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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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holiday. you are looking live from sky 10 in the area of sistrunk boulevard and northwest 57th boulevard in fort lauderdale where hundreds of bikers and atv riders are gathering in what they cajl an mlk rideout c's and if you're wondering why it's called that, it's because these bikers say they are doing in it honor ofof dr. casing leg and i his life, of course, on this federal holida\ honoring dr. king, but many say this is not to do that, by honoring the life of of a man who fought to human rights and civil rights. when we left you, we saw the riders. they were sort of reconvening and figuring out where they were going to go nexbut it looks like they really haven't figured it out at this point. they're still at this exxon in fort lauderdale and sistrunk boulevard. >> laurie: these gas stations tend to be a gatheng point. we can only hope that this group will continue to drease in size instead of increase. last year at this time was the last time we saw this kind of
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it lasted for about three hours. we are about an hour and a half in this now, and these are the kind of scenes that we saw. you can tell this is hollywood boulevard heading eastbound. this was the scene just about half an hour ago. >> calvin: andhat was you're andrew perez on the ground following them, and some of these guys eve put their hands out, waving him off as we had our cameras out there. it was really loud for him. you can see some of them have their cell phones with their but this is what it looks like on the road if you're riding right by these guys or in your cars right by these guys as they are on their atvs and on their bikes, and this is a very scary scene for so manan people. and they even made their way on i-95 as well as sky 10 tracking them as they went northbound.but right now her in fort lauderdale along sistrunk boulevard and cleft northwest 27th avenue trying to figure out where what they are going to do next. >> laurie: and as we join our own victor in the newsroom he
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and twitter. as far as the worse offenses it's driving the wrong direction oh i-95. >> victor: not to mention speeding as well. it's incredible dangerous what these guys do. this is probably the 53rd or fourth stop wewe have seen them make since weave seen them watching. third or fourth stop. they ride for a while, 15, 20 minutes and stop, gather at some point to fume, sometimes to plan their next move. again, all the action we have seen so far has been focused in broward county. right now they are west of i-95 sistrunk boulevard west of i-95 so they could be getting back on the "i" here soon and possibly making their way down to miami dade county just like they did last year. a this point last year, this is when we saw a this whole group rev up. looks like this guy is having some trouble, not the spot where you want to have trouble. he's trying to get his bike safely off the street. but again northwest sixth
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what we haven't seen yet laurie and calvin any residents. nobody has been arrested as far as the group that we've been following here. last year, we want to mention with only three arrests from the ride and just one accident that we know of last year. they could very well, laurie and calvin, be making their way back to i-95. you get a blimps of what these people do in this ride -- a glimpse of what they do. they swarm every single car. sometimes they will punch or kick these cars, sometimes at high rates of speed. they are slowly trying to get by that car. >> calvin: stricter, we talk so much about social media being a way that they communicate because these bikers not local. some of them come from really far away to take part in this. >> victor: they come from all over the country. one way they do communicate is twitter and # #mcrideout. you can see that people wish
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this ride which we saw made national headlines last year. not only are they honoring martin luther king, jr. in this ride. that's one of the things you can say that they're doing. >> calvin: or trying to. >> victor: bikes up, guns down. but they are honoring a biker who died in philadelphia. they're doing this for i a number of reasons. the main thing the is anti-violence, bikes up, guns down. they're just doing in it a very reckless and dangerous manner. as you see there, wheelies, guys on atvs going up on two wheels. sometimes they're riding on people's lawns. they're riding on t wrong side of the road. very dangerous for everybody out there. we're trying tower best to keep you posted on where they'reheading. the problem is it's so tough to keep track of all of them. i believe right now they are on broward boulevard. >> laurie: it is i a group mentality and they do seem to stay together. the least we can do is tell you where they are. and it is a varied group. most are young people.
