enjoy the beach while you can or whatever you do for the early start of sunday. because by the afternoon we'll have a round of showers and also storms cannot be ruled out. we'll get to this a second. check out these temperatures. ready 79 in key west. 76 in fort lauderdale and miami. we do have a southwest wind and flow pumping in moisture and humidity. so far no rain to speakf from broward to the keys. you wouldn't think it will become a wet afternoon but, yes, you feel the humidity already and check out this band of rain and some thunderstorms on that eastern edge as well. they are pushing all the way back to the southwest gulf of mexico. so this is holding together. this will be headed our way.
9:35 am
seize some of the thunderstorms that are embedded with this as well. that cannot be ruled out. the reason for this is well, it's aheading a cold front we -- it's ahead of that cold front. we expect it by this evening and even cold cover lingering behind this front to the panhandle. even once the front comes through by this evening, clouds staying with us through tomorrow morning. high pressure building behind the low pressure system. the low is bringing snow to the great lakes, parts of northeast, western new york state and plenty of rainfall across the northeast coast. for us a look at the timing of the rain. you can see it right there by the noon hour. 1:00, 2:00, then by 4:00 and 5:00 lingering rainfall. again it will be wet in a few spots. be prepared for heavy showers out there as temperatures warm up to the lower 80s. here is a look at your seven day forecast. an active week for us.
9:36 am
tuesday, thursday, friday and the next weekend as well. todd? >> thank you, jennifer. the t tickets for the show are 12 dollars. for children 12 and under kids in free. the gun show coming off president obama's announcement of an executive action to expand background checks that could include checks for guns bought at shows like this one. >> neki: pope francis about to reless his first book since becoming pontiff. the pope does not layout any opinions. he asks the world's 1.2 billion catholics to forgive. >> todd: you know we always
9:37 am
great events happening here in south florida. we've got a good one. >> neki: we do. we'll learn about the miami jewish film festival. >> todd: beyond the call of duty. the miami-dade+ police department renovating the home of a woman in dire straits. we'll look at how it came out and it's impressive. stay tuned. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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mild to moderate nausea and vomiting.
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>> todd: welcome back. miami jewish film festival around the corner and you'll see the best films in world cinema. the director joins us this morning to tell us about it. you've been with us to tell us about this. so exciting. isn't it? >> we're burst with enthusiasm. miami film lovers, all of them as excite as we are as we're going to have over 80 film premieres. >> how many venues. >> ten. let's roll tape.
9:41 am
images are stunning. this say large festival is it not? >> we're the third largest in the world. not in the united states inhe world. >> todd: it's a big cultureality event in florida, right? >>s that correct the the biggest arts and cultural event in florida as well. >> todd: does it have to be jewish filmmakers, does the film have to be about jewish culture? >> the overarching film has too have a jewish interest. it doesn't have to be an israeli film or you don't have to be jewish. you just have to be addressing jewish interests. >> todd: i'm seeing seasoned hollywood stars in these films. >> honored to be presenting the film a tale of love and darkness. >> this sayirect toural debut, right? >> it is a coming home. many don't know natalie portman is born in israel. she speaks fluent hebrew.
9:42 am
a tale of love and darkness. >> todd: that must have been a real kudo get this film. >> an expectation at this point for us. >> tom: you have christopher plummeme and -- very well known actors. oscar winners. this one is directed about i an oscar winner himselfful it's as much a redemption story. it's a powerhouse drama. >>. >> todd: there's a lot of buzz about these films but there's 80 films. there's always a gem hidden in there, maybe more than one, smail independent films that break out because of these types of festivals, am i right? >> absolutely. the festival presents a platt form of for discoveve. in past years we showed films that went on to win academy awards and last year theilm get. this year we welcome the entire
9:43 am
>> todd: we want to tell everybody it begins january 14. it run through the 28th. at 10 venues in the greater miami area. just check online for it. tickets still available. we urge you to get out there. there's a lot of film lovers in south florida. i think you'll have a good turnout. we look forward it to.
9:44 am
we'll be right back.tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" tq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< >> we're at 38,198 shares. >> todd: a foalto going viral of a couple reconnecting after they were injured in a car crash. they were both injured in a crash on new year's day. neither one of them remembers what led up to the crash that destroyed his toyota. people around the world are saying looking at this beautiful impact on them.
