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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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trying to catch these criminals and put them behind bars. a oup of navy sailors waiting to be released by iran. why the country detained them to begin with. plus president obama delivered his final state of the union. the vision he has for the country pt his time in office. hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. welcome to your wednesday. we'll get to all those top stories in just a moment but first we still have the within weather sticking around. >> the northwest wind really makes it brisk. 59 degrees in pembroke pines as well as ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. for you miami 68 degrees. won't be surprised if we see the temperature drop a few more degrees. kendall bundle up, 59. temperatures in the low 60s in marathon. upper 60s in key west. where the actual cold
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they are in a freeze watch warning as temperatures are in the 30s for parts of the panhandle. so cool and cloudy this morning. i'm happy to tell you we are waking up to dry conditions. rain chances slim to none throughout the day. afternoon highs struggling to reach the low 70s. rain will return tomorrow. i'll have those details coming up. good morning, constance. >> good morning, julie. macarthur causeway west-bound we have construction crews picking up the cones as we speak. i saw construction crews out there, i promise you, but now i don't see them. let's worry about this if you're traveling northbound on i-95 reports of a broken down car on the approach to the airport expressway blocking one lane of traffic. 5:01 in the morning not affecting traffic at all with those speeds. we've got to get to some construction broward county, this is long-term construction on the dania beach bridge.
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head to the beach, you're not going to be able to use this route at all. instead use sheridan street. this construction will be in place until about march. breaking news to tell you about, we are getting reports two female suicide bombers attack a mask in cameroon. the attack believed to be carried out by the militant group boko haram. now to a one and only story you'll only see on loc 10, a burglary is caught on camera. a man breaks into a smoke shop and not long after another was broken into in a very similar way. michael seidid is live from the smoke shop in davie with more details on this one and only exclusive story. >> good morning, jacey and eric. take a look. already a new front door in place, but this morning smoke shops across south florida taking extra measures topro tech themselves. shul cameras were rolling monday morning
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smash and grab at a south florida smoke shop. watch as this criminal shatters the front door. just like that he's inside vape queen. seconds later he's running out with the cash box but not before causing additional damage knocking over this computer. >> totally in disbelief. i really was. >>reporter: about an hour before vape queen was hit. >> like a ram. >>reporter: a similar scene in holy smokes in pembroke pines on pines boulevard. >> this all comes just charging down. >>reporter: in both cases a thief only took the cash box leaving behind expensive electronics and products. >> it looked like an identical crime, and i'm being told that it happens a lot in town. >>reporter: and this morning police working leads trying to figure out if the same man is
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we're live this morning in davie, michael seiden, local 10 news. polio vaccination center in pakistan has killed at least 14 people. nobody has taken responsibility for this attack. we're watching this one as well and will bring you updates throughout theorning. we're learning south korea as fired warning shots at a north korean drone. so far south korea's defense ministry has not confirmed this report and it all comes a week after the alleged nuclear test. ten navy sailors taken into custody in iran, they are expected to be released today. these sailors captured after their two boats drifted into iranian waters. they assured it was not host i'll. earlier this morning iran said the issue
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should be released this morning. those two small boats were on their way from kuwait to bahrain. the detainies include nine men and one woman. that owner left bloody and bruised by this attack. you can see the owner fights back after a gun is pulled on him. the two men gang up on him, hit him in the head and pistol whip him repeatedly until they leave. the men escaped with cash and are still on the run this morning. detectives think the two may be responsible for other robberies in the area. items literally falling off the shelves in boca raton. this is on powerline road. seven shelves collapsing on to each other leaving people in and around the store shocked. >> it was just boom,
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>> i saw one woman standing there very shooken up. all the shelves were down from the wall all the way down to about the middle of the store. >> three people were treated for minor injuries. it's still not clear what caused those shelves to attack. a new look at one of the men accused in a drive-by shooting that killed a seven-year-old boy. he is currently being held without bond. since his arrest he's in the jail's hospital being treated for a canine pipe. police say he and dravein duke war seek revenge, using an assault record shooting up a home. his cousin also charged in the drug deal that led to the shooting. new this morning you're looking at pictures of the first group of cuban migrants boarding a bus in el salvador. the buses will take them from el salvador to guatemala. this is video of the
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rica. mann manuel g gonzalez on board and the plan is part her what central american officials are calling a pilot program to help the thousands of cubans stranded in south america. more than 7,000 cubans have been stranded in costa rica since november. they were forcedd to live in shelters after nicaragua closed its borders and denied passenger. prayers, candle light in remembrance for the earthquake that rocked haiti. e deadly magnitude seven quake struck january 12th, 2010 was followed by many strong aftershocks. 300,000 injured, more than a million people were left homeless.
