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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> laurie: and hands held up,
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good >> here you go. who wants to be a billionaire! >> will your dreams become a reality and good luck, south florida! >> can you believe it, america? a world record jackpot and it's coming to you right now! get ready! this is powerball. good evening, america. i'm sam marlin. tonight's jackpot is approaching 1.6 billion dollars! that is billion with a b. i hope you have your tickets. good luck! the first number is 8. right after that america we ve the number 27. here's peter from massachusetts and peter won one million dollars by matching all 5. next is 34 and after that the number 4 and we're going to wind it up this evening with
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all right, now for your winning powerball number. good luck to you! it is the number 10 tonight and that power play multiplier is 2. >> we'll see you back here saturday night. >> th life-changing numbers 8-27-34-4-19 and the lucky powerball number is 10! >> laurie: let's hope they're lifer-changing for you out there! oh, my gosh. check again. we''ll leave them up for just a moment. we'll make sure and i know we have the pool here. about a million tickets to check. well, maybe 100. >> we haven't heard screams yet, but if you do, that means we will not be here tomorrow! but those are the winning numbers and, of course, on we hope you won. good luck!
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post office bringing out the hazmat team and fbi. it began with a man that wanted to send the envelopes to the fbi! >> laurie: our reporter has more on that. >> reporter: he storms out of the post office today and leaves behind two envelopes ughly the size of this notepad here and just keeps on going. authorities say his action triggered a large response. >> we're currently waiting for the bomb squad from the miami-dade county. >> the area locked down and hazmat crews suited up. taking no chances after suspicious activity inside this miami beach post office. >> we received a call about 2:55 this afternoon of 2 packages delivered by a subject >>reporter: authorities searching for this man who entered the post office off washington and 13 street. he walks in with two large novembers seen in the surveillance photo. the envelopes addressed to the fbi and after issues trying to
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envelopes and leaves. >> his behavior was suspicious to the postal employees so living in the era ofsee something say something, the postal employees decided to call. >> that call led to the evacuation and the fbi headed out%to search for this man. it's unclear right now ghat was inside the envelopes, but they were eventually deemed safe. now they just want answers. sth, going on the suspicion of the behavior and then now addressed to the fbi and just obviously we're in talks with them and all addressed to the actual fbi actresses but we don't know what's in them. >> reporter: so the fbi wants you to take another really, really good look at this guy. they're saying they have many questions for him. again, no hazardous substances found. nothing like that found. no word what wafound. anyone with information on this person of interest is encouraged to kault number on the screen. 877-876-2455. live tonight in ami beach,
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>> thanks a lot. police searching for the couple caught on camera threatening the denny's cashier to be set on fire and they walk in on east commercial boulevard near dixie highway. the cashier says they smelled like gasoline and showed her a bottle filled with gas and a lighter. they demanded cash and threatened to light her on fire if she did not cooperate. police say the same couple was spotted stealing items from a 7-11 store in dania ach. if you have any idea who these two are, call police. a>> laurie: two, one an honor roll student, waiting to learn their fate aftft bringing a loaded gun on campus. the incident happened yesterday at apollo middle school in hollywood. one student showed another classmate the gun and police say when other students spotted the gun, the two boys panicked and tried to hide it. school security then called police. the scare caused apollo middle and other schools to be put on
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>> sailors release friday iranian prison after drifting into iranian territory but still questions about their capture and release. now the latest. >> reporter: the white house says the quick release shows diplomacy at work but others say video you're about to see shown on iranian tv is troubling. we're seeing new video of the two american boats surrounded and then the surrender. 10 american sailors kneeling, hands on their heads. throughout the night reports that secretary of state john kerry would make 5 calls demanding their release. explaining their entry into iranian territorial water was a mistake. meanwhile the passports are examined, they're fed and questioned. >> why did you come into iranian territory water? >> it was a mistake and we apologize. >> asked how they were treated. >> the behavior was great while we were here. we thank you for your hospitality and assistance.
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were released, questions remained about whether the ilor who spoke was doing so voluntarily and why they were & disarmed, on their knees. >> why didn't they call for help? why wasn'there anyone to help them. why didn't they tow themselves away and why did they allow themselves to be taken hostage by the iranians without a fight. >> and the u.s. says the quick release is the sign of better relations between the united states and iran about the nuclear deal that's about to take effect but others contend this is iran challenging and even humiliating the united states. >> laurie: we're going to stay on this. janine, thank you. >> calvin: now to the latest on the cuban migrant crisis in central america. >> many stuck in legal limbo finally make theiringway north. the first wave traveling from costa rica is now in mexico as part of the program to help them get to the states. now live from the texas-mexico board. hatsel? >> reporter: and laurie, tonight i've been in touch with several relatives and family and friends of these migrants making their way up north.
