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tv   Local 10 News 6AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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winter wallup. thousands of flights already cananled. we have rain on our radar. your weather authority track it go all. a chaotic confrontation caught on camera. what we're now learning about@ the drunken doctor attacking an uber driver. good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> goodd morning. it's friday! i'm kristi krueger. here's julie. >> hey, you guys, we're talking about a major wiwier storm so let's get straight to it. we're going to see the least of the severity with this storm as the tail end will be sweeping through south florida. with that said we're ready setting the stage for the possibility for warm, humid conditions for the severe storm activity we could expect later today it. temperatures in the lower 70s with a southeast wind very strong. wind speeds 10 to 16 miles per hour. temperatures in the low 70s. throughout the morning we will see temperatures in the 70s.
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on and off throughout the morning and wide-spread showers will move in. that is expected after lunchtime, literally after lunch time. we'll see those showers continue through 8:00 tonight. currently we do have isolated showers right now over portions of miami. anywhere from i-95 as far south as the 836 in towards portions of u.s.-1 right over miccosukee 441. also dealing with light to moderate rain. currently a cluster of showers and storms by the lower keys, key west and in towards big pine key. we are expecting that system to head towards the northeast, the midatlantic states. that's where the worst of theeather will be. for us here in south florida, it's going to be a wet start for the weekend. i'll have more coming up. roadways are looking really good. we had an earlier crash on i-95 southbound. that accident scene is right here.
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of a crash at a camera angle. quickly i just want to draw your attention to the maps. we have the intntrated weather system that mix was our traffic. back to that accident scene. i-95 southbound at 125th street not causing any delays at all. one final crash to get to, this one off the dolphin expressway west-bound at northwest 107th avenue. that one also in its clearing stages. quickly drive times this morng on the dolphin, that accident has cleared fyou're traveling eastbound starting a the turnpike ruing to i-95 going to take you roughly 12 minutes. if you're at lejeune road heading to the same spot, not a lot to slow you down this morning. only four minutes. firefighters on the scene of a fire they are calling suspicious. ben kennedy is also ere live with what we know thus far. >>reporter: good morni, ger i recollect and kristi. right now the fire is under control.
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it is raining here in northwest miami-dade. about five, ten minutes ago you can see behind me florida power and light pulled up two trucks here. it looks like they are trying to turn off the power to this neighborhood to keep things safe as crews continue to put out hot spots. witnesses say flames shot 20 feet in the air. the guy that shot this video saw the smoke from a couple mes away and pulled over to help. it's there that around 25 firefighters were called out to put this one out. they first tackled it from the front door and t a challenge when the roof collapsed so they went and the back. it looks like the home may have been abandoned. firefighters are talking with witness to see what they saw. >> the roof collapsed. we want to get inside and do and aggressive attack on the fire, but with the roof collapse we had to fight the fire from the outside.
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see miami-dade police are here. the battalion chief did tell me this fire is suspicious. we did talk to a witness. he pulled up, tried to put out this fire. we'll hear from him coming upt 6:30. ben kennedy, local 10 news. >> all right, ben, thanks so much. now we have some more breaking news. this is coming to us from overseas. north korea officials say they have arrested a college student for alleged acts against the state. they say the student has links to the u.s. government. earlier this month cnn did report north korea had detained another u.s. citizen on suspicious of spying. breaking overnight, a deadly siege of a beachfront restaurant in somalia is now over claiming the lives of more than 20 people. several gunman stormed the restaurant yesterday afternoon.