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capitol hill last night as president obama delivered his final state of the union address. the commander-in-chief covered several issues from the battle with isis to the historic change with cuba but he focused on what america must do to remain a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world. >> i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people, and that!s why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. god bless you. >> the president used his final state of the union as an opportunity to reflect on the past eight years focusing on the positives and his hopes for the future of the country. lawmakers seeing eye to eye yesterday. the house overwhelmingly approves a bill. legislators voting 418-2 to approve the north
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proposes to deny the financial support they need. the lines have been long as people try to get a piece of the record-setting power ball. >> of course it has been building for months now, a couple in a row. this is a record number coming with some security measures. erica rakow live at 7-11 in miramar where people are sure to pile in today. how are things going?you're inside. look at you. >>reporter: inside on this chilly day. i know, i might have already hit the jackpot. i can tell you the power ball frenzy is continuingng this right here may be the hottest ticket in town. millions of people will be checking these tickets twice tonight. the drawing for the $1.5 billion jackpot happens tonight at 10:59 p.m. we're counting down with you. this right here is how much time you have lt to buy a ticket and wait
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it's a new frenzy over a big number. it all started two months ago at $40 million. thth was november 4th. then no one won so it went up to $300 million by new year' eve. no one won again so the jackpot soared this past saturday. here we are again. we're up to $1.5 billion, with a b, for that drawing tonight. not even the power ball sign can show you the size of this next drawing. the billboards can only go as high as $999 million. it's not only the largest lottery in u.s. history but worldwide history too. the drawing, it's done here in florida, here in tallahassee and it's taken so seriously. the set of balls is set with an alarm and sealed. a lottery spokeswoman
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weighed and d dsity tested at a state lab and there are x-ray tests performed to see if there are any internal issues with the balls. it's been 19 drawings where no one has hit the big jackpot. at least 67 of these tickets worth $1 million or more hav been sold. i don't know about you guys but that's enough to get me to spend a couple of bucks and cross my fingers. haven't potentially able to buy any here. th start selling them at 6:00 a.m. so we'll be here and talk with a few people who should be coming in right at 6:00 to get their tickets today. >> we know there's going to be lines. >> hold up that number real quick. if you have the winners, i want to mark them downn >>reporter: she told me i have to give them back. she says this might be the winning ticket so i need that back.k. i tried to guy one but, like i said, i can't buy
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>> share the wealth, lonnie. good luck. coming up at 5:30 police are investigating how a stolen gun ended up in a middle school. ahead at 5:30 a family is suing uber after their loved one was killed in a crash. why they say the ride-sharing service was so blame. coming up find out how this building went from flames to icicles. - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions... my insurance covers everything for my family. - narrator: most people who enroll through qualify for financial help and avoid paying a fee of $695 or mor this is your last chance to enroll. - someone helped me find a high quality plan and financial help to pay for it. - narrator: sign up at healthcare.v.
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was turned into a pop popsickle. >> firefighters put out the flames in bee ohio zero temperatures so that caused the water to freeze. there were 10 to 12 inches of ice covering the building which is now on the verge of collapse. blinding lake-effectt& snow. it's only expected to get worse from here. some forecasters in the area saying the storm system will stick around for a week, julie. a week. >> indeed and more snow is expected in those areas. for us here in south florida we're feeling our taste of winter and it stuck around. a lot of you say it's only here for a day and gone. we are expecting the cool conditions to continue through the afternoon. we'll struggle to see highs today reaching the low 70s because the blanket of cloud cover we'll have in place. we are going to see temperatures fluctuate. that north northwest wind, our cool air connection. wind speeds anywhere
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per hour. pembroke pines 59 as 60 miami. 59 in kendall. grab that sweater and jacket in pompano beach. cool air connection will continue to filter that cool air, especially the cool air over northern florida. it will keep us under very cool, refreshing conditions. we do have that blanket of cloud cover in place. unlike yesterday though we had some precipitation falling from those clouds. morning. we will stay mostly dry. high pressure's building from the north at the surface. remember in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere we'll continue that southwest wind flow. there's more of that lake-effect snow we were talking about. much of the nation feeling like winter including us here in south florida as we go into tomorrow though, we are going to rapidly increase the rain chances all due to an area of disturbed weather that's going to move in from the gulf of mexico.
