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tv   This Week in South Florida  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:30am-12:30pm EST

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enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. amica runs on dunkin'. >> how many on to your hats and wallets, the florida legislature is about to convene, guns, gambling, taxes and so much more on their agenda.
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reduction in taxes. >> the governor has those priorities but it sounds like lawmakers may have other ideas. >> we do not do business with countries, okay. we do business with. >> the miami dade mayor draws a line as the county makes way for ferry service to cuba. we will take it to the round table. >> lots to talk about today. good morning. and welcome. so great to have you aboard this morning. >> we are glad to have glena back and for you to be spending part of your sunday with us. we begin today with the florida legislature. on tuesday the legislature convenes for its regular session. this is about two morchts earlier-- months earlier than usuals but as usual lawmakers desks will be covered with flowers, there be smiles and hugs am but don't expect the good times to o st long in tallahassee. >> lawmakers have a lot of ground to cover. the budget is the big one but no doubt the great debate begins over what you are looking at
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the first bills ready to go allow floridians with concealed weapons permits to carry those openly and bring them on state university and college campuses as well. >> representative carlos tru jillo is a republican who represents dorral, parts o west miami dade and also part of kallier county. he chairs the house criminal justice committee and voted in favor of these gun bills in committee. >> representative jose javier-- javier rodriguez say democrat who represents coral gables, key biscayne and downtown miami, the wrangling democrat on the house financing committee. >> good morning. >> great to you have come in. >> on the way to tallahassee. >> representative true heeo, you voted for the open carry, campus carry bills. i don't, frankly, hear a huge public outcry tor either of theseills but there is sentiments in the legislature. why do you support them? i support both-- let's take them
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the open carry is allowed in 45 states, for law-abiding people who have their concealed weapons permit, they will be allowed to carry them in the open. as far as the campus carry, it's also for individuals who are at least 21 years old, meet the background requirements and are allowed to have weapons in all places except for universities. florida state university, almost 10% of the population are veterans. these people who served our country honorably will be able to carry. >> and florida state university president john thrasher a conservative republican is dead set against it he, the faculty, presidents of every state university believe that this is not a good idea. what do you say to them? >> we've had a lot of students, more students come in favor than against it. a lot of young women who have come and said they feel much safer with fire arms on campus. a lot of young men who served our military have come and spoke then support. so besides the faculty and some of the president, the outcry is alot more from the student body and even from some of the local sheriffs and chief of police.
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in committee on the bills. i guess the big question is is it a solution looking for a problem? >> i think i would accept that characterization. i'm very much opposed to these proposals. one would ask, as i think were you referencing, whether this is about policy or it's about politics. i mean for me, as a representative, i will take them one by one. one proposal would allow concealed weapons, again, you have to be 21. you have to have a license-- a permit to carry a weapon but it will allow them in dorms and classrooms. i don't know that that is something, again, that there san outcry for. universities and colleges are universally opposed to it. student government representative, the representative mentioned fsu, are opposed to it. have been heavily lobbying us, again on their own so not all of them make it to tallahassee to committee meetings. the second proposal, again, is about openly carrying fire arms,
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permit, they would be able to openly carry their weapon. >> this is strapping a begun on a holster on your hip in public but on the other hand there are still exceptions to this. some stores, some businesses can post signs, i guess, and say you are not allowed to openly carry a heavy gun on the premises. >> i would take issue, it is not about mol sterring a weapon. that is part of the problem with the proposal. >> what is it about. >> the representative mentioned that other states do have open carry. oklahoma, for example, you have to holster your weapon. there is a greater training requirement that we have in the state of florida. so for example, when you ask law enforcement how they would deal with a situation of an individual with a weapon in their hand, a fire arm in their hand, they are permitted, walking down the middle of the sidewalk, maybe even in the middle of the street, not to mention if they were holding it up in the air onear their head f they were just literally walking with it in their hand on the sidewalk, does that
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they don't know because the legislate-- legislation is so purely written t doesn't require holstering. >> the legislation was recently amended and will be weren'ted to the complete judiciary committee with a holster requirement it has to be a certain type holster that has a locking mechanism on it and the fire arm be holstered at all times. that part of the bill is being address. >> this is such a great debate any time somebody brings up the gun bill, whether on the federal or state level. and everybody has t same goal, really. it's not about control, it's about gun safety. what about these bills makes any one safer. isn't that the goal? is what-- at do these bills offer in the way of safety. >> the majority of crimes are crimes of toontds, so if individuals have the right to defend themselves, and individuals weren't acting accordingly see people who are properly able, willing to defend themselves, there say natural deterrent to crime.
