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tv   Local 10 News 6PM  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tinted glass from his cruiser is here on the ground, and tonight we have learned that this incident has caught the attention of the fbi. an fbi spokesperson tells local10 news the agency has offered their help to the miami gardens police department as they investigate what led to the shooting of veteran officer david starling friday morning. >> i heard shots, like eight shots. >> amy: witnesses hearar the gunshots. starling was stopped here filling out an accident report just after 8:00 a.m. when police say this man, davav andres mejia, drove up and opened fire. >> when you tak this job, you have an understanding that knows that you may not come home at the end of the day. >> anchor: chief antonio brooklyn called it an ambush. thth shots broke out starling's windows and one hit him in theback side. from there mejia driving a back bmw led officers eye chase shooting at them along the way until finally crashing into another vehicle caring father and daughter northwest 32nd avenue. >> i wasas make go coffee and i heard a lout bang.
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people sawy mejia run by. he said an attack this bold is nowhat anyone in this community rants wants to see. >> the police officersn miami gardens are cleaning up the place but, but it's still rough t here. >> amy: one thing everyone in this community is thankful to see, the fact that that officer is expected to recov phil. mejia is now facing several serious charges, including several attempted murder charges involving police officers. and i also asked police about thth father and daughter who were inside that truck. they tell me they were not hurt and they will be perfectly fine. we're live in miami gardens, amy viteri, local10 news. >> laurie: and from you, a, to todd tongen now live at miami gardens police headquarters. todd, the fbi now launching its own investigation? the yes. they have been here today, laurie, they want to talk to david mejia. we believe that he is being
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st moments ago during amy's report, the sallyport opened up, two police cars with heavily tinted windows took off from miami gardens police department. they looked like they were in a hurry. they appeared to be escorting mejia to tgk. now, this convicted felon is truly getting a lot of attention not just from local law enforcement but federal authorities as well. as tow trucks brought the suspect eats bmw in a bullet-riddled undercover police vehicle to the miami gardens summation police station, local10 can con number the fbi has been here questioning the suspect, and he's not cooperating. mejia is charged with n ne felony counts, including four attemptemurder of a law enforcement officer charges, resisting arrest, and possessio of a firearm by a convicted felon. mejia's mug shot from a previous arrest shows his neck filled with tattoos, including a large one in the center of his throat depicting the eye of providence.
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represents the all-seeing eye of god, and most notably appears on the one dollar bill. the fed want t tfind out if there is an isolated incident or a terrorist attack. one reason terrorism is being looked at is because of the ficer ambushed in philadelphia a few weeks ago. police s edward archer flagged down officer jerks hartnett and then fired 13 times, hitting hartne. hartnett was able to return fire. the suspect slipped away but was later taken into custody. he told police that he shot the cop in the name of islam and that he pledges allegiance to the islamic state, and l l enforcement is well aware isis has called for supporters t t target police officers. >> so whatever this gentleman was going throuou, we're going to find out, we're going to find out if there was with a motive. but for right now he ambushed someone who is protected, who is employed to protect and serve our citizens. >> todd: 24-year-old mejia is originally from queens, new
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law enforcement. the bigger question obviously now, what was his motive, why did he target that law enforcement officer. that's why the fbi was here today, wanting to speak with him. we understand he was uncooperative. so far, though, we want to make this very clear, the feds nor the miami gardens police have linked this attack, this shooting to any terrorist threat. in miami gardens, todd tongen, local10 news. q. todd, thanks a lot. and we continueur team coverage now. we led to the hospitaller and officer starling is recovering tonight. >> laurie: local10's derek shore is there for u u derek, how is he doing? >> derek: at last check we are told he is expected to make a full recovery, he is in good condition,n,nd according to his family, he underwent surgery this afternoon we've seen officers coming to aventura hospital to check on their colleague as the officers father prepares to travel here to mia. as law enforcement gatred at the hospital to be by his side, the stepfather of officer david
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>> he les it, and it's in his blood i guess from myself. i wasasn the sheriff's office here for 25 years. >> derek: reloy starling tellings his son followed in his footsteps as a member of the jacksonville sheriff's office. coming to miami gardens. he says he last been worried something like this could happen. >> we pray for him every day, you know, that's about all you can do. it's just a sad commentary thatthe world has come to this place to have such a hate for law enforcement. >> derek: it's a sentiment echoed by local law enforcement members as starling recovers in the hospital, coming under fire this morning, shot once in the but objection. >> he is very -- buttocks. >> he is very, very lucky to be alive. he definitely had a guardian angel watching over i'm him toda >> derek: now they're left wondering why. >> there are bad people on the streets instead of being in prison that are trying to hurt law enforcement and are trying to do anything they can to hurt society.