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40 to 50%. better chance oftorms on friday. we have two fronts that will move in. the first one will bring us showers and dry conditions from martin luther king. we'll keep our temperature in the 50s for lows by tuesday. >> julie, thanks so much. guess what you guys. we are still accident-free in both counties. looking great this morning. i wanted to s sw you the i, i-95 northbound the apoach to the airport expressway. that's where we have reports of a broken down car. the great news with this one though, it's not affecting our traffic flows at all this morning. we can see that obviously speeds are -- you guys are speeding, 75 miles an hour. cut it out, don't speed. if you're traveling on i-75 here are your drive times this morning starting at 595 heading towards the palmetto expressway. at this point going to take you about 15 minutes. if you're at pines
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same location. ten minutes total drive time. we have a recall alert. find out why pier 1 is
5:18 am
outdoor swing chairs. >>reporter: hey there. in today's tech bytes, the selfie drone. >> the drone is set to follow user around while filming them as fast as 25 miles an hour. it already has 60,000 pre-orders collecting $34 million. >> t plans to is that right shipping the selfie drone this summer starting at $800. amazon has the newest offer. >> prime members will now get 20% off all pre-ordered games as well as those ordered within the first two
5:19 am
prime memberships cost $99 per year. and the first dogs have become instant stars this snap chat. >> the white house launched its official count this week focusing on the obama family's adorable pets sonny and bo. >> they are cute. what's not to like? >> absolutely. those are your tech bytes. >> i like them. a recall alert we have to tell you about this morning. it's an outdoor swing chair you can get from pier. the company is recalling 276,000 of these chairs and stands after complaints of customers falling off of them. faulty suspension hardware are being blamed. you can contact the store for a repair k or complete refund. they are searching for attractive residents. what is this all about? we'll tell you next. >> okay. plus two students are expected to face a judge today after allegedly handling a gun
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what happened here? ahead at 5:30 that led police to discover the fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat.
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thmacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals t you ever move? you know going there, moving is already stressful enough. you have to deal with all the additional stuff that comes with it. >> one building in chicago is stepping things up by add advertising a strange amenity. signs on the building advertize attractive residents as a feature of the high-rise. >>&sexy rooftop pool apparently. >> he believes the sign is just a clever advertising tool. the building's owner has not commented. what are you going to say, yeah, i am good looking. >> it's funny to ask a guy who didn't need to submit a photo for his application and asked if the people who live there are attractive.
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particularly. search on this man who broke into a davie smoke shop. in both cases the thief only took the cash box. and police are looking for the two men caught on camera beating and robbing a business owner in north miami. th happened on the corner of northwest 119th street and seventh avenue. breaking just moments ago, those ten u.s. sailors detain bid iran have beeu released. they are taken into custody after two small boats broke into iranian waters. they entered unintensionly because of a boat failure in technology but they are set to be released or have been released this morning. local 10 news at 5:30 coming up next. >> we'll get you the latest on your forecast. constance watching the roads.
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panic mode. charges two students are facing this morning. also caught on camera a restaurant robbery. this is the video police want you to see to catch the bad guys. local 10 investigates, now lawmakers are taking action. a one and only exclusive story that has members ofongress demanding answers. jumb jackpot. the biggest drawing in history expected to get bigger before its numbers are pulled. hey there, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch i hope you guys like this winter weather. at least it's not raining this morning. we have to check in for all the details and check that radar for julie. julie, you look this cooler weather? >> it's a good change. not lasting long. i don't think we'll like it for months and months. i enjoy it. one thing you'll notice this morning is y're going to need those sweaters and jackets again. one thing i'll still
5:27 am
up to dry conditions. that blanket of cloud cover will continue across parts of south florida but i am anticipating some peaks of sunshine today up like yesterday where it was just gloomy and overcast all day long. pembroke pines, 59 in ed l. down by the keyeys 67 degrees. freeze watch in effect for northern florida in towards the southeast. as the kids head to the bus stop, make sure they have a sweater or jacket. highs today will struggle to reach the low 70s. below average for this time of year. i love saying that. do you love hearing that? >> i do. it's nice when you're not sweating to death out there like we normally are. palmetto expressway southbound we have a crash off 58th street. no issues right here. i can't even see that accident scene but it
5:28 am
taking a look at our traffic graphics this morning. it shows us in real time if there are any reports of slowdowns at all. it looks like the only slowdowns i'm seeing is right before that exit between 26 and 66 miles per hour. so really not a lot to talk about. traveling northbound on the i on at approach to the expressway we still have a report of a broken down car. not affecting our traffic snow at -- flow at all. as soon as any other accidents pops up, i'm updating twitter. make sure you follow us on twitter at wplg local 10. police say one student took a gun to school and showed it to another student but then it was spotted by others and that's what cause aid lockdown. sanela sabovic live in hollywood to explain what happened next. sanela? >> good morning, eric. the kids attend apollo middle school behind me.
