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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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become upset when the guy left the scene and left the two packages. >> he left the two packages without finishing -- >> correct. correct. that's what alerted to the postal inspector and that's w w we're here now. >> so the place is evacuated. >> the place is currently evacuated and we're crently waiting for the bomb squad from miami-dade county. >> haz-mat crews told us they cleared the envelope inside the post office saying they do not contain hazardous chemicals or substances. they know that much. but as you take one more look at sky 10 overhead, we know the bomb squad is still checking out the building, the fbi still looking to identify this person of interest as part of their investigation. officials are telling us they can working to releasing an image of that pson of interest rather. as soon as we get that image we will of course show it to you. hopefully you can help them out. live in beach, i'm andrew perez, local1 news. >> andrew, thanks. >> it's almost here.
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powerball drawing is coming. the lines having growing since saturday. that was the last time someone failed to hit the jackpot. >> yeah, i rlly thought i had the numbers, but the only place you can see of course the powerball drawing is right here on local10. our neki mohan live with the powerball mania switching the entire statend the country for that matter, neki. >> that's right, and it doesn't end, calvin. here in this mobile gas station you can see, hey, everybody, feel lucky tonight? >> we hope so. >> they have not stopped coming in. the clerk here -- i don't think he's going to get a break, because at -- until if i have 9:59 tonight you can buy a ticket and if you buy thright tickets you could be a winner. >> powerball tickets are printing at an all time record speed. over a billion people have bought tickets for tonight's drawing and the night is still young. it's like a must. it's a needed commodity out there, so everybody would like to get hands on some pretty hefty money
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>> laurie and her team are feeling lucky tonight.the jackpot they won in 2013 was $1 million. this $1.5 billion jackpot they couldn't resist. >> there are 28 people in the pool. we've never done it so large before. each person put in $75, so i believe that gave us $2,100 and we've got all our tickets. they're all p pnted. they've been distributed and tonight we're going to have a party and watch the numbers come out. >> they'll have their tickets stashed away for safekeeping tonight. everyone is dreaming of what they will do with that jackpot. >> maybe i'll retire. >> oh, yeah, i'm already retired. >> my family is to good, from here to jack can - -- jamarca -- five, six, seven, eight, nine. the winner. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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i'm giving the clerk he a little massage, it's going to be one of those nights. he's ready for the jackpot to roll over. he's worn out. but it very much could roll over. we all have a one in $292 million chance of winning, but there is a chance we could learn and it could roll over and who knows what that will be? psychologists say, lawmaker, just buy a ticket for this time it makes us feel better. so there you go. two dollars, therapy. back to you. >> well, consider -- >> i'm going to give calvin a massage now neki because he's so stressed over winning. >> i would love that. all right. there you go. >> funny. >> remember local10 is the only place you can watch tonight's drawing. it airs during local10 news at 11:00. >> and on a more serious note we have developing news out of miami gardens where there was a shooting just this afternoon. authorities say one person was shot, taken to the hospital. sky 10 was over the sea.
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no arrests have been made yet and no other details have been released at this point. >> how are you enjoying our cool change out there? here's a live look outside from our hollywood beach camera and you can see some folks are getting back out there, just a smattering of folks on the beach. >> chief meteorologist betty davis is here to tell us how long this cool weather will last and something in the tropics, right, betty. >> yeah. on this january day, sub tropical storm alex has formed. not a concern for us. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles an hour way out over the eastern atlantic. this says what it looks like on the infrared satellite view. there it is, churning over thosewaters and generally move on up toward the north and not bother us whatsoever. we can focus on our weather right here at home and the changes we're expecting tonight. cloudy out there, some showers moving in, some of that moisture already starting to work in over the keys in terms of showers. in the morning temperatures in the 60s and some showers around and by the afternoon we're going to
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so get ready for the round of wet weather that's going to be moving in towards south florida. temperatures currently 70 in miami and 67 in kendall, so if you are heading out this evening, it's still a touch on the cool side, but we're going to get a lot milder as we're rounding out the week. laurie. >> betty, thank you. now to the latest on the cuban migrant crisis. a man who knows their struggle for freedom. our hatzel vela first showed you the situation in costa rica oh last month and now he joins us from laredo texas with more. i want to show you what's happening right behind me. because what you see here is what folks here call bridge one. this is a popular entry point for the cuban migrants coming in from mexico into the u.s.