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militant group for hours. it's unclear if the death toll includes any of the militants. first on local 10, a man caught on camera carjacking a grandmother outside of aouth florida spa. this man got away with not only a car,ism phone, credit card and cash all happening in a parking lot in north miami beach. surveillance video shows edagag walking to her car. a man wearing a hooded cket is following her. you see her calmly walking away. she was on her way to pick up her grandson when this happened. >> my first concern was my grandmother is safe. >> so edith called for help. police asking anyone for anyone information to call miami-dade crimestoppers. and happening today,
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states of emergency already declared in washington, d.c. as well as five other s states. >>reporter: you mentioned those states of emergency. we're hearing more of those could be declared as this storm rose through. all of it is declared as a run on everything from snow s svels to bottled water. trader joeoe was forced to do crowd control only taking ten customers at a time to manage the frenzy. in north carolina parents were outraged after a bus filled with kids nearly slid into a river. thankfully no one was injured there and federal officials in d.c. not taking any chances either. the government will close at noon today ahead of this stoto. rail and bus service also slated to stop later this afternoon. and we've been checking
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in miami. out of ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport two arrival flights and four departure flights have been canceled. most of those cancellations we're hearing and seeing are and out of north carolina. the situation we'llll continue to monitor here. reporting live, layron livingston, local 10 news. and developing right now, ft. lauderdale police are investigating a shooting. it sent one woman to the shop. it happened aesterday afternoon. temperatures say they responded to that scene after getting reports of a woman being shot. the woman was taken to broward health. a suspected shooter was also detained. the video has goneviral, a doctor caught on camera attacking an uber driver in miami. it happened in brickle last sunday. a fourth year neurology resident, in this video
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asking people nearby to ll 911. she demanded he take her instead and when he refused, she attacked him. she got in his car and started throwing everything in his car out. >> i'm a foote girl that weighs 100 pounds, i'm getting really belligerent. >> i have bruises all overer me. >> holy [bleep]. youosos your mind. >> when she was done, she got out of the car and walked away. she's since been suspended and could now lose her job. more on a story we first brought you yesterday as breaking news. a miami police officer is recovering. he was stabbed right in the face. officer raul perez was working offduty at magic city casino in miami at the time. casino's staff requested help removing a belligerent man from t t casino. witnesses saw a struggle happened and a man
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really really close to his eye. >> when i saw the officer acted very patiently with the man, very responsibly. he was really doing his best to avoid an incident. >> perez did have to fire his gun in response to a suspect. the suspect is still in the hospital. false alarm at biscayne elementary school after police got reports of an package. quickly determined the back pack had nothing harmful inside. once the check was complete students were allowed back inside. a pair of rolex robbers, ahead at 6:30. a recall alert, before you put your child in a car seat, thousands of models being recalled today. this morning it's
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know the forecas currently already dealing with showers and storms. we have heavy rain over portions of aventura. this is all going to push offshore. some showers as far south into downtown miami. worst of the weather right now, the cluster of storms over u.s.-1, kendall and the turnpike. it's going to get a lot wetter as we get into the afternoon and a lot more winds getting into the forecast.
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coming up. >>reporter: hey there. good morning. topping america's money, a huge car seat recall. >> recalling more than 71,000 infant car seats because the handles can break. >> the r rall covers the be safe 35, be safe 35 elite and travel system made between october 2014 and july of last year. >> experts are predicting an unusual trend in the wine business saying for the
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20 years consumption is going down. >> baby boomers willing to spend big bucks on fine wine now being replaced by millennials who are a bit more frugal. and a recruiting site hasanked what it says are the best jobs in america. number three onhe list is solutions architect. >> two is tax manager. according to glass door, the number one job right now, folks, data scientists. >> whatever that i i >> that's america's money. lots to talk about. pay attention to the forecast. big change this morning. we're seeing isolated showers moving over portions of miami. not fm our tower camera. some of u waking down wet roadways. it's very warm, humid air mass ahead of a very strong cold front that's gointo move in and bring us some shower and thunderstorm activity. some of the storms could be strong because of how warm our temperatures are already. wind speeds between 10