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a mix of fail male and female. we have seen a few women out there. they arere all on their phones, all take pictures and texting trying to stay in touch. they are popping their wheelies with doing doughnuts be with driving the wrong direction. we have seibhem zipping through traffic and heading in the opposite direction even on i-95. so these are the kind of things we want to warn you of and us just know that this is out there and it could very likely head back down toward mild county. >> calvin: and we showed you some really good pictures earlier. that's because our own andrew perez was right in the thick of all of those bikers and atv prepared let's go back to him right now and perhaps you can show us new pictures. we're going to get back to mike zealand and get back to andrew in just a second as we see those drivers going to another station, many of them gassing up as a result of traveling so far and making their wail across south florida. >> michael: calvin, we are at the intersection of northwest
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basically liberty city -- 441, the neighborhood in miami. and honestly i'm not a big motorcycle guy but i've seen some things today that i didn't think about possible to do, some of the tricks these guys have been doing, and really dangerous because a lot ofhem aren't wearing helmets. again we want to express how the dangerous this situation has been. we have seen guys on dirt bikes, motorcycles, atvs weaving weaving in and out of traffic, making illegal uurns. all this while rush hour traffic is going on. but i do want to make the clear there's not been any violence. we havenen seen anybody attack motorists or trying to hurt officers, again, just driving recklessly out here to the streets of south florida. and one interesting thing, i've gotten a couple tweets on my feed, a couple of facebook messages from viewers that pele are really wondering why aren't these police officers, when they see these guys committing felonies out on the road, why aren't they going after them, and they said it
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the risk going on outweigh the reward, and what they're saying is, look, we don't want do get into pursuit with these guys because it could cause potentially even worse problems fore motorists trying to get home. we have seen police officers a gas stations. they're waiting for when some of these guys are going to gas up or if there's' red light, and if they see them obviously break a traffic law, they're going to try to stop them. in fact, where we are at ts gas station, we saw one of those riders actually get a warning, not because he was weaving in and out of traffic but because he didn't of the proper eyewear on. again, a lot of of people-under woulding why aren't police out here in full force pulling everybody over, stopping them, having roadblocks, and basically they do noon to hurt anybody out in the public. they say public safety is top priority. one other interesting observation i've made since we've been out here for the last two hours is that city of miami, those police officers are equipped with body cams, and
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is that just because they're not stopping this group who is obviously breaking traffic laws doesn't mean that they will not face any citations. they said that they could potentially take this body cam footage and present it to the state attorneys office. so that'll be interesting to see what happens after this. but again, down here in liberty city we have seen dozens of those motorcyclessists coming through here, weaving in and out of lanes, doing u-turns in the intersection. obviously a very dangerous scene out here. but as you guys mentioned most of these participants, they are out here in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr., they're standing up for non-violence in their neighborhoods. as you know, the motto i simple, bikes up, guns down. it is interesting talking to some of the participants, i did talk to one guy and he told me -- - u know what? -- he didn't even know why he was out here, he was out here for personal interests trying to promote safety with bikes. so got a whole lot of different
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again, the number one priority is keeping motorists safe and we will continue to follow this story. if we get any developments, we'll let you guys know. >> laurie: speaking of keeping everyone safe let's get to mark wy sock fre the florida highway patrol -- wysocky from the florida highway patrol. give us your perspective. >> i think for the most part they've left 95 and they're on the local streets. it's a very dangerous situation that they're putting themselves in and the other drivers. we are continuing to monitor this situation. we will have the same protocol as miami-dade county has, that we're not going to chase them. if we would try to stop them and they stop, fine, but we're not going the make a bad s suation worse. >> calvin: mark, we have heard the term from michael seiden "risk versus reward." is that sort of the prese on which you will act or not react? >> yes, yes. and i believe it happened last
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up in dade county. they didn't venture that much into broward. this year they're up into broward. so we will continue to monitor them and make sure that nothing serious happens. >> laurie: sergeant, are you able to monitor this by air in the best way or is it really your ground troops? how are you tackling this? >> just jt our ground troops, the troopers we have on the road. >> laurie: andhat can they do at this point with them bikers? >> like i said, we'll continue to monitor them. if we would happen to try to stop one and they don't have the proper equipment, their bikes will be towed and they may possibly risk arrest. >> calvin: and we have talked about how last year maybe when this drama was playing out onn the streets, that you all might have been surprised. is that the case this year? or do you think you were more prepared this year than last year? >> i know they had a task force that was put together down in miami-dade countz to handle the, and i i believe it started down there, and now they just
