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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> betty: i will will it know when those storms might have and we start on dry out. >> victor: plus, passengers headed to south florida dealing with turbulence, and a flight attendant landing in the hospital. >> laurie: stocks taking a deep dip again on wall street. a look at the you latest numbers ahead. the news at 4:00 starts right now. off the top, a severe weather alert. we're trackinghe radar as storms have been moving over south florida all day. >> victor: check out the flooding on miami beach. it is just a mess out there. residents know the pain of that all too well. >> laurie: and this a video was taken a short time ago outside jackson memorial hospital. this is that soaking rain that whips around. it's been like that on and off all day. >> vtor: let's get right over to our chief meteorologist betty davis. betty.y. >> betty: hi, everyone. official miami-dade and broward county still under a tornado watch until 5:00 but as far as broward and miami-dade counties are concerned, it does appear that the worst part of these storms are pushing away, moving out over the atlantic waters. we've also been watching the keys where earlier marathon,
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reported, and weere still finding some strong storms near the keys. marathon, in fact, right now looking at a gusty area of thunderstorm action moving over, also some storms around key largo. no active tornado warnings, but some pretty nasty weather still to come for those regions. we'll take it now into miami-dade county where miami, 595 it's generally a rain event. what we're seeing that the battle of storms, that has simply pushed out over the waters of the atlantic. you can see how the leading edge of that continues to move toward the east around 35 miles an hour. so that is where the gusty winds and maybe some stronger winds would be over the atlantic. so a general rainfall amount for miami. as far as broward county is concerned it is rain from us-1 back over toward the sawgrass expressway, 95 as well. we'll let you know when the tornado watch is lifted but for now it does appear truly threatening weather. we may be getting in the clear on that end but we're not dry
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to dry out. and i'll be back in a few minutes to give you more specifics on this forecast. laurie. >> laurie: and is we mechs aid lot of flooding across south florida. as we mentioned. >> victor: derek shore is on live on miami beach with how things are looking. >> derek: it continues to rain out here in miami beach. we have seen the rain and the wind all day long. we are here on purdy avenue, and that's an area that has been known to floodit but right now it is okay. you can see traffic is getting through. but the construction down the road, of course, stopping because of this wet weather. take a look at some video from a little bit earlier on the beach shot at fifth and michigan. you can see some street flooding at the intersection. street up to maybe a foot in water, the water pouring into a nearby gas station. still, those drivers willing to braate and take on the water. now, let's go to lincoln road. obviously the mall a very popular place for the tourists, but kind of a desert wasteland, you could say, because not a lot
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if wind was whipping, the water filming sidewalks. the winds so intense w w saw a scooter get knocked over that was parked in already inches of water. so that has been the story all the day long. obviously, some flooding concerns in this area as we come back out here live on purdy avenue again, there is a concern about ongoing flooding concerns within miami beach. we've seen it, as we showed in you that video, so, of course, you'll want to be careful if you're trying to make your way around this area. we'll stay here, monitor the situation, and bring you the latest coming up in just a little while. we're live in miami beach, derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: and if you have lost power, you're not alone. the storm has knocked out power to as many as residents and businesses across south florida. we just checked. these are the latesty numbers. more than 4,000 customers without power in broward county. just over 400 there without power in broward county. as soon as we get an update on when this will be restored we'll
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victor: and, of course, all of this weather is having a pretty big impact on traffic. >> laurie: to say the least. did you get sck in traffic? >> victor: all day. all morning long. >> jenise: stuck in traffic all day long, and unfortunately that's going to be the story all after. this is midwest i-invitenorthwest at north 54th street. we do see that mechanical vehicle there. look at those heavy delays, and you may notice the express lanes, they're closed. so let's zoom on inn closer to see what it's looking. this is i-95 northwest 54th street. there are two lanes blocked with speights there clocking in at 12 miles per hour, and the express lanes from downtown miami all the way to the golden glades, they are closed. now, check this out. this is the dolphin expressway headed west, northwest 57th off, a right lane blocked here with speeds there at 25 miles per hour. and another don't palmetto expressway. this is as you're heading north right at northwest fifth street
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per hour. cruising up to broward county we do have an accident on i-95 southbound. this is right around state road 84. now, there is some debris roadway as well so if you're heading that direction use caution, and speeds there 26 miles per hour. ctor. >> victor: it's a mess out there. jenise, thank you. now to come breaking news from wall street. >> laurie: stocks down again today, and we don't mean absolutely. let's get to local10 senior political reporter michael putney. he's in the newsroom to break it down for you. >> michael: it has been brutal on wall street. experts say combination of factors is to blame: higher inrest rates, strong dollar falling, a falter chinese economy and weaker than expected retail sales in december. put it all together it spells flack black friday. the closing bell sounded just a minute ago on the new york stock exchange. traders were glad to see this day end. so let's take a look at where the market wound up. here are the closing numbers.
