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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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local10 news at live. the one and only local10 news starts right now. >> and right now we're looking tside at our hole beach cam and this is definitely not what you would call a beach day. wow. >> and not just the rain, the winds are also a major concern. there. >> huh-uh, this is not a good day
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driving around, jennifer, correa end zone there's some ccerns. >> in a case like this, umbrellas may not cover you from all the rain, so use the rain coats also. if you have to take the roadways, take it easy. it is very wet. also we do have a concern for severe weather. and in fact there is this tornado watch. you can see this red box. it goes from the west coast to the east coast, includes glades, collier, even palm beach county. that tornado watch is still to the north of our area, but it is a watch that is in effect until 5:00 p.m. something we have to watch with this is basically this line right here extending down to the southwest gulf of mexico. that line of severe storms could potentially make its way down here as it tons to track towards the south and east. so as far as the tornado watch extending down here, that cannot be completely ruled out, so that's why we're going to keep an eye on this
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tornado watch you can see there's plenty of heavy downpours going on stretching across the everglades, miami-dade county and laurie and calvin the east coast of broward county. i'm actually going to zoomin so we can take a better look at where the rain is occurring. so let's talk about first broward county. zooming in on that right there, fort lauderdale all the way out to pampano beach. must of the west side of broward county isn't too bad, but it's not over. we'll continue to track the heavy thunderstorms that are just to the north of us. these showers we're dealing with right now, some of these are moderate to heavy are pushing out towards the north and east. so we'll continue to see this band of rain stretching all the way back down to the gulf waters. the keys right now for the most part, not o much going on, but the concern is definitely severe threat that we have for the rest of this afternoon. we're under a slight and a marginal risk as well.
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track and as far as the impacts go rip current is high. lightning expected through midafternoon. tornado may be a low risk, but it only takes one. so something we'll be tracking through this afternoon. i'll have more -- all your forecast plus the weekend coming up. kristi? >> all right. thanks a lot and also we have some breaking news this afternoon on wall street. that's right. stocks are downharply, losing about 400 points in the first 10 minutes of trading. local10 news reporter michael putney is live in the newsroom. what's causing the stocks to fall? >> constance, kristi, financial experts say it is a combination of factors. the falling price of oil, higher interest rates. a faltering chineseconomy. strong dollar, which hurts u.s. ex sports, and then there is the shaky economy over in the european union. so u.s. markets are extremely volatile. the dow was up more than 200 points yesterday, but, wow, down sharply this morning more than 2%.
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this is the opening bell on wall street. everybody always smiles, but those smiles quickly faded today. now let's take a look at the latest numbers. the dow jones industrial average is down 431 points below 16,000, a major d2op. the nasdaq down 155 points. and the s&p 500 index below 1900 dropped 50 points. it's at 1871. we are looking at what experts call a market corction, which happens when the markets are down by 20%. now, this news certainly does not help. wal-mart says it's going to close 269 stores in the u.s.s and some others in brazil. wal-mart has 11,000 stores worldwide, but it's getting stiff competition from amazon as well as retailers. most of the wal-marts that are express.
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>> it is a rollercoaster ride today on wall street. we will keep an eye on the markets and get back to you later on local10 news. we're in the newsroom, constance, kristi, back to you. >> michael, thanks so much. right now police are searching for a driver after a hit-and-run crash in miami beach. twoen were hit early this morning while trying to flag down a taxi cab. local10 news reporter erica is live and you've got some new surveillance video. erica? >> constance that video is just a a small piece of evidence in this big investigation. you're right. right. we're talking about two guys just trying to catch a ride in a cab here off collins avenue early this morning. the car that hit them, look right here hopped the curb, managed to jump the curb, hitting them and taking off. that's the one person that was laying on the floor and i saw another guy was holding the side of his body. >> it was 2:15 this morning. a happening area of miami beach.
