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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sunday afternoon if woman calling 911 before attempting to jump into the water. in their tenage police report monroe county sheriffs deputies write when they found vargas-ortiz she stated she had ingested rat poison an hour ago. when officers noticed a baby seat in her they'red ask the about the baby. after changing her answer several times she finally said "i was bathing it and it shipped out of my hands." homestead police then went to the four bedroom home located in aisles at oasis community in homestead. when police got to the home. they found a four-month-old baby notice freezer dead. >> sickens me. it's- it sickens me. it's not nothing you want to hear about definitely, not in your neighborhood. >> neki: and thiswoman is being
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ward here at jackson memorial hospital. meanwhile, that young boy we just got the baby's name help his name is hill hugo. he is being evaluated in the medical examiner's office around the corner. when they determine his cause of death, then police can determine whether or not this mother will be charged. that will determine if it was ab accident or murder. i'm live i miami tonight, neki mohan, local10 news. >> laurie: a man caught on surveillance video trying a rob a kfc pharmacy is believed to be behind number of other armed robberies within the last two weeks. let's get to local10 news reporter michael seiden. he's live with video you need to see. >> michael: no doubt business orbs in this are they are very concerned -- business owners are on edge. me of them told me they started downloading apps like this one so they can monitor their security systems from anywhere in city. doin' this armed robber is wanted in 24 diffent holdups in north miami, all of them
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this criminal who is described as violent and brazen strikes in the evening usually around the time most binesses are cloaks. on monday night he robbed stores on northeast28th street and 125th street. two weeks prior he stormed another business on 125th street and a a fourth on northeast sixth avenue. >> it's escalaled from just brandishing the weapon to actually strugglininwith the victims now so we're trying to stop him before it gets worse. >> michael: take a look at this violent encounter between a robber and a clerk at the super stop. the man uses his strength, overpower can t t clerk. now, he never shows a gun but still manages to flee with a handful of cash. also a similar scene at a nearby kfc. although this time police say he's armed, threatening the manager, claiming he will shoot him if he doesn't hand over the money. police are also investigating a robbery at this chinese restaurant where two employees were held at gunpoint. >> we are sure that it is the
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with the businesses and this iswhy he's strike in such a close-knit area. >> michael: talking with detective they're giving he a generic description of that robber but if youave any information you're asked to call miami-dade crimestop wears 305-471-tips. weir live in north miami, i'm michael seiden, local10 news. >> calvin: a juryinds the former president of broward teachers union guilty today in a money laundering end school. pant santeramo was convicted of the eight of nine counts against him. prosecutor say he inflated invoices for work at the union and stole about 3 00,000 dollarsof excess money and shared it with a friend who owned a construction company. santeramo's friend testified against him. >> h h was the gatekeeper of a multi-million dollar budget from the duties of broward teachers, and that money was going nowhere without him knowing exactly where it was going. >> calvin: santeramo faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced. neighbors in a pembroke pines community are now teaming
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from getting out of jail beforee his trial. a the alleged victims are trying to keep that from happening. they say ser you'llio allegedly peeped into women's bedroom windows and at times tried to force his way inside. that bond hearing contities. we will, of course, have a i live report coming up at 11:00. >> laurie: a big win for uber drivers today. miami-dade commissioners approved the first reading of a law that wouldave the way to legalize the ride sharing service in the county. locaca0 news reporter derek shore was at today's packed meeting. he's live to tell us what happens next. derek. >> derek: there was some concern from uber riders that they would open up the app and not be able to find a ride here in miami-dade county, but after today's meeting that will not be the case. it appears uber is probabay here to stay. >> my item be withdrawn out of the agenda. >> derek: it came tebow warning. mild county commission chair john monastein pulling his
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uber threatening to leave the county. >> i'm making the decision to allow to us begin 2016 in a spirit of cooperation. the ride hare drivers stunned and had been ready for a fight. the chair's on the other hand would have required hire limit insurance for drivers at all times, not just when taking a passenger, and would have required county-run background checks. >> we greatly appreciate chairman mon astein's commitment on coming up with an ordinance, a regulatory framework that makes sense for ride sharing. >> derek: uber taken amenta monastein in recent weeks. >> the fact is that huber and lyft have been operating illegally and been robbing the backs of miami-dade tonight tea drivers for a year and a half. >> it's not a good service. it's a cheap service. how you gonna make a living? >> derek: uber backing another proposal from commissioner bovo that will allow ride shares and
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the board voted to move that ordinance forward. >> i think what it signifies is that there's a willingness on the board to look at this item, understand that they're here to stay. >> derek: this ordinance has a ways to go, however, it will likely be work shopped and some amendments put in. the their really wanted to make the clear that he wants handicapped accessible networks to be a part of the miami-dade model. we are live in miami, derek shore. >> calvin: miami-dade commissioners sent a strong meanings to president obama late today. don't let cuba open a consulate in miami. the resolution sponsor esteban bovo said that a cuban cons laptop wonted be welcome until cuba is a democracy. they final vote 8-4 and among those voting against it was commissioner xavier suarez. >> reporter: a woman who long presented herself as a cuban activist last been sentenced to