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bad, but earlier it was down more than 500 points. that was disastrous. this is merely awful. the nasdaq is down 126 points, and the s&p 500 index down nearly 42 points. this is what experts call a full-blown market correction. that means the marketsre down 20% in the last few weeks. th news certainly does not help. waart says it's going to close 269 stores in the u.s. and some others in brazil. walmart has 11,000 stores worldwide, but it's getting stiff competition from amazon and from brick and mortar retailers, too. most of the stores that will close are called walmart express, which are smaller stores. so it was a roller coasteride today onhe markets, and if you were on the roller coaster, you mamaneed some dram mean or perhaps a stiff drink. that is the story in the newsroom, michael putney, local10 news.
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turbulent flight. an american airlines flight headed to miami from new york experienced bad turbulence and a flight attendant had to be taken to the hospital after being injured. eliminates glenna milberg is live at the airport with the details. >> glenna: victor, imagine being on that many here at the airport could and actually were on flights where there was terrible turbulence, to hear them describe it, absolutely weather-related but for those people on 1410 even the flight attendants had to sit down and buckle up, and that's how they knew it was going to be bad. >> it was a horrible flight. i've never been in this flight -- like this before. >> glenna: people were screing, a afraid, children crying, he said. rosemary was one of the last off american flight 1410 from new york cities' laguardia. fife of the passengers were hurt badly enough in the turbulence to warrant a check there. all good there, but paramedics did i think satisfy transported one of the flight attend anthony
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an officer described her first around her nose area. >> it was scary. yes, it was. but thank god everybody is okay. >> glenna: everyone at this airport at fort lauderdale is swelt e. swelt audits airports in florida. south florida so weather dependent we are hearing 60 to 65 flights that were delayed. if you're flying today, best bet call the airline to see if this weather is feign your flight as well. i'm glenna milberg at miami international this afternoon, local10 news. >> victor: and police are still arching for a driver of arch beach. the two men were hit earlier trying to flag down a taxi captain collins avenue and hispaniola way. the two men were rushed to ryder trauma center. police say the car suspected is a@dark gray mercedes-benz e-350 with dark tinted windows. they say it's a newer model probably 2011 to 2014. if you have any information,
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>> laurie: now to vote 2016. the gop debates took very stage last night and it got heated at times, candidates holding nothing back on the stage in south carolina. at time it got down right nasty. >> that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> i'm not going to b taking legal tries from donald trump. >> laurie: donald trump and ted cruz spent most of thursday night's fox business debate livering and defending themselves from personal attacks at the time, from the birther issue to a jab on so-called new york values. the two gop frontrunners were armed and read, and they weren't the only ones. >> that is not consistent conservativism. that is political calculation. >> and the reason -- and the reason -- you had your chance, marco. you blew it. >> laurie: so today the gop contenders return to the campaign trail. donald trump focusing his efforts on iowa where the latest poll shows a deaden heat between him and cruz. trump saying today he doesn't want anything less than first place. >> we have a great relationship with the evangelicals week like
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party and with everybody in iowa, and i really want to win it. >> laurie: cruz meantime is sticking around in south carolina holding two rallies in a state where his campaign thinks he can be competitive. >> jeb bush is ready on day one. >> laurie: and a former frontrunner jeb bush receivi i an endorsement from a former gop candidate linds graham all while one of bush's former rivals parkview going after him in a new ad. >> we all see what's happening. jeb bush is spending millions on false attacks. >> if you're a candidate you can't play the role of a victim so i'm not going to do it, and he shouldn't be, either. >> laurie: at this point there one more gop debate before the voters cast. the democrats have their last debate before the iowa caucus sunday night. >> victor: so one of the three big winners in wednesday's powerball is confirmed. the ticket held by a t.b. couple mat. john and lisa robinson described the moment they realized they had one.
