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tv   Local 10 News 4PM  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the east coast the bracing. the news at 4:00 starts right now. right realtime closed captioning performed by u.s. captioning company off the top at 4:00 ab officer ambushed and shot while sitting in a patrol car in miami gardens. >> calvin: the victim miami-dade police officer david starling was taken to the hospital and if fbi is investigating this shooting. >> laurie: had and we're getting our first look at the suspect who is in custody, accused of this crime. p>> calvin: : have live team coverage. amy viteri is at the scene in miami gardens and our todd tongen is at the police department. >> laurie: derek shore sat aventura hospital where the officer was taken. let's begin with amy. >> amy: laurie and calvin, this is a busy shopping center and this is where miami gardens police say that officer was just sitting in his cruiser, filling out an accident report when that suspect approached him, ambushed him and opened fire. just within the last few minutes we were able to get c cfirmation on who that suspected gunman is 54-year-old david, and we have a mugshot of him from a previous arrest.
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afternoon the fbi is investigating. late this ach the fbi confirmed to local10 news they are working the miami gardens police to learn what led a man to ambush an officer friday mororng, opening fire as the officer sat in his brews across are. police say the gunman took off and crashed his own suv a short time later as officic chased close behind. >> i was making coffee and i heard a loud bang. >> amy: this neighbor said he heard a crash as the man bailed out of this black bmw on northwest 1 there's 0 0d avenue. but investigators say it started ate northwest seventh avenue. veteran officer david starling was writing up a report if thinks cruiser when he noticed the man drive by him. >> backed up and ab bushed the officer by surcharging a firearm in the direction of the officer. >> amy: starling try to take cover. take a look at the damage as bullets shot out his windows. one of those b blets you hit starling in the back side. he tried to chase after the bmw as he callll will the
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police say the man then fired several times along the way it a officers chasing him. he with an rab offff after crashing but police took him into custody. >> that's terrible.i mean, they're here to protect. >> amy: and officer starling sat aventura hospital where we are told he will make a full recovery. as for david mejia, he is hayes facing several charges including several counts of attempted murder of a police officer, and at this point we should note that miami gardens p pice believe this is an individual act and not one of terrorism. we're l le in miami garden, amy viteri. >> laurie: as we mentioned we have live team coverage. local10 news reporter todd tongen is live at the police department with details on the accused shooter who is in stody. todd. >> todd: laurie and calvin, the inveveigation focusing closely on david an address mejia of aventura and why he would ambush this officer. here a mugshot from a previous arrest.
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counts, including four attempted murder of a law enforcement officer charges, resisting arrest and bo satisfaction of firearm by convicted felon. as tow trucks brought the suspect's bmw and a bullet-riddled pole vehicle to the station, local10 can confirm the fbi has been here, questioning the suspect, and he's not cooperating. the feds want to find outf there is an isolated incident or a terrorist attack. one reason, terrorism is being looked at is because of the offir ambushed in philadelphia a few weeks ago. police say edward archer flagged down officer jesse heartnet and then fired 13 times, hitting hartnett, hartnett was able to return fire. the suspect slipped away but was later taken into custody. he told policthat he shot the cop in the name of islam and that he plees allegiance to the islamic state, and law enforcement is well aware isis has called are for supporters to target police officers. >> so whatever this gentleman
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to find out, we're going to find out if there was a motive, but for right now he ambushed someone who w protected, who is employed to protect and serve ououcitizens. >> todd: and so the investigation focuses on 24-year-old mejia. he's originally from queens, new york, and he's no stranger to law enforcement. the bigger question is why did he target this police officer, what was his motive. that is why mbi federal agents have been inside miami gardenspd interviewing,, trying to determine what this man's motive was for shooting that police officer. in miami gardens, todd tongen, local10 news. >> laurie: todd, thank you. >> calvin: and the officer again was taken to aventura hospital where he i now recovering. let's continue our team coverage here with derek shore with how the officer is doing a a this hour. derek. >> derek: well, the officer is said to be in good condition, likely recovering from surgery. we've seen officers all day flocking to aventura hospital,
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and, ofourse, learning that good news, that their colleague will recover. members of the south florida law enforcement gathering to support one of their own. miami gardens police@ identified the officer shot this morning as david starling, abby eight-year veteran of police department and an even longer law enforcement officer. >> he is very, very lucky to be alive. >> derek: the police community expressing their concerns was incident as brazen as this. >> here you are doing routine work, as we call routine, and then you get am ambushed. it's a total breakdown. >> derek: while officer darling's wife sat his side we spoke to hik father today to the phone from jacksonville. he describes his son as an officer who enjoys going to work, who previously worked more than a decade with the jacksonville sheriff's office. >> i'm very proud of him. he has got an inquisitive mind. i guess that's why he's done as well as he has. >> derek: tonight he is incredible thankful his son is
