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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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americans released, a controversial prison escape or swap raising some new questions about south florida and a man still being held over there. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> good morning. i'm kristi krueger. i'm in for jacey birch. our weather authority meteorologist julie durda is also here a forecast. >> that's right, kristi, good to have you on this monday. attempt in the 50s, my friends. a big change compared to what we woke up to yesterday. kerry cool, we're dry. 56 degrees in ft. lauderdale and miami. 63 in key west. our ft. lauderdale tower cam showing dark and early conditions but not moving around as much as what we saw yesterday. we saw gale force winds throughout much of yesterday. i'm happy to tell you that's a thing of the past. temperatures in the 50s all across miami-dade and broward. our coolest spot is kendall and homestead at 55.
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these temperatures are anywhere between 15 and 21 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday and very impressive strong cold front that moved through the area yesterday. in the wake of it we've got some cold air spilling in from that northwest breeze. we'll enjoy it, take it and deserve i it's finally feeling like winter here in let's brea down the forecast for you. we'll finallyet back into the 60s around 9:00. highs today will only stay in the upper 60s. only a slight chance of a shower in the forecast. i'm expecting mostly sunny skies. this is a great way to starthe week. i'll have more good news on the forecast coming up. constance? >> julie, thank you. palmetto expressway looking fantastic this morning. i want to show you how things are at the big curve. our eastbound drivers heading towards the golden glades. this time it's going to take you roughly eight to ten minutes to get there. not a lot to slow you down at that spopo
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southbound lanes this accident and that's where we're seeing the delays but it's our northbound lanes where it's actually where that accident scene is. not sure why it's affecting our southbound lanes. those speeds at 26 miles per hour with reports of two lanes of traffic blocked here at 199th street. that's near sun life stadium. also state road at ali baba avenue. we were having issues here. looks like eastbound ali baba is where those delays are at six miles per hour. accident-free. still developing this morning, right now people cleaning up after a number of tornados touched down in manatee and saratoga counties. this deadly twister in duette took the lives of several children as well. stephen wilson and his wife katie were inside of the mobile home when the tornado hit. his son and their four children were also inside. >> i happened so fast.
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so i've been through a bunch of hurricanes. i'll take hurricanes all day long. >> the couple's son and four children were taken to the hospil. they had non-life-threatening injuries. governor scott did pay a members. a south florida missionary being remembered today days after his death at the hands of al-quida and africa. mike riddering moved from hollywood to africa to help others there. that's where he became one of the latest victims of a deadly terror attack. sanela sabovic is live church. i know he was in that cafe. he was waiting for other south floridians to come over there. >>reporter: correct, kristi. he was waiting, having coffee in that cafe when happened. hollywood community church where riddering attended services here family. he was respected and loved and hail aid here
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charitable work he did for members in south africa. >> while here mike did everything from cutting grass to serving as one of our elders, and i state that becau mike had a heart and he was willing to do anything. there w w no job too small for mike. >>reporter: michchl riddering was hail aid hero at this church and when he was returning home to visit, he w/uld get a standing ovation for all of his charitable work he did in burkina faso. riddering a cooper city motive moved to burkina faso with his wife amy and two daughters back in 2011. there he ran sheltering wings, an organization that included an orphanage, several elementary schools and a medical clinic. the life that touched so many in two continents would tragically be cut short friday night. riddering was waiting in that cafe for a group of
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along with 27 others were killed. >> they were about 1500 feet from landing when there was the terrorist attack on the capital there in burkina faso. the pilot was notified and took back off but did not land in burkina faso. >>reporter: that group is safe and preparing to come back home to south florida. riddering's wife is said to be coping. her faith and charitable work she did with her husband keeping her going. >> we feel that mike was a modern day martyr who lifetime his life doing the work of jeez. >>reporter: a modern day martyr, many feeling that sentiment here at this church. he will b laid to rest in west africa. church services and a memorial will be coming in weeks. right now a photo of a journalist freed from american custody.