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said you've got to check the numbers. he woke up in to a dead sleep. he's startled. he looked a them three or four times and he said "baby, i think these are the right numbers." >> victor: from the happiness there to confusion in california where it was believed that a nurse at a nursing home had a winning ticket. but now the woman's daughter says that her family ranked her into thinking she had won. the owner of that nursing home bought 18,000 tickets for staff and residents. that is just messed up. here in florida we're still waiting to learn the identity of thethird winner from melbourne. >> laurie: a group of cuban migrants as reached the usd u.s. after being stranded in cocaine. they were the first a arrive under a migration program to help nearly 12,000 migrants like them. many had been stranded for months after energy e. nicaragua caw prevented them from crossing. one of the migrants we spoke
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hatzel is going to bring you more on this commission crisis starting tod on local10 news at 5:00. meantime, a mother struck the in street while pushing a stroller two years ago, and now the driver is finally facing charges. a four-year-old child killed in that crash. >> victor: a man armed with a gun demands cash from a register but the clerk at this convenience storere would fight back. >> laurie: a teenager on a mission to stop bad drivers, and wild videos he posted of people driving erratic ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you?
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stop taking victoza ... ...and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back... >> victor: a texas teen has made it his mission to capture bad drivers and post the videos online. >> laurie: kristi krueger is in the video port with images that, well, chris kristie, it might make drivers in south florida think we're not so bad at all. >> kristi: i see these kinds things all the time. if you are driving in plano, texas, though, you'd better be careful because this teenager said he is tired of seeing people drive erratically so he's posting this video on youtube
4:16 pm
here's what he is capturing on video. in one instance a driver cuts him off in track of. in another a wrong-way driver is spotted on a a plano street. mark mcken p many kinon is his name and ceremony the last ten months documenting his experiences behind the wheel for a youtube channel he created called bad drivers of plano, texas. mckenon insists he's not trying to shame anybody, even though they have no idea they're getting posted. >> when they see the videos, main, maybe they'll think twice. into the trying tome bases anybody. >> kristi: he cap hurd eyes his own car rearnding another driver. he said he will be very happy to post anybody sent to him. i guess we can show him bad drivers in pembroke pines about it my be my kids, so let's not do that. >> victor: or on the 95 or 836 or 826. thank you. now to a 911 dispatcher at the sunrise police department
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allegedly ignoring an emergency call to place a pizza order. that's according to an investigation by the broward sheriff's office. >> let me of one slice of cheese pizza. >> all right. >> let me have a lunch special for the pizza lunch special for -- two cheese pizzas is a coke. >> victor: local10's shyann malone is on the story. she'll have a live report at 5:00. right now let's get back to our severe weather alert. we're tracking the radar. a lot of green. a lot of yellow out there right now. >> laurie: and it's the kind of night you want to stay in, cozy up and order a pizza, right, betty? but i don't think anybody wants to deliver tonight. >> betty: i know, but eventually it will get better out there. we're starting to see some improvements in terms of ronger part of the system pushing out over the atlantic waters. so that's the good news. and i think we're going to do away with this tornado watch really soon between broward and miami-dade counties. right now we want to take you straight dow to the keys where we are still finding some rough weather.
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nastier cells are now offshore but still this band of rain could certainly produce some gift winds it's a gets ready to move over toward the upper keys, so we're not quite inn the clear for overseas highway. definitely not a good drive, but at least we don't have any active warnings going out there. this is the view around miami-dade county. miami still some lighter rains where you are, and also as we're looking south o tamiami trara, and west of krome avenue we are finding this area of moderate heavy rainfall. so though the toughest part of the system is out over the atlantic, we're not quite didn't you rainfall in south miami-dade but this will all generally continue to head on off toward the east. we'll take the view now up into broward county to get an idea for what's happening here, and some improvements around, say, cooper city but weston, we are noting this light to moderate rainfall west of us-27. that is on a journey in your direction. so we are going to have some more rain around weston and even
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sorted tapered off for a bit. we'll get a little bit more pushing through, and then, of course, you can see what's lined up still from us-1 to 95. but at least it's not terribly heavy. so eventually we're going to get on the back end of this situation, and by 8:00 tonight drying out. so if you are going to head out for a movie later tonight, you should be good to go. it's just a matter of getting through those damp roads. this is what the cloud and radar imagery looks like for the sunshine state. nice and clear from jacksonville to tampa. we are ahead of a cold front, yep, another one of those, and ahead of that the atmosphere very unstable. but once we push it through, the front itself, the weather will improve for tomorrow. we could start with some morning clouds and low fog, in fact, and then we break into some sunshine. so tomorrow's going to be a decent day, although this model indicating that by saturday night we may have a few showers trying to creep back in, and then for sunday we'll have another system moving across, and this one, too, could bring a line of gift showers.