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>> laurie: are you trying to get officers out to some of these gas staigs when you see where they are so you can check to see if these bikes are fitted properly? >> no. if they're off-off the interstate, off in the cities, that would be the city of fort lauderdale or the shover's responsibility. we'll concern ourselves with the interstate. >> calvin: so, mark, this can be aaery frightening experience for so many driver's out there. if y're on i-95 or on even the city streets, how do you react with one of these guys in an atv or this guy who walking to this car, how do you react to this -- or drives up to tha car, rather -- how do you react to this? >> you pay attention to what you're doing and don't try to take pictures of them and photograph some of them. continue to drive and pay attention to your surroundings. >> laurie: sergeant, a lot of folks in the headlines said this is an mlk tradidion, but really this is only the second year
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>> as far as i know, yes. >> laurie: let's'sope this does not become a tradition. let's hope this begins to turn around. would you say from the presence you have seen, would you say this is a smaller presence lan last year? >> it's hard to tell. last year it seems, maybe it's just one large group that continues too it, but it looks pretty much the same from last year from what i have seen. >> calvin: you could argue they've been more organized versus this year, they seem to be a bit more disorganized. even if they are disebolaing the traffic laws and you are ebolaing the traffic laws, you say don't try to take pictures of them. just stop and allow these bikers to go anybody front of you. is that fair to say? >> don't take your eyes off the wheel. you need to continue on driving and be waiver your surroundings. and, you know, i mean, i can't talk about on the side streets but especially on interstate highways when you're traveling at high speeds. >> laurie: we do want to let everyone know this group had gone northbound on 27th avenue
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then they started heading in the direction eastbound on 15th court from 27th avenue. all these side streets in the fort lauderdale ar. but if and when they hit i-95 again, sergeant mark wysocky, we may be checking in with you immediately. >> okay. thank you. >> laurie: thanks so much for your time. let's hope to keep everyone safe tonight. >> calvin: on that note we'll take take a very quick break. we're back in just a moment with more breaking news of these
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florida. >> reporter: we do not continue following breaks of news. the atv riders and tells, boy, on the streets ofort lauderdale right now, they were last even at eastbound northwest 15th court in front of northwest 27th avenue in fort uderdale. you can see them going through that intersection, blowing by there. perhaps they were blowing through a red light and cutting in front of cars. we just heard from the florida highway patrol that if you're in
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who is in this situation, just allow them to keep on going, don't try to take pictures of them, don't try to outrun them on the streets. simply allow them to go in front of you. >> laurie: it's almost this attude of just let these bikers and atv riders do their thick, stay out of their way. they are not going to chase them, the authorities telling us, because they do not want to make a bad situation worse. we can only hope we will not see major accidents, we will not see major trouble on the roadways. thankfully traffic is less on this holiday but when you see these young people on wheelsy like this, going on and off the the roads, going in the median these roads and then weaving in and out of traffic and at times going against track of, it just turns your stomach, and you can only imagine by lateit town we'll have the stories from drivers who are on these streets and they will be the ones to give us the real perspective on what it fetal look to be out there to the streets this evening. >> calvin: i also thought it was so interesting that we heard from florida highway patrol and
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these guys are putting themselves in dangerous situations but from what we have seeny they are also putting drers in dangerous situations especially when they were on i-95. >> jenise: i was breathing a sigh of relief when i saw them geoff i-95. you're looking at average speeds of 65 miles per hour on i-95, and these riders were just zooming past these cars. i can't even imagine what it waslike for those drivers seeing that. now, they are along the side streets. looks like they're just passing northwest 44th street. i was able to check and see exactly what the average speeds are like there. obviously a lot slower. you're looking at 25 miles per hour or 30 miles per hourets speeds. but what really concerns me is how these riders just weave in and out. they end up going in the opposite direction. and, you know, we were talking
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your uninstinct as a driver is to -- >> laurie: there you go. opposite direction. this is right near commercial boulevard, jenise. >> jenise: and this is a very busy intersection. look at that red car stopped, obviously trying to make a turn. can't do so. probably extremely confused by all of this as well. i'm thankful and surprised that these drivers just sort of keep on going because i know as an instincts if someone is going direction. i can tell you, though, wev not seen any accidents as a result of this, so very thankful for that, glad to see that. it looks like drivers are being cautious. you heard mentioned before, if you see these riders just keep going, don't take pictures. try to be as safe as you possibly can. i want to mention these riders, they're also on their cell phones, so adding in how fast they're going, weaving in and out, going the opposite direction of traffic and they're on their cell phones, this is a dangers situation. i'm glad to see there have not been any major accidents due to this. >> calvin: nowadays it doesn't