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ththe migrants could be here in 24-36 hours. daniel shows us dinner. cuban rotisserie chicken on the go. they use cell phones to keep in touch with 180 said to be making their way through mexico. this is new video of them arriving and check nothing with mexican immigration officials. this person who lives in hialeah earlier said he's waiting on 6 migrants. 3 of them are cousins. others just frien. he plans to drive all of them back to miami. they're desperate and anxious to get here, he says. >> people say wow, we have so many people. >> this man runs cubans and freedom, an organization he
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by the time they get here, many are broke, often targets of unscrupulous and corrupt mexican airport officials. >> anthey immediately know when they're cuban or from another country. >> they're extorted for money or anything luable they carry. but once on this bridge, steps away from the new life. the half point of the laredo international bridge is american soil. unlike other migrants, when they get to the security point, cubans can simply state they're seeking political asylum. that's when they get processed and eventually released. and so talk being 180 migrants in limbo and hoping to put out 2 flights a day so that these migrants can make their way up north. for now report live on the mexican-u.s. border, local 10 news. >> what a human drama. thank you! and the mexican prison authorities say they're moving
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cell right now to prevent another escape. so far he's been in 8 different cells with surveillance cameras watching every move and the guard his cell door around the clock. mexican authorities released the new mug shot of the drug king pen. he has a shaved head and is wearing a gray prison shirt. he's now back in the maximum security prison. the same one he escaped from last year. >> the rough start to the year as stocks took a dive once again today. the dow jones, nasdaq a s&p 500 all fell today. the dow was down#364 points while the s&p 500 dropped nearly 50 points and closed below 1900. u.s. markets have been volatile this month as concerns grow about the economies of of china and the middle east. >> a home for hili. it's giving high rollers a new place to play. we'll go inside coming up. >> calvin: and racing after an avalanche strikes in the swiss alps. two of the victims killed. >> reporter: yes, still kind of
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look at fort lauderdale at 63 . chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know what kind of warm up we're expecting for thursday and friday and why you may need the umbrella. >> reporter: and i'm carlos suarez live on board the bus filled with teachers from across south florida heading to tallahassee for a rally on education. we'll prevuetheir message and the -- preview their message and the story after the break. >> 8-27-34-19 and the lucky powerball number is 10.
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good luck. >> new at 11 tonight, hundreds of teachers from south florida rally. ey'll join educators from
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>> the reason make sure politicians don't shortchange education. we'll have more on the voice even tonight. carlos? >> reporter: calvin and laurie, you can hear utd which is the united teachers of dade basically organizing this. we're on one of several busses that will make its way to tallahassee where we're set to take part in the rally tomorrow morning with professionals from across miami-dade county. they are part of the group to rally and raise awareness on the number of issues and include testing over teacher pay. lawmakers are set to take up a number of bills that express concerns and then it's spending and it's difficult to deliver considering governor rick scott
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in tax cuts. >> we used to be beginning teacher pay is $45,000 and the numbers don't add up. the math doesn't add up. >> utd! >> reporter: and some 3,500 teachers will make up the organizational rally taking place on the steps of the capitol. they' running a little behind schedule but set to be in tallahassee a little after 8:00 in the morning. we're going to have much more on the story coming up on the local 10 morning news. for now live in the city of miami gardens, carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> calvin: all right, safe travels to tallahassee tomorrow. and you have a new place to play after the casino in dania beach re-opened called the dania entertainment center. it had the soft opening today. the casino was closed for several months while undergoing renovations. the home of high life f f more than 60 years has a brand new
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>> been going here since the 70s to this place. in high line playing all afternoon and the place was jam packed. there were so many people you couldn't get a seat here. i love what they've done. look how beautiful! how can you go wrong with this? >> calvin: i agree. the renovation cost 60 million and includes a new entertainment venue that sits 850 people. >> laurie: call this the follow-up file. remember the carsickle? encased in ice? it was finally towed away earlier this afternoon but it had just been sitting there frozen in the new york parkrkay and it took them that long to drag it onto the truck. >> if you didn't have a good reason that right there alone is enough to justify whatever you pay for the mortgage and rent. >> remember the days of taking out credit cards? >> the little spatula action
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>> digging down by the tire? and it is so nice. even though i know a lot of you are saying to yourselves it's cool out by comparison. what we have going on out there is really nothing. it's 65 right now in hialeah and miami. fort lauderdale at 63. the keys stuck in the 60s all day long and we'll lose a few more degrees later on tonight and start in the lower 60s though this model is painting 55 for fort lauderdale and that's a bit overdone around 60. that's where most areas generally will s4art. we're still a bit on the coolish sides with that northerly component to the winds. north miami with 5 mph and more northwest and homestead sustained around 7 mph. the doppler radar not terribly active at this point and keep an eye on the returns we see over the straits and now starting to approach key west. sothis is going to be the area