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people doing now, they cross that bridge, get to an immigration check point. that point they tell immigration officials that they're cuban, that they'r seeking political a see limb and that's when they get processed. that can take several hours. but waiting on the other side is this gentleman who says he's do you know and has been helping other cubans for quite sometime. >> 180 cuban migrants seen here wording a plain in costa rica and then hours later deboarding a plane in el salvador and now headed to the u.s. border. >> ruiz runs cubans in freedom. an organization that helps them once they arrive on the border. it was in 2014 when he started noticing an increasing amount of cuban migrants crossing. >> a lot of cubans every day. every day and i satisfy we need to help live here. >> cubans first arrived in this town on the mexican side by bus,
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it is here at the laredo international bridge where cubans will realize this is the end of their journey. from this point on they're on american soil. >> they cross the border and they see the customs immigration and say, i'm do you c cuban i want asylum. >> sounds easy, but by this time, cubans are exhaust and had many have run out of money, usually extorted by corrupt mexic authorities. he says just six days ago six young cubans crossed and because they had no money they had to give up their cell phones. >> a lot of cubans are so worried about -- >> once they get through that, things get easier. they need 25 cents to get through this check point. people here call bridge number one. then again although u.s. customs they have to say they're cubans seeking political asylum.
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work before finally walking out in laredo, texas, here in the states. word is that 180 of those cubans are now in the southern mexican border making their way up. now, this is just 180 out of 7800 total number of migrants which were in political limbo or migratory limbo. i should say the costa rica an government are going to do it twice a day to speed up the process. reporting live tonight on the u.s. mexican board, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> more to come thrghout the night. there are an untold number of children among those cubans headed to the u.s. and most will probably wind up right here in south florida. miami-dade schools are bracing for thousands of those children to show up to enroll. school board members talked about it today and they passed a resolution asking for washington forrinancial help. let's get to our senior reporter, michael chutney. laurie and calvin, miami-dade
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the cuban migrant kids. the school board wants washington to pay their fair fare. >> they should not force a financial crunch on our school system. >> but the superintendent and school board say the financial crunch is already happening. children of migrants from central america, especially holiday season -- hondoras. plus kids of do you know refugees. the numbers are staggering. more than 15,000 foreigner born children enrolled in miami-dade schools last year. nearly 4,000 from cuba. total cost, $41 million. and now a new wave inhe pipeline from costa rica. >> we have to bee ready. we shouldn't have to be begging the federal government every time we ve this. >> the school board today wasn't exactly begging, but they sent a strong message that washington has to absorb some of the cost.