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twitter or facebook, so they have their cell phones out videotaping themselves, dangerously riding on the streets of south florida, and in many ways take can over because police of said they are goingng to take a wait-and-see approach. now, if you're at home and wondering why this is happening today of all days, let's turn now to our victor oquendo in our newsroom. victor, we understand this is happening in honor of dr. king, but y might say a good meanings at least but bad execution. >> victor: that's absolutely fair to say at this point. coastal carolina t(e latest eastbound on commercial as weave been watching the last few minutes. this group as picked up speed. it looks like they're turning once again. you see a chopper following them from the sky. tough to tell, laurie and calvinin we have no idea where these guys are going. it's so tough to keep up with all of them. there is some guys riding on the wrong side the street. but these are dirt bikes and atvs. they're not afraid of not only going on the wrong side of the
5:19 pm
northbound 12th avenue, i'm told, they're also going over the median, they are going through people's front yards, riding on the yas and sidewalks. incredibly, no crashes to report just yet. this group, though, is now going northbound 12th avenue past lockhart stadium with coastal carolina. that is the latest from here. >> laurie: it is so frustrating to see this scene. you can tl bikers takingover the entire roadway, definitely traveling the wrong way on these roads, bringing their tricks on.n. last year, they will tell you it was all about stoppink the violence in a fun and exciting way. that might be what they feel, if they feel okay coming out in that sense, but obviously this is only bringing on incredible danger and incredible fear in drivers out there our roadways. >> calvin: well, we are going to take a quick break and we're going to connue to col every move these bikers are making on the streets of fort lauderdale
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>> laurie: we continue or breaking news coverage of this ridet, as it's called. this is the second year we've seib this happening in our community. last year it happened mostly in miami-dade county. this year it is take can over many parts of broward county. you are looking live from sky 10 as hundreds of bikers and atv riders blowing through intersections like this and taking over lanes of track of. the scene right now is northbound on power line road and i believe this is right there at atlantic, a major intersection, and as you can see the bikers not paying any regard the to cars, just making their way through as they please. >> calvin: and bso has pretty much taken the same approach as miami-dade police have, and that is to note get involved. reward. they do not want to further endanger the public by going after these riders on the streets who are disebolaing traffic lala and causing a lot
5:22 pm
in some cases they are weaving in and out of traffic and going in the wrong direction in traffic and may cause some very nervous drivers. one motorcyclist stuck in the middle of the intersection,stopping at least the middle lane of traffic from going by. i don't know what the point of this is, but for some of them they are riding because this is called a peaceful protest, and they are saying they are doing this in honor of dr. martin luther king. but as we have said before, good message, bad execution. and you can see there are hundreds of these bikers on south florida strets for the second year in a row. >> laurie: and if a few of them go out and block traffic, then the masses follow along and they have suddenly taken over the intersection. let's get to local10's michael seiden. he is live at 79th street is if 441. he's in the libertiy is neighborhood where some of this started today. michael, one good thing the officers are doing is wearing their cameras on their bodies so
5:23 pm
some of these people if they indeed commit a crime. >> michael: that's right, laurie. miami police, they are equipped with body cams, and so that means officers could potentially present the footage that they're getting out here, that's showing some of these bikers breaking traffic laws, they could potentially present the footage to the state attorney's office which could result in charges. and, you know, some of the other observation that we've made out here for the last couple of hours is while most participants are out here riding for change, obviously original dr. martin luther king ever j, some are just out here for their own personal interests, whether they're a motorcycle enthusiast or riding for safety, they just decided to join this peaceful protest. now, also we know pllice aren't trying to go after participants because public safety is top priority, and police are just telling us you know they don't want to get into pursuits, and as you said, laurie, make a bad
5:24 pm
and as you guys look from sky 10, you're continuing to follow this developing situation that is the very latest from out here. back to you, laurie and calvin. >> laurie: a lot of people admitting they are adrenalin junkies and wanted to join in on this. a lot of people with complete disregard for the normal traffic flow and traffic rules. >> calvin: this is trending on social media, something we will continue to follow and follow the bikers on we're also live with the picture from skyky0. right now we are going to take to you betty davis who is watching our weather. chief certified meteorologist. betty, you never talked about it being this cool today. maybe you didn't listen. i was not expecting it to be this cool. >> betty: oh, calvin. you never listen, but i know you at home did and you were prepared when those 50s hit you in the face this morning. miami started the date 56 degrees. we only made night if 60s this afternoon. our average high for this time of the year, what's normal for a
5:25 pm
that and still prong in the 60s right now. kendall at 62. it's going to be a chilly night out. you already know by 9:00 tonight everybody around 60 cool degrees and then down into the 50s we go. stem cell still tend to have those mid to high level clouds because of the southwesterly flow aloft. there's more cold air waiting in the wings. you can see 30s in atlanta and birmingham. the flames trickling down the peninsula eye northerly wind as we head into tomorrow. so a chilly start to the day. cool breeze continues in the it's going to be another one of those days where we don't touch 70. but then by wed we will notice a wind shift, more in an easterly component to the winds, that allowing some somewhat milder air to come in for the afternoons but it really won't be until thursday, friday when i think the swamp going to be more noticeable and by that time we will have our next cold front approaching. so be ready for low informants if the morning. highs in the upper -- low 50s in the morning.