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a crime scene. >> when i walked over there, i saw he had his hands up and he wasn't moving and you could see blood was coming from his head like his head hit the ground real hard. >> two men were rushed to ryder trauma center, one recovering, talking, the other critical and unconscious. miami beach police say the men had just flagged down this cab for a ride in front of senior frogs. >> while talking with the taxi driver detectives say someone behind the wheel of a mercedes swerved around, hopped t t curb and hit them. >> in that short space on the median and wherehat taxi is where that mercedes hit both those victims. >> the person took off leaving behind, though, a key piece of evidence. the driver side mirror. detectives are now looking at this surveillance video from a hotel nearby. it shows an suv slow down and make a u-turn. they want to question that person. but moments later a car speeds by. they believe this is the car that
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>> it is terrible. how somebody's life can change in a few seconds. people come into this area to havefun, to enjoy life, especially people from out of town and for something like that to happen and somebody leaving the scene, that's even worse. people should take responsibility for their actions. >> it's a simple message. we will find you. you have left one person in extremely critical condition. turn yourself in. >> let's talk once more about that car. police are now looking for. they say it's a mercedes model e350. it's dark gray. has dark tinted windows and it's a newer model. so possibly 2011 to 2014. again, it is missing its driver's side mirror. if you spot that car, if you were in this area of the beach early this morning, of course give miami-dade crime stoppers a call. police have not yet released the names of that he is two men involved in the accident here. we're live in miamii beach this afternoon, erica rake oh, llcal10 news.
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facing charges after a mother and her two children were struck right in the street. this happened in sunrise in the year 2014. that time a 4-year-old boy was killed in the crash local10 news to do tongue it's is live in fort lauderdale where that driver just appeared in court. todd? >> kristi, it has taken nearly year for police ask investigators to file these charg, but this morning andrew perez turned himself into police. >> good morning, mr.perez. >> this all stems from an accidentt in sunrise back in march of 2014. sunrise police say perez was traveling over 80 miles an hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone in a black bmw sedan on the 4100 block of pine allen road when he lost control of the car and hit a mother pushing
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4-year-old abdallahstye was killed. and their mother, 37-year-old natalie critically injured after the crash. >> the mother is hospitalized with serious injuries, including a fractured sll, arm, vertebrae, neck where she was hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. and the seven-month-old baby was hospitalized as well. >> police say perez was traveling so fast he hopped the curb that's when he hit the mother and children. he then hit a cement sign. perez, however, did stay on that scene until police and another car cut him off. >> now, perez did have family in the courtroom today. they declined to speak to us. he has since had some traffic infractions. in june of 2015 he had a crash and was cited for failure to use due care afterisobeying a stop sign and in september they suspended his license. the police report came back with a toxicology report saying that he had marijuana and cocaine.
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his blood. he is facing 14 to 20 year possible sentence. so very serious charges. the judge did give him a $50,000 bond. in fort lauderdale, todd tongin, local10 news. >> several lanes were blocked earlier today after a rollover crash. sky 10 was above that scene this morning when the car rolled right over on to its roof in the eastbound lanes right before i-95. >> no word on what exactly caused that crash or if any other cars were involved in this one. we're also waiting to hear back about any injuries. >> and just into our newsroom, we learned there was a stabbing yesterday, this happened at flanigan high cool in pembroke pines. we're told a girl stabbed a boy there. his injuries were not serious. he went home with his parents. the girl who hasot been identified has been arrested and charged. >> this just in, a precautionary boil alert has been issued for north miami beach.
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state road nine all the way east to northwest seventh avenue are under this order. these buildings affected are right below the lake. you see right there on the map. this is all due to a water main report of northwest seventh avenue. it's recommended that those in the area boil their water for one minute or use bottled water instead. >> and developing this noon, the search is on for survivors after two military aircrafts collided off of north shore off the hawaiian island. this happened late last night. searchers spotted a fire and debris field, including an empty life boat. we're told a total of 12 people were on board the two aircrafts. >> a group of cuban migrants has now reached the u.s. after being stranded in costa rica. they are the first to arrive under a migration program to help nearly 8,000 cubans like them. many had been stranded for months after nicaragua closed its border
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crossing over. local10 news hatzel vela is live. one of them he talked with is planning on heading to south florida. >> hatzel will bring you many more reports on the cuban migrant crisis. look for that on our website as well as >> and republican presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail this afternoon after facing off in their sixth debate last night. as expected, cruz was asked to comment on questions about his eligibility to be the presidede, triggering a heated exchange. local10 reports washington. >> donald trump back on the trail today claiming a victory in the gop debate. >> last night we had the debate. did everybody see the debate in. >> trump hammered the canadian born ted cruz claiming cruz might not legally be able to serve as president. >> there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> back in september my friend, donald, said that he had had his