9:45 am
messages just telling us that our story is what, you know, brought them out of a really, really dark place in their life. >> todd: both lucky to be alive. they'll return to college classes on monday. >> neki: very, very sweet. this is great as well. a soldier ride for wounded warriors across south florida will end in key west. veterans and active duty soldiers got a chance to swim and play with dolphins in marathon. they are loving it, too. after a ride across a seven mile bridge. a walk with the dolphins. a time to raise awareness for the veterans after they served in iraq and afghanistan. >> miami-dade police above and beyond the call the duty. they d. renovating a woman's project we showed you this project live as it was happening. >> now here is the final product. it's judith. she lived in the home for more than 40 years. >> so happy. >> unfortunately she watched it
9:46 am
pay for the much needed improvements. that's when miami-dade police stepped in. they helped out to reaching out to the community. >> it's really parent for us to try to -- important for us to try to improve the perception to show the country that law enforcement does care and we want to help the community. >> i'm just happy that i have the house because that's what my mom always wanted. they didn't just show up with paint brushsh. they worked tuesday along with volunteers for the community. they hope to renovate one home every four months. >> turning back to the top story who wrote this? we're not always losing it this morning. we're not losers this morning i'm not a loser. i'm somebody with hope and dreams. >> todd:s they a winner. winning! >> neki: and a new ticket. >> todd: how big the jackpot is expected to grow. three people recovering following a string of shootings last night.
9:47 am
investigation ahead on we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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>>you did it, yay! >> neki: a search for shooter as a teenager among t t victim in a violent night in miami. >> todd: mexican drug lord el chapo c ctured. details about the secret interview he did that led to his arrest with a hollywood star. >> neki: letdown again. the new record jackpot that keeps growing and growing and growing. >> todd: showewe. tracking any rain you may see over the radar. we had it overnight. looks good now however. more to come straight ahead. good mororng. it's sunday january 10. i'm todd tongen. >> neki: i'm neki mohan.
9:49 am
jennifer is the barrier of. >> jennifer: bad news. >> neki: can't say it's bad when you start like this. >> todd: slow your roll. enjoy it while it's here. >> neki: slow your roll. >> todd: let her move offset and give us the bad news. not next to me. >> jennifer: we'll show a picture of sunrise. dd and neki it's a beautiful start to the morning. you said it. this is by our viewer of he sent us a sunrise picture. thank you for that. that looks gorgeous out of fort lauderdale. a nice start for our sunday from when the sun rose and now. but it is very warm. temperatures already hitting 80 degrees in key west. miami and fort lauderdale. close at 79 degrees. southwest wind at 13 miles per hour. and we do expect the rain. now a few showers trying to develop along the coast in miami-dade county but back out west we're tracking still this
9:50 am
they are pushing this whole bandit self-pushing to the south and east. will impact the keys most likely first. miami-dade and broward as well by this afternoon. this is in front of a cold front draped across the parts of central florida. the cold front arriving by this evening. i'll show you the timing of all of that but also we've got to talk about those tell tours as well. so that's coming up. as well in the meantime warming thins up through the rest of the today. neki? >> neki: thanks, jennifer. rit now no one is waking up the winner of record-breaking powerball jackpot. it's going on a record breaking roll. a new jackpot is in. it's soared to a world record of $1.3 billion >> todd: it's expected to grow bigger than that before wednesday night'sdrawing. m.j. acosta spoke with people who took their chance at publix in hallandale beach.
9:51 am
up the losing tickets keep the champagne dreams alive the new jackpot is estimated at $1.3 billion. when i get to video right now check this out youuys. this is the powerball billboard. it's estimated to be so call i don't think it fit up on that thing. i don't think they have e eugh zeros to fit in $1.3 billion. that estimated to possibly go above that depending on how many people flock out to places like publix and local gas stations to get the tickets. some of those that we spoke with are strategizing. >> why didn't you buy another ticket today. >> the line is too long and i'm in a hurry. i got a couple days. i'm going to maybe buy it somewhere else and i might buy one in each place i go to. this way i might have a shot. >> that's a good shot. >> only strategy i got. >> reporter: the drawing set to be at an estimated $1.3 billion for wednesday. you can catch right here on
9:52 am
that is part of our 11:00 p.m. newscast. in hallandale beach, local 10 news. >> todd: turning now to developing news out of miami. we're working to learn more information about a violent night of shootings tha sent three people 209 hospital. we know a man was shot several times near northwest second court. two more shootings blocks from each other in liberty city. a 15-year-old shot. another man shot along northwest 7th avenue and 65th street. it's unclear if the shootings are related. the florida gun show underway in southwest miami-dade. >> todd: this comes after president obama issued a executive order to make it harder for criminals, and the mentally ill, rather, to buy guys. >> neki: we're live at the miami-dade fairgrounds with thes but at the florida gun show. good morng. >> reporter: good morning. the florida gun show getting underway right now here at the
9:53 am
take a look at the long lines here. all these people making theirway inside and business here as usual despite president obama's latest expectative order. let's go to i -- executive order. let's good to individual -- go to video of president unveiling the plan on tuesday. he's tearfully standing in front of a group of parents who lost their children on gun violence and unveils the latest proposal. he is by passing congress and plan includes the follow. a sweeping definition of gun dealers, hiring more agents to conduct background checks and asking congress for $500 million for better access to mental health services. now as of now, federally licensed dealers have to conduct background checks on buyers but at gun shows such as this one, web sites and flee markets sellers bypass that requirement. despite the latest executive order it won't effect h it's done for now. organizers say sellers oanal
9:54 am
buy or trade weapons without worry. we spoke to people waiting in line attending this show. this is what they had to say about the president's latest proposal. >> what he is proposing is not going to stop anything from happening. criminals still have guns and the worst it gets the less police are a aing and the more people have to protect themselves. >> there's no gun show loophole. if you want to see something watch how many people have to get the background checks done. >> a heatedebate right there. today is the last day to attend the show here at the dade county fairgrounds. it wraps up at 5:00. the gun show coming to fort lauderdale next two weeks. reporting live in southwest miami-dade. local 10 news. >> just as the swallows return to capistrano every year florida lawmakers returning returning to tallahassee. pretty sure michael putney wrote that. >> the regular session of the legislature starts on tuesday.