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these strict gunfree, gun control, chicago, look at the amount of handgun deaths that they experience. i think if you try to disarm law-abiding citizens, the results is what you will experience in some of tease gun control cities. >> i understand. i would note that for six years i lived in washington d.c. which for a long time had extremely strict gun control measures, on sale, who could buy them. and the alternative was criminals and people who wanted to sell guns simply went to virginia where it was easy to buy a gun. so i guess people in chicago who have ill intent with weapons go to indiana where it's easy to buy a bun, as the president pointed out thursday night on that cnn townhall meeting. >> lastly what is going on in the inner cities in south florida, all over the state and country, nothing in these gun bill was ever prevent something happening here. those are all illegal guns.
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automatic weapons so where is the thought of really focusing on the problem of illegal guns. >> i would agree with you, i'm not an extremist. i look at these proposals, are they the end of the world. no, are they extremely bad and disang rouse policy, yes. but why don't we use this energy to try to address exactly that. the use of weapons and guns in? deaths and i don't see anything in these proposals that does anything other than to be honest with you, scare my constituents. and that honestly is not what we should be doing with the limited time and energy we have in tallahassee. we should be focusing on safety. and not pandering in politics. >> all right, let's move on if we can to a couple of other really big issues that you and your 118 other members of the house and 40 members of the senate are going to cope with. and one of them is taxes. it's always an issue.
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says he wants a $1 billion permanent recurring tax cut in fact, i asked him about it on tuesday when he was in fort lauderdale, let's sis into-- let's listen to this answer. >> governor, senate and house leaders, your fellow republicans, are indicating they're very reluctant to give this $1 billion tax cut you're asking for. how are you going to bring them around? >> michael, just think about why we're doing this. we need more jobs. you know, we've had a big turn around in our economy. we have 230 job openings but w need more jobs and need to diversify our economy. >> well, it wasn't exactly responsive to the question, when talked about jobs which he often does. but what about this, representative rodriguez. are you disposed to say okay, we're going to permanently cut a billion dollars in taxes? >> i think there are several fundamental pblems with the governor's proposal. unfortunately other republican governors have governed, right.
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they've tried to elaborate proposals. this governor seems t govern by press release. and where he's going to find abillion dollars when our projected surplus is 635 million, you really scratch your head. and i think there are really two fundamental problems. one is that a lot of where the governor wants to put the money is under this idea of jobs without really backing up how he's going to do that. the other thing is a really decided change in terms of howwe fund public education. that the governor is doubling down on. local money is property tax, state money is sales tax and we're relying more anmore and more on local property tactses. >> he wants more moneyey for education but he wants local school districts to pay mostf it. >> exactly. >> and that's part of the problem with this billion dollars.
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address that. that shift to funding locals because otherwise a billion dollars in tax cuts is not, it's increasing our property taxax and then difficulteing out sales tax largely to well connected corporate interest. >> what is the chicken and the egg. the surplus is because there are rising property taxes and because of rising property values right now.but the cycle has shown that that is not going to be a forever trend. >> well, that's correct. so property values have increased but that does not account for the shifts. for example, the governor's proposal is is that there is an increase of 476 million in education. 50 million of that is state money, the rest, almost 90% is local money and the tra ject ore has been that, it used to be for every three dollars of state money was too local, the governor has his wayay it's over
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that hs a dangerous trend. >> representative, is the governor's idea sort of doa. it doesn't sound like you or the republican leadership is very-- is supportive? >> i think republicans are supportive, especially in the house of tax cuts but for a purpose. i think just blanket billion dollar tax cuts, ultimately how do we limit the size of government. and that should be the goal and what we are focused on. >> he also wants $250 million for enterprise florida which tries to lure businesses and other states to come to florida. many of which, frankly, it seems to me, would come here anyway because we have no state income tax and other-- the weather is great. are you in favor of $250 million for enterprise florida i'm not, the state should not get in the business of picking winners and losers. i think the free market should work. the state should limit regulation, limit taxes and give businesses the ability to come here and prosper. >> on that note can we take a
