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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 14, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EST

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>> you guys are this morning on "world news now," breaking news, a city under attack. >> bodies lay dead in jakarta after a series of bomb blasts rocked the capital city of indonesia, the nation with the largest muslim population in the wowod. the latest just ahead. >> sailors on display, is americans held in iran freed. but why were they held in the first place. the obama administration claiming dim thecy prevented a crisis. >> battling back, donald trump drawing a huge crowd last night and defending himself after fellow republican nikki hil seemingly criticized his rhetoric. what thi may mean for the republican race as the republican candidates gear up for another debate this evening. > we have winners. the record breaking powerball drawn last night and at least three winning ticks. we're on the hunt for america's newest millionaires on this
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." hey, good morning, everyone. america's lucky again. >> america'sucky again because we have several winners and if they're watching at this hour, we'd like to say call us, please. i can do with a little bit of a loan. but man, what excitement. we saw those scenes in chino, california, at the 7-eleven there, one of the many places where there were some jackpot winners. >> we have a bit of news of our own here on "world news now." remember i made fun of the 25 people on our staff went in for a pool and we have big news. they did get the powerball, not the powerball, a powerball. the one powerball number whi means that the 25 folks on our staff will be splitting 16 cents a piece. >> not even a full dollar. >> oh, no, 16 cents a piece. one person did purchase a fur coat. 16 cents will be going towards that fur coat. >> congratulations to our co-workers with 16 cents.
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because it is going to be a very good morning for all of those people in california, tennessee, florida. they are at least three winning ticks in that biggest jackpot in world shift. >> and the california ticket was sold in chino hills. that's east of los angeles. check out the crowds. we were talking about. they've descended on the 7-eleven where the ticket was sold. hundreds of people chanting, high fiving the store manager. there should be free slurpees for everybody. >> the jackpot had been building for several weeks to nearly $1.6 billion. millions of us pooled our money or plunked down two bucks for a chance at an instant fortune. but here'sed got news folks. we've just learned saturday's jackpot is the now $40 million. > and, of course, you have to remember there are winners of smaller prizes. check your numbers 4, 8, 1, 27, 34, the powerball is 10. advice on what to do next time, there's a megajackpot coming up
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>> of course, we'll have more on that, as well as you mentioned. but we want to get to the other big breaking news story coming from overseas. attackers is setting off a series o explosions in the indonesian capital of jakarta. >> one target was a busy downtown starbucks calf fair where attackers may have used grenades or suicide bombs to driger the blast 37 at least three civilia were killed along with three attackers. >> heavily armed gunmen entered a nearby police station triggering a gun battle that went on for hours leaving at least one officer dead. so far no one has claimed responsibility and it's unclear if but in recent weeks, police had warned that islamic militantsence were planning something big and because of indonesia indonesia's an large muslim population, it's become a huge recruiting ground for isis. >> the ten american sailors briefly detained by iran now released.
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this video apology staged. saying the sailors actions was an effort to defuse a tense situation and protect his crew. a navy spokesman says the priority now is finding how the sailors ended up in iran in the first place. here's abc's terry moran. >> reporter: tuesday evening, gulf, the capture. surrounded and subdued as iranian navy camerasasecord the scene. and then, a few minutes later, the surrender. images of the ten u.s. sailors, kneeling, hands on their heads, the iranians in control. through the night, secretary of state kerry makes five calls to the iranians, demanding the americans be released, explaining it was a mistake. and those american sailors, nine men and one woman, spend a night in captivity. their passports are examined. a meal is served. and then, a mild, but pointed interrogation. >> what problem, what matter that you penetrated in iran territorial water? >> it was a mistake. that was our fault.
