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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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morn . live the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> kristi: good afternoon, everybody. someone in florida is very rich today. one of the three winning tickets at melbourne beach at a publix. this one right here at a shopping center along a 1 a. >> constance: the florida winner will share the $175 in in chino hills, california and tennessee.
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taken down this is what we will be playing wh saturday night, $a measly 40. who is the winner florida. is it a he or a she and what did they win, they won a half a billion dollars before taxes. >> constance: and are they related to me? that is what everybody wants to know. makes a lot of sense that the florida winner is there because the drawing is in tallahassee. ben kennedy hit the road as soon as we learned tre was a winner here in florida. he is live in melbourne beach, ben. >> reporter: good afternoon, constance and kristi, i got here 1 a.m. we hit the road once we found out it was in melbourne beach. 15 hours since that drawing and no sign of the winner here. back-to-back record powerball winners in florida and in a publix. i covered the first one in sglevr zephyr hails few years back and now this one. the winning ticket the publix south aa in melbourne beach. the word did get out.
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be sharing the prize with winners in california and tennessee, but flida had 11 $1 million winners and a $2 million winner. powerball fever prey much struck the nation. tickets sold at a pace of 1-7dz 3 millionon a minute during rush hour. more than, get this, $300 million tickets were sold on wednesday alone. i know you guys can't see me, butt in the parking lot here in melbourne beach. a lot of excitement. the shoppers are walking up pretty much to everyone. did you win? did you hear what happened? so far we haven't been able to track anyone down. the florida winner -- the share that is $528 million with a lump sum cash payout of $327.8 million.
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this afternoon, who won? that is the latest live in melbourne beach, ben kennedy, local 10 newss. >> kristi: that is the billion dollar question. we have team coverage of the record jackpot as we just told you a second ago. the winning numbers sold at a 7the winning numbers sold at a 7-eleven in chino hills. and another nibingt munford, tennessee, north of memphis. >> constance: shyann malone has more. >> you can't stay enough. three people became instant millionaires. a record-breakinga record-break $1.6 billion with a "b" jackpot split evenwith a "b" jackpot split evenly. those stores that sold those winning tickets, well, they are cashing in too. >> chino hills! >> reporter: a winner has not come forward yet but a party at the chino hills 7-eleve n where one of the three winning
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crowds came flooding out. this store sold a winning powerball ticket in the $1 powerball ticket in the $1.6 billion. the owners elated. >> i am very excited. >> reporter: one was sold at a melbourne beach publix in florida and another in munford, tennessee, a city of 6,000 people. >> hopefully they ararout there getting the best legal and financial advice they can find before they come in and claim that wonderful prize. >> reporter: past lottery winners share their advice for success. >> we want to benefit our community and our church. >> i live on a budget, and i am -- i am disciplined. >> reporter: millions of other powerball players today living with the fact that they don't have to worry about managehave to worry about managing a new fortune. >> i try. i try. >> reporter: again, so far none of the winners have come forward and, yes, we all tried including us all here at local
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and did not win, well, all you can do is look ahead to saturday's powerball drawing. a lot of lottery officials tell me the estimated jackpot back down to $40 million, not billion, but million again. you can catch those numbers only on local 10 saturday at 11:00. kristi. while. 4-8-19-27 4-8-19-27-34 and 10. you may not have won the big prize but there is still a chance could you win a little money. stay with us on air and online as we wait for the identifies of the big winners. >> constance: the powerball and made 15 seconds you. >> kristi: i have not gotten that from my news director but i will be looking for him, steve owen. the tower cam. it is gloomy. those of house lived in the midwest said this looks like a midwestern day. gray. >> jennifer: we are seeing precipitation over parts of
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miami-dade and broward county. all morning long the keys have been soaked and continuing to see showers this afternoon. where we haven't seen rain quite yet hollywood beach and this will change. cloud cover, dreary, just overcast conditions and neighbors really hard to get out of bed and get to work and makes it really hard to stay at work. i know, don't worry, i am with you. temperatures right now will warm up out of the 60s. low 70s, ft. lauderdale. 67 degrees key west. much warmer weather pattern is taking place. 68 in pembroke pines. 65 in marathon and 71 in pompano beach. by the afternoon temperatures will be in the mid-70s and keep the cudz kloudz around and showers around and the start of a very wet weather pattern. this afternoon light to moderate rain over parts of south florida and the worst of the weather won't move in until 6:00 today6:00 today and then continuous steady showers. right now showers over 75,
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over portions of ft. lauderdale beach and heavy rains soaking the keys again. they have not seen a break from morning. pressure and a warm front developing right here over the gulf of mexico. all of this rain is lifting our into tomorrow, our streets interestare going to be soaked. tomorrow morning will be a rough start to your friday, but don't worry, the rain won't long last. details for the comfort positions. dryer weather and the first hurricane of the 2016 atlantic season we talk about in january. i know. all the details coming up. >> constance: a little too early for me. backstreet boy nick carter remains in jail. we are getting video of his arrest in key west. todd tongen is live with the latest. todd. >> todd: the backstreet boy and runner-up for dancing with the stars was arrested in key west for misdemeanor battery..