4:20 pm
saturday, and then we could be right back in the thick of things on sunday before the cooler air starts to trickle in sunday night. forecast for tomorrow, we can both a sigh of relief. 66 to start the day. a high around 80.mainly dry for the balance of the day. but we'll have to stay on our toes between saturday night and sunday with the next front that comes through. weather looking good and tool cooler as we're heading toward mlk day. >> laurie: and a female high school student is now facing charges after a stabbing at flanagan nipe teenager girl appeared in court earlier today and reportly said she only had the knife for self-defense. flanagan high telling us she's now expelled, and we're told that she attacked another student yesterday, but that victim's advisor were not serious. he was cleared by paramedics and went home with his parents. >> victor: now to a developing story. rescuersrs rescue crews are searing for the 12 people mention after two marine helicopters collide off the shore of haii. the crash happened late last night. searchers have spotted pay fire and a debris field as well as an
4:21 pm
of the people onboard those helicopters have beeee found. >> laurie: some sad news to report. 70s star report dan haggerty was has d dd after a short battle with cancer. he was known for "the life and times of grizzly adams." he played the loveable mountain man whose best friend was a bear. he was 74 years old. >> victor: still ahead, a woman and her kids struck on street. now a driver is facing charges. she was pushing a stroller at the time. one of her kids wouldn't make it. >> laurie: what a busy week for restaurant inspectors ordering 12 places to be shut down. they found roaches, rats, and that's not all. don't miss "dirty dining." >> clay ferrero: i'm aye clay ferrero. the heat have been through a lot over the last few years but we'll tell you why dwyane wadested said what they're going through right now could be one
4:22 pm
that's next in sports. >> clay: for now it locks looks as if jose fernandez will remain with the marlins and heels also rail one of the biggest bargains in all of bauble that. tops our 4:00 sports shot. the pitcher agreeing tie one-year deal with the fish worth $2.8 million according to multiple reports. the marlins control the pitcher's rights this season so he wasn't going anywhere without a trade but this does avoid arbitration between he and the team. fernandez has been the rumor of trade since the season p. hassan whiteside should be back in the starting lining up when they play denver. he did play against the clippers duty but didn't start as he comes back from a knee injury. meanwhile dwyane wade having trouble with both shoulders and told media he does hope to play tonight in denver. wade sells espn that he and the other team captains are going through one of their biggest challenges in trying hope to the team get out of this current funk including a three-game losing streak they will hope to break tinge on campus the hurricanes hit the road this weekend.
4:23 pm
just upset duke earlier this week so the 'canes will have to be on their game to avoidid the upset bug themselves. and in the nfl the steelers will take on the broncos without top receiver antonio brown. he suffered a concussion on thisnasty hit by von test burr fect of the bengals last weekend. he has officially been ruled out as of today. and coming up at five it's clay's clowns including what happens when a star athlete goes to buy powerball tickets in disguise. you won't want to miss this. >> victor: this was the best video of the week. we won't tell you who he is yet. l and that'll do it for us on local10 news at 4:00. >> victor: here's a look at what's coming up all new at 4:30 4:30. a severe verses alert. we have been e. we have been dealing with floods and rainy conditions this afternoon. >> laurie: scare of deadly crash, a driver is now facing charges. a mother pushing her kids in a stroller when they were hit, and a child wouldn't make it. >> victor: and it's been a rough week for south florida
4:24 pm
down a dozen restaurants. is your favorite one of them? our "dirty dining" report is ahead. those stories and much more coming up on local10 news at 4:30. >> laurie: stay with us on this rainy day. stay in, stay with us. we'll be right back. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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>> laurie: right now 4:30, a severe weather alert across south florida, and we are keeping an eye on the radar. >> victor: and take a look at this flooding on miami beach. it is just a mess out there. >> laurie: and check out the rain that's been fallingor south florida. this is what a hoeft us saw, those dark dark clouds on on night. southbound near 151st street, and when the butty winds got going, too, you really got blown around. >> victor: it hasn't stopped. let's get over to our chief meteorologist betty davis. >> betty: hi, everyone. those skies frightening at times. i do want to let you know for the tornado watch for miami-dade and broward counties. it's over. that's been cancelled so that is good news. we did have storm reports earlier. a tornado reported on marathon around 3:27 this afternoon, so some rough times for theeys.