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mistake. >> reporter: asked if the boats were inside iran's territorial waters? >> i believe so. >> reporter: and how were they treated? >> the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance. >> reporter: the americans are released. the boats head back into international waters. the pentagon suggesting one had enne trouble and drifted into iran's waters. the u.s. refuses tapologize, but sharp questions remain. >> why didn't they call for help? why wasn't there anybody there to help them? why didn't they tow themselves away? and why did they allow themselves to be taken hostage by the iranians without a fight? >> reporter: the white house says the quick release of the sailors is a sign of better u.s.-iranian relations after the nuclear deal. but others see an emboldened iran, challenging, even humiliating america. terry moran, abc news, bahrain. two new york college
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worker died in a bus crash in honduras after carrying out a health mission for poorest dents. the bus was on its way to the airport when it veered off the road and fell down a roo ravine. 12 other americans on board were hurt. >> heading into tonight's republican debate in south carolina, donald trump speaking before a crowd of about 10,000 people in pensacola, florida, saying he has no problem being depickeded as angry trump hitting back at nikki haley after saying republicans should avoid the angriest voices in the party. speaking of republicans and ted cruz, he's on the defensive had morning after reports he financed his senate campaign with a million dollar loan from goldman sachs and failed to report the loan on federal fund-raising reportrt a spokeswoman calling the failure a mistake, but here' the deal on this. it could hurt cruz since he's rallied against big banks and wall street bailouts. speaking of the markets, the
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ready to turn the corner on the bad start to the year. the dow starts this trading day down 365 points. the sapp 500 lost about 2.5%. since the start of the year, the average 401(k) plan has lost nearly $7,000. the reasons remain worries about china's economy as well a a those falling oil prices. there's a new health crisiss for flint, michigan. an outbreak of legionnaires disease. authorities aren't sure if it's connected to the city's contaminated water supply. top priority now is getting the residents safe drinking water. alex perez is there. >> reporter: national guard troops called in to hand out water, an emergency move in flint, michigan. teams going door to door, dropping off bottled water and filters for taps. >> we need one up here. >> reporter: water contaminated by lead. especially dangerous for children. worried parents here now having their kids tested for lead poisoning. thisisll starting in 2014, when
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stopped paying for water from lake huron and began to process water from the nearby flin river, to save some $19 million. immediately, resents began to complain of bad-tasting, foul-smelling water. tests later revealing toxic levels of lead in the system, but it wasn't until more than a year later that authorities declared this drinking water unsafe. new concerns, could this dirty tap water be linked to a legionnaires outbreak. >> at least 87 cases, including ten deaths, in 2015. the city has switched back to lake huron water, but the river water damaged the pipi system, and lead levels are still not safe. and unlike bacteria d other problems, boiling water does nothing to remove the lead. the mayor here tells me, it could be months before the tap water here is safe to drink. alex perez, abc news, flint, michigan. >> back to politics now as the presidential race heats up, one campaign foe is taking a more creative approach.
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at this photo right now. this crowd in south carolina for donald trump and one detractor's sign, trump likes nickelback. now, if you're not familiar with these guys, they're a canadian rock band that had a few hits but known universally for shall we say being extremely uncool. >> the sign was con fis scaled by a staffer but it's not the first time the reference has been seen on the campaign trail. come on, is nickelback really that bad? >> yeah, they're generally regarded as just not cool. i won't use the term we would use for them. the coolest thing they have done, they tweeted out a few days ago, one of those photos ted cruz likes nickelback. and the caption with it was nickelback employee of the month. january 2016. so they actually kind of have a sense of humor. coming up, an ambitious powerball pool and how much they spent on their tickets and the latest on the search for the reported winners across three
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and only three states so far, california, tennessee and florida. >> and no worries for a whole generation of new lion king fans. the epic story of simba continues right where it left off. check out our behind the scenes pics, lots of interesting this there, at abcwnn. we might have the powerball winner there. no, we don't. we'll check it out. you're watching "world news