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we've seen of washington post reporter in 18 months. he was released yesterday in a prisoner swap making international headlines this morning. he and two other men being medically evaluated in germany. a fourth man decided to stay in iran even after he was free. the final american returned home to boston overnight. he spent 40 days in an iranian prin. it's unclear how he was abducted. he was studying language and his family is ready to move on. >> great thing to be woken up with. >> we appreciate all of the help the u.s. government has done on this. they've been great. >>reporter: the u.s. pardoned or dropped charges from seven iranians serving time for or accused of sanctions violations meanwhile the family of a south florida spy who disappeared back in iran in 2007 still looking for answers. they wrote on their facebook page overnight 're happy for the
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again lob levinson have been left behind. he disappeared during a rogue cii operation. w this morning several americans are now missing in iraq. the u.s. embassy there confirming that they disappeared in south baghdad on the way to e airport. local news reports say the three americans were kidnapped by milits. those missing have not been identified. right now we don't even know why they were in iraq. guess what. in iowa, new hampshire, the race is very, very close. we have the momentum. we're on the path of a victory. >> and now on to vote 2016, presidential candidates hillaryclinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley going head to head at last night's democratic debate. that debate was held in south carolina just steps away from the charleston church where a gunman child nine worshipers in june. their plans as well as
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senator's's behavior. >> have i ever once said a word about that issue? no, i have not. secretary clinton, governor o'malley are the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. >> the latest polls show that bernie sanders could be taking a lead in both iowa as well as new hampshire. troopers are still investigating why a driver went the wrong way on i-75 killing himself in a crash. he was driving a porsche soutin the northbound lanes and then it crash mood a honda high bought. the two in the honda injured as well and the highway patrol looking into weather fog played a role in the crash. a mormon accused of hitting two federal agents and leaving them behind on the streets remains in jail. we brought you t story as breaking news on friday morning.
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21-year-ol swerved into the men as they stood on a collins avenue sidewalk talking to a cab driver. bond was set at $100,000. many businesses will be closed in observance of martin luther king day. all couous closed, public schools, post offices also shutting their doors. and the stock markets and libraries will not be open either. so what will be open? we are and the mall and all transit and miami-dade and broward counties as well including the tri-rail. there will not, trash collection in miami-dade but broward residents should check with their municipality. federal holiday of course means fewer cars out there on the road. a serious traffic warning about dangerous drivers. >> a possible repeat ride of last year's takeover. y they will not be stopping these bikers if they are back at it again.
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burglarized, at 6:30 the video that appears to connect all of these crimes. temperatures this morning waking up to the 50s and that could change compared to what we saw yesterday. how long will this weather last? i'll have all the details in your forecast coming up. and first though a snowstorm to tell you about putting our chilly temperatures to shame and leading to some dangerous conditions out there on the streets. speaking the streets the turnpik northbound, we had about three lanes blocked this morning. looks like it's slowly reopening after this injury crash. you're looking live overhead knee county line road. i'll have details in this crash in
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minutes. reporter: good morning. topping america's money, gas for less than 50 cents? >> for a while yesterday
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the result of a price car. >> prices are back to normal now. analysts say with iran's oil, prices like these aren't that far fetched. fans decided to ride along and see something other than star wars. ride alongwo brought in $34 million. second. and finally an incredible honor for the >> for the first time one of his albums has charts. black star was released just two days before his death. it sold 181,000 albums bumping adele out of the top spot. >> and that's america's money. 6:13 the time right > white-out conditions led to some very dangerous roads. three different pile-ups
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the first crash involving nine cars. those drivers only had minor injuries. afterward there was a 34 car pileup and that's where two people died. >> i saw vehicles traveling with one vehicle distance between the cars and atpeeds of 70 miles per hour. and this type of their and low visibility, you need to give yourself distance. >> the last crash involved 12 more vehicles, only minor injuries reported in that one >> boy, i'm glad i don't have to drive in those kind of conditions anymore. i don't miss those days at all. it's nice to wake up to some of the cooler are conditions here too, julie. >> they are dealing with freezing temperatures as they got a lot of snow across the northern half of the united states and fridge ed temperatures. feels-likefeels-like temperatures for much of the midwest is 42 below zero. for us south floridians, 56 degrees is winter for us.