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the state provides us of educativg a recently arrived child to be around $2,000,720. >> that is a cost absorbed by the local community with no subsidy from the federal government. >> miami-dade schools are getting strong support for federal aid from local members of congress. here's a letter from congressman that says the delegation is fully issue. coming. we don't know when they're comg. and we don't know who is coming. we don't know if they're families, if they have children, if they're singles, because we don't have any information from the federal government. >> and the federal government won't have this information until all these migrants are processed into the country. one bit of good news today, the president allocated an additional $70 million for refugee resettlement costs. we are in the video port this
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michael putney, local10 news. >> all right, michael. thanks a lot. let's take you out to wall street. stocks took a dive in a big way. the dow was down 364 points. closing out at 16851. closing outt 4526 and the s&p 500 down 50 poin closing outs below the 2000 mark at 1890. >> 11 minutes after 5:00. let's get a check on the afternoon rush with local 10 traffic reporter genice. hi, genice. >> let's take you west as you're leaving miami beach. there's a broken down car right around watson island. speeds clock nothing at 23 miles per hour. i-95 northbound in the express lane, there is some police activity going on. this is at northwest 119th street and a left lane blocked with speeds at 19 miles per hour. we've been talking about this suspicious package around washington avenue and 13th street. police have set up a perimeter so
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take your alternate, meridian avenue if you plan on heading in that direction. all lanes blocked as you are heading west. just wesof the turnpike, a crash there. again all lanes are blocked so you're looking at 16 mile-per-hour speeds. calvin? >> okay. genice. thanks a lot. two middle schoolers facing a judge in broward. they were arrested after one of them brought a loaded gun to school yesterday forcing two schools to go on lockdown. we'll have a report at 6:00. >> local10 consumer reporter is listening to you our viewers with used car complaints. don't miss today's call christina only on local10 news at 5:00 30:00. >> and we're getting a new look at joaquin el chapo guzman's new
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kept in solitarytt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q2;x tt2w`t2n`qt" "a@q"7< tt2w`t2n`qt" bm@q)
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have him extradited but that could take years. >> powerball fever is bringing thousands of the canadians to the u.s. to buy tickets, but a little known u.s. law could cause problems if they win. border towns like blaine, washington, are seeing an influx of canadians looking to win wednesday's $1.5 billion jackpot, but the law states if a candy buys a ticket, takes it home, then tries to bring it back into the u.s. they risk violating a law supporting so-called i am moral articles. but that's not stopping many from trying their luck. >> i'm 5% canadian. >> it brings a lott of people in that wouldn't orderly being coming in. >> i bought about 40 bucks. >> u.s. law doesn't forbid foreigners from buying tickets or winning the lottery. you don't have to be a u.s. citizen or resident to play. just don't take that picture back to canada. rememeer, local10 is the only place you can watch tonight's drawing. it airs at local10 news at local10.
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i am moral article. >> i had no idea, b with a billion dollars you can call me anything. >> i need to getne. what about you? i never got one yet. >> it won't matter think point. >> can you imagine how much lottery watch parties are going on out there tonight? >> so many eyes on local10 tonight as that powerball number comes up and hopefully it's your lucky night. not so lucky in weather with rainfall expected to move back into the area. so as we're staring out through the lens of our mallory scare camera we're seeing plenty of clouds from this this vantage point and the reporting station in key west actually showing some light rain in the area. miami, plenty of clouds, but no rain just yet. we're definitely going to continue to moisten up those skies and logical be active out there certainly by tomorrow. forecast, 70 degrees right now and plenty of clouds. mostly cloudy for the rest of the evening. by 9:00, maybe a shower trying to show up in one or two neighborhoods and the temperature by that time
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66 degrees as he blows his notices. sorry about that. here's the doppler radar. we are looking as i said some lighter rains moving in toward the lower keys so watching the skies there and then the radar is going to be a lot more active by tomorrow. that southwesterly flow, that is just not going anywhereny time soon. so it keeps us in the clouds and we get the occasional disturbances that roll through and it looks i guess like we've got one rippling through just in time for tonight into tomorrow. therefore thursday dreary and rainy and friday another system makes a run at us. and by 1:00 that one could send a gusty line of rain showers or storms across the area. so the weather will be changeable over the next 24 to 48 hours, but by friday night we should start to dry out and step into the weekend on a decent note. we'll start tomorrow morning around 60 degrees. highs climb toward 73, but clouds and rain in the area may make that
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some spots. by friday still getting milder, even though we are introducing the chance for rainfall as mentioned, we dry out on saturday. high around 80 degrees. the next cold front approaches. that brings rain early sunday and then behind it, mlk day looking mainly dry and cool. so we do have more we restuff -- wintry stuff playingut across our region. >> clay, are you okay. >> it's okay. everyone has to blow their nose sometimes. >> there is a new place to play in south florida. the newly renovated casino is now entertaining high rollers. we're going to show you around the gaming floor at 6:00. >> we have annvestigation over feeding ducks. a broward man goes to court using a stand yr ground defense after he was charged with assault. find out what happened coming up at 5:00 30:00. >> i'm clay ferraro and guess what? we're going to be able to buy a lot of cold medicine coming up soon?