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arresting officer's body camera. it is very dark, but you can hear carter tell the officer his first name and trying explain what happened saying he can't believe this is happening to him. police say carter and another man michael papayens arrived at the hogs breath saloon and denied service for being too intoxicated. carter intentionally hitting skyler cardin a bouncer at the bar and papyens punched the manager. thisiss carter's third arrest fooling nightclub incident in 2002 and a dui bust in 2005. he has a well-known history of substance abuse that was documented on a rlity show about his family. 7 7 7 tell me why 7 >>reporter: carter that lives in ruskin, florida is a member of the backstreet boys, one of the largest boy bands that began in the late 1990s "i want it that way" was one their big hits from over $100 million in
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they played the super bowl in 2002232002 in tampa and carter was on "dancing with the stars" nearly winning the mirrored ball trophy but was runner-up. nick carter was in a key west jail waiting to see a judge at 1 p.m. michael sideen is in key west and will have more on this developing story beginning at 4 p.m. on the local 10 news and throughout the day on in the newsroom, todd tongen, local 10 newss. >> constance: all right, todd, thanks so much. a plea for help today after another teen tragedy in miami. 15-year-old alder hill was shot and killed in liberty city. eric yutzy is live with reaction from his family, eric? >> reporter: cons stance, days later thislate his family is reeling. here at noon, new details what happened on saturday night. i will step aside. 100 yards where i stand, that beige building, northwestern high school. on that building was a camera that pans back and forth. saturday night it panned to show 15-year-old alder hill
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when that camera panned back that camera was on the ground. hill being dragged here where he was murdered. >> this was an execution that occurred here of an innocent 15-year-old child, and we need the community to step up. >> reporter: emotion and anger from miami police describing the january 9 murder ofof 15-year-old aldererill, a boy described as kind, sensitive, work through a learning disability and a child who was overcome to cry or talk. >> he deserve it. he is a child. we want justice. he is 15. >> reporter: thanight the 15-year-old was riding his bake next to miami northwestern high school after just visiting family when he was knocked down, dragged into them tee field and shot multiple times. >> he was taken off his bike at that corner over there, and i can onlylymagine the horror that he must have felt as he came from that corn to this field. >> reporter: detectives say several people saw hill's body that night. witnesses who the family is
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>> come forward -- there is no reason to be afrail in could have been your brother, your nephew or your cousin. come forwardrd and say something and stop going by not snitchand stop going by not snitching. >> reporter: as you can see the memorial for hill remains here at the scene. now was a violent night this neighborhood not far away. another man was murdered 21 years old. whether or not that shooting was related to what happed here. police don't know. what they know for sure they are desperate for help with the community. if you know anything about what happened to this 15-year-old boy, you are urged to call miami crimestoppers, 305-47miami crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. live in miami, eric yutzy, local 10 news. and police made an arrest now connection with a deadly dui crash that sparked a lawsuit against uber. a man was killed in that crash last month in southwest miamdade. local 10 reporter sanela local 10 reporter sanela sabovic is live in miami where the suspect first made his
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>> reporter: 21-year-old alexander chica mate a court appearance without his attorneyappearance without his attorney. something that chica posted on his social media account that has the courts concerned. >> are you mr., mr. alexander chica. >> yes. >> reporter: 21-year-old alex ander chica was before a miami-dade county judge facing some serious charges. >> purpose is arrested for driving under the influence, causing a dui manslaughter, dui serious bodily injury to another and vehicular homicide. >> reporter: chica's attorney was not pressing, pushing the hearing for later on today and the next hearing is something that chica posted on social media now becoming a cause of concern for the court. >> i expect there to be an argument and i am sure we are agree to something. and put. something on twitter which gave the court pause.