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which way and there was no issue there. the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> cruz blocking trump's blow on that point, but when cruz criticized what he called trump's new york values, trump fired back. >> but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> abc jonathan karl calls it a defining moment in the debate. >> trump clearly came out on response. his response to the new york values attack from cruz was so effective that cruz was actually applauding him. >> other front returns were forced to cut in for a share of the time. >> i hate to interrupt this episode of court tv, but the real. >> trump seemed to take special pleasure in attacking jeb bush last
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slamming bush and senator lindsey graham, who has just endorsed bush. >> abc news, washington. >> we still don't know who won the record $1.5 billion jackpot. now, three winning tickets were sold in california, tenneneee and right here in florida and new at noon we're hearing from a family claiming to be one of the winners. >> today powerball p perplexity. >> a nurse at this nursing home thinking she was one of the three jackpot winners. now reportedly learning it was a prank instigated, her family says by the nurse's own son. her daughter telling the la times, this is one big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home bought 18,000 tickets for his staff and residents, including the one they thought hit big. he believes the nurse may be the real winner, but that she just
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>> if there was a prank done by her son as the claim, i think it's somewhat detestable. >> meanwhile a family claiming to hold the winning ticket sold in tennessee appears on the today show this morning saying they're still trying to figure out how they'll spend their fortune. >> sally may is paid off -- other than that, we haven't had time to really, you know -- >> i do hope to plan on working for a while. >> here in melbourne beach, florida, speculation that the third jackckt winner may be holed up in this home just a mile away from the public supermarket where that person reportedly works and may ticket. >> you have to go away, i guess. >> now, the winners all have one year to claim their prize and they cannot remain anonymous. >> and we do have some breaking news right now. >> yeah. we're learning that an american airlines flight heading to miami
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let's -- turbulance. >> constance, kristi, this was severe turbulance. it was in the area of jacksonville. we're talking about american airlines flight 1410 from new york la guard ia to miami international in the jacksonville area. apparently this boeing 737 encountered very very difficult heavy weather, turbulent weather and five people were injured while that plane was encountering the turbulence. the flight was able to land. we do not know how seriously injured the five people are, but we have a crew on route to mia to find out. once again, american airlines flight 1410 from new york laguardia encountered severe turbulence around jacksonville. that's the latest from the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news. >> we want to get or to jennifer right now. she's got some interesting news for
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>> that turbulence was definitely due to the storms that we're seeing. now, this is a look at the radar. you can see there are heavy and severe thunderstorms stretching across the central part of florida. now, even off in the gulf, the atlantic waters i should say and down through the gulf as well. let's zoom in. there is that tornado watch that does include glades, collier county, palm beach county as well, but where the possibility of where this airplane possibly went through some of these squall lines we see right here, now we can see that these are definitely well to the south of jacksonville, but they have been tracking the whole line itself from the north down towards the southeast. now, these little squall lines -- the squall lines, you see how they bow echo out, that is a good indication of some wind degusts. hour. these storms itself do track towards the north and east.
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storm cells eedded with the rainfall. this is definitely a problem not only in the skies but also down on the roadways at the surface as well. but, again, these are the ones that we have to worry about, especially when they bow out like that, they cause some really strong winds and could have some rotation in them, and of course the upper levels of the atmosphere, we're dealing with a low-level jet, and that is definitely causing some wind shear, and, again, rotation in the atmosphere. so we are still tracking the radar because south florida, you're not out of t clear just yet. through the afternoon we're expecting some storms. i'll have the details coming. >> okay. still ahead this noon, a deadly discovery that happened inn hialeah. >> we're learning of a woman found death there and why police are calling her suspicious. a live report after the break.
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women why att2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3nc&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w4w3n`&d!" lzt& :^< developing this noon, a deadly discovery in hialeah after a woman's body is found in her apartment. police are calling her death suspicious. local10 news joins us live from hialeah with the latest on this investigation. >> good afternoon, constance and krkrti. hialeah police tell me they are actively investigating this woman's death.