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lauderdale, 63 in key west. the winds out of the northwest bringing that cool air all the way down here to south florida in the wake of that cold front that brought us some strong storms yesterday. current pembroke pines waking up to 56. hey, ebbed and homestead our cooler spo with mid 50s. 5 in marathon. 53 in key west. northwest wind anywhere between six, 12 and 14 miles per hour. we could see those wind throughout the day. these temperatures are anywhere between 15 and 21, 22 degrees cooler yesterday. you're definitely going to feel the change as you walk out the door. 30s. can you see it's definitely better to be here in south florida with the 50s but i'm sure a lot of you may have kids going to school in tallahassee. they are waking up to the 30s. cool air will continue to stay over parts of south florida and the whole state thanks to
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and where it's locate saudi driving our winds from the north. breezy, refreshing, cool, comfortable afternoon will be in place. you can turn on the ac and we'll get to keep this cool air in place as reinforcing shot of cold weather will be tonight and tomorrow. some areas inland could wake up to the upper 40s. there's a slight risk of rip currents for you beach-goers. the bays will bat a moderate chop so be careful out there. highs today only in the low 60s. upper 40s inland, low 50s going into wednesday. notice our temperatures don't really rebound until it the end of the week. that's because another front will move in by friday. dropping our temperatures again by saturday night into sunday. >> we had an earlier traffic alert this morning after the turnpike northbound and 199th street. here it is. we had three lanes blocked in our northbound lane here.
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rescue on the scene, tow trucks there and the good news, it has now since cleared. it was causing some issues and some delays, as you saw with those pictures. let's zoom on in. the accident scene is cleared up.those speeds still at about 26 miles per hour. one other crash to get county. if you're traveling south on i-95 right at pembroke road, we have an accident scene reported there. lots of green on my map. obviously a lot of people have the holiday, not causing any delays at 68 miles per hour. let me take you outside where that accident scene is supposed to be. i know it looks like a lot of blobs on your northbound and issues. today is martin luther king day. many of you off of work and school. >> there were plenty of events honoring dr. king throughout the weekend including coral springs. we shall overcome some
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>> a brand new monumenthonoring dr. king unveiled outside of the library. hundreds of people singing the rallying cry "we shall overcome." the latest effort from the coral springs martin luther king commission. outside northwest regional library which is closed today. you can certainly go and see the fantastic work that was done. it's new video providing an important reminder about the damage our firefighters face every single day. >> helmet cam video. really stunning stuff you've got to see straight ahead. we do continue to follow developing news this morning, people cluing up from tornados that struck saratoga and manatee counties. i'll have details and brand new video coming up. we do want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day. hey, veronica ward.
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thanks for waking well, developing overnight, police are investigating after a missouri man was shot and killed by a police officer. that man allegedly robbing a kentucky fried chicken in st. louis. police said they opened fire when that suspect raised a gun and would not drop it. also developing this morning, an ohio police officer dead after being shot overnight. the shooting happening in danville. after a two-hour long search police say they have arrested a man and a woman. his hat was found covered in blood but police could not find his cruiser.
6:19 am
outside a municipal building. the water chris you in flint, michigan. it all began when flint switched its water to the river to cut costs. he led a rally yesterday calling the city a crime scene. >> this is a disaster zone, not just an emergency. maybe there should be duct tape around thehe city because flint is a crime scene. >> reverend jee jackson was not the only one getting involved. the director a flint native michael moore also held a rally over the weekend. moore believes local and state officials knew about the water issue and did nothing about it. a dramatic fire rescue caught on camera. a fresno, california firefighter is wearing his go pro on his helmet as he helped several people escape from a burning home.