4:27 pm
funnel cloud was spotted just before 3:00 this afternoon, and a report of some power lost in jupiter farms. this is the doper radar now. you can see the rain and storms shing offshore, moving toward those atlantic waters, storms crashing into bimini right now but broward, miami-dade if weather will be improving over the next several pints even for the keys it looks like at least for the middle keys the worst area of stormy weather is on the east side of the keys, the middle keys so that's some good news there because that won't be backtracking. and as far as it goes around key largo it's just a matter of getting through the heavy rains. as i mentioned, all of this is going to continue move toward the east. we're getting a nice break in the rainfall as we look around miccosukee, hialeah, aventur already starting to dry out. weston still some saggler showers moving through. that's probably going to cross over toward cooper city, but the trend is for drier weather. so that sets us up for a pretty good evening out, but the dang
4:28 pm
let's check in with jenise fernandez for a look at the traffic. >> jenise: and you're right, the damage out on the roads, it's out there. right now this is i-95. thosos cars heading toward you, those are your northbound lanes at southwest 8th street where there is a crash. we're seeing some heavy delays here, guys. let's zoom on in so you can get a closer look, again i-95 northbound, southwest 8th street with center lane blocked as well,ets speeds there at 7 miles per hour. and fororhose of you trying to leave miami beach on the julia tutule causeway, there is an accident right at biscayne boulevard.d. seeing heavy delays at 22 miles per hour. cruising on up to broward county, we've got an accident on i-75 northbound. this is right around indian trace and royal palm boulevardrd we are seeing heavy delays. look at all the red there withspeeds there at 11 miles per hour, and those delays are starting at griffin road. another accident i-95 southbound. this is right around copans road with speeds there at 30 miles per hour. laurie.
4:29 pm
thank you, jenise also right now a mother pushing her stroller with two children when they were hit in the street last year, and now the driver is finally facing which,. a four-year-old boy was killed. >> victor: and local10 news reporter todd tongen is live in fort lauderdale with the details. todd. >> todd: this accident happened nearly two years ago, in fact, the mother and her surviving southern out of the hospital and have recovered from their injuries, but mean meanwhile andrew perez, the driver of that vehicle police say was being driven recklesslessly has since gotten into another crash and hain cited this morning he turned himself in to police. >> good morning, mr. perez. you have the right to remain silent. >> todd: andrew perez stood before a judge facing a vehicular homicide charge ask two counts of reckless driving with injury. it all stems from an accident in sunrise in march of 2014. sunrise police say perez was traveling over 80 miles an hour
4:30 pm
black bmw sudan on the 4200 block of pine island road north of oakland park boulevard when he lost control of the car and hit a mother pushing her children in a stroller. four-year-old abdallah staih was killed. seven-month-old a media staih was injured, their mother 37-year-old natali ala'ouni was critically injured after the crash. >> the mother is hospitalized with serious injuries, including fractured skull, arm, vertebrae, neck where she was hospital i'd for a lengthy period of time, and seven-month-old baby as well. >> todd: play perez was traveling so fast he hopped the curb. that's when he hit the mother and children. he sent then hit a cement sign. perez did stay on the scene and told police another car cut him off. in court today the toxicology reports keep it and it said that perez had traces of marijuana and cocaine metabolites in his system.
4:31 pm
these felony charges are extremely serious. it could mean up to 21 years in prison. he did post a $50,000 suretity bond, but the judge said he must wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. he is being fitted for that right now. if he is fitted for that before 5:00, he will likely get out of jail tonight, in not, it won't until tomorrow p in fort lauderdale, todd tongen. >> laurie: the son of a woman found dead had her in her hialeah apartment was been arrested. 36-year-old william garcia is now facing second degree murder charges in they death of his mother lourdes garcia suspect she was to understand death on west 63rd street and 27th court by officers who made the discovery just after 8:00 last night and immediately ruled the death suspicious. neighbors say she had just moved in a few weeks ago. >> victor: several lanes were blocked earlier today after a rollover crash on i-595n dania beach. sky 10 was above the scene this morning when that car rolled over onto its roof in the
4:32 pm
i-95. no word on what caused the crash or if any other cars were involved. >> laurie: now to a crash in southwest miami-dade where two cars ended up crushed together after a crash on krome avenue at southwest 168th street. you can see police right there on the scene investigating this late into the night. no w wd if anyone was seriously injured. meantime a central florida man is now charged with battery againsnshis wife, and it was apparently every a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 46-year-old keith wantedo make an sandwich and got angry when he realized there was noelly in the house. his wife said she accidental spilled a glass of milk during the exact that's when davidson went on the attack, allegedly using his wife's head to mop up the spilled milk. >> you can love someone with all your heart, b b if they're not going to be a good person for you in your life, then it's time to just say goodbye and it's the hardest thing for me. >> laurie: this is far from
