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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you can join the hunt for theverglades invaders. >> hey, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> i'm jacey birch. weather authority meteorologist julie durda is here. we have warmed up dramatically. >> indeed we have. a lot of you probably have some big plans for the weekend. currently we are seeing temperatures 14 degrees above now where we should be with a south southeast wind moving our cameras around. breezy conditions will continue throughout the later half of the morning into the afternoon. two areas that are going to be the culprit foror the showers and storms we're expecting. that's why we're so warm this morning because of that south southeast wind pumping in the heat and humidity. 75 degrees in pembroke pines. just the other day that was our high. 73 in kendall. 74 in homestead just to try to put it in per effective for you. some showers will be
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8:00 in the 9:00 hour as the warm front does approach our area. on the heels of that warm front we have a cold front moving into south florida keeping us unsettled into 6:00 this morning and then once it clears, drier weather will be in place. currently most of the weather to the northwest of us. i'll have more on this you don't want to miss coming up. brand new crash coming up off the palmetto expressway. here's a live look from that accident scene. that sea of lhts not looking good at all for our northbound drivers. king a closer look at our traffic data, we're still waiting for reports of the delays. again, this is in our northbound lanes at 58th street it. says 63 miles per hour but those live pictures tell another story. also erica rakow live on the scene of this hit and run crash off of collins avenue. northbound and southbound lanes shut down right here off of th street. that's due to that accident scene. instead you're going to
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broward county we are accident-free but quickly let's get to this drive times on 595 east bound starting at i-75 cruising to u.s.-1. we're looking good. if you're at university drive headed to the same spot, about seven minutes total drive time. now back to that breaking news, a hit and run crash is under investigation on miami beach afterwo membership were hit by a car and the driver took off. >> we need to get right out to erica rakow. this happened on collins avenue. >> right on collins avenue. 2 the .19 this morning to be exact. two men hit. one of them is in critical condition. one of them is expected to be okay. miami beach police have been out here since 2:20 this morning. they've already come one a description of a car they are looking for. the person who hit them, they say took off. this all happening just south of 15th street right at espanola way. you're look at officers surrounding a taxicab. that's because we're
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were flagging down that taxi to get a ride when they were hit. this is video right here moments after the crash happened. police say the person who hit them was driving a dark gray mercedes i-350. it jumped the curb, the sidewalk, after hitting the men and took off leaving behind the driver's side rearvw mirror. they are asking for your help looking for the car. we railroad there at ryder trauma center this morning when the two men were brought in. you can see them taken from the ambulance, rushed in on stretch tears. we know one of them is in bad shape, critical condition. the other is going to be okay. at this point investigators do not know if these two men live here or if they were visiting miami beach. >> i mean it is terrible how somebody's life could change in a few seconds.
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area to have fun. for something like that to happen and somebody leaving the scene, that's even worse. people should take responsibility for the action. >>reporter: and sop let's talk once more about the car that miami beach police officers are now searching for. they say it is a mercedes e-350. they say it's dark gray. it has dark tints and it's going to be missing the driver's side rearview mirror. you saw it's still here sitting in the middle of the street. collins avenue just south of 15th street. they are in the process of trying to see if there's any surveillance video. they do not have that information, nor do they know if anybody saw the crash happen. they are working to get those details panned out t as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you throughout the morning. we have all ofhis on our website erica rakow, local 10 news.
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after a crash on krome avenue. police at the scene investigating this one last night. we don't know how many people were inside of those vehicles and whether or not anyone was injured in the crash. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. a hollywood woman in the hospital this morning after a freak accident left her impaled by a bicycle. the woman, her name is bonnie, she was found by neighbors in her garage after she was screaeang for help. firefighters responded, scrambling to save her. >> a piece of the axle and they took her away with that a attached into her head. >> she was kept overnight for observation but amazingly is expected to be released from the hospital some time today. a man arrested for driving drunk in a deadly crash involving uber is still behind bars. alexander chica faced a judge on thursday and was denied bond.