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we've got the winning powerball numbers right here. we're going to show you what they should be using south florida sports history. coming up next.
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and now local10 sports with clay ferraro. >> we start with some dunes on dan campbell, the former dolphins interim coach has accepted a job as an assistant with the new orleans saints. that according to espn. the dolphins players loved campbell, but that wasn't enough for him to win the full-time job here, so he will rejoin his mentor in new orleans. powerball mania is craze yes than ever. so crazy in fact t tt our local10 sports department actually bought a ticket for the first time. sure, you could let the machine pick your numbers for you, but that's boring, right, so we picked our own numbers with some south florida sports favorites. the first number, number three. this one was the one.
5:21 pm
number three, dwyane wade, he's helped lead the heat to three nba championships too. >> the next number, five. this is for the number of championships in football. 1983, 87, nine and 91. of course the 2001 title capped off by this thrashing of nebraska in the rose bowl. the third number is 12 in honor of the rtly sunny recent 12 game winning streak. yes it ended on monday night, but this was a lot of fun and got south florida buzzing about the cats for a first time in a long time. hopefully a lot more to come. the first number dan morino and maybe the most amazing part of his career is that he still holds nfl records, including the most games showing for 400 or more yards. crazy considering how much more pass happy the league is today, compared to when number 13 played. and our fifth number, 27, in honor of the heat's 27 game winning streak in 2013. this streak became news again this season when the warriors went on
5:22 pm
still the warriors fell short losing in their 25th game and remember that heat team went on to win a title as well. and our powerball number, 17, for the greatest accomplishment in south florida sports history, the 72 dolphins perfect 17-0 season. the fins are the only undefeated super bowl champs. the very definition of power. here's a look at t ticket. yes, this is the actual ticket that i have got in my hand. three, five, 12, 13, 27, and the powerball number right there, you see it, is 17. guys, we know we left out the marlins and there was a reason for that. if we do win the $1.5 billion minus taxes and all that we are seriously thinking of pooling the money together and buying the miami marlins. >> we want to be included, yes. >> i like that idea. >> i do too. >> maybe run a a little bit better. >> numbers with a purpose here. all right. good luck, clay.
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>> we are seeing surveillance video from a restaurant robbery that actually had an explosive threat. >> victor and genice with more what's happening at 5:00 30:00. laurie and calvin they claimed to have gas bombs and said they would set them off if they did not get the cash. we'll give you another look at the robbers ahead at 5:00 30:00. >> in the market for a used card. consumer reporter christina vazquez has tips to keep you from getting burned by a she a ahead deal. news at at 5:00 30:00 will be right
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>> local10 live streaming >> local10 news starts right now. >> off the top at 5:00 30:00. a pair of gas bomb robbers caught on doom ra holding up a denny's. that wasn't the only placece they hit, threatening to set the cashier on fire if they did not get the cash. >> now detectives of hoping someone recognizes them from this surveillance video. local10 is live in oakland park
5:25 pm
>> the two most vicious crimes from that couple happening on sunday. as you mentioned the first one here at this denny's in oakland park. apparently going in and threatening the cashier that they would burn her alive if she didn't turn over the cash. >> take a good look at this couple walking into this oakland park denny's with a sinister plan. the two just out of view, the cashier immediately noticing the couple reeked of gas fumes. first the two asked for chain for a $10 bill then allegedly show her a bottle filled with gasoline and a lighter, demanding the money or she'd be lit on fire. she hands over the cash and the couple takes off. >> it's not right. it's just so horrible. the lady was terrified. >> employees at the denny's say the cashr in the video works overnight and just combat got backfrom maternity leave. >> she just had a baby, so i would be devastated. >> the bonnie and collide allegedly
5:26 pm