4:33 pm
officers say he's been arrested several times in the past. he is out of jail on a $1,000 bond. t the victim says davidson is not welcome back to her home. >> victor: a closure for pope francis. the croshere was made in chihuahua, mexico and will be given to him whe he visits mexico next month. the prisoners are also rehearsing three songs to play for the pope during his five-day trip february 12th. >> laurie: a man armed with a gun storms a store but the clerk in this case fights back. >> kristi: and just ahead in our health cast the government is releasing brang new dietary guidelines. when it comes to your eating what y need know before you aid of to the grocery store this weend. >> victor: plus, 12 south florida restaurants ordered closed by inspectors. roaches, rats, and t tt's not
4:34 pm
don't mis"dirty dining." >> laurie: it's been a busy start for the year for state inspectors. they shuhu down a record 12 south florida restaurants last week. >> victor: rodents and roaches weren't the only problems, either. in today's "didiy dining" investigator jeff weinsier has what you needo know. >> jeff: inspectors came to havana 1957 in the shops of pembroke gardens based on a complaint, and amomo the 38 violence they found a cook handling vegetables, place add finger in his mouth, was abobo to continue cutting those veggies with his bare hands until the inspector stopped him. that cook was ordered to wash his hands and put gloves on. life roaches werelso found in the kitchen here. there was mold in the ice machine. and we came to ask what happened. >> you are not allowed to get in. gem in a written statement to local10 news the company apologized but called the issues
4:35 pm
havana 1957 says employees will be re trained to mak surehis never happens again. >> if you talk to anybody in the corporate offic >> jeff: no one at the mmb'll house on the northeast 163rd street in miami beach wanted to talk to us about their 18 violence that included live roaches crawling around the kitchen. >> you can't talk to us about a roach ishe? >> the corporate office has to keep the place again. it's up to you guys. >> jeff: the company says they're embarrassed and they too plan on retraining stach also on the list, empire sesh want you at 3427 northeast 163rd street unless north niche. >> you had a bad inspection last week. >> >> jeff: among the 32 violations up to 75 live approaches crawling around the kitchen, roach excrement spotted on the walls, ovens, equipment coated with grease and food debris.
4:36 pm
next door. >> oh, next door? >> that was next door. >> no, it was you. empire zech wan. why does it take the inspector for to you fixed it? >> why isn't it clean all the time? >> no, no, no. i could not say anything. >> jeff: ore final sop sunny isles beach. mexico bravo is located at the 168th and cobbles. ten i violations were found here. th doors were ordered shaft rodent droppingsere spotted in the kitchen even on a food tray. >> nobody ririt now. >> nobody here right now. who are you? >> i'm in the kitchen. >> is there a rodent problem? >> no. >> was there a rodent problem? >> there was maybe a long time ago. nothing right now. there's no comment right now. >> jeff: all the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following order cleanups and reinspections but you now know what was going to right behind the kitchen door. jeff weinsier, local10 news. >> laurie: jeff, thank you.
4:37 pm
places ordered closed on our website,, so check it out, and we have made it easy for you to see any restaurant inspection across the state on your smartphone. all you have to do is download our free restaurant inspection app. search restaurants flatt app store. >> victor: 's 7-eleven flee in texas s ys he's lick to be alive after an attempted rbery. the entire ordeal caught on camera. the armed crook demanded cash from a worker with threatened him with a gun but that clerk had other ideas,e fought back, and these two scuffled until that clerk got control of the gun and forced the northeast out of the store. that guy is still on the loose. >> laurie: new york computers commuters are being blind by lake effect, though. the winter weather has caused near whiteout conditions on the road. watertn they were expecting 4 to 8 inches more on stop of all this snow already on the ground there with wind gusts of 5 to 10 miles per hour. visibility is really low. >> victor: so temperatures for us a bit cooler this week but clearly as we just saw there and as we're seeing here, things
4:38 pm
at least your into the dealing with the temps so cold t ty freeze your mailbox. that's what happened to people in an ontario apartment complex. they is found themselves iced out when they braved the cold i have. >> seen peach punching the mailboxes, king the mailboxes, shaking the mailboxes, and just pounding with herr e. their fists on the door trying to break up the ice, and i guess it's inside the lock. >> victor: of course, many of them are concerned ha they won't be able to get the bills that they have to. a canada's post office has apparently now hired contractors to de-ice those locks but it can take up to an hour to just force one of them to open. so from all that snow now all this rain. we have been tracking is radar as storms have moved throughout south florida today. >> laurie: but look at that radar it. looks like it's starting to head >> victor: it looks like it's heading that way. >> laurie: betty davis, is that >> betty: absolutely. night. we have business to handle, things to do. it's a rain-cooled atmosphere in
