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tv   Local 10 News 5AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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how it could affect us as well straight ahead. breaking news, an officer recovererg after being stabbed in the face allegedly at magic city casino. we'll have that coming up. we'll have the stories in a moment but let's get right over to our weweher authority meteorologist julie durda first. hi, kristi, south florida. tgit. comfortable, cool in some parts, especially inland broward and inland miami-dade with a temperature of 56 degrees. we're in the 60s in ft. laurdale and key west. the winds out of the east and that's providing for the warmth you're going to feel day. 54 in pembroke pines, 57 in hialeah. 52 in kendall. some of the areas with the 50s you still migh need a sweater or jacket as they head to the bus stop. temperatures rapidly warming up with mostly sunny skies this morning. it's a beautiful day to enjoy some outdoor
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a few degrees above average for this time of year. rain returns to the forecast as a cold front will be moving in. i'll have all the details on that coming up. >>hanks so much. our express lanes in miami-dade county still closed this morning as construction crews finish up their work. they should be opening up at around 5:00 this morning. speaking of construction, traveling up the dolphin expressway west-bound we have crews right off of lejeune road and we're obviously seeing a little bit of a slowdown at the exit ramp. those speeds clocking in between 27 and 37 miles per hour. and guess what, at this point we are accident-free but, if we have any accidents that pop up in our sister, you know i'm updating twitter. you can follow us at wplg local 10. breaking news, a miami police officer has been stabbed. that is according to the miami fraternal order of police. their union spokesman saying quote one of our
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stabbed in the face by a patron at the magic city casino. the officer dischged his firearm to protect himself as well as the public. the officer should be all right and the alleged attacker is at the hospital with a gunshot wound. 911. what's your emergency? i'm calling because i'm planning to suicide myself. >> all right. you can hearing right there from vargas ortiz making a very desperate 911 call. she was standing on the seven mile bridge on sunday aftereron when she made that call. deputies arrived there and that's when she t@ld them she had take smen rat poison as well. deputies shifted their focus though of they noticed an infant car seat in her car but no baby inside. ortiz kept changing her story b b she finally said the baby named hugo
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freezer at her home. that led police going to that very disturbing crime scene. >> i'm sorry. you're planning to what? >> suicide myself. >> where are you? >> she has not been charged at this time. the alleged victims of an accused peeping tom, they are fighting to keep him behind bars before this case heads to trial. ththbond hearing will pick back up this afternoon after the judge called a recess yesterday. the detective t%stified about the video pembroke pines police actually captured of him. they say he had become more aggressive before peeping into women's homes. hunting marbles were found outside of those homes. >> hopefully if he gets out, he will be on a gps monitor. it's the only thing i
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have some sort of peace. >> noting her job as a strip club and that the description of a suspect was different. it does not appear any of the women will take the stand. a fire breaks out inside of a local body shop. ami-dade fire rescue working that scene yesterday at southwest 128th street near 127th avenue. no word yet on what caused the fire or whether or not a aone was hurt. passengers escaped uninjured after a british airways claim struck a gate. here's sky 10 over that scene as crews work to examine the damage done to the plane and the gate. it's not clear what caused the plane to hit the cause. miami-dade police instructor paterson is retiring after a 32 year long ceer. paterson was honored yesterday at the miami-dade commission meeting. paterson spoke about trying to foster a
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his career as an officer. >> very important the world understands we can function together, we can take people to jail together when they do heinous act so i feel good knowing i'm stepping away from a good career. >> well, paterson's retirement will be affected at the end of this month, we wish him well. seven people are dead after a taliban suide bomber targeted a mi bus of journalists in kabul. according to reports the taliban threatened violence against the channel last year after its stories about the group's fighters, raping, kidnapping and executing people.e. developing this morning the fbi now investating whether a kent state university professor had tieso isis. he is known as assad.