6:20 am
>> helping seven people get to safety including a family of three on the second floor of the building. his only way out was through a window. the cause of the fire still under investigation. luckily only a stairwell was badly injured. this scene a reminder of just how brave andcourageous our firefighters are. the crook caught on camera again. >> while those targets are similar, is it the the same burglar. he's been in the nfl for five years but his mom is finally getting to see him play in action live right there in person. after the break an important game for a denver brooklyno and how
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played the steelers in the nfl playoffs yesterday. it was a really special game for one of the wide receivers. >> thomas's mother was able to watch her s play right there in person professional football for the very first time. smith had been in prison for drug charges since thomas was only 11 years old but her sentence was commuted last year by a pardon by president obama. after defeating the steelers and securing a ticket to the afc championship game one win away from the super bowl. thomas said broncos quarterback peytonmanning gave him the game ball to give to his mother. getting the game ball in a playoffs is a significant achievement. for patriot tone give it up to his wide receiver's mom is pretty special. >> class act all the way around. nice to see that. all right. good morning, everyone. crash on i-75 southbound at indian trace. here's a live look from our southbound lanes. i suspected that
6:24 am
it is a holiday. i'll give you the details on this and what we're watching for you in miami-dade county as well. and a live look right now. it's a chilling morning. we're looking at our miami tower cam. a little shake on the camera. it's not from a weekend of partying. it's from a little bit of wind out there. >> are you sure? >> maybe. >>aybe a little glit.
6:25 am
your forecast nt. smoke shop burglaririd, a third store hit in less than a week. what the crooks are going after confusing the victims. a rescue at sea. the coast guard forced to move in to save some sailors stranded with strong winds. also developing deadly tornado.
6:26 am
hard of the hit parts of florida still cleaning up this morning. >> we're tracking the temperatures as they dip below 60. how long will it stay that way. some bikers expected back on the highway today creating some dangerous conditions if you're out there driving. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm kristi krueger. i'm in for jacey. let's get right over to our weather authority meteorologist, the lovely julie durda. >> thank you, kristi. what a change. what a difference a day makes. i'm happy to bring you this n ns on this monday, whether you have the day off or have to go to work like us. we are waking down clear skies, dry conditions and that northwest breezy. that's our cool air connection. you're going to feel it as soon as you walk out the door. we have been reported seeing some wind gust as well. kendall and homestead,
6:27 am
but 5 degree, that cool air has made it all the way down to marathon. these temperatures are anywhere between 16 and 22 degrees colder than when we woke up to yesterday. we are going to see very comfortable day in place. temperatures will stay in the 50s with that breeze. we'll s temperatures in the upper 60s by this afternoon with lots of sunshine. get outdoors, enjoy, open up thehe windows and make a deep bresh of beautiful, comfortable, brisk air. we'll have a lot more on your forecast coming up. that's what you're supposed to do. thanks, julie, for the advice. i-75 we're not seeing any delays with this crash. let's take a look at our maps to see what this is actually. southbound lanes right here. again, it's early, not affecting us at all with 67 miles per hour. you folks are speeding along without any issues. just wanted to make sure you knew about that crash. one other crash in
6:28 am
this one off the i, i-95 southbound at pembroke road. the story is the same here as woman. it is early at 6:30. a lot of people have the day off because it is a holiday. quickly 595, some drives times here, if you're traveling east bound starting at i-75. maybe you're rushing to the airport this morning, only going to take you about 120 minutes. times. now to that video beef been telling you about, the smoke shop burglary. >> while the smoke shops across south florida keep getting hit, it apapars the products aren't what the crooks are after. ben kennedy is outside the latest target, a ft. lauderdale shop. what are they looking for, a little money, right? >> it looks like they are lookingor the cash box. this is actually the second smoke shop break i've covered in the past week. just east of 595 in ft. lauderdale, the front
