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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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elderly female who is completely helpless. >> there he is. >> michael: watch this. the maneen here in a hoody is on the prowl stalkingdith as she walks to her car suspect she has no idea she is being followed until it's too late. the carjacker grabs her arm, steals her keys and flees had her car getting away with an iphone, credit cards and cash. >> she was afraid that he was going to try to pull her into the car with the purse, so she just threw the purse into the car with the guy. >> michael: shaken but uninjured edith heads back to business making the call for help but the man didn't stop there. two hours later he and two other guys are seen on surveillanceinside a family dollar store inmiami, racking up a bill on the grandma's credit card. >> he must haveveeen on drugs or something. >> day after day people are getting shot and hurt because thar fighting back. she didn't fight back. she did exactly as she was told. she walk away, and she walked awayith her life. >> michael: a life that her
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happiness, and even forgiveness. >> had a bad upbringing and he doesn't know better. that was her reasoning for this guy. >> michael: another look at that surveillance camera. police hoping you can identify those three people on video. now, as far as her car, it was eventually multi-city of miami, recovered by police. now, if you have any information about this crime, if you know these people, you are asked to call crimestoppers. that number right theren your screen, 305-471-tips. we are live in evening in north miami beach. i'mm michael seiden, local10 nene. >> calvin: surveillance video has just been released of two women accused of drugging men so they can steal their expensive rolex watches. local10 news reporter derek shore live in sunny isles beach to shows where theys bandits struck. >> derek: hose two women would meet their victims at the port
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and took with you with loot. they are accusedville anous vix ens and actually tense of thousands of dollars in men's watches. the two women strung a conversation with two men, the victims, at the porterhouse bar in sunny isles beach. eventually all four would head back to one of the men's homes in hollywood when the two men were geffen a drink that made them pass up. y when they woke up the women were gone along with seven rolex watches. >> got to be responsible that things do happen, and they end of the day it's just a matter of making sure that you're safe and aware of your surroundings. >> derek: was just earlier in month thattwo different women were caught on cape tape after allegedly drugging men and stealing their roll pensions those incidents happened in comparables and while the suspects don't seem to be the same in these cases it's unclear if they're at all connected. and tonight police are warning everybody who goes out to be
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again, they don't know if any of these incidents are connected but they really want you to be on guard with people you meet, especially strangers. if you have a information about those two women you saw in the video, call broward crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. we're live in sunny isles beach, derek shore with lal10 news. >> laurie: a miami police officer is recovering after he got stabbed in the face. officer raul perez was working off-duty at magic city casino in miami. casino staff reportedly requested some help to remove a bellerent man from the casino. when officer perez showed up witnesses say a struggle began and the man stabbed severe perez in the face narrowly missing his pipe officer perez fired his gun hitting the suspect. we're told thatt suspect is still hospitalized. a false elementary biscayne elementary school after police got reports of an unattend backpack on campus. students had toby evacuated outside temporarily as a precaution.
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there on the miami beach campus. they quickly determined did backpack had nothing harmful inside. then students were allowed back inside. they were little ones, elementary kids. the classes were lot at their regular te. >> calvin: the report from the medical examiner's office is expected to be released on t death of a five-month-old baby boy whose body was found stuffed inside a freezer. local10 news reporter shyann malone is standing by at thehe me's office right now with the very latest fours. shyann. >> shyann: canal, that brown building youee behind me has the answers to all the questions so many people have. what happeped to five-month-old little baby hugo. now, while his body sits there, as pathologist work to determine the cause of his death, ironically his mother right across street at jackson memorial hospital at the facilities getting checked out mentally. it's the type of story that makes your stomach turn. a five-month-old-month-old baby found dead inside the freezer of this homestead home.