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recruit students to j jn isis on his facebook page. so far he's thought been charged. he.. miami will be hosting a republican presidential debate just before florida's big primary on march the 15th. the debate will be hosted by cnn, the washington times. and that the day after the democratic primary debate hosted by univision. you see right here stepping on tooir force one. the president did give abrief address after touring the auto show. the president said general motors and chrysler would have gone out of business had he not decided to help save them. that water crisis continuing this morning in flint, michigan. the state h hse
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emergency funding yesterday but the mayor says that's not enough. she estimates the cost to undo the damage could reach $1 billion. haiti's president martelly says voting will go on as planned. the political drama is still building across that country. violenprotests have been sweeping the country and haiti's constitution demands a new president take office on february the 7th.glenna millberg is traveling to haiti to cover the elections for us. look for her live coverage beginning on friday at local 10 newss at 4:00 in the afternoon. right now the search is on to find a robber on the run after he's caught on camera stealing from more than one business. a snowboarder has a very close call with an avalanche and it was caught on camera. why he may be facing charges this morning. a blizzard blast. millions of preparing for a big snowstorm
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whether or not this will triple part of the nation, those details ahead. that area that we're watching that's going to effect the midatlantic states in the northeast will be headed our way. for today i want you to enjoy. nicece cool start. we'll warm up with lots of sunshine. a beautiful day and then rain returnsomorrow as a cold front associated with that winter storm moves into sth florida. lots to talk about. i'll have more coming up. - at
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good morning. 5:11 just about here on your thursday morning. a snowboarder who caused this avalanche
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prosecution. resort officials blaming that snowboard saying he was trespassing in an area that has n/t been open to the public in five years and by doing so he put others at risk. the case has been handed over to the state attorney's office. millions of americans have to break themselves preparing for record-breaking snowfall this weekend. workers are sambling to prepare the streets. meanwhile in baltimore tranortation officials are gearing up for what is expected to be an historic winter blast. fleets of trucks, hundreds of employees alal on standby ready for whatever this storm has toto offer. and homeowners of course are hoping for the best but expecting the worse as they flock to supermarkets, hardware stores for much-needed supplies. officials are urging people across the state of maryland to make sure they have emergency kits, everything they need to be prepared for power outages. >> that's right and a
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wow, it's kind of late for all of this. mother nature has pen playing tricks on all of unfortunately, they are going to see theorst of this storm system. the tail-end of the front associated with the low that's going to bring snowfall and blizzard conditions. enjoy today. temperatures right now, a little warmer than yesterday. we have 56 in miami. 64 in ft. lauderdale. 63 in key west. you might need a light sweater or jacket inland. temperatures are in the mid 50s. pompano beach checking in with 65 degrees all thanks to the wind direction. ahead of the cold front that's going to move in tomorrow. taking a look at the winds, they are calm this morning introduce mid to upper legals of the atmosphere. wetill have midand high level clouds. it's going to be a beautiful thursday. so enjoy it because here's the setup. welready have some snow falling over parts of missouri, in towards portions of arkansas.