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currently 72 for you in pembroke pines. 69 in kennedy can the. the wind gusts are going to be a huge concern today. very similar conditions as what we s on sunday as that front moves through. it brought some very windy conditions. wind gusts in the teens down by the keys butut we're expecting them to reach the 20s and 30s by the afternoon. gale force warning sin effect. not a good day to be o o on any boating activities or doing any beach-going. it's going to be a cloudy, wet day. right along the coast from ft. lauderdale, hollywood, aventura, sunny isles all the way down towards portions of the 79th street causeway. downtown miami seeing the worst of the weather right now over u.s.-1 and 95 all the way in towards cutler bay, in towards portions of kendall, right over portions of key biscayne. this is the area ahead the cold front. showers and storms from marathon down to key west and we're only
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things are going to get stormy. let me show you why. the leading edge e the front to the west northwest of us. the worst of the weather should stay well to the north. they are already dealing with snow over portions of arkansas, tennessee, carolinas, all dealing with snow this morning. at's why our friends across the midatlantic states are preparing for the worst as the system will only strengthen as it heads their way. the severe weather threat should stay just north of us. we should have a marginal chance for gusty winds and we can't rule out a tornado once the front moves through. the teens, 20s and 30s. actually that cold air will be moving into south florida once we see the showers and storms move out. the first concern will be the heavy rain, gusty winds that will move through parts of south florida starting this morning into tonight. the f fnt clears and we are expecting our temperatures to tumble. look at these lows. we're talking saturday
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low to mid 40s inland. the coldedt air of our winter season so far. we'll keep that cool air in place sunday and wait for another fnt to move in by the middle part of the workweek. we have a traffic alert this morning, a hit and run crash reported rig off of 79th street eastbound at fourth avenue. looks like about two to three eastbound lanes are closed here as police are investigating this one. unfortunately that rain is not helping things out here with all of the accidents we're seeing out there. again as i mentioned earlier we're the only station in south florida with integrated weather traffic data together. we're seeing those delays. those speeds at 16 miles per hour. looks like traffic's getting by but a little bit of stop and go traffic there with 16 miles per hour. in addition to that you see the rain covering parts of south florida this morning so use caution on those roadways.
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specifically down looks like near the cutler bay near. we are seeing some slowdowns in our northbound lanes at the turnpike. quickly checking our speeds this morning if you're heading into work northbound at the turnpike just past u.s.-1. those speeds clocking in at 26 miles per hour. broward county no accidents to report. constance, thank you. we have an important recall alert for you this morning. >> company recalling thousands of car seats today. why you shouldn't use the model seen on youou tv coming up next. we continue to trfic breaking news out of north miami-dade. that's where fire broke t at a house. officials are calling it suspicious. ben kennedy has t latest detail just minutes away. heck, we want to say good morning to our facebook friend of the day. heck, we do. this is mark. you're looking nice. he's from ft. lauderdale. we're back in a couple minutes.
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mark. dozens of friends and loved ones gathering at a fort myers high school to remember one of the 12 marines killed in the helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii. a fort myers native was on board one ofhose helicopters. after five days of searching the marine corps officially changing the status of the missing marin to deceased yesterday. a civilian on a beach reported seeing a fire ball in the. and new for you this morning,he digging may bever now at the school for the boys as the governor got a final report yesterday on unmarked graves found at the school. researchers submitted their report to the
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they found the remains already of 51 boys, only seven of whom could beidentified. >> the poor kids, they weren't even honored in death, let alone while they were living. >> i don't think it takes an act of legislature to say what needs saying which is i'm very sorry. >> well, several questions do remain right now including what to do with the recovered remains that cannot actually be identified. some are recommending a memorial or mausoleum on the site but the state hasn't made a decision on that. > judge has thrown out a defamation lawsuit against bill couou cosby. the judge dismissed the statement saying the statements made by cosby and when i lawyer did not support a defamation clai a former alaska airlines pilot in hot
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he's accused of flying while under the influence of alcohol. 60-year-old man was arraigned in federal court on wednesday. this after he failed a random dbug test. he's accused of piloting two flights on the same day. if convicted he could face a maximum of 15 years in prison. all right. do you have a car seat installed right now. this guy over here does and you may need to check your out like he's going to do when he gets home. there's a major recall because reports of the handles cracking and breaking. it's recalling 71,000 infant car seats starting with the bee save 35 model. the products were all manufactured between october of 2014 and july of 2015. so go home and double-check. >> i got one for sure. florid cop going