4:39 pm
it's 68 degrees, winds from the west-southwest near 10 miles an hour. look at how damp it is along the hollywood broad walk. it just looks an icky evening out, clouds are hovering, but the rainfall, that situation improving over broward and miami-dade as the worst of the weather is now out over the ocean. even for key west where it's such 8 degrees, storms have moved away from the lower keysbut we'll get to the radar in just a moment. i do want to let you know that for the rest of the evening we are going to be drying out, soif you have plans to head out tonight we're not anticipating more strong storms rolling across the area. this is the doppler radar. another view, and i'll take you county by county syou can see what's going on for yourself. just is on the very light rain showers hit or miss around fort lauderdale, and then around ingested corruption and tamarack an area of light rainfall here as well. generally it's moving toward the east, and it may stick with us alittle longer than we'd like in terms of just the nuisance variety of rainfall. coral springs, that continues to
4:40 pm
but nothing too terribly heavy, and we are done with the heavy stuff. miami, check it out. downtown miami a few showers still falling here. showers, too, covering up key biscayne bay but not severe. this is the view around the keys. key west, we're going to keep an eye on a few showers still down to the south of you, but the balance of this sort of moving on off toward the peeps overseas highway looking a lot perpetrator marathon all that heavy rain you see on the atlantic side. that's going to stay there. i will, though, zoom in around key largo because the rain is still kind of persist here. just going to be a few minutes before it finally gets out of town. so between key largo down toward islamorada we're just going to have to wait for the back edgeof that to finally push on through. so still a bit of rainfall left if you happen to be departing deep south miami-dade and making your way down through the keys. the rain chance forecast for the weekend, today was a big chance for rainfall. tomorrow not so much. we are expecting drier weather. but you know what?
4:41 pm
approaches, and that drives our rain chance back up to 60% before it drops to 10% on monday, and temperatures getting a lot cooler, and we'll show you that innhe seven-day forecast. meantime, if tomorrow is a beach day for you, although it may not be brilliant sunshine all thetime, we are expecting more sun, winds will be variable. if you're taking the boats outno advisories on the waters. baste a going to be smooth. winds north to east-northeast. then more of a southeasterly direction by tomorrow night as the next system approaches. temperatures, 66 in the morning. we could start the day with om fog. highs climb to about 80 degrees. our next system blows through sunday, and behind that mlk day we are back in the sweaters as if we ever really left the sweaters, right? 57 come monday morning, and 54 tuesday morning. laurie. >> laurie: what a change, betty. thank you. a lot to keep track of p. and y y've been focused on eating healthy in the new year trying to keep track of the
4:42 pm
need to know they've changed and in some cases are being met with sheer criticism. medical specialist kristi krueger has our health cast. >> kristi: it's a little former the recommendations designed hope the americans prevent chronic disease and also maintain that healthy body weight that we all want, right? but there is a surprising flip-flop from these folks. preliminary government died guidelines last year, you may remember, they conclude they'd carl cholesterol was night big dietary person but the new recommendations say meshes should eat a little cholesterol, as little as possible. >> the guidelines do not a very good jobful telling us the quality of the scientific evidence backing up the claims that are made, and i think that's a failing of the guidelines, to be clear about the quality of the science. >> kristi: lots of criticism. inact, the guidelines also recommend limiting your salt to 2300 milligrams or levers day, and for the very first time
4:43 pm
sugar should make up no more than 10% of your daily calories. and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, of course, whole grains, low fat, dairy and lean protein and oils are always em fa side in these recommendation. the federal die care terry guidelines are updated every 95 orphans when it comes to foods that help fight off illnesses, foods rich in vitamin c, b and e are the most effect and i have that would include citrus fruits, chicken and cold water fish especially, as well as chick peace and green vegetables. >> your body certainly absorbs and uses the food better when it comes from a dietary source. when it's a supplement, it's questionable as to how much yoy're actually getting. >> kristi: so now things like nuts and foods like beans and spinach of rich in vitamin d and that helps the body fight off infection. popeye was onto something. >> victor: we were staring at
4:44 pm