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>> welcome back. we are talking previewewf the state legislative session with representative carlos tru jillo and jose javier rodriguez. and one of the big deals also, there are so many big deals coming up on tuesday. the gambling compact that the
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triep-- seminole tribe with proceeds to the state over the next seven years. if this goes down, and it is already expired. the last one is expired so the time is there. and we have learned in the commercial break that neerlt you of you are going to be voting for this compact-- so representative why not, and what happens without one? >> well, i think when it comes to gaming there are three things that are really important. one and i think the representative and i share this position that i'm completely against the massive expansion of gaming that would happen with a destination resort. i think primarily f economic reasons. i just think it would be disastrous. the second thing is at we already have gamabling in the state. we really ought to have some form of regulating it better. and the third thing in my view, and i think we were talking about this at the break, the amount of band width and energy that gets spent on gaming in tallahassee to me is outside. and why, because of all the contributions and money spinning around. and unfortunately, there is a
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a lot of time dealing with the intricacies of gaming and who et goes black jack and who et goes that. when there is a lot of pressing issues we should be spending our money on. but we aren't, frankly, because there is a lot of money spinning around and that's unfortunate. there is an army of lobbyists. >> when i look into sort of the deal and just to give you some of the highlights are you quite familiar with this but the simnole tribe would get an average of 3,000 slot machines at each of itself enfacilities and could put up to 6,000 slot machines at one. and also will able to add craps andrew let. we're talking about full-fledged las vegas style gambling. an i mean a revenue of $3 billion is certainly something the state could use but do we really need this added gamblings? >> absolutely not. when you look at what we are
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is not-- if you look currently at the seminoles their casino in tampa is the highest grossing casino in the united states of america. very few people know that. they think it's all in las vegas, actually they are in tampa, florida. what the state is getting is roughly 350, to $350 million a year. the social ills and the consequences of the cal businesses closing, the plaque eye we take for our tourism industry and all the bad that comes with gambling is absolutely not worth the revenue we will make. >> representative, that was the argue way back when z especially in miami dade when voters decided to okay gamblings. and those numbers really have not come to pass. >> i think they're hard to quawntd fie. yesterday i went to publix with my family and as we are waiting waiting in line to pay for food, there watt 50 people standing in line to play powerball. >> we have to look at how do we start retracting on some of the spending and who spends. who buys lotto tickets.
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information, individuals a lot who don't have disposable income, they are spending limited resources on lottery rather than feed organize providing for families. >> so what happens, what is it to say that the seminole tribe has the right to-- what happens without a compact? the seminoles have so many right thqs he can go ahead with and the state gets nothing. >> this is the deficits. the simnole want consistent encee and what isive did for them is how do you build and expand and go to a trition dl-- traditional financing steusmghts they are looking for us for something they can take to goldman sachs and wall street, and say this is what we have, how do you create a revenue stream that will finance those projects. without giving that con sinsencee. their business will continue to make money but they are operating in a gray area that makes it very difficult. >> and they are a sovereign nation so noard for florida to derife revenue from what they
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are doing, we have to negotiate a compact. so i think the concept of negoating the compact i think is wise. because it allows us to have revenue, limit gaisming in the state because it gives them exclusive to do ceceain things and we can limit that. but i think the problem is the thought out. what the governor is coming to us with us my sense is it is dead on arrival. it comes back to the issue is the governor really governing. he hasn't involved the legislature on what he was doing. he just sort of a nownsed it. so when the legislature looks at it. these are the interests very close to the governor, they seem to win under this compact so it clearly is just to hand out to lobbyists. i don't think it is a starting point for the legislature, in my view. >> the governor, frankly, his political instincts are better. but this week you all are gathering for 60 days. and in my view, would think the place to be for him would be in tallahassee.