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this is the cold front that's going to bring all the snow and blizzard conditions. this attached cold front stretctcng back into new mexico is going to bring us some cooler weather by the end of the weekend and early next week. severe weather threat is across parts of texas, louisiana, mississippi all because of the clash of the two air masses. clashing with an arctic blast behindhe system. we are expecting the possibility of severe their for them today. for us all of that stays well to the north.. we'll have an east breeze. we'll be warmer, humid. then rain possible as early as friday late morning into the early afternoon. the front should clear by friday night. take a look at what's expected. nothing but a shield of snow from tennessee all the way up towardsds maryland. washington, d.c. is expected to receive two feet of s sw once everything is said and done with this system. thank goodness beer here
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we'll just have to deal with showers and storms. saturday will be basically our transition day and then the cold air filters in not just for monday but sunday our lows will be in the upper 40s and low 50s. highs will only reach 61 degrees come monday morning. constance jones you're definitely going to need it sunday and monday. >> going to church i'm going to have to be bundled up. macarthur causeway looking good this morning. here's a live look at the bridge. there's miami beach in the distance. crews were out there doing some bridge maintenance. in our eastbound lanes we'r'r seeing some minor delays. things are looking good. taking a closer look at our maps this morning, as you can see, no major issues to report. the only slowdowns we were seeing right there on i-95 southbound where crews are picking up the cones. speaking of construction we have to talk about the palmetto expressway. long-term construction out here but if you're traveling southbound
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it should be closed until about 5:30 in the morning so you have twoalternates. you can say the dolphin expressway heading eastbound or west-bound or 36th street. >> thank you, constance. a west palm beach man behind bars accused of decapitateing a dog as part of a ritual sacrifice. police got to his house, found him digging a grave. they found the remains of a dog and duck inside along with an axe, two large knives andnd some money. police say he told them himself, that he killed the dog because he said the dog gave him a weird look. more than 500 floridians accebting a challenge to capture burmese pythons affecting our wildlife here in south florida. it already netted 17 snakes from the everglades including a 16 foot python found nning itself. no more. it will be euthanized. this challenge ends february 14th.
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growing over the use of hover boards. coming up next the move ahazon and some local officials are making
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burns down a home. we're all crazy. >> right, exactly. we just get a check for it. >> tv trend makers meeting as part of their annual con revenge. execs and personalities looking to invest in the next tv series. >> this morning we are hearing from a reality star who has big plans
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todd chrisly and kris jenner discussing the reality of reality tv. >> we have ups and downs. that's just one more added amount of pressure. >> chrisly says he plans to step into the music industry this year but you'll still see him keeping his family in line on his show. he's hoping to see more family reality shows as well. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, a recall by microsoft. >> it involves the power cords for older surface pro tablets twos and threes they may catch fire when they are wound too tightly or pinched. details about the samsung galaxy s-7. the flagship srt phone will feature a screen that's slightly smaller than the iphone six plus.
5:19 am
to be unveiled next month. have you ever dreamed of making a private tour of buckingham palace? now you can. >> it can be viewed on your smart phone or pc. >> look at those halls. absolutely beaututul. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. hover board m be responsible for this california house fire that actually killed two family dogs. the santa ana fire department traced the origin to this room where the hover board was charging. $94,000 of hover board copy cats have been ceased. the consumer product safety commission investigating more than three dozen instances of hover board fires. in light of that investigation and growing safety concerns. says it will
5:20 am
who bought hover boards off of its website. the cpsc welcomed amazon's decision to offer refunds and called on other retailers and manufacturers to do the same. a kitten born with an unusual condition is needing your help today. a robber on the run has successfully stolen more than once.
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ahead at 5:30. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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good morning. this cat whose life started out a bit twisted getting help it needed to go in the right direction. >> the kitten was born with his hind legs facing backwards. so at six weeks old he was rescued from an illegal cat breeding warehouse where he was
5:23 am
good folks rescued him and set up his go fund me page to raise the funds needed for his surgery. >> once he gets the hang of it, he can use. i expect him to be hopping around. >> so far surgeries only corrected the one leg. doctors say it will take several weeks of recovery before they know how long clubie can walk. if you would like to donate to the cause, you can go to our website to find out more at a top stories this mornin begins with breaking news. an officer has been stabbed at magic city casino. we're told he was dealing with a belligerent patient when he got into a scuffle. that officer is expected to recover. the victim does have a gunshot wound. we'll have i i for you.
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facing charges although her bay boy was found ina freezer. the medical examiner is determining t cause though of that baby's death right now. dubbed the pembroke pines peeper trying to get out on bond before his trial. he's accused of peeping into bedroom windows before trying to force his way inside. plenty coming up for you next. we have another check of your forecast and traffic as well right after the break.
