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tv   Local 10 News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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jones. nounu live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now. >> constance: new at noon, a miami police officer recovering this afternoon after he was stabbed in the face at a casino. police at the schiano s s a man went on attack. >> eric: that man shot by that officer. we will have team coverage. begin with reporter ben kennedy live at that casino where this happened, ben.
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eric and constance. that man was out of control and officer perez acted professionally tried to get him to leave peacefully but that didn't happen. he was attacked straight behind those barars at magic city casino. >> he l lhed out at the officer. >> reporter: the police officer was stabbed in the face. it was a patron inside the poker room that held the knifepoker room that held the knife. >> he was fighting the officer>> he was fighting the officer. hehwas hitting the officers. they were on the floor. >> reporter: george devilla was playing cards just before 1 thursday morning and saw officer perez was asked to remove a belligegent patron from the premises but witnesses say the guy would not follow orders and attacked the policeman. >> i heard someone yell "knife>> i heard someone yell "knife." ana shot went off. and the officer had no choice. the officer was bleeding on his face. the officehad gotten cut. >> reporter: officer perez shot the attacker and then both were rushed to ryder trauma.
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>> we want to thank the miami police officer who was involved in this for his bravery and we are really happy he is doing welll. >> reporter: hours later two cars were towed from theparking lot as detective talked to witnesses that said the patron would not cooperate and no respect for officer perez. >> he stabbed the officer in the face. whether he makes it or not is his problem. he is a dirt bag. anyone that stabs a law enforcement officer and affects the public like he did, i don't care what happens to him. >> reporter: that patron is in surgery as i spoke. polili have not released his name and they plan to look at surveillance video to get a better picture as to what exactly hapapned. as for officer perez he will be all right and is recovering at home. reportin live in miami, ben kennedy, local 10 news. rick all right, ben, thanks. we are hearing from the miami police chief about this incident. just moments ago he spoke to local 10 reporter erika raco. erika, what are we learning about this officer?
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chief say officer raul perez has been with the department here for more than 15 years. he is at home now recovering with a wound on his cheek. he says officer perez was working off-duty at the casino. the casino hires multiple cops to provide security overnight. >> it's a vibrant business in this community, and we support it, and, you know, they do take precautions by hiring police officers. this is just one those things that happens. it is unfortunate for the officer and unfortunate fofo the subject. there was about 43 witnesses to the incident. the poker room was full to capacity, and fdle has a long road ahead of them interviewing all those witnesses and the facts will come out how they are. >> reporter: that was chief yanas speaking at the police department. he was here for an awards ceremony honoring offics that showed acts of bravery over the past month as well as students from around miami who have spoken up about things and alerting police and teachers to those things.
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the situation this the hospital lasted until 5:00 this morning when officer perez was sent home. he is at hoho recovering. at this time at last check, e person who was shot was going through surgery at jackson memorial hospital. the officer has been reassignthe officer has been reassigned to administrative dutyduties while he recovers while the florida department of law enforcement investigates what happened at the casino. this video that is going viral. an uber passenger going on attack of a uber driver. we a a live in the newsroom. >> caught on camera not just
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losing her you. >> writing v dot needs to get salt on the road. those first snowflakes
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accident after accident. 776 traffic crashes reported andearly 400 calls from disabled vehicles. and with forecasters predicting up to two feet of snow in the mid-atlantic, grocery shelves have been fixed there. snow shovels are in short supply. >> moving out ice melt, snow shovels, sleds. >> reporter: the man with the snow blower. >> i am the only one on the block with a snow blower. >> reporter: is the most popular guy in town. the latest models are edicting historic amounts of snow in the nation's capitol and 20 straits in winter watch. lana zack. neanwhile, what is behind julie durda. >> constance: know so gorgeous out there and, julie, you areyou a2e doing the vanna white. you hate to rub it in -- actually you don't. >> constance: that's why we live in south florida. > julie: we deal with the hurricanes. we deal with the months of health and humidity.