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some light showers at least as we're heading to tomorrow morning and then we can see more showers scattered about as we get through the day. cloud and radar imagery looking very similar to yesterday with all the clouds, right? the upper level flow from the southwest still sending a lot of clouds over the sunshine state so that is not changing as we're heading into tomorrow and we'll have more moisture added into the mix and the opportunity for showers in the forecast. so the expectation is for winds to be from the northeast and then shifting to the east. we'll call it a dreary and rainy day as scattered showers are expected to be in the area and then another system starts to approach by friday and this one, too, brings the opportunity for rain and maybe blustery storms as well as the region. and then it is going for the model that's showing and start
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us upup for the decent start to come out. the hurricane atlantic basin, the hurricane senate doesn't start until june 1st but who cares! tropical storm alex. it's 655 miles south/southwest of the azors and it's these group of islands right here with the tropical storm and called subtropical because it's not purely tropical with the warm pour we associate with the purely tropical storm. but either way not a threat to the u.s. and this is that system closer and right now the maximum susuained winds at 60 mph and it is traveling to the northeast and basically staying
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waters of the north atlantic. bottom line don't worry about it. and then it is to those clouds with the temperatures getting milder and another comes through and cooling down for mlk day. then the weather authority is watching and tracking. meteorologist julie durdy gets started at 4:30 and she'll be here to let you know where the rain is out in the morning. guys? >> laurie: betty, thank you. >> calvin: we'll say this dripping with envie. breaking news from california where that loud screeching noise you heard from out ththe window, coming from chino, california. >> laurie: lottery officials say there is one winner in chino hills, california. we're still waiting for updates from other states. of course, remember the
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district of columbia, there could be a couple winners out there but at least one. >> calvin: could be one from south florida. betty says she has a niece in chino hills, california. she's now my cousin, too! still ahead tonight, one problem with stealing the 18-wheeler? they're not very fast! see how cops finally stopped this big rig coming up. >> reporter: good evening, south florida. constance jones with the traffic alert. if you're traveling in broward county eastbound and westbound lane shut down at sunrise boulevard between middle river drive and u.s. 1. this is all part of the long-term construction plan. don't forget to get the flu virus hits big. with aches, chills, and fever,
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we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from
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today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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but a man is facing charges after stealing this big rig in texas and leading police on the chase. it began northeast of dallas. the 18-wheeler reported stolen. they had to use stop sticks but the driver tried to speed ax way on the rims for most of the chase. it came to the end when the suspect drove down a dead-end road 42 miles from where he started. but that began a standoff between the man and police. the truck was surrounded and s.w.a.t. vehicle was brought in right next to the truck's cab to bring this standoff to an end. >> calvin: investigators trying to figurute what caused an oil rig to catch fire in oklahoma. several roads shut down as they worked to battle the fire. all crews are safe and reportedly accounted for. it predto a dozen utility trucks and other equipment on the property. search is undeay for victims in the french alps. it struck while a group of school children were there with their children and a 14-year-old french opportunity
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a second french teenager and a skier reportedly killed. the children's teacher taken to the local hospital. >> reporter: up next in the mercedes benz sports report, big news about the big deal for a marlins star and the heat fight on about one of their stars. how are they doing under the bright lights in l.a. >> and if powerball numbers didn't quite match up the play 3, fantasy 5 and your lotto
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>> time now for the mercedes benz sports report. the marlins have given the
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with his great year. he agreed to the 5-year deal worth 50 million dollars according to fox sports. there is another option year in there. he led the league in hitting and that deal keeps the two sides out of salary arbitration. and the bad news for the heat before the tip off against the clipper. they had to send lor know home with the calf injury. he'll have an mri upon returning to miami and you can tell he was bummed about it. >> and it is part of the deal. >> and here comes miami. how about chris bosh going to
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with that friendly bounce d later on bosh again. and this spin right here is pretty. the heat leading it 47-44 in the second quarter. the panthers visiting calgary tonight. this started off poorly and hasn't gotten better. luongo and net a rough night. sam bennett not one, not 2, how about 3 goals in the first period and trailing 5-0 in the third period and one-time dolphins quarterback phillips found dead of a suspected suicide in his prison cell. this after being convicted of choking his girlfriend and driving his car into 3 teenagers. phillips played 2 games for e fins in 1997 after a stellar career at nebraska. he was 40 years old. dan campbell was not out of work for long. the former interim head coach is on the way to new orleans as an assistant coach. he was a member of the saints
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the super bowl injured that year and then peyton is one of his mentors so it all fits. campbell players love him with the dolphins but not enough to t him the full time job in miami. the former dolphins head coach joe philbin could soon have a new gig as well while the early report says it could be with multiple reports tonight and philbin says they could be heading to the giants possibly as the new ofbsive coordinator. and that is the mercedes benz sports report, guys. >> calvin: okay, all right. long faces tonight because we did not win. >> reporter: and in case you're wondering that ticket with all the south florida sports numbers? one number right! 27 for the heat's 27. >> calvin: i think you get like 4 bucks for that. >> we'll take it! >> laurie: don't lose faith. don't know. >> calvin: keep hope alive! >> laurie: tomorrow, betty?
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