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the deadline is january 31st. first on 10, a gruesome discovery. why a mother has yet to face charges after h%x baby was found dead in a freezer. bber on the run. surveillance video police really want to you get a good look at
5:27 am
deadly causeway crash. what we now know about the accident that brought traffic to a standstill. an uber win. the preliminary plan that is not drawing the ride sharing service out of miami-dade county. hey, good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hi, everybody. i'm kristi k keger in for jacey this week. get right over to our weather authority meteorologist julie durda here with the forecast. a bit warmer you're going to notice as you walk out the door especially looking at these temperatures. 56 degrees right now in miami. 64 in ft. lauderdale. 63 in key west. now these attempt are warmer because of that east breeze. i told you it started yesterday afternoon and that east breeze will continue throughout the day. we do have temperatures in the low 50s in kendall so some spots may still need a sweater or jacket. 57 in hialeah. 62 in marathon and 65 in pompano beach. here's the school bus
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low 60s across parts of the area. make sure the kids do have the light sweater or jacket. much warmer as highs reach the mid 70s with lots of sunshine. i'm telling you to enjoy today because the cloud cover and rain chance wills come back as we go into your friday before another cooldown comes by friday. i'll have more in the forecast coming up. i-75 here is a live look off of pines. ongoing construction out here. i was stuck on i-75 yesterday thinking this place is a little crazy. northbound and southbound on i-75 a lot of construction crews out there. the exit ramp partially blocked as well this morning so just be aware of that. we're seeing just a little bit of a slowdown at the turnpike extension. i want to zoom in j jt a little bit for those folk heading towards the golden glades this morning. it looks like we're seeing some slight delays, no major supplies. likely some construction crews picking up the cones. finally broward county let's geto 595.
5:29 am
eastbound this morning, stting at i-75, cruising to u.s.-1 going to tak you about 15 minutes to get there. your average speed 55 miles per hour. back to breaking news this morning. a miami police officer has been stabbed. >> we are told that officehad to open fire while dealing with a belligerent person at the magic city casino. ben kennedy is live for us at the casino where this all went down with the breaking details. ben, how is the officer doing, first of all? >>reporter: good morning, crusty and eric. that's the good news to share, that officer is in stable condition. he saw the officer get stabbed in the face. he says the man with thehe knife was out of control, tackle this officer to t t ground. it happened just before 1:00 this morning. it's there the staffer requested the officer's help to remove a belligerent person from the poker room. the miami fraternal order of police does confirm the officer took
5:30 am
both were rushed to rydertrauma where the patron was rushed into surgery. this is a complete shock to poker players. >> they were on the floor. at this point i knew things were not going well because he was being very aggressive with the officer. >> magic city casino is closed at this hour. in fact, it closed its doors around 4:00 this morning. there are several police officers parked outside as they continue their investigation. as i i told kristi and eric a little while ago, the police offffer that got stabbed in the face, he is in stable condition and is expected to be released they soon. that's the latest here in miami. ben kennedy, local 10 news. i'm sorry. you're planning to what? >> suicide myself. >> where are you? >> [inaudible] >> that was just the beginning of a phone call that led police to a very gruesome
5:31 am
dead in a freezer. this is a story you saw first here on local 10 and now we're hearing and learning more about the baby's mother and y she has yet to face charges this morning. erica rakow live this morning from the medical examiner's office in miami to explain. >>reporter: good morning, eric. after police found this baby in the freezer, they brought his body here to the medical examiner's office. after the medical examiner performance answer autopsy on that baby, that's when police will determine whether or not this morning will be facing charges. >> 911. what is your emergency? i'm planning to suicide myself. >>reporter: on the line with a 911 dispatcher after she made a desperate call while standing on the seven mile bridge sunday afternoon. >> i'm sorry. you're plannin to what? >> suicide myself. >> where are you?