leaving the note behind. really sorry. empty the register as quickly and calmly as possible. we have guns and gas bombs. detectives say it was just yesterdayhe very same couple was caught onn camera and stealing a number of items. >> people working gray yard working hard, these people come in and threaten to burn them on fire. how terrible. >> and in that 7-eleven video, the conditional was seen getting into what appead to be a dark colored sedan. if you have any information, ca broward crime stoppers. that numbe 954-493-tips. >> we're live in oakland park, derrick shore, local10 news. >> in the meantime we also continue following breaking news in miami beach where two were suspicious packages were found at the post office.. >> that's right, victor, this is washington avenue and 13th street where these two suspicious packages were found that t st office. while they're working the scene
5:27 pm
you are going to expect some roadblocks if you are heading inn that direction. we're also going to have a live report on this a bit later. let's zoom on into take a close are lolo. again this is washington avenue and 13th street that's where you'll find this heavy police activity while they work to investigate those suspicious packages. at this point take your alternate to avoid any issues as you're driving out and about. also want to let you know about this accident on i-95 northbound. this accident is actually in the express lanes. it looks like those speeds are at 33 miles per hour. janine and victor. >> thank you. local10 investigator bob norman with a follow up to a story he first brought you two weeks ago. a broward man using a stand your ground defense after was charged with battery following a fight with a neighbor who had taken issue with him feeding a family of ducks. here is bob's report. >> i deny the stand your ground motion.
5:28 pm
circuit judge stand your motion denied, the nightmare for quentin putnam continued. >> ycu look shell shocked. >> i am. it was back in 2014 that putnam's arrest made international headlines and it all began with his feeding a family of ducks at his home in davie. >> i wanted to show a little kindness to a little family, a mother and her baby ducks. >> a neighbor, david lawn became angry at putnam for feeding the ducks, which many consider nuisances and a psical altercation began, during which both men suffered minoread injuries. davie police charged putnam with felony battete on a person over the age of 65. >> i'm 55-year-old old, never been in trouble in my life. >> witnesses said they saw putnam strike lawn several times while theyeyere on the ground, but putnam insists it was only to subdue lawn after lawn attacked him. >> there's certainly some issues on the case, but with regard to whether it's -- it's stand your ground, i just don't see it.
5:29 pm
admitted in a deposition she didn't actually see how the squabble began. meanwhile putnam says he lost a job as a result of the flown charge and last week lost his home. >> so one day you're feeding a duck and then you're homeless. >> yeah, i'm fortunate enough at the last minute a friend of mine stepped in and offered me to stay at his house with my cats cats and my birds of birds. i had absolutely nowhere to go. >> it looks like what's next for this case will be the trial which putnam, the defendant says can't happen soon enough. in the courthouse i'm bob norman, local 10 news. >> he refused to speak with bob about the case. local10 consumer reporter christina vazquez fields a lot of complaints and many experts say consurs become victims of fraud after trying to buy or sell a car online. she's tracking the latest online scam with he of car buying
5:30 pm
>> you may remember edwin who was shopping online for a used car. >> i start searching for this car on craigslist and i found it and i thought that it was an amazing deal. >> the seller told him the purchase was through suspicious, he called the website. when i called them, they say, no, no, no, we don't sell cars. >> we knew that a lot of people were getting duped. >> jeff says education is key. his website informs consumers on how to spot fraud when buying and selling cars. >> so he says, hi, is your 1997 jaguar sjx4 door green luxury sedan for sale still? >> that text message is a response to a post about a used car for sale. sounds innocent, right? >> nobody talks like tt. they would say, hi, is your jaguar still available. >> look what happens next. the buyer requests a vehicle history report and sends him a link that turns out to be an unsecured website, enter credit card
5:31 pm
>> they're just e-mailing it to themselves. now they have your credit card number. it's a complete total pairdigm shift. unc you're selling a car and you're ending up talking into the vortex of a fishing scam. >> he also cautions of frauds using craigslist to gain youronfidence. >> there it is, the warning is there and they always ignore it. any time you hear the words western union, cashier's check, shipping company. when you hear those kinds of things, you need toun as fast as you can, because craigslist i is local use only. it's supposed to be cash and carry. >> it looks official. >> and then there's the scam requesting you return money because of over payment. >> it's on docugaurd paper and everything, so it looks real. these guys are hot on your trail within 48 hours saying the check should clear by now, get the money out, and send me the change. >> he says after the check bounces, the bank comes to you to make up the shortage. and remember to go to