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in the northeast have been very luck the winter. it was found happen. we were going to have major winter storm, and unfortunately this one is going to be a major one. we are talking blizzard conditions for much ooo the mid-atlantic states. you heard lana mention 20 states for the winter weather advisories. not for us. we are seeing plenty of sunshine. this afternoon just absolutely gorgeousus i suggest you get outdoors because unfortunately, we will also see a change in the forecast due to that same system that is going to head to the northeast. for now, all is quiet. a lot of sunshine greeting you with the lchtime. temperatures this morning a few degrees warmer than yesterday, but what we are noticing more than anything is what we are warming up to already. 75 degrees in hialeah. 74 in homestead. 73 in key west and 72 in pompmpo beach. the lows in the 50s and low 60s. at will be a thing of the past. tomorrow we will see temperatures much ahead of the front. by the afternoon temperatures warm up to the mid-70s.
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we won't need our umbrellas until tonight and he showers in the forecast and takein the forecast and taking a look at our satellite and radar. we hav the fair weather clouds in place and no precipitation falling as we wind the view, the leading edge of that front. the area of low pressure over louisiana right now bringing the possibility of severe weather across the gulf coast states. and before it heads to the northeast and brings that blizzard conditions for much of the mid-atlantic. what will it do for us here in south florida? i will have all those details you don't want to miss coming up. guys >> constance: thank you so much. haiti's presidential elections will be going on as planned despite the violent protests we have been telling but all week. the senate is encouraging a delay in the vote. the ballots have arrived and sunday will be the day haitiansunday will be the day haitians elt his replacementhaitians elect his replacement. the new president will take place february 7. and glenna milberg is travelling to haiti to cover the elections. look for her live coverage beginning this friday at local 10 news at 4:30 p.m. check the stocks right now.
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>> constance: finally. >> eric: up 244 points at noon on a thursday. good news because all eyes are clearly on wall street today. just a brutal few days here over the last couple of days. a roller coaster yesterday. at one point we showed you during the noon show the dow down 500 points. elizabeth hurr tell us what is causing the stocks to plummet this week. [bells ringing] >> reporter: wall street opening with numbers in green and red throughout the morning keeping invstors on the edge of their seats following a dismal day yesterday. >> uncertainty is, you know, the market's worst favorite four-lettered word. >> reporter: dow falling 566 points before figing its way back and closing down 249 points. the culprit, the tanking oil pricing. now $28 a barrel, the lowest in 12 years. great news for consumers, but
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now paying less than $ $ a gallon at the pump. but for the energy companies, it is a huge blow. shedding soe 100,000 jobs last year and more jobs could be lost as oil prices, if they stay this low. >> not knowing where the bottom is in oil causes a lot of i think ast. >> reporter: uncertainty and volatility in the world's second largest economy, another big concern for investors. the turbulence in china is sending u.s. stocks down nearly 10% for the year. for the average retirement savings account, that is a loss of nearly 8300 dollars. >> if you have money in stocks>> if you have money in stocks, your best bet is to tried out as opposed to take it out of the market.. because the people who take the money out of the market when it is down arerethe people who lose. >> reporter: at the end o of the day, experts say all about perspective, it looks ad now. but we are told in the last five years, stocks are actually up 40%.
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more breaking news right now in the search for a missinswimmer. >> eric: cathedral jeff weinsi in the newsroom. what do you know? jeff weinsier >> repthe city of ft. lauder block of the mileand. soutard.came out a or an indi water ayou know that fln ds and ft. he scene.saw a on a paddle saw a diver on a paddleboard. ts in theing for this, again went of the gulf oces not resurfaced.cene asn more we wil you.the newsroom, jeff weinsier, local 10 news. >> eric: jeff, we will check in with you later. an inquiry by great britain that vladimir putin
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a british spy. a judge led the inquiry into the death. he was poisoned during a meeting at a london hotel. the judge found the russian officials who were responsible likely acted on behalf of the russian spy service all under the approval of vladimir putinthe approval of vladimir putin. the university of miami will host a republican presidential debates days before the florida primary election. the debate march 10, a day after the democratic primary debate hosted by univictim taking place at miami-dade's college campus off of kendall. voters head to the poll march 15. remember you have until february 16 to register if you han't done so already. you never know what will happen in the florida keys, right? >> that's right. but check outhis surprise in a swimming pool. that's where a crocodile was otted taking a dip. plus, more concerns about hoverboards. a house fire may have been spark by one of these