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was caught on camera dinking -- dunking with some kids. why he joined in on all that fun is to tart with coming up. breakiki news coming out of miami where there's been a hit and run. erica rakow is at the scene. she's getting the very latest details on what
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we'll hear great dash camera video coming to us. >> a police officer responds to a noise complaint. watch how he handles the situation. >> somebody told me to tell you about kids pling basketball in the street. >> i got no problem with it. >> i don't know why somebody called, i got
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what he said. he keeps on going and then a few minutes later some more kids come around. they all start playing together. the video went on to say we're going to let kids be kids, hashtag hoops, not crime. this is coming out of gainesville. as the officer left he promised to come back with more officers to play a little game with those kids. >> nice to see this. this isn't too nice you guys, a hit and run crash reported in our west-bound lanes at 79th street between fourth avenue and i-95. we're seeing at least two lanes of traffic blocked as police investigate. obviously this is affecting our eastbound lanes. traffic getting by but it's also mixed with
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down your commute. brking news right
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officials calli a house fire suspicious. we are live from that scene. happening today winter w wollup. >> and it's going to effect south florida as well. we have rain onthe way today. your weather authority julie is tracking it all. these women targeting men and their pricey watches. hey good morning, south florida. i'm eric yutzy. >> hello, everybody. i'm kristi krueger and jacey will be back on monday, don't despair. right now let's talk about the weather. >> we have that storm -- >> whoo h. >> the storm coming. >> i got to telelit you, we are going tosee not nearly as bad as what our friends are going to deal with up north. check out our tote traffic camer this is sky 10 showing
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even though you may not be waking up to showers inland broward, miami-dade is getting soaked. look at the rain coming down. you know it's not snow but rain is the culprit for those accidents we usually have to deal with and constance jon will have the latest on that coming up. as we take a look at o temperatures we have the lower 70s. it looks dry from this camera lens but the rain is expected to come from time to time throughout the morning especially the afternoon w wre we'll see wide-spread showers and storms. place. pumping in. the showers over the coast from ft. lauderdala all the way down to hollywood beach. 79th street causeway, north bay village getting soaked. a1a in towards u.s.-1, kendall, cutler bay all soaked this morning from homestead south into the upper keys. some dotted showers from marathon down to key west. but this is just the beginning.
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ruined one of the system. round two is right behind it over portions of the gulf of mexico. check out what the area of doing with that system. it's bringing snow throughout much of the south this morning. by the afternoon we'll be stormy at times. don't forget the rain gear. you're going to need it. i'll have the details on that forecast coming up. good morning, constance. >> back to our traffic alert. this is our eastbound lanes at 79th street. between fourth avenueand i-95 police out here investigating this one. you k&ow what, it's also an issue because of the rain out there. let me show you any traffic maps here. we've got that integrated data together so where it's wet we formally see accidents and that's the case here as well with the hit and run crash reported. it's down to one lane of traffic. can you travel in the spot but it's going to be a little bit of stop and go. this crash affecting traffic off the turnpike southbound and the
6:27 am
morning. that's due to a broken down car and alsop an accident scene. take a look at these heavy delays. if you are heading into the dplaidz, the palmetto expressway or the turnpike you're going to run into this mess. >> constance, thank for the update. back to breaking ws coming out of northwest miami-dade. >> that's where firefighters are on the scene of a fire they think is suspicious. is the whole thing out now, no hot spots left? >>reporter: kristi, eric, no, the hot spots are still going very strong but we have a bit of a rain here helping keep the fire and flames under control. the good news nobody got hurt. florida power and light has two trucks out here. they are turning the power off to keep this neighborhood safe. witnesses say flames shot 20 feet in the air. take a look at that cell phone shot, the guy that filmed this saw smoke from a couple mil away and pulled over to help.
6:28 am
home off of northwest 36th court. it's there 25 firefighters were called out to put this one out. they hit a bit of a challenge when the roof collapsed so they wen around the back to fight flames there. investigators are still talking with witnesses to see what they saw. >> when i first got on to the scene, inside the house there was a lot of smoke, a lot of flames, flames busti out the window. the door busted open so i guess from the heat compression. >>reporter: back live you can see miami-dade police is here at the scene. the battalion chief told me moments ago, yes, this fire is suspicious. about, i would say, about a half an hour they put up yellow tape all across the neighborhood back there as they try to find out a cause. reporting live innorthwest miami-dade, ben kennedy, local 10 news. and we have more breaking news out of miami.