now to a story. a young fan crashed a dinner date between singer taylor swift and calvin harris. it happened at a restaurant in make on tuesday night. the fan later posted this picture on instagram. you see h'm on the right? >> looking just like calvin. >> victor: and the capping said just dinner with mom and dad. >> laurie: it could be look hat that. wild. and bay bay the panda will be making his debut tomorrow z. at the smithsonian national zoo in dc. the 20-pound cub was born in august. tomorrow he'll get to roam around with the rest of his family as the pawned exhibit reopens with -- panda exhibit reopens with his debut. a lot of folks have seen him, catching what i am via 24 heuer panda cam. >> victor: and a pennsylvania dog owner thanking his sars after heat index values pups had a close call on the river. the dog had to be rescued after
4:45 pm
that dog breaking through 20 feet of ice and swimming. that dog had chase awed deer onto ohio river. both animals went through the ice. >> i'm calling hum and he's trying got it, trying to get out out, and i think he's going do die because i can't get out and get him. >> victor: help was called and ar two hours that dog was rescued from the frigid water. the deer sadly did not make it. >> laurie: what a great dog. and an incredible life display. this is going on in london. look at this. it's gorgeous. installations fm 30 international artists are right now illuminating the streets of london, and plenty of buildings there. this is all going on for the next couple of nights. it louks something we would have oniami beach, too. >> victor: i like it. >> laurie: this is all part of a major light festival. >> victor: all new at 5:00 we have been dealing with off that nasty weather. a severe weather alert. betty davis you've an update at the top of the hour. >> laurie: and the movie
4:46 pm
in theatres, and our in this line of work nly the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scsctch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
4:47 pm
>> victor: we've had movie weather all day today, and if you're looking for something to do this week a new movie on out. 13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi. >> laurie: it centers around the 2010 you libya attack that killed four americans. our own m.j. acosta recently caught up with the cast. >> m.j.: this is no action movie. this is the true story of six american heros. director michael bay taking on the ambitious task of bringing 13 hours, the secret soldiers of benghazi to the big screen. >> we need immediate assistance. we are overrun. >> m.j.: a major part of telling the story were the men who were actually there. i sat down with theet real
4:48 pm
are as incredible as you would imagine imagine. >> is there anything that perhaps wasn't shown in the movie that you would have liked the audience and americans to know? >> there was a shower 69 was in. [ laughter ] i don't know what happened. >> m.j.: as humble as they are, these guys were very involved throughout filming giving the actors direction anded added pressure. >> what waits like having them there every step of the way? >> this -- this vast kind of support system for myself and the other guys to m me sure that we got the story right, and believe me they'll tell us -- they would tell us when we did it wrong, usual laughing at us. >> m.j.: and they weren't shy, either. >> they did an outstanding job within that time frame getting it correct, and with me watching it, i was back in benghaziy. >> can you delete that part? i don't know want it to go to their heads. >> we are the only help they have. >> m.j.: the film takes you through the eyes of the
4:49 pm
intense 13 hours of their lives, something the actors did not take celebrate we have a lot of movies about super heros nowadays, and so to me to be a part of a movie about real heros was one of the the most emotional things i've done. >> his mother said to me she feels like people have corrupted this story for their own personal gain, and this is our chance to set the record straight. >> m.j.: m.j. acosta, local10 news. >> laurie: thank you. >> victor: rant 5:00 a severe weather alert across south florida. this was the scene outside jackson memorial hospital. details on when and how fast this storm will quiet down. >> betty: a hush is falling over south florida as we speak as those storms push offshore. i'll let you know what's going to happen for the rest of the weekend. >> laurie: do you drops. a nearly 400 point plunge, and a closer look at all that's fueling the turbulence wall street. >> victor: and people described in a rough ride in the sky. >> laurie: cuban migrants arriving in america.
4:50 pm
speaking with those who traveled thousands of miles through central america. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> victor: we begin with severe weather across south florida. hates been a long day of rain and strong winds, and for a time broward county was even told to keep an eye on for tornadoes. let's get right to our chief meteorologist betty davis. >> laurie: she's in the weather very now with what we call need know heading into the can with. >> betty: happy friday, everyone. tornado watch is cancelled. strong storms pushing out over the lauren waters. so we are moving in the did the -- the atlantic waters. all ofhis weather moving off toward the east, moving toward bimini, in fact, rain and gusty winds for that area. for us the story is that the rainfall is now starting to thin out. even over the keys we did have some very hefty storms pulling over parts of the middle keys earlier. you can see how most of that action is now offshore. key largo now getting on the back edge of some of those heavier rainfalls, and looking a lot bter around miami, too,
4:51 pm
toward key biscayne some of that
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