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leaving one person dead inside that car. at least one bullet went through the windshield of this buick lasabre. a viewer shared a photo with local 10. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. i realal thought it was, like, firecrackers. >> reporter: javon hilton told us what he heard early this morning before going back to sleep. when he came outside hours later. >> we saw all the police tape, all the police cars and stuff like that. >> reporter: police could not tell me if the other three men inside the car were injured ii any way or where they are now. they also did not have an age for the victim. we are also not sure how many shots were fired here, but we found markings, several of them on the side of a nearby building. hilton said there have been robberyrobberies in the area but the last shooting he remembers was couple of years ago when a security guard he says was shot at e apartment complex across the street. >> i have a car, but sometimes i just walal the area and i carry mace and stuff like that just for my protection. >> reporter: now i have
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recording studio here nearby in this same strip. he didn't want to speak with me on camera but he believes those gentlemen were here to use that facility late last night and followed here before the shooting happened. we knothat detectives were inside this strip trying to get access to the surveillance -camera footage that was caught likely by all of these cameras on the cade of this buildingon the facade of this building. we are not sure if they were able to find something but something we are still looking into. we are working to get an id on is particular victim and we are hearing from the owner of this recording studio that there may be at least one other person taken to the hospital and something that we are working to confirm with miami-dade police. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. a man's girlfriend was stolen in an armed robbery. the man was robbed december 5 at his home northwest 7th street and 23rd avenue. surveillance video caught those two suspects you sigh right there. this is a sketch of those two men that police are looking for. if you know anything, please
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no arrrrests yet but three people were stabbed in deerfield b bach. it happened last night. 4th avenue andouthwest 7th street. one of the men treated at the scene was released. the other two taken to broward health north hospital. they are expected to recover from their injuries. two teenagers are allegedly arrested after allegedly trying to steal more than $300 worth of stuff from a target. pembroke pines police say 18-year-old janis santana nd nia strickland were stopped outside of pines boulevard. they confessed and told detectives they did it becausedetectes they did it because, quote, "they were stupid." right now a robber on the run. the search is on for a man seen on this surveillance video trying to hold up a cvs store in north miami this weekstore in north miami this week. police think three other armed robberyrobberies in the same area over the past two weeks could be connected with this person. officers say he is bold and violent and in one of the accounts, he is seen camera overpowering the clerk at the supermarket right there b%fore
12:18 pm
officers say he usually strikes around closing time. so far businesses along northwest 128th street and 125northwest 128th street and 125th street have been affected at 6th avenue. if you know anything about these robbers contact miami-dade crimestoppers, 471miami-dade crimestoppers, 471-tips. a bust and in a church theft. a woman who preyed on a woman as she was praying is out on bond. jonathan sam ps sneaking in behind ida campos de san khez. it appears to show him snatchit appears to show him snatching her purse and she quickly follows. the tipster who saw that video you just saw recognized him at a baptism and gave them a call. investigators arrested him last week for dui. he is charged with grand theft in that church case. miami police officers were honored at a special ceremony held earlier today. the ceremony was held at the city of miamipolice college right off of 2nd avenue near third street.
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for officers' service in december. the chief was the one to present those awards. new at noon, a person living in the keys got quite a surprise in his swimming pool this morning. >> eric: he walked outside e to find a crocodile hanging out right inside the pooool. the photographer of the croc spotted at the hoome. it was estimated to be 8 feet long. fish andd wilelife worked to remove that croc and returned it to th ocean. >> constance: he looked like he was chilling out. >> eric: picked a good day. chilly and this is the day if you are going to beanging out in the pool, croc or humanout in the pool, croc or human. >> constance: rght, julie? >> julie: indeed. we have been talking about a warm-up all morning long. hope you are feeling it and enjoying it. because quite a bit of change in the forecast in the next 24 to 48 hours. a lot of sunshine. fair weathered clouds in place. temperatures right now in the lower 70s. miami, ft. lauderdale, key test. east-southeast breeze pumping up the heat and humidity at you will feel today.