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starling recovers, it's u ulear just when he'll be released from the hospital, if that's anywhere in thehe near future or he could have to stay here for am amount of time. event been told. meanwhile, members of the starling family are making their waw down here to miami from the jacksonville area to be withhim. we're live in aventura, derek shore, local10 news. >> laurie: derek, thank you. and our coverage does not end here. remember, we're always working for you 24 hours a day on our website, and our free wpld app. you'll find it in the smartphone's app store. >> calvin: hot's election postponed for a second time. this after fiery protests across the country. we've been showing this to youall week and tonight local10 news reporter glenna milberg is in the country as capital steph port-au-prince with the very latest for us. glenna. >> glenna: calvin, cancelleded once again because of those protests, and we learned that earlier this afternoon.
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too dark to see the smoke on the horizon. we c certainly smell the burning tires where we are around the city. very important to tell you that when you see the violence and the burnings concentrated in video, i think it gives a different picture. the streets are actually for the most part very normal. people are out. there is no fefe in the electorate tonight, and i wanted to make thatt very clear. that said, there have been protests throughout the d d, especially right after the announcement of the cancellation, and we were there to show that to you. i want to show you some video we shot just a little while ago. this group of protestors has was actually on their way back from the headquarters of the electoral council. that's the council in charge of the elections who decided to go ahead andnnounce the postponement today. immediately at headquarters ththe was a big gathering of protestors, although the protestors in essence g what they wanted. they wanted the cancellation.
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rampantraud waiting to happen, certain that the fraudulent -- that the elections in august and october why fraudulent as well. that was the whole point of getting this kansas electricici. rocks were thrown, yes, but largely there was not a lot of what we would call violence. nobody was hurt. thatat said, it was much worse west of here in a town called layogano. i want to show you the video of a burning school. this happened today full on fire, school destroyed. why a school, you ask. the the schools here are actually polling places, and so this school was most certainly a polling place, but unlike what we know as a polling place where a certain amount of people to go prerencts. this one we u uerstand, and most polling places are home to a lot of different precincts. so expect that hundreds and hundreds of voters potentially would have been voting at this place. the devastation was apparent total.
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polling place now. i want to show you the actual cancellation that came from the provision alley electoral council this afternoon. it actually mentions the reasoning for the postponement was the fires. they mentioned the one in& layogan and they also mentioned in this subsequent lines fires at other schools at other polling places around haiti. so this is what fed into this decision to go ahead and postpone again this presidential runoff, even in the face of an international community, a lot of pressure from the united states too go ahead and hold the elections anyway. this is a bug victory for what was the -- big victory for what as the number two candidate jude celestin who was part of the government, who was number two, who had threatened to and indeed said he was boycotting, that he would the not participapa in the elections because he feels there was so much fraud. and jude celestin, the number
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today. we have not heard from the candidat at all, and we have not heard frompresident michel martelly, either. hopefully we will hear from them because right now the big question is what happens next. not an leak, but february -- election but february 7th is a constitutional deadlininwho have a transfer of power, so we will be efforting to findut what is going to go on in haiti as w@'re here for you tonight. i'm going to toss it back to you now from port-au-prince. >> calvin: it's going to be an interesting weekend. glenna milberg live for us. thanks a lot for that. stay tuned for glenna as live reporting from haiti throughout the weekend for us as she reports on the very latest setback to elect a brand new president for the country of haiti. >> laurie: back here the ha home let's turn outside. what a wet and dangeus day our on roadways, and it was a, so of a day across south florida.. doesn't seem as though it would let up at all >> calvin: we turn now to our chief certified meteorologist betty davis on the latest with what isoing to happen this week, especially after today.