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getting reports of a hit and run accident. erica rakow has been at that scene gathering details all morning long. what have you learned this morning? >>reporter: this is where mia police tell me a woman was walking down the sidewalk here when a car hit her so hard she fl into the lot of a used car lot right here.also several cars damaged. police here are taking some pictures of the damage done, a white bumper left behind. we spoke with people here who heard and saw the crash including a security guard who works right next to where it happened. they were driving a white chevy impala. he says the woman was hurt and taken to the hospital. >> all i heard was screaming, you know but not like he was fighting with the wheel trying to straighten up or something like that. >>reporter: and so some of the
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pieces of that car, as i mentioned, that helped police track down the car. they already found the car they believed to be involved in this crash parked at a home. they also caught up with a man they believe was driving. they've taken him into custody and are questioning him. as for the woman taken to the hospital, she's at jackson memorial and we're not sure of her condition at this point erica rakow, local 10 news. breaking overnight at least 21 people have died after two different boats have sunk off the coast of greece where we're told dozens of passengers did survive. there's a very much operation under way for more potential survivors out there. the greek coast@ guard has rescued 26 people in all. they recovered sadly 14 bodies. a winter wollup is happening today. that blizzard blast set to hit the east coast later today. thousands of flights
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layr livingston in the videoport. layron? >>reporter: our weather authority meteorologist including miss julie this morning talking about things getting wetter and chillier here this weekend and thankfully they are not talking about the snow that the folks along a different stretch of i-95 are going to have to deal with this weekend. one last mad dash to get ready for a blizzard of potentially historic proposition. outside the costco in virginia, lines to get in and checked out as stores try to meet the demand. >> d.c. is really not ready for this kind of weather. >>reporter: the same scene at this trader joe's supermarket in the capital forced to limit customer to see ten at a time. shelves of water pretty much empty, snow shovels clearing out almost as fast. >> we're down to a last few of them which is three or four. >>reporter: the federal government also making preps announcing it will be closing at noon today ahead of the
6:32 am
d.c. rail and bus service also slated to stop later today. >> we're seeing everything line up for a major storm system affecting the eastern third of the country and affecting at least 50 million people. >>reporter: deiceers on standby at reagan international airport as all major airlines offer passengers waivers to rebook their flights. for those staying at home like ryan williams in philly, one last stop before snowmageddodo arrives. >> i already hit the grocery store. but honestly, when we're being truthful, the most important thing is wine and whiskey. >>reporter: and we're still checking on canceled flights, 4500 of them across the country including this storm out of miami international. so far nine arrival flights and 12 departure flights have been canceled and out of ft. lauderdale hollywood international, three arrival flights and six departure flights have been canceled. most of those cancellations are out of north carolina.
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layron livingston, local 10 news. >> layron, thanks so much. a new arrest today in connection with that deadly shooting that killed a seven-year-old. this man was arrested yesterday at the very same home where the fatal shooting took place last month. police say they found two pounds of marijuana and a gun in that house. he's the uncle of the seven-year-old amarie castro and his son was arrested late last month in connection with a shooting which police say was all over a drug deal. also arrested right now, 19-year-old dravein duke and an 18-year-old. police are telling us that these two had argued with tobler over a drug deal and that's when the deadly shooting took place, the one that killed the little boy. the shooting unfolded two days after christmas in miami's little heights neighborhood. police got a search
6:34 am