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police in bat more are looking for two leave its dressed in hoodies who broke into a grocery store on december 28th. tore an atm from the wall and took off. e next day the two also dressed in hoodies were caught on camera using crowbars to pry an atm fro another grocery store. they may have gotten away florida a dodge durango. even if the stock market is having anything but a happy new year, there is good news about the economy. federal reserve reports there is modest economic growth in most of the u.s. over the past six weeks, but the signals reported in the fed's beige book are plixed. the jobs market and consumer spending are improving. manufacturing is not. >> the economy may be the least of your concerns for the right six digit combination. >> as we've told you, at least now three players hit last night's nearly $1.6 billion
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the winning tickets sold in one of them at this 7-eleven in california. one also sold in tennessee and florida. look at the scene there. officials say ticket sales yesterday were just off the charts. here's abc's lind a davis. >> reporter: tickets are selling at a frenetic pace. $1.3 million a minute. yes, a minute. >> the winner! >> the winner! >> the winner! >> that can't be the winner. we're getting the winner. >> this is the winner. >> reporter: even hillary clinton admitted she bought a powerball ticket. >> if you win? >> well, i'll fund my campaign. >> reporter: the number is so big, it doesn't even fit on billboards. but what would this historic jackpot of $1.5 billion look like in your bank account? accountants almost always advise taking the $930 million lump sum. investing the roughly $450 million after taxes can give you much more money than the 30-year annuity. >> if you invest in government bonds, you'll make about 4% a
3:16 am
that's $600,000 after tax a month for the rest of your life. >> reporter: a $450 million windfall is enough to put about 3,000 american kids through college. the countless options of how to put that kind of money to good use also explain why canadians are flocking across the border. >> hopefully one of us will win. that would be nice. >> reporter: anyone from anywhere can play, as long as they're 18 years old. but the ticket has to be bought and claimed in one of the 44 powerball states. it's illegal to resell a lottery ticket, which is why you can't buy tickets legitimately online. though, that's not stopping brokers from selling tickets to customers as far away as china. one student who wants to remain anonymous boasting he sold 600 ticks to chinese buyers for nearly double the cost of the ticket. linsey davis, an abc news, new york. can you imagine? at least three people across this country right now.
3:17 am
>> yeah, it is. literally. like show you the scene inside the homes. it's raining. >> was that all that you won over the past three years? >> that was all of my earnings from abc in the last year. >> uh-oh. >> taking this back. >> coming up in our next half hour, oscar fever. we're waiting for the release later this morning of the list of the 2016 oscar nominees and with no clear front-runner, it could end up being 7:00 leonardo dicaprio versus matt damon. >> first simba is back with a baby. 22 years after the lion king comes the lion guard. we're behind the scenes of disney's latest tv series. you're watching "world news now." i guess we could go to flash
3:18 am
>> i loved that movie. >> it was great. >> more than two decades since lion king roared onto the big screen delighting fans with that loveable lion cub who couldn't wait to be king. >> yes, and now we're feeling the love once again inside. but this time we're picking up where simba left off. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: 22 years after "the lion king" roared -- >> everyone scatter. >> reporter: comes a lion guard a squeal tv movie and now series from our parent company disney. makes me wonder when do grown-ups create cartoons for kids. >> my son came home and he plays with his friends in the park every thursday. they have an imaginary super hero team that fights imaginary
3:19 am
that's when it hit me. we've put super heroes in the pride land, sort of the avengers meets the lion king. >> reporter: so the lion guard is simba's son and his multispecies posse keeping peace on the plains. we're behind the scenes. >> when you're on the freeway stuck in traffic is when you get a lot of ideas. >> jose is a so-called character creator a blend of his brother and his boss. >> when you drive you have to imitate it. if he's upset, it comes out onto the paper. you put your acting into the character. >> i don't know if you know this about the cuckoo. a terrible parent. >> reporter: perhaps on the poster tacked to the office wall. >> we stand in front of and look at and elan being pretty tall, we would probably want to go with something smaller like a dikembe but we couldn't say dikembe on a disney junior show. >> reporter: they do also
3:20 am
animal behavior right apart from the fact they talk. on lion guard. >> what were you thinking? >> reporter: rob lowe. >> i see a stone. sarah hyland and some new guy. >> an exrated read is totally fine. >> number two here at 14 minutes. >> hey, our flowers. >> reporter: and my john wayne bush buck made it into the show. >> hey it, our flowers. >> the lion guard tv movie premiered in november with record ratings. so clearly these guys know what they're doing. >> i told you i couldn't do it. >> now i know you're lying to me. now i know you're lying to me. >> you were right on pitch. one more time. >> i hate you all. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in los angeles. >> i hate you all. >> he had a great impression. good for you, nick. and you're another lion king. our ultimate you the lion king