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it's -- it sickens me. >> shyann: police only found baby hugo after poolo attempted suicide. the incident report reveals ortiz called 911 as she stood near the sepp mile bridge in marathon telling dispatch she hah plans to take her own life. >> i'm sorry. you're planning to what? >> suicide myself. >> shyann: when the monroe county sheriff's office showed p, ortiz told them she swallowed rat poisoning which they found this her car along with a suicide note and an empty car seat. she then proceeded to give deputies the runaround about whereehey could find her son. it was homestead police officers who went to ortiz's home and found hugo's lifeless body. according to the report,deputies say that she gave several different stories as to
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she said he drowned. she dropped him. and at one point sheen said little hugo was with his father. now know those are not true allegations, and as far as the release of information from the medical examiner's office, we are still waiting to hear. this happened on sunday. it talks a few days to process. as soon as we get that information, we willl get it to you. reporting live in miami, shyann malone, local10 news. >> laurie: so sad all the way around. thank you. at 6:06 now let's get a check on the evening rush this thursday night. jenise fernandez right here with a closer look. >> jenise: you're going to see some prey heavy delays on i-knife northbound. we've seen a lot of accidents popping uphis afternoon. the latest one is right at northwest 125th street. you can see how congested it is. as we zo on in closer you can see exactly how slow traffic is moving, agaon i-95 northbound at northwest 125th street with speeds at 320miles per hour. and another accident on i-95 northbound. this is right around the airport expressway with speeds there at
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as we cruise up on to broward county, we've got a major accident in deerfield beach. thisiss blocking two lanes of traffic. this is on i-95 southbound right around hillsboro bouleva, and we clicking on it looks like hour. >> calvin: the fight to get bond for a man accused of peeping into women's bedroomindows in pembroke pines continues today in court with the alleged victims watching very closely atevery legal twist and turn inside the courtroom. cal10 news reporter li sly liane morejon li is live with the very tense hearing today. liane. >> liane: calvin, this hearing ended with no decision on bd. we did expect to hear from at least one of the victims in this case but i it seems that did not happen. that will have to wait until trial. >> so there is no testimony -- >> liane: the hearing's been going on for two days. first day of the hearing ended late wednesday without a decision and picked u again today, featuring surprise
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own sister, rox ana cerulia told the court she came to visit her brother over the summer and was staying with him on one of the nights in question. >> do you confirm that this iss your credit card statement for and including july 18th of 2015? >> yes, it is. >> liane: the state argued the text messages and restaurant receipt offered by roxana cerulia were far from an alibi. >> what was the point? >> to show i was with him. >> so you weren't with him at 3:00 in the morning. >> no. >> liane: paola turned himself into police and was charged with a series of peeping and battery incidents in pembroke pines. police set up cappers to capture cerulia who had apparently become more aggressive. detectives sayayhe victims' windows were shout with sling
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cerulia never testified during the hearing. after closing, the judge said he had a lot to go through and would be issuing a written ruling that could happen as early tomorrow. live at the broward county course house, liane morejon, local10 news. >> laurie: and theext wave cuban migrants stuck in league'al limbon costa rica will be flown to el salvador and then take the route as 180 other cuban migrants did to reach the u.s. nearly 8,000 cuban migrants have been stuck in cooker after nehbor in cooker. but starting february 4th there are going to be seven flights scheduled to el salvador where they will then take a bus to mexico and make their way north. local10 news was there as some of those first cuban migrants cross need laredo, texas from mexico and processed by immigration authorities. >> calvin: for the second day opposition protesters smashed windows in a section of haiti's capital toall for new elections ahead of sunday's
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a few thousand people joined the protest in downtown port-au-prince witness jogging through narrow streets,hanting "the revolution has started. get your guns ready." police used tear gas to break up crowds of rioters. senators have passed a resolution to delay sunday's vote about it carries no legal weight. don't forget, our on glenn blenn is traveling to haiti to cover the elections. look for her live coverage tomorrow. still ahead, people in the midst atlantic states are bracing for a blizzard an it's expected to be a big one.& >> laurie: state of emergencies have already been deprepared look for a life record on "world newsonight" at 6:30. >> betty: meantime near h he temperatures near normal, hitting the mid-70s. the big change you need know about, after a rond of rain tomorrow you will have everything you need coming up. >> calvin: but first the swimming pool surprise in the
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florida keys, that's coming up >> calvin: and this happened today. how about this for a swimming
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an eight foot crocodile taking a dip in your backyard. really? okay. the homeowner had just moved into thahamulti-billion dollar mansion on the florida keys. >> laurie: can you say fence? he was very surprised to learn he had an unwanted guest on his property in the pool. local10's todd tongen was brave enough to go town and find it what happened. >> todd: people live in the florida keys for if@ leisurelyly lifestyle but this morning the family that lives in this beautiful ocean sued tome got a jolt reality. >> they were senior political reporter very surprised when they woke and found this eight foot crocodile chilling in his pool. >> he's probably about ate feet p a big one. >> todd: b mcilroy is a contractor working on sewer pumps at the home. he said the family that list of there just bought the $6 million three bedroom four bath moment they moved from pennsylvania to the keys four days ago. >> quite the am whether wagon coming from pennsylvania. >> he thought it was a stoy.
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>> someone put aloaty. i guess think turned the pool heat are on a few days ago so i guess he likes the wm weather. >> todd: longtime residents of this lower matecumbe key say seeing a croc in ts neighborhood isn't necessarily a croc of you know what. in fact, they say they spotted another crocodile not far from her. when police and wildlife officers arrived they took pictures and evenn video of the pool party crasher. just take a look at the marks left by his tail as he sauntered back to the ocean. >> and they are just hanging around the pool deciding how they're going to capture this thing, the crocodile decided he had enough and crawled out of the pool and back into the atlantic ocean. >> didn't like the paparazziy. >> didn't like the paparazzi. didn't like all attention. >> todd: and like most key folk, he likes to be left alone. >> there were about 30 cops here, so he's like me, he went. he left.