5:32 pm
there you will find the "call christina" used car shopping checklist before giving anyone your hard earned cash for a used car. >> spiel spend mor lime for a water mel land than they will for a car purchase. >> he tells us allah just a minute opping sites a ae secure and begin with https. if you don't see that don't give up your personal information. in the newsroom, christina jazz. >> christina, thank you. >> a virginia woman is using her hobby to help save her own life. she's making these colored quilted bowl koozies. debbie has systemic sinclair derma. it's an -- she explains how these quilted koozies work. >> if you put this whole thing in the microwave, then thank you take it out like this and you don't burn
5:33 pm
>> the go fund me campaign to help with contributions. debbie says she'll continue to make the bowl kristine frazao right until she goes -- >> police say y was an unexpected surprise that helped track him down. afterra nationwide manhunt, donald pugh was captured in escambia county. he was able to elude police but he wasn't laying low. >> for the past few weeks mr. pugh has been taunting law enforcement, taking a picture of himself and posting it to police department pages saying, this picture is also better. he's also called into radio stations in ohio kind of teasing them that he's still on the run. >> pugh is now facing charges in several states. police say the selfie he upload the helped lead to the arrest helping them to u the hashtag thanks for the selfie. >> there are no shortage of these stories in florida, are they. >> we must have the dumbest bad guys around.
5:34 pm
in arkansas after they were caught on camera using a pot in a pretty gross way. a cuomer recorded two women. one treating the other's hair using a pot of boiling water in the restaurant's kitchen. after the video surveyed on line -- surveillance cameras online. the arkansas health department also ordered a full inspection of the restaurant. >> and i just thought it was nasty and i needed to let somebody see this. >> okay. the restaurant passed its inspection and it was allowed to reopen, so there you go. >> i agree with antonio, pretty nasty. >> all right. two middle schoolersnd their parents were in court today after a gun was found in their school yesterday. we're learning more about where that loaded gun may have come from coming up in a live report at 6:00. >> a controversial village steal will remain after a village wide vote this week. coming up wll explain what has people so upset. >> first we're hearing from peopl who were saved from their apartment building that was caught on fire by
5:35 pm
>> and as we head to a quick break here a live picture from o o mount see nay medical center tower camera in miami beach, shaping up to be another nice cool night. we'll check in w wh betty davis
5:36 pm
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in massachusetts four people are thanking a strange for saving their lives after a fire broke out in their apartment building while they were all asleep, but the man who saved them doesn't think of himself as a hire row. he says he did what had to be done. >> the fire is raging, parts of the buing building falling to the ground and still a firefighter is up on his ladder doing all he can to control the it's fern - -- it's fern oh. even before their fire trucks arrived, two strangers driving by spotted the flames and knew that people were in trouble. >> we didn't think twice. we just parked the car and, boom, went inside the house and just started knocking on windows and doors saying the house is on fire. everybody out. everybody o!t. i didn't know nothing. i was inside sleeping. >> this woman was up on the third floor where the fire started but had no idea the danger she was in ideal he rang her bell yelling
5:38 pm
>> oh, thank god. god is so good. >> and the fire alarm didn't go on, nothing. her son and daughter were alone on the second floor. they too had no idea. >> he rang it is doorbell and he was like your house is on fire. >> it was a frantic scramble, but he was able to get to all four people inside who now credit him with saving their lives. >> i guess we all got lucky tonight. we all are lucky tonight. >> everyoneot out safely. one firefighter suffered some minor burns but should make a full recovery. there's still no word on what caused that fire. >> thank goodness for that guy. wow. you know what i mean? >> dramatic scene there. you have the snow coming in. >> who needs a powerball when you have a guy saving your life. love it. >> let's talk weather right now. betty davis is joining us. i feel like there's a rollercoaster ahead. we have a little cold, a little rain, a little warm. >> i'm freeze zag he's freezing over there. help us out. >> ups and downs. some more changes to talk about.