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arrested chica late tuesday night. two days after christmas, chica was speeding along 144th street and 157th avenue while drunk when he collided with an uber driver carrying four passengers. one of those passengers 20-year-old pablo sanchez, jr. would die on the scene and days before before this arrest was made, the sanchez family, along with their attorney, pointed the finger at uber and its driver, gene ralph adam saying he was negligent and drove into oncoming traffic. now we have reached out to the sanchez family attorney and they just e-mailed me the following state reading unfortunately for victim sanchez jr. the uber driver with the right-of-way. had the uber driver fulfilled his responsibility, the accident would have never happened regardless plaintiff chica's intoxication and speed. again, chica set to reappear
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judge this afternoon. we will keep you posted. reporting live in miami, sanela reporting live in miami, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. [ex-employing] -- [explosion] >> seven people including five attackers are dead after a number explosions in jakarta, indonesia. one of them that you can see right here was caught on camera. we are learning the islamic state group is behind these attacks and officials hit it blasts were part of a toward nateed terror attack targeting downtown jakarta a witness says one of those explosions happened close to a starbucks. one customer was injured and treated right there at the scene. starbucks says all their stores in the city will remain closed down simply as a precaution. meanwhile, police say they recovered the bodies of the people involved in the situation. right on the heels of president obama's state of union address, secretary of state john kerry
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refugees admitted into the u.s. meaning violence in essential tram america, specifically el salvadorsalvador, honduras. the department of homeland security seed 6,000 actions for minors. 180 cuban migrants arrived. the first of 8,000 migrants to go to costa rica. they were flown as part of a agreement to overcome nicaraguaagreement to overcome by land. transit visas have been arranged to get by bus from el salvador and to mexico. local 10 is at the border as cubanens stuck make their way into mexico and the u.s. hatzel vela will be reporting live from the u.s. mexico border. right now hundreds of south florida teachers are in change. >> reporter: they traveled
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on the steps of the capital. car suarez traveled with the group by bus and tells bus the issues they are fighting for. >> reporter: constance and kristi, quite the group of people from across the state th gathered at the steps of the old historic capitol in tallahassee. the crowd is gathered. justst about to get things under way. the one sign reads "i'm mad and i am pro broward county. quingts "the rally is expected toabto last a few hours. the demonstration with a march from the civic center infrom the civic center from the civic center tallahassee. walked past the capitol channel being the changes they want lawmaker to take up during the legislative session. the trip was organized by the teachers and service union by just about every school district across the state. lawmakers are slated to debate
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in testing, boost funding and teacher pay. whether any of the proposals make into the final grand jury,make into the final grand jury. it is unlikely that what this group wants will happen. >> spits good to come up here and give support. you know to give support and help out the teachers -- because we are being left out. they don't undstand, if it wasn't for us, they wouldn't be there. they have to learn to get therethey have to learn to get there, right. but they don't seem to understand that. it. some 750 teachers traveled from florida. they boarded buses around midnight across miami-dade for the nine hour drive overnight. we were along for the journey. each of the teachers do have to secure a substitute for their class in order to take part of the trip. coming back out live, you can see quite the crowd that has gathered out here. many of them are holding up signs and chanting all morning long. governor rick scott made no mention of education in his
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something that this group have noticed. theally is expected to last through the afternoon. live at this hour in hall sassylive at this hour in hall sassy. carlos suarez, local 10 news. >> thanks, carlos. > vote 2016, hours away from a republican debate in charleston and candidate donald trump is making headlinesalready. yesterday in pensacola trump went on a rant and it was caught on the microphone. >> what was that. 505 -- by the way, i don't like this mic -- whoever brought this mic don't -- the son of the [bleep] that put this in. this mic is terrible. stupid mic keeps popping. >> kristi: all right. he went on to say that the person did a bad job as you heard and he doesn't pay for poor work. trump said that he would win the sunshine state. gop candidate ted cruz is post boasting his latest celebrity performance.