5:32 am
bridge in the beginning. >>reporter: when deputies got there, she told them she took rat poison. in the car they found a suicide note and an infant car seat but no baby. that's whe cops got more worried. her story about the baby kept changing. at one point orderries said my baby drowned and then i was bathing it and it slipped out of my hands. finally she admitted a gruesome truth telling them herive month old son named hugo was dead and inside a freezer inside a town house. now guards at the front when they are community say they are not letting anyone in to visit the home.. ortiz was taken to the hospital. the department of children and families is now investigating all of this. they tell local 10 they've never dealt with this family before. where it goes from here relies heavily on what
5:33 am
reveals in the autopsy. erica rakow, local 10 news. take a look at this video. the search is on for this guy seen in the surveillance video trying to hold up cvs in north miami this week. police think the very same guy is behind three other armed robberies in the area. he is seen on camera overpowering the clerkat a super stop before taking off with money. now at the cvs police say he threatened to shoot the manager if that man did not hand over the money. >> we're sure it's the same guy and he'sfamiliar with the businesses and this is why he's striking in such a close-knight area. so far businesses along northeast 128th and 125th streets right near sixth avenue have been hit. if you knownything about these robberies, if you think you might know that guy, do call miami-dade crimestoppers. that number 305-471-tips. right now broward county deputies,s,hey
5:34 am
what led to a stabbing that injured three men. that happened in deerfield beach las night. deputies say one of the men was treated at t scene and released. other two taken to broward heah north hospital. so far there have been no arrests in this case. a deadly causeway crash had the julia tuttle shut down for hours. this again troopers say that woman was driving in this hondm civic and a woman driving in this porsche got into the west-bound lanes of the julia tuttle. a third car ran right into them. the woman in the civic died at the scene. the man taken to mount sinai medical center. another woman in that porsche only suffered
5:35 am
if you can safely do so and get to a saferer place to avoid a secondary collisionsns >> that deadly crash had the west-bound lanes of the julia tuttle causeway shut down for five hours. anyone trying to leaveve miami beach this morning had to take i-395. a former president of the broward teachers' union had been found guilty on several corruption charges. prosecutors say he inflated and ended upstealing about $300,000 of that excs money. he shared it with a friend who owned a construction company but that friend testified against him a a couple days ago. >> he was the gate keeper, multi-million dollar budget. that money was going no where without him knowing exactly where he was going. >> santarama faces prison time when he is sentenced next month.
5:36 am
is staying in miami-dade. the commission has agreed a a preliminary plan uber says is agreeable. the stricter ordinance would have required higher limited insurance for drivers at all times, not just while taking a passenger. also it would require the community to require background checks. >> an ordinance and a regulatory ordinance that makes sense. >> taxi drivers are not happy, the ride sharing ordinance will likely be tweaked. miami-dade commissioners sent a very strong message to the president obama late yesterday. do not let cuba open a consulate in miami. the resolution sponsor says a cuban consulate will not be welcome until cuba is a democracy. >> the goal heres a clear message, there is still notwithstanding
5:37 am
because i believe the presidenenof the united states has acted with the best intentions but he's dealing with demons down there that take those beses intentions and twist it around. >> commissssner bovo is the son of a bay of figuress veteran. homeland security security officials are expected to unveil a new protocol likely applied to european travelers who are dual nationals of iran, iraq, sud or syria or who have visited those countries in the last five years. we catch up with the group of missiaries about to land in west africa as terrorist attacked. the reaction to what they saw, what they witnessed still ahead. a woman hired as a full-time speci teams coach. who she is coming up. speaking out, w at oscar nominated will
5:38 am
his wife. as far as the eye n see and it's legal and approved by the government of chile. the marijuana plant opened to produce medical marijuana. it's the largest in south america. quite a sight along the shores of lake erie. the combination of winds, bone-chilling temps and waves produced these icy formations. the icy heart will hang likely until at least march. it's beautiful to look at. >> butt makes you feel cold. i don't know.