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>> we pray for him every day. that's about all you can do. >> derek: and tonight that officer's father says he is making plans to get up to the miami area, but from jacksonville the weather has been vy rough and he says he just does not want to take thechance on the road so he's going to wait until the weather passes and then he will see his son the in hospital. we're live in aventura, derby shore with local10 news. >> laurie: here in south florida we are tracking plenty of groten radar this afternoon. look at all that, it's endless rain. it's been moving through all day. and guess what? cooler weather coming for the weekend. >> calvin: let's check with our betty davis to find how low the mercury will go this weekend. >> betty: hi everyone. it's beyond sloppy out there, the heavy rain band cutting across the keys and persist it's persistent in the radar including miami. still a few showers into broward although we are noting the back edge of this first batch starting to get out of broward county. but look at this, the leading
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starting to enter west broward. this second batch, so to speak, more associated with the actual cold front that we're going to push through the area tonight. so here's what we're expecting in case you're wondering. less rain out there by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow a brisk breeze, drier and cooler air coming in. >> calvin: betty, thanks a lot. righghnow the keyes is also preparing for a winter wallop. check it out there, possible blizzard could be bringngg some historic snowfall to areas up north. you're looking at a live picture. of course, that is the white house and it is all white was dc is really bracing for what is going to be a big blow this weekend. and a plane slid off the rway and got stuck in the snow at chicago o'hare international today. a bowing 737 with 179 passengers and six crew members had just landed at o'hare from san francisco. there were no reports of any injuries. and breaking news right now, angry political protests erupt in haiti forcing officials to
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election yet again. >> laurie: janine stanwood is in our newsroom pulling in the latest images. >> janine: if presidential rahn election as you mentioned, has been marred by allocations of fraud and wild protests. it will be posts poned for a second time. that's news coming from haiti's electoral material council. jude celestin already wrote a letter saying he's not going to be parting. there's concern that if the runoff is flawed, it would push the detroit brink of of turmoil. there have already been protests in street. word that two schoooo were burned down last night. one school actually served asas polling place. this is aftermath that of fire. and this photo coming inust now of an suv engulfed in flames in ane intersection. our glenna milberg is on the ground in haiti. look for her live imagery coverage starting at 6:00. no other details releaseds to what happens next but as soon as we get more information with coastal carolin we will let you know. >> calvin: right now rush hour
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let's get a check on track of with all of those wedets row out there. >> laurie: sometimes you're just blinded when you're driving. sanela sovic is here with how the roads are looking. >> sanela: good afternoon, south florida. these roads are causing a little bit of a traffic nightmare. let's get you started into broward county where there was a delay on i-95 northbound at hollywood boulevard. three lanes werelocked. now they are -- traffic. i'm sorry. getting better. lets i95 northbound hollywood boulevard, three lanes were blocked. let's get to you speed times over here. they were at 30 miles per hour earlier. let's move it now down to miami-dade county. we're having technical difficulties over here with our clucker. this is going now eastbound, miami-dade county. there's a crash on i-95, biscayne boulerd, two lanes were blocked there. this is going towards miami beach. let's get you now to some speed times there. again, some technical
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along right now. southbound also i-95, 62n4 street. right lane was blocked, too. speeds there were looking in at 31 miles per hour so pack some patience if you want to navigate through tse road cases. >> laurie: thank you. even if our roads are wet witness' we mentioned earlier, the eascoast bracing for the worse. he thank youy could deal with hurricane snowfall and a blizzard you'rlooking at live pushing. this is the mess on the roadways. so many o o us have lived through something like this, but this type of storm is truly historic. people up north, they're trying to just get out of the way. look at this winter wallop that's expected. it is just a mess. >> calvin: and let's take you now to bowling green, kentucky, a power line knocked out earlier today and turning to ice as the area deals with snowfall there. take a look. it really getting bad. >> laurie: and people in south carolina are also trying to get