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and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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and now it's time for "the mix." we do know there is a winner florida, high home state. >> yes. >> and high hometown, tampa, florida. two wise guys really smart decided they were going to up their odds. what do they do? ryan and shane, they got over a pool of 270 participants to fork over each $500. >> wow. >> do you know the odds of winning just in general were one in 292 million roughly. they significantly increased their odds by about creating this pool. and he started back doing these jackpots when it was merely 400. enough people joined in to buy $15,000 worth of tickets. they were smart. so now we know there is a winner in florida. >> we don't know if it's those guys. >> high hometown tampa. but if it is those guys we need two them to be our friend. >> and to join the set 0 let us know what the odds are for the
3:25 am
>> you know, we've all talked about mid life crisis that i'll probably reach in 20 years or so. but we've seen the scene from father of the bride" where steve martin's character decides he's going to dye his hair and he starts driving a convertible car because of the so-called mid life crisis. now researchers in canada in alberta say there is no such thing as a mid life crisis. they did an extensive survey. they followed two groups of canadian 18-year-olds high school students and followed them for 25 years and they say people are much happier in their 40s than they are as teens debunking the myth. so the excuse for that convertible and hitting on that girl that's half your age, that's just -- >> it's all bow lowny, huh. >> thank you for debunking that myth. woo wives everywhere will thank you. you remember that sort of heart
3:26 am
on sunday night with the 27-yard field goal sunday night's playoffs against the seattle seahawks? you remember blair walsh the kicker? kind of missed this one. well, there's a first grader who offered some words of wisdom from tasha lee at north point elementary. >> what did they say? >> keep on trying. what more can you say? it's okay. you're the best kicker was one. another one, the crowd goes wild. we still think you're awesome, blair. another one, poor blair walsh, keep on trying. you. ys are cute. >> there's always next year for you. speaking of football quickly, the panthers and seahawks are playing of course, and they are
3:27 am
15 obviouses of this morning on "world news no" breaking news. a series of deadly blasts in a starbucks cafe in downtown jakarta, the capital of indonesia. police investigating the apparent terror attacks. we'll have an update coming up. >> money matters. u.s. stocks continue to drop in january with most 401(k)s losing thousands as the country searches for the newest multimillionaires. the latest on the winning tickets in last night's powerball drawing. >> new this half hour, hillary clinton fighting back. >> on the offensive as she goes after bernie sanders. his campaign saying the tactic is backfiring. and how the rest of the clinton family is throwing their weight around. and twitter thrown into a tizzy. over the devastating reports that one direction's temporary hiatus may actually be a permanent thing. is this true? our full report ahead in "the
3:28 am
it is thursday, january 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. we begin with that breaking news from indonesia where explosions and gunfire have rocked an upscale neighborhood in downtown jakarta. police are treating the blast as possible terror attacks. >> one target of course, was a busy starbucks cafe. the moment of impact right there. witnesses say suicide bombers blew themselves up but there are other reports that indicate grenades were used in that blast. two other heavily armed attackers entered a nearby police station triggering a gun battle that left at least one police officer dead. >> at least three civilians were also killed but the death and injury tolls are still climbing. so far no one has claimed responsibility. but because indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world, it's a favorite recruiting ground for isis. we'll stay on top of the breaking story throughout the morning. >> and we also are tracking
3:29 am
a happy one. one that had millions of americans dreaming of what could be. >> there are a few who know what will be. there are several winners in the giant powerball jackpot that, $1.6 billion prize sold in tennessee, florida and here. we'll have all the excitement in california. the quiet los angeles suburb of chino hills. >> a huge crowd descending on the 7-eleven where it was sold. these people so happy, you think they would have won. >> we are here because we feel that we won. >> my dad called me and i was like what is going on. >> it's a lucky store. >> i'm very happy and very excicid and very proud. we sell that big amount. >> do you think they at least bought a slurpee, these folks? >> let's hope they did. the ste's assistant manager saying things had gotten crazy there in the past few days. and clearly, the party is continuing. that store will get $1 million for selling the winning ticket. maybe they should be buying
3:30 am
one round for everyone. >> or whoever the new chino had ion air is. >> there are winners of smaller prizes. check your numbers, it's 4, 18, 19, 27, 34, the powerball is 10. if you get the red number, the powerball number, you get a couple bucs. >> and we split it up with 25 people. >> our staff did win. 25 people here will be winning 16 cents each. >> 16 cents. don't spend it all at the same >> more breaking news coming stock markets of course, the pain is increasing. asian markets are down across the board this morning after steep losses on wall street yesterday. >> it's the worst start toto year ever for the two main activity. with more, here's abc's gio benitez. dive. this is the worst start of the year for stocks ever. significantly.