12:19 pm
robertson explains his endorsement with the candidate. he is thrilled to have roberthe is thrilled to have robertson's support. the indictment could give him a bigger boost with evangelical disorders. >> kristi: the republican debate is tonight in south carolina. michael putney will have a look at that. the dow up 178 points. nasdaq up 50 points there. and snp 500 also up 20 points to 1900 right there at last check. >> kristi: some big questions answered today. we now know who was nominated for an oscar. >> constance: after the break, a list of the nominations. who received the most and who
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a dejtt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< well, an exciting day for many hollywood stars. nominations were announced today for the academy awards honoring the best in film. local 10 reporter brandy hit is in los angeles to tell us who was nominated and who was snubwas nominated and who was snubbed. >> reporter: the brutal drama "revenant" leads the pack receiving 12 oscar nominations. >> where is she taking him. >> reporter: "mad max fury road>> reporter: "mad max fury road" with 10.
12:21 pm
nominated for best pictures. >> nominees are murder that>> nominees are leonardo dicaprio in "the revenant." >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio is among the a liquors up for best actor, bryan cranston, matt damon, michael fastbender, eddy redmayne in "the danish girl." >> i am scared. >> i know. >> reporter: nominated brie larson who spoke to "good morning america" just minutes after the announcement. >> i am shaking right now. i am really confused. oh, i mean, it is the highest form of flattery in my field. >> reporter: she is competing against cate blanchett, jennifer lawrence, charlotte ramling. >> it is a whitewash in the acting categories. >> reporter: white actors representing all 20 acting nominations again this year. the blockbuster "star wars: the force awakens" also received five nods in technical categories as the countdown now
12:22 pm
this year's host, chris rock. >> constance: some were surprised "straight outta compton" and director ridley scott for the mare son who. brandy hit, abc news, los angeles. >> constance: the entire list of the oscar nominations, head over to our web site at and clili on the entertainment tab on our home page. remember the academy awards will be held february 28 in hollywood, california. you can watch it live right here on local 10. coverage starts at 7 p.m. also at noon for you. british actor alan rickman known as professor snape in the harry potter film has died. made that announcement saying he passed away at the cancer at the age of 69. his famous roles was in "die hard" and "love actually,"and he was a major presence on the stage in london and new york city. and making two arrests after a couple threatened to
12:23 pm
incident in oakland park was all caughon camera and local 10 reporter terrell forney is live in ft. lauderdale with the details on the arrests. >> reporter: well, kristi, this is a boyfriend and girlfriend duo, accused of going on a wild robbery spree across broward county, but, yes, they are now in custody and they are expected to face a judge in about an hour after a relative turned them both in. surveillance video shows a woman and man walking into an oakland park denny's and confronting a cashier r with a plastic bottle filled with gasoline and a lighter, threatening to set that woman on fire. >> it's not right. it is just so horrible. the lady was terrified. >> reporter: the bandits made off with hundreds of dollars in cash. cops were tipped off of a theft at a 7-eleven, the crooks matching the same descriptionon in the heist, stole $30 in food and surveillance images sach
12:24 pm
led detectives to tiffany who admitted to everything including a third robbery at a different denny's in hallandaledifferent denny's in hallandale's beach. this time the duo allegedly you read a note that said really sorry. emptyemptied the register as quickly and sorry as possible. we have guns and gas bombs. her boyfriend robert golden was also arrested and the two dlaimd to be homeless and blamed their wild antics on a heroin, crack cocainend flakka addiction. the cashier victims said the pock marks on their faces made by drug abuse made the couple >> reporter: the woman, 20. the man, 27. they are both locked up in the broward county jail and each facing charges of robbery with a deadly weapon. we could expect them to appear one more time -- appear before a judge here in broward county in about an hour. we will be there. we are live in ft. lauderdale this afternoon, i amor 2this afternoon, i am terrell
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and i love this weather. >> kristi: i do. >> constance: a little rain and cold temperatures. definitely feels a little bit like winter napping weather. >> jennifer: i want to go take a nap. let me finish this report. you will want to take a nap with what we have in place. not too much better. through the afternoon it will get worse and into thi evening, even more rain is expected. if you have outdoor plans and you need to run around and getter rand done, get them done now. shourdz into miami-dade and broward, the rainfall amount will increase into the later half and into this evening and sticking around until tomorrow. gloomy conditions to through the. temperatures in the upper 60s, miami. low 70s, ft. lauderdale. 67 in key west. right now we have 68, pembroke pines pines. 67 in kendall. 71 homestead and pompano beach. we woke up to temperatures in the low 60s. definitely warmer than whate saw over the last few days and stay with lows in the 60s and