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wide bus tour, a million miles for a million jobs. and say wow, look at all the jobs we've created. and that's his right, but you know, he might be better spending his time in tallahassee. trying to tst a few arms. representative truj, llo, before we run out of time, let me ask you, in 2014 as you well know, 72% of floridians said we support amendment one. we want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars preserving, buying, preserving fragile, environmentally sensitive land, and frankly, methane has been done. now is this the year that amendment one gets enacted? i mean money is set aside, hundreds of millions? >> well, i disagree with nothing being done. we spent tens of million fses not a hundred million dollars in maintaining state lands and in building water infrastructure projects. >> there was scom. i will concede, i may have overstated it. but i mean if seven or $800
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the taxing mechanism, a hundred million. >> i don't believe 7 or 800 million were available. i think the number is a lot less than that. but i think what we're going to focus on this year is part of the proposals are the indian river lagoon and really the water infrastructure projects. i think se of the detractors, i guess, from amendment one want the states st to acquire land. the problem with acquiring land is you have to maintain it and it has to have a purpose. i think we much better suited using that money for maintaining the land we currently have, building out waterer infrastructure and really building out infrastructure a-- -- across the entire state is probably the best use of that money. >> my view is devery different from my per spiskt, 75% of the voters voted for amendment one. it was blatantly violated in my view. after the governor's veto, we did have $702 million in the pot of money that voters wanted going to land, presser vacation and conservation. about 20% of it went to that,
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vehicle purchase. 191 million of it went to existing salary. so in my view, amendment one was blatantly violated. this year my sign of hope is that senator neglect ron and represent of gale harold are trying to change how those moneys are allocated and that is a proposal i'm supporting. >> let's see what happens. i snow senator bob graham very much hopes and a lot of other people who voted for amendment one. representative, good to have you in, thanks a millionl appreciate it well, we obviously have a lot of this and other things to talk
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and that is next. >> the president on guns, the senator on his high heeled boots. and the county ferry service to cuba. a full plate for the round table. >> and we have a great pan toll take that on. mark ka puteo covers florida politics for "politico," the go-to website for all your political news. and he is the author of the daily "politico" florida daybook, good reading. >> marlon hill is an attorney with hamilton, miller-- and also a radio broadcaster. >> and welcome back to round table-- to the round tim pagets america's correspondent forlrn radio, the former miami bureau chief for time magazine.
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>> gentlemen, where are my women today? >> happy new new year. >> with you will handle the. >> thank you, simplet shall we start with the legislature. you have heard two segments full of what coming up. let's talk about the budget first. >> here's the big problem. >> let me tell you the problem we have in tallahassee. math. >> fuzzy math. >> right, the governor says a $1.3 billion sur police and the legislature says $635 million. they're apart 50% or 100 percent depenning which perspective. if you can't agree on the numbers, you can't agree with a tax cut. >> that is where the walnuts come in. >> that is the thing rick scott has been rather expert at. oh, all of the peks erts and economists say this is, a therefore it is b so i can get my way. and he's just going to have a problem. >> well, he definitely needs to jump in there with the relationship he's going to have with this legislature, which has been his problem. he doesn't have an election to worry about. he really needs to try to dive into some of his relationships and that snot his strength.
11:55 am
have some more con tension. >> a lawmaker friend of mine whispered in my ear the other day, as he looked at rick scott at an event i was at, he said he's kind of a strtrge dude. >> you have to-- you have to give t governor due. he said it's all about jobs. and it has been all about jobs. >> that is part of the big problem, that is part of the big problem. glena, it is too much of a big problem to focus on jobs. single handedly since he came into office, job, jobs, jobs. there are more issues that are impacting floridians more than jobs. >> health care, criminal justice reform, delivery of social services, he's leading the state, he's not leading the economy of the state. >> and floridians do car about jobs. but after we have just emerged from the worst recession since the 1930s in this country, i don't think that they're really connecting with his obsession
11:56 am
i think they-- you know, they see what sort of-- the kind of economic thinking that lead us to this recession in the first place. and ithad a lot to do with that kind of thinking. and i think, you know, as mark points out, i think they would rather keep a cushion of a budget surplus. and that is sort of security feeling up in tallahassee rather than just this slash and burn on taxes. >> you cannot come to i a budget agreement if you can't agree on a bottomline of the budget. that's the problem. >> you know one of the things that is such a disconnect, is all the focus on the gun bills. and no one is talking about the dedeeting budget for mental health. i think so many people are looking at those two things and saying those go hand-in-hand. mental health funding, mental health social services, and the gun bills which do not provide any sort of eye toward who can have those guns in their hands. on a federal level, as well. but in those gun bils, that's just missing. >> it is. florida is a low-tax
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it's not news there. we're also the gunshine state so the idea they are taking up a gun bill doesn't surprise me. this session will be characterized by some of these fights over guns. if passes proloag, the guns on campus bill will probably fail. open carry will be a hard left. but they really shouldn't accomplish too much. they don't want to accomplish too much. they want to pass a budget, get out, hit the campaign trail. >> and on gambling, the bill that the agreement, the compact that the governor has set forward, even though there is, marlon, local authorizeation needed, the gambling in miami dade county and to a lesser extent in broward, mainly in miami dade would expand big time if voters approve. and you know, if it et goes on a ballot, the gambling interests are going to spend in a million dollars. >> it is likely to fail in the i don't think they have the ach tied to teak it on, take it on this year at all. >> yeah.