they have now confirmed all those claims. and also developing right now police are investigating after one person was fatally shot. this happening in northeast miami-dade. it happened at northeast third court. a witness says that someone driving a red dodge charger came by and just began shooting. one person was found dead inside a car that was riddled with bullets. right now two women are on the run after police say they drugged men so they could steal the men's expensive row essex watches. according to police these two men struck up a conversation with the men in sunny isles beach. eventually they all went back to one of the men's homes in hollywood. that's where the two female suspects gave him a drink that made him pass out and that's when the two allegedly stole the rolex's off the victim's wrist and
6:35 am
had five more watches. just a few weeks ago two different men reported a similar incident in which a woman drugged him and stole two expensive watches. another interesting trend, three people behind bars for allegedly stealing electricity. this happened in miami along northwest 32nd avenue and second street. here's what happened. we're told the suspects were using a stolen meter box to steal power and just the day before six other people were also arrested at that same location on several charges including burglary as well as illegal possession of weapons. and a decision is expected today on bond for accused peeping tom in pembroke pines. the hearing wrapped up yesterday. he is accused, you may remember of looking into several women's homes while fondling himself and trying to break into those homes. a number of alleged victims tried to
6:36 am
deny bond for him. a ruling is set to come down later this morning. candidate donald trump is getting another star endorsement while attending another event last night. willy robinson called him a real leader representing success and strength, two things the cocotry needs. the new endorsement could cause problems though in the robinson family. you may remember a few weeks ago phil robinson, his dad, publicly endorsed ted cruz. donald trump not the only one receiving campaign support from a celebrity. demi lovato campaigning for hillary clinton at an event in iowa yesterday. she introduced the presidenenal candidate and then performed her hit song "confident." this is a close call for a toddler wandering
6:37 am
the frightening video you'll see coming up next. plus we do continue to track breaking news out of northwest miami-dade. that is where this house fire broke out. officials calling this scene suspicious. we have all the breaking details just minutes away here on local 10 news. live look from sky 10, exactly what we're talking about on the radar. heavy rain, gusty winds moving over parts of south florida, soaking parts of i-95, a1a and u.s.-1. southern miami-dade the worst it's seen right now.
6:38 am
break. hi there. happy friday, south florida. it's friday. all right. we'll set the stage for you this morning. currently w are seeing moderate to heavy rain moving over parts of south florida. not everybody dealing with the rain this morning. tower cam is actually dry but sky 10 up an down i-95 showing
6:39 am
storms. southeast wind anywhere between 10 and 16 miles per hour. now with temperatures already in theheow 70s. this will help provide for the possibility of some strong storms later today. so please payttention. watch your weather authority all day long. that will spark the ssibility of marginal severe weather herer in south florida. 69 in kendall. down by the gees we are already seeing some rererts of wind gusts at 18 miles per hour. the wind going to be a huge concern again today just like what we saw over the weekend. here's the setup. let's get straight to the radar. this is the first round of storms we are expecting to move through p pts of south florida. currently pompano beach gettinin soaked all the way down from the beaches from pompano beach, ft.t.auderdale beach, hollywood beach, aventura, sunny isles. i-95 seeing the worst of the weather. weave sky 10 over that area providing for the
6:40 am
we went to break. heavy rain over i-95 into downtown miami. right over the 27 arere u.s.-1 soaked all the way down towards cututr bay. a look at this cluster of activity towards the he keys. all of that will lift towards the north. more rain by marathon and key west. following from our sky is rain in the way of precipitation but falling from the sky anywhere twr memphis, tennessee, arkansas in towards kentucky, tennessee and the carolinas is snow. a l l of snow and even some sleet mix in because of the teteeratures in that area. so here's the setup. we are expececng just a north - -- marginal possibility of gusty winds and isolated possibility of atornado. that's why i tell you to keep it posted here to your weather authority all day long. we have cold arctic air behind it.