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she did spearhead a move to house cuban migrants who arrived from cocaine. >> hatzel: charges against alicia garcia go back to 2010 dealing with garcia's real estate business. in offing 2011 she took $150,000 deposit for a property, a customer wanted to buy. when the deal did not go through, garcia wrote a bad check. the money he said been given authorities say she used. similar incidents happened multiple times in garcia says real estate customers lost more than $200,000. but despite the arrest here's garcia pictured with miami-dade county commissioners rebecca sosa and stephan bovo. she is getting a proclamation commem training 20th anniversary of the 1994 cuban exodus. garcia was there as the president exodus 1994, an organization she started to help cuban rafters. >> there's not a vetting process that goes to every single individual. we give something tow an
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obviously y e was somebody a was tacting in bad faith and she's been sentenced. >> hatzel: here's garcia talking to reporters less than a week ago to help cuban migrants arriving from costa rica. this is promotion a v veo for a foundation voice of women, a domestic abuse organization garcia was also running. both organizations active were seeking donations, so where did all the cash go? well, we went to the home where we know garcia's mother and husband live. 66 surprise. no one came to the door. in southwest miami-dade, hatzel vela, local10 news. >> laurie: eight minutes after 6:00. it's a good time to check on the evening rush. local10 gyns gyns right here. traffic reporter jenise fernandez. >> jenise: i-95 southbound at 1y 95th 95th street.
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accident is belong the left lane and it's causing quite a backup as we zoom on in closer. this iss at northwest 119th street. some pretty heavy delays as you're approaching at 10 miles per hour. another accident, thiss time on the mac arthur causeway is a broken down tractor-trailer heading west. right around bridge road. you will see delays there. 4 miles per hour. and we have also got an accident on the palmetto expressssy. this is as you are heading north right around northwest 103rd street with speeds there clocking in at 40 miles per hour. laurie, caffein. >> calvin: the haitian government is now brace can for the second round of presidential elections set for this sunday. the ballotsave a ride of in the capital city of port-au-prince but the political drama is building across the country leading up tow the weekend vote. some have questioned if the election will even take place while others say what will happen to haitian voters for brave enough to cast ballots with the violate prophecies now sweeping. country. don't forget our glenna milberg is traveng to haiti to cover
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look for her live coverage beginning this friday on local10 news at 4:00 p.m. >> laurie: the university miami is going to st a republican presidential debate days before florida's big primary march 14th. march 10th the debate is hosted by cnn, the are t was times and salem network. it's a day after the network hosted by univision that will take place a miami-dade college's kendall campus. >> calvin: florida always a coveted state. still to come the dow cses could you be more than 200 points after a nearly 600 point dive during the day. >> laurie: plus the day after big endorsement do sarah palin payroll? interesting. don't miss world news titan 6:30. >> betty: yes it was the coldest day of morning so far this -- coldest morning so far this sustain. temperatures rebounding, though, ahead. >> todd: i'm todd tongen in cat.
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and surgeon are you today because clubby is a little bit backwards, literally. his legs are twisted. he's going to get surgery today but we're going to tell you all about the rescuers that are spending lots of money and dime and their effort to save this cute little kitten. it's coming up next on local10 news. >> calvin: but first, copycat hoverboards from china
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how to spot the fakes, next. >>aurie: $94,000 worth of cope cat hoverboards that have come in from china are now being held at portmiami. some 300 hoverboards with counterfeit batteries have been seized, and as we've reported to you it's these substandard and counterfeit lithium ion batteries that have been blamed for the dozens of hoverboard fires in 19 states but despite the fires hoverboards are in high demand, and consumers authorities want you to be warned. so far florida's second public hunt for pythons has proven successful. python challenge started this
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burmese pythons from the everglades including this one you he see here. ies that 16 footer found sung itself. it is going to have to be euthanized. the challenge ends february 14th. >> calvin: latina cat born with a very unusualisability is recovering from the delicate surgery to correct it. that cat was born with its hind legs facing backwards. >> laurie: so unlike anything we've ever seen. money was raise today get that problem fixed and our own toddtongen has the exclusive report. >> i think he deserves a chance of a better life. i really do. he's young. >> and he's had a tough life. >> he's had a real tough life. >> todd: his name is club at the kitten and at six weeks old he was rescued from an illegal c breed can huevos warehse living in filth and squalor. >> no air conditions condntioning, no lights. they were in their own feces. some of them had to be euthanized. >> i heard a little bit of crying like this, so i went in there and i found this little