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if we can, let's move away from the legislature. and tim paget, this week you published, i thought, a really excellent op ed in the "miami herald" on the subject of the $8-- 8,000 or so cubans in costa rica who are going toe flown starting tuesday to el salvadore and put on buses for the u.s. border. and i will have a report on this latern this-- on this program. but you made a very good point about baif the unfairness of this. why is it unfair? >> well, because, what happened this week or what's going to happen with this airlift of cubans from costa rica throughel salvadore an continue their journey up the united states, what it really reflects isn't just the cuban my grant problem we have but just the disfunction generally of our immigration system. all the distorgses, all the hypocrisies. what you have as you point out these $will,000 cubans stranded in coasta rica because nik raga won't let them in. and they're going to be rlifted then to el salvadore
11:59 am
week is now the world's deadliest country. it has the highest murder rate on the planet. >> past honduras. >> honduras was number one now el salvadore.>> you have tens of thousands of salvadorans who would love to get out of there, save layer lives-- lives and get to the united states, now they will sit and watch as 8,000 cubans sort of get ushered through. as you point out, there is just an unfairness and inception tiffity, really, involve-- insensitivity involv in that whole situation. and at the same time then, you've got the obama administration stepg up its deportations of central americans out of the united states. all in one week. and it just sort of points outed glaring hypocrisies of our system. >> and this week senator marco rubio had mentioned that he was going to be drafting a bill that would limit the benefits that cubans automatically enjoy. and he cited some. >> cuban immigrants.
12:00 pm
cubans come and they obtain their benefits and take them home. and they are people in cuba getting social security, living in cuba on the u.s. dime. but it's so interesting to me that the senator has now pivoted on cuba from an immigration issue to an economic issue. >> welcome to an election year. so what, about three weeks before the iowa caucuses, the guy who shall it-- guy who has identified as the immigration reform gang of eight man, in the presidential election suddenly makes an immigration bill that's a crackdown. it is probably a long time coming. the sun sentinel has done great work. >> amazing work. >> showing how many a beulses there are in the system. e defenders of the current policy would state that the castro dictatorship kind of necessary taits that. unlike el salvadore. but i think over time asore and more people are going down to cuba and drinking rum and smoking significant ars and making a mocker each of the embargo, we still-- we need to start looking at whether or not this policy is needed. >> can i tell you, i don't think that is a new thing.
12:01 pm
in the mid '90s with you. it was such a-- . >> for another day. >> but that to me, even in the mid 90s, i net people who were blatantly talking about coming to the united states because they wanted a better life economicically. it was not about politics. it was not about freedom. not that that was not an issue. but it was an economic reason. even back then. >> even in an election year in the common sense is going to roll into play for the citizens. voter registration is february 16. folks into ed to get themselves in order in terms of civic gagement. this is where the voters are going to really start tuning in. it is january, primary coming up in march. >> march 159. >> but common sense immigration reform, common sense gun reform, just play old common sense is going to be needed. >> we could use a lot more common sense. we tried to f flow that dik 10. we'll be back with the round
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7 >> on sunday morningive in studio, a robust discussion on the round table here of wlrn, america's correspondent. ace attorney, civic activist,
12:03 pm
>> let me. let me ask about something, i went to a new cast on thursday, i think it was, where miami dade mayor carlous jim eneasy said we want to use the land, the land david beckham wanted for a soccer stadium, it's really kind of an underused portion of land there in the southwest side. that's where we want to put a ferry terminal. and guess what, i guess they could go to cuba. but the mayor, went out of his way, tim, to say well, we do business with companies and if they go to cuba, that's up to themem and that's up to the federal government. i mean he certainly didn't want to be seen as the mayor who is going to do business with cuba. >> but there is a contradiction, as t mayor of miami dade county, he feels he has to back off any suggestion that south florida, that the county is doing business directly with miami. i understand that. but if you ask the vast majority of cuban americans here in south florida ifhey would be in favor of this kind of service
12:04 pm
area like that, they would say yes. because ferries offer them so much more, for example, cargo space, to take all the stuff that they take down to cuba and to relatives and businesses. >> unfortunately, tim, in an election year, not a lot of things. >> exactly. it's not just that, yes, probably a majority of people think that way. the majority of people who actually vote in the republican primary and might fund a campaign probably have a different opinion. another thing is i talked to a businessman who had gone down and had very high level meetings with the u.s. chamber of commerce in cuba. and he told me the castro regime had let thehe know in almost noun certain terms hey look, we'll happily do shipping between havana and tampa. havana and new oeanss, havana and gal ves ton but not miami. they want punish the miami cubans. >> as far as the ferry service, why is that even a question when there are flights to cuba from miami international. >> 14,000 people a week fly to cuba from-- on charters from miami international.