9:55 am
it is the focus later this morning o this week in south florida. mikate putney senior political reporter, moderator, word smith. >> i did write this. like sort of the swallows or maybe the buzzers going back to hinckley, ohio. anyway, whatever the birds are they are much prettier than lawmakers as they return to tallahassee but that's where they'll perch, as it were, for the next 60 days. a long catalog of item on the agagda. a $1 billion tax cut reqsted by governor scott. he has sent them an agreement on gambling that gives the seminole tribe more games to play at the facilities but it could lead to more gambling in miami-dade and broward. the hot topic of guns. open carry, john mellencampous carry.
9:56 am
carry. we'll see what they have to say about this legislative session. we get started at 11:30 and i sure hope you can join us. neki, todd? >> neki: wouldn't he miss it. thank you, michael. >> todd: you look at the cover of this morning's new york post about recapture of joaquin el chapo guzman. he was caught in part thanks to secret meetings with hollywood star sean penn. sounds like something out a movie. they called him el jerk-o with the headline pen pal on the run. the video that helped track down the most wanted man in the world. this morning that stunning new video. the first ever interview with el chapo guzman surfacing a day after his capture in his home state. the drug kinpin in an interview and concted for actor sean
9:57 am
make a biopic about his life. filmed on a remote ranch the man edited with thousands of death and shipping a quarter to the united states saying all i do is defend myself. [speaking spanish] >> in a rolling stone article with that proof of interview picture penn describes the trip to the young toll meet him. his charm, sons, glittery watches and baud body guards around him. they say his communications with producererand actors helped led them to the drug lord. mexican authorities dragging guzman in front of the cameras sayi they may send him off again extraditing him to the united states to face drug and murder charges. he has broken out of two maximum security prisons in his career most recently last year escaping to the tunnel built into his prison cell. we learn how close he got to
9:58 am
squirting into the sewers from is houses a gun battle raged. five of his men were killed as he escaped. he surfaced aat a nearby manhole and they cot cawt him. the government is prepared to extradite guzman it would take six months. >> the united states has delivered a b-52 bomber armed with a nuclear missile to south creal. it's in response to a nuclear test done by north korea this year. they claim to detonate a hydrogen bomb. the b-52 confeigns bunker buster bombs capability of destroying north korea's underground facilities. the united nations is considering new sanctions against north korea yaf at tests but experts say existing sanctions are unenforced. fewer than 140 of the 193 states have turned in reports implementing the sanctions.
9:59 am
from having weapons of mass destruction since the first nuclear test in 2006. >> todd: developing this morning a militia group who appeared briefly at the site of occupation in oregon has left after appearing at a morning press conference. they showed up with guns to provide protection for the protesters in case a fight broke out but the protesters say they never asked the group to show up and the militia left. the occupation has been going on for more than a week. >> neki: tornado touchdown coming up. cleanup underway after a storm dages homes on the west coast. >> jennifer: so far a nice start to the sunday. very warm and humidity is going up as well as temperatures but we're tracking showers and storms that are now impacting southwest of florida but that is headed our way plus the cool down afterwards.
10:00 am
coming up. >> neki: new t t new video into the news room overnight the damage from a tornado that touched down in cape c coral. look at that. a tornado brought downpour lines and polls lafts -- last night. thousands still without power. one family ran for cover as a tornado approached the home. everybody outside i got qula push them in the house and go to the front. everything was gone. we have a bouncy house it was like two blocks down theoad. >> neki: three minor injuries reports. no one was taken to the hospital. police asking people to stay off the roads because of the debris. >> good morning south florida. it's beautiful out there.