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together. saturday night temperatures crash. got it? saturday night get ready. for now, though, we're tracking what's left of the rainfall, one final band, if you will,oming across right now. this is about to exit the area between marinated and islamorada, so more dry timeahead for the keys, for the overseas highway. miami-dade, look at this little band of showers now starting to close in on downtown miami in the next few minutes. the winds maybe a little gusty with this as it continues to push off toward the east, so we're n quite didn't you rainfall, even around hollywood and fort lauderdale there is still rainfall in the area, too, but this all sweeping off toward the east before we finally start to usher in some drier weather out there. so what to expect by the evening? by 7:00 tonight less rain. tomorrow a brisk west breeze, drier, cooler weather, and then come sunday morning chilly w wh our low temperatures in the 40s. so saturday night, that's when the temperatures are going to
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guys. >> calvin: thanks a lot. >> laurie: let's take to you live pictures now fromur nation's capitol where that winter wallop is underway.we may be dealing with arena but check out the snow that is just covering washington, dc. at least we can see it now. there were advertisements we couldn't in the snowfall. it is expected to start in new york city tonight, but they're not looking at anything like dc, the winter wallop 1 the huge storm causing flight problems in south florida as well at mia 60 flights have been cancelled, 41 delayed. fort lauderdale 110 delays. >> >> calvin: pack some patience. >> laurie: sorry about that. our weather is not ideal for a friday better not so bad when 50 million americans are in the path of that weekend blizzard. >> calvin: our partners a "world news" are in the thick of it all. their team coverage of this winter wallop coming up at a 6:30. >> laurie: i'm liane morejon in miami. a hit-and-run crash on this squawk is caught on camera and
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>> laurie: a crash caught on camera, dramatic new video tifanni person being tossed into the air when a car slams into the sidewalk. you see them trying to scale the fence before the impact. >> calvin: tonight that victim is in a hospital and so is thatt driver. local10 news reporter liane morejon live now in miami with more of this r rlly dramatic video. liane. >> liane: laie with calvin, still here at the scene you can see these scrapes on the concrete, as hard as of glass left behind, and this red van with the broken window, that is where the victim ended upp landing right on top of it. incredibly, the victim only suffered broken bones in her leg and foot. amazing when you consider what was caught on video, and we must warn you this is disturbing. the victim hardly had time to ace escape. watch as s s seems to notice the vehicle sliding sideways right towards her and tries climbing a chain link fence, but the car hits her anyway sending her
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the impact damaged about fife cars that were parked righthere. can see some of the damage right on this blue car. we're t td the victim ended up on the roof of this red van. available cappers were rolling just before fight of this morning at this car dealership along northwest 79th street and fourth avenue. miami police say the driver is 29-year-old trenton jackson. sources say he had been drinking at a club before getting island hundred dollars the wheel of his white chevy impala. the car struck deangelo, a 30-year-old who identifies as fema. this 30-year-old said he couldn't believe what he saw. >> boom, like this. i said, oh, my god. somebody said. >> liane: police said the force of the crash tore after the front bump per witnesses say he waste pacing the scene before he left. he was walking up and down and heard the police sirens, and he camever and threw something and he left. >> liane: officers northbound an a band abandoned impa near northwest 82nd street and
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jackson's girlfriend allegedly lives. police arrived to find jackson running out of apartment naked. he was taken into custody and is now undergoing a mental evaluation at the hospital. police say he wilil be charged. >> people do some crazy things these days. >> liane: and vestigator will look into several factors on this catch. of course, the weather h been pretty nasty lately so we'll look into whether the roads were slick, speed was a factor and, of coursrs whether alcohol played a proem we're told police are ready to charge cracks with several charges including league of the scene of a crash with serious injury. we are live in miami tonight, li lu, local10 news. >> calvin: and the elements of all that rain out there in little raitt. >> laurie: coming down and yet with betty, you say this is t last line of it. >> betty: it is. our forecast is going according to plan so by about 7:00 tonight it will be mososy dry in some neighborhoods. that's not to say we don't won't't a quick spotty shower here or there later tonight but the big rounds are over. in fact, look at the keys.