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late wednesday night. they say he was drunk and speeding along the intersection of 157th avenue when he collided with the uber driver carrying four passengers. two people were killed. chica insists the driver is the one at fault. two children remain in t juvenile center. a judge ruled against their releaseiting security concerns. one student allegedly brought a gun to apollo middle school on tuesday showing it to the other who allegedly helped to hide it. two men accused in a triple murder in lakeland and authorities there warned they are part of a dangerous drug ring operating all over the state. half brothers arrested in miami this week. deputies believe joseph ordered a hit on polk county drug dealers who owed him money. last week they arrested surveillance videos of a suspect in miami-dade county. they believe at least one more man was
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three people killed back on january 6th were known drug dealers. brking jefferson night military officials in somalia say militants launched an attack on a base for african university peace keepers. that attack started with a suicide car bomb. no word yet on any injuries or deaths. three men are in custody in connection with yesterday's deadly attacks in jakarta, indonesia. isis has claimed responsibility for the coordinated bombings. five suicide attackers also died. police say they were armed with home made bombs and guns. turning now to vote 2016, just more than two weeks left until it the first caucus in iowa. just seven candidates made the cut for the primes time showdown in charleston. the debate quickly turning into a sparring match between
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trump and ted cruz. >> you have great constitutional rights that say you can't run. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> the debate largely focus on terrorism, immigration and the economy. the democrats head to south carolina next this sunday. ten sailors being detained. defense secretary ash carter said it's unclear if the crew made a mistake. jet blue flights should be back to normal after frustrations all across the country yesterday. travelers at ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport had to deal with dozens of departure there's a and cancellations. the computer system was later restored and all flights w back on schedule. new this morning cuban migrants are finally crossing the
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ahead at: 30 we're hearing from a man who said he's headed straight to south florida. plus a suspicious death investigation under way in hialeah. and rain, rain, rain is going to be in the forecast. even though you may not be seeing the precipitation falling over your head, you are going to expect it in the next few hours and it's going to continue until tonight it. them we'll see drier weather and the rain will return. lots to talk about in the forecast. the latest on the search for those power ball winners including one here in the sunshine state and details on how much they will be getting once that jackpot is split up. first all chipoltes closing. it's only happening for one day. we'll tell you why and when. - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions... my insurance covers everything for my family. - narrator: most people who enroll through qualify for financial help
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>>reporter: good mororng. topping america's money, goldman sachs's senate at that active deal with
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>> it has agreed to pay for than $5 billion for peddling toxic mortgages. >> it's far less than what other big banks paid. chipolte taking dangerous stick steps. >> the chain will close all its doors for one day to talk to the employees about food safety. the closure is expected to last several hours. you might soon be seeing a lot of these driverless cars. >> it's believed the cars could eventually eliminate most deadly crashes and could lessen grid lock. >> this is going to save parents across america so much time during drop-off and pickup. soccer practice is look better. will it improve your skills? >> no. that's america's money. happy friday, south florida. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies, much warmer conditions and very windy conditions out there, south to southwest wind
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temperatures 14 degrees above where we should be. 75 pembroke pines. 73 in kendall. so the wind will continue to move in from the southeast as we await for this warm front so move in. the worst of the weather right now over fort myers and into the gulf of mexico but all of that will be headed our way. for you currently down by the keys we're dealing with dotted showers from portions of key largo all the way down towards key west. we have an area of low pressure and a warm front attached to a cd front all headed our way. the warm front will start to move in. as it does so it will increase our rain chances by the afternoon. in the wake of this warm front we will see the cold front move in and that's going to keep our chances high until about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. the cold front clears and the secondary front is moving in through the nation's midsection. showers and storms today until about 7:00, 8:00 will dry out by tonight. saturday will be beautiful but don't get used to it.