12:05 pm
to send a cruise ship down there sometime later this year. they're trying. >> he can weis is hoping for, key west relionship with havana is very old. the guy who founded key west originallies or bought it, was give init by the spanish crown in the 18 20s was from havana. >> so i did for the record speak off the record to a principal in one. ferry companies and he con virm dub dib confirmed exactly what u said which is before we see service out of miami, we may see it from port everglades, we say me-- we may see it from key west, maybe even miami beach but i don't think he said the cubans do want to punish the cuban americans here in miami. >> there is one more question. back when david beckham was looking at that spot t was too shallow for mar i time business. >> they need to drij six or seven feet. the mayor says they can do it
12:06 pm
concern or permits. of course it's always safe. before we run out of time let's start with something really banal and fund which is marco rubio's boots that he wore this week which were, i guess, all over twitter and. >> all i can say is thank goodness someone is talking about the fasason of one of the man candidates this time. >> what did you think. let me ask you wa, did you think of his boots? >> i'm a about the boos. i have a whole colleion. i don't c care. >> which beatle did he look like? >> you want to hear how this has been described in our fave rate way? take a listen. >> . >> they're shag -aliciousment
12:07 pm
>> you done get better than shag -alicious. >> about comparing marco to austin powers. i'm not sure entirely why. >> if i were marco i would continue wearing the boots. >> he did i think he had. >> no, he stopped when he did an interview with a local tv reporter a day or two later. >> why are we talking about marco's b boots. senator rubio, tonight at the interkonl hotel i miami, 6:00, has a big fundraiser and first time that i may be there. first time that we've seen senator rubio in florida. >> what is your footware tay? >> very standard. >> we have not talked about jeb bush thus far but i think we
12:08 pm
and mark capu to,.. represent tru jillo was one of several hundred jeb devotees who went to new hampshire to knock on doors and campaign for him. >> he's turning up people from florida who are long time sphoarts of new hampshire, that say long time problem that jeb has. is he down, he's not out but is he down. is he in a hurt locker right now. how he gets out of that i don't know. but he's in if you look at the poll aggregates, basically tied for third place in new hampshire. if he loses in iowa and new hampshire, south carolina becomes tougher it say belief you have to win one of the primary states. >> just this week, i did note that hank greenberg, the chairman of aig, huge, huge company, bailed out by the feds in the '90s, or early 2,000s. i was-- he said yeah, i'm the one without gave $10 million to the right to rise pack. and then he said, you know what, i've been kind of disappointed in this campan.
12:09 pm
to your political action committee says, hasn't met my expectations. >> but i think the loyalty within the jeb nation is still very, very deep in regards. they are going to go all the way. in fact t may impact the stebment of this election that goes into the convention. >> it's deep but is it wide enough. >> wide enough to be impactful as to who rises. i think it is narrowing. people like greenberg, they were clinging to swreb for so long because they felt that once all the trump and crews mania was done, jeb would be there as the establishment candidate. of what they call the establishment lane. we still be there and the establishment could swoop him up and he would go on to win the nomination. i don't think that sentiments is there any more, i think this is shifting. maybe shifting to marco rubio now. >> i just wish i could disappoint a millionare and get $10 million. >> we'll put you on the list. >> well, that is certainly got
12:10 pm
we're positively giddy over it. but how often, you have a million. >> how much? >> my wife bowlt her ticket last night. >> sorry. >> i hate losing so badly that it hurts to part w wh that $1. i think be wills are toed into doing i >> all right, gentlemen, thank you very much for coming in. next week we will balance the male gender disparity here, glena. >> thank you. although you are a fine bunch, i love you all. >> you did a great job. stay with us next, a report on that-- well, is it on the. >> the cubans in costa rica. >> thank you very much. >> a big day for them. >> the cubans in costa rica,
12:11 pm
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>> as we have been talking about this morning, its gridlock has been broken for thows of cuban rica. >> starting on tuesday the first group is going to be flown to el salvadore and bussed to the.s. border. that has some local mayors, emergency managers and school district administrators very worried about a possible new tidal wave of refugees wiengd up here. >> will cubans have who been stranded in costa rica will start moving out next tuesday. the first plane load of 180 people, mostly families, will fly to el salvadore and from there board buses to the u.s.