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many are being warned to stay indoors with all of this extreme weather. >> calvin: we're talking 22 states are now to alert. dc is already under a state of emergency as people there brace for the worst. one of the worst in decades there. >> laurie: it's so unique for dc to be in the heart of it. let's move to washington her local10's lana zak is live for us in the thick oft. lana, hello. >> reporter: hi, calvin and laurie. it's cold. the snow has started to fall here in washington, dc. this street is on lockdown. norm will it would be teaming with cars on a friday afternoon. ghost town here. the snow is already falling, blanketing north carolina where the panthers are placing for the nfc championship game still scheduled for sunday. and in louisville, kentucky, a rare treat. >> five sledding hillsn our parks are up and running if you want to get out and burn o o some energy. >> reporter: but for all the up with t t fun, concern, too, with
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the storm making its way north up 95. at least two more deaths from residents in north colina. and the nation's capitol is in a lockdown. >> we have a forecast that i don't think weave had in 90 years. >> rorter: drivers asked to stay off the roads, the dcetro transportation system will be closed. >> by 3:00 today you need to be where you're going to be throughout this storm >> reporter: up to 30 inches of snow predicted here, 50-mile-an-hour winds, and the store shelves reflect the concern. in the new york area, nrly 1800 snowplows are at the ready? stay off the roads. they will not only be snow-filled and slip, there could be@ whiteout conditions, literally meaning a driver did not see what's happening i front of them. >> reporter: extreme conditions facing colt communities. >> the delaware and jersey beaches, this will be the greatest test since sucker hur sandy. >> reporter: this nasa satellite shows the monster snowstorm growing by the hour. and already more than 6,000
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this weekend, we're talking more than 200,000 passengers, but calvin and laurie, if it is any consolation summer is just 150 days away. reporting live from washington, lana zak for local10 news. back to you. >> laurie: lana, good luck through all this. >> calvin: we're not laughing up at. we're laughing with you on this one. the winter wallop many op causing flight problems in florida and at mia. we're talking about 47 flights have been cancelled with 19 delayed. let's take to you fort lauderdale. fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport 75 flights have been cancelled, , 0 have been delayed, and some of those delays have been as long as ten hours. >> laurie: we're sorry to report that, and sorry if you're struck in all that but do stay with us on air and online for the latest on this winter wallop hitting the east coast. we'll bring you updates throughout this newscast is on of course weir continueo follow developing news here of the day an officer ambushed while on duty. that officer shot while sitting in his police cruiser and the
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we'll bring a live update ahead. >> calvin: also coming up ab croatia on camera. a person desperately trying to crash a fence. >> betty: after all this friday rain comes some cooler weather.
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>> laurie: we have breaking news right now. the film academy whi runs the oscars has announced major change to its membership after all the outcry over the lack of diversity over the awards show nominees. the academy is pledging to double the number of female and minority numbers by 2020. act f academy members, they are the ones responsible for voting for oscar nominees each and every year, and several hollywood stars we've shown you have decide skip this year's event in protest of the major acting nominees which don't include any minorities. >> calvin: check out this beautiful shot here coming from tennessee. is this is snowfall happening at
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like a picture perfect postcard. >> laurie: as long as you're indoors, it's beautiful, right? by the fire. and then a day here, too, look at all that green. what a day to be indoors. >> calvin: all day. >> laurie: betty davis our chief certified meteorologist is right here following the green. what do you think, betty? >> betty: i think those soccer games are not going to happen tonight. its just a mess out there. plenty of rainfall still in the area. we take you right in over the keys where a gusty line of heavy downpours is moving over right now between marathon up toward islamorada. also still finding the rains persist from home said into downtown miami. the pack edge of this, i think that's going to be clearing we'll say in the next 30 minutes or so but check behind it, we're noting the leading edge of another band of rainfall that has to come through as well associated with a cold front. so this is all moving from the west and heading toward the east, so even if the rain shuts off for a little bit for some of you, particularly in broward county, some of you catching a
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bit more to push through as we're still waiting for the cold front itself to advance across the area. but the leading edge of that front starting to get closer on the west side of t t peninsula. so here's the forecast for the next several hours. between now and:00 p.m. it's going to be wet out there either way. around 8:00 tonight still the chance for a few showers in the forecast with temperatures generally holding in the d-60s. tut but here's the kicker. by about 7:00, 8:00 tonight there's probably going to be less rain in the zorro e. so not as widespread which means we'll be on@our way tie brisk breeze heading toward tomorrow and drier, cooler air working into the region, too, and then sunday, that seth us up for just a chilly day with temperatures in the 40s as the day gets started. so we're pushing that cold front through tas mid-atlantic endures that snowstorm, that blizzard inthe washington, dc, area. for us tomorrow it's all about the brisk winds flowing in from the west and the cooler air