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as clouds start to build. sunday morning will be very wet, staying unsettled until sunday afternoon. cooler, drier their by early next week. we have to talk about hurricane alice, the first hurricane of the atlantic hurricane ason. the last time we've seen this happen was back in the 1930s. we will see that system head towards the azores, going to be a threat to them the weekend's a bit of a roller-coaster not onlnl with temperatures but rain. showers and storms sunday. front clears, temperatures will drop to the low 50s. as we go into early next week, if you have martin luther king off, it will be a beautiful day. palmetto expressway northbound we have an update to that crash reported off of 15th avenue. it's between two accident scenes but first forgot to tell about you this one. this is police activity off of ives dairy road eastbound off of 441. we're still trying to
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this is not an accident scene but could slow you down. west of i-95 at 441. now let's get to the palmetto expressway. two lanes of traffic blocked here at the palmetto. here's a look at our traffic cameras. that crash reported right in between those exits. you see two lanes of traffic blocked in that location. zooming on into our traffic maps this morning. i can show you what those delays are looking like. 17 miles per hour for our drivers northbound and then finalal this crash, this hit and run crash on the beach still causing issues for our drivers on miami beach, collins avenue northbound-southbound shut down between 14th and 15th street. washington avenue your best alternate. a hunt is making headlines across the nation about to happen right in our backyards. >> the python challenge is back. how people are getting prepped to track down those massive snakes. the search is on for
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6:18 now. new this morning we're getting a look at a vigil for this little boy here, lonzie barton. the 21 month old toddler went missing back in july and police believe they found his remains. officers led to the spot by the prime suspect who is charged in connection tohe child's disappearance. the medical examiner is still working to confirm those remains. and a crash on the tracks has left one
6:19 am
jacksonville. an amtrak train hit an s.u.v. just last night. flacht highway patrol said the s.u.v. was stopped on the tracks because of traffic that the hit. the driver died at the hospital from his injuries. and new this morning at least 14 people are dead, dozens more injured after a tour bus crashed in japan.. we're told at least 14 people died, 27 were injured. no word yet on what caused that wreck. and there's a warning being issued but a m mosquito-borne virus. symptoms include fever, rash, joint pain. that virus has been linked to birth defects as well. now to the latest on the flint water crisis. dozens of people rallied on thursday in michigan's capital.
6:20 am
after driving up from flibt and detroit. they say snyder has ignored the problem for too long. snyder did declare a state of emergency for the city earlier this month but local officials did it earlier firefighters work to distribute the water. cell even dion's husband has passed away after i battle with throat answer. through her career hewas her manager, even discovered her of she& was 12 years old. he was 73. new details about a back street boy busted in key west. nick quarter -- carter has been relsed from custody. hey, good morning, facebook friend of the day. this morning it is deborah williams from
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great smile there, deb ravment hope you have a great weekend. we'll continue to follow breaking news for you oututf miami beach where a man is in critical condition and another is hurt after being hit by a driver. the driver of a dark gray e-350 sped away from the scene right at we'll have erica rakow there with all the details when we come
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good morning fish and wildlife officials. >> they are teaching people how to catch the invasive species and there's a big reward for whoever cates the most. once they grow more than eight ft, they become a predator wiping out plenty of animals in the ever glade. this month-long competion is where people are encouraged to
6:24 am
>> they prey upon our fish and small animals. along with that, they arelso competing for space. >> the last competition held back in 2013 and there were more than 1,000 participants and a total of only 60 snake were caught. they hope to catat more this year. the team who catches the most could win $5,000. >> send jones out there. >> i don't think so. i'll leave that to someone else. i-75 northbound, we've got a brand new crash this morning. i'll have details on this and somethihi we're watching for you on the palmetto expressway as well. sky 10 over the scene of that breaking news from miami beach. two men hit near collins avenue and esstrain yoga
6:25 am
the driver took off. breaeang news, a hit and run crash on miami beach. two people and the driver speeds away. >>reporter: i'm sanela sabovic on the scene of a death investigation unhialeah. why p pice are calling it suspicious this morning. new this morning, crossing the border. the first group of cubans once stranded in costa rica arriving in the u.s. now you hear from one headed here to south florida. back street boy nick carter behind bars. how much that florida winners is set to receive. hi, south florida. i'm eric yutzy.