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te started the workweek. temperature in the low 70s in pembroke pines. muggy 75 in hialeah. 74 in homestead. the temperatures are going to continue to heat up from here. that east breeze is the threat we are dealing with with that moderate riskof rip currents. dangerous conditions for to you get out in the waters ifyou were not a -- an exercised swimmer that swims s l the time here in south florida or a professional swimmer. it is best for you just to stay out of the water. we are expecting to see a beautiful day and i don't want you to be scared to go to the beach but don't get into the water. go for a walk, ft. lauderdale, miami, all the way to the keys. i know you are seeing precipitation but false return on our radar. over all we are seeing nice conditions. widen the view and see what iscoming in, area of low pressure creeping in through louisiana, missouri and arkansas. snow to the northern side of this low and to the east of it, a lot of showers and storms. possibility of severe weather threat will continue across
12:21 pm
at the end of the system, there is a cold front that will be affecting south florida. let's break it down for you. today because of the heat and humidity ahead of this system, severe weather threat from texas all the way to the panhandle and portions of the panhandle couldn't deal with the possibilities of severe thunderstorm later today. look at the temperatures. the 70s across the board and across the gulfport state and behind the front temperatures are frigid in the 20s. clash of hose two air masses provide a lift in the atmosphere and helped spark a severe weather threat. the only good news about this system more than anything is the severe weather and the strong storms with this system will stay north of us unlike what we saw last friday and what we dealt with on sunday. warm and humid, setting the stage for possible you thunderstorm activity as the leading edge of this front moves in but overall severe weather is not a concern for us. what we will be concerned about is for our friends to the north anywhere from tennessee, kentucky, all the way up to the northeast especially washington d.c. it is expected to receive about two feet of snow.
12:22 pm
meaning that the winds will be reaching anywhere between 40 and 60 miles pp hour. dangerous conditions for them. but for us, we will see some showers and much cooler weather will be in the forecast. here is that moderate risk of rip currents for you beachgoeoe and advisorybeachgoers and advisories as well and what we are expecting once the sun clears. i want you to be prepared. if you think tuesday was cold. maybe you thought monday was cold. my friends, you haven't seen anything yet. once we get into sunday and that front clears, our lows near the coast are forecasting and flirting with upper 40s near the coast. that means low to mid-40s inland for sunday morning. highs struggling to reach the low 60s. we will also keep that cold air. chilly change for us here in south florida around for monday. you know who will have more on this? chief meteorologist betty davis who will be back with more at 4:00. constance. >> constance: thank you very much. a michigan man built a special snowman for the season. >> eric: the snowman enjoys
12:23 pm
they built a 13-foot olaf. they have been building snowmen for years but added a twist. >> his arms are a stick. his buttons are ice cream buckets commute half with black plastic around it. i think it just started off when my daughter said let's make a 10-foot snowman. so we did. every year we try to top it. >> eric: the answer to the question do you want to build a snowman. always yes, right. took a full day to build the giant olaf. obviously they didn't do it in the summer. it pays to be a super fan. you can date the star you are obsessed with. it actually happened to one woman. disney star jake t. austin connected in real life with a fan that tweeted him for several years. he recently posted a photo hugging -year-old danielle caesar witth the caption, i am crazecrazier for her. she has tweeted the superstar since 2009 saying she wanted to meet him. >> constance: that iss pretty cool. >> eric: one way of looking at it.
12:24 pm
saying there is a chance. a man who try a man who tries to save his dogs from a fire. >> constance: he is now facing charges for his brave actions. we will tell you why after the break. hey, guys, our favorite dishes in the ultimate swap. michael is making a hearty beef dinner. karla and talented tyrese gibson a twist on mac and
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all right, we are following breaking news. crews are searching for a 30-year-old man who went under water while swimming in ft. lauderdale. we are told divers are in the water along with air rescue searching above with this man. stay with us live on air and also at for any additional updates. the obama administration preparing to tighten restriction to travl to the u.s. to strengthen the fight against terror. many traveling from euprope are allowed to enter the u.s. without a visa but the new actual make the process more
12:27 pm
iran, iraq and syria. (those who traveled to those countries within the last five years.( they want to make it harder for europeans to fought for the islamic state to enter the united states. and dr. as has tips on how to pick the right sunscreen. >> hi, i am dr. oz. endless option for sunscreens. shop smart, spf, a minimum of 30 that blocks 97% of the sun30 that blocks 97% of the sun's harmful way and broad spectrum against uva and b rays both are linked to skin cancer. >> constance: don'tiss the dr. oz show every weekday afternoon at 3:00 on local 10. amazon offering refunds to anyone who bought hoverboards off of their web site. the move comes amid growing concerns that the two-wheeled balance boards are a fire hazard. investigating three dozenincidents of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flames.