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by sunday morning that chill is really going to be on. so we'll break down the forecast for to you saturday. if you have something t t do outside you're probably going to be able to get that in as the day will b b drier, clouds still mixing with the sunshine, a windy day, and then tomorrow night absolutely dry with really dry air filtering in on a northwest wind. temperature tomorrow rises to about 67 after we start the day in the upper 50s. and then the temperatures crash saturday night. so sunday still going with forecast highs in the 40s. we've now brought the forecast lows, i should say, in the 40s. now the forecast low in miami, we're going to go with 46 degrees. that's where we think we'll bottom out, and temperatures only rising into the low to mid-60s but there should be a lot of sunshine around. so maybe perfect weather for you on sunday if you're running the miami marathon or maybe you're going to get the half marinated in on saturday. dry weather, too, on sunday. still cool in the moshes but
4:20 pm
heading back to work and school. >> calvin: and coming up at at 4:30 now, danger on duty when an officer is ambushed and shot whilil sitting in a patrol car. that officer is now recovering ininhe hospital. we're on top of this story and we'll have another u uate four coming up at 4:30. >> laurie: and we have surveillance vidid of a crash caught on camera. a person climbs a fence to get away from this moving car, but that person still gets hit. >> clay: garn. is this officially rock bottom for the heat? wait until you hear which big
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>> clay: dwyane wade, goran dragic, hassan whiteside, luol deng and chris anderson. no, that's not the heats starting line-up tonight in toronto p p. those are just five of the guys who will miss tonight's game because of various injuries. that tops our 4:00 sport shot
4:23 pm
will miss the second game in a row because injuries to both his shoulders. the heat were blown out withoho it. he's not the only one. hassan whiteside went down with an oblique injury that wizard game, a luol disappoint after getting poked in the eye. chris bosh is the only starter playingonight. we'll go through the whole list of who's in and who's out at 6:00. and some surprising news on it of the nba the obviously ca ears have fired head coach david blatt according to multiple reports. the cavs have pmoted ty liu to take over as assistant coach. on the ice, two teams will face off sunrise, the panthers will take on the defending stanley cup champion chchago blackhawks. cats looking for their first 1 in nearly two weeks. and coming up at 6:00 we're going to hear from chris bosh. how does he put this whole team on his shoulders as the only starty left in the line-up tonight, laurie? >> laurie: he's big enough to. he's our big man.
4:24 pm
let's get to calvin and janine with what's coming your way next. >> calvin: thanks a lot, laurie. here's what's new at 4:30. >> janine: we have been following a developing story, a patrol car riddled with bullets and an officer inside shot. >> calvin: and south florida has been dealing with rain all afternoon long. >> janine: surveillance video released inn hit-and-run in miami, a person climbing a fence to get away from ariver but still would get hit. >> calvin: and our sanela sabovic will have another check on traffic. we'll have those stories and much more coming your way for
4:25 pm
janine: stick >> janine: right now on news10 at 4:30, surveillance video released after a hit-and-run crash in miami, a person desperately trying to climb a fence to a void a car but she would still get hit. that car hitting that person before slamminin into parked cars. >> calvin: and the accused driver was later spotted running from an apartment naked. our own liane morejon is live in miami with exactly what happened. >> liane: calvin, janine, an incredible story. we're just getting new
4:26 pm
we're told by police that the victim's name is deangelo franklin. this entire thing caught o camera. the victim hardly had time to escape the speeding car. watch as she seems to notice the vehicle careening right toward her and triri climbing a chain link fence but the car hits her sending her flying into the parking lof a car dealership.p. at a happened at friday morning at northeast 79th avenue. detectives say the driver had been drinking at a club before getting bind the wheel and driving his car onto the sidewalk here. the vehicle striking a woman in her 30s. witnesses left stunned. >> boom! like this. i said, oh, my god. somebody's dead. >> reporter: police said the force of the crash tore off the impala's front bumper. 1s say the drivers was pacing the scene before he left. >> he came over there and threw something and he left. >> reporter:r:fficers later
4:27 pm
similar damage outside the apartment where the man's girlfriend live. police arrived to find the man running out of apartment naked before taking him into custody. a wild end to a shocking crime caught on camera. you're looking live at that surveillance camera that captured everything. we're told the victim ended up on the top of this red van. right now the driver, we're told, is at jackson memorial hospital being evaluated. his name is trenton lloyd. he's 29 years old, and we also understand that he will be charged with leaving the scene of a crash once he gets out of the hospital. we are live i miami, liane morejon, local10 news. >> janine: liane, thank you. also right now we are tracking this radar thisafternoon. look at that. rain is moving through, and we are supposed to get some colder weather this weekend. >> calvin: keep those umbrellas handy and the fur coat handy as well. you're going to need both. >> laurie: do you have your fur ready? >> calvin: i have to go out and buy that, janine.