6:26 am
even though i'm not the winner, i'm excited for the person who did win. >> a lot of em people want to know, did they pick the numbers on their own, a quick pick. >> i want the whole story investitited. in the meantime we have to settle for julie. she' investigating what's going on with this weather. changed dramatically fferson night. >> i'm not a billionaire for anything but hey, it's information you need to know as youead out the door. temperature in the mid 70s. 14 degrees above where we should be. look at those winds right now moving all of our tower cams from broward and down by the keys. we have deteriorated our marine forecast tremendously. boaters we have an advisory. it's not even going to look nice to be on the water as well. cloudy, windy with showers this morning. we are seeing most of the rain just to the west of us currently but that will change in the next few hours.
6:27 am
wet as we get into the afternoon. we're expecting a cold front to slide through south florida. drying us out by saturday but more rain returns by sunday. i'll have the details on the forecast coming up. >> i-75 at sheridan. we still have that cident scene. my pictures is a little fuzzy wasesie this morning. let me triple check just to make sure. 71 miles an hour, no issues at all. traveling eastbound at 595, we do have heavy delays here on the approach to i-95, 10 miles per hour there due to an accident scene. obviously this is a certain because our east bound lanes is where we typically see a lot of th heavy, heavy congestion. an recallier crash on the palmetto east bound has cleared up. collins avenue northbound, southbound, that is now in its
6:28 am
news to report for you righ now. constance has been discussing this one. the search is on r a driver who hit two men injuring them and took off. it happened right along collins avenue just a few minutes ago. that's where local 10 news erica rakow is now with an update. >>reporter: we're talking about two men here who were trying to flag down a taxi for a ride when they were hit. they were both rushed to ryder trauma center. that taxi is still here on collins avenue. this happened right at collins and espanola way. you can still see miami beach police officers out here with some evidence markers on the ground still trying to piece all of this together. this is some video we have from moments after the crash happened. police say that the car who hit these two men hopped the curb, went on to the sidewalk and then took off after hitting those two guys. one of them in critical
6:29 am
one is expected to be okay. police have already come one a description of this car. they say it's a mercedes e-350. you can see them taken from the ambulance, brought into the hospital on stretchers. at this point we do not know their names and we don't know if they were tourists, if they were visiting miami beach or if they lived here but we're talking to several people who saw them laying on the ground and they weren't sure if he was alive or not. >> blood was coming out of his mouth. they said he had a pulse. they took off and leftt their mirror. i guess when they hit him, the mirror came off. >>reporter: detectives have already come up with a description for. they say the car that hit these two men is a mercedes e-350. it is dark gray, it has dark, tinted windows.
6:30 am
the driver's side side mirror. investigators still here trying to figure out who this person is. they do not have a license plate number at this time. that's why they are putting the description out there some pretty clear evidence there to please give miami-dade crimestoppers a call. live in miami beach, erica rakow, local 10 news. new afternoon this morning in the cuban migrant crisis. they are now in the united states. local 10 news reporter hatzel vela has been tracking each step of their journey and he was there for their arrival and learned some already making plans to head florida. >>reporter: it was shortly after 11:00 last night when randy was one of the first cuban migrants to arrive here. here you see him talking to other media outlets. he came out of the processing center. he says he arrived here at 4:00. here he is telling us
6:31 am
he was ending a quick phone call when i first saw him. i asked him about his trip. a tough trip he says but i have now reached freedom. stuck in costa rica like thousands of other cuban migrants. he's the first of 180 migrants to leave the central american country. he says he and 11 others took a flight to the border, arrived here at laredo, texas around 4:00 p.m. thursday. hours ahmadinejad being processed by immigration, he was out. we're happy he says simply because we met our goal. a 29-year-old who was from havana says he was in limbo since october 25th of last year. like all these migrants, he started his journey in ecuador but that's all in the past now. his family he says is happy everyone is happy,
6:32 am
here. a new journey begins. he's headed to miami, specifically hialeah where his family lives. we'll talk to you about other migrants processed through immigration. hatzel vela, local 10 news. >> hatzel is staying right there at the border to bring you other stores. look for them right here and on the deportation say result of nine separate migrant deportations. 39 cuban migrants have been apprehended trying to reach the u.s. just this month alone. a suspicious death investigation is happening at a hialeah apartment complex. sanela sabovic is there live to bring us all the details. i know you've been out there working this story. do we have new information you can report? >>reporter: good morning. police are staying mum on this.