12:20 pm
apartment complex trying to collect evidence and figure out exactly what happened to her. >> police working through the night and into the morning hours after a woman was found dead inside of her hialeah apartment. investigators say the body was discovered shortly before 8:00 thursday night inside of apartment number 208 at this complex located on west 63rd street and 22nd court. suspicious. neighbors tell me the woman was new few weeks ago. one telling me he heard loud noises coming from the woman's apartment. >> my mom, she heard some noise like they were having an argument, but besides that. >> they also say no one really knew her well, but her mysterious death is shocking the neighborhood. >> it's a quiet neigigorhood. this is surprising. >> all right. we lost her there, but thank you somuch for that report and we want to
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jennifer is looking at a very busy radar behind you. >> good afternoon, ladies. i took away the radar right now so i can show what you watches we have out there across the state of florida. so the red is a tornado watchbox. it's extending from the west coast. it still includes fort myers down into naples and out towards potch beach county, st. lucie as well. this watch is actually in effect until 5:00 p.m. eastern time. but now there's also this orange box, that's a severe thunderstorms watchbox. now, again this is still out of our viewing area, but it's something we have to watch, because the way these storms are heading, they're heading south, so severe thunderstorms warning actually, it turned into a warning, this includes naples, marco island, so much of the south west coast of florida under this severe threat through the late morning, early afternoon hours. eventually we will see the threat diminish for them as the storms
12:22 pm
and et. now for us here in south florida we're getting the rain as you c see all across south florida from off the waters over southwest gulf of mexico up into our atlananc coast as well. so zooming in we're heading down south first. you can see key west getting a little bit of rainfall, but you will get some heavy downpours from this one developing storm and it's starting to develop as we speak. now, this is tracking towards the north and east at a rate of possibly around 30 to 40 miles per hour, so let's check that out. this is actually producing some gusty winds as well. precipitation rate over 3" of rainfall per hour. so, yes, tracking towards the northeast at 33 miles per hour and then he is miami-dade covered, soaked in rainfall. this will continue on through the rest of the afternoon. we're talking about rainfall amounts possibly over 3".
12:23 pm
some lightedder rain, but you g get the picture. take it ease on the roadway. broward county you're seeing some better conditions on the northern end, but fort lauderdale down rough hollywood, it is moderate to heavy rainfall and again this whole band is pulling towards the south an east, but the individual storms actually tracking towards the north and east and this is all cue to this cold front, that low situated over the southeast, it will continue to track on east ward. here's a look at nationwide. there is a cold front stretching across the central planes, that second cold front also headed our way, so we're going to see two different systems through the next few days and then finally a cool wn. the severe threat today. but the risk is low. current conditions, temperatures inthe low to mid 70s. we have a strong wind from the south anywhere between 15 to up to 20 miles per hour. wind gusts higher than that.
12:24 pm
wind gust of 29 miles per hour. here's a look at the in-house model. this is going to continue on through at least 5:00, 5:00, around 3:00 and 4:00 is probably the worst for south florida as far as the severe threat goes, and, again, we'll keep you informed with that, but the good news is, behind this for saturday we get more sunshine. then comes the other system, that second cold front will bring us a line of heavy showers, another round of storms sunday afternoon and then finally cooling countdown behind this and guess what? we are keeping it cool for next week, we just have to deal with the strong storms fst. check it out. temperatures will drop down even into the 50s monday and tuesday morning, but keep in mind, it is still stormy for us today and sunday. yourur weather authority always keeping you on track with the latest forecast and our chief meteorologist betty davis will be back here at 4:00 to keep an eye on the severe weather threat today and your weekend forecast. >> some sad news to report this
12:25 pm
dan hagerty has died after a short battle with cancer. he was best known for his role on the tv show the life and time of grizzly adams. he was 74 years old. >> back here a miami-dade commissioner is taking on uber, introducing new legislation to regulate it. local10 news shyann malone is live in miami to tell us exactly how this would exact the ride sharing service. shyann. well, kristi, at first thought it's like, here we go again. we just battled this in broward county where ride sharing services were suspended for a expert, but now they are back. and here we start this again in miami-dade. take a look at some of the video we've all been familiar with uber and the ride sharing services like. the chairman wants to regulate ride sharing services like uber and lift to better protect the people. miami-dade county. 's proposing a new ordinance that requires tougher background checks that includes fingerprinting, 24
12:26 pm
and the passengers. and fines and pickup fees that other cap drivers have to pay. those are some of the of the restrictions he is proposing. >> i've had heard from many people, mostly uber drivers. they have expressed concern that this legislation is opposed to the industry. that is simplpl wrong. >> his ordinance simply put is intended to drive uber out of miami-dade county. >> what i want to do is put the cabs and uber in the same level, but i don't want to bring it back to the cab's level, i wan@ to kind of liberal standard rate the cabs and make them come to the 21st century. >> i have to give credit to my photographer here in the press conference. he asked him why not duplicate what broward county is doing? they seem to have found a resolution. he says we are not broward county. this is miami-dade. we do things a little different here. but the mayor, on the other hand, said, you know what? why reinvent the wheel, so they are looking into this.