4:28 pm
the boots with the fur. >> betty: that's what i thought. we know how calvin does it. >> calvin: you two together dangerous. >> b%tty: meantime this just in. record rainfall today for fort lauderdale, hollywood international airport for it 1.72 inches of rain. that is a lot of rainfall stacking up out there, and it's not quite over. i think we're going to add a few more showewe around fort lauderdale. key west not quite an inch officially today. hem home stanford an inch. miami almost an inch of all of. we are starting to get on the back edge, so to speak, of this initial round. look a a those gust storms coming er the middle keys and upper keys. these came in from the gulf side. they're now trans i go ugsing off on the atlantic side. that's good news. so you're going to move beyond those gusty storms, keys. as for miami-dade county noticing some breaks in the rainfall as the batch starts to purn out over the atlantic waters butut still come rains covering up biscayne bay. here's the view around browardrd county. so fort lauderdale down toward hollywood we're getting into a
4:29 pm
rain is starting to fill back in across west broward, and this, too, will be moving off order the east.this coming in right along the leading edge of the cold front which is working across at least the western part of the peninsula right now. so we'll be tracking those showers, too, as they eventually come into a few more of your neighborhoods. but what to expect for the evening, less rain by about 7:00 tonight. tomorrow brisk breeze, drier, cooler. sunday chilly. 40s come sunday morning. so, calvin, that fur is going to come in handy. >> calvin: okay. this is@janine's stomping grounds here. let's take you now washington, dc, the nation's capitol where you're about to see, yes, the snow is falling, and janine, this is familiar territory for you. >> janine: it is indeed. >> calvin: familiar weather to you as a child, right? >> janine: it is indeed, and i'm happy i'm here, i'll tell you that. >> calvin: i'm sure a lot of folks in the nation's capitol will be happy to come to south florida after dealing with this monster of a storm. betty lave lot more on that coming up lauter in our broadcast.
4:30 pm
ambushed. miami-i-de officer david starling is recovering after being shot inside his patrol car early this morning. starling was reportedly filing an accident report inside his car. that is when police say a black suv drives by, backs up, and the person side apparently started firing at officer starling's r. he was hit, but able to call for backup to give chase to that suv. that officer is expected to survive. meanwhile, that accused gunman has been reads, 24-year-old david andres mejia is facing charge including attempted murder off law enforcement officer and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. we continue our live team coverage ahead at 5:00. >> calvin: and did walk of boy who was shot and killed last month appeared in court. he is being held on vive thousand dollars bond. to be ler was arrested at the same house where his nephew amir
4:31 pm
his son michael to be ler was arrested in connection with the with shooting which police say was over a drug family police say they found two pounds of marijuana and a gun at the house yesterday. also arrested were 19-year-old draveion duke and 18-year-old maxwell traylin. police say that the two argued with to be lore a drug deal. and that shooting happened just two days after christmas, and since then police have received several tips in reference to drug act of at the same house where shooting happened. police of a search warrant and plan to further look into those claims. right now, rush hour getting underway. let's get a check on track of. >> janine: the rain is probably not happening. snell snell is sanela sabovic is here. >> sanela: if rain is definitely not helping. it's slowing down the roadways. we have several different to report. 836, the dolphin, you're looking at a crash on northwest 17th patch let's get you now to speed times there for you. again that working some technical difficulties there but again a crash 836 northwest 17th avenue.
4:32 pm
your going to experience some delays there. our next accident to tell you about on the turn bike northbound at bird road we have a left lane that is blocked causing delays, you can see the red aur owes which means traffic is it stop and go. let's get you now to i-95. this is no taking it over to broward county northbound, hallandale beach. we have two lanes that are blocked right there. you can see traffic is slowing down right there. you can either take us-1, 441 or the turnpike as an alternate route to avoid this traffic mess. again, the rains causing a lot of delays, so pack some patience and some extra time. janine, calvin. >> janine: no doubt, snella. thank you. caught on camera, a student get roughed up by a security guard in oakland, california. >> calvin: and similar incidents have happened at this school before. let's get to lauaue now in the video port with this one for us. >> laurie: a school district will o oy say that this video is under investigation, but a whole lot of parents who have seen you the are saying this school security guard went too far.