6:33 am
woman's death suspicious. they have been here all night long. they've had their sights set on a second floor apartment. looks like they are wrapping up this investigation, clearing up here but they are trying to figure out how this woman passed away. let's get you now to some video we shot for you. the woman was found dead along 22nd court. this is just west of the palmetto expressway. police say her body was found shortly before 8:00 last night. a neighbor whose lived in the area most of his life tells us that his neighborhood is relatively very calm. >> they just closed the street down. it's quiet. it's a nice neighborhood. >>reporter: the deaths certainly shocking this neighborhood right now. it's unclear how this woman passed away, what copy her body was found in. police not releasing much information but calling her death suspicious. we'll stay on top of this and bring you
6:34 am
reporting in hialeah, sanela sabovic, local 10 news. a family is pleading for help after this 15-year-old boy was shot and killed in liberty city on saturday and the family hoping you may know something that could lead to an arrest. >> he's a child. we wanted justice. he's 16. >> there's no reason to be afraid. this could have been your brother, your nephew or your cousin. come forward and say something. >> police a alder hill was knocked off his bike, dragged into an empty field and shot several times. all of this happening right next to miami northwestern senior high school. if you know anything, give police a call. a boating crash that happened at oakland park. northwest 34th street off of 21st avenue. we're told this crash happened in a canal. right now it's not clear how the crash happened or whether or not anyone was injured. a back street boy busted. nick carter is accused of choking a bartend ter
6:35 am
police say carter and his brother in law were at hog's breath saloon where they with leafly toxic nominated and allegedly attacked the bouncers. carter was released from jail on thursday and local 10's michael seiden was there to ask him questions. >>reporter: nick, did you choke the bouncer? >> i'm just a guy trying to enjoy some indication time down here in key west. >> you may know him because he rose to fame as a member of the back street boys back in the 190s. hog' breath saloon says didn't matter who he is, he and his brother-in-law have been banned from the bar or life. two people accused of going into denny's and threating to light a gas bomb, they are still in jail. yesterday deputies announced an arrest. those suspects facing a judge yesterday. deputies say they robbed that restaurant and may
6:36 am
for a string of similar crimes. they are look at a number of charges including robbery with a deadly weapon after police a they went on that crime spree. the search continues this morning for the winners of wednesday's record power ball jackpot. each of the winning ticket is worth about$533 million. we know one of them was boht at this melbourne beach publix. the winners in tennessee and california have yet to come forward as well. so they opt out for the lump sum, each of these three will take only about $327 million. >> you have to pay taxes though. >> i feel so bad for you guys. meanwhile a few more millions were bon here. tickets matching five of the numbers, forget the power ball, they were
6:37 am
beach and even key west. the john kerry pot drops down to $40 million. we're starting from the bottom. you can watch the drawings only on local 10. tomorrow at 11:00 is your next chae to win. >> 40 million, such a waste of time. >> those eight people in south florida only won a million or two. >> when you're talking billions your perspective gets excused a little bit. >> of course we're not the only ones here. imagine if you invested nearly $140,000. >> remember these guys? ey put it in that pool. we have an update on those friends in tampa who pulled all their money hoping to hit the john kerry pot. julie, they put in $500 each? >> insane. do you know what we could do with $500 here on the morning show? lots of coffee, donuts. come on, people. back to reality. you didn't win. you got to go to work. it's going to be wet and windy but we will bring dry weather in the
6:38 am
more rain returns sunday. lots to talk about. you don't want to miss it much. and a lawsuit alleging disgusting conditions inside some popular uth florida restaurant. why a former employee of versailles i claiming he's a vic dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $3.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. 6:42 right now. more protests are planned in chicago today after this video was released. it sws a police officer shooting a a unarmed man. that video from back in 2013 apparently depicts the shooting death of cedric chap homemaman. the officer said he fired after seeing him turn towards officers with a dark object in his hand. however, the investigation later determined it was just an iphone case. chapman was a carjacking suspect. protestors say it's another example of the cover up of shootings.