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i realized that his legs were twiwted. >> todd: since then he's been nursed back to health but club has a rare deform phip his legs are more backwards or matter accurate his back feet are literal side down so he has to walk the on tops, not his pads. still, he's an outgoing cat that follows you around and likes to be held so his new family davie vet fell in love with him. >> he seemed to have this will to lif. he was eating well. he was able to ambulate on his deformed legs.s. so we thought we'd live him a shot. >> todd: they started a gound pea me page to raise the $4,000 for his surgerynd aftercare but rather than wait they decided to press on. >> what we need to do is relelse the tendons, realign the foot and. the clubby has been sedated and intubatedith a breathing tube. the doctor says it will take about an hour to perform the surgeon describe several weeks
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just how well clubby can walk if he can get around on his own, then he'll be up for adoption. the operation dad take much longer than thought, so the surgeon only did one leg, but club's prognosis is still good. >> i'm shocked and surprised how well this is going. you see? this is what i'm saying to you. once he gets the hang of it, like he can use his toe, he'll do fine. i expect him to be hopping around pretty soon. >> todd: in davie, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: incredible work. the surgery for the other hind leg is slated in the coming weeks so if you'd like to donate to club's medical fund we can link you to the website on >> calvin: carol city middle school did n n only relieve a national honor for its studede body but today it got a celebrity principal for the day as a reward the school was recently honored for record attendance and today d.j. calet,
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and took over as the school'sprincipal. it included a live performance by mtv, free lunch and a $10,000 told school's music proam. and the in words d.j. i'm sure the studentsere walking around saying "we the best." he doesn't quite say it that way, but -- >> laurie: what a great day. >> calvin: he is so successful and always giving back to the community. >> laurie: and, betty, hopefully all our kids got out for a nice long recess today. this is one of those days you treasure. >> betty: they're probably still out there. that 72 felt so good in fort lauderdale and miami after starting so very chilly in the lower 50s all around. 67 now iniami. fort lauderdale 66. if you're heading out tonight date n nht, maybe catching a movie by yourself you're probably w wching reaching for a sweater but it won't be as cool tonight as it was last nightht by 10:00 we'll roll with 63 in miami and tend to keep those skies on the drier side. our winds are flowing in from the east-northeast and that easterly component,hat helping
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mass a little milder. the sunshine, too. high pressure just offshore. clockwise flow around that high. that high just starting to slip away fm the carolinas. that is offering up now that easterly don't know to the wis. on this cloud and radar imagery you still are noting some higher clouds flowing radios across our skies from time to time but no big deal there. snowshowers streaking into the mid-atlantic between washington and raleigh. that's real a tease because that main system is the one that's going to be developing out to the west as we're going to see a low pressure system get its act together, eventually pull out through the middle anan aim for the mid-atlantic this weekend. huge snow totals in the forecast around washington, dc, and baltimore, maybe about two feet of snow. we're not going to see anythingg like that, although the tail end of the system, the cold front is going to make a move at us friday. tomorrow, though, it's all about the easterly winds. a day that's going to be warmer, yes, warmer than we were this afternoon.
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to us on friday, ahead of it we see the possibility for some rainfall. that front crosses friday and friday night, early saturday we'll start to have soke drier air trying to get in here. we're going to cool down, atop. and wait until you see the temperatures we're going to wake up to on sunday. that's going to be something. tomorrow, though, upper 50s. there may be a few of you in the mid-50s but the chill won't be anything like this morning. highs tomorrow, we're going to be on track to reach the mid-70s. so that'll be nice. sun and clouds becoming breezy. we watch for our rain on friday. saturday drier and cooler, noting that we onlnl get up to about 71 on saturday for theafternoon high. saturday night that northwest wind, we're heading down to 50 in miami. there may be some upper 40s inland. stow we may best the chill that we have this morning. clay. >> clay: looking forward to it. as the injuries rosnd mount for the heat, one of they are stars is in an unfortunaly spot.
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>> clay: there is no way to sugarcoat what the heat are facing right now. they've lost five of six games. they've dropped to sixth in a jumbled eastern conference. and ty're on the road again for another long trip. the injuries are also force can players to do things they're not used to doing. the latest heat loss one of the worst of them all, a 91-79stinker against a bucs team that's currently in last place in the central division. the heat played with little energy and they're also playing without their starting and bach
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you at you'dery each of whom is out again tonight. that forces tiler johnson and dwyane wade to pray play that fogs position in their place. >> i don't want to play it anymore. let me say that. i don't like. it at the right times i'm cool with playing. one as long as we run the offense and i get a ball, the ball finds me somewhere. i'm not a typical one, two guard. obviously with the guys out, i'm cool with making plays a times, but it's frustrating. >> clay: translation, calvin? he likes to shoot. to football. offensive lineman brandon albert and wide receiver jarvis landry have been named to the pro bowl as injury replacementsing don't shula tweeted with new dolphins head coach adam guest. ife can come close to document at a timing what shula did. >> laurie: that proves how smart he is.
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said let me pick your brain. >> calvin: betty, how we doing tonight? >> betty: not as chilly a a last night. u. upper 50s. jed sacred realme closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company ugug i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i wiwi. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. thls queen of savings deserves a reward.
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