4:33 pm
this is what everyone is talking about. it shoks a 16-year-old student who had been ordered into the office by an assistant principal because he was acting strange will you. school staff say they want to talk him to but this student is determined to leave, and thahas when one the school's security officers blocks his wayay and a struggle begins, and then look at that. his arms a aund his neck, almost like a chokehold, and let's listen >> i can see the concern that the parent has. youan see the concern some of the folks have that what we could have done differently and we're still looking at those options or those ideas. >> laurie: apparently this isn't the first time this has happened at fremont high in oakland. last year two freedom high security officers resigned after they allegedly roughed up a student. you see you the here, for no reason in a hallway. and then there was yet another incident at the school when a security guard attacked a student in a wheelchair. now the police chief is promising an investite into all three cases. in this latest incident, school
4:34 pm
saying that the student was an actual danger do himself, but parents still believe that this wasxcessive course foes. >> calvin: laurie, thanks a lot. >> janine: there is new meaning to the word carpool when a driving takea dip in a swimming pool. >> calvin: and ahead in our health cast. why low testosterone can have a information impact our health. >> janine: and talk about the elephant in the room. how about this? a woman is claiming than elephant is s ried if her own backyard. how this happened. >> betty: from rainy weather to chilly weather. your weather a ahority keeps you
4:35 pm
changes for the wee >alvin: a consignment owner shocked when someone brought in a kkk robe.e. >> janine: that store outside of seattle opened just a couple of
4:36 pm
that a man entered a store to sell a dress which was in a bag, and at the bottom of the that bag appears to what have been an authentic kkk hood and robe. >> i can't change the way i look but it makes me feel like i'm not good enough. >> we closed the store. they would win. and i don't want to give t tm any satisfaction. >> janine: detective have released a sketch in their search for man who dropped off the robe. the redmond police department said it's taking the case very seriously. >> calvin: a terrifying confrontation when a store owner fights back in the the middle of an armed robbery. maria has owned this store in brockton for eight years now and said she knew exactly how to handle that robber. she e at him with a two foot club and said her violent response caught that robber off-ard. >> janine: also, this is a story nancy going on arod louisville, kentucky for decade but is it reel or just an uan legend? >> calvin: a woman claims that an elephant is buried in the
4:37 pm
laurie is in production control for this one for us. >> laurie: you have to remember. it's a wild story this woman is apparently moving out of this house sohe explains how a dead elephant ended up in her yard. >> w en you start packing up to leave, you knowow many memories you have because you find it everywhere you look. >> laurie: especially in emma manley's backyard. >> and it's right in this part where we're standing here. >> laurie: the manley story has become a local urban legend. an 8,000-pound mystery dating back to 1966 when the circus came to louisville. kathie, a 17-year-old elephant and the star of the circus drops dead of pneumonia four hours before the show. >> it was sad. that it happened to her, youu ow. it's a shame. >> laurie: emma's husband bill, a polili officer, gets a call. the circus needs help. >> he went downtown with his dump truck and his caterpillar and put in it there and brought it out to frisco lane. >> i just think it's a
4:38 pm
zom not many people could say they have a elephant buried in their backyard. >> laurie: he said his father was don't known to do anything for anyone. >> that was probably the hardest part. he liked doing urn things so i'm sure that was a big part of his life. >> laurie: bill passed away in 2002, and after 50 years since they buried kathy, emma has sold the house. >> saturday night will be the last night i stay in this house and i know i'll never come back to it again, and it's hard. >> very sad, yeah, if it was my choice, i would have bought it myself. >> lauriri and the hopes the story isn't forgotten. >> some day somebody will dig it up and think is a prehistoric animal. >> laurie: people think about kathy, including the new homeowner. >> we'll have somebody tell him so he can watch it television. then he'll find out one way or the other. >> laurie: and those old numer actors still exist. emma is going to stay in louisville, she says, after she momos out of the house. she has to stick around, right, guys? she has to keep t folklore
4:39 pm
what a story. okay. laurie, thank you so much. a sinkhole in san diego tied up traffic when it opened oh a major highway yesterday. the hole is about 30 feet long and 20 feet deep. g enough to swallow amid sized motor home. three of five lanesesad to be closed down so crews could filt sinkhole with concrete. >> janine: thousands of dead birds were found around aska's coastline and now biologists want to know what's behind it all. experts say they know that the birds starved to death but they don't know why it happened. they suspect that the fish they'r'r they're eating just aren't around because the water is too warm. nearly 8,000 birds were found along a one-mile long stretch of the beach. let's talk weather right now but not here. washington, dc. here's a live look at the nation's capitol, the white house which is getting a little whiter because a little snow is starting to fall. >> calvin: it's starting to fill up here. let's take a look at our weather radar and check out all of the rain that is coming across south florida now.