6:40 am
dispute and a suspect died i i custody. police say that man was arrested whout incident and even cooperated with the officers but he ler complained of chest pain. police are still waiting for his autopsy. central florida man now charged with battery ainst his wife and it was apparently over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 47-year-old keith davidson wanted to make a sandwich and got mad when he discovered there was no jelly in the house. >> you can love someone with all your heart, but if they are not going to be a good person for you in your life, then it's time to just say good-bye and it's the hardest thing for me. >> this is far if davidson's first brush with the law. police say he's been arrested several times before. the victim says davidson is not welcome back to
6:41 am
happy friday, south florida. let's talk about something a bit happier, your weather forecast. it's friday. you all have plans for the weekend. don't be upsettle i'm just the messenger. some of you do have three days off. that's the good news. pay attention, first off we're starting ten degrees above where we should be this time of year. looking at the 70s this morning. south southeast breeze in place. wind speeds anywhere between 15 and 28 miles per hou this will continue throughout the afternoon. this has elevated the risk for rip currents for you beach-goers. very dangero waters out there. it will be very choppy. don't try to venture out today. mostly cloudy skies. it's not going to be a good day to be out in the water. temperature 75 in pembroke pines. 74 for you in homestead. with the winds out of the east southeast this is ahead of a warm front going to spring us our first amount of rain.
6:42 am
moving over portions of the keys. seeing some of those showers first. an isolated line of showers starting to move in towards the everglades. that will head in towards broward and miami-dade before the worst of the weather starts to moven inin the next hour or two. that will be all associated with the warm front. this will lift towards the northeast associated with the low and cold front. as this cold front does clear by tonight, another cold front will move in and that will increase our rain chance business sunday. watch the forecast carefully. scattered showers and storms will be in the recast for the next probably eight to 12 hours. the next round will be because of the warm front. the second round will have the front move into south florida. that will clear up by 8:00, 9:00 tonight for sure taking all the cloud cover with it drying us out. that will be the only day we are going to notice very comfortable conditions because by sunday clouds will return and a better chance of storms.
6:43 am
a line of shower and thunderstorm activity starts to move into the forecast. this front won't clear until about 1:00 in the afternoon. once it does so we'll have the very strong north breeze behind it and that will provide for cooler weather by martin luther king. the 7:00 a.m. advisory for hurricane alex, the first of the atlantic hurricane season. we haven't seen something like this happen since the 1930s. we're expect heavy rain and gusty winds from time to time. tomorrow we will be drier. rain chance increase by saturday night into sunday morning. cooler weather will be in the forecast. jacey, you'll have to get t tse boots out. constance, you'll be wearing those benefits by monday morning when i see you. highs in the low 70s. >> whoo hoo, i have like two pairs of boots here living in south florida.
6:44 am
i-95 southbound and state road 84, we have a broken down car here. eastbound lanes are effected due to an accident scene. those speeds slow at 11 miles per hour for anyone traveling towards the i i on 595. let'set to miami-dade county and the beach. collins avenue northbound, southbound still shut down between 15 and 14th street. that's due to that hit and run crash. a friendly reminder in about 15 minutes we're going to start art deco weekend. ocean drive will be completely shut down until monday morning at 7:00 a.m. i would say take collins but not just yet because of that police activity. instead take washington. right now we have live pictures for you. we are waiting for a space walk. nasa is broadcasting the preparations ahead of the walk which will take place at the international space station.