10:01 am
and the humidity is definitely going up. check it out. if you want to head out to the beach still f f today. the earlier the better. you possibly get a 2-3 hours in. showers and storms coming our way. so head out slight rip current risk is in effect and temperatures are heating up to the upper 70s across south florida flr. hialeah, homestead, marathon, key west at 80 degrees. we'll continue to heat things up with highs today flirting wit record highs. so another warm day in the book and plus we have a southwest wind, which, by the way, the breeze is picking up as well. 13 miles per hour winds for homestead, fort lauderdale, 14 in key west. should stay like that for much of today. on the radar tracking the band ofhow how is showers and storms impacting the west and southwest coast of the peninsula. out ahead of it we're seeing a couple of showers starting to pop up.
10:02 am
another one here. so we could see a few of these thingel showers popping up a-- single showers popping up ahead of this band of rain. some of those could develop to thunderstormas well. there will be a few thunderstorms most likely the major impact with this will be heavy rainfall and some gusty the winds as well. the cold front is still pushing through central florida. behind it plenty of cloud cover stretching across the panhandle. cooler air by tomorrow morning. here a look at the model noon showing a large area of rainfall there key west to broward. palm beach county as well. that will be pushing through the rest of the afternoon by around 5:00. we'll see drier conditions with a few lingering drizzles and then cloud cover for the rest of tonight. high rip current slight rip current risk. no advisories for boaters out there. keep in mind there will be
10:03 am
it's a high of 83 today. and the record is 84. so it will be close. 72 degrees is the high. tomorrow we stay in the low 70s for the first half of the week. but by the way, it stays active. a few low pressure systems pushing will you florida. a couple days next week. neki, todd. >> thanks, jen. it's gates closed. isn't that clever? >> very clever. dolphins found a head coach. how he is getting ready to make the team better this morning next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
10:04 am
that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> neki: an zploation in a hawaiian volcano rerupting since 1983. while volcano watchers say it occurs nor freaky when the lava lake level is high. it's been high this past week at kill waya volcano 1020 feet before the rim. it's fascinating to watch. >> todd: red hot magma. the dolphins hired a new coach adam gates. >> neki: he's known as the quarterback whisperer. now they are hoping you can turn around a franchise that hasn't
10:07 am
clay has all the details on the new leader. it was a simple sales pitch from dolphins executive mike tenebaum that helped lure gates to miami. >> why know how many times mike said 75 and no state income tax but what do you think abobo 100. >> i wasn't sure if you were listening. >> i was listening. >> for him the new head coach and 37 years old the youngest in the nfl it was about more than just barm weather and a little extra cash. >> when i came in here, the one thing i that i had heard a lot about from someone very close with me who hadn experience with mr. ross. he said so my things -- positive things about him i was very excited to get in this this position as far as getting in front of these guys. >> as for ross his vision for what he wanted in a head coach was clear. >> what i was looking for is the
10:08 am
with the greatest amount of passion, great energy and would become a great leader. with gates we have found that person that will lead us to future. >> three words kept coming up to describe him at today's news conference. energy gettic, passionate and brbrht. but he is also young. however. he says a lesson from one of nfl's best quarterbacks helped prepare him for this moment. >> peyton manning used to say you are the head coach of the offense. that was really when i realized there's that next step. >> todd: wow. high hopes. >> neki: high hopes. >> todd: come of coming up in less than ten minutes is this week with dworg stephanopoulos. >> we're three weeks to the first votes in the 2016 race. goff gloves coming up. bernie sanders hitting clinton. every piling on rubio.
10:09 am
this morning. brand new polls from iowa, new hampshire and an exclusive look at how iowa vers are looking
10:10 am
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>> neki: breaking news. two people have died after shootings in miami last night. old. both people shot within blocks of each other. police are not yet saying if the shootingsings are decked. a third person has been -- are connected. a third person was shot and in critical condition. >> todd: winning power ball numbers out and no one was a winner. the new jackpost is an estimated $1.3 billion. higher. you can watch it right here on local 10 during 11:00 newscast. start.
10:12 am
miami's tower cam hitting the 80 degree mark in some spots. getting to low 80s but tracking showers and storms pushing across central and southwest florida. it's aheading of the cold front by the wayooling us down to the low 60s tomorrow morning and only the low 70s for highs. again storms this afternoon. keep a watchful eye on the sky. >> i'll go to the park earlier then. thank you so much for join us this morning here on locaca 10. >> good vikings. wearing purple for a reason. >> vikings made it to the playoffs. we hope the dolphins do next year. >> todd: you can catch us on
10:13 am
we hope you startin right now on abc's "this week," just three weeks till the first votes.
10:14 am
but can he stop ted cruz in iowa?
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