5:39 pm
we didn't make our high of 74, which is the norman for this time of the --norm for this time of year. a 4-degree in march. at least by south florida standadas. fort lauderdale made it up to 73. below average there too. at this very hour we still see 70 in miami and 71 in fort lauderdale while key west is at 64. so we are definitely stepping into the evening on a cool note. utubborn clouds. that continues to be the story across much of south florida. it's going to be the story tomorrow as well. this is the satellite and radar imagery for the sunshine state. pensacola, nice clearing there, but once you head into other areas of north florida and head on down the peninsula, yes, that is rainfall. you're now starting to see pushing in toward the lower keys, some
5:40 pm
key west, so this is the story as we head for overnight into tomorrow we're going to have some showers in the area. this forecast model showing that into thursday morng and evening even we could have some showers out there and then we won't be done with it even then. we're going to expect another round to move through on friday and between thursday and friday this model is showing that we could accumulate maybe more than 1.5" for miami and kendall, homestead may be topping 2" of rainfall over the next couple days, and fort lauderdale could be soggy as well, so be prepared for some wet weather even as temperatures get a little lder so we're changing things up yet again. i do want to mention that out in the tropics we have our first main stem. it's occurring outside the season. sub tropical storm alex way out in the eastern atlantic, not a threat for us. no worries there. if you're headed to the beaches tomorrow, water temperature around 76 degrees. the rainfall, though, that may spoil some of our plans. taking the boats out, moderate chop on the bays.
5:41 pm
highs climb to about 73. make sure you have your rain gear@ handy between thursday and friday. we dry out on saturday, stronger cold front approaches to knock our temperatures down into the 50s by monday morning. janine. >> betty, thank you. it turns out the people living in a village in upstate new york with this unusual field did not find it so controversial. a nonbinding vote was held to consider changing this official seal which appears to be show the town's founder a white man choking a native american. representatives say the seal shows the founder wrestling the may have been american and the village voted overwhelmingly to keep the seal. >> a search crew looking for the missing m malaysian -- it was found off the coast of western australia last who and the crews are look are for the missing flight which disappeared back in 2014.
5:42 pm
and crew on board. ship wreck experts say that the ship is liking made of steel and iron and dates from the turn of the century, the 19th century. >> and in portland, the downtown business alliance is renting this zambony like machine to clean up bird droppings downtown. it's called the poopmaster 6,000. you heard right. it's job is to clean up the mess left by thousands of crows whore's in the trees in the winter. it costs $2,000 a month to rent versus 60,000 plus operating costs to buy. it will be operating in downtown portland until the crows leave in the spring. >> great team. >> the circus is in town, but the evil aunts won't be -- elephants. >> ringling brothers and barn up and bailey circus is planning on rear tiger the animals after being criticized, fined and sued over the animal acts.
5:43 pm
>> it's the last tour for april, mabile. once may comes around these asian elephants will no longer be part of the greatest show on earth. instead they'll retire at a 200 conservation in cenal florida. this day and age we can focus ourprimary concentration on our conservation efforts and our research. >> it came ahead of schedule. the elephant acts were supposed to continue through 2018 but amid increasing outcry from the public and with more and more local governments passing anti circus and anti elk faint ordinances it became difficult to fight legislation and organized tours. elephants have been an iconic signal for ringling. >> we recognize this is a bittersweet decision and will change 145 years of the circus history, but we think it's in the best interest of ringling brothers and the elephants and the role they're going to continue to play about this endangered species.