12:27 pm
on january 20th to discuss and we'll have this information and we'll continue to stay on top of this story as we get more details in. reporting live from downtown miami, shyann malone, local10 news. >> thank you, shyann. >> chipotle closing its doors for one day anyway. >> the day the burrito chain will shut down all of its restaurants and why. coming it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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welcome back. new at noon, the cbc is considering some brand new guidelines for pregnant women traveling to areas where a mosquito borne virus is present. for the very first time the virus has been confirmed in texas. the woman who was infected recently traveled, though, to el salvador. symptoms includeaving a fever, a rash, even joint pain.
12:30 pm
the virus has been linked to birth defects. abc news medical expert dr. richard besser@has some advice for moms to be. >> if you can put off travel to the affected areas i think it's a good idea. >> if you absolutely haha to go, you wanted avoid being bit by a mosquito. >> the university o o miami is saying this one is a big problem in brazil where about 3,000abies have been affected. there is no vaccine to block the vis and no medicine to treat it. >> today a dr. oz's moments. he has skin care secrets to prevent wrinkles. >> hi, i'm dr. oz. make sure these anti-aging tips of part of your skin care routine. moist rise daily. keeping your skin hydrated is essential to keeping your skin looking young. never forget sunscreen. in one study daily users reported 24% less wrinkles than those who skipped this step. >> don't miss the dr. oz every weekday afternoon at 3:00 right here on local10. >> if chipotle is one of your
12:31 pm
other place to eat on monday, february the eighth. the mexican restaurant chain is closing its doors on that day. they plan to have a meeting with all their employees to discuss the e. coli crisis they've been having. that outbreak began in october you may remember, it infected dozens of people in nine u.s. states. >> more controversy today for a beauty queen who resigned after failing to disclose that she had a double digits conviction. >> yeah, the other scandal, the former miss washington usa was caught up in coming doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there!
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devoping right now at noon, dozens of troops in kenya are dead after an attack in somalia. military officials say extremists launched that attack on an african union base killing at least 63 soldiers. it reportedly started with a suicide car bomb followed by heavy gunfire at the base right near the border with ken i do and three men are in custody in connection with
12:35 pm
this happened in. five suicide attackers also died. police say they were armed with homemade bombs and guns. >> well, actor sea pen, an interview on cbs this morning, the actor said that the interview was designed to, q quote start a conversation on the war on drugs. he says the article has failed to complete the intended mission with the focus now shifting. he says the mexican government is lying saying that that interview led to his capture. >> we had met with him many weeks earlier on october 2nd. >> on october 2nd. >> in a place nowhere near where he was captured. we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> he went on to say that he believes the government put him at risk. >> well, ms. washington usa is resigning after failing to disclose
12:36 pm
now she's caught in another scandal. near car -- it was literally the crowning achievements for seattle area beauty queen winning miss washington usa 2016. >> stormy ke f ler. >> it's all just a painful memory and the -- i have resignene as miss washington usa. >> painful unravel ling again when she was caught driving with two flat tires last april. her eyes were droopy, bloodshot and watery and her speech was very slurred according to the police report. she pleaded guilty to drunk driving with a blood alcohol reading nearly three times the legal limit just a month before the pageant, but she never disclosed it to pageant officials. >> the paperwork says have you been convicicd of a felony? and when i contacted my lawyer, he told me that it was a misdemeanor.