12:28 pm
went up in flames and a hoverboard could be the cause of that fire. the newest flavored oreo cookie hit the shelves. the cinnamon bun flavored oreo. people on the interne buzzing about the cookies hitting store shelves. re-releasing red velvet oreos in time for valentine daes y. >> eric: you want to do the dance. you are so excited. >> constance: i do love cookies and i am hoping they send us samples to objectively look them on air. wife a wife made headlines for boycotting. we are talking about ja
12:29 pm
>> constann join laurie and calvin for local 10 news at 11:00.. people are dead after a suicide bomber targeted a mini bus carrying journalists in kabul. it happened during rush hour. some of the victims worked for afghanistan's first 24-hour news channel.
12:30 pm
taliban threatened violence against the channel last year after a story about the groupafter a story about the group's fighters raping, kidnapping and executing people. two powerful shiite militias are top suspects in the abduction of three americans last week in baghdadamericans last week in baghdad. meanwhile, the u.s. embassy in baghdad says it is working with iraqi authorities to ocate those americans. they were kidnapped from their interpreters`' home. the attorney for ethan couch t affluenza teen says he will return to the u.s. from mexico within weeks. authorities said that couch and his mother crossed into mexico in december as they inzestigated whether the teenager violated his driving case. a brevard county man meanwhile facing charges for being arrested for ignorebeing arrested for ignoring fire fighting commands. the burning building. he repeatedly went back into the burning looking for the
12:31 pm
grabbed a fireman's ax. he was tackled and put under arrest. >> i think at the most, he should took me aside and if they felt that they needed to cuff me and put me in the squad car until things settlesquad car until things settled. >> eric:join er is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. luckily fire fighters were able to rescue those two dogs. they were not hurt. a house fire california destroys a home and kill twos dogs, and iestigators are trying to determine if a hoverboard may be responsible for it. wayne freeman talked to the homeowner. >> looks like someone had a bomb. >> reporter: the time this began no ordinary house fire. he knew it when he saw the windows of the santa rosa home explode as he began taking this video from his camera phone. >> i mean completely engulfed within minutes. >> reporter: the cause ry certain now. the santa rosa fire department
12:32 pm
a little girl's room where she hadbeen chargehad been charging a hoverboard that appears to have started all of this. >> the hoverboard itself was plugged in the bedroom near a book shelf. the book shelf had indicators that showed that the fire started down near the ground vel. >> reporter: the 40th reported hoverboard fire in 19 states according to t consumer product safety commission which is looking hard at lithiuiu ion batterylithium ion batteries that come with the products. no one was at home when this fire broke out. neighbor jessie lolima saw the flames first and called 911. >> it happened all within a minute. it was really quick. >> reporter: david carpenter who lives in the house with is wife and daughter told us they had just left to pick up his daughter. normally he would bring his two dogs allg with him. instead, he left bella the labradoodle and blulue, a boston terrier behind. they perished in the heat and the smoke. the family is devastated. >> you will never know what is going to happen.
12:33 pm
course. careful for the parents. it coud have happened in the middle of the night and i could have lost my daughter. >> constance: this comes as $94,000 worth of copyright hoverboards from china were seized at the port of miami. the sub standard kind with the lithium batteries that are blamed for the fire. be careful out there. for the nfl. >> the woman who will become the first full-time member of the nfl coaching staff.
12:34 pm
you wi new details about the watecrisis in flint, michigan. e-mails dating back to september showing former chief of staff was told the water issues were up to the city officia to fix, not the state. he released those e-mails yesterday. in them, the former chief of staff dennis munchmore wrote that critics focusing on the lead issue were looking for someone to blame even though
12:35 pm
major evidence in the change of lead contamination. state lawmakers approved $228 million in emergency funding yesterday, but the mayor estimates the repairs could cost $1.5 billion. switching gears a bit. the miami heat are recovering from another tough night. two more key players sidelined with injuries that on top of d. wade's shoulder jury. doing what he could to bring the heat from an early deficitthe heat from an early deficit, in the second haf, whiteside would go down with an oblique injury. he was out of the game. the heat down by 20 and dang will get poked in the eye. he got pulled out too. final score 6-87. heat lose. five losses out of the last six games. coach spo says we shouldknow more about the injuries later on today ahead of tomorrow night's match-up in toronto. the 15th ranked miamihurricanes had a bbetter night than the heat. the eagles kept it close but the 'canes were too strong down the stretch. get the win 67-53.