3:31 am
not only was the dow dn nearly 365 points, the nasdaq down 3.4%, s&p, down 2.5%. what's dragging the markets down? oil. prices have been dropping and dropping, hovering around $30 a barrel. the lowest prices since 2004. amid concerns of a slowdown in major economies like china. so, what does all of that mean for you? well, the average 401(k) of $92,000 has already lost nearly $7,000 in value since the beginning of the year. and there's an old saying here on wall street, as january goes, so goes the year for stocks. 70% of the time, that old saying is true. and we're now nearly halfway through january. gio benitez, abc news, new york. a navy investigation is under way to how those two -- how those ten u.s. say areas ended up in iranian captivity. after being released, the sailor sailors are now back with the
3:32 am
a military official says this video of an apology was staged in order to keep the crew safe. john kerry credits a critical role odiplomacy in ending the crisis peacefully. >> these are always situations which as everybody here knows, have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. and i'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the iranian authorities. >> as for the nuclear de with iran, e international atomic energy agency is expected to announce tomorrow that all conditions have been met. that means a decades of sanctions on iran could be lifted as early as this weekend. >> and speaking about that incident, two republican presidential hopefuls are outraged over the entire encounter with iran. new jersey governor chris christie says the sailors temporary detention shows how little respect the iranians have for president obama. and marco rubio says they knew they could get away with it because president obama was in
3:33 am
rubio vowed to get rid of the iran nuclear deal if he's elected president. >> well, the democratic race, hillary clinton is stepping up her attacks on bernie sanders as polls actually show him gaining ground in iowa. the sanders campaign says the tactic is backfiring instead helpininto raise millions in campaign funds. with more on the war of words, here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: with hillary clclton on the ropes in iowa and new hampshire, her family now out in force. bill and chelsea and hillary all over the airwaves. the target? bernie sanders. the nefight? over health care. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare, dismantle the chip program, dismantle medicare, dismantle private insurance. >> reporter: sanders outraged, saying his plan would do nothing of#the sort. >> that is factually incorrect. and i hope the clinton campaign stops saying that. >> riporter: but on "gma," clinton not backing down. >> that's exactly what he's proposed. okay, so, now, tell the american
3:34 am
>> reporter: clinton claiming it will mean a tax hike on the middle class. but team sanders digging into the vault, releasing this 1993 photo signed by clinton, thanking sanders for his commitment to real health care access for all americans. they also sent around this 2008 clip of clinton blasting her then-opponent barack obama. >> since when do democrats attack one another on universal health care? >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago that sanders was a challenger that clinton barely mentioned by name. now, she is not holding back. attacks that her campaign says we will see a lot more of. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. investigators in ohio now say a house fire and explosion that killed a family of four was arson. they've determined what caused the fire but they aren't offering any othth details till they complete their investigation. neighbors say monday the blast shook homes througugut the area. the gas company says testing has confirmed there were no natural
3:35 am
emergency crews in idaho rescued two skiers after they got caught up in an avalanche. they had started their day at lookout pass, then moved to an area about five miles away. a spokesman from the local avalanche center claims the skiers ignored several warnings and triggered the snow slide. a helicopter airlifted them out. one suffered broken bones. a search is under way for a third person who may still be missing in all of th. the snow in the rockies isn't thewn weather system that forecasters are watching today. >> many in the eastern half of the country are looking for relief from the freezing cold and accuweather's justin povick has the latest. good morning. >> thanks and good morning to you, as well. the cold is going to begin to ease its grip, its icy grips in the northeast over the coming days. still some snow showers in the short term, but this will be all north and west of new york city, boston and into d.c. now, out west, we are concerned about some major snows over the higher terrain, but no big
3:36 am
notice@along the gulf coast, there's going to be soaking showers from houstonnto southern louisiana. and then an even bigger storm system will come about later on this weekend one of which could produce heavy snow and also some heavy sleet into interior portions of central and northern new england. reena, kendis, back to you. >> thank you. portland, oregon is tired of being messed -- the mess left behind on its sidewalks by crows. so the city is going hi-tech way with a mobile device called a poop master 6,000. it's sort of like the zambonis that the hockey rinks use. >> except the problem that in the winter, birds like to roost in the trees and you know what that means down below. you'll find the poop master each weekday morning around 7:00 a.m. scrubbing the downtown transit mall. the city's paying a few thousand dollars a month to remove poop. >> but the residents say it is worth every cent . >> it's really a crappy situation for them.