12:37 pm
>> we have one victim, stab wound. >> the seattle police reporting a bizarre scene in which she was with major league soccer player last month when he was mysteriously stabbed in the stomach. no charges have been filed, but police are reportedly still trying to figure out this strange scene and she won't comment about it. >> i am a changed person, and i'm willing to go out and prove it. it's hard when a dream that you have had comes crashing down. so i'm still hopeful that i still have the opportunity to change the world. >>ow. well, more controversy for the former miss beauty queen. the crown and sash are now missing after she stepped down. the codirector of the competition says she called her two weeks before the double digits scandal and said that her crown and sash were mysteriously missing. >> all right. we're tracking the rainfall look at this radar. what a nasty looking radar it is right now. jennifer is coming back with
12:38 pm
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we continue to follow the bruins from the top of our newscast. this coming to us from wall street. >> stockhave fallen even more today. let's get out to local10 news reporter michael putney with a check on the numbers. >> the numbers are not good. this looks like a black friday. are. the dow is now down by 481 points. just a few minutes ago it was down by more than 500 points. this is roughly a drop of 3 in the dow jones industrial average. it has plummeted today. there are a variety of reasons. we plan later in the news to bring you somebody, a financial analyst expert to come in and talk about why stocks are having such a rocky
12:40 pm
down 2.9% at 477 and the dow has had 15,899. while we have you, let me give you an update on another story that is just developing as well about an american airlines flight that encountered turbulence on a flight from miami to new york this morning. this was american airlines flight 1410 out of new york laguardia and it landed safely at miami international at 11:30. but in the jacksonville area it encountered severe turbulence. five passengers did suffer, american airlines says, some injuries. they were treated b mayor medics at mia, but they were released. american airlines says one of its flight attendants was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, but that flight did land safely, no other injuries as far as we know. we'll have more on that and the
12:41 pm
starting at 4:00. constance, kristi? >> all right, michael. thanks so much. more protests against police are planned today in chicago after a void is released showing an officer shooting an unarmed teenager. the video shows the 17-year-old cedric chop man shooting death. the officer who shot chapman says he fired after seeing him turnaround towards officers with a dark object in his hands, but investigators later determined it was an iphone case. police say chapman was carjackings suspect, but protesters say it's just another example of the department covering up police involved shootings. >> police in indianapolis are still trying to piece together what exactly happened after a domestic violence suspect died in custody. police say that man was arrested without incident and even cooperated without resisting arrest, but he later complained of chest pains, eventually suffering a fatal heart attack.
12:42 pm
>> and a central florida man is now charged with battery against his wife and this was apparently over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. you see him there, reportedly want to make a sandwich and he got angry when he realized there was no jelly in his home. and his wife said thatshe had accidentally spilled a glass of milk during her argument and that's when he became unraveled, she says. even allegedly using his wife's head to mop up the spilled milk. >> you can love someone with all your heart, but if they're not going to be a good person for you in your life, then it's time to just say good-bye and it's the hardest thing for me. >> wow. this is fraudulently from davidson's first brush with the law. police say he's already been arrested several times before. he's out of jail on a $1,000 bond, but the victim says he is not welcome to come back to their home. >> and some st. louis rams fans, they're feeling the burn. the group setting their jerseys on fire after the team decide to do relocate to los angeles. what others are doing that could
12:43 pm
but first here's a lolk at your
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now to a new development in the flint watered crisis, the michigan attorney general says thth he will investigate the water crisis to figure out if any laws have been violated. just yesterday demonstrators gathered at the state capitol calling for governor like snyder to resign. they said he ignored the water problem for too long. they said there needs to be more done to fix the problem. meanwhile 600,000 bottles of water and 14 semi trucks arrived in flint yesterday. this after the governor declared a state of emergency and then asked the president to supply federal aid. >> well, the rams as you probably have heard are ditching st. louis. they're returning to la and as you might imagine fans in missouri not too happy about this one. one group in fact already suing the team. other fans are deciding whether to donate their old rams gear or
12:46 pm
burn it. >> one local candy store in fact an owner there is offering fans a chance to unload their gear without setting it on fire. he has a good idea. he's giving them chocolate for every item before he then goes ahead and did he new england patriots everything himself. let's take a live look outside from our miami tower cam. oh, i can't see anything. >> it must be raining. >> my eyes. is it any glasses? no, it's very yet and yucky out there and jennifer will explain al of that to us my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back.
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good afternoon, south florida. happy friday. very wet and stormy for this afternoon. still those tornado watches and warnings in effect. this is still to the north of our area, though. but that line of storms is headed towards the south. right now key west you're getting this thunderstorms right here. this is producing some gusty winds. this has a possibility of even producing a waterspout, so boaters, do beware, it's heading toward the northeast at a rate of 35 miles per hour. plenty of rainfall stretching all across almost all of miami-dade county. broward, not so much going on. there's some heavy rainfall right over fort lauderdale, but it is this area, this line of severe storms that are still pushing through those -- the central portions of florida into south florida. later on this is something we have to continue watching as that severe threat remains for us here this friday afternoon. >> all right. thanks so much. what happened to our dry season? it's gone.
12:50 pm
thank you for watching. the chew is next. >> of course we'll be right back here at 4:00. you can get the latest breaking news by checking our website at have a great weekend.
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