5:39 am
just looking at that stuff. and my son in north carolina says it's snowing there. it's crazy. it's winter finally. >> certainly the d.c. air area, they are going to be seeing scenes like that. >> lexington two feet of snow is expected for them. it is going to be a wild ride. the good news is they have today to rlly prepare for it. the bad news is with the models, some of them are suggesting two plus inches. regardless the midatlantic going to get slammed for the first time all winter long with a major winter storm. 15 states are under winter weather advisories and this& could become a major blizzard for 2016 for them. for us, believe it or not, we actually are going to see an impac from that system. the actual area of low pressure has an area of low pressure with it. that's coming our way tomorrow. 64 ft. lauderdale. 63 key west. eye bit warmer t(an
5:40 am
may still need a lit sweater or jacket. 54 in pembroke pines. 65n pompano beach. so the winds are calm this morning. you'll definitely notice that. it feels pretty muggy across parts of the coastline bu inland still comfortable. mid and high level clouds around. we're going to see lots of sunshine today. enjoy it becauset's basically the calm before the storm as we like to say. here's that storm system setting up over portions of oklahoma. another system currently bringing snow over the dakotas and we're expecting this system to lead towards the northeast. ahead of it some warm, muggy conditions providing for the possibility of severe weather to texas. the temperatures ahead this front are in the 50s and 60s. the temperatures behind this front, it's a colol arctic air mass spilling in. believe it or not behind that front we will be seeing som cold air as well but it won't come until sunday. for today enjoy. high pressure pushes off the coast.
5:41 am
to upper 70s. rain possible tomorrow in the later half of the morning and into the afternoon as the leading front moves into the area. you can see nothing but snow from tennessee, the carolinas, up towards new york, boston and marathon -- new york, boston and maine that is. we're going to see a moderate risk of rip currents if you want to head to the beach today because it will be so powerful. rain returns tomorrow, be out of here by tomorrow. highs only reaching the low 60s and we'll keep that cold weather around as well. >> thank you. good morning, everyone.guess what. we are still accident-free in both counties. guess what also our express lanes back open. they were closed earlier this morning obviously because of construction concerns but that's not the case now. our maps are looking pretty good too. look around just a little bit again with our traffic maps. can you see if there's now slowdowns reported.
5:42 am
at the turnpike and u.s.-1 we're seeing a little bit of a slowdown. looks like in the cutler bay area is where we're seeing those slowdowns. it's right there past the turike where we're seeing some indication of stop and go traffic there. those speeds at about 17 miles per hour but again no accidents to report. ongoing construction on the macarthur causeway. i mentioned this but this is going to be happening for most of the week. west-bound drivers pay attention. two lanes of traffic will be blocked from alton road to biscayne bay cane boulevard. >>reporter: good morning, everyone. i'm clay ferraro with your local 10 morning sports wrap- the heat have lost five out of six ges entering last night. they are beaten up, exhausted but the nba schedule is cruel and relentless. the heat began a five-game road trip last night. by the way, dwyane wade as was a late scratch for last night's game because of shoulder injuries.
5:43 am
in this one. luol deng bringin back a little bit. second the bad news starts to roll in again though. hassan whiteside crumbling to the floor with pain. he would have to leave the game with an oblique industry. one of the few bright spots for the team last night in his debut throwing that one down on the break but that was one of the few things we saw went right for the heat.john walsh laying that one up and in and the foul, putting the heat down 20. guess what, another big injury for miami. lulu den gets poked in the eye, brutal. he wouldn't return to the game. final score 106-87. not a lot going right right now for miami.. we're constantly just trying to really jt digest what's going on, take the hit on the chin and regroup.
5:44 am
trying but they are inexperienced and they are really learning on the fly. but i think the best part about it is it's going to help us in the long run to me because these guys are getting minutes under stressful situation. head coach getting his guys pumped up. it works. first half james connor with the steal. nice little behind the back bass to gentleman kwan newton. eagles keeping this one close for a while though. owens, too much for this one. look at that there. hurricanes wininng this one by a final score of 67-53. to football where dolphins wide receiver honor. landry broke the team record for coaches in a season.