5:29 am
authorities and now those two kids are in big trouble this morning, charged with possession of a firearm. a middle school in hollywood on lockdown with police quickly moving in. this after reports of a weapon found on campus leaving parents and students scared and panicked. >> my kid's in there. is he safe? that's all i'm worrying about. >> i was scared. >> why? >> because i didn't know what was happening. >>reporter: police swept the entire school. they ended up finding a handgun underneath a portable classroom. >> discovered a weapon campus. it was discovered to be a real weapon. and two students were questioned for their possible involvement with the weapon campus. >>reporter: police say one student brought the gun and showed it to another, then tried campus. both are being charged because the each had a part in handling the weapon. now the gun that was recovered here at the school was found out to
5:30 am
police are still trying to figure out how these kids managed to obtain that gun. the good news in all of this is nobody was injured. reporting live in hollywood, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a man is arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer during a t2bffic stop. police say this man was pulled over by police. afterwards he turned his steering wheel to allegedly accelerate towards the officer. that officer had to jump back to avoid being run over. the man tried to drive away and police began chasing him until he lost control of his car and crashed into a parked car. he tried to g g out and run but was eventually arrested by police. we're getting a look at one of the men accused in a cooper city burglary that ended in pembroke pines. the pursuit started in the area of #euth terrace and fourth streetet this is an tuesday. we're told neighbors
5:31 am
17-year-old and were able to hold the teen until detectives arrived. deputies chased him down where he eventually crashed into a truck. >> the guy came zooming here like a million miles an hour with a cop. he literally went right by him. he hit mailboxes and things. >> this is video of linder last night. he and the teen are being charged with burglary and grand theft. a fiery crash just two days aftft christmas. they are suing uber for negligence. he says he was riding in an uber when he and his friends turned into an oncoming car. the s.u.v. flipped over, burst into flames and killed sanchez. uber representatives say they can't comment because of the pending suit. this morning we now know the identity of a
5:32 am
fierer crash in brickle. value aira lopez was speeding on southwest third avenue on friday when she hit the median and explode. no one else was injured in that crash. police are still looking for a killer after a man was murdered in miami. he was killed in the area of west circle plaza on sunday night. if you know anything, please contact police. also police need your help tracking down two men caught on camera burglarizing a restaurant. it happened at chris' restaurant and grill at noheast 22nd avenue. police say the two smashed through a glass door and took off with two cash registers. million dollar science museum almost complete but plans put on hold after a funding fiasco. $150 million in public money has gone towards that museum.
5:33 am
come up short. miami mayor cars gymen says says he's working to any possible options. two south florida members of congress are demanding answers and sasha andrade traveled two hours north of the nation's capital. what she found there has review of the state's anti-terrorism program. the u.s. government trains foreign police to become experts in weapons and bombs. sasha noticed some of the training happens on the side of a public road. sasha has even able to walk to an area that houses explosives. any gate she passed was wide open. she was never stopped or asked to leave. and because of our investigation congress won ileana ros-lehtinen and ted deutsche called
5:34 am
program. in the letter ross lehtinen said she's troubled by repepts of vulnerableabilityies in the program. the founder of that facility told us the facility i i secured and all weapons are secured and locked. right now the power ball drawing at $1.5 billion. >> why? it hasn't yet, has it? we've been tracking it for days now. you can watch it right here ob local 10 news. how did it get so big this time around. >> we've all been digging deep in our wallets. >> erica rakow live at the 7-11 in mere a. march to explain. we tried to analyze this.