12:13 pm
>> so what we're talking about here really is a controlled event. and there are steps in place. there are plans in place and processes for the prosession of cuban entrants into this country. and thr placement. >> the stranded cuban my grants, about 8,000 of them, have been stuck in costa rica for weeks unable to get past the nik rag want border. starting next week they will be flown up here to el salvadore and from there put on buses and taken all the way up to the u.s. mexican border, probably at el paso. >> the trip won't be cheap. the costa rica cubans will be charged $550 per person for the plan ticket and bus ride. many sold everything they own just to get this far. >> how many of that 8,000 have the funds to be able to pay for something like that, is a big question. >> they have been receiving. >> former governor jeb bush
12:14 pm
costa rica should not be given free entry into the u.s and senator marco rubio told reporters yesterday, its cuban my grants in costa rica should not be allowednto the u.s but in 2015, more than 40,000 cubans crossed into the u.s. at the border with mexico. thousands more came by sea, in make shift rafts and boats. >> and on friday, the cost guard here reported picking up and returning 216 cuban this week alone. they are leaving the island, glena, in droves. so fraid that the kieban adjustment act that gives them the guaranteed entry is going to be wiped off the books. >> stay tuned. a lot going on. >> when we come back, a little known bill bringing attention toa big criminal justice issue.
12:15 pm
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>> this is a live look from our miami towercam, kind of a cloudy sunday. think, later. but anyway, let's get the official forcast from our meteorologist. jennifer, what is going on. >> good afternoon, well, we're seeing a lot of showers passing through the area. they're quick, that's the good news. but let's start off quickly, we're heading south to north. so the lower keys saddle bunch key, pine key you will deal with heavy rain in the next 30 minutes. also scattered showers from
12:17 pm
along the coast up to aventura along the beach. if you were at the beach, are you out of the sand because it is pouring. now this is out ahead of the cold front. as far as the rain chances go after this round, well, they start to diminish. we'll be left over with a lot of cloud cover into tomorrow morning but with that said, we still drop into those low 60s. tomorrow's high, only 2-- 72 degreeee the seven day forcast, rain chances go down tomorrow with that said we could still have light drizzle this evening. but dry tomorw and then rain comes back tuesday. glena. >> jennifer, thanks. with all the focus on guns and gambling and the governor's budget, the state legislative session open this wee you pay 475. and unless you or your family has been the victim of a violent crime, in which case you may have the vested interest in it. it and a companion bill in the state senate would shield the identities of criminal wit,s from the public record.
12:18 pm
shield the identifying information of the witness, that woululencourage people to come forward. >> that was state rep cynthia staffford at a townhall meeting this eck would.buthe bill was actually filed by a first term democrat from tampa where they apparently said south florida's sad and scary problem,that is the people who know the ones who did it, be it the drive-by, the murder, usually of someone young, sometimes an innocent bystander, they are scared into silence. sure, that when they become a snich, they become a target. >> we have covered those cases. the murders with many witnesses but no leads, the charges the prosecutors drop when the important witness recants or worse, disappears. florida public records laws have relatively few exemptions. aka government in the sunshine. exceptions are made when safety maybe at stake as in the case of the personal information of lawenforcement officers. worth it to note exemptions havebeen increasing.
12:19 pm
thousand according to the first amendment foundation. that foundation is the most vocal opponent to this bill so far. in a letter to the bill's sponsor last month, its president calls it too broad, too vague antithetical to the question and questions the need for it as speculative. beyond that, think about this, those in fear are probably more worried about word on the street than in any public record. still, even if it goes nowhere, house bill 475 will bring state-wide attention to one of south florida's most certificate yis-- serious criminal justice issues, the chilling effect of fear o o justice, so what do you think? we welcome your take on y topic you like. that's in the news or not. >> weigh in by e-mail, facebook, twitter, any of these addresses. we're easy to find and we love hearing from you. remember, as always, stay
12:20 pm
>> and have a beautiful sunday. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to you by beachbody. >> hi, everybody. i'm deborah norville. and i've got breaking news from the world of skincare.
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