5:45 am
honors along with safety rashard jones. and how cool is this picture right here. hall of famer don schula tweeting that picture of his meeting with new 'phins head coach adam gates, tweeting that he's looking forward to the 2016 season. i'm clay ferraro and that's your local 10 morning sports wrap. buffalo bills have hired the first full-timeemale member of an nfl coaching staff. good for them. katherine smith is her naval. she will now serve as the bills special teams quality control coach. she spent last year as administrative assistant for beautiful. >> been in and around the league since apparently 2003 so she knows her way. >> when i was a kid, i used to want to play football. >> witit a coach as a dad. >> this is good forer. that group of missionaries who went to africa and dealt with some terrorists back in south florida this
5:46 am
they were almost victims of a brutal attack. coming up what they say toay the moment their plane was diverted from landing in burkina faso. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. blix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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missionaries who narrowly missed a terror attack in burkina faso that killed a cooper city man, they have returned to south florida safe and sound. this group very happy to be back at home, reunited with their loved ones. this group did not know what they were encountering, what to do when they finally landed in burkinaaso and they found out there missionary parker mike was not there to pick them up.
5:49 am
on thanks to help from riddering. many are now considering a return trip next year. the nominations reflect the academy. the academy reflects the industry, reflects hollywood and the industry reflects america, it reflects a series of -- >> that's oscar nominated will smith discsssing the lack of nominations. he sat down with an exclusive interview with abc news and he joins a gring list of a-listers frustrated with this year's nominations and the industry really at rge. several hollywood icons announcing they are boycotting the awards because for the second consecutive year all 20 nominated actors and actresses are white. and don't forget you can watch the academy
5:50 am
local 10 o course on sunday, february the 28th. our red carpet coverage begins on february 14th. the committee demanded he appear at a hearing on drug prices to testify about his former company's decision to raise the rice. he's facing separate criminal charges against him. children in a local school got up close and personal. >> find out why and where at this middle school. plus we can follow breaking news. we k kw an officer has been stabbed at the miami magic city casino, a suspect shot as well.
5:51 am
in just a c a very special treat
5:52 am
the school recently honored f attendance. the award winning rapper took over in miami gardens. they include a live performance, a visit by mtv, free lunch and donation to the school's music program. the kid's been waiting for announcements like his voice coming over the pa system. >> what a fun principalto have. a jacksonville family counting their blessings this morning big time. >> after 13 months in the hospital, the first of their two conjoined twins are finally home. to bring a baby home from the hospital, it's momentous for any family. that all changed t is week as little connor came home for the very first time. connor's twin brother carter is still i` the hospital. doctors say he may need another surgery before he can finally get home too. >> a reminder just how blessed you can be when you walk out with a little healthy baby. congratulations.
5:53 am
you today. a police officer is now in the hospital recovering after being stabbed in the face. >> we're live at magic city casino where all of this happened. we spoke to a witness who saw the whole thing just a short time ago. a live report and update on the condition ahead. a robber is o the run. this criminal have very
5:54 am
that we have breaking news right now. a police officer stabbed in a magic city casino. that suspect shot and now in the hospital. local 10 news is live with the latest. breaking news, a police officer also gruesome situation, a baby's body in a freezer. y that mother is not facing charges this morning. and a fourth morning in the 50s. could today be the warmup we're waiting for. the lovely julie durda is up next with your forecast. a fight to keep an alleged peeping tom behind bars. why he could soon be released despite pleas from his neighbors. only on local 10, a caca kind of built backwards. the risky surgery to helpeconstruct this kitty and his hind legs. good morning, soutut florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> and i am kristi krueger. nice to se you this thursday, right? almost friday eve. >> i like that.
5:55 am
our weather authority. >> that's right.
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