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>> calvin: we continue following breaking news on the streets of south florida as sky 10 over this, a campaign called bikes up, guns down, and right now it looks like they have gotten onto the turnpike. at last check necessity were southbound on holy spirit road going back to the pompano beach area. this is southbound on lyons road heading back to pompano beach, and they are still popping those wheelies and doing some very dangerous stunts and causing some very dangerous situations not just for themselves but also for other drivers. >> laurie: and some of them may still be westbound on atlantic as they were heading toward this scene e uthbound o o lyons road. it's the best service we can do ls tell you live where this group is so that you can avoid it. there are multiple groups out there but this seems to be the largest group that we can find from sky 10. and the true story is from the drivers who are experiencing
5:30 pm
roads. our own andrew perez captured this video a short time ago that we can share you of what it's like dorn on the roadways when this whole group was traveling on hollywood boulevard heading east just coming off of the -- from the west just past the turnpike heading down toward hollywood circle, and it's just a frightening scene. we've even heard at least one report of some of the bikers and atv riders reaching out and kicking a car, touching cars, but they are getting very, very close to vehicles and giving drivers that panicked sense that we saw this time last year. >> calvin: and break every traffic law imaginable as they travel through the streets, and police have really sort of taken a wait-and-see approach. they are saying risk versus reward this atv driver not sure where he is but at last check they were on southbound on lyons road heading back to the pompano beach area. but police have really taken a wait-and-see approach as these
5:31 pm
the streetsin part because they simply don't want tone danger the public anymore. some of them are blocking intersections here, also causing drivers t stop in the middle of the street as many of them drive by. last year there were about 500 bikers on the streets. this year it doesn't seem like it's that many but they seem to be celebrated and a bit more disorganized compared to last year. >> laurie: last year there were three arrest. we have only heard of warnings that have been given. but when these groups of ives bikers stop at area gas stations where they need to stop often where these bikes and atvs of such small tanks. when they do stop that's the only opportunity where officers can n t out and see if these bikes are fitted properly, if the riders are wearing the proper gear, and possibly give some citations or walkers to these bikers, possibly even tow away some bikes but we have not seen that happen yet. >> calvin: and based on the conversations we have had with law enforcement we'll be right back appears they really can't do anything more besides sit back and watch, like many of us
5:32 pm
the road, but once again just a very scary situation but especially when they get on i-95. you can imagine traveling 60 or 70 miles an hour, not all of us follow the traffic laws, not that i go that i break them but some people do who travel faster than 65 on 70 miles an hour, bucket only imagine someone popping a wheelie and waving at you on their cell phones and youou looking away for a few second and wondering if this bern person is going to have some type of terrible accident. >> laurie: and that is what michael seiden has witnessed. he joins us live from the liberty city neighborhood. michael, officers admit their hands are tied. >> michael: absolutely, laurie. i talked to a group miami police officers and they made it very clear it's frustrating out here. they're seeing most of these riders break laws right in front of they ever faces and there's nothing they can do about it
5:33 pm
as you know, these motorcyclists aren't stopping where the police are. earlier today, though, we did see one rider who was stopped, he was actually pulled over for not having the proper eyewear on. again, police making it very clear, public safety is top priority. these riders not the only ones on road. there's a lot of rush hour traffic and they just don't want to get out there and get in a pursuit with these guys and endanger anybody else's rife out on the road. but again, just out here, we haven't seen any riders in the last probably 45 minutes or so, butnother thing that's interesting is it's hard to gauge if this is jus one large group or just a number of groups that have broken off because we've probably seen in our area, again at northwest 79th street and 441 north in miami's liberty city neighborhood we have been seen multiple groups, three or four groups with about a dozen participants in each group, and again, they've made it clear