5:35 am
changes which is why the jackpot's growing. >> right, jacey. we do know the odds are stacked against us. we get it but it is still fun to day dream about. say you were to hit all six numbers when those balls get tossed around tonight. have you options. you can decide to take it all at once. the lump sum is not 1.5. it would come to30 million and after taxes you'd be taking home a one time $697.6 million. not too bad but your other option, should you be so lucky, taking the payment over 30 years. however, whichever you would chose, you can't get too farar from word spreading. there's only six states at allow you to remain anonymous. all other states including florida, my friends, your name, the city you live in, the date you won and how much you won will be released to anyone, anyone who requests the information.
5:36 am
ourselves though, i'm sorry, i do have to remind you, the odds are certainly stacked against us, so astronomically so tt your chance of winning is one in 292 million. yes, it's easier to be hit by an asteroid than the jackpot. the numbers are so large they are hard to compete at this point. some have come up with way to see use t t money to end poverty.this picture went viral on facebook. it suggests that if every person in the u.s. was given a share of the winnings we would all be 4. million richer and poverty will be eliminated. the issue here though, i'm sorry, the math, it's all wrong. spread over 300 million people, we would get $4 each, not 4 million. so instead of counting on someone else's luck and sharing, they open
5:37 am
can you buy your ticket until 10:00 tonight. i mentioned that some people, you don't have to take home the whole lump sum. also if you get just these five numbers right instead of the power bowl, you still win a million. then if you get the power play, you win two million. there are certainly different ways to try out your luck again. you have watch the drawing here on local 10 at 10:59. >> all right. good luck. >> thank you. still to come a smoke shop burglary is caught on camera just hours apart. anotr store was hit. the one and only exclusive story you have to see ahead at 6:00. the st. louis rams turning to l.a. how the city of angels may get two nfl teams. weather woes in the northeast. the dangerous condition that's caused dozens and
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crews working for hours after a worker got trapped in a sewer line. they were working on a line when dirt and earth caved in around that worker. we're told he was buried up to his chest but not seriously injured. extremely low temperatures may be to blame for the death of an elderly woman. 93-year-old nelly gordon went to a driveway sunday night and likely slip and fell. a famy member went to check on her and found her frozen to death in her driveway. family members say she did suffer from alzheimer's disease. three different piups in pennsylvania kept the highway closed for several hours yesterday. the good news here no one was seriously injured in any of these crashes. still we're starting to see now severe winter weather, long delays, significant storms impacting people all across the country. >> we usually expect that january, february. >> this is a late start to our winter across
5:40 am
for us here in south florida as well. remember december went down as one of the warmest months on the record books and last year we had the warmest year on record. it's a nice change for us here in south florida but unfortunately we were all used to the above-average temperatures. snow, sleet and as dangerous conditions for us here in south florida. even though we're feeling like winter, we're waking up to dry conditions. temperatures in the upper 50s, ft. lauderdale. 67 degrees key west. the winds out of the north northwest, that's providing for the cool air connection. righ now we do have the upper 50s. key west 67 degrees. we will continue that north wind filtering in the cool, comfortable conditions throughout the day. we do have that blanket of cloud cover still in place throughout the morning but those clouds not producing precipitation. we will be relatively dry. high pressure's building from the north at the surface providing for that north breeze which will make it feel very nice all day long. chilly at times because
5:41 am
struggle to reach the upper 60s and low 70s. we'll see mostly dry conditions, just some filtered sunshine throughout the day. going into tomorrow, big change. rain returns to the forecast as an area of disturbed weather starts to lift in from the gulf of mexico. tomorrow we'll see a 40% chance of showers in the forecast. a little bit of a roller-coaster. temperatures will start to go up. if you want to head to the peach we do have a slight risk of rip cuents for you beach-goers. the bays will be at a moderate chop. here's your forecast. highs in the low 70s. dry, comfortable conditions. filtered sunshine before the clouds start to move in and precipitation becomes more we-spread by friday. we'll dry out saturday. another front moves in sunday and we'll start to cool down for martinluther king. >> thanks, julie. i love this pleather weather. don't you?
5:42 am
>> vegan-friendly clothing. palmetto expressway southbound you're going to see this, not from this angle but the cameras facing down at 58th street. that's police obviously there. if you're traveling in the spot you're going to see a little bit of a slowdown in our southbound lanes. you see that, it's just there. traffic moving, i see a lot of green on the map. broward county guess what, we're still morning. quickly let's get to 595 and show you how drive times are and we're looking fantastic for our eastbound drivers. you see this time it's in the green, that means it's a good. things are good. it's only going to take you about 14 minutes. average speed here about 56 miles per hour. st. louis rams have a new home after nfl owners votedo allow them to move to a new stadium. the san diego chargers also have an option to share that facility and the oakland raiders also wanted to move to the l.a. area.