6:45 am
mission is organized and what it's doing is it's replacing faulty equipment. >> these astronauts have to breathe pure oxygen for a couple hours. this is a big deal. one of these men the first brit to ever walk in space. >> we'll keep you updated on all these live pictures and bring them to you here on local 10 and schools and government offices are observing martin luther king day on monday. diane nash said she was ready to die in the fight for equal rights. >> we would not have been able to have the movement about public accommodations or voting rights or any civil rights movement without getting a lot of people killed first. so it was essential that the freedom right continue. >> part of nash's life featured in the mov selma.
6:46 am
will emcee the events. garth brooks live. he is performing at the bbt center tonight and tomorrow. brooks hadn't been on the south florida stage for two decades until last night. that's where he kicked off a three night concert with his wife trisha yearwood. they say they are pretty excited to be back in south florida with all their country fans. >> my job is to come out here and get them away if their lives for a couple hours. let them close their eyes and sing as ld as they can. >> his tickets were in such high demand, everybody wanted to see him so they added a third day. >> good luck getting tickets. you better have friends in low places. >> i love garth brooks. he says complaining about cleanliness is what got him fired.
6:47 am
filed, what's that all about next. the driver took off, our crew at that scene gathering the very latest information. we have the updates for you all morning long right here on local 10. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? aro, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars... ...this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. come join star wars awakens. now at walt disney world resort. experience the fun of all four theme parks
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versailles restaurant the center of a lawsuit filed by one of its former managers. he claims he was demoted by reporting unclean conditions and at its sister restaurant. heays he claimed only to be tran fered to la caretta. >> he saw no other way out but to end his employment. >> the restaurant's owner say the lawsuit is without merit adding that in 44 years of business none of their
6:49 am
been implicated in any health issues. remember the group that put in a lot of cash with hopes of winning the jackpot? we're sll not exactly sure they are winners. >> it will take time for them to win all 73,000 tickets. they estimate they will get about 125 grand in secondary prizes. they only had about one in 4,000 chance of hitting the jackpot. >> okay. so they may make their money back. >> not a bad investment. >> trying to do the math real quick. i think that means they will get their 500 backs back. the search for a hit and run driver happening right now. >> details on the car police are looking for and an update on the condition of the two men who were hit. erica rakow covering this for you all morning long.
6:50 am
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traffic alert this morning. we have january update, four lanes blocked eastbound on the approach to i-95. those delays stretching past all the way to u.s.-441. you're looking live overhead as traffic is at a crawl. obviously anyone traveling east bound this morning in broward county stick with state road 84 or travel south just a little bit and travel on sheridan and griffin road. 595 eastbound down to one lane at i-95 due to the rain hasn't gotten there yet but dangerous rip currents out there. dangerous conditions to be doing any boating. our temperature in the mid 70s because of that strong south southeast wind ahead of a warm front that's going to bring us a first round of rain. a cold front will move through later today keeping us wet and windy tomorrow. the search is on for a hit and run driver who hit two men in miami beach this morning.
6:52 am
2011 to 2014 dark gray mercedes e-350. one of those victims is in critical condition. the other is expected to recover. a suspicious death investigation in highlights after a woman was found dead in her home. her body found just before 8:00 last night at the apartment along west 22nd court and 63nd street. police still investigatatg. a hollywood woman in the hospital after she was impaled by a bicycle. somehow part of the bicycle lodged in her head while she was in the garage. she is expected to survive. a group of cuban migrants are the first to arrive under a migration program to help 8,000 cubans just like them. constance, one more time, 595. >> down to one lane for eastbound drivers. yes, rollover crash. it's go to be a wreck for quite some time. state roads 84, griffin road and any other
6:53 am
can take.
6:54 am
good morning, america.
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