3:37 am
it's just, you know. >> we get it. >> it's the number two problem in all of portland. >> let's move on. dreaming of a better job. quitting all together, maybe last night's powerball wininrs will do just that. so who won the record jackpot and who went the greatest lengths for a chance a athe $1.6 billion? >> and say it ain't so. 1 d on the outs? the rumors breaking hearst at the mere thought of a breakup. the sad news in "the skinny." >> you're really into 1 d. aren't you? >> i love my 1 d. >> yeah. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by resolve.d. >> yeah. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by resolve. (ugh.) es your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it, resolve it. our formula with a special conditioning ingrereent,
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oh, my god. >> well, this is newly released video showing a series of reckless maneuvers at a now closed madison, wisconsin driving school, including these pictures of a student driver slamming on the brakes, nearly ramming into a parked vehicle. told that student not to hit the brakes. the school was stripped of its license after a series of @ violations and complaints about instructors taking dangerous chchces with students including using their personal cars for lessons. you won't pass with that one. >> no. >> so once again, if you bought a powerball ticket, you might want to check those numbers. >> ticket holders in at least three states have won last night's nearly $1.6 billion drawing. we're talking about california, tennessee, and florida. here you see them, the lucky numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, the powerball is 10. yesterday's ticket sales
3:42 am
off the charts. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: what happens in vegas stays in vegas. unless you want a shot at the billion dollar powerball. it's the one indulgence you can't enjoy in sin city. so, people drive 40 miles from the strip to the lotto store at primm. it straddles the border between nevada and california. the bigger the jackpot -- >> keep the line moving, please. >> reporter: -- the longer the line. people have waited in this line for as long as five hours. it got so out of control that lottery officials had to send extra employees to help move it along. and everyone has biglans for their winnings. >> we're all going to buy round trip tickets to the moon. >> i just heard hugh hefner's house, the playboy mansion is for sale for $200 million. >> reporter: okay. so many people hoping for luck, two bucks at a time. kayna whitworth, abc news, the california state line. so i did go to spend all of this on powerball. >> and how much is that? >> i don't know. quite a bit of singles
3:43 am
that the cutoff was at 10:00 p.m. >> oh, kendis. >> i got there at 10:02. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> so you didn't end up buying it? >> i didn't. >> you can look at it as your good fortune because nobody in new york won. >> well, true, but i could have won. >> you could look at it that way, as well. >> i'll go make some friends with these singles somewhere. >> when we come back, the countdown to this morning's release the 2016 oscar nominations. >> big day. is there any truth to the rumor that one direction is taking a break? let's hope that's not true. "the skiy" is next.