6:29 am
the glass fixed as the crook broke in. >> he broke the top of the glass first. >> it's around six sunday morning, a burglar is seen on camera at a smoke shop in ft. lauderdale, then makes his move, uses something g shatter the through. >> apparently the thief just took the cash qua register. >> that's you he took? >> that's all he took. >>reporter: rick's vapor blade in ft. lauderdale it appearance his surveillance system was rolling when the crook broke in. passes by e-cigarettes, scented vapors and then just takes off. >> any one of these products is worth more than was in the cash register. an hour before same scenario at holy spokes in pembroke pines. in both cases, only the cash box is taken by a crook who leaves behind lots of damage. >> i think the window
6:30 am
>>reporter: and according to that surveillance video, police say it looks like this bad guy took off in a white four-door car. it is not clear if these crimes are connected or quite frankly why they shops. ben kennedy, local 10 news. a number of tornados and dangerous storms left behind destruction in southwest florida. tornados touching down in saratoga and manatee counties. cars. this is the scene, just devastation. many people did not even see it coming. they woke up to these scenes when the sun finally rose. the storms took a deadly turn in the small town of duette. also inside that mobile home, their 38-year-oldson and his four children, all of those five were sent to hospital with injuries. governor rick scott paying a visit to those family members yet. >> our heart goes out to all the victims,
6:31 am
>> most of these affected areas are cleaning up the mess this morning. children and father continue their recovery in the hospital. new for you this morning, two people were rescued by the coast guard after their boat began taking on water over the weekend. it happened about 30 nautical miles northwest of the key. winds tore up the sails and damaged the hull as well. wow, look at that video. a man is recovering after a boat hits a bridge. this happened in dear philly breach. the broward sheriff's off says the men were on the boat at the time of the crash. there was a lot of damage to the front end of the boat but the victim is set to have marines disappearing after two helicopters oahu. the u.s. marine corps now releasing the names of the mission. the coast guard has said
6:32 am
call off that search yet. there was debris found consistent with the type of helicopter that is missing. the search continues for a hit and run driver this morning after a motorcyclist was struck in hollywood. this happened near ocean drive and sheridan street. the victim was taken to the hospital with some real serious injuries. police say they are looking for a white car, possibly a lincoln. there's the number on the bottom of your scre, call broward crimestoppers. a warning f f drivers out there today. a group of motorcycles hitting the streets in southwest miami-dade. these are the scenes. we saw it last year. obviously other drivers have to deal with this. authorities warning that this may happen again. you may remember biker clogging highways and other busy roads last year on this day. apparently for some it's a tradition, something they say they want to do again. >> if we chased them and
6:33 am
an intersection and kill somebody and kill themselves, then the burden falls on us. >> both the highway patrol not allowed to chase unless a enforceable felony is committed. most of the activity takes pce in the afternoon so just heads-up, have that in mindf you're heading out there on the roads today. an american woman is found dead on vacation in belize. details on this disturbing investigation is coming up. plus do you remember the former tack o. bell exec who gave a tearful apology. now he's suing the driver. we'll tell you the details of that coming up. well, south florida we are waking down a little chill in the air. not only that, breezy conditions. how long will the weather last? i'll have it in the forecast.