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couple bay key. >> calvin: just how he was walking like i'll be back again when i want to. >> laurie: when you least expect it. betty, he liked the warm waters in that pool. i guess our waters feel warm compared to upper north. >> betty: oh, yeah, they are getting ready for big-time snow in the midtlantic. washington, dc, it's a matter of tite before the moisture meets up with that cold. meantime back heree at home nice temperatures out there for you today. 61 is where we were started in fort lauderdale. the high was 74 degrees. a little shuck, a little wobble in our camera. that's because our winds are up kicking a little bit from the southeast abobo 10 to 12 miles an hour between miami and fort lauderdale. we're going to depend on that east-southeast wind to keep our temperatures up tonight so that we're not too chilly but if you are heading out, upper 60, i know some of you are reaching for a sweater right now. mostly cloudy skies, too, should help hold some of our warmth in today as well at least for the
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you canan see a steadily increasisi those clouds on the cloud and radar imagery, so clouds mid to high level still flowing in. and then of course you can't help but notice ts low pressure system producing the rain and storms across the lower mississippiiver valley. this is the system that's going to make a run at the mid-atlantic tomorrow and bring all that snow. dc under that blizzard warning starting tomorrow. tomorrow nightht and then into saturday. some two feet of snow not out of the question there. we're not on the wintery side of that. you know that. but we are on the side that offers up the rain and maybe some stronger storms. the storm prediction center showing that north-northwestern portions of florida standing a better chance, at least a slight chance for seeing some severeweather tomorrow. we're in that marginal risk for thunderstorms. won't rule out a gusty storm but hoping nothing too crazy happens around here. our forecast model showing that by friday the front will be approaching and ahead of it raina possibility for us.
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and then we'll be here tracking any line that tries to develop and move through. maybe a little wind gust with one or two o o those showers, you but behind at this time front sweeps friday night, wind become westerly, could have a residual thundershower action saturday but by saturday afternoon it's all about the drier be, cooler air rushing in to drop our temperaturesesor sunday morning. tomorrow, though, even with the clds, the rain, windy weather, highs could achieve upper 70s in a few spots but definitely the weather is going to be changeable.. that's our transition day. and then now away focus on temperatures. saturday a high around 70. saturday nig i'm talking scarf, i'm talking coat, maybe a hat because because by sunday morning we're going to be waking up to the 40s, forecasting 49 degrees right now for miami. so some big changes over the next couple days. calvin. >> calvin: betty, thanks. and breaking news we're following now in miami. sqsqtters arrested. >> laurie: local10 news reporter
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32nd avenue to fill us in. >> terrell: 32ndvenue and second street here in the city of miami. the focus here this two story peach-color home that you see behind me. we know that six people were arrested here yesterday on charges of burglary, weapons possession, and also some variris drugs charges as well but police were called back to this home todayy and arrested three m me people, and they're trying to investigate right now because they believe that they are living in the home illegally. these homes are believed to be under foreclosure. joining me right now is officer cruz with the city of miami police department. there's also another interesting element to this, and this is bun one reason your guys think that their not supposed to be in the home because of these electric meters. >> that's correct. in the last 24 hours they arrested six individuals for burglary, narcotics charges, and weapons charges. today it led us back to this home, confirmed through fp&l that they were utilizing stolen box and tool 4 and 6 northwest
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electricity. fp. andl disconnectetethe electricity. we also arrested three other individuals bor the theft of electricit now we take it a step further. we also contacted the realtors of the home and the bank and we're confirming that these dividuals were in fact living at this home legit malt or did they just move in. so that's still under investigation and they could be facing other charges in the future. >> thanks so much. officer freddie cruz with the city of miami police department. nine total arrest. we can show you inside of this poli car, this is one of the individuals that police will be taking to jail. again, accused of living in this house illegally. these are people who are all being described as squatters. we're still gathering information on this, and you can look po the very latest on andoming up at listening on local10 news. for no that's at the latt here. i'm terrell forney. >> will: next in sports, the updated injury report is out for the heat's next dame and it is not pretty.
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to suit up or at least calvin. seven guys are listed in the availability of several key guys
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>> will: the miami heat have seven players, that's right, seven listed on the injury report for tomorrow's game in toronto. dwyane wade, you'd ray with gerald green, luol deng among those listed as questionable. also goran dragic also rails out. and now hassan whiteside official out.
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night's loss to washington. did not return to the game. as for deng, he was poked eye during the fourth quarter. that's why he is questionable for the game. so injuries helping lead the heat to so many recent losses. >> two weeks ago we were going into a west coast road trip you know really trying to prove ourselves with the whole roster, and now i mean we've got likefive or 6 or seven guys out, and it's just a tough pill to swallow. >> will: meanwhile, dwyane wade is hobbled but still pretty busy in t business front, wade posting this, on his instagram with the cams "first of many in china. thankful." it's his first wade brand store in that country. the miami heat search for new cheerleaders will feature international auditions the fins lob going to colombia,
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i was joking at 5:00 saying we don't have enough beautiful, talented women in miami, but it's smart by the dolphins, worldwide brand, trying to expand. >> laurie: i warn you there's a very gad bad accident in browardcounty to avoid. >> cistina: i-75 down to one lane if you're heading southbound there so be caraful if you're heading in that direction to miami. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut
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