5:43 am
21 year absence from l.a. they will start playing there next season. hall of famer outfielder monte irvin whose career was l lited by the exclusion of black players has died. he joined the new york giants. he spent seven of his eight big league seasons with the giants and one year wh the chicago cubs. he was 96 years old. >> many people thought he would be the one to break the color barrier. he had to serve overseas. he was one of the great negro league players. reality star, khloe kardashian, she's set to discuss her relationship with lamarardom this morning on gma. >> but she had a scare in the air. what happened to her flight. 5:47 on this wednesday.
5:44 am
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what are you looking at? are you going to kiss me orhat? come on. no kisses? what kind of puppies don't give the animal advocate kisss? we're going to have to work on that, buddy. hi, guy. i'm jacey birch. this is rusty and ranger. the puppies, they will be giving you kisses if you adopt them. it's coming. there we go. i'm here with morgan at jeannie's rescue. they need lots of attention but you have quite the opposite over there. >> this is the ultimate snuggle bunny and she's full grown. >> you're adorable. you're going to give kisses and lay on the couch, right? >> yes. she's less than five pounds. she's very light and she likes to lay on me. >> she really does. okay. whwhher you want jazz, rusty or ranger, i have all the dogs for all of the different types of people.
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of them, just go to i have all the pictures, all their names and everything you need to know right there it. give me a kiss. how about now? how about now? there we go. i knew i could train you. see. this one could be yours. i already got him kissing. >> serious negotiating you did there. >> i had to work for it. a central virginia mother and daughter are pushing to end cat dissection. the teen says the assignment hit too close to home because her family has five cats. the 11th grader finishing up the school year in homom school. >> they said if you have a black cat, pick a white cat to dissect. i was just like that doesn't change anything. they are still a cat. >> mom has started a
5:47 am
end cat dissection all across virginia. solution to birds making a mess of their streets. may sound like a joke but it's not. the poop master 6,000. sounds like a seinfeld episode but it's tre to solve the bird poop problem. the cost is n nhing to laugh at. just running a six mgnth trial is costing the city $20,000. >> that's pretty funny. >> you know what else is funny, my producer trying to see how many times i can say poop today. >> that's three, one of our own. >> did you notice that? >> poop master 6,000, i have four kids. >> maybe you need one. >> i,000 it was simon. khloe kardashian says she was not worried following a scare in the air. >> coming up next find out why her plane had to make an emergency landing as she headed to new york city. caught on camera
5:48 am
shop. are the crimes connected? we have the one and only
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6:00. ends in a high-speed crash and it was all caught on the cruisers dash cam. police in oklahoma released footage of a chase that took them through three major highways and city streets. the truck finally stopped after it crashed head-on with a deputy. mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman sporting a new look, and he's back in the maximum security prison that he escaped from last year. the u.s. wants him brought into the states to face drug related indictments. that process could take more than a year to complete. meanwhile investigators areooking into the meeting with sean
5:50 am
a law professor at national's university sayshere would be little to prosecute penn or castillo unless money or gifts exchanged hands. she made the statement during an appearance on the dr. oz show. he's reportedly being treated by a doctor not licensed to practice in the u.s. sheen did not reveal what was involved in that treating original-- regimen. the gup will play a free concert in havana on march 6th. they will also meet with cuban s sdents as well as aspiring deejays. khloe kardashian tweeting that her flight was forced to make an emergency landing. they landed safely in las vegas after reports of smoke being reported.
5:51 am
bothered. >> shaken, not stirred. >> khloe kardashian headed to new york city for her appearance on "good morning america." she will be talking about her husband lamar odom's recovery. robber on the run after breaking into a smoke shop. >> we have the one and only exclusive video. plus are you waking up lucky this morning? the odds that you have the winning jackpot power ball ticket in
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developing right now, detained sailors freed. american service members released from iranian custody this morning after hours of questioning. we'll bring you the latest detetls. a final state of the union. president obama's plan for his last year in office and his criticisms of the candidates now vying for his job. plus another smoke shop robbed. one and only video and the crime it may be connected to. caught on camera beaten and robbed, surveillance video that left a store clerk bloodied and bruised. trending today, we're rececds from jackpot. we're hours away from a billion dollar prize. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. we're going to get right back to that big power ball story because i know that's what you
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