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atlantic side, those continuing to move away from the orvis highway, and then this band, this line pushing across miami-dade right now, the east coast metro is getting hit. winds may be a bit gusty with this, too. suk at the rainfall coming down around -- you u n s s the rainfall coming down on aventura and miami and all of that is going to work quickly off to the east. for fort lauderdale and hollywood, not quite over but here, too, that rain is going to be clearing out within the next 20 minutes or so. so that means this line exits and we wait for the cold front itself to pass and then we'll tart start to see more changes out thereren the form of hur winds becoming westerlrl overnight into saturday, the brisk winds picking up, that brze will, as those winds flow from in from the west, and we'll washing on drier, cooler air work can into the area, especial saturday night, so that sunday morning there will be a definite noticeable chill in the air. are you ready for the 40s? that ishere we're taking this
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morning. that some 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were on wednesday when miami bottomed out at 52. we thought that was prett chilly. be ready for it, especially if you're running for the miami marathon. it won't be completely hot out there for you. very, very chilly for on us sunday. tomorrow, though, we'll call it cool on the windy side. the temperature starts around 60, highs make that climb toward the mid to upper 60s, and then saturday night temperatures crash. 46 degrees come sunday morning. a bright day, though, sunday wi be, albeit chilly with highs in the low to mid-60s, and that's it. sunday night's going to be on the cool side, atoto monday morning lows in lower 50s, highs in the mid-70s, and by the middle of next week we have another opportunity for some rainfall in the area. >> clay: who would win a game between the heat players who were actually playing tonight or the ones that were injured? we show you just how bad things
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>> clay: remember that old tv show eight is enough? it's going to have to make a comeback for the heat to have any shot in toronto tonight. the heat are down to justp eight players as great-for tonight's game against those raptors. among those officially out, dwyane wade who will miss his second game in a row with injuries to both shoulders. this comes a day after he was named a starter foror the all-star game. but he's not the only starter out tonight. hassan whiteside will miss that game with an ebloke injury, the one he suffered in washington the other fight, and luol deng will miss a the game after
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they will join goran dragic, chris andersen and -- here's a look at what the lineups would look like if the injured heat players fielded a game against the health ones. we haven't even included josh mcroberts who has been out for a while. the injured team would still liablely be better than the healthy team. >> have a panic attack, hopefully it's not that bad and really just get over it, man. it's nothing that we can really do. guys are going to be out for a while, so, you know, the schedule goesn, we still have to make do. ewe seeds are win or lose when we step out there, and we might as well give the correct effort when we're out there. >> clay: on the ice tonight, a tall task for the panthers as well. they take on the deafened stupp championship blackhawkwk who just had their 12-game winning streak snapped last night in tampa, guys. >> calvin: bosh really, tt's why he gets the bic bucks.
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for him. >> clay: maybe he'll go for 70. o elt is going to shoot? joe green will come off the bench and score some, but -- laurie: tonight, betty? >> betty: widespread rain is ending.
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>> laurie: saturday nightst text1 italic3 cc1 test message
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