4:40 pm
and let's rewind here, and, betty, please joi me for this one. janine says that dc is never ready for the snow, and i'm really shocked to hear about that. >> janine: and i don't want to disparage my hometown, but for years and years and years it snows just a little bit and everything gets shut down. >> calvin: oh, my gosh. >> janine: i barely twenty to school. >> calvin: it's hard to believe. they are really to going it this weekend, betty. >> betty: a lot of southerners can identify with dc because snow will absolutely shut down a southern city. miami, though, wedon't have to worry about that, but our weather is so crumby this afternoon. temperatures are rain-cooled in the mid-60s. winds are variable right now, hardly a soul o o on the broadwalk. i see one, two people, and look at them, they actually look as though they're bundled up. ite beau later this evening, though, the forecast becomes less rain well temperatures holding in the upper effects for the front part of the evening before we introduce more temperature changes.
4:41 pm
act of on the doppler radar. we take you over the keys where now it's looking a lot better for the overdose highway, gusty storms moving over the atlantic side. those will continue to shift out over the atlantic waters so moving away from land. broward county and miami-dade counties, some improvements here south of homested, though, still rainfall that hasn't quite left the hour error area, and in our broward county more rain entering the area per we talked about that seconds round, if you will, off to the west. that now starting to move on through. coral springs, sawgrass expressway, we are definitely dampening things up routine. i'll zoom in on this as we track the leading edge. no severe weather, the best news. it's wean so persistent, so far 1.72 inches for us in broward county. d keeping an eye on things. lauderdale. but leer is more rainfall we're noting back off into mainland
4:42 pm
so the bottom line, until the front clears, our forecast won't completely dry out, and even after we push the front through, there may be some residual showers. this forecast model, though, is showing that by 8:00 tonight the rain simply thinning out, maybe a couple passing showers ear saturday, and then we'll be focused on a very strong west wind and what that means for our beach witness conditions, may not be that pleasant as they will be sustained from the west about 20 miles an hour be, air temperature railroad 67, so not the best beach weather, not the best boating weather for tomorrow, either, and we are still planning on temperatures crashingom come saturday night and it's going to add a real chill to the air by sunday morning. forecasting degrees for the low sunday morning. that is some 5 to 10 degrees cooler than wednesday when miami dropped to 52 degrgrees. remember that morning? we thought it was so cold, the coldest of the winter so far? it looks like we're going to best that t me sunday morning. tomorrow is going to be cool in
4:43 pm
side, too, with temperatures only reaching the upper 6. sunday we will be bundled up probably from the start of the day tohe finish with highs climbing toward the low to mid-60s. monday gets off to a cool start, and just when y y think we're warming again we're also going to introduce the chance for more rain. >> calvin: a jeep crashes into an indoor pool a condominium plex which cambridge, massachusetts. a val ai said a rug got stuck under one of the pedals causing humming to lose control of the car and crashing 100 feet into the building. the val aias taken to a local hospital to be checked out. >> janine: a cow headede to slaughter made a i can break for it in new york city and officials had to hook to get it back. cameras caught the bold bovine when it broke free from a meat market truck. handlers say the animal got loose when it was being transferred from a trailer. >> the trailer guy bring the cow to take him in the pen, and when we bring m'm in the pen he escacad from the pen so he can't catch him. he run away.
4:44 pm
save its life. several streets had to be shut down. >> calvin: a heads-up for guys in today's health news. low testosterone be affect more than just yourly bead oh. local10's kristi krueger has your health cast. >> kristi: reitch source diagnosed 94 men with type two diabetic with low testosterone. the men with lowey levels who underwent testosterone replacement therapy did he improvement the their diabetes.s >> what is clear is by giving people testosterone it stabilize test diabetes and there's less insulin perimeters their control get easier. they do better. they lose weight. they haveore energy. they can exercise more. and they feel better. >> kristi: dr. kuss ser a urologist with the memorial miramar r stem, and he says the only flaw in this study is that itnly looked at men with diabetes. he really hopes that further research will look at whether women with diabetes also have
4:45 pm
and here's another great story for you in our health cast today, another reason to take care of your teeth, and one that might really make you smile because i'm talking about your sex life. yes, i am, and your teeth. researchers have found that poor dental eye hygiene can lead to erectile dysfunction. the dr. april patterson said it all starts with the bacteria in your mouth. >> the bacteria can then enter the bloodstream and that bacteria can casa breakdown thehe endothelial lining of the blood vessels which can laws casa lack of flow of blood to the pen. >> kristi: if caught in the early stages treatment can be as simple as a as a few deep cleanings from your dentist. if it's foend later on, though, you might require gum surgery to correct the damage to your gums. and that's your health cast for today. have a great weekend. >> calvin: amazing dash cam deo out of gainesville here. a police officer responding to a noise complaint complaint about kids playing basketball, watch
4:46 pm
>> someone complained about kids playing enact street. can you believe that? playing basketball in the street. >> i don't know who called. obviously i candidate got no problem with it. i candidate got no problem with it. >> that's a nice hoop. >> calvin: he said ain't got no problem with it. you can see t cop has no problem with whee calls kids being kids and placed hoops, shooting some baskets and even more kids showed up to play. the video went on to say, quote, we're going to let kids be kids. #hoopsnotcrime. you used toall me on my cell phone when i made my love >> laurie: s. >> janine: this is the song that many of you might know and it's actually being used by police. philadelphia police you can see@ they're using a parody of rapper drape's hit song hotline bling for their latest public awareness campaign.