6:34 am
way next. another setback for spacex. successfully performing the feat last month in cape canaveral. but yesterday the rocket landed too hard and broke. here's the view from the ground showing just how fiery this failure is. the goal is to land rockets so he can reuse them in space travel. rockets are typically discarded after launch. finding a way to successfully land them will save a whole lot of money. rain and strong winds rolled through yesterday but who who
6:35 am
>> i see what you've done there. >> barn owls were saved, their nest destroyed. recuperating. we're told they are in a little incubator warming up in a wildlife rescue inade county. good for them. look at some of the damage that we've seen. a tree coming down on top hey fence crashing right into a light pole in miami. power lines were down causing outages in several areas. churches in coconut grove relied on their generators. more wind like we saw yesterday. >> not nearly as strong. the reason we saw strong winds as because of the leading edge of the squall lineecause of the thunderstorm activity. behind the front there's a high pressure gradient providing for this beautiful start on this monday. you can't see it, my friends, but you can feel it. the only thing you cansee is a little bit of a
6:36 am
yesterday we had winds in the 30s. that's a thing of the past. we are expecting temperatures to say cool and comfortable. that's our present. 56 degrees in miami as well as ft. lauderdale. 63 key west. 55 pembroke pines and pompano beach. much cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. 5. that cold air spilling as far south as marathon. our wind moving in from the southwest. that plays a big part in the air mass and that air mass is cold. it's dense. it's refreshing. we do have wind gusts reported in the 20s down by the keys. overall there are no advisories and that small craft advisory for you boaters has been able to expire. great day to be outside. 16 and 22 degrees colder than of we woke up to yesterday. it was a very strong cold front. the one thing we noticed more than anything, how strong it was, was all of the severe weather it brought across the state of florida. freeze warning in effect for parts of south florida.
6:37 am
settle in to south florida and stick around for the next few days. the breeze wilcontinue out of the north while the reinforcing shot of cocoer weather tonight allowing our attempt to drop even further tomorrow. we're talking lows to the mid 50s. still cool going into your tuesday. if you want to head to the beach, we have a slight risk of rip currents. the bays will be at a moderate chop. highs today will warm up to the upper 60s. we're talking low 50s tomorrow. possibly upper 40s. only rching 70 degrees for the afternoon high. enjoy today, tomorrow an wednesday pause we rebound with our temperatures ahead off another ont that will increase our rain chances friday. once it clears, cooler weather will be back in the forecast by saturday morning into sunday. julie, have you taken down your christmas tree yet? >> yes. >> somebody just took down their tree and they left it on the roadway, no lie. >> boo.
6:38 am
christmas tree blocking part of the exit ramp. i still have my christmas cards up. i like my cards up. but if your tree is out there, pick it up you guys. palmetto expressway seeing some congestion not only because of that tree but also because of an accident. this one in our southbound lanes right here off of flagler street. we are seeing just a little bit of a delay there with those speeds 25 miles an hour. use caution on the palmetto. we've got that tree and that crash. i-75 southbound at indian trace. we had an earlier crash here. those speeds at 66 to 68 miles per hour. also continuing south we're hearing at state road 84, there's a little fender-bender there as well. it's the only things we're watching for you this morning. >> constance, thanks for that. the miami heat heading home from the six-game road trip. the birthday boy leading the way, 18 points in the first half alone. miami down two though heading into the second half.
6:39 am
that's a season low in points in points yesterday. wade said the loss did not ruin his big day. i got a lot of love on sowm. i even got a chant out there with the okc fans. much specialed for everyone sending their love and support on this day. >> heat host the bucs tomorrow night before heading back out on the road for five games. >>and the florida panthers back on their home ice tonight after six away games. they played in tower cam and the cats trailed the lightning by two, starting that third period. the panthers showed plenty of fight in him. the cats are hoping being home will help them break their new streak. >> turn it around, they can do that in a hurry. >> organization state player caught on camera pulling a fast one.
6:40 am
cost his team the game. take a look at this here after attempting to steal the ball, jamal reid is blocked. while he's on the ground he complains to foul is called so he sticks out his leg and down goes the referee. his team went on to lose this one. i think you're going to the little replay, there it is. he's on the ground, there it is. the referee comes by, i'm going to stick myleg out. that wasn't nice. >> no, it wasn't good. >> i gave him the benefit of the doubt earlier. >> but on urger review. >> on further review, he's out. a former taco bell executive making high, thin clouds. >> a tearful apology. after the break though we'll tell you why he's suing the victim here. >> a third smoke shop is hit in just under a week here in south florida.