5:34 pm
what they call an mlk, jr. tradition, you've got hundreds of people as you can see from sky 10 riding motorcycles and atvs through south florida's busiest streets and highways. their motto is very simple, bikes up, guns down. but i think calvin made a great point. it's not just the motorcyclists who are causing dangerous situations. i've seen a number o o motorists, drivers, passengers sticking their smart phones out the window trying on get video, which again you're seeing some of these guys do some tricks that i've never seen before but that's where it becomes dangerous, is where you have all these motorists sticking their phones out the window not paying attention to the road. so a very scary situation out here. again, we haven't seen any violence in our area, and it's my understanding that those of these ders moved on to broward county. we're going to continue to keep a close eye on miami-dade county. we're in the liberty city
5:35 pm
a number of police officers out here equipped with body cams trying to ensure that no one is hurt. >> calvin: michael, you raised a good point about what a scary experience this could be for many of the other motorists who are just maybe out running errands on this day. have you had a chance to talk to any of them? and if so, what that is been their reaction? >> michael: we've been at this gas station and i and are while was in line waiting to get something to drink i did talk to a lady who had stopped. she said she hadn't encountered any of these riders but she did say she had been following on her app news stations and knows what's going on out there. she told me, look, i'm filling up my car and headed home because i don't want to be out on the streets again, i haven't talked to anybody who has actually encountered them up close, but there's definitely, you know, some -- a fear among some of the drivers out here because obviously they don't want to be driving through this
5:36 pm
weaving in and out of traffic and doing illegal u-turns. >> laurie: and we can tell you're looking live from sky 10 southbound on lyons road passing cypress creek, prospect road, commercial. these are l the areas where these bikers are flying through. and some good newewis that we received some pictures into the newsroom of at least one police vehicle apparently blocking an entrance or exit from i-95. so hopefully officers will be able to get out there with their patrol cars and stop any of these bikers and atv riders from getting back onto some of the major highways. >> calvin: and, you know, michael made a good point about them not being violate, but we do have video of one biker about to kick a car because he probably did not like this car going through their contingent. he's king that car right there. so there is evidence of at least one biker here correcting to a car that he didn't like going
5:37 pm
their group of riders as they make their way through the streets and he pops a wheelie as he drives away. so not exactly violent but they are reacting because they're upset and angry about some of the cars that may decide that they than the was to go through this group of bikers. >> victor: calvin and laurie, it's victor in the newsroom. we want toll you we have seen so many close calls, and just a few minutes ago fort lauderdale fire rescue did twite, mlk rideout not good. one serious injury so far. they also write, please be careful. so we've seen so many near-misses, so many close calls, and now fort lauderdale fire rescue tweeting out there's been one serious injury. not sure if this guy was on a dirt bike or ab atv. that's all we know at this point from fort lauderdale fire rescsc. also as we've been looking at these live pictures, it is getting dark now and just like last year it gets a lot harder. it's about to get a lot more difficult to see where it is
5:38 pm
calvin wants you can imagine it's only going to get more dangerous as it gets dark err. >> laurie: sky 10ive at a major intersection southbound 31st avenue and oakland park boulevard. that is the area to avoid right now right up as this stream of bikers and atv riders take over the streets or at least try to. our team of reporters is covering this for to you warn you of ever intersection along with a. we will be r rht back with more of our live coverage. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you.