12:26 pm
24 hours. currently the w wds are startcurrently the winds are starting to adjust moving in at the surface off the ocean. so pumping in a little bit of humidity. doesn't feel really comfortable and dry out there because plenty of moisture in plple. what it looks like for ft. lauderdale. gloomy and cloudy from a across town. where we are seeing a lot of the precipitation has been down by the keys all morning long and leaving into the afternoon. now showers and storms have made theirway own miami-dade and broward. heavy rain from key west, marathon and key largo. as we zoom in, we are seeing showers over portions of ft. lauderdale, i-95, davie, turnpike up toward 595 and east near the coast from las olas, oakland park. it looks as though hollywood beach might be seeing a little bit of a drizzle. i didn't see it on the camera quite yet and could be headed this way. showers over portions of i-95. these showers moved through pembroke pines and davie. the damage is done. the roadways are wet. and rotation starting to
12:27 pm
southern miami-dade with a cluster of storm from homestead toward isle mirada. things we are watching throughout middle part of the day into this evening and it is expected to be a wet morning commute. our inhse model a lot of this rain stick around until tomorrow morning. even into tomorrow afternoon. all of the culprit because of of this done in the and area of low pressure. the of the weather north of lake okeechobee which is good news. for us here in south florida, we are not expecting severe weather threat but expecting a lot of rain to continue. continue to be stead thank you is until tomorrow morning into tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the day will be dreary and rainy, that low staydreary and rainy, that low stays north. attaed to that low is a cold front. we will stay unsettled into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon this front will clear area no later than 8:00. once it does so, it will be so ce. a north wind will take place. high pressure will build and
12:28 pm
returns on sunday due to another front. we have to talk of the first hurricane of the 2016 atlantic hurricane season. subtropical alex. now hurricane alex. as of a 10 a.m. advisory, winds strengthen at 85 miles per hour. racing to the east home run northeast at 20 miles per hour. it will definitely be a threat for our friends in the azors and any shipping lanes that occur. it looks like we will say goodbye to it by saturday. really impressive. you have to understand this isn't typical for us to see this. the last time we saw a thunderstorm develop in january 1978 and category 11978 and category 1 hurricane in 19 approximately. that's how unusual our weather front in the having a rainy season, but affecting us for hurricane season. a lot to think about as we are going into the new year. don't worry, we will keep you posted with everything. your weather authority has you covered. not a great day to head to the
12:29 pm
there are no advisorythere are no advisories. weather deterioratesed to beweather deteriorates tonight with showers and storms. friday night we dry out. saturday will be beautiful. if you have outdoor plans saturday is the day to do it for the weekend. another front, and showers and storms sunday and drying out monday and look at those temperatures. you want those 50s, back for overnight lows by monday morning. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more on all of this coming up at had o'clock. >> thank you. a change of leadership at u.s. southern command. local 10 erika raco is live in doral where a former ceremony is under way. >> reporter: a former change of command ceremony in doral. a change of formality but a long-serving committee thanking the commander and thanking the new head of southern demand. to do just that secretary of defense ashton carter was here from washington d.c. on behalf of the department of the defense. he highlighted the
12:30 pm
over the past three years under general john kelly's loyality talking about the tremendous amount of cocaine from latin america and maintaining operations from guantanamo bay. the secretary went on to ensure that the 1200 military and personnel that are assigned here are in the good hands of another leader. the admiral comes to south come from the pentagon where he was assistant to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> it is a distinct privilege and a pleasure to be able to lead this wonderful organization. as always of you know, the u.s. southern command has been safesouthern command has been safeguarding the interest of our nation for well over five decades. i look forward to the opportunity to worvery closely with the many close partners with whom we share interest throughout this hemisphere. >> and this ceremony this morning actually began with another military tradition, honoring the wives of the commanders. first, a bouquet of flowers in
12:31 pm