12:36 pm
hired the first full-time female member of the nfl coping staff. katherine smith will serve as the bills special teams quality control coach. >> reporter: nfl making history, the buffalo bills tweeting out the revolutionary news, quote, breaking, katherine smith is the bills new special teams quali control coast. the first full-time female nfl coach the new coach started as an intern with the new york jets in 2003 and spending 12 seasons with the team. working her way up to be the assistant to the head coach, rex ryan. ryan sending smith his well wishes saying, quote, katherine smith is going to do an outstanding job based on her knowledge and strong submitment. i a excited and proud for her with this opportunity. smith is the latest woman to make strides in the world of sports. last year, the nfl breaking down boundaries by bringing in the first-ever female ref sara thomas to the football field. and the nba making huge
12:37 pm
hired becky hammond, the first female assistant coach in the league's smith i am just inedibly grateful obviously to this great organization. >> reporter: as for katherine smith, football and female fan ace like all seem to be on board with tweets overnight saying, quote, love this and about time. all right, girl power all the way, and bills guard and former dolphin player richie incognito was among the first to @ongratulate smith. tweeted out congrats. i know dowel a great job. >> eri it is a really big deal. >> constance: it is. was on fire with that, twitterwas on fire with that, twitter. >> eric: begins that coa@hing trek up the ranks. accusations for one of the funniest womon in film. >> eric: amy schsmer, what she is accused of stealing and her response to the accusations. you will hear them coming up. >> constance: but first a look at our winning lottery numbers.
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when i see this list and series of nominanions coming out and everybody is fantastic, and the complexity of this issue. >> eric: this is will smith talking about that oscar boycott. he sat down with an exclusive interview with "good morning america" rob@in roberts to talk about the lack of diversity in the nominations. >> to me at its best, hollywood represents and then creates the imagery for that -- for that beauty, but for my part, i think that i have to protect and fight for the ideas that make our country and make our hollywood community great. so when i look at the series
12:40 pm
it is not reflecting that beauty. >> eric: smith's comments come after his wyatt jada pinkett smith said she was boycotting the to awards show. will smith who is not nominatewill smith who is not nominated this year said he will do the same. allllominees under the best actor and actress categories are white. you can watch it right here on susuay 28th. our red carpetcoverage. and amy schumer is coming under fire of accccusations of stealing jokes from female comedian. she is accused of stealing a joke from wendy leeman and using live. and a sketch of schumer taking a joke from another comedian she has come to deny those accusations saying on twitter, quote, on my life, i have never and would never steal a joke. she even offered to take a lie
12:41 pm
there was a distsurbance in the force. "star wars" fans have to wait seven months longer than expected to the follow up to "the force awakens." moves from may 2017 to december 2017. adjust yo vacation schedule. they will repeat the success of episode 7 that was released around christmas broke dozens of box office records. constance, you will have to fifi a way somehow to deal with the turmoil. >> constance: i know. >> eric: of the delay. >> constance: >> constance:nd you a ben kennedy have been counting the days for that new release. >> eric: that is true. a live look outside from the miami tower cam. a gorgeous day across south florida. 73 degrees and julie will be back with another check of your weekend weather. it is all here. we'll be right back. >>announcer: the most accurate, most reliable forecast with meteorologist julie durda only on local 10 news.
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12:45 pm
but the boy is a little fighters. they made it through everything. rick twin brother caer is still in the hospital. doctors say he may need another surgery before he can finally go home too. we wish them the very best. julie precious babies. we wish them nothing but e best. i wish for to you get out and enjoy this thursday. let me tell you why.lots of changes are coming to the forecast. it is warmer out there. we have temperatures in the mid-70s. 76 degrees already in hialeah. 74, miami. we will warm up a few more degrees as we get into the later half of the afternoon. we will stay dry until tonight and a big change will occur. we are expecting a south to uthwest you wind ahead of a cold front and right now we are in parts oof louisiana, mississippi up toward the tennessee valley. a severe threat for parts of texas with this system. it will head our way increasing our rain chances for friday, and cooler weatherer going in chilly conditions sunday into monday. chief certified meteorologist betty davis will have more on this coming up at 4:00. >> eric: thank you, julie.
12:46 pm
now. thanks for watching. "the chew" coming up next. >> constance: we will be back at 4:00. you can get the latest nws by checking out our web site at
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