4:47 pm
residents that's can't use cones to save parking spots that they've shoveled out. using the #nosavesies. >> it is a fine to put objects in the street saving spaces and you could be fined one hundred dollars. >> janine: there you go. so if psa is coming in handy with people in philadelphia and a lot of other cities on the east coast preparing for massive winter storm forecasts to hit this weekend. >> calvin: coming up at 5:00 now, a developing story all morning and afternoon long. an officer ambushed and shot in miami gardens. we have live team coverage and another update at the top of the hour. >>anine: there is a lot of violence erupting in haiti, forcing officials to postpone the presidential election yet again. local1l1s glenna milberg live ott on the ground with exclusive reports all starting at 6:00. >> calvin: an abrupt rescue, you might say, when a dog got trapped on ice.
4:48 pm
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>> janine: a rough rescue in michigan.
4:51 pm
pulled from the grand river yep. oscar was with his sitter and off his leisure when he saw ducks and geese, and you know how dogs are. he just had to run after them. he ran through the frozen river instead, fl through the ice. oscar had to tread water a half hour beforo he could be rescued but the good news he'll be okay. a barber in new york city is making headlines because he's really old. anthony is 104 years old, recognized by the state and, of course, the begins book of world records as the world ace oldest barber. he says he's been the in business since he was 12. hihieyes are still as sharp as scissors. >> his work is wonderful. he's got -- he's got a heart of gold. he cares about the clientele. he cares about people. >> janine: anthony still works at least five days a week. he still drives. he lives alone. and he still cuts his own hair. by the way, he's going to be 105 in just a few weeks. and i'm sure, calvin, laurie, he's seen a lot of different
4:52 pm
>> laurie: he has a really steady hand. yes you've got to have a eady hand. he's doing lots of hair. >> reporter: in order to cuty hair, yes, you need a steady hand. >> janine: that's going to do it for the news at 4:30. >> laurie: thanks so much and and right now 5:00 a police officer am pushed in miami gardens. we have brand new information come in about that veteran officer. >> calvin: and the fbi is now involved in this investigation looking into the possible connection to terrorism o pipes we've live team coverage. >> betty: from a rainy friday to a cold sunday, your weather authority has the forecast. >> laurie: and millions of americans bracing for a dangers winter wallop. we're going to take you live into the storm. realtime closed captioiong performed by u.s. captioning company >> calvin: philosophers swarm a shooting scene in miami gardens after one of their colleagues was ambushed in his patrol car this morning. >> laurie: we're now getting our first look at the man aused of shooting that officer. this is david andres mejia. we have team coverage on this story. amy viteri is live where the officer was shot. todd tongen is live at miami gardens police headquarters.
4:53 pm
aventura hospital where officer david starling is being treated. amy, let's begin with you. >> amy: calvin, this is the parking lot where police say that officer w w stopped just after 8:00 this morning, and he was filling out a report regarding an accident, and that's when they say someone opened fire and ambushed him mere if we zoom in you can see some of that black shattered glass in the parking lot from his windows, and this even we have learned t fbi is working with police to investigate why this happened. >> i must say that the violencnc against police officers in this country musttop. >> amy: firm words friday police officec after he said this man 24ear-old david andres mehm ambushed his officer david starring as he wrote up an accident report if his cruiser just after 8:00 a.m. starling was sitting in a shopping center parking lot at northwest 7th avenue and 1 why you had street when police say mehm drove while, then backed
4:54 pm
the windows in his cruiser.
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