3:44 am
abc stations.tt0w!t^)hw! %4@-=6, tt0w!t^)hw! el@-71@ tt0w!t^)hw! ed@-13$ tt0w!t^)hw% )8h-qmx tt0w!t^)hw% kzh-l"$ tt0w!t^)hw% n-h-9k( tt0w!t^)hw% 0ph-',0 tt0w!t^)hw% s"h-7^p tt0w!t^)hw% ueh-4< tt0w!t^)hw% 7hh-(>t skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, it has already gotten the countdown to oscar nominations. >> we're eagerly anticipating the release later this morning of this year's academy award contenders. >> there are no clear front-runners but there are some favorites. "the revenant" took home three golden globes for leonardo dicaprio's portrayal of a vengeful 19th century trapper lost in the wilderness and mauled by a bear. >> close behind is "the martian" starring matt damon which picked up three golden globes, one of them oddly for best picture comedy or musical? it was neither of those. >> other favorites are the wall
3:45 am
short" and "spotlight" telling the story behind the boston globe's exposure of the massive child sex scandal and the cover-up within the boston catholic archdiocese. >> the nominations will be announced later this morning at 8:38 a.m. eastern time, 5:30 really pacific time. >> live on "gma." >> it will be live on "gma" and also live on streaming. > next tackling a new rumor about one direction. >> teenagers and even some adults, i'm not going to name any, have been freaking out all over twitter over rumors that the boy band sensation will be breaking up for good. 1 d had announced a hiatus in august and many of us didn't believe it. but yesterday, "us weekly" reported that breakup would be permanent. >> but a source close to the situation has told u.s. today there's no truth to that report.
3:46 am
nothing has changed since the hiatus announcement and that the band would comment soon. so stay tuned, folks. >> it's sad news coming three days after zayn's birthday, former boy band member there of 1 d. >> next big news for hip-hop. >> excuse me. i'm very excited. >> all choked up about it. >> they're widely accepted as one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time and yet, they've never won a single grammy. but that's about to change. run-d.m.c. is set to be honored this year with a lifetime achievement award at this ar's 58th annual grammy awards. can you rock it like this, i can rock it like that >> those chains are off the hook. joseph "run" simmons, daryl "dmc" mcdaniels and the late jason "jam master" jay maisel will be honored for their contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the
3:47 am
achievement awards is earth wind and fire and jefferson airplane. >> all well deserved, guys. >> and speaking of influential rap artists shaquille o'neal makingng headlines this morning or rather his son is. >> wait, did you hear thth influential rap artist shaquille o'neal? >> you don't think he's a rap artist? >> well, maybe. >> the basketball phenom's son shareef has celebrated his 16th birthday party in style. he enjoyed a crazy sweet 16 thrown by his parents celebrity studded with 400 guests. >> the high point his two birthday presents a lamborghini a customized jeep wrangler. at 6'8", o'neal already has scholarship offers from major division i schools including ucla, baylor and usc. >> at 16, those are his wheels. >> yeah. >> man. celebrity kids just like us. >> probably a good singer.
3:48 am
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mr. telephone man, there's something wrong with my line when i dial my baby's number i get >> oh, man. we're going back to you. like that, huh. >> a little too much maybe. >> sorry. >> it's happening more and more these days as phone companies increasingly run out of phone numbers, and you get a new number that's recycled and ends up getting dozens of wrong number calls. >> it happened to one man in seattle but the number he was issued wasn't just any old number. i like big butts and i cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny >> he's the rapper who catapulted to fame for that bootilicious anthem. now sir mix-a-lot in a bit of a mix a lot. when jonathan nichols a lawyer from seattle got a new cell phone number, he was suddenly inundated with very big offers. >> i used to get a lot of phone calls and voice mails from luxury car dealers.
3:52 am
sell me or have me test drive a like a ferrari or a lamborghini. >> then this voice mail. >> sir mix-a-lot's phone number. you get somebody calling you about they are snoop dogg. they really are. belonged to sir mix-a-lot the man behind baby got back. >> sir mix-a-lot talking about the cellular switch out. >> he's probably getting some insane pictures and photos and strange happy birthday songs and all kind of stuff. so if he's a lawyer, if he sifts through those calls, he will find clients, trust me. >> and offering an a solution. >> just to help him off load some of this pressure, he can always forward the ladies pics to me. you know, and i'll take that off his hands. he won't have to deal with that. that should alleviate about 80%
3:53 am
>> reporter: as for jonathan, he says he's happy to have the once famous number. >> i don't ever want to change this number. it's my fun quirky interesting fact for ice breakers. i can say actually, i have sir mix-a-lot's old phone number and it's kind of like a mike drop moment. baby got back >> baby got -- >> y like that, huh? >> a little in the middle but she got much back. that's lyrical genius. >> that's pretty funny story, isn't it? it. >> oh. >> what? >> see who else is texting. >> who has my digits. >> is that you, kendis gibson? >> snoop double g. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news
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