kelly's rife for her dedication and sack rye fizz which was given to his daughter in her place, and a bouquet ofed butplace, and a bouquet of, ab abted flowers for admiral tidabted flowers for admiral tidwell's wife all she will do when her%husband is the acting commander in doral. responsible for any u.s. military functions going on in latin and central america and the caribbean. general kelly was here for three years and served our country for four decades. he is headed into retime. i am hour her wife is not here because she is unpacking at their new home. live in doral, erika raco, local 10 news. >> kristi: love that. >> constance: the he can>> constance: the he can-shaped lip balm that has customers taking legal action. hey, guys, today we are getting our party on with dips and tips that are light on the
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laurie and calvin for local 1010ews at 11:00. police say they do have their prime suspect in connection with a murder of a florida woman in italy recently. they arrested a man from senegeg following analysis of dna found on a condom and a cigarette. ashley olsen from the daytona beach area was living in florence when she was found dead in her apartment. that suspect is this man right here. 25 years old and his name is desec duwa. he liveshe works in nightclubs and he said he had consensual sex with olsen. she had two skull fractures before she was strangled. it was a mistake that was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake. >> constance: we are hearing from an american sailor apologizing fo entering iranian waters. it is not clear if the sailor was speaking voluntarily. questions still remain about
12:36 pm
release of those ten sailors. we are also now seeing new video of the two american boats surroundedand the surrendered. they were neiling and many are questioning how they ended up in iranian water and why they were disarmed. a big drug bust in an unlikely plce. >> constance: how smugglers vegitages, yes, carrots to try i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment
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fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while
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or muscle related signs or s a heartbreaking story to bring you right now. dozens of dogs and cats rescued from a new jersey home. authorities there say they were just found in filth, and now they are getting all cleaned upthey are getting all cleaned up. 49 dogs were found.the puppies were friendly. the older dogs not so much. they were pretty frightened. some hadd to be carry outbecause they were afraid to move. one was found dead and the catsone was found dead and the
12:40 pm
five were recovered alive. >> uninhabitable by humans. >> companion animal treated like trash. >> we deflea them right away because they are covered with fleas. >> thehe person who lives in the home will face a number charges for mistreating those animals. several animal groups are worng together to get them healthy and a new home. a unexpected discovery for border patrol agents in texas. they uncovered a huge drug shipment hid inner loop a fresh batch carrots. look at this. one of the most creative smuggling attempts that they have seen. they have found 3,000 car rotthey have found 3,000 car rot-shaped marijuana package hidden among the real thing. a street value off half a million. >> constance: imagine making carrot soup and.finding it on the inside. >> kristi: a little props for
12:41 pm
this star is certainly charming enough. >> his smile is going viral. what is causing him to show his pearly whites. another look at the powerball numbers and other
12:42 pm
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we told you earlier about the oscar nominations. now to the razzie nominations which honors the worst in film. well, they have been announced. four movies scored four nominations including "50 shades of grey" for worst picture, actor and actress. "pixels" worst picture and adam sandler for worst actor in "pixels" and "the cobbler." the ht facing off with the clippers looking to turn things around. they lost two straight already. heat without their starting
12:45 pm
injury. miami with as many as 16 points at one time but the cost lee tutuovers helped the clippers climb back iit. los angeles walks away this one 104-90. let's head on over to the ice. the panthers were incalgary taking on the flames. this is one to forget about for cavs. sorry, guys. a night to remember for the flames. 19-year-old -- 19? what are you doing playing had four goals, three of them coming in the first period. go to college. calgary blanks panthers 6-0. i am kidding if you are a big hockey fan. and looking outside from our hollywood beach cam. a gloomy day. a couple of bikers. a couple of walkers on the boardwalk there and that's just about it. >> julie had more details on
12:46 pm
other side of the well, a darling dog is sure tomake you smile today. >> kristi: the day nine can flash a grin on command if you say cheese. [laughter] >> kristi: that cracked you up>> kristi: that cracked you up, constance. she and the dog have plenty to smile about. goinup for adoption. the video has earned more than 12 million views on social media. what a sensation. >> constance: ah. i love to have him join stoley but with this baby and stoley, enough for our household. looking outside, i wish i had
12:47 pm
temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. grab the rain gear. you will need it all day long. we will need constant showers throughout the overnight and tomorrow morning, kristi. >> kristi: sounds perfect. that does it for right now. thank you so much for watching."the chew" coming up just in time for lunch.
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