6:41 am
this latest burglary
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for the latest on the battle now against isis, iraq's ministry of defense has released this video which they say shows iraqi forces walking among wrecked-up cars that belong to isis. officials say they have successfully pushed iraqis out of the village 39 miles west of baghdad. meanwhile kurdish force says they have found what they believe to be a mass grave. officials believe the grave holdsshe remains of iraqi men who were kill in 2014 when isis took over that town.
6:44 am
not been properly excavated just yet. it's believed 15 to 20 membership were indeed executed right there. this morning police have a father in custody after he forced the university to go on ckdown. police say the man threatened his two children who go to school there to face a lockdown while they searched for him. it's unclear what he is being charged with this morning. 6:50 the time right now. a california uber driver seen on cam being attacked by a former taco bell executive is now being sued. the video went viral in november. benjamin goldman seen attacking the driver. it happened after gold was asked to get out of the call. he claims he illegally videotaped the fight. he is now seeking $5 million in damages. > d developing right now, an american journalist was found dead vacationing in belize.
6:45 am
chicago producer disappeared afterer she volunteered to stay behind from a group horseback ride. by the time the group police did search for hours and finally they found her body in a river the very next day. >> on either side there was -- >> a guatemalan fisherman in the area at the time is now being investigators. they are also interviewing staff members. a man is brain dead, three others facing permanent damage after a botched drug trial in france. it's for a painkiller found in natural brain compounds. french police have now ened an investigation into this clinical trial. doctors say there's no known way to reverse the effects of this experimental drug. and today of course marking dr. martin luther king, jr., day. do you havee the day off from work or school.
6:46 am
greet you on this holiday morning. what you need to know coming up. cleanup after deadly tornados. we have video of the damage just ahead. - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, escriptions...
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cool and cloudy this morning, beautiful start first light over the who are highsen from our miami tower cam. just mid and high-level clouds around. these clouds will not be producing precipitation. i'm happy to tell you we will not be waking up to dry conditions. 55 pompano beach. that cool air has made it all the way down to marathon. these temperatures are anywhere between 15 and 20 degrees cooler than what we woke up to yesterday. highs only reaching the upper 60s today.
6:49 am
your dress matches durda. i-95 southbound express lanes we've got a bus broken down right here blocking one lane of traffic. stick with those regular lanes. it's a holiday, not a lot of traffic out there. on at approach to flagler, we are seeing a slowdown there about nine miles per hour. our top stories this morning. florida's southwest coast continuing to clean up from a deadly and dangerous weekend of weather. two people killed when a tornado struck a mobile home east of braddenton. now florida and power and light working to restore power there. the u.s. and iran negotiating the release of four americans who have been in prison there. agreement helped pave the way for that release. and hollywood church morning this morning the death handicap a missionary killed by terrorist in burkina faso. michael riddering died
6:50 am
27 other people were killed. and the search is on to find the man caught on camera breaking into a ft. lauderdale smoke shop. vapor blade is the third store hit in leses than one week here in south florida. the thief got away y th the cash register. police are working to see if all these crimes are somehow connected. remember this video from last year? holiday warning on the roads. police say a large number of bikers may be back out on the highways and busy roads today doing like this. some say they do plan to do this again. florida highway patrol say there's not much we can do. troopers cannot chase unless a forceable felony. just keep that in mind this afternoon. >> keep an eye on those roads. >> don't be out there around 12:30 when we get off work. we just want to go home. we'ven working all day.
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the news continues now with "good morning america." we'll be back around: 30 with a live update. >> weather, traffic and of course our top stories, june lead our free app. have a good day, south florida. in just a matter of days the first votes will be cast in the 2016 race for president. iowa and new hampshire voters are first in line but floridians soon follow. on march 15th, florida voters head to the polls in our presidential primary but you can't vote if you're not registered. you can register on-line at any public library and a variety of other wawa but y need to register by february 16th to vote in the primary. casting your vote is a simple act tt carries with it the survival of a docracy. you the voter have the power to chose who speaks for you in government and how your community works.
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