5:44 pm
up bailey is looking at new ways to entertain offices. like this bmx stunt show. the elephants will still perform at the american airlines arena. and you'll still see those classic circus acts, and a few other animals. organizers say the circus will still keepy involving, but they're not giving away any of their secrets just yet. >> we'll miss the elephants, they've been a part of ringling brothers for decades, but this is a change that we knew it was time to make. genice fernandez, local10 news. >> there's a lot of activity in the local10 newsroom right now. here's some of the stories we have coming up. two middle school students facing some very adult charges after a loaded gun was found at their school. we'll tell what you their parents had to say to the judge. >> there's a new place to play in south florida. we will show you around the newly renovated casino in danub beach. >> we have details about the untimely death of a former follows player who was serving time in a california prison. >> we continue to follow breaking
5:45 pm
two suspicious envelopes left at the post office at 13th and
5:46 pm
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right now on the one and only, your first ever look at the massive renovations inside the casino at danube e beach. >> to do tongue it's is live to ---- todd. you know, it's been a highlight fixture in this neighborhood for 62 years. it's been closed over the past several american red cross for this veteran investigation. no one happier to see it open than
5:49 pm
the street and now it is in its grand reopening. >> it's been called the fastest fort played by man. today it's reborn as the entertainment center as a sixties million dollars renovation. it took three american red cross to renovate the fronton and casino, but the sport that has been plad here for 62 years is on showcase once again. >> it's been totally redone. it's brand new seating, 500eats, a brand new court, score board, everything is new in there. >> and the fans of the sports who remember it in its hey day came out to see the new look. >> i've been coming here since the '70s. the place was so jamcked you couldn't get a seat. i love this. how can you go wrong with thi >> the new casino floor has been completely redone after changingg owners over the past few years. the family that owns and runs magic
5:50 pm
turn the facility into a play area. they closed down last october and have been working furiously to open for a soft open today. it certainly has that new casino smell. 880 games. we've got everything from the games that have been in casinos for 50 years to the newest games, britney spears, dragon spins. >> patrons will be pleased to see a new expanded parking entrance and the second floor has a 23 table poker room, a sports bar and a small cast lounge -- the end of the month we'll open up what we call stage 954 which is an entertainment venue. it seats 850 team. it will be jefferson star ship laurie and calvin -- along with gary >> foreignerrer sometime in march. they also import about a dozen highlight players, professional highlight players from spain and
5:51 pm
on the sececd floor, that opens tomorrow. in danube e beach, local10 news.s. >> a lot of history that place. >> it's got the new casino smell. >> that's going to do it for local10 news at 5:00 30. >> laurie and calvin back for the news at 6:00. >> thanks a lot, guys. >> we continue working breaking news. a large crime scene at the miami beach post office and now just released surveillance sixties. >> who wants to be a billionaire. >> when is the warm up, your weather authority has the answer and also tracking a new main storm in the tropics. >> kids in court after being arrested at school and the judge parents. >> the onend only local10 on the u.s. mexican b border as cuban migrants make their way up north. >> right now at 6:00. developing story out of miami beach where there is a large police presence because of some suspicious packages. the scenenvolves a post office and a section of the beach has been blocked off.
5:52 pm
working the scene and he's leave with the details. andrew. authorities right now at this hour they're working to find one person connected to the scene. we actually have a photo of this person. it just came into our newsroom that i want you to go ahead and take a look at. authorities are saying that this person's behavior was very suspicious even before he left behind these large envelopes that you can kind of see there in the photos that are in his hands. both envelopes, authorities say were dressed to the fbi. >> haz-mat crews set up as the fbi sets up a perimeter. >> we're currently waiting for bomb squad to clear the packages. >> authorities searching for a man who entered this post office, leaving two large envelopes he was trying to mail behind. >> the post office inspector says the envelopes were addressed to the fbi. >> his behavior was suspicious to the postal employees and so living in the era of see something, say something, the postal authorities decided to call. >> that man according to fire
5:53 pm
he had issues trying to mail them.
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