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>> laurie: you are looking live with our breaking coverage right now in the area of the swap shop in fort t uderdale. that is where the majority of these bikers and atv riders are right now. and what they are calling an mlk rideout. >> calvin: this is westbound on sunrise boulevard, and it looks like this area, they just passed the area, what is known as mlk boulevard as well in this area near the swap shop but you can see hundreds of those guys or at least dozensf the bikers and the atv riders are heading down this area. once again right by the swap shop. guns down, wheels up is what they're calling this. this is the second year of this campaign where they have really taken over the streets and really have caused a lot of disruption o our roadways. but police are sort of standing back and allowing them to cause not only what is a dangerous situation for drivers out there
5:42 pm
themselves, and we know of at least one injury that happened in fort lauderdale with a biker, but we're following this story from sky 10. >> laurie: meantime, the majority of south floridians have commem cated dr. martin luther king, jr. in a traditional way. several parades held across our area. this one you see in miami. terrell forney is the live in southwest t ld with more on the many commemorations around our area. terrell. >> terrell: laurie, i have to say that there's been no sign of those wild bike riders here in this area, which is pretty interesting. they seem to be avoiding the miami area where one of the biggest mlk day celebrations is underway. this is a street festival here at northwest 62nd street and 32nd avenue on the outskirts of miami in northwest mild. there are a lot of people here -- northwest miami-dade. there is immunization and plenty of good, street vendors as well selling a lot of things, and
5:43 pm
gather after that big parade that took most of the afternoon. the sweet sound of music and the roar of high school marcng bands filled the streets of liberty city. just about everyone. >> i love to smile. alive to be out here. >> terrell: miami resident has been made this her tradition for many years. >> it's good for young people. it's not all about violence and begun violence. we have to show the positive side. dr. martin luther king had a message and his meanings was peace and love, and i here today to support that. >> terrell: local fighters, police officers and elected officials like county mayor carlos gimenez also had a positive presence in parade down northwest 5 4s street, and in between the waves and dance teams, a few celebrity sightings, like former rapper
5:44 pm
campbell o uncle luke who group on these streets. he had his own @loat. >> it's very, very inspiring. this this day it's very important, and it's a beautiful thing. >> terrelland the people here celebrating or doing so right outside of the dr. martin luther king, jr. memorial park, which is here in this area but things are winding down. this is also an annual event and things usually wrap up right around sunset. there's been plenty of police here as well keeping an eye on things and we can report that there's been no major incidents reported here at this street side festival. all in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. we are live here in northwest miami-dade, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: great to see such a big group. >> calvin: let's to go our betty davis and talk about how cool it's going to get tonight. >> betty: we're heading down into the 50s once again. today it was cool, just enough sunshine to make for great
5:45 pm
was festive. 66 was the high today in miami, 10 degrees below what's normal for this time of year. right now everyone checking in the low to mid-60s. key west except pompano beach at 64 degrees and some clouds streaming across the sky. dry conditions between now and 7:00, even 9:00 tonight. we're not anticipating rainfall. but the cool air, the chill is definitely in the air, and it's going to stay in the air. by 9:00 tonight some of your neighborhoods will likely be down in the upper 50s. i am taking note still of the mid to high level clouds streaming across the area. maybe that's going to help to hold in some of the warmth that we managed to get today. but with our winds flowing in from the northwest to north, that in itself is still going to allow more of that chilly air to move on down the peninsula. and you want to talk about a chill, just check out the deep south, the midwestnd the northeast. it's 35 crease in atlanta. new york city 23. 1 degree in minneapolis and
5:46 pm
so we're getting the fringes of that chills we head through the overnight, and you will notice it in the morning when we start with our temperatures in the low 50s. this morning, miami, you made it down to 56 degrees. fortauderdale 55. most areas generally in the mid-50s. the lower 50s are likely to be widespread tomorrow morning, so this could now become our coldest morning of the season so far. right now this morning is our coldest. so tomorrow kendall, how does 51 sound? does you sound like you need a jacket? i understand why. 51 in pembro pines. maybe reaching for a hat. pompano beach, 52 degrees, some longer sleeves or maybe a sweater. even down around key west if you're up early having breakfast, strolling duval street, your going to want an extra layer with those temperatures starting that cool. now, the highs will make a recovery but it won't be a recovery into the 70s. we're talking mid to upper 60s, forecasting 68 for the
5:47 pm
rain chance remaining low tuesday, wednesday. even on thursday. and by thursday our morning lows not as chilly. our highs trying to climb toward the upper 70s. our next cold front approaches. that brings a round of rain on friday. and then behind it we which i will out just in time for saturday and sunday. saturday eats high 72. saturday night chilly because by sunday morning we're back down into the 50s. >> calvin: betty, thanks. >> laurie: let's join our crew now. our own andrew perez has caught up with these bikers. andrew, are you in the area of broward boulevard? >> andrew: we are tailing these guys now. northwest 34th avenue and broward boulevard. they are heading west. this is a very unorganize event. let me tell just personally speaking as a driver the rig now obviously we've got photojournalist jason weitzman in the car, dealing with the camera work but as a driver this has been absolutely frustrating. there are severalal groups all over south florida.