6:41 am
heavy rain will be possible from time to time throughout the day. tonight e front will sweep through. you're all asking when exactly is this going to occur and the cool wind will be in place. a lot of rain across mii-dade and broward at 10. the second round moves in about 5:00, 6:00. this whole front should cleary five or 6:00. lows will be in the upper 40s. low 40s inland. highs only in the mid 60s. it goes to be a cold, chilly change for us in south florida bysunday. >> i need hot cocoa. hey, good morning, everyone. this is not a really good accident scene obviously.\& hit and run crash affecting our eastbound lanes at 79th street. two lanes blocked. police will likely be out here until the sun comes up. julie mentioned it and i'm going to show it to you. the roadways are rlly wet out there in
6:42 am
here's a live look at i-95, those drivers heading into miami here. obviously causing some issues for anybody heing into work. with our traffic weather data combined, you can see i-95 is soaked along with the dolphin expressway, the turn pike, okeechobee road, airport expressway experiencing some problems. at the 826, 836 interchange we do have reports of a crash on the palmetto expressway northbound on the approach to the dolphin expressway those speeds clocking in at about 44 miles per hour. cruising on north of broward county we've got an injury crash to talk about, this one off of southwest 267nd avenue and 19th street. with this one has just affecting neighborhood traffic in that location. the palmetto expressway eastbound on the approach to the turnpike we do have some heavy delays there. those speeds at 16 miles per hour due to another accident. we do continue to follow breaking news this morning out of northwest miami-dade. that's where this fire,
6:43 am
with a lot of -- aot of things going on here. suspicious. ben kennedy at the scene. we'll have the detail for you ahead. brbrking news out of miami. that's where witnesses say a white chevy impala hit a woman before running into a fence and parked cars. we we have an update coming up in just a coupup of minutes. - at i found affordable, quality coverage. - man: checkups, emergency services, prescriptions...
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caught on camera a two-year-old running ght into the middle of a busy highway. a deputy spotting the child and picking him up. moments later he found the frantic parents looking everywhere for him. he slipped right through an open door, he ran straight on to the highway. the parents were cleaning up because there had been some sort of gathering at their home. a taxi exploding.
6:46 am
massachusetts. take a look at the flames again. the elderly passenger in there, the driver, they were all able to get out of theab before the explosions actually happened. no word on exactlyhat caused that taxi to catch fire. we don't know whether dwayne wade will be healthy for the game or the heat game tonight. wade selected to his 12th straight all-star appearance. d-wade will start the all star game with lebron james and the cavs. he justecently turned 34 years old, sending out this tweak right here. he said the old guy say smarter for his tenth game in 12 years. speaking of tornado, the heat taking on the raptors at the air canada center. hospitals could be afully scary, right, especially if you're a child. >> a aollege student
6:47 am
way to put kids at easy. he calls this project iv heroes. they are iv bags with super hero markings, taking on their treatment and giving them extra courage. hospital officials say their first tests here on these iv bags said they had tremendous results saying each patient was in a much better mood. >> i think i'd want it as an adult. overmight fire tearing right through a house.
6:48 am
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the deadline is january 31st. hi, south florida. the time is 6:55. a cluster of showers and storms over downtownmiami, u.s.-1, hialeah, portions of hollywood still hanging on to light to moderate rain. north bay village
6:50 am
a cluster of storms by homestead. more rain over portions of marathon, key west. this cold front is going to bring us heavy rain and gusty winds today. temperatures will reach the mid to upper 70s and a big cool down this weekend. we have an accident scene blocking part hour express lanes. kind of hard to see with this picture but it is raining and that's why we're seeing a little bit of that haze and camera angle. the rain causing issues for our miami-dade drivers traveling northbound at the palmetto expressway. those speeds at 15 miles an hour to 11 miles per hour. also heading towards the glades, palmetto eastbound at the turnpike. >> constance, thanks for that. police this morning investigating a suspicious overnight fire in northwest miami-dade. this happened off northwest 36th court. witntnses say the flames were 20 feet high. officials say the home does appear to be abandoned. in miami police investigating a woman injured in a hit and run.witnesses are telling us awhite chevy impala went
6:51 am
that woman before running into a fence as ll as parked cars. that woman taken to the hospital. police say they@think they have found the car involved now and the man has been taken in for questioning. caught on camera carjacking a grandmother in north miami. the man in the hooded sweatshirt following the 82-year-old woman. she calmly walked away as he drove away in her vehicle with her belongings. if you know anything this happened here, give police a call. similar declarations could come in more places as a huge storm rolls through. the national weather service calling this storm potentially paralyzing. south florida flights have already been canceled to and from the northeast. >> we'll keep track of that. obviously it brings rain our way. >> indeed. >> the national weather seice said they could see something like sandy up towards the north.for us we're just going to be dealing with stormy conditions and then the cooldown,
6:52 am
40s sunday morning.
6:53 am
gma is headed your cc1 test message good morning, america. blizzard emergency.
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