5:48 pm
we have see sky 10 live over there thing. we're caught at a red light. they don't obey that. they go through every red light that they feel look one after another and it's been very frustrating. on top of them that they're popping wheelies, taking pictures on their cell phones, doing selfies while they're already driving r rklessly like this. they've stopped at at least two gas stations now, one in hollywood, one in fort lauderdale. obviously they've got smaller tanks. it appears they stopped to coordinate as well. and like i said, we have seen them going through these smaller neigorhoods as well, not just the major interstates, not just the highways, but we've been saying all throughout our newscast it's been mostly broward county that's been affected. this is the second year that we see this, this wheels up, guns down movement. obviously a very positive message here. the issue is the execution. the message is not getting through because o the execution. we're work can on catching up to them right now. of course, last year we saw that there were a few wrecks here and
5:49 pm
this year so far we've already heard of one serious accident, which we're getting more information into our newsroom about right now. as soon as we get anything new, we're trying to catch up to these guys and see which direction they plan on going. they have switched direction in the last 30 minutes probably four or five times. we will, of course, continue to monitor this from the sky as well, sky 10. as soon as we get anything new we'll be right back here on the ground. >> calvin: and weir watching from sky 10 right now where you can see one psyc list is going to wrong way what appears to be southbound 441 from broward boulevard. before we let you go, we want to ask you, you had a chance to get up close and personal with some of these riders. what were they saying to you when you had stopped them a some of the intersections, especially ong hollywood boulevard? >> andrew: the issue is they thought this was a giant joke. like michael seiden was saying earlier as well, some of these
5:50 pm
there, they're trying to promote bike safety. they want new regulations on the road to protect bikers. they're also doing this in honor of dr. martin luther king, of course, but then i'm not going to lie, i've also seen some of the other guyed based on what they've told me that are out here to the fun of it, they get to run red lights and in giant groups and it's very hard to keep up with them. it seems that some of these bikers are following the herd and are that's causing a lot of this chaos out here. >> laurie: you are looking at some of that reckless driving,popping wheelies be, both feet up on the seat ofhis motorcycle, people driving in the wrong direction, doughnuts, illegal turns. to stay taught streets with fallen. it is much dker out there. it's going to be very hard to see a lot of these bikers. coming from broward boulevard right now. and this is the scene at every major intersection. a few of the front men get up close, get up into the
5:51 pm
through. >> calvin: the first bikers were spotted at about 2:30. following. we'll have a lot more coming up at the top of the hour as we at 6:00. we have team coverage. we're going to take a very quick break and we're back on the
5:52 pm
don't go away. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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>> laurie: right now at 6:00 we continue to work breaking news. if miami rideout i full effect, hundreds of bikers and atv riders taking over our south >> calvin: should cops be doing more to stop the rideout? >> laurie: it will be the coldest night yet thisear. our weather authority is tracking the temperatures. >> calvin: he & he was bigger than el chapo. we're taking you inside the home of former drug king bing pablo
5:54 pm
now. realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: we continue to monitor these pictures from all across south florida. the mlk rideout in its second year. >> laue: sky 10 has been following these bikers and aft riders for hours now. it's finally getting dashing dark and we have seen them riding recklessly like this atv rider going against traffic. >> calvin: we have seen them on medians and cutting through the grass and you can see there on people's front lawns. >> laurie: and our local10 camera surrounded by dozens of these bikers as they were take can over every lane of busy hollywood boulevard. >> calvin: andheck out this scene, one of the riders upset that i car did not stop for all of them so he decides to go after the car, and you're about to see, kick the car several times. some of these bikers say they are riding in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. with the wheels up, guns down campaign. >> laurie: and you are looking live at state road 7 south of
5:55 pm
to have stopped at this gas
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